Controlling or monitoring pressure or flow of drilling fluid, e.g. automatic filling of boreholes, automatic control of bottom pressure (E21B21/08)

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E21B21/08                     Controlling or monitoring pressure or flow of drilling fluid, e.g. automatic filling of boreholes, automatic control of bottom pressure (valve arrangements therefor e21b0021100000)(146)

Device to provide continuous circulation of drilling mud and corresponding plant // 2641057
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the oil and gas production industry, in particular, to provision of continuous circulation of drilling mud during well drilling. A housing (2) of the circulation device (1) is provided with a central channel (4) designed to receive a portion of a pipe (38); a central channel (4) comprises the upper and lower sealing elements (30, 32); the sealing elements (30, 32) are provided with central holes (33) which, when said sealing elements are expanded (30, 32), can close or be in tight contact with the pipe (38) with inner sealing surface (34) pipe (38). Each of the sealing elements (30, 32) hermetically connected to a packer pipe (8) which is located in the housing (2) for rotation about the central axis (6) of the central channel (4) and is surrounded by a sealing unit (18, 20) closely fitted between the periphery of the packer pipe (8) and the housing (2).EFFECT: simplified process to provide continuous circulation of drilling mud.10 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for running casing string in horizontal long-distance wellbore // 2640844
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method includes drilling a horizontal wellbore interval "drawdown", lowering the casing string. After the casing string has reached the depth of the production string shoe, the descent is stopped, an intermediate washing with drilling fluid is carried out with simultaneous controlled supply of nitrogen till the values of hydrostatic pressure are stabilised at the level of formation pressure values to form equilibrium in the "well-formation" system. Then under conditions of formed equilibrium, running of the casing string to the planned well bottom is continued.EFFECT: increased efficiency of oil and gas deposits development in a complex cavernous-fractured carbonate oil-saturated formation.1 cl

Control of drill fluid pressure in drill fluid circulation system // 2637533
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: system includes a pressure relief device connected to a pipeline between the outlet of the drill fluid pump and the inlet of the drilling string, a processor connected to the pressure relief device configured to receive pressure measurement signals representing the drill fluid pressure in the pipeline, to receive the parameter signals of the drill fluid flow through the pipeline, to determine, based on the pressure measurement signals and the flow parameter signals, that the target drill fluid pressure parameter in the pipeline is dissatisfied, and, in response to the target pressure parameter being dissatisfied, to reduce the drill fluid pressure in the pipeline until it is met, by, at least partially, opening the pressure relief device. The target pressure parameter is the rate of increase in the drill fluid pressure in the pipeline. The determination, that the drill fluid pressure increase rate is dissatisfied, includes determining the actual increase rate of the drill fluid pressure in the pipeline, based on the pressure, represented by the pressure measurement signals, and the flow pressure, represented by the flow parameter signals, and determining that the actual pressure increase rate exceeds the pressure increase rate.EFFECT: damage to downhole equipment is prevented, accidents are reduced.26 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for creating depression on formation with well rotor drilling // 2637254
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: method includes flushing the well with the surface pump through the drill piping string, transferring the axial load and torque to the bit and deepening the well, regular suspending the well deepening, sealing the annulus with a rotating packer, mounted on the cylindrical body, activating the reverse bottomhole flushing with the fluid pressure drop on the packer, created with the jet pump, installed above the packer at the lower end of the drill string and configured as a nozzle, a mixing chamber and a diffuser, hydraulically connected to the annulus, and resuming to depeen with the formation depression. The transmission of axial load and torque to the bit is carried out directly through cylindrical body, made to be sealed over the outer surface, which is moved during well deepening along the entire length with rotation inside the packer, with small allowable leakage of fluid between the mating surfaces, using a combined metal ring seal, installed first in the course of the leak, and a rubber element installed second in the course of the fluid leakage in the region of reduced pressure and hydraulically bound thereof internal cavity to the high pressure annulus above the packer. The packer is provided with a mechanical lock. The cylindrical body in the lower part is provided with a return valve and is made in the form of one drill pipe or several pipes with a diameter of joints of the latter equal to the diameter of the pipe body with the total length of the cylindrical body not more, than the length of the used candles.EFFECT: efficiency of the method is increased by reducing the contamination of the formation and ensuring drilling in one configuration for depression and repression.4 dwg

