Dredgers or soil-shifting machines for special purposes (E02F5)

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E02F5                 Dredgers or soil-shifting machines for special purposes(4109)

Ripper of digging machine // 2639220
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: ripper of a digging machine comprises a lever connected to the frame of the machine by means of hinges, each of which has a horizontal axis, with a ripper tooth attached to the end of the lever at an angle to it, and a hydraulic cylinder for lifting and lowering the ripper lever is hingedly connected to it and to the frame, so that its longitudinal axis in the working position of the ripper makes up an angle of 80-100° with the plane passing through the horizontal axis of the hinges connecting the lever with the frame. In addition, the ripper of the digging machine can be provided with a mechanism for relative displacement of the hinge fixing the lever to the machine frame and/or at least one of the hinges connecting the hydraulic cylinder to the frame or to the ripper lever.EFFECT: ensuring the stabilisation of the vertical position of the cutting tooth part while changing the resistance to soil loosening due to eliminating the eccentric action of the reactive forces, it is also possible to transfer to the ripper a greater force generated by a basic digging machine without reinforcing the supporting ripper part, which increases the efficiency factor of a digging machine as a whole.2 cl, 1 dwg

Ripper // 2637819
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic cylinder 6 of the lifting-lowering is hingedly attached to the support frame 2. The rod 7 of the hydraulic cylinder is hinged to the working beam 5 and to the upper link 3. The working beam 5 has a left projection 9 and a right projection 10. The middle tooth 11 is attached to the working beam 5. The last tooth 12 is attached to the left projection 9. The last tooth 13 is attached to the right projection 10. The rod 7 enters the cylinder 6 and, rotating the upper and lower links 3 and 4, lowers the working beam 5 to the ground. The ripper pulls back. The tooth 11 pulls out the roots in front of the tree. Teeth 12 and 13 pull the roots along the sides of the tree. The ripper goes to a tree and the bumper 8 presses on it. The tree, whose roots are pulled out of the earth, falls to the ground. The ripper of the proposed design beats trees, leaving no stumps.EFFECT: reduction of costs in the forest industry.3 dwg

Reversible impact device for driving wells in ground // 2631461
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: reversible impact device when driving wells in the ground contains a housing and a striker with an air distribution pipe having an axial channel, a radial window in the wall and a liner, a cage with two annular grooves freely mounted on the air distribution pipe above the liner. The air distribution pipe has an annular groove in the wall, connected to the axial channel by at least two radial windows, the cage being made diamagnetic and rigidly attached to the housing. The liner consists of at least two magnetic elements installed with the possibility to contact by their side surfaces with the side walls of the annular groove and with each other.EFFECT: ensuring stable operation in the modes of forward and reverse strokes and simplifying the design with the device operation durability.2 cl, 3 dwg

Plough channel digger // 2620640
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: plough channel digger comprises a body in the form of mouldboard surfaces, a ploughshare and a roller support. Before the body in the gap of its sidewalls a vertical wheel cutter is installed by means of a height-adjustable rack. In its bottom part the body rests on a height-adjustable roller, the length of which is equal to the channel bottom width at its trapezoidal cross-section. Compacting drums are pivotally arranged on the outer body edges, attached to the body by means of sliding bearings. The sidewalls of the body are fixed by spacers relative to the rack. Rollers arranged in the sidewall windows are mounted on the inner side of the sidewalls by means of sliding bearings on axles. The sliding bearings are fixed to the sidewalls by bolts, and the rollers are arranged on the sidewalls by the movement path of a soil layer.EFFECT: simplifying the plough channel digger design, reducing the draft resistance.2 dwg

Vibration damper for high loads // 2618794
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: vibration damper is described, it can operate under high loads and comprises: a support section of a vibrating object, having first support sections of axles; axles of rotation installed with possibility of rotation at first support sections of axles, have sections excentric relatively to centers of rotation, and are spaced with given space; a support section comprising second support sections of axles supporting with possibility of rotation the excentric sections; and an elastic member installed between the support section of the vibrating object and the support section or between the support section of the vibrating object and second support sections of axles and elastically supporting support section relatively the support section of the vibrating object in direction upward; and assembly of rotation synchronization installed on axles of rotation to synchronize the direction of rotation of axles in accordance with the vibration.EFFECT: vibration dampener operating under high loads, and used with different construction machines and excavators, and preventing transfer to boom or housing of the excavator or construction machine of the vibration generated by different work attachments.10 cl, 17 dwg

Watercraft on the river // 2613072
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: watercraft on the river consists of several watercrafts with fixed turbines on them to select kinetic energy from the river flow. The watercraft turbine rotation axes are the same and are oriented across the river course. Turbine shafts of individual watercrafts are combined with each other in a single shaft of a united watercraft.EFFECT: possibility of increasing the selection of kinetic energy from the river flow.4 dwg

