Caissons and construction or placing of caissons (E02D23)

E   Fixed constructions(159173)
E02D23                 Caissons; construction or placing of caissons (tunnels submerged into or built in open water e02d0029063000)(70)

ethod of repairing pipeline in flooded area and caisson for its implementation // 2631473
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: at least four caissons are delivered to the site of a selective repair and are sequentially mounted on a pipe upside down by means of support rollers, fixed to the pipe by a belt, then the caissons are set in the working position by turning them by 180. From the caisson sluices and the working space of the chambers, water is pumped by a pump. In the first caisson, the pipe section is cleaned of the old insulation. In the second caisson, corrosion foci are removed from the area cleaned of the old insulation, small repairs of the pipe surface are made, and flaw detection is performed. In the third caisson, the pipeline section is blown and dried, and a protective coating is applied to it. In the fourth caisson, the output quality control of the coating is carried out, double blowing and drying of the treated pipe section are carried out. The column of caissons is moved along the pipe, and the described cycle of works is repeated on the next section of the pipe in the first, second, third, and fourth caissons until defects are eliminated throughout the pipeline, after which the caissons are dismantled. Wherein, at the initial stage, the works are performed only in the first caisson, and the column is moved, then the works are performed in the first and the second caisson, then in the first, the second and the third caisson, and then in each caisson. The design of the caisson is also proposed.EFFECT: high-quality and eco-friendly repair without lifting the pipe above the water mirror due to the consistent performance of works in several caissons.5 cl, 3 dwg
Underwater production system with support tower of structure for production in arctic // 2583028
FIELD: oil industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a system and method for subsea hydrocarbon extraction operations in a marine environment. Method is carried out using a corresponding system, comprising an elongated truss having a first end and an opposite second end, first end comprising a base located close to seabed. At second end of truss structure of system there is a landing deck configured to receive and detachably fix a floating rig and located below water surface at a sufficient distance to prevent contact with floating ice. System also includes a fluid storage cell located on seabed near base of the truss, wherein one of one or more cells is a storage cell for hydrocarbon fluids for receiving hydrocarbon fluids. System comprises subsea equipment for operation, located above seabed and near second end truss under landing deck, equipment and underwater operation performed fluidly communicating with storage cells of hydrocarbon fluids. Method, carried out with help of said system, includes choosing a platform in marine environment for work on hydrocarbon production, installing cell storage of hydrocarbon fluids to seafloor at selected site; transporting elongated truss to selected site; setting truss in marine environment; transporting supporting structure; installing a support structure; establishing a landing deck; transporting to a floating drilling rig to selected site; performing removable fixing of floating drilling rig on landing deck truss; connecting hydrocarbon transportation lines to create fluid communication. With said system, method is carried out for moving floating drilling rig in marine environment from marine area in which detection is performed for movement of ice cover in marine environment, and disconnecting rig from tower support. Tower support includes an elongated truss, landing deck, located 20 meters (66 feet) below water surface, and above subsea production equipment. Method also includes temporary redeployment of a drilling rig to a new site in marine environment for care of moving ice and returning rig to landing deck of support tower production facilities after passage of ice cover of sea area.EFFECT: technical result is to create an improved tower arctic support, accelerating deployment of production activities in sea.41 cl, 11 dwg

Padding structure // 2555721
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to padding structures for placement of object on a seabed or river bed. The padding structure for placement of an object installed on a padding structure, on a seabed or river bed containing at least one unseparable motionless buoyancy device and at least one unseparable mobile buoyancy device with variable buoyancy and the hard control surface, and the unseparable mobile buoyancy device is designed with a possibility of movement with reference to the unseparable mobile buoyancy device for change of the position of the hard control surface and control of the position of the buoyancy center with reference to the position of the center of gravity.EFFECT: technical result consists in improvement of stability of a padding structure, ensuring controllability at immersion or emersion due to control of position of the buoyancy center with reference to the position of the center of gravity.30 cl, 21 dwg

Repair of pipeline with help of sealing chamber // 2554693
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and repair of pipelines extending over water obstacles. This method comprises installation of rotary sealing chamber (further referred to as chamber) by coupler to contact with pipeline, attachment by yokes to pipeline, turning through 180 degrees, spacing and washing out. Then, chamber top part is placed on bottom one and bolted thereto via seal washers. Chamber is locked in soil with help of ballast weights and bedding. Shaft is place atop the chamber top part vertically with allowance for pipeline lengthwise inclination at shaft installation section. Required number and depth of shaft sections are selected with allowance for possible build-up of water. Then, chamber wall flanges are sealed as well as circular holes gaps, soil is removed and water is pumped from the chamber by subsurface pump. Water is pumped off during the entire working cycle.EFFECT: safe repair works, accelerated repair.3 dwg

Erection of sealed chamber for pipeline repair // 2527926
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in repair of oil pipelines laid in marshlands, overwetted or loose sands. In compliance with this process, repair chamber semi-cylinder bottom is fitted on pipeline from above and provided with arched cut-outs at ends and swing-out mechanism including two grippers arranged at bottom ends, each comprising two hinged gripping elements with rollers. Note here that said bottom is mounted with its arched cut-out directed downward. Then bottom swing-out mechanism is locked by pipeline grippers by making said rollers contact with its surface to turn the bottom through 180 degrees. Then, chamber box-like case with arched cut-outs is fitted in pipeline to align the latter with bottom cut-outs for case and bottom to be tightly coupled together. Now, clearances between pipeline and chamber are sealed at both arched cut-outs.EFFECT: ease of erection.3 cl, 4 dwg

