Latent security elements, i.e. detectable or becoming apparent only by use of special verification or tampering devices or methods (D21H21/44)

Protective element for polygraphic products and fraud-proof polygraphic product // 2639807
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: protective element is proposed comprising luminescent regions forming latent colour images visible when irradiated by exciting radiation of UV-band, made with inks containing nanocrystalline materials based on quantum dots. One part of the image is characterized by the spectral composition of the radiation consisting of one narrow-band line, and the other part of the image is characterized by the spectral composition of the radiation consisting of at least two narrow-band lines. The luminescent colours of the mentioned images are identical when viewed with the naked eye, but are different when viewed through the narrow band colour filters that ensure the selection of the spectral composition of the luminescent radiation. The stated task is also solved by the polygraphic product which comprises a protective element characterized above.EFFECT: creation of a reliable protective element, the authenticity of which can be verified visually with the help of simple technical means.5 cl, 2 dwg
arking additive // 2637334
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: marking additive in the form of spherical particles contains a magnetic component and a marking component with the following ratio, wt %: magnetic component 2-98; marking component 2-98. The magnetic component comprises, at least, one component selected from the group consisting of ferrimagnetic iron oxides and/or ferrites with a spinel or garnet structure or particles of metallic Ni. The marking component contains a mixture of salts in the form of nitrates, acetates, chlorides, formates, or oxides, including solid solutions based thereon. The marking component comprises, at least, two elements selected from the group consisting of alkaline earth elements, lanthanides, transition metals, and post-transition metals.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy and reducing the analysis duration of objects containing a marking additive.12 cl, 3 tbl, 4 ex

Valuable document protected from forgery, and method of determining its authenticity // 2628378
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: document includes a substrate and contains two hidden markings visually indistinguishable, when observed in daylighting on its surface, or in its composition. The markings are made in the form of periodic code sequences. The code sequences contain predetermined information. The material of one of the markings has magnetic properties different from the magnetic properties of the substrate material, and the second marking material has spectral properties or luminescent properties in the infrared spectral range that are different from the corresponding spectral or luminescent properties of the substrate material.EFFECT: increasing the security level of a valuable document from partial forgery.18 cl, 7 ex, 4 dwg
ethod for producing valuable document protected from partial forgery, and received document // 2616643
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for producing a valuable document is described, that is protected from the partial forgery by composing from fragments of other documents. The method comprises applying, at least, one serial number to the document pictorial field, and applying a marking to the extended portion of the document pictorial field, made in the form of blocks of the graphic elements forming a personalized security document code. The linear size of each graphic element is from 0.1 to 1.0 mm, the technical gaps between the blocks of the graphic elements are not more than 25% of the linear dimension of these blocks, but not less than the size of one graphic element.EFFECT: producing a valuable document with an increase in the reliability of the instrument to determine its authenticity.7 cl, 3 dwg, 3 ex
Security feature having several components // 2607816
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a security feature having a luminescent component and a component camouflaging luminescent component for valuable documents. Security feature comprises at least one luminophore consisting of a doped host lattice, and a component camouflaging luminescent component. Properties of luminescent component, its element structure of host lattice, dopants are masked by camouflaged by camouflaging component in at least two significant properties of luminescent component. X-ray diffraction patterns of luminescent component and camouflaging component are characterised by partial superposition on each other in significant peaks. Superposition of peaks is at least 20 % of height of main peak.EFFECT: invention provides difficult or prevention of identification of luminescent component.18 cl, 9 ex

ultilayered polymeric product, such as identification document // 2566421
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a polymeric multilayered product, such as the identification document. It includes several polymeric layers joined according to direct bonding (without glue) technology according to which at least in one of layers the colour identifying individualizing images are recorded. Images are recorded in the form of translucent pixel arrays consisting of thin-film pixel elements with subpixel structures consisting of areas with metallised diffraction lattices the reflectivity of which at the pre-set lengths of light waves is changed at the product individualization by the methods of laser engraving of diffraction lattices with precise directing of laser beam towards areas of their location. At least two polymeric layers are mutually joined by means of agglomeration. Pixel matrixes are created on surfaces between the agglomerated layers, one of which is transparent, and consist of pixels with the sizes from 30 up to 200 mcm mutually spaced at the distance from 30 to 500 mcm so that the pre-set value of transparency of the obtained images amounts from 50 up to 99%, and the area of the metallised diffraction lattices does not exceed 50% of the area of the layer where they are located.EFFECT: creation of the identification document, improvement of protection of important documents.8 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

