The supporting parts being composed of two or more materials and composite steel and concrete constructions (E04B1/30)

Long-dimensional steel concrete element // 2641141
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: long-length steel concrete element is proposed, including a concrete element with a strengthening body encompassing it from rolling profiles interconnected by transverse elements. New is that the strengthening body is connected to a concrete element for joint work with the help of transverse elements located in the concrete body connecting diagonally located corner sections.EFFECT: increased bearing capacity, reduction of labour intensity of manufacturing and reduction of overall dimensions.6 cl, 10 dwg

ethod for erecting large-span monolithic reinforced concrete floorings // 2637248
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: wall of each I-beam is made corrugated, and its flanges are made of different sizes. The upper flange of each beam is made with a width less than the bottom flange width, the permanent formwork is made as a set of individual formwork elements, each of which is made in the section in the form of an open trapezoid with a top and a bottom base of a height "h" equal to 0.8 -0.9 "H1" of the I-beam height, but not less than 1/30 of the flooring span, and is placed on the lower flanges of the beams alternately, connecting them together. They are made of two segments connected overlapped when being laid on the bottom flanges of the beams, and said segments are fastened to one another, and the ends of each formwork element of the permanent formwork, lying on the lower flanges of the beams, are fixed to the lower flanges of the beams.EFFECT: creating a large-span flooring not requiring large labour costs, convenient in installation and having an increased carrying capacity, including due to the complete support of the permanent formwork on the lower I-beam flanges.3 cl, 4 dwg

Steel concrete beam // 2627810
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: steel concrete beam comprising the upper and lower belts, the wall and the concrete located in a closed loop in the upper part of the beam section, has a closed loop for the concrete location. The closed loop is formed by the upper belt and the wall consisting of two sheets bent outwards in the upper part of the beam in accordance with the diagram of normal compressive stresses in the cross sections of the beam. The upper edges of the wall sheets are spaced in the horizontal plane and form along the beam length two curves corresponding to the bending moment diagram in the beam. The upper interface points of the wall sheets are located on a vertical curve corresponding to the bending moment diagram in the beam. And the wall sheets are united by retainers of variable length, which give it the curved shape along the beam height and length.EFFECT: reducing the material consumption of the steel-concrete beam.7 dwg

Concrete building with light steel volume frame and method of its assembly // 2506376
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to a concrete building with a volume of lightweight steel frame and a process for its construction. The building includes a wall surrounding a lightweight steel frame, a panel overlap surrounding the light steel frame, coupled with a wall surrounding the lightweight steel frame to form a volumetric light steel construction section, and concrete is poured into the volumetric light steel frame of the construction section. Each wall surrounding the light steel frame and the panel surrounding the light steel frame contain an overlap of welded mesh reinforcement, and multiple steel lattice sections, separated from one another and each having multiple holes stretched. Each steel grid profile consists of two parallel ribs and the multiple corner webs there between formed as a single piece. Jumpers and stretched holes limit the bridges formed by stretching the angled edges.EFFECT: lower consumption of metal and reduced complexity of construction of buildings.12 cl, 7 dwg

Tubular building structure // 2496949
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: tubular building structure comprising pipes filled with concrete with nodal connection elements placed at their ends and comprising end upper and lower support square plates and steel supporting gussets welded to the external surface of the pipes. It is made with height of three floors of the building and is equipped with additional intermediate steel support plates. In parallel to the surface of upper end support plates and above them there are steel reinforcement rods with equal protrusions at each side of the pipe. Reinforcement rods may be arranged outside the steep pipes in pairs and symmetrically relative to the vertical axis of the pipes or are pulled via a steel shell of pipes.EFFECT: increased stability, accelerated assembly of building frames.1 cl, 4 dwg

Tubular building construction // 2342501
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to construction, namely, to frames of steel pipes filled in with concrete. Tubular building construction includes coaxially arranged lower and upper round steel pipes connected with each other and with horizontal bearing beams - girth rails by knot connecting element in the form of three steel hollow cylinders with conjugated bases. Upper and lower foundation of the middle cylinder are made as steel supporting plates of square section, and ends of horizontal beams-girth rails located inside the steel pipe are equipped with anchors for pulling steel reinforcing cables inside internal cavities of the beams, whereat beams have square or rectangular cross section, and lower plates are connected with steel gusset plates to the external surface of the lower steel pipe.EFFECT: speed-up of the process of assembly works, ensured safe conditions of assembly of multi-span ceiling discs.2 cl, 2 dwg

Building the skeleton of the composite structure // 2178042
The invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to frame buildings