Ropes and cables other than electric (D07)

D   Textiles; paper(37723)
D07            Ropes; cables other than electric(723)

Synthetic cord and method of its manufacture // 2633957
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: synthetic cord is made of a core 1 made of interwoven strands 2, which in turn are twisted or intertwined from synthetic threads 3. The interwoven strands 2 of the cores 1 and the threads 3 form a ribbed surface with depressions 4 which, when the article is being manufactured, are filled with the molten polymer of the shell 5, and when it shrinks during cooling, a strong connection of the core 1 to the shell 5 is formed. The method for producing a synthetic cord consists of fabricating a core 1 and a cord by applying a layer of polymer forming a protective shell 5 to the core 1.EFFECT: quality improvement.5 cl, 4 dwg, 6 tbl

Steel cord and transport tape // 2631645
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: rubber reinforced steel cord (1) built into the rubber product is characterized by a strand-like structure including a core strand (2) and a plurality of strands (3) of the outer layer twisted around the outer annular surface of the core strand (2); wherein a lubricant (8) is provided between the wires (2a) from which the core strand (2) is formed.EFFECT: reduction of hysteresis losses.8 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl

ethod of manufacturing roofs of close construction // 2626327
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method of making ropes of a closed structure is as follows. The steel core 1 is made in one technological operation with a linear contact of the wires both over the layers and in the layer itself. All layers of the core are made with the same pitch of the web, in one direction with simultaneous deformation with a reduction ratio of the cross-sectional area of the core 8÷12%. On top of the steel core are coils of shaped wires 2 and 3 of different profile and section. Subsequent extraction of the rope with a fixed load, by applying a load in the range (0.35÷0.55) P, where P - aggregate breaking force of a rope, endurance of loading and the subsequent unloading. The cycle is repeated one to five times. Such a drawing mode allows to stabilise the elastoplastic properties, to remove the residual structural elongation.EFFECT: improving the quality of the rope of a closed structure, increasing the service life, increasing the efficiency when commissioning.1 dwg
Rope with braided coating for pelagic trawls // 2621595
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention provides a rope (35) comprising a braided sheath (398), forming the braided coating around the carrier core element (37), wherein the said rope (35) is suitable for forming pelagic trawls netting, wherein the outer side of the braided sheath (398 ) has an elongated helical element (36), such as strand or extruded elongated element; wherein the said elongated helical element (36) is laid with greater pitch, compared with the pitch used for laying of other strands (397), which form the braided sheath (398).EFFECT: rope is stronger at the given quantity of material, causes less hydraulic resistance, may generate the same or increased lifting force when exposed to the water flow on the trawl netting at respective angles of attack, at a lower trawl manufacturing cost compared to trawls with the known helical ropes structures with the equal pitches.20 cl, 1 dwg

Combo cable or combination locks // 2617031
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: combo cable (40) or the combination lock (50) comprising a core (42, 52), the first (44, 54) and second (46, 56) closed metal layers surrounding the core (42, 52). The core (42, 52) comprises a bundle of synthetic filaments. The first closed metal layer (44, 54) includes a plurality of wire elements stranded helically around the core (42, 52) in the first direction. The second closed metallic layer (46, 56) includes a plurality of wire elements stranded helically around the core (42, 52) and the first closed metal layer (44, 54) in the second direction. The cross sectional area of the core (42, 52) is greater than the total cross-sectional area of the first (44, 54) and second (46, 56) closed metal layers. The method of producing such combo cables or combination lock combined is also disclosed.EFFECT: invention expands the number of combo cables, produced in new methods that enable user-friendliness.15 cl, 10 dwg, 3 tbl
ethod of closed rope making by means of splicing // 2607756
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to closed rope production method, containing core and metal strands helically wrapped around it, wherein method includes connection of two cable ends in areas of splicing, formation of splicing assembly at each strand ends, which are inserted inside cable after local removal of core, wherein each splicing area is molded with polymer. Invention also relates to closed rope production method, in which ends of strands are molded with polymer before they are inserted inside cable.EFFECT: invention also relates to closed rope produced according to invention, and its use as traction or traction-supporting rope.13 cl, 3 dwg

