Screening or protective devices for openings, with or without operating or securing mechanisms and closures of similar construction (E06B9)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E06B9                 Screening or protective devices for openings, with or without operating or securing mechanisms; closures of similar construction (e06b0005100000 takes precedence;wings for doors or windows, connected at their edges, e06b0003480000; additional indoor equipment of doors or windows, not forming part of the proper finishing work of a building, e.g. curtains, a47h; gratings as building elements e04c0002420000; locks, accessories therefor e05b; bolts or fastening devices for wings e05c; operating mechanism for wings in general e05f)(384)
E06B9/165 - (2)
E06B9/174 - (1)
E06B9/18 - Roll-type grilles(2)
E06B9/262 - (5)
E06B9/264 - (4)
E06B9/30 - Liftable(8)
E06B9/305 - (1)
E06B9/307 - (3)
E06B9/308 - (2)
E06B9/322 - (6)
E06B9/324 - (3)
E06B9/36 - With vertical lamellae(8)
E06B9/38 - Other details(4)
E06B9/384 - (1)
E06B9/386 - (3)
E06B9/58 - Guiding devices(10)
E06B9/64 - With lowerable roller(2)
E06B9/84 - Against dropping(1)
E06B9/88 - For limiting unrolling(2)

Drive and control system for vertical-lift gate and vertical-lift gate // 2642772
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a drive system for high-speed vertical-lift gate with a drive motor that is provided for moving the gate leaf, and the rotation speed of the drive motor can be reduced to zero. The drive motor is driven by the control unit. When an emergency stop mode occurs, the drive motor is driven with an adjustable reduction in its rotation frequency up to zero. The gate leaf is braked by a drive motor. When the gate leaf is stopped, it is held in the locked position by the powered drive motor at zero speed.EFFECT: emergency power source provides a delay in moving the gate leaf with the help of a drive motor and the possibility of an emergency opening of the gate even when the main power supply is disconnected.10 cl, 6 dwg

Device for weight lifting capacity compensation with, at least, one pressing spring // 2640181
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the device of (1) compensation for actuator (2) of lifting gates for the position-defined compensation weight leaf (4) lifting gate and containing block (6) efforts, which can be connected to the actuator (2) to perform the opening movement, aimed at lifting the leaf (4) gate and closing movement aimed at lowering leaf (4) gate. There is provided at least one pressure spring (17) arranged so as to support the opening movement. The invention also relates to a lifting gate, in particular an industrial lifting gate comprising a door (4) of a drive door (2), in particular an engine, and a weight compensation device (1) according to the invention.EFFECT: reducing the size and reducing the cost of the product.28 cl, 18 dwg

Improved shutter lamella and compact shutter unit // 2636924
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lamella for use in roller shutter comprises a body having a first edge, a second edge, an outwardly facing side extending along a convex bend between the first edge and the second edge, and an inwardly facing side extending along a concave bend between the first edge and the second edge. The lamella comprises an engaging profile attached to the body at the first edge. The engaging profile comprises an end element. The end element has an outer surface adjacent to the outwardly facing body side and an inner surface adjacent to the inwardly facing body side. Wherein the end element is arranged at an acute angle to the inwardly facing body side. The lamella comprises a receiving profile attached to the body at the second edge. The receiving profile comprises an edge element having an outer surface of the edge and a surface of the articulation edge. The outer surface of the edge is adjacent to the inwardly facing body side, the limiting element spaced from the edge element, the limiting element having an outer limiting surface and a limiting articulation surface, an articulation space in which the second engaging profile of the second lamella can engage the edge element through an opening between the edge member and the limiting member, thereby forming a hinge, and a receiving socket located between the edge element and the limiting element, which is separated from the articulation space by a first projection on the surface of the articulation edge and a second projection on the limiting articulation surface. Wherein the outer surface of the edge comprises a first edge surface, a first curved edge wall, a second curved edge wall and a second edge surface, and the outer limiting surface comprises an inclined limiting wall and an outer limiting wall. The first curved edge wall and the inclined bounding wall have substantially similar bends, so that the first curved edge wall of the first identical lamella can be aligned substantially flush with the inclined limiting wall of the second lamella. Also, a retractable roller shutter unit containing a plurality of engaged lamellae described above is also proposed.EFFECT: improvement of lamella.11 cl, 11 dwg
Security system of window opening and mounting bracket of window lattice crossbar // 2632377
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: system comprises, as a protective device, a metal lattice consisting of fencing elements in the form of two crossbars, at the ends of which through coaxial openings are made, and at least two vertical racks arranged between the crossbars and connected with them, with a distance therebetween of not more than 11 cm, and an installation kit. The installation kit includes four brackets, by means of which said lattice is installed from the outside of the window on the vertical surface of the window frame. Each bracket is represented by a three-dimensional piece made of a sheet workpiece, having a T- or L-shape in plan, the vertical and the horizontal elements of which are respectively the cantilever part and the support part of the bracket. On the edges of the support part, there are through openings for fixing screws, by means of which the bracket is fastened to the window frame. The longitudinal edges of the cantilever bracket part are bent each at the right angle away from the support part to form side flanges, each having at least one through opening coaxial to a similar through opening on the opposite side flange. In the cantilever bracket part, at least one through groove of the rectangular or circular shape is made, into which one end of the corresponding crossbar of the metal lattice is mounted and then fixed. Four plates are also included in the installation kit, that are mounted on the inside of the frame, with openings for the heads of fixing screws, by means of which said brackets are fastened to the window frame. Fixing elements are allso included in the installation kit, by means of mounting which through the through openings at the ends of the lattice crossbars the longitudinal movement of the lattice crossbar ends in said through grooves of the cantilever part of the brackets is limited.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.12 cl, 4 dwg