Device for making underwater works // 2612421
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is relevant to communication-cable laying and making other construction works under water. The device includes above-water part in the form of flat-bottomed boat provided with operator board, combustion engine and source of electric power, and underwater part in the form of caterpillar undercarriage equipped with the system of electrically-controlled hydraulic drive and provided with rear-fastened operating element intended for trenching and cable laying into dug trench. The said operating element is provided with hydraulic drive and hydraulically-driven front-fastened moldboard. At that, underwater device part is connected to electric-power source and to operator board with the aid of electric control cable. It is also provided with coil of laid cable. When being transported overland, above-water part is fastened to underwater part with the aid of quick-split connection, and is equipped with floated balloons along outer perimeter for holding itself on water. Suitable-for-rotation coil of laid cable is fastened to moldboard, above-water- and underwater parts are additionally connected against each other with the aid of ropes and bundle of high-pressure sleeves for supplying working liquid from hydraulic pumps of above-water part to system of hydraulic control of caterpillar undercarriage and of hydraulic drive of operating elements. At that the mentioned bundle of high-pressure sleeves is laid together with electric cable on suitable-for-rotation drum fastened to underwater part.EFFECT: device is provided with expanded technological functions, capable to move with the aid of own driving force to the site for making works in position, when its above-water and underwater parts are jointed one with another (self-driving), and execute its tasks without return to production base during at least 24 hours.13 cl, 13 dwg

Device for installation and removal of pipelines // 2602529
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction equipment. Device for installation and removal of pipelines comprises frame on chassis with working element and power plant. Housing of working element is made in form of hollow cylinder with cutting elements arranged on it, made in form of set of rings, rotating on body in pairs in opposite directions with teeth on outer side and with internal gearing with gears fitted on housing with possibility of rotation and coupled by shafts and gear with hydraulic motors. Pipeline retained by guide rollers, passes through inner cavity of housing in which there is sleeve made of strong antifriction material.EFFECT: technical result is provision of pipeline routing on given depth or dismantling of pipeline in one pass of unit.1 cl, 3 dwg

Hollow wells roller // 2602526
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction equipment, in particular to devices for rolling vertical and inclined wells. Wells roller is a hollow cylindrical-conical structure filled with water for cooling. Roller also has a channel to supply concrete mixture through the drill rod into the well cavity. Cylinder has diameter D. On the conical part of the device chequer-wise there are rigidly fixed conical sectors projecting by 0.05 D, diametrically opposite and shifted in height from each other by 0.8 D. Roller is composed as a welded structure of a tube, a hexagonal pyramid and plates welded to the pyramid in the form of conical layers.EFFECT: reduction of costs for manufacturing the roller and reduced consumption of water for its cooling during operation.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of melting of frozen rocks and soil // 2602460
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to chemical industry, mining, in particular, to artificial thawing of frozen rocks in mining industry and construction, and can be used in development of gravel deposits, including using external energy sources, in particular nuclear. Method involves removal of top soil on area to be thawed, flooding thawed area with a liquid. Area is flooded with liquid containing concentrated aqueous solution of alcohol, liquid is collected from thawed area, which is taken for regeneration with restoration of initial concentration of alcohol, on thawed section liquid is fed heated to 30-50 °C, collection of liquid for regeneration is carried out in process of washing soil or rock, supply and collection of liquid on thawed area is performed in order to maintain mean alcohol content in flooding mode at a level higher than 10 %.EFFECT: technical result is simplification of technology and higher efficiency.4 cl, 4 tbl, 1 dwg

Displacement drill // 2601948
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for expanding vertical and inclined wells. Displacement drill includes a shank rigidly secured top truncated cone with vertex directed to the shank, cylinder with diameter D and bottom truncated cones with their axes are shifted parallel to longitudinal axis of the displacement drill rotation, and a tip. Upper cone, cylinder and bottom truncated cones are hollow. Upper cone is made in the form of polyhedral truncated pyramid. Cylinder is made in form of a pipe. Lower truncated cones are welded structure of hexagonal pyramid with welded to the surface of the plates in the form of conical layers surrounding the sector with angle from 60 to 180 degrees at the height of the sector from 0.6 to 0.8 D made of plates with thickness from 0.02 to 0.05 D.Layers on conical surface are arranged checkerboard, diametrically opposite with a pitch by sector height 0.6 to 0.8 D. Device contains a filler neck closing with a cover through which cooling water is supplied into the displacement drill.EFFECT: reduced consumption of water for the displacement drill cooling during its operation.1 cl, 3 dwg

Device and method of target guidance at drilling // 2600118
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underground directed drilling, and more specifically to target guidance at drilling, device and method related to it. Device used together with system for performing horizontally directed drilling; system includes drill string extended from drilling rig to drill bit so that drill bit controlled based on orientation by roll. System also includes device for control commands generation to direct drilling tool on target position. In response, at least partially, to said control commands, display is configured to selectively display turn, pushing commands and by rotation command. Described is control indicator, which displays current orientation by roll of drilling tool. 3-D grid may be animated and centered on control indicator or target indicator.EFFECT: rounding of control commands ratio allows to limit display by only such orientations by target roll, which given drilling tool transducer can measure and display.30 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of laying pipes and a pipe for its implementation // 2594497
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, particularly, to horizontal drilling technologies and equipment for trenchless laying of pipelines. Method of laying pipes is based on the technology of horizontal directional drilling with or without the use of destruction method. Prior to pulling a pipe into the trench its outer diameter is increased to match the diameter of its bell with application of a low friction coefficient and/or smaller soil sticking coefficient coating on the aligned surface.EFFECT: technical result is broader functional capabilities and higher reliability of pipelines laying.1 cl, 1 dwg

