Control means therefor being outside the borehole (E21B34/16)

Downhole controlled electromechanical valve // 2645311
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology of oilfield equipment and can be used for simultaneous-separate exploitation of seams and during current repair of wells without their killing. Valve consists of a casing, a sub-box with a typical connecting connector or with a wet contact connector, a micro electric motor powered from “zero point” of ESP motor, a reducer with a screw, a hollow rod with a passageway for measuring the pressure in the formation, differential piston, leveling well and reservoir pressure, auxiliary and controlled valve, to which the choke tube with internal gap is hermetically connected, in which the formation pressure measuring tube passes, docked with the passageway in the hollow stem and hermetically connected to the auxiliary valve. Socket tube is made from above with radial holes, and from bottom - with teardrop-shaped fittings and is damped with a sealed plug inside which lower end of tube for measuring formation pressure passes. Against the unions in the nipple is a groove, hydraulically connected through the fittings with the inlet channels in the nipple.EFFECT: technical result is to ensure a reliable and smooth regulation of well production rate and to measure formation pressure during operation of formation.1 cl, 4 dwg

Device for dual injection operation of agent in well formations (variants) // 2626485
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: variants of the device for dual injection operation of the agent into well formations contain well mouth shutoff-bypass valves, tubing, packers with push and support anchor devices and a non-anchor packer that separate the annular space into areas communicating with formations and wellbore distribution chambers of ejecting formation agent. Wellbore chambers are equipped with remote mechanical system units (RMSU) for regulating flows and to meter flow rate of the injected working agent in the oil-bearing formations connected to the control station (CS) with geophysical cable passed through the shutoff-bypass valves and outside tubing installed in the well. A shank, blocked by a plug, is attached to the bottom wellbore chamber. Borehole chambers contain direct-flow channel and a channel for injecting agent into the formation, made in shells. The telemetry sensors, the flowmeter and electrically actuated control valve of the RMSU are installed in the agent injection channel. The telemetry sensors are installed in the injection channel in front/or behind the regulating valve seat, and the flowmeter is installed before to the bypass seat. The RMS unit is equipped with receiving and transmitting data transfer board from the telemetry and flowmeter sensors to the CS and control commands in reverse direction to electrical actuator of the regulating valve. The first version of the dual injection operation device is designed with direct flow injection agent channel, in which the shells are joined at the inlet to the intake manifold, and at the outlet - with the head in which the radial channel is provided. The manifold and the head are connected by casing forming in shells an eccentric cavity in which a board is placed and connected to geophysical cables passed through the manifold and the head, at the output of which, outside the zone of connection with the tubing, are plugs or sockets with contact nests for cable connectors for connecting the board with cable. Another version of the dual injection operation device is designed with reverse direction of injection agent channel, in which the shells are joined with head at the inlet provided with radial channel and at the outlet - with the exhaust manifold.EFFECT: increased service life of downhole equipment.6 cl, 5 dwg

Controlled well electromechanical valve // 2620700
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: controlled well electromechanical valve consists of a body, a connecting wet contact, a drive including a micro electric motor fed from the zero point of the centrifugal pump motor, and a reducer with an output shaft rigidly connected to the screw nut, inside of which is a screw coaxially articulated with a hollow stem with a hole for measuring the pressure in the formation. A movable differential piston, levelling well and reservoir pressure, is mounted on the hollow stem. At the free end, the hollow shaft is hermetically articulated with an auxiliary hollow valve and a saddle with an outlet channel into the wellbore, placed in the inner cavity of the controllable hollow valve with a seat regulating fluid flow from the formation.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the valve.1 dwg

Pump unit for beds in well operation // 2604897
FIELD: pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to well pumping units, simultaneously operating several facilities. Pump unit for operation of well beds includes tubing string, cable, shank, packer, installed outside shank between beds, and pump to pump out bed products. Unit includes beds switching device, which in case of electric centrifugal pump using is connected to casing, surrounding electric motor together with cable and ending at input module, and in case of bottom-hole pump using is with pump inlet. Formations switching device is connected with one formation via check valve, and with another is via valve with shut-off element in form of rod with seals or seated valve, actuated by electric drive.EFFECT: technical result consists in increasing of beds oil recovery factor and improvement of unit reliability.4 cl, 4 dwg