Device for dynamic control of vibration, system and method // 2634751
FIELD: mining engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises of a positive displacement motor, a pair of outlets attached to the motor fluid outlet and including a selectively movable outer outlet located adjacent to the fixed internal outlet, a spring for returning the outer outlet to an inoperative position, when the flow of the drilling fluid is reduced below the selected lower limit. The amplitude of the fluid pressure pulse flowing out of the outer outlet is controlled by rotation of the outer outlet about the longitudinal axis of the motor when the drilling fluid flows through said pair of outlets.EFFECT: efficiency of vibration control is increased, the quality of telemetric operations is improved.21 cl, 7 dwg
ethod for well construction in complicated conditions // 2630519
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method involves drilling and fixing a well bore with a casing string the cap of high-pressure formation, drilling and opening high-pressure formations using anti-flow measures. After the opening of the high-pressure formation, additional drilling of a sump is performed. A buffer liquid based on cooled salt water is injected into the formation bottomhole zone. The partially crystallized cooled salt water, obtained earlier while drilling the high-pressure formation, is used from the pit. A cement slurry based on magnesian-phosphate slurry is injected in a specified volume. It is pumped into the developing zone under pressure providing 5% margin over the pressure of the high-pressure formation. After pumping, the well is left on this counter pressure. If necessary, the operation is repeated. After development intensity of is reduced to 5-10 m3/h, drilling is continued at the overflow with this production rate with simultaneous injection of obtained salt water inflow into preformed absorption zone. When the bottom reaches design marks of target production formation with oil or gas saturation, additional casing string is lowered with crush strength characteristics exceeding formation pressure developing within heavy salt water. Said string is grouted with heavy cement and magnesium phosphate grout solution taking into account exceedance of hydrostatic pressure of the cement solution over pressure in the formation under development. The casing string pressure testing is performed not earlier than 3 days after cementing. Next, drilling is continued along the target oil or gas formation.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of well construction and ensuring trouble-free oil and gas production.1 ex, 3 dwg
Double type speed control mechanism for turbine // 2627332
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: system includes a housing, a variable fluid flow conduit disposed inside the housing, an electromagnet connected to the housing, a fluid driven actuator fluidly connected to a variable fluid flow conduit, a load generating unit connected to a drive mechanism controlled by the fluid. The load generating unit comprises a mixing blade and a shaft connected to the mixing blade. The shaft is located in one of the electrorheological fluid and the magnetorheological fluid. The viscosity of the mentioned media can be changed by means of an electromagnet.EFFECT: reliability of the control system is increased, the accuracy and speed of the turbine rotation control are increased.18 cl, 7 dwg

Downhole tool and method of increasing pressure and speed of fluid flow in annular space // 2622417
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: tool comprises of a housing adapted to attach to a drill string and defining a fluid flow channel, a sleeve disposed rotatably around the tool housing and containing one or more gripping members on its outer portion which are adapted to grip the borehole wall, a drive shaft extending through the tool housing and comprising a central gear, at least one drive gear attached rotatably to the sleeve and designed to engage the internal sleeve portion and the central gear, a pump mechanism attached to the drive shaft to receive power transmitted by the rotation of the drive shaft. The pump is designed to increase the pressure of the fluid within the flow channel.EFFECT: satisfactory borehole cleaning.20 cl, 7 dwg
ethod of early gas ingress detection in horizontal wellbore drilling in broken-down cavernous carbonate reservoirs // 2620690
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: in the method implementation, a bottom-hole pressure sensor is installed in the intertubular well space, the bottomhole pressure is monitored under full mud absorption conditions. By increasing the bottomhole pressure by more than 0.5 MPa, the event is set of gas outlet start from the formation into the horizontal bore.EFFECT: reduced time spent in gas ingressed liquidation, increased safety.2 dwg

Control system based on screw coal-face mechanism // 2617759
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions falls into the area of the oil and gas producing industry, in particular to the control systems in the well using the screw coal-face mechanisms. The system contains a mud drill collar, a sleeve of the stator, installed with a possibility to rotate in the mud drill collar, a rotor installed with a possibility to rotate in the sleeve of the stator, and the rotor's rotating respectively to the sleeve of the stator is correlated with the volume consumption of the fluid, passing between the rotor and the sleeve of the stator, and the rotor is fixed to prevent the planet motion so that its axis is fixed respectively to the mud drill collar during its rotating respectively to the mud drill collar.EFFECT: document describes the principle of the work of the control system based on the screw coal-face mechanism.23 cl, 21 dwg

Reducing swabbing and pigging effects in wells // 2612169
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to oil and gas industry, in particular, to reduction of piston effects in a well. Method of reducing undesirable changes of pressure in a well due to movement of a well tool string includes selective reduction and increase of fluid communication between sections of well on opposite sides of well tool in well tool string. Fluid communication increases in response to detection of exceeding threshold displacement of well tool string relative to well. Tool string includes well tool, connected in well tool string and having a larger outer size relative to adjacent sections of tool string, flow channel extending between opposite ends of well tool, sensor and at least one flow control device, which selectively allows and shuts off fluid communication between opposite ends through flow channel in response to sensor output signal indicating movement of tool string.EFFECT: higher efficiency of process of reducing undesirable changes of pressure in well.30 cl, 9 dwg

