Underground or underwater structures and retaining walls (E02D29)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E02D29                 Underground or underwater structures (underground tanks b65d0088760000; hydraulic engineering, e.g. sealings or joints, e02b; underground garages e04h0006000000; underground air-raid shelters e04h0009120000; burial vaults e04h0013000000); retaining walls(769)

Subsea power module // 2639011
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: subsea power module comprises a strong housing in the form of a cylindrical shell with spherical ends, reinforced by stiffener rings, power equipment including energy generation equipment and energy distribution equipment and is attached to the subsea foundation base by the connecting device. The strong housing is divided into at least two strong housings, one of which houses energy generation equipment, and the other - energy distribution equipment. The connecting device is made in the form of a cassette, and the strong housings are vertically integrated into the mentioned cassette with the possibility of their separate removal therefrom. Each strong housing is provided with a lid located at one of its ends, connected to the housing by means of detachable waterproof connection, and energy generation and distribution equipment inside the mentioned strong housings is mounted in a volumetric frame built-in with a ring clearance in the strong housing and fixed from the inside on the mentioned end lid. Above the stiffener rings, on the outside, along the perimeter of the cylindrical shell of the strong housing, guides are placed parallel to the generatrices of the shell.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the subsea power module.3 cl, 4 dwg

Support unit for buildings from metallic corrugated structures // 2633019
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: unit includes a support channel, installed on the foundation and attached to it by means of anchor bolts; arranging two layers of PTFE-4 between the foundation and the channel; a support corner supporting the support channel with one side through elastic gaskets made of silicone rubber and with the other side attached to the foundation by means of the anchor bolts; PVC fabric protecting the unit, one edge of which is fixed between the arch base and the support channel, interconnected by bolts, and the other edge is fastened with rivets by means of a clamping strip to the support corner. From one side, the resilient support unit is structurally limited by a groove in the foundation and by the fastening of the support channel; from the other side, the resilient support unit is limited by the support corner.EFFECT: increasing the carrying capacity of shells, providing the possibility of regulating the internal stresses of the structure.1 tbl, 5 dwg
ethod of underwater development of gas-condensate deposits, method of underwater liquefaction of natural gas and underwater complex for implementation thereof // 2632598
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: complex is designed for year-round operation at depths ranging from 100 to 120 m from sea level and includes a drilling underwater structure, an underwater residential block with a control center, an underwater nuclear power plant, a subsea liquefaction plant for natural gas, an underwater tank for receiving/storing liquid nitrogen, an underwater tank for receiving/storing/discharging liquefied natural gas, an underwater gas tanker, underwater reservoir for reception/storage/discharge of condensate and underwater tanker for condensate. In this case, the drilling-producing underwater structure is capable of year-round underwater drilling of wells and their operation with cleaning of the well fluid from mechanical impurities. The drilling-producing underwater structure is connected to the plant for liquefying natural gas by a flexible pipe with a length providing cooling of natural gas in arctic environment of the sea to specified value. The subsea liquefied natural gas plant is adapted to liquefy natural gas by cascade staged successive cooling to a reflux temperature in countercurrent with liquid nitrogen and to provide escape of waste liquid nitrogen through the exhaust flexible pipe to the atmosphere and/or under ice. The underwater atomic power station is adapted to provide electrical power to the flexible floating cables of all underwater structures. Other inventions disclose methods for subsea development of gas condensate deposits and subsea liquefaction of natural gas.EFFECT: improved safety and quality of works carried out in the process of underwater development of gas-condensate folds and underwater liquefaction of natural gas.7 cl, 2 dwg

Engineering structure // 2632593
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: engineering structure comprises a well and a relieving slab with an opening for mounting a hatch. The well is made of a polymer, with a neck, a trough part, and a working chamber. The relieving slab rests on the compacted soil and on the neck of the polymeric well through the compacted base with the formation of a structure on an elastic base.EFFECT: improvement of operational properties, increasing the strength and the tightness, increasing the service life of utility networks, shortening the period of construction and installation works on site, increasing the profitability, reducing the labour costs.5 cl, 2 dwg

Underground railroad // 2615186
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: underground railway having stations and a running tunnel consisting of interconnected reinforced concrete rings. It has additional tunnels connected with the stations and the running tunnel through valves with electric drive, having a semi-circular, wedge-shaped gate covered with an elastic material containing a projection at the end, as well as running tunnel and additional tunnels having the thin air of 0.1-0.3 atmosphere are connected to vacuum pumps.EFFECT: increased speed of an electric traing in the underground railway, reduced material input on transport operation.5 dwg
Cover // 2614586
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: cover is comprised of a surface with a planar structure in the first, lower plane and ends with towering elevations, which are located in the second, higher plane above the plane of the structure. The towering ends have a surface structure that prevents slipping, which includes a large number of single elevations and a greater surface roughness than the planar structure located below. The ratio of air volume under single elevations to the volume of single elevations of Vv / Vm = (0.01-0.5) / (0.001-0.05).EFFECT: increased security against slipping.10 cl, 3 dwg

