Locks and keys and window or door fittings and safes (E05)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E05            Locks; keys; window or door fittings; safes(4473)

Drive and control system for vertical-lift gate and vertical-lift gate // 2642772
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a drive system for high-speed vertical-lift gate with a drive motor that is provided for moving the gate leaf, and the rotation speed of the drive motor can be reduced to zero. The drive motor is driven by the control unit. When an emergency stop mode occurs, the drive motor is driven with an adjustable reduction in its rotation frequency up to zero. The gate leaf is braked by a drive motor. When the gate leaf is stopped, it is held in the locked position by the powered drive motor at zero speed.EFFECT: emergency power source provides a delay in moving the gate leaf with the help of a drive motor and the possibility of an emergency opening of the gate even when the main power supply is disconnected.10 cl, 6 dwg

Flat key and cylinder lock // 2642549
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: key (1) for a cylinder lock (2) comprises a key rod (4) extending in the insertion direction (3) of the flat key (2), the key bar (4) having a side surface (5), on which first variational elements (6) of the key, made in particular in the form of permanent magnetic tablets, side control grooves and/or side control elevations, are provided; the key rod (4) having a key back (7), on which a control rib (8) is provided, having groping portions (10) forming second variation elements (9) of the key in the insertion direction (3), a connecting portion (11) provided between each two adjacent groping portions (10), and two lateral controlling cams (14).EFFECT: increasing the reliability.17 cl, 6 dwg

Protective device for case lock // 2642527
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: protective device of bow consists of two parts. The parts must be placed on two opposite sides of the bow, and they are made in the form of a loop and the surface of the bow. The lateral edges of the parts represent the edges of the composite puzzle junctions in their shape.EFFECT: increased reliability.6 cl, 4 dwg

Device with code lock for closing capacities with portion medium // 2641879
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: discs (6) and chamber (9), rotating around the shaft (2), which is the extension of the plug (1), are mounted on it. In the plug (1), discs (6), chamber (9), counter plug (12) there are the equal dose releases (3, 7, 18, 19, 20) performed, with diameter exceeding the maximum size of the dose, the trap (10, 14, 15) is executed in the discs (6), chamber (9), counter plug (12), to prevent the dose unauthorized extraction from the capacity, the deceptive filling it with the false doses. The symbols (8, 11) on the lateral surface of the discs (6), chamber (9), located relatively the tag (4) at the plug (1) in the known only to the authorized user combination, will enable him to open the capacity. With another combination, the capacity is closed both for the portion medium release and for the deceptive filling of the capacity.EFFECT: protection against the unauthorized use of the portion medium from the capacity and deceptive filling it.3 dwg

Safe lock // 2641876
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lock contains in its casing 1 level tumblers 3 and locking bar 5 with stand, which is a multicomponent unit consisting of cylindrical axis 7 all-in-one connected to the locking bar located on it that can be rotated in the moving plane of the locking bar stop 8 and spring-loaded retainer 9, located in the front of locking bar 6 and retaining stop 8 in the position required for the normal operation of the lock from the key.EFFECT: increased criminal resistance of the lock.1 dwg, 1 app
Electromechanical adapter for mechanical lock // 2641584
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: an electromechanical adapter for a mechanical lock comprises a device for signal receiving and transmitting for unlocking and locking a door with a power unit mounted on a door leaf, an actuator converting electrical energy into mechanical one and connected to the said device for signal receiving and transmitting and a mechanical lock device, affecting the mechanism moving the mechanical lock crossbars for unlocking and locking the door.EFFECT: increasing the ease of installation of the lock at home, decrease (reduction) of electromechanical installation adapter for upgrading mechanical lock, ensuring its reliable operation due to the direct connection of the actuating mechanism with mechanical lock device affecting the mechanism moving mechanical lock crossbars for unlocking and locking the door.8 cl, 5 dwg

Lever tumbler lock with latch // 2641499
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lock with a latch, consisting of a body, a cover, a two-bit key, a bolt, usually of several bars of a high-strength metal, a lever characterized in that the two-bit key interacts through the body by means of its projections and grooves with a set of lever tumblers finding their positions under their own weights, which are made of a high-strength metal and having in the upper part of their bodies an opening for an axle common for the lever tumblers, fixed on the body by one end, and there is a high-strength ball in the axle center at the second end of the axle, and also on each lever tumbler there is a free-wheeling groove for the second common axle fixed on the body, and on the body there are two combs for fixing the position and the gap of the lever tumblers with respect to the body, and in the lower part of the lever tumblers there are grooves for the mating part of a hammer catch projecting from its upper part, these code grooves being aligned on one line only in the position when the key is turned to the position of full opening and displacement of each lever tumbler to the height of the projection or the groove in the two-bit key, wherein the hammer catch interacts with the axle fixed to the body, and on the lower part of the hammer catch, there are a projection for limiting the bolt stroke in the open position and a recess for the projection on the upper part of the bolt interacting with the hammer catch, its spring, and not allowing the bolts to move when the key is removed, and the bolt interacts with a lever through a pin and a groove on the lever, and the second end of the lever through the second grooves interacts with a bushing rigidly fixed to the opening handle, and the bushing interacts with a door latch comprising pawls, rollers, roller axles and pawl axles, located in the larger openings of the pawls, and all of them are located at both ends of the latch; and through the second lever, a link on the bushing, and with the first lever, the latch has a spring on its axle, and the body has sockets for the spring for the right or the left location of the lock on the door, and there are false grooves on the bottom of all the lever tumblers.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.3 dwg