Pressure control during drilling operations with the help of correction used in preset conditions // 2598661
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to oil and gas industry, in particular, to equipment and works in drilling wells with control of pressure. To implement the method: determine required setting pressure in the well, add a correction to the setting pressure if the actual pressure in the well deviates from the setting value by preset value, and adjust the flow rate control device in such a way that the actual pressure in the well becomes closer to the setting one taking the correction into account. Well system may include flow rate control device, which controllably limits the flow rate from the well, and a control system, which determines the required setting pressure in the well, compares the setting value to the actual pressure in the well and, at the specified level of deviation of the actual pressure in the well from the setting value, adds a correction to the setting value, due to which the control system regulates the flow rate control device and therefore brings the actual pressure in the well to the set pressure value with the correction.EFFECT: higher accuracy of pressure regulation is achieved.20 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for initial exposing of complex cavernous-fracture of carbonate oil and gas saturated formation with horizontal shaft of long length // 2598268
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to oil and gas industry, particularly to methods for initial exposing by horizontal wells productive formations with hydrocarbon saturation. Method of determining boundaries of allowed values of "depression" and "repression" ranges based on mining and geological data obtained during drilling and development of previous wells, during drilling of horizontal shaft with closed circuit of bottom-hole pressure in well in turn, first, is maintained below formation pressure within specified range of depression, then bottom-hole pressure is increased above formation within a given "repression" range. Combined permissible range of combined dynamic bottomhole pressure is described by mathematical expression. Control of bottomhole pressure is performed by throttling at wellhead. Bottom-hole pressure in well is kept within predetermined "depression" and "repression" ranges based on an algorithm for alternate switching of well development and absorption mode, making it possible to conduct wiring, recess of well at complex oil and gas saturated formation under complicated conditions.EFFECT: higher efficiency of development of deposits of oil and gas in complex cavernous-fracture carbonate oil and gas saturated formation.1 cl, 2 dwg

Advanced change of preset pressure to discharge flow during drilling operations // 2586148
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to means of controlling pressure and flow during drilling operations. Disclosed is a method for pressure control in a well, comprising wells which receive parameters and pass appropriate information in a hydraulic model, which determines desired predetermined pressure in annular space. Required pressure value is transmitted from hydraulic model to data collection and management interface, and trained predictive controller device for use in predicting future values given pressure in annular space. Trained predictor is trained in real time and can predict current values of measurement results of one or more sensors based on output signals. If sensor output signal becomes unavailable, predictive device may be transmitted to device verification data missing values relating to results of measurement of sensor, at least for some time until output signal of sensor again becomes available. Method further comprises transmitting a command to change flow through annular space formed radially between drill string and well bore, and adjusting predetermined pressure value in response to transmission. Also disclosed is a system for realising said method.EFFECT: high accuracy of downhole pressure control.21 cl, 11 dwg

System and method of controlling pressure in annular space of well shaft using gas-lift in return line of drilling mud // 2586129
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to oil and gas industry, in particular to regulation of pressure of drilling fluid in annular space of the well. System and method include drilling fluid pumping through the drill string lowered into borehole extending under the bottom of the water body, outlet of bottom-hole assembly and in annular space of the well shaft. Solution is discharged from annular space into the riser and discharge pipe. Riser is placed above the top of the well shaft and is extended to water surface. Exhaust pipe is connected with raiser and includes a controlled hydraulic nozzle. Solution return line is connected to outlet nozzle and contacts with water surface. Gas under pressure is pumped to return line at the selected depth below the water surface. Operation of adjustable hydraulic nozzle can be controlled to maintain the specified level of drilling mud in riser pipe, the specified level of solution is selected on the distance below the water surface.EFFECT: higher speed and accuracy of pressure control, compact arrangement of installation, provides a higher level of safety.20 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and apparatus for determining flow rate of flushing liquid at outlet of drilled well // 2584335
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling wells and can be used when monitoring circulation system. Method is based on measuring changes in sensor signal, taking into account output stream of flushing liquid flowing through trough which is in form of two pivotally interconnected parts - fixed and movable measured force created by weight of drilling fluid flowing through movable end of chute mounted beneath its bottom force transducer that converts an electrical signal by an algorithm. When drilling in stable geologic downhole conditions - first mode when flow rates of washing liquid inlet and outlet hole are equal, and well outlet of its density exceeds density of inlet due to saturation of washing liquid products face destruction define added density of washing liquid. Device comprises a chute in two parts - fixed and movable, pivotally interconnected. End of the movable part is moveable vertically under action of weight changing flowing washing liquid. Measurement of said displacement is carried out with force sensor installed at bottom of movable part of trough on bracket and connected to fixed part of the trough. Information in form of electrical signals is transmitted to electronic unit, which processes sensor signals according to algorithms for computing corresponding flow of washing liquid with different modes defined geological conditions of bottom. Force sensor can be mounted at different distances from end of movable part of trough.EFFECT: higher accuracy of determining flow rate.6 cl, 1 dwg