Winder // 2606871
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to winding device. Winding device includes two side frames in horizontal direction separated by telescopic separating crosspiece. Each of side frames includes axis on supports for installation of cable drum, tube and/or hose. Telescopic separating crosspiece comprises, at least, one outer pipe and, at least, one internal pipe, installed with possibility of extension and sliding one inside another, and locking device arranged between outer pipe and inner pipe, which serves for external and internal pipes locking in adjustable position. Locking device includes cut part located in section along internal pipe length and dividing this inner pipe into sections, and power element adapted to create separating force acting on inner pipe said cut part for pressing said sections to outer pipe inner surface. Outer and inner pipes have square cross-section shape, and power element comprises inflatable bag, or hydraulic cylinder, or electric cylinder.EFFECT: invention is intended for higher reliability of device.7 cl, 5 dwg
Twisted long article from mixed textile fabrics or scrap material // 2605170
FIELD: metal processing.SUBSTANCE: long twisted article for producing an article form of yarn, string, rope, cable, that is made from mechanically twisted from 10 to 50 turns per metre of bundle of bands with width from 10 to 80 mm, obtained from wastes mixed textile fabrics or scrap mixed textile fabrics, wherein material from which bands are made, selected from wastes of mixed textile fabrics or scrap, has surface density of not less than 0.9 g/cm3.EFFECT: high density.1 cl

Steel cord and method of making rubber article // 2601245
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: steel cord and method of making rubber articles are developed, which make it possible to reduce cord strength reducing caused by vulcanization process heat. Steel cords (1) have multi-stranded structure, in which plurality of braiding strands (3) are wound around central strand (2) outer peripheral surface. Central strand (2) outer peripheral surface is covered with damping material (4) formed from non-woven material or resin film.EFFECT: molded article from rubber mixture, formed by steel cords (1) embedding into element from unvulcanized rubber mixture, cured at temperature equal to damping material (4) melting point or higher than damping material (4) melting point.5 cl, 6 dwg, 1 tbl

Bobbin changing device // 2597544
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a bobbin changing device (1) for feeding bobbins to and/or removing bobbins from a processing system (40), which can wind a strand-like material onto a bobbin and/or from a bobbin, wherein the bobbin changing device (1) has at least one conveyor system (30) which comprises, for example, two conveyor belts (31, 32), and a swivel fork (10). At least one bobbin receiving site (21, 22) on which a bobbin can be placed is formed on the swivel fork (10), on which a bobbin can be placed. By lifting, lowering and/or swivelling the swivel fork (10) in a specific sequence and repeating same, bobbins can be fed to the processing system (40) and the conveyor system (30) and/or removed therefrom and in this way a bobbin change can be carried out.EFFECT: conveyor system (30) and the movement area of the swivel fork (10) may be at least partially interpenetrating.11 cl, 4 dwg

Tension element for hoist // 2588404
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: belt for suspension or driving elevator cabin, comprising multiple wires arranged to form one or more cables; and shell, in fact, holding said one or more specified cables. At least one of said one or above large number of cables comprises multiple do not carry load filling threads arranged between neighbouring wires from said plurality of wires. Lifting system includes elevator cabin, one or more pulleys and one or more belts in working position connected with cabin and interacting with said one or more pulleys for suspension or driving elevator cabin. Each belt of said one or more of said belts includes multiple wires arranged to form one or more cables, and shell, in fact, holding said one or more specified cables. At least one of said one or above large number of cables comprises multiple do not carry load filling threads arranged between neighbouring wires from said plurality of wires.EFFECT: inventions provide adhesion of cables with coating.24 cl, 12 dwg
ethod of applying rubber to synthetic rope // 2587067
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of rubber-cord casings reinforced by synthetic rope. Technical result is achieved due to dissolution of rubber mixture in an organic solvent and application of obtained liquid mixture on turns and filling inter-turn space of synthetic rope workpiece with subsequent drying for production of high-quality high-strength rubber-cord casings.EFFECT: high quality of rubber-cord casing, reinforced by synthetic rope, without shifting angle of applying synthetic rope during assembly.1 cl

Steel cord for reinforcing of rubber product and pneumatic tire cover with named cord // 2570190
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates mainly to automotive industry. The steel cord comprises the core formed as a result of combining of two core fibers in parallel without mutual twisting of fibers, and six fibers of the shell twisted around the core. At setting the diameter of the core fiber dc (mm), diameter of the shell fiber ds (mm) and the step of the shell fiber twisting p (mm) the average interval of the shell fiber D which is described by the following formula (I): D = [L-6ds{1+(L/p2}1/2]/6 (I), where L=(π+2)dc+πds) is within the range from 25 up to 80 microns.EFFECT: decrease of tire cover weight without loss of its strength.32 cl, 7 dwg, 18 tbl

achine for treatment of long-length continuous material // 2569255
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: machine for treatment of the long-length material contains torsion arch installed with possibility of rotation, it is used to twist the continuous material. The arch is characterized by passage essentially along the longitudinal axis, that at least in some areas is bent; by cross-section that is circumscribed by cross-section surface and passes essentially across this longitudinal axis; by longitudinal groove that passes essentially in parallel to this longitudinal axis, and which cross-section is circumscribed by cross-section surface of the longitudinal groove. In this longitudinal groove of the torsion arch the continuous material is free guided in the direction of the longitudinal axis. At that the torsion arch consists of the polymer material reinforced by fibres, and is made in form of solid profile. According to the invention at least one guiding element is provided, it at least in some areas covers this longitudinal groove, and is made to direct the continuous material, at that the said cross-section surface has essentially elliptical main form.EFFECT: this torsion arch has similar coefficient of air resistance during rotation in different directions.10 cl, 3 dwg