Electromechanical lock // 2641082
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: electromechanical lock contains base 4, closed with a lid. On the lid and base, there are grooves for the bolt bush fixed to the plate installed on the door. In the closed state of the lock, the bolt bush is fixed by clamp 10, which is locked from rotation by clamp poplock 32. At the mounting location of axis 29 of clamp poplock 32, permanent magnets 35, 36 are arranged on the side surface. The interaction of the permanent magnets with the magnetic conductor 39 offset from axis 29 of poplock 32 provides the initial state of poplock 32. For a normally closed lock, the magnetic conductor is shifted to the left, for normally open-to the right. When electromagnet coil 41 is energized, its field, interacting with the fields of permanent magnets 35, 36, creates a force that rotates clamp poplock 32 and permits the rotation of clamp 10. The lock is ready for opening. When opening the door, under the influence of bolt bush, clamp 10 rotates, torsion spring 15 is first compressed, and eventually released, fixing clamp 10 in the open position of the lock. When closing the door, under the influence of bolt bush, clamp 10 rotates, at the outset of the movement squeezing spring torsion 15, and at the end of the movement, clamp 10 turns under the influence of releasing spring 15, pressing clamp 10 to bolt bush 20. When moving, clamp 10 with the lower end surface urges clamp poplock 32, which occupies the position that blocks the possibility of turning clamp 10 in the closed state of the lock. The lock is closed.EFFECT: excludes the possibility of unauthorized access and the ability to access when power is lost.4 dwg
ulti-link hinge with amortisation // 2640710
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a multi-link hinge (1) for a piece of furniture with a fastening element (2) configured to be attached indirectly or directly to the furniture body and connected to a pivot door support (4) by a plurality of links (5a-5d) interconnected in the form of scissors. The hinge comprises a linear shock absorber (6) adapted to absorb both the closing movement and the opening movement of the door support (4). The multi-link hinge (1) is characterized by the linear shock absorber (6) being not active in the middle region of the door support (4) rotation range.EFFECT: improved service reliability.12 cl, 8 dwg

odule of sliding door/swing-sliding door with console mounting of gear rack actuator // 2640665
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: (1) sliding door/swing-sliding door module for railway vehicle includes the door leaf (21, 22) and longitudinally oriented in the direction of sliding door leaf (21, 22), beam (3) that is installed with the ability to move in a horizontal direction, particularly across its longitudinal extent. The sliding door/swing-sliding door module (1) comprises a linear guide for supporting the door flaps (21, 22), which is fixed to or integrated into the beam (3). Door leaves (21, 22) are moved by a rack actuator. The rack actuator contains a rack (71, 72), only its first end connected to the door leaf (21, 22). The cantilevered end of the rack actuator is meshed with the gear wheel (9) installed in the beam (3).EFFECT: decreasing the weight of the module.15 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl

Flat key and cylinder lock // 2640468
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: flat key (1) for cylinder lock (2) contains a key rod (4) extending in direction (3) of flat key insertion (2). Key rod (4) has a side surface (5) on which first variational elements (6) of the key are provided, in particular in the form of permanent magnetic tablets, side control grooves and/or side control elevations. Key rod (4) has a key back (7), which provides a control edge (8), which has the form in insert direction (3), second variation elements (9) of key, touching areas (10), envisaged between each two adjacent touching areas (10) connector (11) and two side control cams (14).EFFECT: locking reliability.18 cl, 6 dwg

Device for weight lifting capacity compensation with, at least, one pressing spring // 2640181
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the device of (1) compensation for actuator (2) of lifting gates for the position-defined compensation weight leaf (4) lifting gate and containing block (6) efforts, which can be connected to the actuator (2) to perform the opening movement, aimed at lifting the leaf (4) gate and closing movement aimed at lowering leaf (4) gate. There is provided at least one pressure spring (17) arranged so as to support the opening movement. The invention also relates to a lifting gate, in particular an industrial lifting gate comprising a door (4) of a drive door (2), in particular an engine, and a weight compensation device (1) according to the invention.EFFECT: reducing the size and reducing the cost of the product.28 cl, 18 dwg

