By both slitting and breaking-down (E21C27/10)

E   Fixed constructions(159044)
E21C     ining or quarrying(17294)
E21C27/10                     By both slitting and breaking-down(42)

Device for underground development of thick and steep deposits of potassium ores // 2540736
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device for underground development of thick and steep deposits of potassium ores includes blind shaft tunneller of "ПГР-1" type consisting of guiding-holding down gear body with rollers on pillars, two driving motors, planetary reduction gear, actuating elements; hollow centring guide; cable winch mounted on frame. Blind shaft tunneller is equipped with device made in the form of integrated swivel and current collector and located in guide gear made as curb on the inner surface of which longitudinal grooves are made to accommodate pillars with rollers of guiding-holding down gear of tunneler, and fixed in guiding gear stopping device. At outer side of guiding gear, in the bottom part supporting hydraulic jacks are installed, and in the top part - throw over blocks for rope and for cable are fixed on axis. Wrench is made double-drum - rope-and-cable - and fitted on frame of caterpillar double-drive chassis, the frame is equipped at its front with supporting hydraulic jacks and at its top - with power manipulator pivotally connected with guiding gear controlled from driver's cabin. Apart from driver's cabin, ground control console is placed. Power manipulator includes boom with hydraulic cylinder for guiding gear lifting-lowering, hydraulic drive for boom rotation around its axis for an angle α, hydraulic cylinder using which guiding gear is turned for an angle β relative to boom longitudinal axis.EFFECT: blind shaft tunneller functionality and structural capabilities enhancement, safety of works.6 dwg

ining machine actuator // 2480585
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: mining machine actuator comprises a body installed as capable of rotation in the form of a disc, where along the periphery there are rock-breaking tools installed in holders, at the same time on the working surface of the disc along the circumference with the radius equal to 1/2 of the disc radius, there are sleeves fixed, in which sharpened bits of conical shape are installed as capable of pulsating motion along their axis, at the same time on the same radius in the disc there is an odd number or at least one through hole in the form of a truncated cone in the cross section of the disc, narrowing from the disc surface, where bits are installed, to its rear side.EFFECT: improved efficiency of mineral extraction, increase of its quality and safety of actuator and entire machine operation.4 dwg

Rock cutting method // 2266408
FIELD: mining industry, particularly for underground crystalline raw material production.SUBSTANCE: method involves forming additional free surface by cutting advance entry way; drilling a row of bore-holes in block; disturbing rock in all bore-holes of the block and following moving thereof to additional free surface in layers. The bore-holes are drilled for depth equal or exceeding one fourth of advance entry way depth and the bore-holes are filled with pliant substance. Disturbing cracks are formed by displacing the pliant substance from the bore-holes. The cracks extend in a given direction in plane perpendicular to mine roof and sole planes.EFFECT: possibility of natural crystal size conservation.3 cl, 2 dwg