Composite levelling unit under barrier railing above design of retaining wall, retaining soil pressure // 2610476
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to support walls, retaining soil pressure, used in construction sites and construction of railroads and roads. Composite levelling unit, arranged above upper part of underlying concrete soil retaining wall and below road driveway, comprises front part with front face, rear face, top face and bottom face. Front face is parallel to rear face, upper edge is parallel to longitudinal slope of road driveway, lower edge is perpendicular to front face, top face is not parallel to lower face. Horizontal thrust rib projects from rear face of front part and comprises triangular part, extending to the left and right relative to upper plane of horizontal rib, as well as square holes in lower part of prefabricated levelling unit. Levelling element extends outward at least at part of horizontal support rib. Concrete soil retaining wall has no slope and lower face of front part is parallel to underlying retaining wall, retaining soil pressure. Composite levelling unit is located below assembly unit of barrier enclosure and above concrete retaining soil wall, road driveway with longitudinal slope is located below one part of assembled unit of barrier enclosure but above other part of barrier enclosure.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of reliability of structure, providing barrier repeating varying vertical lengthwise profile of roadway.16 cl, 16 dwg

Sewage collector cover removal and installation device // 2608436
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to covers removing and fitting device, in particular covers for sewers or ventilation risers or for road manholes. Device comprises retaining device (3), outlining surface to engage with said cover upper surface, lifting support, as well as handle (11), one end of which is located at distance from said lifting support, wherein said retaining device (3), support and handle (11) are located so, that force applied by operator on said end, was transferred on retaining device (3) by means of said lifting support. Said lifting device (3) preferably contains post connected with said handle, wherein said retaining device (3) is made rigid, so that in cover lifting position unit consisting of said cover and said retaining device (3), including said post, was is rigid. Invention also relates to method of such cover removing or installation back in place.EFFECT: invention provides easier cover removal and installation process.17 cl, 10 dwg

Gravity-pile platform and method of its placement on sea bed // 2606484
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to hydrotechnical construction and can be used for creation and operation of offshore pile-gravity platforms for exploration of continental shelf hydrocarbon resources. Platform comprises superstructure, body with foundation, equipped with slots in form of direct correct cylinder, through which piles are installed. At that, piles are equipped with heads in form of inverted truncated regular cones with base diameters, smaller than diameter of slots in foundation, mounted on piles buried into slots with head cone base gradient above slot top.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of platform stability and reduction of materials consumption.10 cl, 5 dwg

odular system of construction precast units // 2605468
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely modular systems of construction precast units, especially the construction precast units for buttress or dividing walls. Modular system of construction precast units, in particular of construction precast units for buttress or dividing walls, comprises a pair of separate building elements having unit height (vj), of which each building element is furnished with one part of the dovetail joint for mutual coupling of separate building elements by vertically oriented dovetail joint, while one of the pair of the building elements is a face plate, and the other of the pair of building elements is a coupling block. Modular system of construction precast unit includes at least another one face plate with different height that the unit one (vj)and furnished with a relevant part of the dovetail joint, and/or one coupling block with different height that the unit one (vj), are furnished with relevant part of the dovetail joint.EFFECT: technical result is providing the required structure strength, possibility of variant application of units in different conditions, higher technological effectiveness of the article.13 cl, 13 dwg

ethod for underwater development of gas deposits, method for underwater natural gas liquefaction and underwater system therefor // 2604887
FIELD: gas industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to underwater structures and is intended for underwater development of gas deposits and liquefaction of natural gas in water areas of Arctic Ocean, which for a long time or permanently are covered with ice fields that are hard to navigate for Arctic ice breakers prevent production and transport of borehole fluid by conventional method. Underwater system for underwater development of gas deposits and natural gas liquefaction is designed for year-round operation at depth within range of 100-120 m from sea level. Said system comprises drilling-extraction underwater structure, underwater accommodations with control center, underwater nuclear power plant, underwater plant to liquefy natural gas, underwater tank for receiving/storage of liquid nitrogen, underwater tank for receiving/storage/shipment of liquefied natural gas and underwater liquefied gas tanker. Drilling-extraction underwater structure has capacity for year-round underwater well drilling and operation with well fluid purification from mechanical impurities. Drilling-extraction underwater structure is connected to plant for natural gas liquefaction by binding flexible tube with length, providing cooling of natural gas in Arctic environment of sea to a specified value. Underwater plant to liquefy natural gas is configured for its liquefaction by cascade stepped successive cooling to condensation temperature in counterflow with liquid nitrogen and providing output of spent liquid nitrogen in exhaust flexible pipe into atmosphere and/or under ice. Underwater nuclear power plant is configured to provide electric energy via flexible floating cables to all underwater structures.EFFECT: higher safety and quality of work in underwater development of gas deposits and underwater liquefaction of natural gas.7 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for construction of underground multistorey buildings // 2604098
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, specifically to methods of erection of multi-storey underground structures of different purpose by open method, and can be used in industrial construction. Method for construction of underground multi-storey building includes erection of frame structure and installation of pile supports, successive concreting on soil surface of intermediate floors, suspension floors to head parts of supports, development of trench by soil excavation under covering, further lowering of floors along supports throughout height of trench to a height, which corresponds to one phase ground excavation, and fixation of floors on supports. First, along outline of future concrete wall are installed separately standing vertical bored piles-supports, which are then fixed in upper part by horizontal cross-beams to form a frame, and electrohydraulic jacks are installed on them between piles. On soil surface, concreting is carried out in steps at two overlapping in form of round plates along outline of future concrete wall vertical and horizontal formwork, reinforced crossbars, to which there are steel rods, for concreting walls, which is performed by dropping concrete. Between formed concrete wall and fixed stiffeners retained by screw piles, to a concrete wall is suspended gas-inflated rubber-steel cushions with rollers to facilitate sliding down concrete walls, removing soil under formed plates covering, lowering using electrohydraulic jacks. Space between upper and second plate under it is filled with armoured metal hollow spheres, in some of which air is pumped at maximum possible pressure, and in other part a vacuum is created. Lowering of plate and lowering of concrete to form a concrete wall is performed simultaneously. Wall formed after soil excavation at an angle of 25-30° to horizontal is drilled with intended for fastening of steel reinforcement ribs, additional boards metal screw piles, which are additional, have length of 5-10 m and are made with through lengthwise holes for injection under pressure of concrete mix after their connection to each other.EFFECT: technical result consists in simplification of method while providing its safety.1 cl, 2 dwg