Downhole pressure control method at pressure-optimised drilling // 2577345
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is referred to oil and gas producing industry ands may be used in operations performed in underground wells at drilling. The system includes hydraulic accumulator interconnected to the borehole, at that hydraulic accumulator delivers pressure to the borehole, union which restricts fluid flow from the well with pressure regulation. The hydraulic accumulator is connected to return line between the unit of blowout preventers and choke manifold. The hydraulic accumulator is designed to deliver pressure to the borehole even when fluid does not flow through the union.EFFECT: improvement in efficiency of pressure control.21 cl, 3 dwg

Downhole pressure control method based on control theory with prediction models and system theory // 2570687
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: downhole pressure control method based on control theory with prediction models and system theory is referred to downhole pressure control technologies. This method includes: determination of downhole pressure, standpipe pressure, casing pressure, injection rate and output flow in process of well construction, and determination of available overflow or loss. Besides, when overflow or loss is unavailable fine adjustment of casing pressure at well mouth is carried out in compliance with low fluctuations of downhole pressure, standpipe pressure or casing pressure in order to ensure set pressure value of bottomhole pressure, standpipe pressure or vertical casing pressure. Besides, when overflow or loss is available a dynamic model of single-phase or multiphase flow is used in the well bore in order to simulate and compute location of overflow or loss and time of overflow or loss commencement. This method includes additionally: prediction of downhole pressure changes in future in process of well drilling and usage of optimisation algorithm to calculate control parameter that ensures minimum deviation of actual downhole pressure from the preset value in future. Optimisation process is repeated for the next time period upon selecting and setting of the first control parameter.EFFECT: downhole pressure control within permitted range of fluctuations according to design requirements thus implementing highly accurate pressure control.7 cl, 4 dwg

System for fluid flow control in well comprising fluid module with bridged network for fluid and method for such system usage // 2568619
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: system comprises fluid module (150) with the main channel (152), valve (162) and bridged network. Valve (162) has the first position, wherein fluid may pass through the main channel (152), and second position, wherein passage of fluid through the main channel (152) is locked. The bridged network has the first and second branch channels (163, 164), each of them having inlet (166, 168) and outlet (170, 172) interconnected to the main channel and each of them including two hydraulic resistors (174, 176, 180, 182) with pressure take-off terminal (178, 184) located between them. At operation pressure drop between terminals (178, 184) of the first and second branch channels (163, 164) shifts valve (162) between the first and second positions.EFFECT: higher efficiency of efficiency for in-well fluid flow adjustment.25 cl, 16 dwg

Calculation of delay with correction of caving in open shaft // 2567573
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to drilling industry, namely to techniques for improved calculation of delay. A calculation method of amount of caving in an open shaft of a well involves calculation of actual delay for the well by detection of the specified component of atmospheric air in drilling fluid. Calculation involves detection of a buildup event, detection of change in the amount of the specified component of atmospheric air in drilling fluid, which corresponds to the buildup event, and determination of the first value of strokes of the drilling pump after completion of the buildup event. Determination of the second value of strokes of the drilling pump at occurrence of change in the amount of the specified component of atmospheric air in drilling fluid, which corresponds to the buildup event. Determination of the this value of reverse strokes of the drilling pump and calculation of actual delay by subtraction of the second value and the third value from the first value. Calculation of theoretical delay for the well by means of a gas analyser system. Calculation of amount of caving by means of the gas analyser system by comparing actual delay to theoretical delay.EFFECT: improved delay calculation.17 cl, 5 dwg

Water loss control method for circulating fluid // 2566160
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: while implementing the method, when producing formation is drilled from access point of the rock cutting tool, in circulating system of the well moisture and density of circulating fluid are measured simultaneously and continuously, against these measurements current volume content of free water is calculated for circulating fluid as per the specified formula, and water loss is defined with well deepening against difference in volume content of water for circulating fluid at inlet into the drilled formation and at outlet from it.EFFECT: increased information content and control authenticity, reduced time and labour costs for performance of auxiliary operations.

