Pressure galleries or pressure conduits and galleries specially adapted to house pressure conduits and means specially adapted for use therewith, e.g. housings, valves, gates (E02B9/06)

E   Fixed constructions(158735)
E02B9/06                     Pressure galleries or pressure conduits; galleries specially adapted to house pressure conduits; means specially adapted for use therewith, e.g. housings, valves, gates (driving inclined galleries e21d0009020000; valves in general f16k; conduits in general f16l)(370)

Hydrotechnical deferent tunnel with reinforced concrete lining // 2613461
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: hydrotechnical deferent tunnel with reinforced concrete lining is designed as a working 1 in the rock with a cross section in the form of a figure of a constant width and in contact with the bearing reinforced concrete lining 2 with the external and the internal surfaces made in the cross-section in the form of a figure with a constant width. The cross-sections of the working 1, of the external surface in contact therewith, and of the internal surface of the reinforced concrete lining 2 are made in the form of a Reuleaux triangle. One of the coinciding corners 3 of the Reuleaux triangle of the working 1, the external and internal surfaces of the reinforced concrete lining 2 is located in the vault portion 4 of the tunnel with the reinforced concrete lining.EFFECT: increasing the strength, stability and reliability of the hydrotechnical deferent tunnel in complex engineering geological and seismic conditions.1 dwg

Pressure rounded tunnel for hydroelectric power plants // 2611718
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: pressure rounded tunnel for hydroelectric power plants comprises the pit 3 with the angles and with the acquis in the tunnel rock and the tunnel lining 2 with expansion joints located opposite the corners in the form of longitudinal slots 5 with the seal 6 at the bottom of each slot. Bases of longitudinal slots 5 for joints are located in the outer layer of lining 2. The pit 3 lining and the surface of the concrete lining 2 contacting it with are made in cross section in the form of Reuleaux triangle with the corners 4, wherein one of corners 4 of Reuleaux triangle is oriented vertically upwards, forming a dome part of the pit 3. The expansion joints are located opposite all three corners 4 of Reuleaux triangle.EFFECT: increase of strength, stability and reliability of performance of pressure tunnels of hydropower stations in critical geological and seismic conditions.1 dwg

Hydraulic structure attachable de-icing coating (versions) // 2603035
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: hydraulic structure 1 attachable de-icing coating, for example, HPP grooves and gates is implemented in 2 versions. Plate 2, 3 of polymer anti-adhesive material coating based on ultra-high molecular polyethylene with molecular weight of not less than 3 million carbon units with addition of from 2 to 4 % of either molybdenum disulphide, or titanium dioxide, or from 5 to 10 % of graphite, having increased linear expansion coefficient, are fixed on structure with temperature gaps. Plate fastening is made without gaps in one fixation point either by one fixation line with T-shaped grooves and clamps, in other plate attachment areas enabling possibility of its thermal expansion or shrinkage by making fastening seats elongated, diverging from fixation hole or by extended performance of grooves or performing grippers with moving plates. Flexibility range in each assembly is 0.014…0.02 from remoteness to center or fixation axis. Adjacent plates edges have chamfers forming angle of no less than 40°.EFFECT: under thermal compression and expansion of plates icing peels off, reducing damage from icing.7 cl, 16 dwg

River hydropower plant // 2588165
FIELD: hydropower.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic power engineering and specifically to hydroelectric power plants. Proposed technical solution for hydro-electric power station installed at small and medium rivers is characterised by that the installed on them active hydraulic turbines are used to generate energy due to dynamic head. Creation of velocity head is made by narrowing of riverbed using soil bridge in the form of truncated cone 1. To prevent a wash the new river shores and bottom are reinforced within the range of truncated cone. At the outlet of truncated cone water intake 2 is made also having truncated cone shape. Water intake is connected to turbine pipeline 3 connected with taps 4 to nozzles of ladle hydraulic turbine. At the intersection of rivers with automobile or railway roads, when pipes are installed instead of bridges for passage of river water flow, which also results in bed narrowing, enhancement of water flow rate and concentration of kinetic energy to the outlet holes, the water intake in the form of truncated cone is mounted and connected to the turbine pipeline connected to outlets of nozzles of ladle turbine. In case of short-term increase of water level in river as a result of shower, flood, reduced load, emergency excessive consumption of water is drained into river bed bypassing the water intake. Throughout the length of river at some distance may be installed several hydro-electric power stations (cascade) with automatic remote control from single control panel. Such hydro-electric power stations can be connected to a network or operate under autonomous mode.EFFECT: high rate of water flow as a result of concentration provides year-round operation of small hydro-electric power stations.1 cl, 4 dwg

Corrugate tubing of load-carrying structures in underground channels, method to form load-carrying barrier structure of underground channel and method to repair defect load-carrying barrier structure of underground channel // 2458225
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: corrugate tubing for load-carrying structures of underground channels comprises a corrugate metal sheet of a rectangular shape in plan, made with perforated holes on a part of the surface and having side and end stiffening ribs. At the same time stiffening ribs along the perimetre of the specified sheet are arranged in the form of metal plates arranged perpendicularly to the sheet and welded to its edges with adjacency of corrugation ends to the side surface of two oppositely arranged plates. Besides, in the specified plates there are holes for fastening bolts, and perforated holes are arranged to inject a mortar to fill cavities between corrugate metal sheets and the surface of the underground channel or the defect load-carrying barrier structure.EFFECT: reduced weight and dimension of a tubing, lower labour intensiveness and timing of construction.3 dwg