Tunnel for motor roads, railways and subways // 2602533
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mining and underground construction, particularly, to designs of tunnels for motor roads, railways and subways. Tunnel for motor roads, railways and subways with protective lining, having cross section in form of constant-width pattern. Tunnel cross section is made in form of Rello triangle, wherein one of Rello triangle angles is located in tunnel upper dome part.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of strength, stability and reliability of tunnel for motor roads, railways and subways under complicated geological and seismic conditions.1 cl, 1 dwg

Road hatch // 2598611
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: joint comprises frame cam and plug cam. Road hatch comprises a blocking element articulated with plug cam and designed to prevent opening of the plug cam and frame cam at least in one of its open positions and in closed position.EFFECT: disclosed is a road hatch which contains a frame, a plug, a joint for plug turning relative to the frame between closed and open positions.10 cl, 9 dwg

Fixed ground objects // 2597894
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, specifically to reinforced ground objects. Reinforced ground object comprises an earth fill, lining located along front side of object, anchor element including a protruding element forming a protrusion in relation to inner side of object, and a fastening element and stabilisation element comprising at least two longitudinal parts, continuously interconnected by bent part, wherein said bent part is limited by narrowing said longitudinal parts, and said narrowing forms with bent part of anchor space, configured for arrangement therein of a fastening element of anchor element. Stabilisation element is secured on said inner side of object by arranging a fastening element of anchor element in anchor space of stabilisation element. Anchor space and fastening element are configured to limit displacement of stabilisation element in any direction, substantially parallel to longitudinal direction of stabilisation element.EFFECT: technical result is improvement of reliability of ground object, reduction of material consumption and labour intensity during work.15 cl, 5 dwg

Underwater tunnel // 2597800
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydrotechnical construction and can be used in construction of underwater transport tunnels. Underwater tunnel comprises installed on supports underwater elongated watertight tunnel section with at least one cavity inside, herewith the opposite ends of adjacent tunnel sections are interconnected by connection means so, that longitudinal axes of all tunnel sections are aligned in the lengthwise direction. Tunnel sections are made from concrete, and the connection means are composed of pre-stressed ropes arranged inside walls of the tunnel sections along their lengthwise axis. Length of each rope exceeds the length of the corresponding tunnel section, and the ends of each rope are located in adjacent sections.EFFECT: technical result is the increase of strength, stiffness and bearing capacity of the structure, reduction of material consumption of the structure.5 cl, 4 dwg

ine construction of enhanced security // 2594011
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fortification and can be used as shaft structure of increased security for objects, buried in soil. Structure comprises well shaft, made in form of truncated cone, which upper base is input into mine, and lower base is base of shaft, wherein well shaft is divided into four equal in height tubing connected with "interference” with help of appropriate collars and grooves, protective device, shock absorber and head with equipment. EFFECT: each tubing is equipped with circular belt stability, wherein larger base of belt is welded to shaft and smaller is to corresponding lateral vibrations damper symmetry to axis passing through middle of each tubing, wherein dimensions of stability belts and dampers of lateral vibrations are matched with height of tubing, wherein all dampers of lateral oscillations are located at equal distance from shaft wall axis. 1 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of increasing shear stability of retaining wall // 2588152
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to operated under water supporting walls of retaining reservoir and channel dams. Invention can be used to increase resistance to shear of supporting walls with drain systems in the base and in backfilling during emergency decrease of water level in the aquatic area. Method consists in creation and maintenance of vacuum pressure in a drainage system 6 of base 7 of retaining wall 1. For this purpose, drainage system 6, in base 7 of retaining wall 1, is connected to a vacuumizing assembly, with the help of which vacuum is created and maintained in drainage system 6.EFFECT: complete elimination of filtration counter pressure on a supporting wall and obtaining of additional vertical retaining load equal to a multiplication of vacuum pressure on the area of horizontal projection of the supporting wall, which improves wall resistance to shear during emergency decrease of water level in the water area.4 cl, 2 dwg

anhole hatch (versions) // 2588096
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: in two versions of design of manhole hatch it comprises frame 1 with support ledge 2 arranged along inner contour of frame 1 and cover 3 with supporting surface 4 along its contour, which is in contact with support ledge 2 of frame 1. Frame 1 and cover 3 are made of plastic material (for example, from thermoplastic polymer compositions, polymer-sand compositions, composite materials, etc.) by casting or pressing in moulds. Frame and cover 3 can have in plane both round 5 and rectangular 6 shapes. At that, cover 3 can be installed either in frame 1 or free, or by means of hinge 7. In any version, in support ledge 2 of frame 1 there are cavities 8 for installation into them, at least of one support rod 9, whereon cover 3 rests. To increase carrying capacity of hatch it can be equipped with support elements 18, which should be performed in form of one or several support rings connected with support rods 9. First version of hatch design is characterised by that inner surface of cover 3 is smooth and directly rests on support rods 9 and support elements 18. Second version of design is characterised by that on inner surface of cover 3 there are stiffening ribs 19 in contact with support rods 9 and support elements 18.EFFECT: invention solves task of improving strength properties of hatch at closed cover, which enables its use on roadway of roads; besides, task of improving security of service of manhole at open hatch cover solves simultaneously by same tools, which prevents people and animals falling into well.30 cl, 26 dwg