Servo drive for furniture leaves // 2639971
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: servo drive comprises an actuating arm pivotally mounted around the pivot axis; spring mechanism; transmission gear. The transmission gear has an actuating part movable with the actuating lever, an actuating circuit and a pressing element which is configured as a rotatably mounted pressing roller and movable along the actuating circuit. The actuating circuit is located between the actuating part and the pressing roller. The actuating circuit is formed on the part separate from the actuating part of the circuit part. The circuit part has a fastening part for abutting against the actuating part and a jumper projecting transversely from the fastening part. The actuating circuit is formed by the curved outer surface of the jumper. The circuit part is made of a metal part obtained by a flexible or deep retraction.EFFECT: increased reliability of servo drive operation.15 cl, 12 dwg

Supporting device for closing element with the possibility of rotary and pushable movement // 2639073
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: in the device for supporting and moving door leaf (1) with the possibility of rotary and translational movement, door leaf (1) is pivotally connected around first vertical rotation axis (40) passing through door leaf (1), translational means (5), which slide in guide (2), and is pivotally attached around third rotation axis (80) to second end (9b, 11b) of two levers (9, 11), first end (9a, 11a) of each of which is pivotally connected to second axis (60) on the door frame to which leaf (1) refers. Between translational means (5) and guide (2), device (12) operates to control the movement of leaf (1) to the closed position and to the open position by means of a mechanical energy storage device (13), an activating device (14) and a damping device (15).EFFECT: simplified use.6 cl, 27 dwg

Key // 2639045
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: key has a quick-release rod consisting of connected with each other parts, the ends of which are made in the form of connecting elements, each of which has a protrusion and a groove corresponding to the same protrusion and groove of the connecting element coupled with it, and a tool for fixing the joined parts of the rod, made in the form of spring-loaded tube. The diameter of the connected parts of the rod at the place of spring and tube movement is equal to its internal diameter, and the rod with the shank contains a longitudinal groove into which the edge of the tube interacting with the spring is pressed. An advantage of the invention is that the key design is simplified by placing the fixing means outside of the connected elements while maintaining the connection reliability.EFFECT: form of the elements to be joined is simplified.2 cl, 3 dwg

Butt hinge wing // 2638626
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: wing (100) of the butt hinge for the articulated around the hinge axis (S) leaf-to-frame joint is offered. It contains a channelure (3), the steady bush (4) located in the channelure (3) with the possibility of rotation around the axis of rotation (D) parallel to the axis of the hinge (S) displaced sideways through applied to choose auxiliary tool rotation (12). In this case, the steady bush comprises a recess (5) of the steady bush for locating the hinge pin. Also, the wing (100) of the butt hinge comprises an internal thread (7) formed at least in the lower part of the channelure (3) in the operative position and a jack (6) having an external thread (8) screwed into the internal thread (7), which has a supporting side (9) for indirectly or directly supporting of the steady bush (4) and/or the hinge shaft. In this case, the jack (6) is made in the form of an applied auxiliary rotational means (12).EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability.19 cl, 25 dwg

Electrostatic locking unit // 2638506
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrostatic locking unit (ELU) is related to devices for fixing and retaining separate parts or elements of different mechanisms and facilities in a fixed position with possibility of their further disconnection, it functions due to electrostatic (Coulomb) force attracting electrodes charged with the opposite electrical charges and divided by a relatively thin layer of dielectric. ELU may serve as a locking device (lock) and may be used for many other similar purposes. The present invention proposes a solution for combining an electrostatic force and a frictional force which arises between electrodes attracted to each other. It is also suggested to use the exponential increase effect of frictional force which occurs when a flexible tape or a wire is wound, for example, on a cylindrical rod.EFFECT: as a result, a finite retention force of electrostatic locking unit in the closed state can be increased manifold in comparison with the initial attraction force of the electrostatic locking unit electrodes to each other.10 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle lock // 2636033
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: lock is described, comprising a locking mechanism including a rotatable latch with a bendable shoulder and a gripping arm, preferably, at least, partially, made of metal, rotatably mounted and configured to receive a locking pin therein. A distinctive feature of the proposed lock is that the distance from the input end of the entrance throat to the point of contact between the locking pin and the bendable shoulder is shorter than the distance from the point of contact between the locking pin and the bendable shoulder up to the outside end of the input tap.EFFECT: minimization of effort to unlock the vehicle.9 cl, 1 dwg

Drive for drive device and method of its mounting // 2636031
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a servo closing mechanism, preferably for a door lock of a motor vehicle, comprising a motor part of the casing (1) for accommodating the motor (3) and a cover of the casing (2) for closing the motor part of the casing (1), in which the cable (5, 21) for electrical connecting the current is electrically connected to the motor contact (4) of the motor (3) in the motor part of the housing (1) and the cable (5, 21) includes a branching zone (11), characterized in that the branching zone (11) of the cable (5, 21) is placed outside or, at least, partially, outside the casing (1, 2).EFFECT: increased reliability.14 cl, 5 dwg