Trenching machine // 2593504
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to excavators and is intended for digging trenches. Trenching machine contains one or more rocket engines directed to a place of desired ground excavation. Structural design is made in three versions. In the first version the trenching machine has a fan directed to the dug trench. In the second version the trenching machine has a transversely located ahead and/or behind reflector in the form of letter V or of "gull wing” type. In the third version the trenching machine is made as a crossbar temporarily transversally attached to two tanks to support the rocket engines, tanks with rocket fuel, and an engine with the fan. EFFECT: technical result is increased speed of ground excavation. 5 cl, 1 dwg

ain frame and machine with said main frame // 2593288
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to main frame and machine with said main frame. Main frame (10) comprises front frame (21), rear end frame (22), opposite first and second side frames (23, 24) extending between the front frame and the rear end frame. connecting the front frame with the rear end frame. First side frame (23) so as the second side frame (24) are formed, respectively, by the first side plate (25) and the second side plate (26), the second side plate (26) is thicker than the first side plate (25), and at least one hole (27, 28)is formed in the second side plate (26). EFFECT: according to the invention, the first side plate has relatively small thickness, and at least one hole is formed in the second plate which is thicker, and the result is a light weighting and strong frame. 8 cl, 2 dwg

Device for development of soil // 2592926
FIELD: construction equipment. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices of trenchers, rotor and mining excavator types. Device for development of soil includes installed on tray with possibility of interaction with it by means of hinge working member to housing and sealed chamber, in which there is drum with hose wound thereon, and system to feed into working fluid chamber. End of hose is unscrewed inside out to interact with housing of working element and is fixed in chamber opening. In working element conical cavity for arrangement of hose is made. At that, working element has toroid-shaped element (tore) from elastic non-permeable shell with helically twisted walls and flexible filler. Tore is located in conical cavity, and pan-stop is installed with possibility of interaction with lower wall of toroid. In places of contacts of upper and lower parts of tore with working element in conical cavity there are two cylindrical rollers with width equal to that of tore mounted on axes attached to side walls of conical cavity. Aggregate of toroid is cylindrical insert with central hole in longitudinal axis of diameter exceeding that of screw-like twisted inner walls of toroid. Surface of insert is coated with antifriction lubricant. Insert itself is made two-layered from elastically compressed outer layer and rigid tubular inner layer, which forms non-deforming central hole of insert. EFFECT: technical result is increase in reliability of device operation. 1 cl, 1 dwg

Trenching machine // 2592288
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to excavating machines, particularly to bucketless chain-type trenchers. Trenching machine comprises a tractor chassis, which includes the main frame with running gear, including two tracks, rotation to which is delivered from final reduction gears of adjustable hydraulic motors, and additional frame to support the engine, the cabin, a hydraulic pump with working fluid tank, a hydraulic motor of the working element drive, a hydraulic cylinder for setting the depth of digging for the working element, herewith it is equipped with hinges fixed in the front and the rear parts of the main frame, in which the additional frame is installed with the ability of transverse inclination by hydraulic cylinders installed in the rear part of the main frame; on the rear hinge shaft end there is a faceplate, where there are the hydraulic motor of the working element drive and a bracket for additional attachment of the working element with a hydraulic cylinder for setting the depth of digging for the working element; in the front part of the tractor, to the main frame, a rootdozer is hinged, which lifting height is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder. EFFECT: technical result is the increase of efficiency at operating on slopes, provision of vertical walls in cross section of the trench and horizontal bottom with digging a trench on slopes, creation of comfortable conditions of the operator. 1 cl, 4 dwg

Bulldozer type equipment // 2584908
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equipment bulldozer type. Equipment is located behind wheeled machine frame, reinforced by cross member, or at aft body sheet track or wheel machines. Equipment includes a dump, total length of cutting edge of which is not less than size of machine by width, side track machine rippers, teeth for forced penetration of dump and lateral openings in blade for automatic shank out thereof, thrust rods or length-adjustable flexible multi-link rods, retaining dump in working position. Number of parts of dump is increased up to three, each in upper part is hinged in two lugs with machine frame or two lugs with machine body bottom feed sheet. Two side parts are connected to each eye is pivotally via their teeth on rear side of dump, with mating lugs thrust bars or through eye of teeth on face side of dump, with mating lugs of flexible multi-link rods. Side parts of dump are retained in working position, pivot joints with mating lugs at crosswise beam amplification frame for fastening of thrust rods or mating lugs on aft body sheet for fastening flexible m ulti-link rods.EFFECT: technical result is provision of self-entrenching vehicle, as well as higher efficiency of construction bunkers and other shelters in limited time.2 cl, 4 dwg