Underwater complex for repair of underwater pipelines // 2481438
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: underwater complex for repair of underwater pipelines comprises a caisson, having a chamber in the form of a box with an open bottom and with two holes of round shape in two opposite side walls for installation on the pipeline and sealing on it at the edges of the specified holes, a mounting frame designed for placement of the caisson on it, connected with facilities of its fixation relative to the soil and having tube grips arranged at both sides of the caisson, and grips are arranged as capable of fixation on the pipeline. The mounting frame is made of four pairwise connected pipes, pairs of pipes are arranged at opposite sides of the caisson along its solid side walls, and pipes of each pair are connected by their ends with tube grips. On two opposite side walls of the caisson chamber there are arc cuts made and folds installed so that whenever folds are closed on each of the specified side walls there is the specified hole of the round shape, edges of each hole in the form of semicircumference is formed by the upper part of the arc cut, and edges of the hole in the form of a quarter of the circumference are arranged on each of the folds, at the same time at edges of each hole there are sealing facilities made as capable of adjacency to the outer surface of the pipeline with formation of a wet bell chamber.EFFECT: development of a reliable dismountable structure providing for repair of an underwater pipeline by method of replacement of a defect section of a pipeline, safe and comfortable work of divers.11 cl, 4 dwg

Pipe cap with manipulator // 2442926
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices which can be used for repair of operating bare areas of oil, gas, water pipes. The device is a cap with manipulator inserted into the cap. The cap consists of at least two pivotally connected segments made with possibility to squeeze emergency pipeline. At this the cap includes ring seals, pipeline for supply of grouting mixtures and discharge of pumped material. Manipulator includes frame made of self-forwarding supports, lengthwise and crosswise elements ensuring movement of moving elements. At this the moving elements are made so that they can be held and move lengthwise, crosswise and vertical directions of the cap and equipment simplifying installation of the cap. Device can comprise enclosure to mount entombment.EFFECT: ensures possibility to repair pipelines at any depth without dead time of pipeline system, simplifies technology of repair excluding necessity to use additional equipment.11 cl, 19 dwg

Device for performance of maintenance and repair work on pipeline under water // 2381410
FIELD: construction industry.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to devices for maintenance and repair work on underwater pipelines. Device contains: hollow casing; inside casing there are turning bottom in shape of cylinder courses with longitudinal cutouts and supporting build-ups on ends enveloping pipeline; facility for bottom turning with respect to casing around pipeline; centering skids with cables for descent under water and installation of device on pipeline and for removal of ellipse form of pipeline in zone of its contact with device; facility for fixation of pipeline ends upon cutout of defective area; facility for stripping of turning bottom with respect to casing upon removal of device; bulkhead in form of dismountable service well and service platform. Packing of clearance between casing and turning bottom is performed using sealant which fills cavities formed by grooves made in boards welded to casing and turning bottom throughout perimetre. Mounting fits between device and pipeline is sealed using split seals of special section which form cavities filled with sealant. Sealant is delivered to cavities under pressure. Contact of turning bottom with casing is performed on the principle of slide bearings.EFFECT: speedup and cheapening of maintenance and repair work on underwater pipelines, enhancement of reliability and safety.15 cl, 8 dwg

Caisson for repair of underwater pipelines // 2342492
FIELD: construction, pipeline.SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to construction and repair of lineal part of transit pipelines, mostly underwater. Caisson for repair of underwater pipelines contains a case - shaped chamber with open bottom and one of the lateral walls, in two other opposite side walls whereof there are segmental grooves arch radius whereof corresponds to the radius of the repaired pipeline providing a possibility of adhesion of the chamber to the outer surface of the pipeline along the forming lines and circular arcs forming a diving - bell, a fixture holding the chamber of the pipeline and a fixture holding the chamber against the ground connected with the chamber turning around the axis of the pipeline.EFFECT: quick and good quality repair of gas pipelines without powerful weight-lifting equipment.3 dwg

Caisson for underwater pipeline repair // 2291936
FIELD: foundations, excavations, embankments, particularly caissons able to be floated on water and to be lowered into water in situ.SUBSTANCE: caisson comprises chamber with stiffening ribs. The chamber includes two releasable parts, namely upper and lower ones. Caisson also has working shaft, replaceable rings and releasable replaceable yokes. The stiffening ribs are arranged inside the chamber. Replaceable rings are formed of shells connected with each other by annular ribs. Sealing packing between pipeline and replaceable rings with crimp packing barrels is formed of flexible sheet rubber material. Releasable yokes are installed on lower chamber part so that the yokes may be displaced relatively replaceable rings in radial direction. Flanges with dog-bolts and nuts are arranged at upper and lower chamber parts and extend along joint perimeter. Sealing gaskets of flange connections, which connect upper and lower chamber parts and shaft sections with each other and with coaming of upper chamber part, are formed of sheet air-free rubber material having increased wear strength. The sealing gaskets are flush-mounted in one flange.EFFECT: increased caisson strength and reduced labor inputs for caisson connection and disconnection from pipeline.3 cl, 8 dwg

The caisson for repair of underwater pipelines // 2203360
The invention relates to the construction and repair of the linear part of the pipeline, mainly under water

A device for temporarily holding an offshore drilling rig in the arctic shelf // 2092654
The invention relates to hydraulic structures (artificial Islands), mainly to exploration and production offshore drilling units (MBU)

Submersible mobile caisson with ice resistance for offshore oil drilling in the arctic // 2064553
The invention relates to the oil industry, and more precisely relates to a submersible mobile caisson with ice resistance and intended for use in the waters of the open ocean to difficult ice conditions, do not have ice resistance mobile offshore drilling and oil-producing plants

ethod of towing shell afloat // 2064032
The invention relates to the field of hydraulic engineering construction and can be used in the construction of various structures gravity