Swing door leaf fastening mechanism // 2636010
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: mechanism for fastening a swing door leaf to a door frame is proposed. It comprises a rack (9) having a first end (91) and a second end (92), oriented substantially parallel to the lateral elements of said door frame (1, 2) and two sets of parts for fastening said first and second ends of the rack to the elements of said door frame, not being lateral, and to said door leaf. Each of said sets comprises a fastening part (13) having a first end (132) and a second end (131), its first end (132) being configured to be rigidly fixed to the rear surface (51) of the door leaf (5), and its the second end (131) is equipped with a hinge (133), whose axis is oriented substantially parallel to the lateral elements (1, 2) of said door frame. Also, each of said sets comprises a first threaded element (6) having a first end (61) and a second end (62) and oriented substantially parallel to the lateral elements (1, 2) of said door frame, its first end (61) being designed for fastening to said frame and equipped with a thread (611). Also, each of said sets comprises a first longitudinally extending element (7) having a first end (71) and a second end (72) and oriented substantially perpendicular to the lateral elements (1, 2) of said door frame, wherein its first end (71) is provided with a transverse opening (711), into which said second end (62) of the first threaded element (6) is rotatably mounted, and its second end (72) is provided with a longitudinal opening (721) with a thread (7211). Also, each of said sets comprises a second threaded element (8) having a first end (81) and a second end (82) and oriented substantially perpendicular to the lateral elements (1, 2) of said door frame, wherein its first end (81) is provided with a thread (811) and is installed in said longitudinal opening (721) at the second end (72) of said first longitudinally-elongated element (7), and its second end (82) is installed in a transverse opening (911) at one of said ends (91) of the rack (9). Also, each of said sets comprises a second longitudinally-elongated element (11) having a first end (111) and a second end (112) and oriented substantially perpendicular to the lateral elements (1, 2) of said door frame, wherein its first end (111) is connected to said rack (9) by means of a hinge whose axis is oriented substantially parallel to the lateral elements of said door frame (1, 2), and its second end (112) is connected to said hinge (133) of the fastening part (13). A hatch comprising the mechanism described above is also provided.EFFECT: increasing the operational reliability.18 cl, 5 dwg

Key with built-in mobile element and cylindrical lock interacting with it // 2635977
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: key (1) comprises a key blade (11) made with two wide surfaces (12 and 18) with longitudinal grooves (13) made on them and two narrow surfaces (16 and 30) with transverse recesses (14) of various lengths and shapes, made on a narrow surface (30) of the key blade. An additional longitudinal groove (15) is made on one of the wide surfaces of the key blade (12) or (18), in which a rectangular through opening (4) is made, in which a movable cylindrical element (2) with a central drilled opening (2a) is freely mounted on a pin (3) with a radial clearance for possible radial movement of the movable cylindrical element (2) thereto, since the outer diameter of the movable cylindrical element (2) is equal to the key blade (11) thickness.EFFECT: increased protection level.2 cl, 10 dwg

Lock cylinder mechanism with double secret mechanism // 2635302
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lock cylinder mechanism comprises a sleeve with a latch, and a rotor with a latch, and an embedded secrecy mechanism, arranged in the sleeve. Without a key or with an illegitimate key, the rotor rotates freely inside the sleeve rigidly fixed in the housing. With a legitimate key, both latches are triggered. The rotor is blocked in the sleeve, and the sleeve is unlocked. After this, a single rotation of the key, the rotor, and the sleeve inside the lock housing is possible. The secrecy mechanism is formed by flat pair arresters. The arresters have a projection for reading the key code and a groove cooperating with a latch. The groove position differs at different arresters inside one set. Such arrangement and configuration of the arresters provides a significant increase of secret combinations. The arresters are connected by springs in pairs, which increases the resistance to opening with skeleton keys. The rotating rotor complicates the drilling of the mechanism.EFFECT: mechanism is suitable for installation in a standard cylinder housing, which extends the scope of the invention.3 cl, 4 dwg

Fully recessed door handle equipped with lock // 2635295
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: handle comprises a box housing (1) substantially parallelepiped shaped, having suitable dimensions for recessing it in the thickness of the door (P) in such a way that two opposite longitudinal sides (FL) of the housing are flush with the opposite sides of the door. The housing (1) comprises a pair of identical L-shaped gripping levers (2) rotatable about pins (3) with a vertical axis. Both of them are made with the possibility to interact with a bolt (6, 60) comprising a plate made with the possibility of sliding in the horizontal direction and equipped with a window (7, 70), used to connect both gripping levers (2) not projecting from the box housing (1).EFFECT: improvement of the handle.11 cl, 28 dwg