X-tree control method and device therefor // 2596175
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to gas production industry and can be used in automatic control of processes and is intended to improve reliability of operation of gas producing wells. Disclosed is a method of controlling an X-tree of a hydrocarbon well located on sea ice-proof platform and is intended for extraction of formation fluid and detection of fire in mouth of wells. Operation of multiple wells is controlled simultaneously. For actuation of downhole cutoff valve, master and side gate valves, method uses hydraulic fluid, operating pressure of which is created by means of hydraulic pump. Hydraulic fluid supply control into drives of downhole cutoff valve, side and master valve is performed by means of electromagnetic distributors of high pressure, controlled by means of signals of a controller, which are obtained after preliminary analysis of signals of sensors monitoring parameters of station, wherein method provides subsequent opening of valve actuator only after removal/acknowledgement of emergency commands on panel of fire module operator and emergency situations or panel of operator of automatic process control system.EFFECT: control system of underground cutoff valve, side and/or master valve of each well provide shut off all wells with absence/disappearance of supply voltage of control station.11 cl, 12 dwg

ethod for underground well repair for replacement of downhole pumping equipment without action on formation // 2592903
FIELD: oil industry. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of hydrocarbons and can be used during underground repair of wells equipped with flush lift, electric centrifugal or other pumps. Method includes using a through packer installation with an anchor mechanism. Apparatus includes emergency disconnection device, a valve unit with a seat for ball and mechanism to prevent ejection of ball into space above packer. There are units for telemetry and release of balls directly attached to lower part of electric submersible pump. Based on instruction from mouth, ball is released and excess pressure is used to install said ball in seat of valve assembly. Communication with productive formation is performed by generation of excess pressure in packer space and squeezing of ball on bottom hole. EFFECT: technical result is improved efficiency of procedure due to possibility of lifting of well pump for repair and carrying out preventive operations without impact on bed. 1 cl, 5 dwg

Actuating system and method of driving downhole tool // 2588084
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions can be used in downhole tools. Downhole tool comprises a body with an axial channel extending through it, at least partially, and a chamber located radially outward from the channel. Valve located in the channel and made with a possibility of movement between the first position, in which it prevents fluid flow from the channel into the chamber through a port, and the second position in which it allows fluid to flow from the channel into the chamber through the port. Engine located in the channel and configured to move the valve between the first and second positions. Driven component of the downhole tool, for example, cutter blocks of a well expander, movably connected with its body and configured to change over from idle to working states in response to inflow of liquid through the port into the chamber. Downhole receiver connected with the engine and configured to receive a signal from a remote location. Note here, that the signal controls one or more actions of the engine for movement of the valve between the first and second positions.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of efficiency of the downhole tool.27 cl, 34 dwg

Plant for simultaneous-separate extraction of two well reservoirs // 2588072
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions can be used for simultaneous separate operation of two well beds. Assembly contains a string, cable, shank, packer installed outside liner between beds, and pump to pump bed products. Plant includes a device for bed switching which in case of using electric centrifugal pump is connected with the housing enclosing only electric motor together with a cable and ending at the input module, and in case of using a sucker-rod pump - with pump inlet. Device for bed switching consists of a head, a nipple and a base connected by upper and lower bodies. Head comprises inlet channels connected to an upper bed. Inlet channels, through two mutually inverse ball valves, are connected through the upper body and the head with output. Base is connected with stem equipped with pressure sensors, internal cavity of which is connected with inner cavity of the lower housing through the ball valve, and with inner cavity of the upper body through the valve in the nipple. Valve in the nipple is driven by piston, cavity over the piston is connected with the internal cavity of the lower case, and below the piston - through the electromagnetic valve and diaphragm with upper bed. Valve in the nipple is rigidly coupled with pusher which opens one of the ball valves of the upper bed at valve closing in the nipple and vice versa. Electromagnetic valve and pressure sensors are connected with the ground cable control unit.EFFECT: installation higher reliability.2 cl, 3 dwg

