Characterised by special adaptations, e.g. serving for locating conduits, for forming soffits, cornices, or shelves, for fixing wall-plates or door-frames, for claustra (E04C1/39)

E   Fixed constructions(158937)
E04   Building(24567)
E04C1/39                 Characterised by special adaptations, e.g. serving for locating conduits, for forming soffits, cornices, or shelves, for fixing wall-plates or door-frames, for claustra(13)
Engineering module and method of its installation // 2645315
FIELD: shipbuilding.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of housing and civil construction and concerns building elements in the form of ready-made building blocks in which engineering communications are located. In the engineering module, containing a supporting base, in which a riser pipe of domestic sewage, heating, with pipelines of cold and hot water supply, as well as the main air duct with the ventilation of the pipes of the ventilation system, the supporting base is made in the form of a frame and comprises at least two horizontally mounted elements, one of which, located at the bottom of the frame is an element of reinforcement of the carcass and contains the elements of fixing the pipelines, the other element installed in the upper part of the frame is the bearing interstorey frame element, and also the formwork element for filling the interstorey overlap and contains fixedly mounted conductors, as well as the elements of fixing the pipelines, the frame in the upper part additionally comprising elements for positioning and aligning the module when it is joined, as well as mounting lugs, while in the frame there is a distribution and accounting unit for water supply and heating. Erection method of support is also described.EFFECT: increase reliability, maintainability and shorten construction time.2 cl, 7 dwg

odule of multiple use, intended for manufacturing of at least one part of the wall of the facility that is subject to the unlimited disassembly // 2643387
FIELD: manufacturing procedure.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the reusable module for manufacturing, at least one part of the wall of the structure, which can be repeatedly disassembled. Module is described, which is designed to be dismantled and is intended for manufacturing, at least one part of the wall of the structure, which can be repeatedly disassembled, the module comprises the following: the first body element that is configured in order to form the outer surface of the mentioned wall, one structural element, designed in order to withstand the loads created by the wall; wherein the structural element comprises the main portion that is elongated along the first axis, when used vertically, and the bulge protruding from the mentioned main body transversely to the mentioned first axis; the first surface is formed on the bulge and the second surface is opposite to the first surface and configured with the possibility of either direct or indirect interaction with the additional module configured in order to allow for overlaying to the mentioned module in accordance with the mentioned first axis in order to transfer the load from the additional module to the mentioned structural element.EFFECT: reusable wall and the method for manufacturing such a wall are also described.27 cl, 10 dwg

Ventilation unit and method of its installation // 2590231
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to elements of building structures, namely to volumetric units for sanitary purposes, intended for organization of natural ventilation in residential, social, administrative buildings, as well as to erection of building structures, and can be used in construction of monolithic walls, floors and partition walls of buildings and structures used in various industries, where it is necessary to construction thereof. Ventilation unit is made of whole monolithic concrete and has shape of hollow rectangular parallelepiped, consisting of four walls with fastening elements arranged on them and two internal partitions dividing inner space of unit on main channel and two side satellite channels. As fasteners key groove is used made along perimeter of walls with outer side, parallel to upper cut of ventilation unit for jamming in flooring. Two reinforcement rods are arranged in through holes in upper part of walls and inner partitions. Besides, at least, one of walls is equipped with anchor for fixation of brace to it during installation of ventilation unit. Method of mounting of the ventilation unit includes installation of ventilation units on each other and fixed with help of fasteners to floorings; installation of first (start) ventilation unit at lower flooring before grouting of top floor slab with temporary attachment to brace by means of anchor; assembly of top inter-floor slab formwork; reinforcement of upper plate of inter-floor slab with simultaneous installation of two reinforcement rods in through holes of ventilation unit; closure of rim of ventilation unit with temporary cover to prevent ingress of concrete into inner space of unit; concreting floor plate of upper covering, during which deepening-key to upper part of ventilation unit is filled with concrete mix, and fixation of reinforcement bars in inter-floor slab; formwork, top cover, bracing removal after achievement of set design strength of concrete; installation of above located ventilation unit.EFFECT: technical result consists in simplifying design of ventilation unit and faster process of construction of multistory buildings.12 cl, 5 dwg

ines-package // 2182201
The invention relates to the design of struts (attestato) sanitation, hot and cold water complete with intelligence, representing mines pack-attestato full factory readiness, which can be also placed plastic pipes for heating, ventilation, protection, wiring, etc

The method of laying underground utilities // 2160340
The invention relates to the field strip and repair of underground utilities: city water, heat, etc

Construction element for walls // 2153049
The invention relates to the construction, in particular to the construction elements for walls

A retaining structure in the form of walls, composite unit masonry and forming a site for the production of composite blocks for masonry // 2119993
The invention relates to a retaining structure in the form of walls and to the composite block for the stone masonry retaining structures