Steel cord for rubber reinforcement and conveyor tape // 2566896
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: steel cord is created to reinforce rubber, during its manufacturing very high capacity can be achieved, and its weight can be favourably reduced, bend strength is increased; and conveyor tape is manufactured, in it the steel cord is used for rubber reinforcement. Steel cord 1 for rubber reinforcement with structure 1+6+(6+6), is made by twisting of individual steel wire threads 2, 3, 4a and 4b one time in same direction, and twisting coefficient is at least 9, but maximum 14, and outside diameter is maximum 4 mm.EFFECT: higher strength.4 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl

Coated rope or belt for lifting systems // 2553967
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: coated ropes or belts for lifting devices are disclosed. Coated ripe or belt can include at least one cable thread and shell holding mentioned at least one cable thread. The cable thread can include multiple single fibres. Single fibres do not contain spiral structure of the second order. In the first version of invention implementation, single fibres include at least one inner single fibre and multiple outer single fibres surrounding the mentioned at least one inner single fibre. Outer single fibres are bunched together with creation of spiral structure of the first order on cable thread section. In the second general version of invention implementation, single fibres do not contain spiral structures both of the first and the second order. Single fibres are bunched together by holding loop or adhesive in one or more places along cable thread section. Also, methods for this cable thread manufacturing are disclosed.EFFECT: perfected design of lifting device.15 cl, 11 dwg
ethod of coating synthetic rope // 2553963
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of applying a latex-resorcinol-formaldehyde coating on a synthetic rope comprises a step of holding the synthetic rope in air and subsequently removing part of the braid from the ends of the saturated and heat treated rope, running to the sidewall industrial rubber article.EFFECT: obtaining a synthetic rope with high strength of bonding with rubber for producing high-strength rubber-cord casings.2 cl

Hoist suspending and/or driving assembly having at least one surface providing traction or creation of adhesive forces and containing open-laid weaving fibres // 2533960
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: elongated bearing element for hoist includes expanding elements passing lengthwise the bearing element. Weaving fibres placed transversally relative to expanding elements are woven with them so that these fibres support necessary spatial location and alignment of expanding elements relative to each other. Weaving fibres at least partially cover expanding elements, are open-laid and from external surface providing traction or creation of adhesive forces of bearing element. Method of manufacturing includes corresponding operations providing obtaining the bearing element.EFFECT: simplification of bearing element manufacturing process.20 cl, 4 dwg

Safety halyard for tropospheric wind generator // 2530423
FIELD: power industry.SUBSTANCE: invention describes a cable line (3) for a tropospheric wind generator (1), which consists lengthwise at least of one first section (4) having the possibility of sustaining repeating folding cycles, having a safety factor (S1), a diameter D(b1) and an aerodynamic resistance coefficient (CD1); at least one second section (5) having the possibility of sustaining repeating tension cycles with high load, having ta safety factor S2<S1 and a diameter D(b2)<D(b1).EFFECT: cable line for a tropospheric wind generator is developed.21 cl, 8 dwg

Device to making instrument sensitive element torsion suspensions // 2519888
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises mechanical reduction gearboxes, and the drive of feeder, braiding mechanism and product assembly mechanism. Note here that said braiding mechanism is composed by two discs to revolve in opposition equipped with three grooves each for fitting strands being braided therein. Switch is arranged between disc shafts to swing in synchronism with revolution of discs to displace the strands in said grooves. Guide plate is arranged above said disc and has the opening for tightening of strands. Feeder is composed of weights secured at strand end. Product assembly mechanism is composed by gripper to fix the start of strands that is rigidly secured at the nut displacing vertically with the help of screw relative to braiding mechanism. Switch working surface shape complies with preset path of stands at braining (ref. to fig. 2). Product assembly mechanism is equipped with reverser and variator to change the gripper displacement rate relative to braiding mechanism.EFFECT: higher system response speed.3 cl, 2 dwg

odule consisting of cord and polymer envelope, material of which contains adhesion promotor // 2513767
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: elongated flexible modules have various applications, for instance, in bearing elements of lifting or cable devices, drive belts for mechanical devices such as, for instance, passenger conveyor or railings for passenger conveyors. Elongated bearing module in form of flat belt for transmission of tractive effort, combined for bearing load suspended by means of said bearing modules, includes: multitude of elongated elements, working for stretching, which support load in longitudinal direction along said elements, working for stretching; and envelope, transmitting tractive effort to multitude of elongated elements, which work for stretching, covering at least part of said multitude of elements, working for stretching, with envelope containing thermally plastic polymer material and melamine-based adhesion intensifier, added into thermally plastic polymer material, which improves adhesion between said multitude of elements, working for stretching, and envelope.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase module strength due to increase of effort required for disconnection of material of envelope and elements.11 cl, 7 dwg