ulti-layer composite element based on paper and valuable counterfeit-proof document // 2561413
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of paper with special characteristics, in particular for forms of valuable securities. The compositions of the base layer and the additional layer have either different optical density in the infrared (IR) band of the optical spectrum corresponding to the wavelength of 0.7 to 2.5 microns, but at the same time, the equal optical density on at least one part of the visible range of the optical spectrum, or the compositions of the said layers have equal optical density in the IR band of the spectrum, but at the same time are different in optical density in the visible band of the spectrum.EFFECT: composite protective element based on paper is proposed, comprising a layer of a base material and at least one additional layer, which comprise watermarks.20 cl, 6 dwg

ultilayer counterfeit-proof article (versions) and valuable document based on it // 2557565
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: article and the valuable document are made on paper, polymeric, composite or nonwoven material and contain at least two independent and at least partially intersecting watermarks. At the intersection places of watermarks the optical density of the resultant image through-transmission is different from the optical densities of each of the initial symbols, and forms an additional visual effect.EFFECT: increased protection level of the multilayer article and the valuable document due to creating an optical visual effect when through-transmission testing.9 cl, 4 dwg, 2 ex

arking paper products // 2550190
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marked paper products. Described is a method of production of a marked paper product , using irradiation of the area of the paper product with an electron beam with a dose of 0.10 Mrad to about 5 Mrad, where the electrons have the energy of about 0.25 MeV to 10 MeV. The irradiation is carried out under the conditions selected to change the functionalisation of the specified area of the paper product. The said area may be made in the form of a "watermark" or a symbol.EFFECT: invention provides the marking on the paper products, which is invisible for the naked eye, which is difficult to copy without enough sophisticated equipment, which makes it difficult to counterfeit.7 cl, 5 dwg

ultilayer polymer material with raster structure // 2510689
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a multilayer polymer material with a raster structure, having a transparent polymer layer with a micro-raster relief structure in form of spherical lenses and a superimposed transparent polymer layer with printed raster. The layer with printed raster lies at a distance from the surface of the lens raster close to the focal distance of its lenses. The material is made with micro-image raster with resolution of 10-20 mcm. Regions are selected in the field of the printed raster, said regions forming latent images, inside of which the orientation of the raster grid differs from the orientation of the raster grid outside said regions by an angle ranging from 1 to 20 degrees. The latent images become visible upon superimposing the printed raster with the lens raster to form different visual effects.EFFECT: improved security of articles.3 dwg

Polymer sandwich element for paper, which has optically variable effect // 2510438
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: polymer sandwich element for paper, which has optically variable effect, is made in the form of a sandwich polymer structure containing at least one layer with microraster relief structure. It has an additional layer with printed or embossed raster of microimages, which is spatially combined with microraster relief structure. Microraster structure is made in the form of raster of spherical transparent polymer lenses or prisms or raster of Fresnel diffraction polymer structures. Printed microimages located in nodes of the printed raster consist of elements of different colours with diametre of 20-100 mcm, which are located at the distance of 40-400 mcm from each other. Mutual location of colourful elements in nodes of the printed raster is discernible in different places of a representational printed field. Inside the defined areas the mutual location of colourful elements differs from mutual location of elements outside the defined areas.EFFECT: invention allows increasing protection degree of products with protective elements without any increase in prime cost of their production process.3 cl, 4 dwg, 1 ex

ethod of papermaking with protecting element, protecting element and method of its production // 2502842
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: method of papermaking and the method of production of the protecting element are proposed. The protrusions or recesses in the form of a light watermark are formed on a paper, and these protrusions or recesses are sealed. On some parts of the paper surface, containing the recesses, a paint layer with a negative image is applied. The paint layer covers no more than 80% of the recesses surface. The protecting element is a composite image consisting of protrusions or recesses formed on the paper in the form of a light watermark, and a paint layer with a negative image applied on these protrusions or recesses, covering not more than 80% of the recesses surface.EFFECT: elimination of difficulties connected with printing and processing of printed products, simplification of identification of the watermark while maintaining its protective properties.5 cl, 5 dwg

ethod of manufacturing sheet material // 2482234
FIELD: textiles, paper.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing a sheet material comprising at least two superimposed fibrous layers, including the following steps: the first paper layer is produced, having at least one elongated zone of zero thickness, by means of filtering of the aqueous suspension of fibers on the grid of the first drum or farmer. And in the process of formation of the said layer, a transparent element is at least partially inserted into it. And the said at least partially transparent element is located at least in the said elongated zone of zero thickness, the second paper layer is produced on the grid of the second drum to form at least one recess in the said second layer, both layers are combined so that at least one recess of the second layer is placed in front of the said at least one elongated zone of zero thickness of the first layer comprising at least partially transparent element, with the formation of the window at this time, and the structure thus obtained is dried.EFFECT: improvement of the method.43 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of producing sheet material // 2478481
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of sheet material composed of, at least, two superimposed fibrous layers. Proposed method comprises the following steps. First paper layer is made with, at least, one elongated zero-thickness zone by filtering water suspension at first drum screen. Second paper layer is made at second drum screen to make, at least, one recess in second layer. At least, one transparent element is arranged between two still wet layers to bind both layers so that said recess of second layer, one said transparent element and said elongated zero-thickness zone of first layer are opposed. Made structure is dried.EFFECT: sheet material with protective element without structure peeling.43 cl, 6 dwg