Automatic pressure control in discharge line during drilling // 2553751
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to oil and gas industry, in particular to equipment and actions linked with the drilling well. Method includes comparison of the measured pressure in the discharge line with required pressure in the discharge line, and automatic choke control depending on the comparison results, as result difference between measured pressure in the discharge line and required pressure in the discharge line reduces. Pressure control system in discharge line contains controller generating set pressure in annulus based on comparison of the measured pressure in the discharge line with required pressure in the discharge line, and choke automatically controlled depending on specified set pressure in annulus. Well system contains the discharge line connected with drilling string, sensor measuring pressure in the discharge line, and controller generating set pressure in annulus, at least partially based on difference between the measured pressure in the discharge line and required pressure.EFFECT: increased efficiency of pressure regulation.20 cl, 4 dwg

Drill rig with power unit comprising clutch (versions) // 2547536
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions is referred to the sphere of drilling, and namely to drill rigs. According to one version the drill rig comprises a drill bit; input drive; system of pumps coupled functionally to the input drive; a compressor; a fluid clutch coupled to the input drive and compressor, at that the compressor design ensures technical capability of unlimited and limited delivery of air in response to the respective clutch position in connected and disconnected positions. The fluid clutch is coupled to input drive by clutch - input drive connection and comprises an end housing of the compressor coupled to the clutch by the coupling box separating compressor from the input drive. At that the fluid clutch is made so that it can change its position from connected position to disconnected one in process of the input drive operation. Hydraulic heat exchange system comprised of a settler and heat exchanger is made so that heat can be delivered from the hydraulic clutch. Heat exchanger is located in close vicinity to the drill rig radiator, which serves for cooling of the heat exchanger by convection of air coming from the radiator. Fluid delivery in the hydraulic heat exchange system is made from the fluid clutch to settler and then to heat exchanger in order to decrease temperature of the fluid and then to the fluid clutch, at that settler is located in direct vicinity to the system of pumps.EFFECT: ensuring reduced volume of energy consumption by the input drive.34 cl, 53 dwg

System to register parameters of liquids pumped into well // 2539041
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to measurement equipment and may be used to measure parameters of a fluid pumped into a well. The system includes an electromagnetic flow metre, which is equipped with a controller making the base of the first measurement module, a vibration density metre equipped with a controller, making the base of the second measurement module. Modules are built into an injection line of a manifold with controlled medium, with the help of quick-split connections, the second measurement module is connected to the first measurement module, and the second module performs measurement of density, temperature and pressure. Modules are connected to a computer with the help of an information cable and a power supply unit. The computer is installed on a mounting base - all-terrain motor chassis. System supply is carried out from an AC network via a voltage stabiliser or from a board network of a vehicle.EFFECT: increased universality, mobility, convenience of service, reliability, reduced dimensions.3 dwg

Device for fluid flow control // 2529316
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to mining and can be used for the fluid flow control in the wellbore. The method comprises providing a hydraulic diode in the channel of hydraulic communication with the wellbore and the displacement of fluid through the hydraulic diode. At that the hydraulic diode is located inside the wellbore. The tool comprises a tubular diode sleeve having a diode opening, a tubular intrachannel sleeve mounted concentrically in the diode sleeve, and the intrachannel sleeve comprises an inner passage which is in hydraulic communication with the diode opening, and a tubular external channel sleeve inside which the diode sleeve is concentrically mounted. Moreover the external channel sleeve comprises an outer channel which is in hydraulic communication with the diode opening. And, in this tool the shape of the diode opening, the position of the inner channel relative to the diode opening and the position of the outer channel relative to the diode opening determine the resistance to the flow of the fluid flowing into the inner channel from the outer channel, and the other resistance to the flow of the fluid flowing into the inner channel from the outer channel.EFFECT: increase of the efficiency of controlling the fluid flow in the wellbore.19 cl, 13 dwg

Cleanup of inclined and horizontal well shafts // 2524228
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: drilling mud is circulated by forcing it through drill string with adapter mounted at the start of horizontal section and including hollow case with radial channels made in said case to 30-60 degrees to its axis. Drill mud flow in said adapter in divided into two parts. One part of said flow is ejected via radial channels as a turbulent flow to force slime particles to the well vertical section while another part is fed as a laminar flow to the well horizontal section.EFFECT: higher quality of cleanup.2 dwg

Well pressure maintaining method // 2520201
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method involves reduction of supplied drilling fluid by means of a pump interconnected with a drill string in a well, outflow of fluid medium from the well to the first auxiliary pipeline connected to a water separating string, covering of a seal around the drill string, downward pumping of fluid medium via the second auxiliary pipeline with velocity chosen to maintain certain pressure in the well and stoppage of drilling fluid flow through the drill string.EFFECT: improving reliability and simplifying the technology.4 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for drilling through beds with undesirable hydrocarbons // 2519319
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: method involves determination of inflow of hydrocarbons into a well bore, determination of reduction of rate of hydrocarbons inflow, switch of control of outlet from a well bore for maintaining selected pressure in the well bore to control of rate of fluid outlet from the well bore to ensure its constant rate, if it drops, return of control of outlet from the well bore for maintaining selected pressure, when inflow of hydrocarbons into the well bore is at the acceptable level.EFFECT: increased efficiency of drilling through a bed with limited volume of hydrocarbons.5 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for providing access to coal layer // 2505657
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: formation method of a well in a coal layer involves drilling of the well mainly having a horizontal shaft in the coal layer using a flushing solution containing liquid, and pressure reduction in a down well so that drilling modes are not higher than balanced ones for drilling, mainly of the horizontal shaft owing to supplying flushing solutions by means of a pump mainly from the horizontal shaft of the well to surface.EFFECT: drilling in layers with ultralow pressure without any risk of loss of flushing liquid and blockage of the layer.30 cl, 11 dwg