Device for prevention of casing with liquid food thefts // 2635074
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an anti-theft device (1) that includes a ring (2), a device (4) for fixing the ring in a closed position, and a theft detection device (3). Ring includes a body (20), that has the first end (21) near which the fixing device is placed, the second opposite free end (22) intended for insertion into the fixing device, and at least one circular part (23) starting from the second end (22) and intended to interact with said fixing device, and is characterized in that the ring body includes a rectilinear part (24) that starts from the circular part (23) opposite the second end (22). The rectilinear part provides additional elasticity to the device, which facilitates the ejection of the second end from fixing device.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.13 cl, 9 dwg

Locking mechanism, opening system and vehicle // 2634895
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: locking mechanism (106) comprises a locking unit (108) for locking/unlocking the panel, a locking unit activating system (116) provided with a lever (118) with a load (124) attached to the lower arm (122) of the lever (118), and a lever activating device (130) configured to move between the rear and front positions. In addition, the lever activating device (130) comprises a connecting element (134) connected to the lever (118), comprising a pushing part (136) configured to move the upper arm (120) of the lever (118) forward to rotate the lever (118) from of the unlocked position to the locking position when the lever activating device (130) moves from the rear position to the front position.EFFECT: reliability increase.21 cl, 4 dwg

Device for locking // 2634579
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for locking relates to locking devices used to protect doors of freight containers, railway cars, car bodies from unauthorized opening. A locking device, which comprises a rod and a housing, in which an axial blind hole and a cylindrical cavity are formed, and the transition portion of the threaded hole into the cylindrical cavity forms a stop projection. The rod is made with two rotary pins located in the central longitudinal groove and fixed on an axis. A spring-loaded pusher is arranged in the axial opening of the rod. The rotary pins have bevels, with which the spring-loaded pusher interacts, which, in the cocked state, is fixed by a retainer installed in the rod opening. In the working state, the pins about the stop projection. An advantage of the invention is that the rod strength is increased due to the transfer of the retainer opening to the rod end. The convenience of using the device has increased due to the fact that the retaining element does not exceed the rod diameter. As a result, there is no hitching by hinges of locked doors.EFFECT: simplifying the manufacturing technology, since there is no need to make an opening for retaining in the pusher.2 cl, 3 dwg

Electrically-connected blind door hinge // 2633871
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the door hinge for the hidden arrangement between the door case and the door panel with to receiving body frames 1, 1' for the door hinge swiveling device 2 allocation on the door case and on the door panel. The door hinge has further a flexure electric joining element. In accordance with the invention, the joining element has at both ends the electric contact elements 8, 8' that are joined together in virtue of the multiple-conductor cable.EFFECT: contact elements are fixedly attached to the relative receiving body frames.5 cl, 3 dwg

Device of moving door leaf, vehicle with such device and appropriate method // 2633279
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for moving a door leaf of a vehicle comprising a body relative to which the leaf has the ability to move between an open and closed position to ensure passenger boarding and deboarding, characterized in that it comprises a fixed beam which is fixed to the body and has a longitudinal axis; a movable beam, an engine and a central roller. The movable beam is connected to the leaf, its longitudinal axis substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the fixed beam, mounted with the ability to slide along the movable beam and connected to the fixed beam by means of deflecting guides fixed to the fixed beam and supporting mentioned movable beam, permitting transverse movement of the movable beam relative to the longitudinal axis of fixed and movable beams. The engine is fixed to the movable beam and is configured to drive the leaf parallel to the longitudinal axis of the movable beam and the driving pawl during the deflection of the leaf. The driving pawl has a groove in which a pin is attached fixed to the fixed beam.EFFECT: central roller is connected to the movable beam fixed on the leaf and is movable in a riffle made in the fixed beam during the movement of the leaf.17 cl, 20 dwg
Lock for flap door or door // 2633254
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lock for a door or a flap door with a locking mechanism consisting of a rotary latch (4), a pawl (6) and at least one spring (23) allowing the rotatable lock component to be rotated from the output position towards the end position direction under the spring force action. In the end position, the spring force (23) does not act on the rotatable component.EFFECT: possibility to keep the work noise at a low level.10 cl, 6 dwg

Vehicle door lock // 2633253
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a vehicle door lock including a locking mechanism, a drive lever system (12, 13, 14), and a drive (3, 5) for electrically opening the locking mechanism, characterized in that it includes an auxiliary drive (7, 8), which optionally switches the drive lever system (12, 13, 14) into the "locked" position, and only then generates an opening signal to the drive to electrically open the locking mechanism.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.11 cl, 3 dwg

Tightening device for door or window leaf // 2633250
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: tightening device for a door of window leaf is described, with a housing, with a spring-loaded piston arranged in the receiving space of the housing, and with a shaft arranged in the housing, that interacts with the piston, wherein a control handle for the leaf is arranged on the shaft without the possibility of rotation. On the shaft, at least one first gripper is arranged, the surface of the teeth vertices of which forms a free-running device with a free-running area. The piston contact or the tooth of the piston engagement in the free-running area disconnects the shaft from the piston with sliding.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.11 cl, 32 dwg