Dual pane window // 2628747
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: dual pane window contains two window panes parallel to each other and supported by the metal frame, installed between the window panes. The frame and the window panes form a chamber, a curtain/tent, located in said chamber, a group for movement of said curtain/tent, and a device for controlling the actuation of said group for movement. Said device contains a roller, performed with ability to rotate about its own axis, roller support facilities, connected to said group for moving and performed with ability to rotate the roller, a cord ring at least partially wound around the roller and containing two sections of the cord, extending from the roller in the same direction in diametrically opposite positions, relative to the roller. When tension is applied to the cord ring, the torque, that approaches to turn the roller, occurs. The torque with the help of the transfer facilities is transferred to the group for moving the curtain/tent. The supporting facilities are separated from said group for transferring by one of the window glasses of said dual pane window, connected to the connecting element, which is the integral part of said dual pane window wall, providing support for the roller at the tension value, applied to at least one of said cord sections, smaller than the predetermined value, and are performed with ability to detach the said supporting facilities from the mentioned group for moving, when exceeding the specified value.EFFECT: curtain activation safety in the dual pane window.10 cl, 13 dwg

ethods for producing electrochromic windows // 2623920
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of processing an electrochromic device (ECD) is proposed. It includes the following operations. Removing said ECD from the substrate edge area by means of electromagnetic radiation, wherein said edge area width is from about 1 mm to about 20 mm. Wherein the ECD is tinted up to the edge along the ECD perimeter. Sealing the edge along the perimeter of said ECD between the distance frame and the glass unit substrate with the sealing compound layer. The electrochromic device coating on the transparent substrate embedded in the glass unit is proposed as well. Wherein the electrochromic device coating has the scrapped edge and the open bus contact surface and the insulating lines of scribing. Wherein the electrochromic device coating is tinted up to its edge along the perimeter. The method for producing an electrochromic device (ECD) is proposed as well. It comprises the following steps. Applying said ECD to the substrate without the ECD marking or using only one almost straight scribing line to mark said ECD. Scraping the edges along the substrate perimeter, wherein the width of the removed edge perimeter area of said ECD is from about 5 mm to about 15 mm. Removing a portion of said ECD along one edge to form the open contact bus surface to expose the lower conductive layer. The glass unit comprising the above-described electrochromic device is proposed as well.EFFECT: improved method.43 cl, 25 dwg

Closing devices for architectural opening, containing cellular structures displaced for disclosure // 2622821
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: closing device for an architectural opening includes the panel having the bearing sheet and at least one cell operatively connected to the bearing sheet and comprising a lamella material operatively connected to the first side of the bearing sheet. The device comprises the bearing element of cells, operatively connected with the lamella material and made with the possibility of maintaining it at a distance from the bearing sheet when the panel is in the extended position. The cells bearing element is made elastic to allow at least partial flattening of at least one cell when the panel is in the retracted position, and the springing or displacement of at least one cell into the open position when the panel in the extended position. The method of manufacturing the closing device and the shutter for the architectural opening are proposed as well.EFFECT: cells shape retention without crumpling and distortion.40 cl, 47 dwg

Guide frame element for screen device // 2616918
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: portion of the guide frame is proposed . At least one end portion of the screen blade serves as a free end, and can be extracted inside and retracted from inside of the screen mounting frame portion. When a part of the guide frame, having ability to slide, is removed from the mounting frame portion, designed with ability to slide, the screen frame mounting portion, designed with ability to slide, makes sliding movement, while the removable part of the guide frame, having the sliding capability has rectilinear mode. Either or both of the two parts of the guide frame, having sliding capability, are formed by several rigid links, each of which has a pair of side walls, positioned by facing surfaces to each other, and a bridge, connecting both side walls to each other, passing, in fact, from the central portion to one of the end portions, wherein two adjacent rigid links are connected to each other with capabilty to rotate. The sidewall has the following: a portion, recessed at the width of the rigid link, and occupies about half of the side wall, in fact, of the central portion upto one of the end portions, a through hole, oriented along the rigid link width and located in the half of the side wall, in fact, of the central portion upto the other end portion, and a protruberance adjacent to the through hole, in fact, from the central portion side. The recessed portion, has the shaft, projecting outside, lying, in fact, in the central part, and there is the opening, oriented along the height of the rigid link and located, in fact, from the central part of the recessed portion to one of the end portions of the side wall. Two adjacent rigid links are connected so, that the shaft of one of the rigid links is inserted inside the through hole of another rigid link, and one rigid link is freely rotates relatively the other rigid link within the rotation range, limited by bringing the protruberance into contact with one end portion of the opening and with the other end portion of the opening.EFFECT: invention extends the range of components for the guiding devices and has the ability to slide and flexibility.3 cl, 3 dwg

Autocalibration of louvre systems in buildings // 2615947
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a control system for automatic calibration of an installed in a room louver system. Control system comprises controller (1) having a memory, a clock and a processor, detector (2) of presence, detector (3) of internal light, detector (4) of external light. Control system is made with the possibility of automatic calibration of the louver system, when the detector of external light indicates, that the external light level exceeds a predefined threshold, the detector of presence indicates, that there are no people in the room, and that certain time passed since the moment of the last calibration. Invention, besides, relates to a method of automatic calibration of an installed in a room louver system using the said control system.EFFECT: provided is reduced power consumption due to automatic calibration of a louver system installed in a room.14 cl, 11 dwg