Valves for fossil fuel production and transport with safety unit // 2571701
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: application describes safety unit of the valve intended for the fossil fuel production and transport, having at least two safety valves, that are hydraulically and/air pneumatically connected with at least one valve shutoff gear, and at least one of them is made as temperature switched, and at least one another is made as pressure switched such that upon temperature change to value beyond the set temperature range, and/or upon pressure change to value beyond the set pressure range the valve emergency closing is initiated. According to the invention the safety unit is in physical contact with the valve to transfer on it of the valve heat thus preventing the valves inside freezing.EFFECT: improved design.9 cl, 6 dwg

Throttle with automatic cleaning of throttling channel // 2529074
FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil industry and can be used for operation of flowing gas and oil wells. This device consists of the case fitted in discharge pipe axial channel while male adapter with lengthwise grooves and needle holder is fitted in said case. Case opposite side is equipped with barrel provided with circular ledges to make a circular chamber with said case. Said chamber accommodates spring-loaded circular piston with end valve resting on seat at circular ledge end face. Circular piston and end valve make with the case the circular chamber communicated hydraulically via several bores in the case body with circular channel between said case and discharge pipe. Pusher is arranged inside circular chamber to rest on circular piston and equipped with holder with nozzle pressed by the nut to make a sliding joint with needle holder. Barrel body has radial bores for connection of circular chamber under circular piston with the barrel axial channel overlapped at initial position of end valve body. Said barrel is equipped with adjusting nut for spring hold down. Circular chamber between said barrel and pusher is communicated by drain bore with barrel axial channel.EFFECT: lower hydraulic drag, higher reliability of structure.2 dwg

System and method for control of multiple downhole tools // 2505674
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: multiple downhole tools can be driven between operating positions. Downhole tools are connected to a variety of multitapped modules, at that each multitapped module is connected usually to one or downhole tools. Control lines are connected to multitapped modules, and multitapped modules are capable to control downhole tool in bigger quantity than quantity of control lines. Each downhole tool is driven individually delivering pressure through one or several control lines.EFFECT: facilitating control over multiple downhole tools.23 cl, 25 dwg

Needle valve for pressure gage // 2495230
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: needle valve for pressure gage contains a body (1) connected indirectly to rod (2) equipped with threaded seat (3) at one end. At that in the body (1) there is ball seal valve (10) of chevron-type, main bush (9). The latter one is connected to the body by means of a connecting element 12. Besides, the body (1) is connected by means of threaded joint to fastening element (5), which is connected by circular grooves and locking ring with rod (2). Besides body (1) is equipped with bleed-off valve (15).EFFECT: improving accuracy of pressure gage readings, tightness, durability and reliability of design.3 cl, 3 dwg

Cutoff valve // 2484236
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: cutoff valve consists of a body connected to a pipeline by means of a flange connection, a thread, a quick-detachable connection, a bayonet connection; a seat of the valve in the form of plane, a cone from elastic material or that combined with metal, plastic; a shutoff element in the form of a ball, a plate; a conical or a flattened cylindrical multi-sided prism from material with density that is higher than that of oil or oil products and lower than water density or in combination with light-alloy material; a guide and a cell from metal, elastic plastic or their combination with a thrust against the housing on elastic surface, which is spring-loaded, or their combination. In the tank on the suction line of individual liquid pumping-out pipelines there installed are at least two cutoff valves at different levels. Besides, on individual liquid pumping-out pipelines there installed are liquid pressure sensors, which are electrically connected to a pumping-out control automation system.EFFECT: improving reliability of separation of two-phase liquids; simplifying the design.2 dwg

Downhole system with string having electric pump and inductive coupler // 2455460
FIELD: oil and gas production.SUBSTANCE: system for use in the hole includes the string designed for location in the hole that consists of submersible electric pump, the first part of inductive coupler and completion section. Note that completion section is located in the well zone under development and includes the second part of inductive coupler, isolating packer, detection cable and electric device electrically connected to the second part of inductive coupler. Note that detection cable goes through the packer for provision of sensors to some well zones.EFFECT: increase of system operation efficiency and collection of measurement data referred to the well characteristics.28 cl, 7 dwg