Door lock of vehicle // 2633237
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a vehicle door including a door lock (2) of a vehicle, as well as a manipulation element (5) which is accessible from the outside of the door and which can be acted on, and furthermore, the invention relates to a protection system unit (8, 10, 11) in the door lock (2) of the vehicle driven by the engine (10) by means of one or more output elements (11). The mentioned protection system unit (8, 10, 11) can be controlled by the engine or manually via the manipulation element (5) so that it is driven to the "locked" or "open" position. The manipulation element (5) is connected with at least one output element (11) of the engine (10).EFFECT: increased reliability.8 cl, 3 dwg

Car door lock // 2633235
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a car door lock with at least one housing (1) made of a plastic material and having a locking mechanism (3, 4) comprising a generally rotatable latch (3) and a locking pawl (4), characterized in that the locking pawl (4) is installed inside the housing (1), and the rotary latch (3) is installed outside the housing (1).EFFECT: increased reliability.16 cl, 2 dwg

Hinge unit // 2633234
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: hinge unit (100) for the gate is described, when the gate hinged thereon is closed and locked. The hinge unit comprises a mounting plate (120), which is attached to the gate (20) and on top of which a security element (140) is mounted. The mounting plate (120) is attached to the gate (20) by means of two fixing screws (150a, 150b) engaging a sliding element (130); said fixing screws pass through an elongated groove (45) formed in a rail element (40) welded in the gate (20). A protective element (140) mounted on the mounting plate (120) comprises a channel surrounding and closing said mounting plate (120), as well as two fixing parts (142, 144); when said protective element (140) is fixed to the mounting plate (120), its shape can be changed by shifting from the first configuration to the second configuration. For the two fixing parts (142, 144) of the protective element (140), the same fixing elements (122, 124, 150a, 150b) are used as for the mounting plate (120).EFFECT: eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access.10 cl, 13 dwg

Panel system // 2633193
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: panel system comprising at least one sheet movable panel (17); a lower profile (2) perceiving the weight of the movable panel and serving as a guide rail for the movable panel; an upper profile (1) supporting the movable panel from above and serving as a guide rail for the movable panel; and an opening guide rail (10) arranged parallel to the lower profile (2), carrying the weight of the movable panel and serving as a guide rail for the movable panel. The movable panel can be moved from the lower profile (2) to the opening guide rail (10) and simultaneously rotated to the open position. The weight of the movable panel is perceived by both the lower profile (2) and the opening guide rail (10). In an implementation version, the opening angle of said movable panel (17) with respect to the lower profile (2) in said open position is less than 90 or 85 or no more than 45, or is preferably from 10 to 15. In the example, the system additionally comprises at least one sheet fixed panel (3) in the open position.EFFECT: increasing security.13 cl, 10 dwg

obile part for directed movement of furniture part in direction of movement and furniture fittings // 2632397
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a mobile part (14) for the directed movement of furniture fittings (4) in the direction (16) of movement along the guide (10), which comprises: a holder (78) adapted to be rigidly connected to a locatively movable fittings (4) furniture; and a retainer (80) maintained on the holder (78) at an angle to the direction of movement (16), which is movable between the locking position (124) and the unlocking position (126) and is designed for directed movement on the guide (10) in the direction (16) to the locking position (124).EFFECT: improved device reliability.14 cl, 13 dwg

Cylinder lock // 2632282
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: cylinder lock comprises a bushing (3) made with the possibility of rotation by means of an original key, said bushing (3) being installed in a hole (2) for accommodating the bushing in the housing (1). The housing (1) comprises a first limiting element (5) which fixes a first stopper (4) made in the front part of the bushing (3) and which limits the backward movement of the bushing (3), and a second limiting element (7) fixing a second stopper (6) made in the rear part of the bushing (3), as a result of the backward movement of the bushing (3), and limiting the rotation of the bushing (3). In the middle part of the bushing (3), a safety element (8) is made between the first stopper (4) and the second stopper (6), which breaks under the action of a predetermined twisting force.EFFECT: excellent protection against burglary and the difficulty of bringing in a faulty state in case of a burglary attempt.3 cl, 3 dwg

Lever actuator for leaf and method for mounting such drive // 2632279
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lever drive (10) for the leaf (6) includes the electric motor (12), the electromechanical lever (16) driven by the electric motor, from the first end (162) and around the first axis (Z1), and the leaf lever (18) hingedly connected from the first end (182) and around the second axis (Z2) parallel to the first axis, with the second end (164) of the electromechanical lever, it being provided that this leaf lever is hingedly connected from the second end (184) with the leaf (6). The electromechanical lever (16) and the leaf lever (18), in the vicinity of the second end (164) of the electromechanical lever and near the first end (182) of the leaf lever, respectively, have the means (165, 185, 187) for determining the relative angular orientation of the levers (16, 18) around the second axis (Z2).EFFECT: expanding the functionality.15 cl, 7 dwg