Cable with magnetic thread to up precision of measurements // 2504608
FIELD: instrumentation.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in control means for cable motion parameters reading and digitising in various hardware and processing systems. Cable comprises body composed by metallic, nonmetallic and/or combined threads made up of twisted, coiled and/or braided strands and/threads. At least one outer strand comprises at least one magnetic thread with permanent magnet properties and/or magnetising thread to write magnetic marks.EFFECT: well-fixed magnetic marks, long-term activity, simple design, high noise immunity, lower costs.10 cl, 1 dwg

Lifting system and method of its operation // 2500849
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: lifting system comprises lifter cabin and bearing element. Bearing element carries elevator cabin load and comprises elongated element and shell. Said elongated element works in tension. Shell covers the latter. Said shell includes thermoplastic polymer and fireproof means. Fireproof means comprises compound polymer and halogen-free bloating melamine-based fireproof coating. Compound polymer comprises nano-sized filler mixed with thermoplastic polymer. Halogen-free bloating fireproof melamine-based coating includes one of the following substances: melamine cyanurate, melamine phosphate, melamine pyrophosphate or melamine polyphosphate in amount of 20 wt % of thermoplastic polymer weight.EFFECT: improved characteristics.14 cl, 7 dwg

Sz stranding machine // 2499093
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: machine for SZ stranding of a umbilical cord/a power umbilical cord, comprising multiple lengthy elements that differ in cross section, material, function and quantity, differing by the fact that the machine (1) for stranding comprises the following sequence of components, when observed in direction of pulling, starting from the inlet: the first draw plate (3) for reception and collection of the first group of lengthy elements (10a-10c), substantially, in rectilinear form, from appropriate devices (11) for storage of lengthy elements, a fixed second draw plate (4) for reception and collection of the second group of lengthy elements (10d-10f), substantially in rectilinear form, from appropriate devices (16) for storage of lengthy elements and for their combination with elements of the first group into an assembled bundle (18), at least one support facility (5) to hold the assembled bundle (18) radially; a rotary device (6) for twisting rotation of the bundle (18) in opposite directions by type of SZ oscillations and a winding device (7) for winding of the SZ-stranded bundle of (18) lengthy elements (10a-10f) with a tape along the circumference right downstream the rotary device (6).EFFECT: higher reliability of operation.10 cl, 9 dwg

Rope and method for its flaw detection // 2489542
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention proposes a rope structure that contains an organic core with electronic markers - RFID transponders with the number of antennae of not less than the number of gaps between strands in one layer, which are discretely integrated into its structure, and their cross-sectional size provides arrangement of antennae in gaps between strands in one layer. Antennae are made from nonmagnetic material, coated with an insulating layer and laid into gaps between strands in one layer; at that, the gaps are filled with polymer material.EFFECT: creation of the structure of the rope having additional technical characteristics, and namely records, storages, read-outs and transfers of information in space and time, as well as flaw detection of ropes as per available gaps between strands in one layer.3 cl, 1 dwg

Elevator pull element (versions) and method of its production // 2487075
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: elevator pull elements has, at least, one shell 46 of sheath 44 of higher adhesion. Proposed method comprises removing material from pull element surface. Note here that removed material represents surface mix of polyurethane and its admixtures. Pull element, hence, includes material to be removed from sheath material. One version comprises sheath outer surface has baring of polyurethane including no admixtures. In one version, mechanical removal of, at least, a portion of material rich in amides from surface 46 is used after extrusion of sheath onto pull expansion elements 42. In another version, chemical etching is used. Third version uses breakage of sheath surface integrity.EFFECT: better friction properties.20 cl, 9 dwg

odule comprising geometrical size stabiliser, and method of its production // 2452679
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: long flexible modules are used in bearing elements of lifting devices or ropeways, passenger conveyors, etc. Such modules may have structure wherein multiple cords are encased. Proposed module comprises, at least, one long extension element and envelopment covering, at least, portion of surface of extension element. Said envelopment comprises polymer material and melamine-based geometrical size stabiliser to form stable swelling coat on envelopment outer surface in response to high temperature conditions. Note here that formed coat retain envelopment material nearby extension element at high temperatures. Proposed method comprises producing polymer and material and geometrical size stabiliser. Note here that formed coat retain envelopment material nearby extension element at high temperatures. Proposed method comprises also moulding, from polymer material and geometrical size stabiliser, of required-shape envelopment.EFFECT: ruled out polymer material running-off and drippage at high temperatures.20 cl, 7 dwg