ethod of mosquito net attachment to window frame // 2607423
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and can be used for plastic and wooden windows opening sashes. Method of mosquito net attachment to window frame consists in fact, that in each of upper Z-shaped brackets holes are drilled, to which engaging corresponding to holes directed outward hooks made of stainless steel wire with diameter of 2.5–3 mm, fixed on net frame upper profile outer side. For net lower part attachment to window frame using attached through loop to net frame lower profile inner surface two hooks, made of spring stainless steel tape, which are hooked for water discharge channel inner hole.EFFECT: enabling higher safety due to elimination of possibility of net falling out in case of horizontal load application to it from inside room.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device for winding material web on shaft and unwinding from shaft // 2603607
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: this device includes two pulling cables (3, 16) and has the following signs. Material web (2) has the first fastening end (5), with which fabric (2) material may directly or indirectly be attached to bearing structure (8). Material web (2) has opposite to the first fixing end (5) the second fastening end (4), which is fixed in circumferential direction of shaft (1, 15) so, that at rotation of shaft (1, 15) around the axis of rotation of the web (2) of material can be wound on the central section of the shaft (1, 15) and unwound. Shaft (1, 15) has edge sections (10) in its two axial end areas, along the circumference of each area pulling cable (3, 16) is fixed, and both pulling cables (3, 16) during rotation of shaft (1, 15) can be wound on the relevant end sections (10) and unwound. At rotation of shaft (1, 15) in direction of unwinding, where the shaft (1, 15) is moved from the bearing structure (8), material web (2) is unwound with central shaft section (1, 15), and tension cables (3, 16) are wound on the relevant end sections (10) of the shaft. At rotation of shaft (1, 15) in the direction of rotation of the winding, at which the shaft (1, 15) move up to bearing structure (8), fabric (2) of material wound on the central section of the shaft (1, 15), a tension cables (3, 16) unwound from the appropriate end sections (10) of the shaft. Note here that provided for arbitrary length (L) of unwinding material web (2) the first radial distance (R1) from web (2) of material to the axis of rotation differs from the value provided for the length (L) of unwinding of the second radial distance (R2) from pulling cable (3, 16) to the axis of rotation, so that the first torque acting from the side of the material web (2) on the shaft (1, 15) differs from the second torque acting from the side of pulling cables (3, 16) on shaft (1, 15) in the direction and value so that the drive shaft (1, 15) due to difference between the first moment of rotation and the second moment of rotation is carried out by force (F), transmitted by means of pulling cables (3, 16).EFFECT: device for winding material web (2) on the shaft (1, 15) and unwinding from the shaft.15 cl, 14 dwg

Louver device // 2599768
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in power engineering, in oil and chemical industries, in particular, in air cooling devices. Louver device comprises a louver blades arranged with the possibility of rotation around the axis of the blade relative to the frame with the help of a bearing and a pull rod. On the louver blade there is a cross reinforcing rib of the blade, on which the blade axis and pull rod fixing axis is arranged. Louver blades are fixed in the blade axis to longitudinal walls of the louver frame and in the pull rod fixing axis by means of a friction type bearing assembly.EFFECT: achieving simple and reliable operation.1 cl, 3 dwg

Control of ambient light // 2597983
FIELD: lighting.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the control device for use in control system of ambient light for control of the ambient light fed in space through a hole. Result is achieved due to the fact that the unit (11) for prediction of ambient light provides forecast values of ambient light, which represents forecasts properties of ambient light in the hole (2). Unit (12) to control ambient light in different moments of time ensures control of ambient light signal depending on values of prediction of ambient light for the forthcoming time period of the ambient light forecast. Ambient light control signal is configured to use the element (22) for conversion of ambient light to change the ingress of ambient light in space (1) through the hole (2). Taking into account the predicted conditions of ambient light in the hole (2), the required adjustment can be equally distributed in moments of time to control ambient light.EFFECT: technical result is in creation of the control device for control of ambient light supplied to the space through the hole.14 cl, 2 dwg

Window curtain and control unit thereof // 2585718
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: control unit window curtains comprises drive shaft, sleeve fitted on drive shaft, retaining device arranged around sleeve. Locking device has locking state in which it blocks rotary movement of bushing and drive shaft to hold shadowing structure of window curtain in desired position and unlocked state in which provides for rotation of bushing and drive shaft for vertical adjustment of shading structure. Release unit includes drive, operatively connected with locking device. Drive includes rod having elongated shape extending vertically along longitudinal axis. Unit includes drum for cord and control cable connected to each other; and coupling is operatively connected with drum for cord. Coupling is made with possibility of connection and disconnection of drum for cord relative to drive shaft. Control cord is pulled to actuate drum for cord and switching clutch in connecting state, to transfer rotation of drum for cord through coupling in connecting state to actuate bushing and drive shaft to lift shading structure. Rod is made with possibility of rotation around longitudinal axis for switching of locking device from locking state into unlocked state to lower shading structure by gravity. Window curtain comprises top rail shadow design, lower part, suspended cords connected to cord winding units, and control unit.EFFECT: ease and safety of operation.21 cl, 34 dwg

Window curtain, control thereof module and operating method thereof // 2585554
FIELD: household equipment.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a control module for window curtains. Said module comprises first drive axle and second drive axle, first drive axle is driven to control vertical movement of lower part of window curtains and second drive axle is driven for adjustment of inclination of multiple lamellae window curtains, sleeve attached to first drive axle transfer part connected to the second drive axle retainer assembled around first driving axis, stopper has a locking state in which stop blocks rotary movement of bushing and first driving axis to maintain lower part in required position, and unlocking state wherein there is possibility of rotation of bushing and first driving axis so that lower part is lowered by gravity, and releasing assembly including actuator, actuator is operably connected with retainer and has elongated shape extending substantially vertically, which sets longitudinal axis, actuator is driven to move along longitudinal axis of first position into second position to switch stopper from locking state to unlocking state, and actuator in first position, is driven to rotate second drive axle by means of transfer part. Also disclosed is a window curtain. Module comprises a top track, a plurality of lamellae, a bottom part disposed under lamellae, at least one unit for winding cord, which includes a housing and a drum for winding and a rotating part, respectively assembled rotatably in housing, at least one suspension cord and ladder assembly cord while hanging cord connected to drum for winding up and lower part, and ladder assembly cable is connected to rotating part, lamellae and lower portion, and a control unit described above, wherein control module is assembled in upper track at a location remote from cord winding assembly, first drive control unit is connected to axle of winding drum, and a second drive control unit is connected to axis of rotating part.EFFECT: also disclosed is a method of operating window curtain, in which window curtain comprises top track, bottom part, multiple lamellae between top track and lower part, suspended cord is connected with lower part and with drum to wind, landing cord assembly connected with bars and rotating part, and control module, control module includes first and second drive axle retainer, working cord and actuator with elongated shape extending vertically, which sets longitudinal axis, he method comprises providing downward pulling action on actuator from first position into second position to switch retainer of locking state, locking rotation of first drive axle in unlocking state, ensuring possibility of rotation of first drive axle by means of which lower part of lowered gravity when lower part reaches required height, release of actuator is performed so that actuator is moved upward for recovery of first position when actuator is in first position, rotation actuator is performed around longitudinal axis for adjustment of inclination and provision of pulling action on suspended cord to lift lower part.20 cl, 29 dwg