Pneumatic impact action device for formation of wells in soil // 2584336
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to pneumatic percussion devices for drilling wells in soils. Device comprises hollow housing, striker with central through channel dividing cavity of housing on working and idle stroke chamber, central tube interacting with central through channel of striker, threaded bushing, cover with central through hole for passage of central tube, formed by threaded bushing and cover prechamber circuit air, on surface of central tube is formed by longitudinal throttle channel inlet in idle stroke chamber, shank, which is in idle stroke chamber, wherein shank and threaded bushing are made with through central hole for passage of central tube installed in central hole of cover with a gap, forming a circular throttle channel inlet radial outlet channel in central tube pushed fixed relative to shank and sleeves, in central tube is installed coaxially with annular gap additional tube with radial outlet channel at an acute angle and fixation along its edges relative to central tube. Body cavity on side of idle stroke chamber has a groove, and from annular prechamber circular distribution chamber with annular collar on housing on side of working stroke chamber. Throttle channel on surface of central tube is made in form of a channel-slot or channel-flats to input of annular distributing chamber and output in idle stroke chamber. Hammer is stepped. Rod part on side of circular distribution chamber is equipped with channel-slot or channel-flat head part of channel-slot or channel-flat permanently open on side of annular working stroke chamber, and periodically shut off distributing edge recess in housing on side of idle stroke chamber. Radial outlet channel central tube is connected to annular channel formed by a gap between central and additional tubes.EFFECT: preventing wastage of air from working chambers and considerable reduction of air flow from network.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for formation of screw profile on well walls under bored piles (additional) // 2580120
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for formation of screw profile on well walls under bored piles containing working tip connected hinged coupling with drill rod, upper end of which through clamp is connected with reduction gear mounted on a moving beam, on which drive sprocket is installed in bearings, shaft being chain transmission via free running mechanism is connected with drive shaft reduction gear. Drive sprocket is suspended on chains, one end of which is fixed on metal structure, and second is connected with drive. In order to increase reliability, durability and simplification of design drive translational-rotational movement of rod is made in form of a reduction gear equipped with free running mechanism secured at moving beam, installed in guides, output shaft through clamp is connected to drilling rod, and input-with driving sprocket, suspended on chains, one end of which is fixed, and second is connected with drive.EFFECT: invention relates to devices which increase bearing capacity of bored piles, and can be used in construction of foundations of buildings and structures.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of drilling of horizontal and low-inclined wells and device for its implementation // 2578081
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: bottomhole is mechanically destroyed and destruction products are removed with an auger tool with gaps of an auger spiral which is continuously rotated and oscillates in the axial direction with the amplitude exceeding the length of the maximum gap of the auger spiral per cycle of oscillations. The auger tool is separated into two unequal parts and placed into the internal space of a casing string. The first head part of a constant length is attached to the bottomhole part of the casing string and moved together with it progressively in the axial direction without oscillating motions. The second part is sectionally increased during lengthening of the casing string and deepening of the well and in a mobile telescopic manner in the axial direction it is connected with the first head part with a possibility of joint continuous rotary motion, and axial oscillating motions, separately from the head part, and the internal surface of the casing string is interfaced in a fixed manner with the supporting bearing assembly of the head part and in a mobile rotational manner - with the supporting bearing assemblies placed in gaps of the auger spiral.EFFECT: increase of the speed of drilling, recovery of the transporting ability at the section of rupture of the auger spiral in the zone of support of bearing assemblies at the integration of processes of transportation, fastening of well walls and prevention of bridging.4 cl, 5 dwg

Device to install pipelines in soil // 2573086
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction of pipelines with diameter of more than 400 mm. The device comprises a drilling head (3) to drill a well from a start trench (5) along an installation line (6) to a target trench (7). The drilling head (3) comprises a cutting wheel (20) and is connected to a narrow connection device (8), providing for connection with a pipelaying transport facility (9), located on the earth surface (10). The connection device (8) is made as capable of transmission of the force necessary for drilling process and installation to the drilling head (3) from the pipelaying transport facility (9) and comprises a cutting device, which releases soil (2) located in front of the connection device (8) in direction of installation and transports it to the earth surface.EFFECT: reduced width of construction strip, increased safety.11 cl, 22 dwg

Caterpillar trencher actuator control system // 2572850
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed set of inventions relates to the vehicle actuator control system and can be used for control over the digger or trencher. Claimed control system comprises the controller to generate the vehicle actuation signal for control over the vehicle motion. Note here that said controller exploits the hydrostatic drive fluid pressure as the variable for variation of the actuation signal. Besides, said control system comprises multiple signal variation inputs to be used for control over the actuation effect brought about by the vehicle actuation signal. Note here that said signal variation inputs comprises the components that follow. The first signal variation input is received from the actuation control to be controlled manually by the trencher operator. The second signal variation input is received from the actuation control to be controlled manually by the trencher operator. The third signal variation input is received from the hydrostatic actuator fluid pressure. The fourth signal variation input is received from the engine rpm. The fifth signal variation input received from the engine rpm or from the left hydrostatic actuator fluid pressure. The sixth signal variation input received from the engine rpm or from the left hydrostatic actuator fluid pressure.EFFECT: minimal labour input, higher efficiency under all operating conditions.15 cl, 33 dwg

ethod of protective sleeves installation in horizontal hole under water or other barriers // 2561399
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to the construction of main pipeline crossings by directional drilling using a sectional protective sleeve. The method of protective sleeves installation in a horizontal hole includes the usage of two protective sleeves installed at an inlet and outlet from the horizontal hole. At that upon drilling of a pilot hole it is expanded by means of two horizontal direction drilling units: at first from the outlet side of the well, then from the inlet side. Whereat both surface areas are covered by the protective sleeves right upon their extension. Then the whole horizontal hole is covered by the third sleeve of a lesser diameter to the whole length upon extension of its area between the two installed sleeves with a reamer bit of a lesser diameter.EFFECT: maintaining the integrity of the expanded areas of the horizontal hole in surface incompetent rock along the whole length of the horizontal hole.7 dwg

Device for burial of operating underground pipeline // 2558044
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for burial of an operating underground pipeline includes rotating cutting mechanisms in the form of three cutting drums and movably connected at an angle of 120° by means of a torque moment transfer device of lower and side screws. The device is moved by means of forces transferred from a self-propelled machine. Possible control of a burial value of the lower screw is provided by means of a level unit. Length of the lower screw is at least 1.4 of diameter of the external surface of the underground pipeline; length of the side screw is at least 1.3 of the required burial value of the lower generatrix of the underground pipeline. Connection of casings is stiff and a common plane is formed for each of their end faces. Length of arc of each of the casings in the cross-section is equal to 0.3 of length of a circle formed with the casing. Casings relative to lower and side screws are arranged so that their upper end faces are located at the distance of at least 0.2 of arc length of each of the casings from their intersection line with the vertical plane.EFFECT: device allows preserving an insulating coating of the pipeline during execution of earth work and reducing volume of moved earth masses.4 dwg