Transport junction and method for construction thereof // 2587673
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to underwater structures and can be used in construction of automobile and railway tunnels under reservoirs. Transport passage contains an underwater tunnel placed in water under the navigable channel of a water reservoir or strait made of interconnected reinforced concrete monolith sections positioned relative to the surface of the reservoir or strait bottom and provided with transport infrastructure, consisting of two transport purpose trackways with a rail track between, while the latter is separated by arch colonnades from auto transport carriageways; adjoining the opposite banks of a water reservoir or strait spanned bridges of reinforced concrete structures to ensure water exchange directly along the shores made with transport infrastructure, consisting of two auto transport carriageways with a rail track between, and inclined access ways connecting the underwater tunnel with the spanned bridges having transport infrastructure, consisting of two auto transport with a rail track between. Reinforced-concrete monolith sections of the underwater tunnel, having a two-layer covering, are laid on a base in the form of a reinforced concrete plate, serving as a balance weight for implementation of the injection strengthening of soil under the tunnel base and enlargement of the area of the tunnel supporting on the reservoir or strait bottom with a specific pressure of not more than the pressure of from soil retracted during preparation of a pit for accommodating of the two-layer base. Throughout the whole length of the tunnel along its whole perimeter and between the layers of the bottom and the base there is stretched an anti-filtration coating of geo-membrane, protected by backfilling of the tunnel side walls supported by inclined outer faces of the tunnel walls from heavy loam. Inclined accesses connecting the underwater tunnel with spanned bridges, at least on a part of their length, are made in the embankment with arrangement of the remaining part of length in the groove, relative to the bottom of a water reservoir or strait, separated from its water area on both sides by earth dams and supporting walls and by strengthened on the external slopes rock mass. Above the reinforced concrete monolith sections of the underwater tunnel in the navigable channel there is a protective reinforced concrete plate resting on backfills of side walls of the tunnel and being a bottom of the navigable channel going from which are vertically oriented conjugated abutments, which are the walls of the navigable channel.EFFECT: higher operational reliability and longer service life of the structure, simplification of construction technology and structure design.7 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for construction of transport tunnel of transition // 2586345
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to production of works in hydraulic engineering, and can be used in construction of underwater transport transitions on shallow water areas with weak bottom soils, for example, under strait and channels fairways. Construction method of transport tunnel junction includes manufacturing of prefabricated reinforced concrete sections in dry gateway dock, displacing them to place of mounting and series laying of assembled sections at water area bottom with subsequent connection sections to each other to form tunnel. At low depths and considerable thicker weak soils of water area bed in body of island (or artificial island) arranged on design tunnel route equipped with transfer chamber, acting as dry dock for simultaneous production of several assembled sections. Along profile of tunnel two guides parallel enclosing soil impermeable structures of wall in soil type are mounted. Inside barrier structures pit is made to accommodate assembled sections, base of pit is formed in form of pads from crushed stone. Displacement movement and installation by immersing to design position fabricated assembled sections of tunnel is performed from open and filled with water gate chamber by means of traction rope winches, installed and fixed on barrier structures.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of manufacture ability and reliability of construction of underwater transport tunnel junction, reducing duration of construction, reduced labour intensity and material consumption for construction.7 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for erection of multilayer walls of underwater structures // 2582683
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to erection of underground structures. Erection method of multilayer walls of underwater structures includes installation of frame from three and more panels and their separation with air layers. All three and more panels of multilayer walls are made of fibre-glass. They are bound together by adhesion to separating mounting frames with additional reinforcement using screws. Air layers between panels are connected to sources of compressed air or liquid nitrogen, which is connected to pressure sensors and (or) water detection sensors installed in air layers.EFFECT: high strength of frame structure, safer operation of destruction of panels, lower material consumption.1 cl, 1 dwg
ethod for producing manhole cover and manhole cover obtained using said method // 2582396
FIELD: processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a manhole cover with thickness of at least 10 mm, and to a method for its production. Method includes creating a mixture of reagents, which can generate polymer thermosetting material mixed fibre corresponding reinforcing material. Obtained mixture is introduced into an open mold, mold is closed by appropriate mating mold, mixture is cured, mold is opened and obtained manhole cover is extracted. Obtained cover is capable of withstanding a load at least 10 kN applied to upper face.EFFECT: producing a manhole cover made from plastic material with good mechanical properties of resistance, simple and cheap method.8 cl, 5 dwg, 2 ex

ethod for building tunnel bridge in underwater channel for overcoming shallow obstacles // 2576692
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, particularly, to underwater structures built below bed surface level. Method for construction of tunnel bridge in underwater channel for overcoming shallow crossings involves construction of underwater channel and building underwater structure on its bottom, which is covered with protective casing. Underwater structure is made in form of tunnel bridge, which is built along underwater channel with arrangement of entries and exits into/from tunnel bridge on banks of crossing; tunnel walls are made as retaining walls, which are attached to steel-concrete pillars, fixed in bottom of underwater channel, and coated with plastic sheets. Protective casing is made of steel concrete, tightly placed on retaining walls above tunnel bridge, and also covered with plastic sheets.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing security and favourable operation conditions in tunnel bridge, reduction of material and labour expenditures for tunnel bridge construction.1 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of construction of household cellar // 2573880
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method of construction of a household cellar consists in digging of a pit and construction of walls of the cellar in the form of a parallelepiped with an entrance door. Construction of the walls of the cellar in the form of a parallelepiped is performed on the ground surface, and the pit is selected in one of the corners of the walls of the cellar in the form of a parallelepiped, while in other three corners of the walls of the cellar in the form of a parallelepiped additional three pits are dug with the depth being the same as that of the first pit, with the depth accessible for human hands. Inside the space in environment of pits a crosswise pass of a step width on the earth surface to the pits is formed from the door which is located in the middle of one of walls the of the cellar in the form of a parallelepiped. Above the pits openable or removable covers with air vents are arranged.EFFECT: increase and improvement of the convenience of the use of the cellar, decrease of material consumption and labour input during construction.1 dwg