System of lifting gates, as well as lintel sealing device therefor // 2581354
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a system (1A) of elevating gate, in particular gate system for a clean room, comprising lifting gate (2) which has web (3), gate terminal plate (4) and device (5) for placement of door leaf. System (1A) of elevating gate also includes a device (20A) sealing bridge gate which is provided in gate region of web so that it creates a sealing effect between lift gate (2) and bridge target. Wherein at least one portion (10B) of device (20A) sealing bridge gate is held with possibility of rotation by a hinge and opening lifting gate (2) can be rotated out of plane of door leaf by means of an actuator in end plate (4) so that to end shield (4) in open state overhead doors (2) has been substantially completely located outside region of opening (O) of gate.EFFECT: invention improves system (1A) of lifting gate so it can use entire height of opening (O) of gate and closed lifting gate (2) continues to provide a sufficient sealing action.12 cl, 10 dwg

Anti-breaking window structure // 2577706
FIELD: security system.SUBSTANCE: anti-breaking window structure comprises frame and flap. Said window structure comprises L-shaped metal section as a protective element dual-pane window and electromagnetic latch with mechanisms protection, remote access monitoring and control evacuation in emergency situations.EFFECT: disclosed is an anti-breaking window structure.1 cl, 7 dwg

Opening/closing body actuator and opening/closing body actiation method // 2572483
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the opening/closing shutter actuator of the motor-car. The opening/closing body actuator contains the driving motor, the control unit, the manipulator and the storage unit. The position information is initialized either for the open position or for the closed position according to the signal of ignition lock activation. In the standby mode the control unit sends the command to the driving motor to switch the opening/closing body to the position other than the position based on the position information stored in the storage unit according to the working signal from the manipulator of the opening/closing body. When the driving motor stops before the expiration of the pre-set time from the beginning of actuation of the driving motor, the control unit provides the reverse rotation of the driving motor for switching of the opening/closing body to the position based on the position information stored in the storage unit.EFFECT: possibility of convenient opening and closing of the shutter without using the non-volatile semiconductor memory is achieved.5 cl, 9 dwg

Flexible insulated door panels with internal partitions // 2571814
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: vertically operating door includes a flexible panel, including two flexible sheets of a material with a certain quantity of gaskets or mats of heat insulation between these two sheets. In some examples a certain quantity of horizontally extended partitions made of flexible strips of a material, is installed between two sheets. The partitions effectively divide one large internal volume between the sheets into more controlled smaller volumes or chambers. The partitions limit air injection between the sheets downwards the panel, when the panel moves upwards and bends on the upper suspended drum. Without such partitions and smaller chambers the panel sheets in the area near the panel bottom could swell outside during the door opening.EFFECT: improved design.13 cl, 14 dwg

Louvres // 2571030
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to louvers, in particular to a lifting mechanism for the louvers. The lifting mechanism for the louvers, having pairs of cords (7) of lifting for lifting or lowering the louver plates (2), comprises two drums (9, 10). One cord of a pair of cords of lifting is wound on the outer peripheral surface of one drum (9) during rotation of this drum (9) in a first direction and is unwound from the said surface during rotation of this drum (9) in an opposite second direction. Another cord of a pair of cords of lifting is wound on the outer peripheral surface of the other drum (10) during rotation of this drum (10) in the said first direction and is unwound from the said surface during rotation of this drum (10) in the said opposite second direction. Two drums (9, 10) are connected through the central connection with the ability of rotation to each other. The mechanism has a central part, in which the cords (6) of inclination are operatively coupled with the said central connection.EFFECT: ensured reliability of operation of the louvers without the risk of entanglement of the cords.16 cl, 45 dwg

Window for building // 2568790
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: window is proposed for a facility. Inside the window louvres are integrated, containing photoluminescent material. Also a building is proposed, containing the above window. Also a lighting system is proposed. It comprises a window, at least one of a time-providing unit, a photosensitive sensor, a presence sensor and a motion sensor to generate at least one of a time signal, a light signal, a presence signal and a motion signal, besides, the light signal indicates common light and/or light emitted by photoluminescent material, the presence signal indicates presence of the facility in the specified zone, and the motion signal indicates motion of the facility in the specified zone. The lighting system comprises louvres, integrated inside the window and containing photoluminescent material, and the control unit for louvres control depending on at least one of a time signal, a light signal, a presence signal and a motion signal. Also the method is proposed to modify the appearance of the facility, besides, the facility comprises a window, at the same time louvres are integrated into the window, and contain photoluminescent material. In the method there is generation of at least one of a time signal, a light signal, a presence signal and a motion signal, by at least one of a time-providing unit, a photosensitive sensor, a presence sensor and a motion sensor, besides, the light signal indicates common light and/or light emitted by photoluminescent material, the presence signal indicates presence of the facility in the specified zone, and the motion signal indicates motion of the facility in the specified zone.EFFECT: in the method louvres are controlled on the basis of at least one of a time signal, a light signal, a presence signal and a motion signal.13 cl, 8 dwg