odule containing friction stabiliser and method of its production // 2451776
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: long flexible modules are used in bearing elements of elevators or ropeways. Said modules may be designed as jacketed multiple cable ropes. Proposed module comprises one long expansion element and jacket to cover at least one portion of said expansion element. Said jacket comprises polymer material and, at least, one component selected from melamine- or phosphate-base component. The latter is introduced into polymer material to add friction stabiliser to maintain required friction characteristics for, at least, jacket outer surface. Proposed method comprises one long cord expansion element covered, at least, partially by polymer jacket and includes the following stages: providing polymer material, introducing, at least, one component selected from melamine- or phosphate-based component into polymer material to add friction stabiliser into polymer material. Then, polymer material with said stabiliser is applied on, at least, one long cord expansion element. Said stabiliser ensures stable friction properties of said jacket.EFFECT: stable frictional properties.24 cl, 7 dwg

ulti-core twisted cable // 2447526
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: multi-core twisted cable consists of single conductor (2) serving as the central longitudinal axis, the first set of composite conductors (4) helically twisted around single conductor in the first direction, with the first pitch and at the first angle of twisting in relation to the central axis and the second set of composite conductors (6) helically twisted around the first set of composite conductors in the first direction, with the second pitch and at the second angle of twisting in relation to the central axis; at that relative difference between the first angle and the second angle of twisting is less than 4°.EFFECT: multi-core twisted cables can be used as a semi-finished product for subsequent manufacturing of finished products, for example in cables for power transmission lines.24 cl, 23 dwg
Ropes with higher wear resistance in multiple reeling onto pulley (versions), method of their making and usage // 2431708
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: rope is made of high-strength fibres, preferably from a mix of high-strength polyethylene fibres with aramid fibres and/or fibres of ester liquid crystal copolymers. Fibres and/or the rope are coated with a composition containing a silicon resin functionalised with amines and a neutralised low-molecular polyethylene.EFFECT: ropes have higher wear resistance in multiple reeling onto pulleys.10 cl, 5 ex

Reinforcement rope and method of its manufacturing // 2431024
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: reinforcement rope consists of a central wire 1 (dwg.1), around which there are winding wires 2 wound. Surface sections of wires 2, contacting with each other and the surface of the wire 1, are made in the form of spirally arrange flat sites 3. On the external section of the rope wires 2 surface there is a periodical profile applied, made as inclined ledges 4 above the generatrix 5 of the pressed surface of the rope. The wires 1 and 2 are arranged so that the contour that connects external sections of winding wires along the tangent is brought near a triangle with rounded corners, for instance, according to the pattern 1+6+3. The reinforcement rope is made in the following manner. Wires 1 and 2 of round section are made and wound into a rope. After the winding, a periodical profile is applied onto the external section of the rope wires 2 by means of cold deformation along the external surface of the wires 2 in the closed shaped roller calibre of the periodical profile. Simultaneously with application of the periodical profile on the rope surface in the specified calibre, plastic pressing of the rope is carried out, as a result contact sites 3 are formed.EFFECT: development of a self-straightening reinforcement element of large length with the ratio of strength and dimensions of the section at the level of the reinforcement steel of classes A500 and A600, other characteristics not lower than the reinforcement steel of classes A500 and A600.6 cl, 1 dwg

Rope of synthetic fibres and lift device with such rope from synthetic fibres // 2430207
FIELD: textile; paper.SUBSTANCE: rope (1) from synthetic fibres consists of twisted strands (7,8,9,10) arranged in at least one layer (2,3,4). In the rope (1) of synthetic fibres the strands of one layer are mutually distant from each other. Due to the distance (d1), at which the strands are arranged from each other, strands (7) of the external layer (2) in radial direction (r) are arranged with the possibility of free movement in direction of the rope centre and radial pressure at the strands (8, 9) of the first internal layer (3). Radial pressure from a layer to a layer increases to inside. Also a bearing and a driving facility is proposed for a lift, at least with two ropes described above, closed by a joint solid shell, a lift device and the method of rope manufacturing.EFFECT: extended service life of the rope and reliability in operation.16 cl, 3 dwg
Rope of synthetic fibres // 2425187
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: at least one strand has a layer of indicator fibre strands to control rope endurance. At least one strand has a layer of indicator fibre strands at least with one indicator strand, which, compared to other strands, is less resistant to wear. A method to monitor endurance of a rope of synthetic fibres is proposed, which includes a permanent monitoring of a rope with the help of indicator fibres. An elevator is proposed, which provides for usage of a rope of synthetic fibres with indicator fibres, having at least one thread with a lower resistance to wear compared to others.EFFECT: detection of rope failure limit and opportunity to more fully use the economic potential of up-to-date carrying facilities.12 cl