ethod and device for drilling and completion at programmed pressure and programmed pressure gradient // 2455453
FIELD: oil and gas production.SUBSTANCE: present invention aims to create the zone of programmed pressure near bottom-hole assembly with drilling bit by means of sealing installation near bottom-hole assembly, pressure adjustment approximately at the level or insignificantly lower than the threshold pressure of bottom-hole zone surface for provision of influx from the stratum, and adjustment during drilling by means of pumping from bottom-hole assembly or fluid supply restriction into bottom-hole assembly between the zone at programmed pressure and annular space of well bore to prevent overbalance pressure in the zone at programmed pressure, if it is not required for well control.EFFECT: invention allows combining overbalanced drilling for minimisation of risks usually connected with underbalanced drilling with drilling advantages in the zone of programmed pressure and overbalance.30 cl, 34 dwg

Circulation method and system of fluid medium in system of wells // 2416711
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: circulation method of fluid medium in system of wells involves drilling of the first well from surface to underground zone, drilling of the second well from surface to underground zone; at that, the second well crosses the first well at connection point near underground zone, drilling of drain hole from connection point to underground zone by using drill pipes passing through the second well, pumping of drill fluid through drill pipes during drain hole making; at that, drill fluid leaves drill pipes near drill bit of drill pipe, supply of hydraulic fluid downwards via the first well through pipeline; at that, pipeline has hole made at connection point so that fluid leaves the pipeline at connection point and in which fluid mixture is returned upwards via the first well outside the pipeline; at that, fluid mixture includes drill fluid after the latter leaves the drill pipes.EFFECT: increasing safety of drilling system56 cl, 5 dwg

Procedure for control of rig operation and drilling rig // 2397305
FIELD: oil and gas production.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to procedure for control of drilling rig operation wherein consumption of circulating medium flow of rig is determined and operation of rig is controlled on base of this consumption of circulating medium flow. Consumption (FLOW) of circulation medium flow of rig is determined and rig operation is controlled on base of this consumption by means of effecting pressure (p-Flow) of circulating medium.EFFECT: new solution for control over operation of rig on base of consumption of circulating medium flow.21 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of operating pump unit in injection of fluid into formation // 2395723
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: pickups are used to control the following parametres: pump rpm, fluid density, viscosity and temperature, pump head allowing for pressure difference and fluid density, pump flow rate allowing for fluid temperature and viscosity and efficiency allowing for fluid viscosity. All parametres averaged for preset time interval are controlled simultaneously in real time mode. In case one of the parametres falls beyond tolerances during said time interval, pickups controlling said parametres are inspected and/or repaired. Pump unit is inspected and repaired in case measured parametres fall beyond bottlenecks.EFFECT: higher efficiency due to prompt pinpointing of in valid readings of said pickups.6 dwg

Pump system for circulating fluid // 2392414
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to oil and gas industry, particularly to pump systems for circulating fluid. The system contains a pup assembly and a driver device rotating the pump assembly. The driver device is actively connected to the pump assembly via a gearing including a master gear and a slave gear. The master gear is connected to the end of the driver device shaft via a resilient coupling. The slave gear is connected to the drive shaft of the pump assembly so that it can not turn. The driver device is flange-connected to the pump assembly housing.EFFECT: reduced design expenditures, reduced noise level.3 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and system for management of power consumption at theprocess of drilling by rock and device for drilling by rock for its implementation // 2367767
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to mining industry. Device for drilling contains main power supply for feeding of power for drilling process by rock and includes control system of power consumption during the drilling process by rock, including at least sub processes of impingement attack and/or rotation and washing and containing stages of washing power control at least partially, depending on depth of well, and control at least power of impingement attack and/or power of rotation and power of washing.EFFECT: control of total power drain of each process.21 cl, 2 dwg

Opening method of high-pressure stratums, saturated by strong brines // 2365735
FIELD: civil engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention elates to deep well construction technology, particularly to opening methods of producing formations. Method includes drilling and fixation of borehole up to top of high-pressure stratum, opening by drilling of high-pressure stratums with usage of measures of anti-fountain blowout. According to invention before lowering of string, fixing borehole up to top of productive stratum, in the range of thief formation, located directly under regional waterproof stratum, by method of frac job it is formed thief zone. After it is implemented fixation of borehole by intermediate casing string, providing communication of formed thief zone through wellhead necking with reserve capacitive fleet and ground-based pumping equipment ensured by sub-lifting of cement grout for 80-100 m up to previous casing shoe. Hereupon it is implemented opening by drilling of target high-pressure stratum. In case of brine-appearance it is implemented withdrawal of natural brine by pumping by ground-based pumping equipment or ensured by itself power of producing high-pressure formation by hole annulus into beforehand formed thief zone.EFFECT: it provides ability of controlled opening of high-pressure stratums with anomalous output and pressure, saturated by strong brines, with higher degree of protection against spontaneous discharges and formation fluid flowing.1 ex, 1 dwg