Protective window grate // 2567160
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction equipment, in particular, to safety device design, and may be used for protection of window openings from unauthorised penetration into a room and for public evacuation from buildings in case of fire. A protective grate is made in the form of at least two hingedly connected and serially opening links with sections of steps and lock joints, at the same time between each link of the grate there is an additional facility made in the form of a U-shaped crosspiece inclined at the angle of 5.0-10.0° providing for movement of each hingedly connected subsequent section of each link towards inclination of the U-shaped crosspiece. Inclination of the U-shaped crosspiece of the additional facility is made towards the section with the steps of the first link. Currently the author produced an experimental sample of the proposed grate, and it has been tested by installation in a window on the fifth floor of a building. After pin rotation and release of the upper axis of the grate the links of the latter together with sections and steps opened one by one and reached earth surface. Evacuation of the building was successful.EFFECT: improved design.2 cl, 2 dwg

Door drive with two-roller cross guide // 2563786
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the door drive for, at least, one shutter in the vehicle, besides, at least, one shutter in the closed state of the drive closes the doorway (22) in the vehicle wall (20), and in open state it is located in front of the wall (20) and, at least, mostly outside of the doorwaye (22), and the axis x passes in the direction of forward movement of the vehicle, y axis - at the right angle to the doorway (22) from the movement direction to the left, and z axis - vertically upwards. The door drive contains: a) two lateral supporting details (24, 26), with devices for their fastening on the wall (20), b) the sliding device (28) which is located between the supporting details (24, 26) and having devices for fastening of, at least, one door shutter, and c) the left cross guide (30) and the right cross guide (32) which are located, respectively, between the sliding device (28) and the lateral supporting detail (24, 26) and allow to perform cross movement in y direction, that is located across the doorway (22), besides one of two cross guide (30 or 32) is movably connected to the sliding device (28) and/or the next supporting detail (24 or 26) and/or itself provides relative movement and has, at least, one roller (34) and the respective profile rail (36) in y direction, - another cross guide (30, 32) is a fixed support with two rollers (34) and the respective profile rail (36) in y direction.EFFECT: decrease of lag effect during shutter move.18 cl, 7 dwg

Winding device for stopping of holes in walls // 2563764
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to winding device for stopping the holes (2) in walls. Winding device (30) comprises flat resilient long closer (35) revolved by actuator assembly (4) sign of rotation and winding element (29 acting on said closer (35). Sign of rotation of aid winding element (29) defines winding of said closer (35) on or unwinding it from element (29). there is adjusting element to up or down moving top edge of closer (35 in winding without winding of moving top edge. Transfer elements are used for interaction between actuator assembly (4) and winding element (29) and provided with winding pull element (21). The latter is arranged between first spinning winding body (33) and second body (34) so that pull element (21) can be wound or unwound by first winding body (33). The latter can be actuated by assembly (4). Second winding body (34) and winding element (29) are engaged to revolve. Closer (35) can be wound by unwinding pull element (21) from second winding body (34). Winding element (29) is arranged for adjustment of closing surface so that closer (35) two partial areas (27, 28) arranged on both sides of element (29) can be wound on or unwound from element (29). Compensating means are arranged so that winding element (29) can take different positions across winding element lengthwise axis. Said compensating means have sliding element to make second winding body (34) directed in preset path unless top edge of closer (35) downs or ups. Lower edge of closer (35) does not displace up or down.EFFECT: accelerated winding, possibility to take up high loads.11 cl, 6 dwg

Reducer and electric drive comprising such reducer // 2556265
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the electric drive with a reducer. The electric drive reducer contains the first reduction with a sun pinion (42) being engaged with one planet gearing (46) rotating around the respective shaft (47) is located in a drum (45). The planet gearing is engaged with a fixed wheel (48) to rotate the drum around an axis of rotation (X4). The reducer also contains the first guiding device (43) used both for rotation of the sun pinion (42), and for rotating the drum (45) around the axis of rotation (X4).EFFECT: noise suppression and improvement of reliability of the device is achieved.10 cl, 4 dwg

Window in separate binders // 2549067
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: window design includes binders made of multichamber PVC profiles, in each of which the single-chamber or multi-chamber multiple glass unit is installed. Chambers of multiple glass units can be filled with inert gas, and multiple glass units are made with low-emissivity coating. Film preferably with low-emissivity coating is located in the aperture between the binders. The upper portion of the film is mounted on the shaft connected to the rotary drive. Lateral portions of the film are mounted with possibility of displacement in U-shaped guides vertically fixed in the window slopes. Film is stretched due to the load, fixed in its bottom part. The second transparent film stretched due to load and made with low-emissivity or solar reflective coating can be installed additionally in the aperture between the binders in order to control the illumination, and additional shaft and additional lateral U-shaped rails are installed for it in the aperture. Plastic tubes connecting the aperture between the binders with the outer space are installed in the bottom and top parts of the window. Slopes in the aperture between binders can be insulated with sandwich panels.EFFECT: window has increased resistance to heat transmission, reduced condensation on the inner surface of multiple glass unit and provides the ability to control the thermal protection without violating the natural lighting of the promise.6 cl, 1 dwg

Production of decorative articles from shaped pipes and articles thus made // 2546440
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly, to grate-type devices and can be used for production of garden furniture, fences, grates, etc, from shaped steel pipes by various processes. Proposed article comprises rectangular vertical and horizontal elements and curved elements arranged between the former. Said elements intersect in preset order. Said elements are made of shaped pipe, preferably, of rectangular cross-section. Said elements are interconnected, preferably, over the entire contact surface to make a flat/spatial geometrical figure with required consumer qualities. At least one structural element, preferably, their larger portion, is made at least of two decorative stiffness ribs arranged, preferably, at its opposite sides. At one point of intersection of said elements grooves are made, preferably, at all points to be aligned to make lock joints. Points of said joints are, preferably, welded together. Width of every grooves of said joint equals the width of mating structural element fitted in said groove. Grove depth equals, preferably, the height of mating structural element fitted in said groove, preferably, half its height.EFFECT: perfected method.28 cl, 12 dwg

