By reaction with phosphorus- or sulfur-containing compounds (C08L23/32)

Refractory polymer composition // 2640769
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the refractory polymer composition suitable for use when applying the coating on the treated articles containing thermoplastic polymer containing vinyl acetate, and an unsaturated elastomer containing double bonds as polymeric components, where the polymer components are present in the form of a homogeneous polymer blend, and where a composite matrix is formed, vulcanized only with the use of sulfur or a crosslinking system containing sulfur, where the sulfur crosslinking system is distributed throughout the matrix and fully penetrates into the matrix, and at least one flame retardant or a combination of flame retardants. The invention further relates to articles obtained from such a composition and to composite elements coated with the composition as well as to the method for their preparation.EFFECT: producing compositions for protecting a dynamically tense component with a coating of this composition, so that the aggregate component is sufficiently refractory, in particular, complies with the standard for fire safety CEN TS 45545-2 without rendering noticeable adverse effects by the specified coating on the dynamic properties of the composite element during its service life.38 cl, 16 dwg, 5 tbl, 5 ex

Butyl ionomer latex // 2567393
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to versions of a butyl rubber latex composition for making a moulded article or coating on the surface of an article, as well as a method of producing said composition. A butyl rubber latex composition, which includes a butyl ionomer obtained from halogenated butyl rubber through a reaction with a nitrogen or phosphorus based nucleophile emulsified in water in the presence of a fatty acid based surfactant and additional surfactant.EFFECT: obtaining a butyl rubber latex composition with a lower emulsifier content, having high latex stability, improved reaction and adhesion to polar solvents and surfaces.19 cl, 17 ex

Vulcanised polymer nanocomposite and methods of producing polymer nanocomposite (versions) // 2461590
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: nanocomposite contains a butyl rubber ionomer which contains repeating units obtained from at least one isoolefin monomer, where at least 3.5 mol % of the repeating units are obtained from at least one multi-olefin monomer and at least one nitrogen- or phosphorus-based nucleophile, and filler with aspect ratio from 1:3 to 1:200, contained in the butyl rubber ionomer. In one version of the present invention, the nanocomposite contains ionomers which are obtained in situ during formation of the nanocomposite, which leads to the inclusion of the ionomer into the nanocomposite. The method involves obtaining a bromated butyl rubber polymer; adding a modifier containing a nitrogen- or phosphorus-based nucleophile; adding filler; mixing the polymer, modifier and filler; vulcanising the nanocomposite.EFFECT: nanocomposites demonstrate improved air-tightness and stretching properties compared to existing nanocomposites obtained using conventional bromated butyl rubber.14 cl, 11 tbl, 36 ex

A method of obtaining a polyvinylchloride composition // 2100388
The invention relates to the field of modification of plastics, namely, the method of production of compositions based on polyvinyl chloride and chlorinated polyethylene, employees polymer basis for the manufacture of window frames, water troughs and other parts used in the construction