Device and method of dynamic control of annulus pressure // 2336407
FIELD: oil and gas production industry.SUBSTANCE: apackage of inventions is related to oil and gas industry, i.e. to drilling systems. Device includes drill string, run in hole; at that annulus is provided between string and wellbore wall and string includes longitudinal port for drill mud with outlet located in the bottom part of the string, the pump for drill mud injection to annulus through longitudinal port, drill mud discharge pipe connected by fluid medium with annulus, drill mud backpressure system connected by fluid medium with drill mud discharge pipe. Backpressure system includes bypass pipe and three-way valve installed between pump and longitudinal port. The pump is connected by fluid medium with drill mud discharge pipe via three-way valve and bypass pipe that bypasses, at least, a part of the mud longitudinal port. In accordance with the second invention object the backpressure system includes the first and the second flow limitation control devices.EFFECT: increase of annulus pressure control efficiency and reliability.8 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method for dynamic pressure control in annular space // 2301319
FIELD: well drilling, particularly for reservoir pressure regulation during well drilling.SUBSTANCE: method involves drilling well bore with drill column provided with drill crown, sensors and remote sensing system in lower part thereof, wherein the remote sensing system receives and transmits temperature and pressure data, including that recorded by sensors, to land-based remote sensing system; performing selective drilling fluid injection from drilling fluid source into drill crown and to annular space via drill column with the use of main pump; providing drilling fluid supply pipeline communicated with annular space and adapted to supply drilling mud into reservoir for drilling fluid cleaning; selectively increasing pressure in annular space with the use of drilling fluid backpressure system connected with drilling fluid supply pipeline, wherein the drilling fluid backpressure system includes flow meter, drilling fluid nipple, backpressure pump and drilling fluid source; providing pressure control system to receive drilling data including drill column weight acting on drill crown, drill column torque acting on drill crown, drilling fluid weight, main pump pressure, backpressure pump pressure, drilling fluid flow rate, drill column penetration rate, drill column rotary speed and sensor data transmitted by remote sensing system. Pressure control system also controls pressure in annular space during drilling work performing, simulates prospective well bore pressure to provide continuous drilling and controls main pump and drilling fluid backpressure system in response to existent pressure in annular space and to prospective well bore pressure.EFFECT: increased well pressure stability under any drilling conditions.8 cl, 9 dwg

Bottomhole drilling equipment with independent ejector pump // 2288342
FIELD: device and method for drilling oil deposits at decreased hydrostatic pressure on well borehole.SUBSTANCE: bottomhole drilling equipment contains device with ejector pump, connected to casing string, drilling bit, connected to drilling column. During operation device with ejector pump remains stationary. Drilling column passes through device with ejector pump. Drilling bit is made with possible operation independently from ejector pump device. Ejector pump has elastic insert, which swells for redirection of flow of drill mud and extracted fluid from internal circular space into device with ejector pump. For swelling of insert fluid under high pressure is used.EFFECT: increased extraction efficiency, decreased wear of equipment, lower costs.7 cl, 11 dg
Well construction method // 2281369
FIELD: oil production industry, particularly for well construction.SUBSTANCE: method involves drilling hole from under conductor string to productive formation roof; lowering and cementing protective string; performing primary productive formation exposing along with bottom-hole pressure control; lowering liner and cementing thereof; performing secondary productive formation exposing. Protective string comprises stage cementing collar. Protective string is cemented from string bottom to collar installation depth. Circulation collar orifices are opened. Upper protective string part is flushed. Bottom-hole pressure control is carried out by creating hydraulic resistance by supplying flushing liquid from well head from space defined by conductor string and protective string into space between protective string and drilling pipes and then in reverse direction to well head along with feeding flushing liquid injected through drilling pipes with flushing liquid supply rate regulation. The flushing liquid is supplied via circulation orifices of the collar.EFFECT: increased efficiency.