Household device containing hinge with supporting bracket // 2632037
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a household device, in particular a cooling device comprising a heat-insulated housing (10) in the form of a cabinet; a door (20) hingedly connected to the mentioned housing (10); a connecting plate (50) disposed on the housing (10) and having a mounting hole (53); and a hinge (30) with a supporting bracket (40) with a mounting hole (43), one end of which is connected to the connecting plate (50), and the other end is attached to the door (20). In addition, the household device comprises a fixing bar (41) disposed on the supporting bracket (40) and at least one fixing hole (51) which is disposed on the connection plate (50) and into which the fixing bar (41) enters. The fixing hole (51) is disposed on the connecting plate (50) in such a way that the mounting holes (43, 53) coincide with each other when the fixing bar (41) enters the fixing hole (51).EFFECT: device functional reliability increase.14 cl, 13 dwg

Locking device // 2630657
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: said locking device comprises a drive bolt and a latch that can be rotationally rigidly fixed to said drive bolt, can be locked and/or unlocked by means of rotating the drive bolt, and can be fixed to said drive bolt in different positions. In accordance with the invention, the drive bolt and the latch comprise detachable fixing means with several fixing positions for locking the latch in several axial positions on the drive bolt. The fixing means comprise locking contours that engage with each other due to fitting by shape, can be pushed through each other in the longitudinal direction of the drive bolt by means of elastic deformation, and can be locked in place by elastic springing back into each other transversely to the longitudinal direction of the drive bolt, wherein the latch is retained axially on the drive bolt in the corresponding fixing position.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.15 cl, 10 dwg

Cylindrical lock with shunting element connecting housing parts // 2630655
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: cylindrical lock with a shunting connecting element connecting the housing parts, for use in locking devices for residential buildings, public and industrial buildings, where a high degree of protection against burglary is required. The cylindrical lock comprises the outer and the inner parts of the housing (1) and (2), with the outer and the inner cylinders (3) and (4) respectively, rotatably mounted, between which a cam (5) is mounted. The housing parts (1) and (2) are connected by means of a solid shunting connecting elements (6) comprising a central thickened part (6a) with two lateral rods (6b). The central thickened part (6a) is arranged directly under the cam (5), and the lateral rods (6b) are arranged in the longitudinal openings (7) made in the housing parts (1) and (2). The connecting element (6) is fastened to the housing parts (1) and (2) by means of a threaded connection, the male thread (6c) being made on the end parts of the rods (6b) and engaging with the corresponding female thread (9a) of the fixing bushings (9) installed in the transverse slots (8) made in the housing parts (1) and (2).EFFECT: increasing the reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg
Cylindrical lock with anti-burglary function // 2630571
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: cylindrical lock with anti-burglary function can be implemented in locking devices with increased degree of protection against burglary for residential buildings, public and industrial buildings. The cylinder lock comprises an inner part (1) of the housing with an inner cylinder (3) rotatably mounted in a recess (13), in which a composite cam (7) is arranged, and an outer part (2) of the housing with an outer cylinder (4) rotatably mounted. Both parts (1, 2) of the housing are connected by a connecting element (5) with a weakened section. A radial profiled opening (20) of the cylinder is drilled in the inner cylinder (3), in which a retaining member (21) is placed under the action of a spring (25) and a pin (26). In the inner cylinder (3), an extension (22) is placed, supported by a compression spring, which pushes the first switching element (10a) together with the central pin (19) until they come into contact in the extended position with the first transfer plate (9) in the composite cam (7). The retaining element (21) exits from the radial profiled opening (20) of the cylinder and gets on the extension (22) behind the first switching element (10a).EFFECT: increasing the reliability.5 cl, 2 dwg
Door lock of car // 2630209
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to door lock of car, having at least one housing (3) and at least one lever (5) mounted in the housing (3) rotatably around an axis (4) in a casing (3), wherein the lever (5) is made with the possibility of connection with an executive element (6) outside the housing (3), and to this end it passes through the housing hole (7), and the lever (5) has a covering (8), which substantially completely covers the housing hole (7), if it is looked at the entire path (s) of its movement.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.17 cl, 2 dwg

Lock for flap door or door // 2629879
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: claim describes a lock for a door or a flap door, especially for a vehicle, comprising a locking mechanism consisting of a rotatable latch and at least one ratchet pawl for snapping a rotatable latch, primarily additionally comprising a locking lever for locking the ratchet pawl in the main latching position, wherein the locking lever axis and/or the ratchet pawl axis are located above the axis of the rotatable latch.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility to avoid occurring false lockings due to the fact that it is only under the action of gravity force that the locking lever can take the alignment in such a way that it cannot be in the locking position and/or the ratchet pawl can take the alignment excluding the possibility of its getting into the position of main latching.17 cl, 2 dwg