ethod to increase reliability and durability of steel reinforced concrete turbine water conduit // 2433222
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: turbine water conduit comprises an internal metal shell and an external reinforced concrete lining covered with a network of cracks of various sizes. The water conduit is located in a bottom face of a concrete dam and is rigidly fixed to the dam. The water conduit is equipped with a protective coating, which is made by application of a heat-insulating paint layer (liquid heat-insulation material) on the external surface of the reinforced concrete lining, which ensures, due to heat-insulation of reinforced concrete lining against atmospheric air, improved stressed-deformed condition of the turbine water conduit, and due to hydraulic insulation - protection of reinforced concrete lining against damaging exposure of atmospheric water. The heat-insulation paint is applied with the turbine water conduit filled with discharge water, which ensures opening of cracks on the surface of the reinforced concrete lining with its pressure.EFFECT: high efficiency of increasing reliability of an operated steel reinforced concrete turbine water conduit.3 cl, 3 dwg

Sealing of movement joint of steel reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete) pipeline sections // 2422585
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: sealing of a movement joint of steel reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete) pipeline sections is arranged in a cavity at the inner side of the pipeline and comprises a metal bearing element and a flexible sealing element attached to a metal lining of sections that adjoin the joint. The bearing element is arranged in the form of separate rods located at the distance from each other with compensators in their middle part, installed in an expanded part of the joint and directed towards the outer side of the pipeline. Ends of rods are connected to each other by means of circular elements fixed to the metal lining of pipeline sections adjacent to the joint. At the same time the flexible sealing element is arranged according to the shape of the bearing element rods.EFFECT: high tightness of a sealing and increased reliability of its operation.8 cl, 8 dwg

Design of discharge composite reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete) water conduits in soft soils // 2413053
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: in suggested design of discharge composite reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete) filled water conduits, arranged at slope of soft soils, consisting of separate sections and having a cog in basement part of sections, cog arranged in basement part of each section arranged at top side with ledge having horizontal surface, onto which basement part of end section rests of above-arranged adjacent section, in which the basement part in zone of rest is arranged as horizontal. Horizontal surface of cog ledge is arranged with coating with low indices of shift resistance.EFFECT: increased operational reliability.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for tunnel lining forming // 2277147
FIELD: hydraulic structure building and repair, particularly to construct and repair power tunnels of hydroelectric plant.SUBSTANCE: method involves forming concrete tunnel lining; consolidating ground around concrete liner by injecting grouting mortar in rock and forming damping layer between concrete lining and grouted ground. Damping layer forming between concrete lining and ground is created after tunnel filling with water under working pressure and after concrete lining curing under water pressure for 1.5-2 years. After that water is discharged and gaps between concrete lining and grouted ground are detected. Damping layer is created by plugging space beyond the lining by injecting resilient grouting mortar in spaces between outer lining surface and ground massif. The resilient grouting mortar has modulus of elasticity equal to intermediate value between that of concrete lining material El and that of ground massif Eg.EFFECT: increased tunnel service reliability due to reduced loads applied to lining.

Turbine water conveyance structure // 2275463
FIELD: hydraulic engineering, particularly water conveyance structures of hydroelectric power plants and hydroelectric pumped storage power plants.SUBSTANCE: water conveyance structure comprises composite reinforced concrete pipeline located at prepared base and provided with enclosing structure with covering forming cavity above prepared base. Pipeline is located inside the cavity. The water conveyance structure is provided with air heating means to heat air inside the cavity in cold period up to temperature exceeding 0°C. In the case of composite reinforced concrete pipelines usage the pipelines are located one near another and the enclosing structure covering defines cavity for all pipelines receiving. The covering may be at least partly formed of translucent material.EFFECT: increased control reliability and structure life, reduced maintenance costs.4 cl, 2 ex, 4 dwg

Steel-reinforced concrete turbine pressure water pipeline // 2272866
FIELD: hydraulic building, particularly to erect hydraulic structures and to built, reconstruct and repair pressure pipelines subjected to atmospheric actions.SUBSTANCE: water pipeline comprises metal facing and reinforced concrete shell. Outer reinforced concrete shell surface is provided with roofing cover made of corrosion-resistant sheet material. Vent channels are formed between roofing cover and reinforced concrete shell. The vent channels may be provided with air intake devices having gates provided with automatic or manual drives. Removable inventory air dryers and air heaters may be arranged in vent channels.EFFECT: increased service life and increased resistance of reinforced concrete shell subjected to repeatedly freezing and thawing due to provision of dry concrete condition during pipeline operation.5 cl, 2 dwg

Underground channel for laying pipelines in strongly compressible ground // 2258783
FIELD: building, particularly service line building on strongly-compressible ground base.SUBSTANCE: underground channel is defined by members having rectangular cross-sections supported by pile foundation and having upper and side walls formed of heat-insulation material. Underground channel has flat plate located above the members. Flat plate edges exceed outer bounds of the channel and built in fill-up ground. Porous material is located between flat plate and the members.EFFECT: prevention of non-uniform ground surface deformations above the channel during usage thereof and reduced depth of channel building.1 dwg

Composite turbine penstock // 2235826
The invention relates to hydraulic structures and can be used in the construction of pressure conduits exposed to atmospheric influences

Surge tank pressure diversion conduit hydroelectric // 2049197
The invention relates to hydraulic construction and is intended for use in the construction of surge derivational paths hydropower

The lining of the underground penstock // 2015246
The invention relates to the field of underground construction, with horizontal or slightly inclined location, working in conjunction with the rocky mountain breed under high vertical loads from the own weight of the mountain massif