For receiving utility lines, e.g. cables, pipes (E04F17/08)

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E04F17/08                     For receiving utility lines, e.g. cables, pipes (covers giving access to the ducts or channels, covers of inspection holes e04f0019080000)(6)
Engineering module and method of its installation // 2645315
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of housing and civil construction and concerns building elements in the form of ready-made building blocks in which engineering communications are located. In the engineering module, containing a supporting base, in which a riser pipe of domestic sewage, heating, with pipelines of cold and hot water supply, as well as the main air duct with the ventilation of the pipes of the ventilation system, the supporting base is made in the form of a frame and comprises at least two horizontally mounted elements, one of which, located at the bottom of the frame is an element of reinforcement of the carcass and contains the elements of fixing the pipelines, the other element installed in the upper part of the frame is the bearing interstorey frame element, and also the formwork element for filling the interstorey overlap and contains fixedly mounted conductors, as well as the elements of fixing the pipelines, the frame in the upper part additionally comprising elements for positioning and aligning the module when it is joined, as well as mounting lugs, while in the frame there is a distribution and accounting unit for water supply and heating. Erection method of support is also described.EFFECT: increase reliability, maintainability and shorten construction time.2 cl, 7 dwg

ultifunctional gondola inbuilt in floor // 2405896
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional gondola of varied height used inside premises inbuilt in floor, adapted for connection of utilities, comprises the following components: pedestal, which is moved vertically, is waterproof in lowered or lifted position, is inserted in groove in floor, has external structure adapted for connection to utilities, besides external structure has upper surface, which forms surface aflush with floor, when pedestal is lowered position, and upper and lower sealing lip adjusted to provide for waterproof sealing, when pedestal is lowered or lifted, internal structure adjusted to receive utilities through connections under floor and having electric mechanism for pedestal movement along vertical line. Also combination of floor-inbuilt gondolas is described, as well as surgical trolley adapted for connection to floor-inbuilt gondola.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to distribute such utilities as electricity, water, gases and to connect to such ports as Ethernet, serial and parallel ports, and other types of wireless communication.14 cl, 6 dwg

Air duct assembly // 2320835
FIELD: construction, particularly vertical ducts for receiving utility lines.SUBSTANCE: air duct assembly comprises air duct member having height corresponding to that of each floor or several building floor heights. The air duct members may be connected one over another so that they form single fire-protective space separated into several compartments and extending through several stories. Air-duct member has at least one longitudinal partition, which separates air-duct member interior into two separate fire-resistant soundproof chambers.EFFECT: elimination of labor-intensive duct assemblage stages, possibility of duct transportation.8 cl, 4 dwg

Basement foundation box // 2256991
FIELD: electrical engineering, basement foundation boxes for cable laying and wiring.SUBSTANCE: proposed basement foundation box has bottom part 2 mounted on bearing floor and top part forming shaft body. Novelty is that shaft body 20 forming mentioned top part 12 of basement foundation box is shaped as casing body 13.EFFECT: facilitated wiring and enhanced reliability of protection against impact noise.13 cl, 3 dwg

Technical channel, intended, in particular, for equipment of medical institutions // 2175703
The invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to technical channels used in some specialized areas to accommodate various functional blocks

The channel's profile // 2147784
The invention relates to the mounting equipment for laying of cables and pipelines and ensures efficiency of manufacturing channels

Channel // 2103458
The invention relates to a channel for piping for the hot fluid