Water-ways (E02B9/02)

Control method of the hydraulic gate drive for the hydraulic gate with the electric machine, operational diagram, the hydraulic gate drive and the hydroelectric power station // 2627999
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: drive has the asynchronous machine (210), operated as the asynchronous motor/generator to control the gate. The machine (210) has the brake (230) with release the brake device. The method contains the following steps in which the emergency closing situation is detected and/or indicated, the brake (230) is released by the release the brake device in the event, when the insufficient power is indicated. The machine (210) is activated by the gravity force of the hydraulic gate shield or the roller gate. The machine (210) is operated automatically, at that the rotating field is formed. The machine (210) is operated in the generating island operating mode, in which the rotating field is generated automatically.EFFECT: creation of the method and device to control the hydraulic gate or the roller gate drive, which during the emergency shutdown provides the gate shield release passively.24 cl, 4 dwg

Composite mobile derivational water conduit and method of its construction // 2607650
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydrotechnical and hydroelectric construction and can be used for creation of pressure water conduits, derivational, hydroelectric pumped storage, etc. hydroelectric power plants, as well as pump stations. Composite mobile derivational water conduit (CMDWC) includes a water intake of syphon or other type, water-supply sections, a composite water conduit from traditional rigid, as well as soft and flexible composite nanomaterials with shape memory, which include an outer shell, two inner shells with an additional coating from composite nanomaterials, which together are flow-guiding elements, at intersections of landsliding areas, as well as terrains with complex elements of orography: ravines, downwarpings, etc. CMDWC is suspended by cable-stayed systems fixed on supports, and there are devices for damping a hydraulic impact and monitoring technical state of the CMDWC extending in a building of container-type like a small hydro-derivative power plant. CMDWC erection method includes as part of design documentation calculation and development parts, including planning its route, creation of the upper and the lower reservoirs, laying the water conduit itself. Delivery and installation of the water conveying sections are performed directly on the route, where their inner and outer shells are mounted with serial interconnection by means of a flexible link starting from the syphon or another water intake. At hard-to-reach areas of highlands installed are supports and a cable-stayed system, onto which by means of preliminary fixed on the CMDWC shells the water-conveying section is suspended. On underlying sections with high water pressure by means of compensators water conveying sections are connected with the water conduit made of plastic or metal, if necessary, a bandage is installed. Then a building is erected of a container-type small hydro-derivative power plant with a previously installed in it hydroelectric unit, devices for damping the hydraulic impact and monitoring the CMDWC technical state. Further, the diffuser is mounted and conditions are provided for damping the energy in the lower reservoir.EFFECT: invention increases technically possible hydro-energetic potential of small mountain rivers by using seasonally-active mobile derivational hydroelectric power plants.2 cl, 3 dwg

Water intake // 2592414
FIELD: construction. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydrotechnical construction and can be used for removal of deposits on water intake facilities with intake from lower layers of water for agricultural water supply. Water intake comprises rainwater perforated tubes 10, laid into a layer of filtering surface, protective shield made from laid in a row with clearance rods 1, connected to lower side of hollow pipes 2. Hollow pipes 2 are made on upper generatrix of pipe with air outlet holes between free sections of each rod 1. Inside hollow pipes 2 are fixed on bottom additional pipes 4 with clearance. Additional pipes 4 are made from soft elastic material with micropores. Additional pipes 4 are pneumatically communicated via air duct 5 with tap 6, cavity of which is connected with compressor 7 of compressed air fed via air duct 5 into additional pipes 4. Compressor 7 is connected with time relay 8. End sections of hollow pipes 2 have washing calibrated holes 9, and end sections of additional pipes 4 are plugged. EFFECT: higher efficiency, reliability and reduced operating costs. 4 cl, 4 dwg
ethod to create conditions for prevention of balakovo npp area flooding // 2475588
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method includes forwarding a larger part of Volga run-off from the Zhigulevskoe storage pond bypassing existing hydraulic structures of the Zhigulevskaya HPP along the valley of the Usa River for its supply into water-passage tunnels under a neck between water areas of the Zhigulevskoe and Saratovskoe storage ponds, designed to supply water onto blades of hydraulic turbines of a new hydraulic power plant in the area of the settlement Perevoloki of Samara region, and also for idle discharge of water into the water area of the Saratovskoe storage pond.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase the extent of protection of structures arranged in zones of possible breakthrough of water masses.2 cl

ethod to assemble knife gates in chambers of sewage and water ducts of gravity flow networks // 2418912
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method includes installation of a water conduit pipe in the duct chamber, its sealing along surface of the duct adjacency, chamber dehydration, installation of lower section of the knife gate body. After installation of the lower section of the gate body the pipe is withdrawn, and the upper section of the knife gate body is installed.EFFECT: simplified assembly of knife gates in chambers of sewage and water conduit ducts of water supply networks.7 dwg