Adit construction method // 2557173
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: construction method of adits containing a water-receiving element in the form of a solid unit of n number (n>2) of vertical longitudinal toe filters involves trench excavation by means of an excavating and drainage machine, laying into it of a drain pipe covered with protective filter material, and refilling of the trench by means of a padding device moving synchronously with the drainage machine and provided with a bunker for filter material with a drain chute. Laying of the drain pipe covered with protective filter material and refilling of the trench is performed simultaneously. The drain pipe covered with protective filter material is padded throughout the trench width to the depth of 15 cm above its crown from a duct to which filter material is supplied from the bunker via the drain chute. The duct represents a rectangular parallelepiped having width equal to trench width, and height that is somewhat bigger than trench depth. Duct bottom is located near the trench bottom at the distance of padding layer thickness of the drain pipe relative to the trench bottom. The duct is rigidly attached with front wall 7 to housing 8 of the excavating and drainage machine. On rear 9 wall of the duct there installed on the outer side are (n-1) vertical partition walls 10 parallel to each other and to walls 1 of the trench with a possibility of changing the distance between them according to thickness of the filters. Height of each of partition walls 10 is equal to the duct height. The filter material bunker is divided into sections by means of partition walls with a possibility of changing the distance between them and their number so that the number of bunker sections is more by one than the number of vertical longitudinal toe filters of the adit. Each bunker section is provided with its own drain chute, from which each adjacent vertical longitudinal filter is filled with heterogeneous filter material.EFFECT: providing a possibility of filter refilling of the trench of the adit; improving hydrological action of adits and ecological and economic efficiency of draining of low-water-permeable middle and heavy loamy and clay soils.4 cl, 2 dwg

Impact-action device for development of wells in soil // 2556586
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: impact-action device for formation of wells in soil includes housing, a hydraulic hammer with an anvil, a hollow tip in the form of a cylindrical housing with a flattened cone, the front end face of which is provided with an annular knife, and four radially cutting knives arranged inside the hollow tip at an angle to each other. A rotating activator consisting of a high-torque hydraulic motor and a cylinder, on the inner surface of which a screw with a variable pitch of spiral is located, is installed in the rear part of the tip. Atomisers are located on the front part of the screw. Emulsion supply communications are located inside the screw spiral.EFFECT: improving efficiency of routing and reducing power consumption for development of wells in soil.3 dwg

ethod of remote coal extraction at edge seams in open-cast and device to this end // 2553723
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: this process comprises open coal extraction by cut chambers, production of barrier posts and backfilling of said chambers. Drilling hardware represents a milling driller located on day surface with drilling tool inclination of 45-90 degrees from vertical line. Note here that coal removal from blocks is performed with the help of hydraulic drawing device at liquid-to-solid ratio equal to 1:3. There, coal pulp is directed to coal dewatering to 7-8 % while effluents are forced to desliming and circulation.EFFECT: higher efficiency and safety of edge seams development.6 cl, 3 dwg

Aligning element for pneumatic formwork delivery to pneumatic pipe handler // 2552266
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: aligning element for pneumatic formwork delivery to a pneumatic pipe handler comprises a body with a cavity in the form of a channel with expanded horizontal and narrowing inclined sections for pneumatic formwork delivery, a slide valve in the form of a toroid with an elastic filler installed as capable of displacement in the horizontal section of the channel. Inner walls of the toroid are made as helically twisted relative to the central axis. The toroid filler in the slide valve is a cylindrical insert with a central hole along the longitudinal axis with a diameter exceeding the diameter of helically twisted inner walls of the toroid. Entire surface of the insert is coated with anti-friction lubricant. The insert is made as double-layer from elastically compressed outer layer and stiff tubular inner layer, which forms the inner non-deformed central hole of the insert.EFFECT: increased reliability of device operation.1 dwg

Ring of cutter for trench walls // 2550765
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: set of invention relates to cutter of trench milling device. Proposed milling cutter comprises main body comprises main drum-shape body with at least one circular row of mounts located at body outer periphery to carry soil cutters. Both drill bits with, in fact, point working teeth and cutting teeth with, in fact, linear cutting edges are arranged at least in one circular row. Ring made of sheet is welded to outer circular periphery of said main body whereat drill bits and cutting teeth of one circular row are located. Proposed cutter comprises the frame whereat several cutters are arranged in pairs. In compliance with proposed method, said cutter in introduced in soil to cut it by above described cutters.EFFECT: efficient soil cutting without replacement of cutters.14 cl, 4 dwg

Device for in-soil rotary milling with perfected cleaning of mechanical drive of soil // 2548996
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to agricultural machinery, particularly, to in-soil rotary milling and cutting of water absorbing slots in soils. This device comprises two vertical milling chisel ploughs (2). The latter are engaged with common drive. Milling chisel plough (2) is equipped with circular milling chisel plough (5). Circular milling chisel plough (5) has external cutting edges (11). The latter are made along its outer part on side surfaces, in turns at the right and left sides. Soil intake container (12) is arranged ahead of cutting edges (11). Said soil intake container (12) doubles as the recess of engagement of the driving gear of drive (15) on outer side of circular milling chisel plough (5). Said soil intake container (12) is provided with hole (13). The latter is directed perpendicular to the surface of circular milling chisel plough 5 and through its depth.EFFECT: better cleaning of said soil intake container, lower traction resistance and higher reliability.2 dwg