Covered instrument // 2448840
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a covered instrument, in particular, to a banknote, bank card, identification card, certificate, passport, security or certificate. The document contains a translucent carrier substrate made of paper and/or plastic, and at least one protective element applied on the carrier substrate or embedded in the carrier substrate which when seen from at least one side of the covered instrument in transmitted light shows at least one first image and simulates the presence of at least one first watermark in the carrier substrate. At least in some areas the document has at least one layer simulating first watermark, giving it unexpected optical effects in comparison with protective elements with conventional water marks.EFFECT: document is provided, which is especially hard-to-copy, having simulated effect of the watermark using the protective element.38 cl, 8 dwg

Counterfeit-proof paper // 2428536
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: counterfeit-proof paper comprises a transparent, at least at some areas, film element, which is freely accessible, at least at some areas, via counterfeit-proof paper. The film element is connected to counterfeit-proof paper by means of an adhesive layer, which is highly transparent and clear in the region of freely accessible areas. The adhesive layer for at least one of freely accessible areas includes a groove, which substantially covers this area surface. The groove in the form of a freely accessible area has an adhesive layer, which is 1-2 mm less or 1-2 mm more than this area. The adhesive layer in the area of at least one of freely accessible areas, apart from the groove, has an ornamental area, on which the adhesive layer is applied in the form of ornaments, symbols or a code. Also a film elements is proposed, and a method to manufacture counterfeit-proof paper or a valuable documents (its version).EFFECT: improved counterfeit protection of paper.70 cl, 20 dwg

Protection element for protected document and method of its fabrication // 2422572
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: protected document comprises structural layer and first and second diffraction relief structures. Note here that said relief structures, if seen parallel with structural layer plane, stay at different levels of protection element. Note also that first relief structure borders first reflecting layer, while second relief structure borders second partially reflecting layer. Besides, if spectator faces first reflecting layer, second data generated by second relief structure is partially hidden, while, if spectator faces second reflecting layer, partially hidden is first data generated by first relief structure.EFFECT: higher degree of protection.15 cl, 26 dwg

Structure for secured and/or valuable documents, document, packing facility, sheet material, method of structure making (its versions) and method to authenticate and/or identify such structure // 2421561
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: structure is intended for secured and/or valuable documents. It contains at least one substrate of fibre material, optionally, at least one surface layer applied onto one surface of substrate. At the same time the specified surface layer comprises coating or surface pigments and at least one binder. It also contains multiple various elements of substrate and/or optionally of a surface layer, distributed in a random manner inside the substrate and/or optionally the surface layer, and at least one portion of authenticating and/or identifying information is related to at least one spatial and/or physical criterion of at least part of specified various elements. Also a document, a packing facility and a sheet material are proposed with application of the above-specified structure. A method to make such a structure, its versions and a method to authenticate and/or identify the structure are also proposed.EFFECT: improved extent of protection.31 cl, 12 dwg

ethod to make paper with counterfeit protection, with locally arranged protective elements, device to make paper and paper with counterfeit protection, with locally arranged protective elements // 2413811
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: paper with counterfeit protection is used in production of securities and documents. Method to make paper with locally arranged protective elements includes formation of the first paper cloth on the first meshy cylinder. Deposition of water dispersion containing protective elements via nozzles at certain sections of moist paper cloth. Formation of the second paper cloth at the second meshy cylinder. Joining first paper cloth with deposited protective elements with the second paper cloth, and also pressing and drying. Water dispersion of protective elements contains at least one water-soluble polymer in amount of 0.1-3.0 wt %. At the same time dispersion of protective elements is supplied with controlled speed via nozzles, every of which is equipped with pump of auger type.EFFECT: increased quality of paper due to reduction of pulsations of flow dispersion and increased stability of protective elements deposition process in strictly required amount at certain sections of paper cloth.8 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Counterfeit-proof document // 2407650
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: counterfeit-proof document relates to data media. It contains graphical ornament for visual reproduction of data on a person and/or item. Ornament includes at least one image and/or text data, and with the help of specified printing logic it is applied onto secured document so that it has electromagnet characteristic specified by printing logic and read by means of logical circuit contained in secured document. Electromagnetic characteristic of electroconductive ornament is inductance, capacitance or frequency characteristic. Graphical ornament is applied onto secured document in the form of linear raster. At the same time lines of linear raster are joined to each other in the form of meander or are arranged in parallel. Version of counterfeit-proof document is the document with graphical ornament applied by electroconductive invisible paint transparent for human eye onto counterfeit-proof document. Other characteristics of this document are identical to characteristics of the first version document specified above.EFFECT: enhanced protection against document forgery.10 cl, 7 dwg
Protected document with dirt and/or moisture resistance // 2401353
FIELD: paper industry.SUBSTANCE: method is intended to impart dirt and/or moisture resistance to porous substrate for protected documents, and also relates to dirt and/or moisture resistant protected document. Method includes application of dirt and/or moisture resistant compound onto opposite surfaces of porous substrate having porosity of approximately 20-100 millilitres per minutes and its impression into pores of substrate. At the same time compound penetrates and spreads at least in part of substrate thickness, then excess compound is removed from opposite surfaces of substrate. Coating press is used to impress dirt and/or moisture resistant compound into pores of substrate.EFFECT: specified compounds applied by suggested method do not darken optically variable effects generated by non-porous film structures on the basis of microlenses, which may be used on or inside these protected documents, and thin layers of fibres applied and this introduced into parts of protective devices in protected documents containing windows with dirt and/or moisture resistant properties according to the present invention, demonstrate improved durability.22 cl, 1 ex

