By reaction with phosphorus- or sulfur- containing compounds (C09D123/32)

Refractory polymer composition // 2640769
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the refractory polymer composition suitable for use when applying the coating on the treated articles containing thermoplastic polymer containing vinyl acetate, and an unsaturated elastomer containing double bonds as polymeric components, where the polymer components are present in the form of a homogeneous polymer blend, and where a composite matrix is formed, vulcanized only with the use of sulfur or a crosslinking system containing sulfur, where the sulfur crosslinking system is distributed throughout the matrix and fully penetrates into the matrix, and at least one flame retardant or a combination of flame retardants. The invention further relates to articles obtained from such a composition and to composite elements coated with the composition as well as to the method for their preparation.EFFECT: producing compositions for protecting a dynamically tense component with a coating of this composition, so that the aggregate component is sufficiently refractory, in particular, complies with the standard for fire safety CEN TS 45545-2 without rendering noticeable adverse effects by the specified coating on the dynamic properties of the composite element during its service life.38 cl, 16 dwg, 5 tbl, 5 ex

Butyl ion-containing polymers for application aimed at reduction of population and/or prevention of accumulation of organisms and coatings made thereof // 2542231
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the application of butyl ion-containing polymers or partially halogenated butyl ion-containing polymers for the reduction of a population and/or prevention of accumulation of organisms, at least, on the surface of products, in a composite material, and in a moulded product. The organisms can be represented by bacteria, algae, fungi, molluscs or arthropods. A butyl ion-containing polymer is obtained from, at least, one isoolefin monomer and, at least, one multiolefin monomer. The butyl ion-containing polymer contains a cationic nitrogen-containing functional group or cationic phosphorus-containing functional group. The invention also relates to a surface coating for products, containing the said butyl ion-containing polymer.EFFECT: invention provides the effective reduction of the population size and/or prevention of accumulation of organisms on products.28 cl, 1 dwg, 33 ex