Containing halogen (C07C59/56)

Unsaturated fatty hydroxy acids and use thereof in dermatocosmetology // 2440328
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to novel compounds- unsaturated fatty hydroxy acid of general formula , where Rn=R1=R=H, and 10≤n≤14, except 16-hydroxy-2- hexadecenoic acid and 15-hydroxy-2-pentadecenoic acid; or where Rn=R=H, R1=F, CI or Br, and 5≤n≤14. These unsaturated fatty hydroxy acids are suitable for obtaining an antiradical, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic dermatocosmetological composition and/or for treating disorders associated with keratinisation and pigmentation and/or for accelerating wound healing. The unsaturated fatty hydroxy acids of general formula (I) can also be used to prepare a dermatocosmetological composition for treating psoriasis, itching and/or atopic dermatitis.EFFECT: high efficiency of using the composition.11 cl, 2 tbl, 13 ex

Compounds with hydroxycarbonyl-halogenalkyl by-side chains // 2247106
FIELD: organic chemistry, medicine, pharmacy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a new compound of the general formula (2) and a method for its preparing wherein R1 represents hydrogen atom or salt-forming metal; R2 represent a direct or branched (C1-C7)-halogenalkyl group; m represents a whole number from 2 to 14; n represents a whole number from 2 to 7; A represents a group taken among the following formulae: (3) , (4) , (5) ,(6) ,(17) , (18) , (19) , (20) , (23) , (25) and (26) wherein R3 in formula (6) represents a direct or branched group (C1-C5)-alkyl group; R8 in formulae (18) and (20) represents a direct or branched (C1-C5)-alkyl group, a direct or branched (C2-C5)-alkenyl group or a direct or branched (C2-C5)-alkynyl group; in formula (23) each R21, R22, R23 and R24 represents independently hydrogen atom, a direct or branched (C1-C5)-alkyl group, a direct or branched (C1-C7)-halogenalkyl group, halogen atom or acyl group; in formulae (25) and (26) X represents halogen atom; or enantiomers of compound, or hydrates, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts of compound, or its enantiomers. Also, invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition containing indicated compound as an active component and to a therapeutic agent used against breast cancer based on thereof.EFFECT: valuable medicinal properties of compounds.10 cl, 2 tbl, 39 ex

Bicyclic aromatic compounds and compositions on their basis // 2188190
The invention relates to new bicyclic aromatic compounds of General formula (I) having the ability to bind RXRand pharmaceutical compositions based on them, which can be used in medicine, veterinary medicine and in cosmetics