Development method of freezing overburden rock // 2542007
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: after performance of drilling and blasting operations in an overburden bench during layer-by-layer excavation of the blasted rock to an extended bench and a final blade circuit on the formation roof of the mineral deposit within excavation heading throughout the length of the slab there left is a layer of the rock with negative temperature. This allows developing a zone of stable freezing, warming it up and strengthening it by action of solar insolation during development of the upper part of the breakdown. The rest rock layer is excavated to a final blade circuit after disposal of the upper part of breakdown throughout the length of the excavation slab.EFFECT: reduction of influence of repeated freezing on productivity of a drag line and provision of its stable operation during excavation of blasted rocks of an overburden slab.3 tbl, 2 dwg

Pneumatic impact mechanism of soil intake device // 2540181
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic impact mechanism comprises a pneumatic impact mechanism with outlet holes enclosed into a cylindrical cavity of the body, an air supply box with a precombustion chamber of network air and an anvil, a striker with a slide valve in the form of a stepped tube with a larger step, which controls air outlet, a stepless tube for a soil core stretched via the body, a striker and a slide valve. The striker separates the cylindrical cavity of the body into a discharge chamber at the side of the air supply box and an idle running chamber at the side of the anvil, is made with outlet side holes and an inner circular chamber of operating cycle connected with the slide valve, and is installed with a gap relative to the body. The large step of the stepped tube continuously closes outlet side holes of the striker at the side of the inner circular chamber of operating cycle. Coaxially with a gap between the stepless and stepped tubes there is an additional stepless tube forming a circular channel that connects continuously an antechamber of network air in an air-distributing box with the chamber of idle running by means of a side hole in a wall of the additional stepless tube with its rest in the anvil.EFFECT: increased energy of impact of a pneumatic impact mechanism.1 dwg

Ripper with gas energy accumulator of bilateral action // 2537428
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: ripper differs from the known in that the fixed gas cylinder is provided with a movable gas cylinder, which piston is connected to the piston of the fixed gas cylinder with the rod. The axis passes through the rod, coupled with a sleeve covering the cylindrical housing and interacting through the joint with the ripper tip. The movable gas cylinder is connected to the rod of the hydraulic cylinder, arranged in the cylindrical housing on the opposite side of the ripper tip. The cavities of the movable and fixed gas cylinders are communicated through the air ducts and the air line with a reversing pneumatic compressor and pilot-operated check valves of bilateral action, and the cavities of the hydraulic cylinder are connected through the channels located in the housing of the hydraulic cylinder, and the hydraulic drive with the reversible hydraulic pump and the pilot-operated check valves of bilateral action.EFFECT: invention enables to improve the efficiency of loosening soil by reduction of traction force and dynamic loads acting on the base machine, and transfer them to the zone of ground destruction in a wide range of variation of frequency of forced oscillations of the working body, and also to carry out the adjustment of operation of the mechanical system in case of frequency mismatch.

Impact tool // 2535426
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: tool contains casing with holes, striker with longitudinal channel installed in the casing, forward and reverse stroke chambers, compressed air supply channel to reverse stroke chamber, exhaust system and resilient ring. The exhaust system contains stop internal surface of the casing with front ring shoulder and reverse stroke limiter on its rear part. The resilient ring is installed in the ring groove on the striker with possibility of interaction with stop internal surface of the casing. The longitudinal grooves are made on the external surface of the striker. Forward stroke chamber contains the resilient tube, its one end is connected with the casing hole, and the other end is connected with the striker longitudinal channel. Compressed air supply channel to the reverse stroke chamber is made by channel of the resilient tube and longitudinal channel of the striker.EFFECT: design simplification of the impact tool.2 cl, 3 dwg

Device for battering rod element in soil // 2535316
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a main impact assembly mounted in the hole of the transition element, and at least one additional impact assembly mounted on the axis of the main impact assembly in an additional opening in the transition element, and connected to this transition element.EFFECT: increased speed of battering the rod element in the soil by increasing the frequency of strokes and occurrence of effect of soil liquefaction.7 cl, 6 dwg

Device for trenchless laying of pipelines by pricking method // 2530063
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device for trenchless pipeline laying by pricking method comprises the feeding mechanism from the guide frame with horizontal and vertical guide rollers with the possibility of their interaction with the outer surface of pipeline to be laid, and cable pulling winch, rod fixedly secured to the flange mounted on the front end towards the puncture of the laid pipeline, with the ball bearing installed on its end with possibility of supporting on it of the hollow working tip of conical form, inside the hollow working tip at its area of cylindrical shape, electric motor of circular rotation rod is installed relative to the axis of rotation rod with its support on the flange by means of seal assemblies. Stator of electric motor is fixed on the rod, and rotor - on the inner surface of horizontal area of the hollow working tip. Helical surface of auger-type is fixed on the outer surface of cone area of working tip.EFFECT: simplification of the device design, increase of reliability and lifetime of its operation, reduction of value of the required force for pricking and energy consumption.2 dwg