Decorative-application article with decorative protection cover straps // 2546439
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: decorative-application article contains vertically and horizontally oriented structural elements, mainly, rods, at that these structural elements have minimum one crossing point, at least one decorative cover strap installed, preferably, from the face side at crossing point of the structural elements. In the structural elements at places of their mutual crossing the grooves are made looking each other and combined such that in these places the lock-on connections are made. Places of the mentioned connections are jointed with each other, preferably with welding, at that width of each groove is equal to width of the structural element inserted in this groove, and groove depth is equal to height of the counter structural element inserted in this groove in the installation place, preferably half of height. The structural elements are made out of the shaped pipe, preferably with rectangular cross-section, and grooves for connection of the mentioned structural elements between each other are made by method of plastic deformation, mainly by press forming. In the decorative-application article the decorative protection cover strap is suggested, it is made out of metal plate, mainly by volume press forming, containing central part and parts interacting with the support surfaces of the structural elements of the decorative-application articles.EFFECT: protection of crossing points of structural elements.16 cl, 13 dwg

Stop device with elastic deformation of flexible door screen with vertical opening for handling works // 2541286
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: door for handling works with vertical opening in accordance with this invention comprises a device (10) of elastic stopping, which includes retention facilities (11).EFFECT: possibility on the one hand to retain a web or a flexible screen in movement trajectory between opening position and closing position, and on the other hand, in abnormal case to provide for elastic deformation of a web or a flexible screen without risk of release or pop-out of the specified web or the specified flexible screen from side stands and return to the initial condition after disappearance of the abnormal situation.11 cl, 7 dwg

Window louvers for solar energy collection with adjustable position // 2534332
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: proposed in this invention are window louvers for collection of solar energy with adjustable position. Used in the window louvers is an ammeter sensor for determination of the dependence between sunlight light incidence angle and optimal positioning of the solar sensor. The dependence may be further used for adjustment of multiple solar cells position. Additionally, the window louvers contain a light sensor for determination of light intensity within the target region which may be additionally used for regulation of multiple solar cells position.EFFECT: proposed louvers must ensure effective collection of solar energy.9 cl, 4 dwg

Adjustment of spring tension // 2532028
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: body for spring adjustment is made for connection with a bushing unit installed as capable of rotation on a shaft and provision of the possibility to create tension of springs placed on rotary shafts. The bushing unit comprises the second section for connection to one end of the spring placed on the shaft, and the first section of the connection, having splints stretching in the longitudinal direction and made on the outer surface of the first section of the connection. The first section of the connection is made with at least one groove stretching in the transverse direction to splints. The body is made as capable of connection with the first section of the connection and comprises a facility of additional engagement made inside the body, and holes stretching from outside to inside of the body. Holes are made as capable of placement of a tension adjustment tool in them.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to simplify the method of the cylindrical spring tension adjustment in door units.8 cl, 9 dwg

Shading device control by means of image recognition // 2531730
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system contains the detecting unit for representing the signal of the image of the shaded area and the control unit (5), configured for reception of the named signal of the image, determination from the named signal, whether there is a typical pattern in the named shaded area, and control of the named shading devices for decrease of the named reference pattern, if the latter is identified. The shading device is louvres with lamels (3), and the typical pattern is the band-pass pattern (10). The method of control of the shading device is described as well.EFFECT: decrease of transmission of direct solar light and improvement of thermal comfort and light conditions.11 cl, 5 dwg

Screen device // 2531595
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: screen device, in which the roller tube includes the rotor shaft (5), around which the built-in spiral spring (6) is coiled, is connected to the rotor (52), located with a possibility of rotating with reference to the stator (51), fixed to the lower end of the rotating shaft, and is placed with a possibility of rotating in a case frame. Stator includes a set of located radially teeth (53). The located radially supporting parts (57), mating with stator teeth, are located on the bottom end of cap element (55), placed with a possibility of detaching on the lower end of the case frame, and in each holding part the holding recess (58) is provisioned for tooth entering inside, opened out on one end from the side of teeth entering and enclosed on the other end allowing to regulate the initial charge of the spiral spring, built-in in a roller tube.EFFECT: design perfection.3 cl, 7 dwg

Screening device // 2530396
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to shielding and protective devices for apertures. Screening device is designed so that the size of the first rigid links (24), which form the upper part of the guide frame (15) is smaller than the size of the second rigid links (17), which form the lower part of the guide frame (16). And when the upper part of the guide frame and lower part of the guide frame are hidden inside the mounting frame (10) of the screen, the portions of the side walls (18) of the first rigid links are adjacent from the inner side between the portions of the side walls of the second rigid links. In this case the upper part of the guide frame crosses the lower part of the guide frame inside the mounting frame of the screen. Connection of the first rigid links can be disconnected in any position inside the mounting frame of the screen when adjusting the length of the screening device (1), and the upper portion of the guide frame can be removed from the mounting frame of the screen, thus simplifying the adjustment of length in the place of installation.EFFECT: invention allows the easy adjustment of length of the screening device.5 cl, 8 dwg

Glazing panel // 2527706
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to glazing panels designed to control access of unwanted solar radiation and heat caused by sun light passing through a panel. The glazing panel includes a glass sheet 11 and a sequence of spatially separated optical elements 12, placed on the larger surface of the glass. Each element 12 is equipped with an upward surface 13, protruding beyond the limits of the glass plane. The area 15 of the material having a coefficient of optical conductivity, varying along its width, is arranged at the bottom of the surface 13. Light falling onto upward side reflecting surfaces 13 is reflected upwards in the area at the other side of the glazing panel. Intensity of light arriving inside via the area 15 is reduced, and it is partially scattered. Elements 12 may be applied by printing method onto glass or film applied on glass. Alternatively elements may include profiled parts fixed to glass.EFFECT: control and monitoring of light amount passing through or acting at a glazing panel.22 cl, 15 dwg