Tiered method of erection of underground facilities // 2571770
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: drillstrings are arranged with appropriately directed devices, then surface erection and submersion of the entire massif of the facility is carried out in tiers along drillstrings as along guides. The first tier of the facility comprises a technical floor and one or more above floors, and subsequent tiers consist of one or more floors. Submersion of the facility is carried out as soil is excavated in the technical floor together with barrier walls, crossbars, slabs, and extraction of soil, supply of materials and equipment is carried out via technological openings in facility slabs.EFFECT: reduced labour intensiveness and material intensity, reduction of time for erection of an underground facility, provides for higher stability of a facility during submersion and higher accuracy of facility submersion.3 cl, 8 dwg

Structure from reinforced soil // 2567578
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to structures from reinforced soil, such as retaining walls, supports for bridges and other structures. A structure from reinforced soil includes earth fill, the front wall arranged along the front surface of the structure, at least one main reinforcing element connected to the front wall and continued through the first reinforced earth fill zone arranged behind the above said front surface and at least one secondary reinforcing element disconnected from the front wall and continued in the second reinforced earth fill zone, which has a common part together with the first above said reinforced zone. The secondary reinforcing element is continued into the earth fill to the distance that is generally shorter than the main reinforcing element, relative to the front surface and in which stiffness of the secondary reinforcing element is higher than or equal to stiffness of the main reinforcing element.EFFECT: improvement of carrying capacity and stability of reinforced structures, provision of uniform load transfer in the body of the structure.13 cl, 8 dwg

Subway station erection method (yurkevich(s method) // 2565314
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to erection of subway stations in vertical soil openings with depth of more than 15 m and can also be used for erection of shallow buried underground structures of complex and special configuration. An erection method of a subway station is implemented in a vertical soil opening at several stages. At the first stage, advance erection of external walls and intermediate columns arranged in soil cavities is performed; at further stages, installation of a covering and roofing is performed with alternation of their installation with tier-by-tier soil development in the opening. In the covering and the roofing rectangular transverse and longitudinal openings in a plan view are made, which are congruent in a vertical plane to the soil opening; transverse openings with overall dimensions (A)×(B) are arranged above the roofing of the passenger platform; longitudinal openings with overall dimensions (Fa)×(Ea) in the covering, (Fa)×(Eb) and (Fb)×(Eb) in the roofing are arranged in the middle bay of the cross-section of the station in zones of immediate installation of escalator groups and on end faces of the station. At the last stage, erection of internal structures, installation of process equipment and structural rework of the openings is performed.EFFECT: compensation of excess out-of-limit destructive loads for the period of fencing and reinforcement of the opening at use of a semi-closed construction method with minimisation of amount and burial and/or cross-section of pile parts of intermediate columns in soil cavities, and lower labour intensity and material consumption.4 cl, 24 dwg

Single-vault multilevel subway station and method of its construction (p.b. yurkevich's design) // 2562359
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: single-vault multilevel subway station is characterized by structurally connected internal bearing structures, external walls, a base plate, coatings and floorings implemented as flat non-hinged coating vault and flooring vaults with circular multicenter internal unified contour and external linear horizontal contour. The floorings vaults are hingedly supported by external walls and are fitted with elongated pads.EFFECT: ensuring static and dynamic performance of the structure, ensuring expansion of volumes and dimensions of free active underground space of the subway station for increase of efficiency of its use, decrease of labour input and material capacity.12 cl, 51 dwg

Hatch cover of inspection pit // 2562305
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention describes a hatch cover of an inspection pit with a device of a load-carrying structure, which includes force distributing ribs for maintenance of the cover surface of the cover, which is made so that movement on it can be performed, and a force distributing cylinder (preferably hollow) located in the centre and intended to support force distributing ribs. A force distributing plate for unloading of the force distributing cylinder covers the lower side of the force distributing cylinder relative to the cover surface, and force distributing ribs are smoothly changed over to the plate.EFFECT: improvement of a structure.15 cl, 4 dwg

Tunnel and method of its erection // 2558551
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely, to erection of tunnels in an embankment mass under the existing transport traffic artery. The method of tunnel erection, preferably in the embankment mass under the existing traffic artery includes formation of a protective screen in the embankment mass by means of alternate punching of lengthy elements with a hydraulic pressing plant, and elements are connected to each other by lock joints, additional strengthening of the structure, excavation in the erected tunnel volume, concreting and finishing. First they install an auxiliary support frame on the site, on it, using lengthy elements, connecting them by lock joints, they assemble outside the embankment mass the structure of the protective screen, which follows the contour of the erected tunnel. Then lengthy elements are punched in a shuttle manner, starting from the lower one, serially punching each of them into the embankment mass first at the first set depth, for instance, for travel of the piston of the hydraulic pressing plant, at the same time they move the working element of the hydraulic pressing plant to each subsequent adjacent lengthy element first in one direction along the protective screen structure, and then in reverse direction, punching each lengthy element for another piston travel, and shuttle movement of the specified working element to complete punching of all lengthy elements of the protective screen structure to the standard place in the embankment mass.EFFECT: increased tunnel strength, as well as reliability and tightness of lock joints, reduced deformation of lengthy elements of the protective screen of the tunnel during their punching.9 cl, 5 dwg