Protected paper or paper containing highly resistant synthetic elements and method for production of above specified papers // 2397875
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to secured paper used to manufacture documents, such as banknotes, bills, etc. Secured paper contains synthetic elements with characteristics visible to the naked eye or under specific conditions, and/or by detectors. At the same time paper comprises protective pigments introduced into paste of synthetic element itself, which, in its turn, represents polypropylene.EFFECT: proposed invention provides for high extent of counterfeit protection of documents including highly wear-resistant synthetic elements.5 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Improvement of substrates that include protective devices // 2360060
FIELD: paper.SUBSTANCE: protected substrate is intended for production of valuable document, such as banknote, passport, bond, certificate, voucher or other valuable documents. Protected substrate contains fibrous substrate and protective device. Protective device contains at least partially light-transmitting polymer bearing layer, which bears the first protective criterion. Substrate is provided with the second protective criterion. The first and second protective criteria have such shape and mutual location so that when one side of protected substrate is looked at in passing light, the first and second protective criteria visually interact to form the first composite image that is not visible in reflected light.EFFECT: improved protective properties.21 cl, 16 dwg

Cardboard and method of production // 2336384
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: cardboard is used in products which originality should be confirmed. Cardboard contains filamentary matrix with two surfaces. Back surface of filamentary matrix includes layer of surface sizing compound containing marking agent in the form of particles less than 50 mcm in size. For cardboard production filamentary matrix is used, which surface is sized from at least one side representing back side of cardboard. Marking agent in the form of particles of less than 50 mcm size is introduced into sizing compound and marking agent particles are fixed on cardboard. Filamentary matrix is subject to surface sizing in pot or in film and sizing press or by means of doctoring device.EFFECT: reduction of marking agent particles consumption by 80-90% and improvement of products quality.34 cl, 1 dwg, 2 ex

ultilayer body comprising substrate at least partly consisting of paper material, and method for manufacturing of laser-induced marking on or in such multilayer body // 2294416
FIELD: manufacture of bonds or banknotes.SUBSTANCE: method involves applying transfer film onto paper document, said transfer film being film having adhesive layer or laminated film having adhesive layer and equipped with laser radiation sensitive layer; exposing multilayer body to laser radiation. This results in generation of laser-induced marking in laser radiation sensitive layer, provided, for example, through laser-induced whitening, laser-induced color alteration, or laser-induced blackening process. Laser-induced marking allows documents to be individualized.EFFECT: enhanced protection of paper documents from counterfeit.50 cl, 23 dwg
Securities, protected from tampering, the method of its manufacture and the materials used in its manufacture (options) // 2243307
The invention relates to the production of securities, protected from tampering, for example, etching of printed or handwritten text, and can be used for production of documents, banknotes, etc
A method of manufacturing counterfeit securities and the paper is protected from a fake // 2242550
The invention relates to the manufacture of valuable papers and documents that are protected from the etching of the text

Securities // 2170788
Heat-sensitive composition to protect the paper from a fake // 2108422
The invention relates to thermosensitive recording materials, in particular paper and taking into account the major area of application is the production of business and securities can be attributed to the means of their protection against forgery
The paper is protected from tampering and unauthorized production // 2108421
The invention relates to the production of paper containing various means of protection against counterfeiting and unauthorized manufacture, and more particularly to securities with protective means, the action of which is based on the phenomenon of thermal sensitivity, t