Power door drive device with flexible curtain preventing dropping // 2516132
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: drive device preventing dropping, for a power door (1) with a flexible curtain (5) folding or wrapping around a driving shaft (4) during its moving between an open and closed positions contains from one side, an independent engine or electric gearmotor (7) fixed along the axis of rotation which is shifted and parallel to the axis of rotation of the driving shaft (4), and from the other side, a device (8) for protection against dropping providing connection of the engine or electric gearmotor (7) with the driving shaft (4) and blocking accidental dropping of the flexible curtain (5).EFFECT: prevention of door dropping.13 cl, 7 dwg

Spring brake of driving mechanism, which drives screen used at home, and driving mechanism equipped with such brake // 2515295
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely, to structures of screening or protective devices for openings. A spring brake of a driving mechanism, which drives a screen used at home, comprises a helical spring, each end of which forms a radially stretched tab, a friction insert with friction surface, at which the helical spring rests radially, a structural element arranged at the inlet for rotation of the spring around the central axis in the direction making it possible to reduce the contact stress between the helical spring and the friction surface, and a structural element arranged at the outlet for rotation of the spring around its axis in direction making it possible to increase contact stress between the helical spring and the friction surface. The brake comprises additionally two structural elements, which are continuously rigidly connected during rotation of the spring around the axis, each forms a limiter of axial displacement of the helical spring. The limiter formed by one of these structural elements is made as capable of limiting the axial movement of the spring in the first direction. The other limiter formed by another structural element is made as capable of limitation of axial displacement of the spring in the second direction, opposite to the first one.EFFECT: invention will make it possible to prevent vibration of a screen when lowering it.9 cl, 9 dwg

Tubular drive for wound louvers // 2514262
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, namely, to structures of screening or protective devices for openings. The tubular drive for actuation of a wound element in a building, comprises a geared engine in a pipe with a longitudinal axis and an output shaft at the first end of the pipe, a fixed point of two parts at the second end of the pipe, at the same time the fixed point comprises the first part, at least partially arranged outside the pipe, and the second part assembled in the pipe. The first part comprises at least one axial continuation of the torque and weight perception, at the same time the specified continuation of torque and weight perception is made as capable of entering into at least one groove of the second part and is stopped in the reciprocal movement along the longitudinal axis relative to the pipe of the drive with the help of the first stopping facility.EFFECT: invention will make it possible to simplify drive installation.11 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of controlling directed light transmission // 2509324
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method involves defining surfaces of a glass structure to be made in form of alternating parallel and/or curvilinear strips, while also determining coefficients of reflection, transmission and absorption, refraction indices, geometric shapes and dimensions of the strips and the required change in said parameters both along and across the strips, as well as the need to distribute the strips into zones with different light transmission characteristics so that, at given angles or ranges of incidence angles of rays, only the required part of rays of the required wavelength range passes in a directed manner through the entire glass surface. For each angle of incidence in the 0-90° range, the total percentage of directed light transmission is calculated as a ratio of the total area of the output surface, through which rays pass, to the area of the whole first receiving surface, and strips are made on surfaces of the glass structure by further processing the outer surface of the glass and/or gluing a film with strips made in advance, and/or by placing in laminated glass between layers.EFFECT: providing selective control, according to a predetermined law, of values of light flux and direction of rays passing through a glass structure depending on angles of incidence.8 cl, 12 dwg

Tightening device for cord and curtain equipped with it // 2500871
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: tightening device for a cord with a base, fixed on a bearing part, with a rounding element, fixed on the base and equipped with the direction variation area stretching for 180° for placement of the end section of the cord turned by 180° in longitudinal direction and comprising a clamping device for the cord end for detachable fixation of the free end of the cord end section turned by 180°, the rounding element that varies direction and the clamping device for the end of the cord may be installed with the possibility of displacement relative to each other in longitudinal direction.EFFECT: adjustment of cord tension load or its length.15 cl, 30 dwg

Screen device // 2491400
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: screen device comprising a screen, which provides for free compression and stretching and is mounted between a pair of sliding mounting frames of the screen, arranged at the left and right sides, to be located oppositely to each other, guide frames arranged accordingly near upper and lower terminal parts of the screen, at the same time guide frames have flexibility, have free ends at their every side and may be placed inside and be withdrawn from the mounting frames of the screen, at the same time guide frames preserve straightness of their withdrawn parts when withdrawn from mounting frames of the screen in process of sliding motion of mounting frames of the screen, differing by the fact that there is the first section of the body and the second section of the body, which are made as capable of keeping separately two guide frames, are separated from each other and arranged accordingly in the inner part of each mounting frame of the screen, at the same time the first section of the body and the second section of the body are placed in different positions in direction of width in the inner part of the mounting frame of the screen and stretch in direction of height of mounting frames of the screen, and two guide frames are connected to each other by appropriate free ends, which are in the same frames of the screen, with the help of stretched elements, every of which forms a loop, which does not have a crossing point.EFFECT: lower limitation of usage of size of a structure part, where a screen device is mounted, such as an opening in a building.4 cl, 5 dwg

Incorporation of optical element into insulated glass unit // 2488678
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: glass unit contains at least two window glasses: The optical element has multiple perforations and a non-perforated section. The non-perforated section prevents penetration of light into a building, where the insulated glass unit is installed. Perforations have the depth/width ratio, which makes it possible for the light to pass with the specified fall angles, while the light with other fall angles is unable to pass through perforations, which provides for shadowing effect. The optical element is arranged between two window glasses with the help of an adhesive, and the adhesive is not substantially present in perforations of the optical element.EFFECT: increased protection of a building against solar energy.26 cl, 19 dwg