Combined cable gallery and methods of its building (versions) // 2551549
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: underground combined cable gallery for cable lines of different voltage classes consists of, at least, two chambers and, at least, two top and bottom tunnels connecting them and located in parallel one above another along the vertical line at a distance in clear minimum 0.5 m. Each of chambers is divided by floorings, at least, into two or more floors and partitions the number of which depends from the number of cable lines of different voltage classes passing through the chamber.EFFECT: improvement of reliability of urban power supply system functioning, shortening time of laying of cable lines of different voltage at minimum land allotment, ensuring the maximum safety of surrounding buildings and communications.7 cl, 2 ex, 2 dwg

Tunnel from cellular and box-shaped tongue-and-groove structures // 2550608
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: tunnel mainly for construction in an embankment body under the operating traffic artery comprises the protecting screen from extended elements, each of which contains a pair of elements of the lock connections welded on the surfaces of the adjacent extended elements joined among themselves with formation of a spatial structure reproducing the tunnel contour. Each extended element of the protective screen is designed from H-beam and fitted with an additional pair of elements of lock connections. Elements of lock connections are made from lock part of the steel rolling tongue with the lock providing the possibility of mutual relative rotation of the elements connected in the lock to the pre-set limited angle and fixed on one on longitudinal edges of flanges of the named H-beam.EFFECT: increase of own bearing ability of the protective screen, strength and reliability of its structure, reduction of deformation of extended elements at failure due to increase of their rigidity.13 cl, 9 dwg

Fastening bracket of road inspection chamber, appropriate assembly, road inspection chamber and method // 2545215
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a bracket (36) for a road inspection chamber. It comprises a facility (56) for a road inspection chamber. The bracket (36) comprises a retaining leg (60), made as capable of detachable connection of the bracket (36) with the element of the road inspection chamber via a receiving cavity (40), made in the element of the road inspection chamber, by means of connection due to mutual complementing of shapes. It is used to fix brackets on plugs of inspection chamber covers. The method to fix an auxiliary accessory (38) on the road inspection chamber, including stages, at which: the retaining leg (60) is laid onto a plug (14); the retaining leg (60) is deepened on the plug (14) to create the receiving cavity (40); the retaining leg (60) is inserted via the cavity (40) and rotated it to fix the bracket (36) on the plug (14); the auxiliary accessory is fixed on the fixation facility (56).EFFECT: simplified installation of an auxiliary accessory on an inspection chamber.22 cl, 18 dwg

Lining element with its inherent compressibility // 2544346
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: lining element for reinforced structures of soil comprises the first lining subelement, comprising a connection element made as capable of connection of a reinforcing element with the first lining subelement, the second lining subelement, a binding device, in which the first and second lining subelements are divided with a clearance and connected together with the binding device, so that the first and second lining subelements preserve permanent relative position.EFFECT: increased bearing capacity and reliability.14 cl, 4 dwg

ulti-component block of retaining wall // 2544203
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely, to erection of a retaining wall from blocks. A mortarless retaining wall formed by a row of composite blocks of the retaining walls laid onto each other in rows, besides, each block comprises a face module with a front facet forming a part of the visible surface of the retaining wall. The face module is equipped with two elements of a lock device. An anchor module with two elements of the lock device, in their shape coupled with elements of the lock device of the face module. The anchor module is in contact with soil, which is retained by the retaining wall. The anchor module and the face module have upper and lower support planes, besides, the upper support plane is matched with the lower support plane of the above laid block, support planes are mainly arranged as flat, capable of resisting shifting forces between adjacent blocks, shifting forces arise from the action of soil at the block retained by the retaining wall. The anchor module and face module are engaged by means of appropriate elements of the lock device to form a block, besides, the anchor module and the face module, being engaged, form a hollow volume limited by inner walls of the anchor module and the face module, which stretches along the vertical line from the upper support plane to the lower support plane. Engagement of elements of the lock device of each anchor module and each face module is untight, permitting limited relative shifts between the specified anchor module and the specified face module without damage to engagement.EFFECT: provision of stability of a retaining wall, increased bearing capacity.30 cl, 13 dwg

Georeinforcing system based on tyres // 2541993
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, in particular to elements for ground reinforcement. A georeinforcing element comprises the first tyre tread, the second tyre tread and a tyre sidewall, designed with a possibility to connect the first tyre tread and the second tyre tread, besides the first portion of tyre sidewall is attached to the first tyre tread, and the second portion of tyre sidewall is attached to the second tyre tread. The first tread block, located at the end of the first tyre tread is designed to provide the area of a contact surface for the first portion of tyre sidewall and join the first portion of tyre sidewall to the first tyre tread. The second tread block, located at the end of the second tyre tread is designed to provide the area of a contact surface for the second portion of tyre sidewall and join the second portion of tyre sidewall to the second tyre tread.EFFECT: ensuring the reliability of reinforcement, reducing the consumption of materials and labour intensity.16 cl, 28 dwg

ethod to install pipe canal under northern conditions // 2539043
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: installation of a pipe canal along the water reservoir bottom provides for completion of preparatory and main stages of its erection. At the first stage hydraulic insulation of the pipe canal is done. Then water impermeable elements - reservoirs - are placed on its surface. These reservoirs are filled with a hardened hydrophobic composition, for instance, a thermally oxidised mixture of soil and oil. Excavation is done in the bottom sediments of the trench. Helical piles are installed in it. The thermally oxidised mixture of soil and oil is injected into cavities of piles. Bottom sediments adjoining the piles are strengthened. The pipe canal towing, lowering, installation and fixation to piles is one, as well as trench filling with bottom sediments.EFFECT: invention provides for durability and safety of pipe canal operation in northern regions.2 dwg