Well of hydrocarbon raw material deposit // 2453687
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: well of hydrocarbon raw material deposit, either gas one or gas-condensate one, includes production string with tubing string with underground operating equipment. Operating equipment includes at least a cutout valve with remote control, which is provided with an actuator, and well head with wellhead equipment. Wellhead equipment comprises casing head, tubing head on which there mounted is X-tree in the form of a fir tree, which includes shutoff members - master and side gate valves with actuators, as well as throttle valve adjacent to the latter, which controls the well flow rate and is provided with an actuator, and monitoring and control members - fuse insert and gas line pressure monitoring valve. Well is connected to control station by means of shutoff members, throttle valve and cutout valve. Control station is made in the form of a cabinet and includes pump accumulator plant and at least one control unit per well.EFFECT: improving reliability and accident-free operation of gas well and simplifying the control of processes.12 cl, 5 dwg

Control method of shutoff-control valves of well cluster, and device for its implementation // 2453686
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: opening and closing of shutoff-control valves of well cluster is performed by independent supply of working medium to actuators of shutoff-control valves and underground cutout valves in the specified sequence, as well as valves controlling the flow rate of each well. Method is implemented by means of control station mounted in the cabinet and including instrumentation and control, as well as hydraulic system. Hydraulic system includes pneumatic hydraulic pressure accumulators combined with working medium tank, pumps, pressure controls and multiplying gears, and has the possibility of controlling actuators of shutoff-control valves with time delay and in certain sequence. At that, in addition, control lines of loop and flare gate valves are mounted in cabinet of the station, which are installed on pipelines in close proximity to control cabinet, for example on one common frame.EFFECT: invention simplifies mineral deposit production control process, as well as allows reducing the area occupied with process equipment.21 cl, 5 dwg

Operating method of hydrocarbon raw material deposit // 2453685
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: single wells or wells forming clusters are drilled; production wells are equipped with wellhead equipment with X-tree including at least one side gate valve and one master gate valve, as well as underground cutout valve and throttle valve and monitoring and control members, which are installed on the loop, for example, fuse strip and gas line pressure monitoring valve. Operation of the well is performed at simultaneous control of production processes of hydrocarbons by means of the station. Control processes involve opening and closing of shutoff-control valves of well cluster by independent supply of working medium to actuators of shutoff-control valves, as well as flare and loop gate valves, which are arranged on pipelines in close proximity to control cabinet, for example on one common frame with control cabinet. Opening of shutoff-control valves of each well is performed in the following way: underground cutout valve, master gate valve, loop gate valve, side gate valve; closing is performed in the reverse order.EFFECT: improving operating reliability of shutoff-control valves.3 cl, 5 dwg

Well cluster of hydrocarbon raw material deposit // 2453684
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: well cluster includes at least two wells. Each well includes underground operating equipment containing cutout valve and wellhead equipment having casing head, tubing head on which there mounted is X-tree including shutoff members - master and side gate valves. Well cluster is connected to control station of actuators of shutoff members, which is made in the form of a cabinet. Control station includes power lines of function control of shutoff members' actuators. In addition, control lines of loop and flare gate valves are mounted in the cabinet. Loop and flare gate valves are installed on pipelines in close proximity to control cabinet, for example on one common frame.EFFECT: reducing the surface area occupied with the equipment and increasing cluster operating safety.12 cl, 5 dwg

Complex automation system of hydrat formation ihybitor distribution and dosage // 2376451
FIELD: oil-and-gas production.SUBSTANCE: invention related to oil-and-gas production meant for control of inhibitor supply into natural gas streams, for prevention hydraling process in it. The system consists of pump with drive, pressure collector, pipeline for inhibitor withdrawal from collector, pressure stabilisation independent loops, one of which formed with pressure control instrument in pressure collector, its outlet connected with frequency transformer automatic controller, which its outlet connected with pump drive. The second stabilisation loop forms direct action pressure control block, included in group of withdrawal devices between pressure collector and production devices.EFFECT: broadening of inhibitor streams control system functionality, supplied through independently controlled canals in every point.1 dwg

Hydraulic distributor (options) and system for distributing the working fluid (options) used to actuate downhole tools // 2243361
The invention relates to equipment intended for picking wells, and more specifically to mechanisms for actuating tools in downstream wells, require the application of fluid under pressure

System test wells and method of pressure control equipment elements of this system // 2101490
The invention relates to safety equipment for the production of hydrocarbons and, in particular, to a system test wells and method of pressure control elements of the system

A device for separating the liquid stream into equal parts // 2056503
The invention relates to the oil industry and can be used in the system of collection and treatment of oil, gas and water industries