Braided safety cord of threshold operation // 2401895
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: safety braided cord of threshold operation comprises a core, made of bundle of rectilinearly arranged threads, around which there are at least three layers of braiding arranged coaxially one in the other shaped in the form of thread-like body of tubular shape, formed by braiding of even number of braiding threads separated into two equal parts, in every of which threads are arranged along spirals of the right and left directions. External layer of braiding is bearing, and inner layer and core made of equal quantity of textile threads identical in raw material composition and linear density, serve as energy-absorbing elements ruptured under action of threshold load. At the same time angle of inclination of braiding threads in each layer to longitudinal axis of cord is determined by the following equation: αm= 15 + 30[(m-1)/(n-1)], where: αm - angle of inclination of braiding threads to longitudinal axis of cord in degrees; m - serial number of braiding layer, starting from the inner one; n - common number of braiding layers. And threshold of operation is determined by the following formula: Pop = P1[1 + 0.75(n - 1)], where Pop - threshold of operation in kgf; P1 - total rupture load of core threads in kgf; n - integer number of braiding layers in cord. At the same time total rupture load of braiding threads of external layer at least 10 times exceeds value of cord threshold operation.EFFECT: in case of emergency actuation, invention provides buffering and suppression of impact load due to conversion of kinetic energy of falling secured body into operation of braided layers textile threads rupture.3 dwg, 1 tbl

Braided safety-rescue cord // 2401894
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: safety-rescue braided cord comprises a bearing core, made of bundle of rectilinearly arranged threads, located inside protective shell arranged in the form of thread-like body of tubular shape, formed by braiding of even number of braiding threads separated into two equal parts, in every of which threads are arranged along spirals of the right and left directions. Between core and protective shell, cord additionally comprises a buffer layer formed by at least two wrapping threads arranged around bearing core along spirals of one direction. At the same time pitch of buffer layer spirals is determined by formula ts=375/D0m0, where ts - pitch of spirals, mm; D0 - density of protective shell braiding threads, n/cm; m0 - number of wrapping threads forming buffer layer, besides bending stiffness of cord does not exceed 55 gs·cm.EFFECT: low bending stiffness of cord.1 tbl, 2 dwg

Synthetic rope // 2390595
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: synthetic rope comprises core from high module elements on the basis of aramid fibers and coating. Coating represents latex-resorcin-formaldehyde composition at weight ratio of coating to threads of synthetic rope of 1.0-20.0%. At the same time synthetic rope may be arranged with braiding from synthetic complex threads or without it.EFFECT: development of synthetic rope having high strength of connection to resin, and also resistant to multiple deformations and heat effect.2 cl, 1 tbl

Rope weaving machines // 2374372
FIELD: textile, cotton.SUBSTANCE: this invention refers to the rope production and can be used for the production of the wire ropes with the target form of the cross-section. The machine has the weaving reducer and straining rolling block, distribution pattern and two straining blocks. The blocks are made to be able to change their location. The first block is installed behind the weaving device in 2-3 steps from the t-rope laying at the angle equal to the angle of the rope strand laying. The second block is sequentially installed behind the first one in 2 t distance, the value of the rope compression in the first block is 0.3 - 0.8 of the value of the rope compression in the second block. The form of the rollers of the second straining block is chosen depending on the cross section of the finished rope.EFFECT: invention improves service characteristics of the ropes, for example the extension of their service life period.3 cl, 1 dwg, 1 ex

Safety and life-saving rope of spiral plaiting // 2374371
FIELD: textile, cotton.SUBSTANCE: this invention refers to the textile industry and concerns the production of the plaited rope. The offered safety and life-saving rope is based on the plaited cord of the spiral plaiting and consists of the supporting core located inside the protecting coat. Protecting coat is made in the form of the sleeving cord. All the wires of the protecting coat plaiting are interwoven and are located along the spiral of one direction simultaneously overlapping two neighbouring wires and after that they are overlapped with the same wires. The basic core is a one-twisted cord with the spin in one direction opposite to the direction of the spirals of the protecting coat plaiting wires. The inclination angle of the twisted core coils equals the inclination angle of the spirals of the protecting coat plaiting wires. The rope is to be used for the kitting-up of the fire fighting, mine-rescue and alpinist equipment.EFFECT: production of the rope which is more resistant to the abrasion and which is less hard for the bending under its own weight.2 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Rope-cable with light-weight plastic core to handle cargoes and chemical reagents in oil and gas wells // 2372431
FIELD: oil-and-gas industry, handling equipment.SUBSTANCE: proposed rope-cable comprises plastic core and two cable lays made from steel galvanised wire. Aforesaid core has one, two or more holes arranged regularly both across rope-cable cross section and along its length. Armor inner layer is made by cable lay consisting of 10 to 24 wires with diametre of 0.6 mm to 1.6 mm, while outer layer consists of cable lay made up of 6 to 24 wires with diametre varying from 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm. Cable lay wires are laid densely inner layer and with gaps in outer layer.EFFECT: higher flexibility, possibility to use for transfer of fluid and gaseous components and to lay current conductors in cable core holes.5 dwg