Erection of tunnels in structurally unstable soils with karst phenomena and/or boil processes // 2537711
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises erection of forepoling along shotwall contour. Wells of the first type are drilled along contour of shotwall with said soils, injectors are fitted in every said well to inject solidifying mortar to well bed so that first contour of forepoling is produced from at least one layer of solidifying elements and compacted soil there between. Said first-type wells are arranged so that, at injection, intersecting zones of compacted soil are formed between adjacent wells. Solidifying elements hardened, second-type wells are drilled around forepoling first contour. Solidifying mortar is injected to well walls to make, over the forepoling height, a protective massif of one or several lines of elements intersecting in horizontal. Then, third-type wells are made with their bottoms to be arranged in imaginary cylindrical or elliptic surface above forepoling zone and thereunder. Hear, solidifying mortar in injected into plies of soil located under third-type well bottoms to produce cylindrical or elliptic roof above forepoling zone and thereunder composed by one or more lies of flat-parallel elements intersecting in horizontal to make a geological massif. Soil above said roof plies is additionally compacted by drilling fourth-type wells to inject there through said solidifying mortar into natural cavities and fractures formed in geological massif formation. Mortar can be composed of stock mix containing siliceous component, gas-forming agent, liquid sodium glass and sodium oxide hydrate solution, or simple sand-cement mortar. Said mortar is injected in resilient shells prefilled in said first- and third-type wells in soils with boil processes and second-type wells in extreme lines from forepoling.EFFECT: forepoling over shotwall contour, higher reliability of soil massif.6 cl, 4 dwg

Construction method of deep-laid double-arched underground station // 2536539
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction industry and can be used at construction of undergrounds immediately at construction of a deep-laid double-arched underground station. An installation method of a deep-laid double-arched underground station, which involves driving of side supporting tunnels, construction of side supports in them, development of calotte slots, installation of upper arches with partial removal of liner of the side supporting tunnels, development of a station core, underpinning of inverted arches and installation of internal structures with an island platform, differs by the fact that the deep-laid double-arched underground station is constructed in the scope of a single-arched underground station; side supporting tunnels and a middle supporting tunnel is constructed, liner is mounted in it and an upper supporting member is installed into it, which is common for upper arches of the station, and a pre-fabricated reinforced-concrete strip foundation made in the form of a flat tray having planes of interface to the inverted arches of the station, then, in the side supporting tunnels there constructed are side supports with anchor support, which have a possibility of avoiding rotation of side supports during installation of upper arches; the middle part of the common load-carrying support is mounted with its further concreting throughout the station length, at the same time, in the upper part of the side supporting tunnels and the middle supporting tunnel the liner is removed, calotte slots of station tunnels are driven with installation of upper arches and partial removal of the liner of side supporting tunnels and the liner of the middle supporting tunnel; the core is developed in each station tunnel; liners of side supporting tunnels and the liner of the middle supporting tunnel is removed; soil is excavated for installation of inverted arches; inverted arches are built in both station tunnels and internal structures with an island platform are constructed.EFFECT: improvement of use coefficient of underground working, reduction of labour costs and material consumption, as well as construction due date.7 dwg

Pier // 2535726
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: pier is a linear gravitational hydraulic structure located on the coast of the Arctic seas, mainly in lower reaches of navigable rivers. The pier is designed in the form of an ice platform 1 of a rectangular section, placed on the sea bottom. The pier is equipped with wind-capture electric power plants 10 of a tower type located on the shore, liquid cooling and air cooling systems in the form of pass channels 2. The pier is additionally equipped with a thermo-fluid insulating screen 7, placed on the platform surface 1, and a solid floor covering 8 in the form of flat elements of a rectangular shape in plan, arranged at an angle of 45°C to the longitudinal axis of the platform. The platform 1 is designed with slopes at side edges, located at the level of calved ice. The liquid cooling system is designed of interconnected atmospheric cold storage batteries 3, 4 of cooling pipelines 5, 6 and consumers of a coolant 9. The cooling pipelines are arranged along the slopes and under the thermo-fluid insulating screen 7.EFFECT: increased strength, stability, reliability and durability of the ice structure.6 dwg

Element of lining for use in structure with stabilised soil // 2534285
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lining element for use in a structure with stabilised soil. A lining element for use in a structure with stabilised soil comprises a facade surface and a rear surface stretching in longitudinal direction along the axis X and in vertical direction along the axis Z, the body between the facade and the rear surfaces, besides, the body comprises at least a hollow part with a hole on the rear surface, in which there is a cylindrical core at least partially located and strongly connected to the body for formation of a zone of fixation for a fill reinforcement strip. At the same time the cylindrical core stretches substantially in parallel to the longitudinal axis X, and its cross section in the plane (Y, Z), perpendicular to the plane (X, Z), comprises two continuous parts separated by an imaginary straight line in direction of the axis Z, at the same time the first part has a continuously reducing size along the axis Y from the imaginary straight line to the end part, substantially in direction opposite to the rear surface of the lining element. The second part has a permanent and/or continuously reducing size from the imaginary straight line to the end part in direction to the rear surface, at the same time: L2 ≥ 1.1 × d1; A ≥ 0.24 × d1 2; where: L2 is the distance between the end part of the first part and the rear surface measured in direction of the axis Y; d1 is the width of the cylindrical core measured in direction of the axis X in the end part of the first part; A is the area of the cross section of the cylindrical core in the plane.EFFECT: increased bending strength of a lining element core.15 cl, 13 dwg