Car door lock and method of selectively controlling car door lock with or without locking system device // 2629876
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a car door lock equipped with a locking mechanism (1, 2) consisting mainly of a rotary latch (1) and a stop pawl (2), and, furthermore, a drive lever system (4) and a blocking device (5, 6). Said car door lock also includes a locking system device (8, 9, 10) which can optionally set the drive lever system (4) and/or the locking device (5, 6) into the inoperative/working position. According to the invention, said locking system device (8, 9, 10) is designed as an additional module (8, 9, 10), which can be connected according to the requirements with a main module (1 to 6 and 11). Said module covers the largest part of the locking mechanism (1, 2), the drive lever system (4) and the locking device (5, 6).EFFECT: increasing the reliability.15 cl, 2 dwg

Vehicle door lock // 2629874
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: claim describes a vehicle door lock comprising a locking mechanism (2, 3) consisting of a rotatable latch (2) and a ratchet pawl (3). While the locking mechanism (2, 3) is in closed condition, the ratchet pawl (3) with its locking contour (11, 12) adjacent to the latching contour (10, 13) of the rotary latch (2), and the locking contour (11, 12) is made of two parts, which are a retaining contour (11) and a break-in contour (12).EFFECT: increasing the reliability.12 cl, 2 dwg
Protective pad for lever tumbler lock // 2629860
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: protective pad for a lever tumbler lock comprises a housing 1 with a keyhole 2 for a lever key, a rotary element 4 located in the housing, with a through opening 5 for the passage of the lever key bits. The housing 1 is provided on the front surface with an additional opening 6 for accommodating a key rod therein, connected to the keyhole 2, the rotary element 4 is made in the form of a drum having the possibility of swinging motion around its own axis, and the opening 5 is arranged in the drum 4 so that in one position it has the ablity to coincide with the keyhole 2 for the lever key, when the drum is swinging, and in another position it has the possibility to provide the key rod accommodation in the additional opening 6.EFFECT: increased protection.3 cl, 4 dwg

Preparation, protected key, closing system and method of manufacture // 2629737
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: blank (R) contains two parallel side grooves (RB-SN) and a central protruding part (RB-M) between them. The side grooves extend at the upper level (N1) in the input area (RB-E) and in a recessed manner at the lower level (N2) in the first coded area (RB-P). The key (S) is made from the preform with the central groove (RB-MN) in the input region and the codepoint indentations (Cod-V) in the coded region on the central protruding portion (RB-M). The side grooves of the workpiece and the central groove of the key provide a new composite groove for the blocking code of the workpiece = RB-SN+RB-MN. The key in the cylinder (Z) corresponds to a special switching pin (RB-ZH) with lateral arms (RB-ZH-S), whose shape corresponds to the side grooves (SB-SN) and the central groove (RB-MN), so that by means of a special Pin, an additional blocking of the insert in the input area and additional rotation blocking in the coded area was formed.EFFECT: significant improvement in the safety of the locking system and the prevention of counterfeits and unauthorized copies of the key.18 cl, 30 dwg
Device for simultaneous blocking of vehicle hood pin and vehicle transmission // 2629484
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for simultaneous blocking of vehicle hood pin and vehicle transmission comprises metal cables, shells resistant to crushing, and locking devices. The metal cables are enclosed in flexible shells. The ends of the shells are fixed from the longitudinal displacement relative to the ends of the cables. The locking devices are designed to block and not block the vehicle hood pin and the vehicle transmission. The transition between the locking positions is carried out by reciprocating motion of the second ends of the first and second cables. The second end of the third cable is mechanically connected to the first ends of the first and second cables. When the first end of the third cable is moved relative to the first end of the third shell, the second end of the third cable has the possibility of reciprocating motion relative to the second end of the third shell, transmitting the reciprocating motion to the first ends of the first and second cables.EFFECT: reduced risk of car theft.15 cl

Bit-key safe lock // 2629171
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: presented model of the locking device has a design feature - the presence of the main package of tumblers (plates of swinging type, fixed and spring-loaded with respect to the lock case) and a composite rack, structurally made in the form of an additional pack of tumblers (fixed and spring-loaded plates with respect to the shank of collar, performing plane-parallel translational motion), working simultaneously when interacting with each other. The main and additional packages of tumblers are driven simultaneously by turning a key having two bittings, wherein one of them bittings is being positioned with the main package of tumblers, and the second with an additional package of tumblers, respectively.EFFECT: structure of the lock provides its higher resistance against attempts of unauthorized opening by means of skeleton keys.1 dwg