Lifting mechanism and vertical sliding door with such mechanism // 2487833
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed mechanism comprises drum 32 fitted on shaft 30 and is driven by motor to wind up lifting cable 28. Besides, lifting mechanism incorporates switch to stop motor at decreased tension of lifting cable. Said switch is connected with drum and has rod 52 to thrust against lifting cable to vary its path. Lifting cable retains said switch in first position unless cable tension exceeds threshold value. Note here that motor runs in normal conditions. In case lifting cable tension drops below threshold value (for example, in cable rupture), switch displaces in second position to switch off the motor. Said switch displaces from first position into second position in turning about swivel pin 54. Note here that said turn proceeds at gravity of said switch at release of potential power accumulated therein Vertical sliding door incorporates above described mechanism.EFFECT: higher safety.10 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of functional analysis for electromechanical drive purposed for power operation of crane and drive for its implementation // 2487460
FIELD: electrical engineering.SUBSTANCE: functioning of drive (1) control for moving element (52) that contains asynchronous or brushless engine or engine equipped with differential brake; gear box which efficiency is lower for output shaft driven by input shaft in comparison with efficiency for input shaft driven by output shaft. The method of drive functioning includes stage of the drive functionality measuring in order to determine whether the drive drives the moving element or the drive itself is driven by the moving element; stage of the first order logic use in order to determine end of travel or obstacle or stage of the second order logic use in order to determine end of travel or whereby the drive drives the moving element or it is driven by the moving element.EFFECT: provision of drive functional analysis in process of load movement.12 cl, 6 dwg

Roller blind with smooth external surface // 2485273
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: roller blind comprises a row of links (2), every of which comprises a flat link (7), which defines two main surfaces (10, 11), two opposite longitudinal edges (8, 9) and two opposite transverse edges (12, 13), and also eccentric hinged parts (4-6), which are arranged near the longitudinal edges (8, 9). At the same time in each case two links (7) are hingedly connected with each other by means of hinged parts (4-6), at the same time the row of links (2) may be put in a folded condition, in which the links (2) are turned relative to each other, and an unfolded condition, in which links (2) form a flat surface substantially. On the longitudinal edges (8, 9) there are closing facilities (18) provided, by means of which flat links (7) are engaged to each other in the unfolded flat condition of the row of flat links (7).EFFECT: invention makes it possible to provide for higher resistance of a roller blind to impact effects from outside.1 dwg

ethod for fixation of mosquito net // 2482252
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for fixation of a mosquito net is characterised by installation of a net insert into a frame base, which is made from "П"-shaped profiles and rigidly fixed to a window, door or other opening. The net insert is made as detachable in the form of an insert profile and a handle profile, figured inserts are attached to the ends of the latter. A mosquito net is fixed to side profiles with function of partial or full coverage of a rectangular hole formed by upper, lower and two side profiles as the handle profile moves from one side profile to the other one due to pleated structure of the net itself. "П"-shaped side profiles of the frame base, having triangular ledges on the edges of the inner side of the section profile, provide for fixation of the fixed insert profile and tight coupling with the mobile handle profile of the net insert.EFFECT: realisation of convenience of assembly and disassembly for seasonal use of mosquito nets.2 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for installation of detachable noiseproof screen with properties of antimosquito net // 2482251
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method comprises a plant of a heat insulation panel with at least one ventilation hole. The screen is made in the form of a sheet of cellular polycarbonate with dimensions according to the shape of the window opening, where the screen itself is installed and fixed into the external window opening so that air freely arrives into the cross cells ("honeycomb") of the window. The hole is made at the inner side in the polycarbonate sheet.EFFECT: increased ventilation flow, expanded functional capabilities.4 cl, 3 dwg

Locking device // 2480569
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a locking device (1, 2, 3), which comprises a body (10), at least one lever (20) and a narrowing element (30). Movements of the lever (20) and the narrowing element (30) relative to each other result in extension of the lever (20) from the body (10). During operation of the locking device the lever (20) is pressed to the wall of the chute and retains the locking device (1, 2, 3) in place.EFFECT: prevention of roller curtain opening.15 cl, 6 dwg

ethod for selective inclination for louvers-double pitch when winding along varied radius // 2480568
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: louvers for selective closing of an architectural opening, comprising: a head cornice; large quantity of plates suspended from the head cornice, including large number of pairs from upper and lower adjacent plates; the first and the second belt stairs, stretching downwards from the head cornice. At the same time each of the first and second belt stairs comprises a front cord of inclination, a rear cord of inclination and large number of transverse cords, stretching between appropriate front and rear cords of inclination, besides, transverse cords of the first belt stairs retain the upper plates of each pair from upper and lower adjacent plates, and transverse cords of the second belt stairs retain the lower plates of each pair of upper and lower adjacent plates, at the same time each of cords of inclination has the first end; a shaft of inclination; the first and second cams installed on the shaft of inclination and fixed relative to it for rotation with the shaft of inclination. At the same time the first and second cams are in engagement with the first ends of the front and rear cords of inclination of the first and second belt stairs providing for motion. Besides, rotation of the shaft of inclination provides for lifting and lowering of the front and rear cords of inclination of the first and second belt stairs for displacement of the plates from the first position, in which the upper and the lower adjacent plates of each pair are arranged above each other in the open position with double pitch, into the second position, in which pairs of the upper and lower plates are in closed position when inclined.EFFECT: possibility to open or close plates of louvers when inclined with production of a row of different configurations, including a configuration with double pitch, depending on tracing of cords of inclination and driving cords.16 cl, 81 dwg

Window closing facility and control mechanism // 2479704
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: window closing facility comprises a driving device, such as a a spring with a permanent coefficient of stiffness, which is adapted to apply a substantially permanent rotary force to the axis of the drive. A cord winding unit is coaxially installed on the driving axis and includes at least one winding drum, which is functionally connected with the second end of the cord for lifting and has a cone section, and also a rotary mounting element to move the window cord winding unit aside along the axis of the drive while the mounting element rotates. The cord winding unit is adapted for conversion of the rotary force at the drive axis into a lifting force at the cord for lifting, in which the force directed upwards is more than the force directed downwards, being applied with a curtain element and a lower guide in the entire range of opening and closing. A pressing accessory or a blocking element, also functionally connected to the axis and adapted to unlock the drive axis in the required position.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.12 cl, 15 dwg