Landslide protection structure // 2531986
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: landslide protection structure comprises a protective wall built from gabions. It has an additional prefabricated stiff spatial structure assembled from intragabion frames connected to each other by vertical and horizontal connectors, which is fixed on piles driven into rocks that are not prone to landslides.EFFECT: provision of development of a reliable landslide protection structure with an increased bearing capacity.3 dwg

Road viewing device // 2530098
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: road viewing device includes a frame, limiting a mouth, plug, comprising a locking plate, disposed in the plane of the plate, the first hinge equipped with the first cam and first counter-cam, designed with possibility to direct the plug between the unlocked opened position and closed position, and safety means, preventing lift of the plug in a closed position in the direction perpendicular to the plane of the plate. The safety means comprise the first safety element and the first safety counter element. The road viewing device comprises the first supporting bracket to be connected to the frame and comprising the first cam and the first safety element.EFFECT: development of device for inspection hatches of access to telecommunication networks.12 cl, 13 dwg

Protective system for shoreline // 2529741
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a protective system, in particular to the protective system intended for preservation and restoration of the shoreline. The protective system (1) comprises a gabion having opposite side walls (13, 15) interconnected at regular intervals along the length of the gabion by several separating walls (7, 9), and the gaps between neighbouring pairs of partition walls (7, 9) bound together with the side walls at least one separate compartment (7) of the gabion. At least one separate compartment of the gabion is bounded by respective opposite side walls or opposite parts of the side walls in the respective opposite side walls. The partition walls are hingedly connected to the side walls, and the separate compartment of the gabion extends from it outwardly with at least partial converging of panels of the open frame (21), forming in whole or in part the protruding compartment (5) of the gabion. The method of preservation or restoration the shoreline comprises the following steps, including creation of the above-mentioned protective system; at least partial filling at least one compartment with the filling material, preferably sand, stones and/or vegetation; at least partial filling the protruding compartment with oyster shells, and performing at least partial facing the shoreline with the protective system.EFFECT: protective system is used for changing the direction of the wave energy, especially sea wave energy, to preserve the shoreline, as well as for restoration the shoreline.36 cl, 11 dwg

Road device, namely, hatch with frame and bolt equipped with reverse relative to frame, providing for closed position of bolt in frame // 2526924
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention relates to road devices, namely, to hatches with a frame and a bolt, capable of flapping back relative to the frame for provision of closed position of the bolt in the frame. According to the invention, a self-retaining lever of the device has one of ends movably installed on the frame, and may slide in the slot of the guide so that the end of the support may rest against a fixed limiter of the frame during movement of the bolt into the position, in which the hole of the frame is closed to cause bolt reverse and allow for the latter to correctly close the hole of this frame.EFFECT: invention finds application in the field of road construction.14 cl, 14 dwg

Protection of vent against unauthorised access // 2524589
FIELD: oil-and-gas industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises digging the access trench for shaft consisting of top and bottom parts. Shaft is mounted at pipeline by welding its top and bottom parts to pipeline and joints are sealed. Equipment is mounted inside said shaft to be closed tightly by the cover equipped with lock and means to prevent sparking at erection and dismantling. Said trench is filled with easy-to-excavate soil to be coated with the main soil to conceal the shaft.EFFECT: efficient concealment of the shaft.4 cl, 5 dwg

Landslide protection work // 2524225
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to structures, providing fight with landslide events at the facilities of a gas transmission system and other facilities of a industrial infrastructure. A landslide protection work includes a protective wall built of gabions. It is equipped with a telemetry complex consisting of a data collection and transmission unit with an antenna, as well as a device for tracking of the gabion movement, which consists of a column divided into measurement modules, hinges and an anchor, performing the function of fixation of the device due to its installation into the rocks, not subject to landslide phenomena.EFFECT: technical result consists in providing the controlled state of the wall position, providing the timely solution, excluding the initiation of emergency situations.1 dwg

Reinforced earthwork structure // 2521375
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, in particular to construction of reinforced earthwork structures. A building construction contains a facing, a filling from the back side of the facing, synthetic reinforced strips distributed in the filling, and a coupling system between the reinforced strips and the filling. The coupling system comprises fastening means in the form of a continuous closed loop. Each fastening mean has two first areas for coupling with the facing and two second areas alternate with the first areas along the length of the closed loop form, extending to the back surface of the facing, where they are bent in the opposite direction to form two loops, inside which there is at least one reinforcing strip.EFFECT: increase of the structure reliability, reduction of materials consumption and the structure labour intensity.15 cl, 10 dwg

Gabion retaining wall // 2520689
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: gabion retaining wall includes stones, arranged in a grid frame with hexagonal cells. The stones, filling the space of the grid frame, are artificial and previously made of concrete. A glass-cloth with lining along the perimeter is stacked between the layers of stones inside the gabion in a horizontal plane over the entire height. The artificial stones have preferably cubic or prismatic shape and may be packed in columns or with displacement in layers. Such technical solution will prevent the thrust of the gabion retaining wall and will significantly increase the height. Large effect will be achieved if the glass-cloth will be glued to the contacted layers of stones.EFFECT: increase of the bearing capacity and efficiency.6 cl, 6 dwg