Rear mounted attachment of vibratory cable layer // 2529064
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention comprises a turning cross member connected to a tractor frame by hinges, a carrier bar by one end is mounted on the said cross member while its other end is pivotally coupled with a support, a vibrator is pivotally coupled with the support and from beneath is fitted by rigidly fixed blade with a cable guiding unit and an element to rest upon earth; the rear mounted attachment of a vibratory cable layer is equipped by two hydrocylinders for turning all the rear mounted attachment and two hydrocylinders for turning the blade, and two hydrocylinders installed by open rod ends on the turning cross member and intended to lift and lower all the rear mounted attachment fitted by the blade inclination hydrocylinder which is attached to the support by the free rod end and to the turning cross member - by the sleeve, the sleeve of each hydrocylinder for lifting and lowering the rear mounted attachment is installed pivotally on a bracket coupled pivotally to the carrier bar, the said bracket is a welded structure made from two side pieces linked by two cross bars with resilient pads with the carrier bar passing in-between.EFFECT: regulation of blade inclination, possibility of its forced lowering, reduced vibration transmitted to the tractor frame, and stabilised depth of cable laying.2 cl, 3 dwg

Facility for loosening firm soils // 2521021
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and can be used for loosening layer by layer of firm soils, as well as for removing ice and packed snow on the roads and sidewalks. A facility comprises a frame on which a shaft with teeth fixed on it is mounted in rotation supports, a shaft rotation drive, a bracket rigidly attached to the shaft with axles, on which in the rotation supports gear wheels with eccentric weights are mounted, engaging with a gear wheel mounted on the drive shaft in the rotation supports, and a gear wheel drive. The shaft rotation drive includes a gear pair, the drive wheel of which is connected to the drive shaft through the safety clutch, and the driven gear wheel is connected to the shaft with teeth fixed to it by means of an overrunning friction clutch. Engagement of the overrunning friction clutch is carried out by transmitting torsion torque from the shaft rotation drive.EFFECT: invention provides increased efficiency of the device operation, reduction of energy intensity of the loosening process of the developed medium and improvement of reliability and life time of the drive components.4 dwg

Working equipment of single-bucket excavator // 2520307
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: working equipment of a single-bucket excavator includes a beam, a handle, a limiter made from a metal bar, a bucket on which a puncheon is fixed, which represents a hydraulic cylinder having a wedge-shaped working tip on the stock end, which performs back and forth movements perpendicular to the bucket digging trajectory and is intended for mechanised removal of soil under a pipeline, as well as strip foundations.EFFECT: enlarging technological capabilities of an excavator, which are used at repair of a pipeline.5 dwg

ethod of steering control of working element for hole making in quick grounds and marshy grounds // 2518644
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: method of steering control of the working element for hole making in quick grounds and marshy grounds comprises immersing or rising the working element in case of deviation from the trajectory. At that the immersing or rising the working element is carried out by changing its weight. When emersion of the working element its weight is increased by supplying filler in the adjusting chamber of the working element. While immersing the working element as it moves the weight of the working element is decreased by removing a part of the filler from the said chamber of the working element.EFFECT: immersion or emersion of the working element in the ground.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of pipe driving in soil // 2516630
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed method consist in driving the pipe in soil, forming the soil core in pipe face section, forcing said core by air pressure portions in annulus, cutting off the core portions to make the chamber ahead of soil core portion by displacing the soil duct in the axis of submergence. Said soil duct is composed by submersible pipe to be displaced in submergence axis by static force. Soil core portions transfer is conducted by creating vacuum at submersible pipe external end.EFFECT: lower power intensity, lower costs.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of well configuring // 2515647
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: this method consists in well drilling by rock cutter tool of well bottom tool connected with dual drill string with continuous slurry removal from well bottom and transfer of slurry by used working fluid flow under pressure via central channel of said dual drill string. This dual drill string is composed of stationary external pipe accommodating drill bar transmitting the torque and axial force to drill bit with rock cutter tool. At a time, said external pipe is fitted in said drilled well to be left therein as a casing after drilling. Dual drill string central channel is composed by drill bar channel.EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability, lower costs, expanded applications.2 cl, 1 dwg

Cargo handling vehicle gripper // 2513715
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cargo handling vehicle grippers. Proposed gripper comprises bearing structure (7) to be engaged with cargo handling boom, at least one clamp (8) coupled with said structure (7) to interact with at least one carried object (P). Note here that said clamp (8) can translate in direction (A) and turn about axis (B) extending perpendicular to said direction (A). Note also that structure (7) comprises connector assembly (9) to be rigidly secured to said boom and sliding carriage (10) coupled with said assembly (9) to support said clamp (8) to make it displace in direction (A) and include bearing housing (12). Besides, said connector assembly (9) comprises two straight and parallel guides (13) for carriage (10) to slide in which are arranged parallel with direction (A). Besides, clamp (8) comprises main case (15) secured to bearing housing (12) to oscillate therewith and activating means working between grippers (16) to drive them between working and idle positions. Note that said grippers (16) are secured to main housing (15) to turn thereabout and feature elongated shape and appropriate ends, proximal to said housing (15). Said activating means have hydraulic drive working between said proximal ends.EFFECT: fast, simple and reliable displacement of mine digger drive.8 cl, 4 dwg
Remote control rig-down operator // 2511212
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to rig-down operations, for example, destruction of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone structures, beds and reinforced concrete floors, etc, knock-out of metallurgical plant lining and cement works rotary kilns in radioactive, chemical and biological environments. Proposed machine comprises caterpillar chassis, rotary platform to turn about vertical axis, boom with working tool, hydraulic cylinders with thermal protection, heat-resistant hoses to feed oil to hydraulic cylinders and working tool, force air cooling system including compressed gas cylinder fitted in heat-resistant jacket, air valve, gas feed hose, heat-resistant jacket enveloping heat-resistant hoses, heat sensor arranged at heat-resistant hose and control device. Air valve is equipped with electric drive. Note here that control device input is connected to heat sensor while its output is connected to electric drive. Hose is used to feed compressed gas to heat-resistant jacket.EFFECT: long-term operation under higher temperatures.2 cl, 2 dwg