Device for plastic reduction of ropes // 2371533
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: device comprises rope reduction roller cage arranged between rotor and drafting mechanism of rope laying machine. The latter revolves aligned with aforesaid rotor and has its rollers fitted at the angle corresponding to that of inclination of rope outer wire surface to roller axis. Roller cage represents two rotary mounting flanges. Separate roller blocks are locked between the latter, each roller block comprising roller holder pad attached on the flanges and furnished with cylindrical hole. Roller holder comprises roller and roller holder radial and angular adjustment mechanism. Aforesaid roller holder is mounted right in the pad hole to make radial and angular displacements relative to the pad. Mounting flanges have axial bores to allow unobstructed access to the rollers. Roller cage can be driven via belt, chain or toothed transmission from the shaft driven by rotor or self-contained drive and sideways of the cage.EFFECT: individual adjustment or rollers, simpler design and smaller sizes.2 dwg

Rope-shaped device // 2369674
FIELD: construction industry.SUBSTANCE: rope-shaped device, and namely chord rope, single cord and rope, includes longitudinal fibres of longitudinal fibre device, which consist of individual fibres, strands, bundle of strands and/or single chords processed so that core, intermediate cover and cover is obtained. The device includes at least one additional fibre or an additional bundle of fibres located transversely relative to longitudinal fibres essentially at various angles and passed around longitudinal fibres so that the latter are essentially non-sliding and unmovable relative to each other. Additional fibre is bound at least one time with longitudinal fibres of the longitudinal fibre device, owing to which longitudinal fibres are rigidly fixed.EFFECT: invention provides binding of longitudinal fibres to each other in the longitudinal fibre device and prevents their mutual sliding.32 cl, 22 dwg

Synthetic rope // 2368714
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: synthetic rope contains core in the form of located parallel to rope axis polyamide fibers and braiding fibers. Between core and braiding fibers in axial direction along the full length of rope it is located enwrapping core the first layer of twisted bunch of fibers. Above the first layer of twisted bunch of fibers it is winded the second layer of twisted bunch of fibers. Additionally the first and the second layers are implemented with inter- opposite coiling with pitch equal to thickness of twisted bunch of fibers. Additionally coils of layers with uniform coiling do not interacts to each other in axial direction. Between inner surface of coils of the first layer and external surface of coils of the second layer along the full length of rope in diametric direction there are located rectilinear twisted bunch of fibers parallel to axis of core. Diametric placement of rectilinear twisted bunch of fibers is implemented perpendicularly to diametric direction of coverage of coils of the first layer by coils of the second layer. Cross-section area of twisted bunch of fibers of the first layer is equal to cross-section area of twisted bunch of fibers of the second layer. Additionally length of coil of twisted bunch of fibers of the first layer is equal to length of coil of twisted bunch of fibers of the second layer.EFFECT: effectiveness increase of operation ensured by improvement of safe-wrecking behaviour.3 dwg

Rope // 2358053
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: rope consists of a set of strands wounded on the core. The central strand of the core is represented with a cylindrical string. In addition, the core contains strands of different diametre, which are wounded at least in two layers on the central strand. The core is provided with a shell of variable curvature. The shell surface curvature radiuses coincide with a rope strand radiuses or core strand radiuses. The shell is formed by long-length material wounded on the core with pulling effort along helical curve.EFFECT: extended lifetime of rope.6 cl, 3 dwg

Three-layer metal cord for tyre carcass reinforcement // 2358052
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: three-layer metal cord with the structure L+M+N comprises an inner layer of L wires with d1 diametre. L amounts to from 1 to 4. The inner layer is enclosed by an intermediate layer of M wires with d2 diametre which are jointly wound in a spiral with a pitch p2. M amounts to from 3 to 12. The intermediate layer is enclosed by an outer layer of N wires with d3 diametre which are jointly wound in a spiral with a pitch p3. N amounts to from 8 to 20. A shell which is formed from a structured or cross-linked rubber composition based on at least one diene elastomer covers at least one intermediate layer. The invention relates also to a composite fabric that is used as a reinforcement layer in heavy load tyre carcass. The composite fabric contains a rubber matrix reinforced by the multilayer cord. A tyre reinforced by such cord or comprising such composite fabric is proposed as well.EFFECT: reinforcement of products made from rubber and plastic.30 cl, 3 dwg, 3 tbl