Water-intake facility // 2393291
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: water-intake facility consists of shore well, pump station, self-flowing line, head, aerator of flow generator and fish-retention net. Head and aerator-flow generator are placed in satellite water reservoir joined to lake by means of water-intake channel, besides aerator-flow generator is arranged near shore of satellite water reservoir in the section between head and channel so that water arrives to its for aeration from lake, being mixed with water of satellite water reservoir, and oxygen-saturated water of aerator-flow generator is sent to head.EFFECT: reduced energy inputs for aeration of water in the area of head.2 cl, 2 dwg

Discharge water conduit of hydraulic accumulating electric station // 2392378
FIELD: power engineering.SUBSTANCE: discharge water conduit of hydraulic accumulating electric station (HAES) includes input head, transition section, water conduit, anchor support, knee of discharge water conduit and flow-guiding element. Discharge water conduit is equipped with support gasket, utility gallery, connecting pipeline, nozzle with stop valves, fixing longitudinal and transverse sealing tapes. Flow-guiding element is arranged in the form of elastic shell, besides support gasket is arranged between water conduit and anchor support, utility gallery is installed in body of anchor support, connecting pipeline is mounted into body of anchor support and is arranged so that its part passes directly through utility gallery. Nozzle with stop valves is installed on connecting pipeline in utility gallery, flow-guiding element is arranged on inner side of water conduit in the area of its knee, fixing longitudinal and transverse sealing tapes are also installed inside water conduit directly at the edges of flow-guiding element and in its middle part. Flow-guiding element is fixed in water conduit so that its longitudinal edges are arranged in middle part of opposite side inner surfaces of water conduit parallel to axis of water conduit and fixed to its wall with the help of fixing longitudinal sealing tapes and pins, and transverse edges of flow-guiding element are arranged on opposite sides of knee: one - from upper side of knee, the other one - on lower side of knee, both - on lower inner surface of water conduit in plane perpendicular to axis of water conduit, and fixed to its wall with the help of fixing upper and lower transverse sealing tapes by means of pins. Directly on knee flow-guiding element is also fixed to wall of water conduit with the help of fixing medium transverse sealing tape by means of pins, which provides for formation of upper and lower cavities between flow-guiding element and inner surface of water conduit. Upper end of connecting pipeline is connected to upper cavity formed by flow-guiding element and inner surface of water conduit, and lower end of connecting pipeline is connected to lower cavity.EFFECT: reduced losses of flow energy in discharge water conduit, reduced material intensity, labour intensives of water conduit elements manufacturing and its cost, increased reliability of discharge water conduit operation.4 dwg

Water recycling system for thermoelectric power plant // 2278220
FIELD: methods or layout of installations for water supply, particularly for plants, which generate thermal energy and electric power with the use of solid fuel, prevention of natural water resource contamination with suspended solids and hazardous chemical compositions.SUBSTANCE: system comprises sewage tank, runoff ditch, filtering dam, reagent preparation and supply station, floccule forming device, floccule distribution device, which distributes floccules over runoff ditch width, water deposit structure, sorption filter and water cleaning complex, which cleans water in winter period. Complex includes ground and sorption chambers and underground pipeline. Above components are arranged in series downstream the filtering dam and arranged below seasonal ground freezing level. Water deposit structure comprises primary and fine cleaning ground chambers. Bases of filtering dam, ground and sorption chambers and underground pipeline are on one level. Floccule forming device is made as multistage zigzag gutter.EFFECT: increased operational efficiency and ecological safety, possibility to use ecologically clear natural materials for system construction.2 dwg

Water conveyance facility // 2162121
The invention relates to hydraulic structures and is intended for the construction of water supply facilities in the form of pipes, conduits, trays and other conduits, exposed to temperature extremes due to climate or features of the technological mode

The gateway complex // 2012712