Well drilling system and method, system for pressure gradient regulation in drilling fluid column // 2278237
FIELD: marine oil and gas well drilling equipment, particularly controlling or monitoring drilling fluid pressure or flow.SUBSTANCE: well drilling system to drill well so that well bottom is located under seabed comprises drilling fluid system to create drilling fluid column over well bottom and system to supply incompressible bodies in drilling fluid column in injection zone. Part of drilling fluid column is limited with riser string, which connects underwater marine well head and surface well section. Injection zone is located in riser string near underwater marine well head. Incompressible bodies have densities lesser that of drilling fluid. System for pressure gradient regulation in drilling fluid column over well bottom comprises pipeline located between surface well section and injection zone and system for suspension injection into pipeline. The suspension contains mixture of incompressible bodies and fluid medium.EFFECT: increased reliability and efficiency, reduced costs for system construction.84 cl, 10 dwg
ethod for accident prevention and elimination, as well as for drilling problems avoidance during drilling operation performing // 2272121
FIELD: well drilling, particularly well drilling with controlling or monitoring pressure or flow of drilling fluid.SUBSTANCE: method involves including mudding device in drilling string assembly along with setting predetermined drilling fluid pressure drop at drilling bit; lowering drilling string assembly into well; switching-on mud pumps and performing hydrodynamic well wall treatment with mugging device during well drilling. During drilling of well intervals complicated with oil and gas ingress a number of parameters is recorded and controlled with the use of land-based information-measuring system to determine hydrodynamic well wall treatment time. The parameters to be recorded and controlled are gas content in drilling mud at outlet, mechanical drilling speed; drilling mud level in vessels; drilling mud flow rate at inlet/outlet; drilling mud pressure at inlet, drilling mud temperature at inlet, electric resistance of drilling mud at outlet, drilling mud density at inlet and drilling mud flow velocity at outlet. Rotor torque is measured and hook load is also controlled.EFFECT: prevention of accidents connected with drilling mud absorption by well wall and with well hole fluctuation, increased reliability and efficiency of well hole treatment.3 cl

ethod for drilling wells on depression // 2254438
FIELD: mining industry.SUBSTANCE: closed circulation of drill mud is performed by volumetric type pump, included in assembly of drilling tool immediately before chisel. As a pump of volumetric type reversed screw face drive is used. Portion of rotations of drilling column is spent on rotation of screw pump rotor. Operation of rotor starts when load is applied to stator in form of hydraulic resistances to flow in drilling column, chisel and ring-shaped space and reaction of face during application of axial load to chisel. All power spent on drilling is transferred through drilling column to screw pump and chisel. Pressure of drill mud, fed by common slurry pump, on mouth in manifold, is minimal. Feeding of drill mud into manifold is performed in low-pressure mode. Aeration of drill mud is performed by feeding gas into manifold together with mud. Mouth bracing of drill plant made with possible control of well in case of fluid influxes is utilized. Operation of volumetric type pump is used to provide al hydraulic power, spent on circulation of drill mud, including compensation of hydraulic losses in drilling column, in ring-shaped space, in nozzles of chisel and with transfer of required hydraulic energy to provide hydro-monitoring effect of hydro-monitoring jets coming from chisel nozzles, and also hydraulic losses in mouth bracing of drilling plant.EFFECT: lower energy costs, cheaper operation.1 dwg, 1 ex

Drilling system // 2245984
FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.SUBSTANCE: system has drilling column with longitudinal passage for drilling mud with output aperture at end portion, pump device for pumping drilling solution through passage. Ring space between drilling column and drilling well wall contains main mass of drilling mud. Means for adjusting pressure of drilling mud has pump with outlet. It is connected to main mass of drilling mud through outlet pipe. Drilling column includes lower and upper sections. Sections are interconnected by detachable means of connecting lock. Open upper end of lower section is placed in chamber for drilling mud. Upper section passes into chamber for drilling mud though its upper aperture. Chamber for drilling mud includes lower and upper portion. Upper portion is hermetically overlapped from lower one by removable compacting means.EFFECT: higher reliability and safety.13 cl, 2 dwg

The way the wiring hole in the high-permeability gas reservoirs // 2242580
The invention relates to the drilling of oil and gas wells in high-permeability gas reservoirs and can be used when posting wells in difficult mining and geological conditions, characterized by the complete absorption of drilling fluid, causing Gazpromavia, which cannot be eliminated in a standard way

The method of cleaning a well bore // 2236547
The invention relates to the field of deep drilling and can be used to clean the wellbore from the sludge at the opening of unstable rock, prone to rockslides and avalanches with caving

How productive opening of the reservoir by drilling // 2196869
The invention relates to the drilling of gas wells regulating a hydrostatic pressure in the wellbore, and can be used at the opening of the reservoir (LP) large power with abnormally high formation pressure (AHP)

Telemetry system is used to carry information positive pressure pulses circulating fluid // 2186210
The invention relates to drilling wells and can be used to control downhole parameters during drilling

A device for determining the electrical stability of invert emulsions // 2184205
The invention relates to the drilling of wells and, in particular, can be used to determine the stability of drilling invert emulsion fluids

A device for removing washing liquid from line space when lifting drill pipe // 2171886
The invention relates to the oil and gas industry and can be used during drilling at round-trip operations