Driving cable for reciprocal motion of mechanisms // 2357117
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to machine building, to drives for reciprocal motion of units and parts. Driving cable for reciprocal motion of mechanisms comprises movable metal core with protective coat in the form of synthetic bush with ribbed surface. Cable is installed inside concentric armored shell with walls made of synthetic material in the form of internal and external bushes. On surface of shell internal bush along its whole length there is at least one rib arranged with helical shape with preset pitch of turns. Helical rib has conical shape in cross section and is arranged with spiral pitch that provides for shell contact with core only along surface of helical rib at any permissible bending of cable.EFFECT: reduced friction forces during core displacement relative to shell and according reduction of forces applied by operator to control lever.3 cl, 1 dwg

Long-length twisted product // 2352699
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: long-length twisted product is made by twisting of N single-type long-length elements with linear-point contact, where N>1. Twisting pitch in long-length elements makes L<50 mm. Every long-length element comprises at least one fiber or one wire with thickness of d<50 mcm.EFFECT: increased tensile strength.8 cl, 2 tbl

ethod of double-layer cable lay // 2330137
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method of double-layer cable lay includes operations of laying the first layer of strands, and then the second layer of strands around the core. During performance of operation of strands first layer laying tension of every strand of the first layer is measured. Radial and angular shift of tension resultant is measured in respect to longitudinal axis of cable. Bending moment value is determined. Prior to laying of the second layer of cable strands every strand is tightened so that bending moment is equal in value to bending moment of the first layer of strands and opposite in direction.EFFECT: increase of service life and quality of double-layer cable.2 cl, 3 dwg

Stand to study cable twisting process // 2327102
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to lifting and transportation machinery production, in particular, to steel cables and aims at analysing the production process effects on the steel cable quality, specifically, to analysing the influence of irregular tension of the wires (strands) on irregularity of the lengths of wires (strands) of the steel cable. The stand, as per given invention, to study the cable twisting process incorporates a frame made as drift structure has a single beam accommodating at its centre a clamp with strands of the cable to be twisted. The frame two vertical supports are made in the form of a lead screw with two nuts-gears arranged thereon and engaging a gear wheel. The said wheel is arranged so that it can run around a clamping sleeve rigidly fixed at the centre of movable carriage supported, via bearings, by the said nuts-gears. A strand outer layer distribution template is fixed to the gear wheel hub lower part, the strand inner layer distribution template is attached to the above template to run around a vertical axis. A carrier with two pulleys-satellites is attached to the hear wheel hub side surface. One of the pulleys-satellites is coupled via belt transmission with the clamping sleeve, while the other one gets connected to the inner layer distribution template. The carrier is provided with a drive engaging the gear wheel. The strands of the cable twisted are connected by their upper ends the clamp, are passed through the clamping sleeve with and appropriate holes of distribution templates, their lower ends being connected to the tension weights. There is a possibility of simulation of the two-layer cable twisting process without ruling out a gravity-type tension device from the process.EFFECT: possibility of simulation of the two-layer cable twisting process without ruling out a gravity-type tension device from the process.1 dwg
Composition for threads, threads with improved properties and application of threads // 2326999
FIELD: chemistry; production methods of composition for thread coating.SUBSTANCE: composition includes x) = 10-50 mass.% of polyethylene wax with melting temperature from 110 to 150°C, y) = 10-50 mass.% compound ether compositions of conjoint polymer produced from α-olefine containing from 10 to 24 carbon atoms and unsaturated dicarboxylic acid selected from maleinic acid, fumaric acid, itaconic acid and citraconic acid z) = 100-(x+y) mass.% of silicon oil composition with 100 to 100- MPa-c viscosity at 20°C. Threads, fibres or filaments produced by spinning, stretching and texturing, if necessary, are subject to treatment with the specified composition.EFFECT: items are ensured with high resistance property.17 cl, 2 tbl, 3 ex

Cable thread used as reinforcing element for pneumatic tires of heavy wheeled vehicles // 2326198
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns cable threads used to reinforce rib protective coating or/and to form reinforce element for pneumatic tires for industrial machinery of type Poids-lourd. Invention also relates composite fabric used as rib protective coats or/and as reinforce element for pneumatic tires. Cable thread contains three spiral strands, twisted in one integral system with lead p2, each of them includes two metal wires twisted in spiral in integrated system with pace p1. Wire diameters for specified strands are (d1, d2), (d1', d2'), (d1", d2") correspondingly, when this cable threads meet plurality of following consumptions: (i) 0.25 < d1 < 0.45; (ii) 0.25 < d2 < 0.45; (iii) 0.25 < d1' < 0.45; (iv) 0.25 < d2' < 0.45; (v) 0.25 < d1" < 0.45; (vi) 0.25 < d2" < 0.45 and (vii) 2 < p1 < p2 < 10.EFFECT: improvement of endurance.18 cl, 1 dwg, 3 tbl