Production method of excavation and laying works at routing of underwater pipelines, and device for its implementation // 2507431
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: pipeline is mounted on a deck of a pipe laying ship and laid at the water reservoir bottom. A column of two machines moves along the pipeline: a pipe burying barge and a trench burying machine at some distance from each other, which is technologically substantiated, but not more than 100 metres. The pipe burying barge excavates a trench immediately under the pipeline and lays the developed ground into accurately shaped dumps on both sides; the pipeline is lowered into the trench under action of dead weight. The trench burying machine displaces the formed dumps into the trench and covers the laid pipeline with the ground earlier extracted from under it. Machines operate in an automatic mode, remotely controlled and provided with energy along cables hung on floats from an underwater or surface basic ship. The pipe burying barge is made in the form of two working elements of a back-acting shovel, which are mirror-like located relative to each other and each of which has the possibility of being turned in a horizontal plane and laterally inclined by means of horizontal and inclined hinges. Reactive forces of the working elements are closed on a common frame and not transmitted to a travelling gear.EFFECT: improving efficiency and reducing costs at performance of works.12 cl, 11 dwg

Ripper with bidirectional liquid energy accumulator // 2505647
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: ripper contains bidirectional liquid energy accumulator, underlying machine, framed suspension with hinged ripper tip mounted on it and elastic system. At that elastic system contains the main cylinder with piston at the rod mounted on the frame and power-operated rod passing through articulated rod and ripper tip. At that the main cylinder is divided by partition into two independent cylinders equipped with main and auxiliary cavity. In auxiliary cavities of cylinders there are installed pistons connected to hollow rods which interact with power-operated rods passing through the main cavities and fixed at inners walls of travelling barrel covering the main cylinder which is connected to ripping rack through a hinge. Auxiliary cavities of each cylinder are equipped with openings from rod side and free piston side, which interact with reversive hydro pump through bidirectional hydraulic locks and pipelines. Besides elastic system is equipped with auxiliary reversive hydro pump which outlet is connected though bidirectional hydraulic locks to openings in walls of the main cylinder cavities while its inlet is connected to pipeline with a tank for liquid storage.EFFECT: increasing efficiency of soil ripping due to reduction of pulling force and dynamic loads acting on underlying machine and their transfer to the area of soil destruction within the wide range for forced oscillation frequencies of actuating device.4 dwg

Work tool of bucket wheel excavator // 2504621
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: work tool of bucket wheel excavator includes work wheel in the form of a drum mounted on platform rotating around horizontal axis, with buckets consisting of cutting edges, side and rear walls; the buckets are attached to the work wheel on joints by a centrepoint suspension scheme; balance beams are identical in structure and process properties, feature spring-elastic extension pads adjoining the drum and are pressed to the internal side of the drum by a rolled semiflexible band.EFFECT: expanded process usability of work tool of bucket wheel excavator.2 cl, 1 dwg

Slurry removal device and method // 2504613
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: device includes a manifold pipe having many holes made in its wall at a certain distance from each other, a suction pump, a suction pipe, one end of which is connected to the suction pump and an assembly of a suction head. The suction head assembly is connected to the other end of the suction pipe and is capable of moving in a sliding manner along the manifold pipe from one of its ends to the other. The suction head assembly includes a head section of the housing, which is spatially remote and connected to a rear section of the housing, which has a through axial hole interconnected with the suction pipe. Head and rear sections of the housing fill a considerable part of the manifold pipe during operation and form a suction zone between themselves of such length that at least one hole can be open at location of the suction head assembly at certain positions along the manifold pipe. The method is implemented by means of a device for removal of slurry and consists in installation at the bottom of a sediment tank or a pond of a manifold pipe, connection of the suction pump to one end of the suction pipe, connection of the suction head assembly to the other end of the suction pipe by means of a through axial hole in the rear section of the housing. After that, the suction head assembly is introduced into an open end of the manifold pipe. Besides, front and rear sections of the housing considerably fill the manifold pipe and form a suction zone between them of such length that at least one hole can be open in any position along the manifold pipe. The suction head assembly is moved through the through holes of the manifold pipe at subsequent passage of the working suction pump above holes in the manifold pipe wall.EFFECT: improving slurry removal efficiency.21 cl, 6 dwg

Helical working organ // 2502849
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: helical working organ includes a cylindrical stem with a tip and a helical blade with a diameter that increases bottom up and placed on the rod and the tip, and the helical blade and the tip are made with a toroidal profile. The radius of the toroidal surface of the tip and the diameter of the rod are selected from the ratio R/D=5, and the ratio of the length of the toroidal tip and the diameter of the stem makes h/D=1.85.EFFECT: higher bearing capacity, reduced energy intensity of a process of insertion of a helical working organ, higher strength of soil due to even distribution and compaction of soil into walls of the well and along the helical working organ.