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Device for fixing hinged facing plates from ceramic granite on ventilated building facade by visible method // 2645309
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of industrial and civil construction, namely to structures for heat-insulating facing of hinged ventilated facades (hereinafter HVF) of buildings and structures, and can be used for fixing facing panels made of ceramic granite. Device for fixing hinged facing plates on the facade of the building contains pressing member 1 with opening 4 and with lobes 2. Stop legs 3 are located between lobes 2 and are directed to one side of pressing member 1. Device may have four lobes 2 and four legs 3, or four or two lobes and two diametrically located legs, or three lobes and three legs. Pressing member 1 may be flat, but preferably is convex in the central portion and has one or more annular corrugations 5 on the convex portion for greater rigidity. Lobes 2 are preferably formed extending in the direction from the center of pressing member 2. Each lobe 2 has a deflection with a convexity towards legs 3.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the reliability of fastening of the facing plates while ensuring a guaranteed gap between the plates and HVF profiles, as well as between the plates themselves.12 cl, 12 dwg

Assembly for overlapping connecting joints between wall and flooring // 2623744
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: assembly for overlapping the connecting joints between the wall and the flooring. An assembly for overlapping the connecting joints (4) between the wall (2) and the flooring (3) with a floor profile (5), which in the longitudinal edge area rests on the flooring (3) and in the opposing longitudinal edge area rests on the remote support profile (6) placed on the side of the wall, which lies on the floor base (1) for flooring (3), is described. The remote support profile (6) comprises at least two support surfaces arranged around the profile axis with an angular displacement, and the supports for the floor profile (5) located opposite the support surfaces. Reference lengths defined by the distance between the supports and the corresponding support surfaces are different.EFFECT: simple adaptation to different heights of bearing.7 cl, 4 dwg

Facing profile for flooring // 2505650
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: for spacing in different cases of use with facing flange facing profile for flooring is made at least with one catch at lower part of the facing flange that divides the facing flange into two lips and at least with one bending groove parallel to profile axis at lower side. At least one, preferably having different width of facing flange lip; at that at lower side of facing flange at least one bending groove is envisaged that passes in parallel to profile axis and divides respective lip of the flange into sections; at that facing flange at its outer side opposite to the catch has a coating forming membranous hinge at bending groove area and both lip sections at two sides of bending groove are supported by each other by hinge stopper.EFFECT: increasing rigidity of the facing flange at bending grove section, possibility of spacing in different cases of use observing the permitted load for unbroken facing profile, increasing diversity of shapes for facing profile and materials for facing flange.17 cl, 14 dwg

Device for closure at flooring ends // 2395655
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to construction industry, and namely to device for closure at ends of floating laid flooring by means of end section. Device comprises fastening reinforcement joined to flooring without the possibility of displacement and having support for end profile joined in a butt joint to end of flooring.EFFECT: invention provides for reliability of floor and end profile joint.17 cl, 11 dwg

ethod for heat insulation and wall surface tiling // 2361985
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to method of heat insulation and wall surface tiling. In method of heat insulation and wall surface tiling with tongue-and-groove surface structure of end faces made of foam concrete mixture, by means of their laying and fixing with fixtures arranged in the form of brackets, one end of which is fixed to armature mesh arranged on the wall, and free end is driven into upper groove end of every tile, and between each other tiles are tightly connected by layer of cement-latex glue applied on groove surface of their end faces with thickness that is more than permissible deviation in tile size by 1-2 mm, and further filling of space produced between surfaces of wall and tiles of plastic heat insulation foam concrete mixture with arrangement of ventilation channels of specified mixture in foam concrete, additionally heat insulation is arranged by means of foam polystyrene tiles, which are fixed to specified tiles with tongue-and-groove structure of end faces by glass plastic rods, one end of which is fixed in joint of tiles with tongue-and-groove structure of end faces, and the other end - in internal layer of wall, at that tiles with tongue-and-groove structure of end faces is made of foam concrete mixture with the following composition, weight %: Portland cement 20-70, aluminous cement 3-4, microsilica 8-10, foam maker 0.1-0.25, pigment 2.9-3.75, quartz sand 15-70, heat insulation foam concrete mixture used contains the following components, wt %: Portland cement 70-90, gypsum 5-7, ground burnt rock 5-23, foam maker PB-2000, higher than 100% 2, and ventilation channels are located at the angle to horizontal line with outlet into technological openings.EFFECT: provision of high quality heat insulation in performance of civil works in winter period.2 tbl, 1 dwg

The method of thermal insulation of external walls and a device for implementing the method of thermal insulation of external walls // 2182628
The invention relates to the construction, namely the revetment of external walls of buildings, as well as to methods and devices for their manufacture and/or installation

The method of thermal insulation and cladding surfaces of walls tiles // 2119568
The invention relates to the production of construction works, in particular, for the reconstruction or rehabilitation of buildings and structures with simultaneous thermal insulation and architectural cladding