Saddlery and upholstery (B68)

B68            Saddlery; upholstery(231)

Spring transmission device and method of spring transmission // 2638871
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: spring transmission device using the spring transmission method from a machine for winding the spring to a device for transporting the spring comprises a turning mechanism for turning the spring during movement from a first location to a second location, from a first orientation that the spring has at the first location, to a second orientation perpendicular to the first one, which the spring has at the second location. A rotation mechanism is connected to a rotatable mechanism, which together rotate the spring around its longitudinal axis. The design features of said device and the machine for spring frame manufacturing are presented.EFFECT: provided transportation of the spring with given vertical orientation, reducted space for transmission of springs from the winding machine to the device for transportation of springs.16 cl, 8 dwg

ethod and equipment for pressure control in mattress // 2581631
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: method includes a first step of measurement of the inner pressure prior to the user lies on the mattress, having at least two zones, in which the cells are made, which have the closed inner space filled with fluid; a second step of measurement of increase in the inner pressure in each cell, when the user lies on the mattress, and a step of adjusting the average pressure for adjusting the amount of fluid inserted into each cell of the mattress, based on change in pressure due to the difference between the inner pressure measured for each cell on the first step and the inner pressure measured for each cell on the second step.EFFECT: simplification of the mattress pressure adjustment for a certain user.19 cl, 10 dwg

Saddle for treating infantile cerebral paralysis // 2526970
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely therapeutic horse riding. A saddle for treating infantile cerebral paralysis is shaped after a horseback and comprises stirrups and a handle. The saddle comprises attached saddle-girths and a belt slipped on its front. Removable straps and fasteners for fixing patient's legs and arms are fitted to saddle sides. A removable rotatable back with an attached strap is mounted in a saddle back. The saddle is made of felt with an oval cut out in its middle portion. The above handle is removable and attached to an upper part of the belt.EFFECT: invention provides patient's contact to a horse body thereby achieving higher clinical effectiveness in the patients with cerebral paralysis.2 dwg

Fusion-bonded damping supporting device // 2487080
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: fusion-bonded damping supporting device contains an upper damping material layer, a damping material substrate layer and at least padding material fixed between the upper damping material layer and the damping material substrate layer. The padding material is subjected to external pressing at a high temperature together with the upper layer and the substrate layer, with the upper layer and the substrate layer melting and bonded into an integral whole. The thermal treatment results in formation of lines or areas of thermal bonding with geometric patterns on the upper layer as well as inner pouches in the upper layer, containing the padding material, to ensure damping and shape modelling effects in accordance with this invention. The implementation versions of the fusion-bonded damping supporting device such as a seat cushion, a back cushion, a sofa cushion or a bed pad, ensure a beneficial actions on the consumer body.EFFECT: resection of anxiety and impact load perception and prevention of collisions.10 cl, 10 dwg

ethod of making leather articles (versions) // 2471704
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of leather articles. Proposed method comprises marking and cutting leather of combined tanning made from cattle skin. Locking made parts on surface on the table of unit with optical laser oscillator, thermal embossing of, at least, portion of part surface to make raised surface. It comprises extra thermal treatment of raised surface by pyrograph, applying protective coating on the part to make articles thereof.EFFECT: higher waterproof properties.2 cl, 2 tbl, 3 dwg

Device for processing feather into break feather // 2468987
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises working chamber, loading branch pipe, rotor with drive, and grating. Note here that rotor consists of shaft with discs provided with hammers secured thereto. Working surface of said hammers features oval shape without sharp edges. Screens are arranged on grating outer surface to decelerate feather flow through screen openings in breaking.EFFECT: higher efficiency.7 dwg

Device to size feather-and-lint stock in fluid // 2467948
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises tank divided by web, mixing cylinder with bar to rotate two-phase fluid with sizing assemblies arranged on cylinder sides. Said sizing assemblies comprises shields and guide chambers to size raw stock, accumulation bins fro separate sized fractions from fluid, pressure pump to circulate fluid, system of pipelines, shutoff and control valves. Between tank side wall and shutoff and control valve arranged is chamber for modification incorporating two rolls. One roll represents a modifying roll with spur, helical or chevron incisions. Another roll is a pressure roll elastic coating. Or both have spur, helical or chevron incisions. It comprises also guide screen composed of taper channel with perforated end.EFFECT: higher efficiency of separation and quality of feather fractions.3 cl, 7 dwg

Device for separating plumulaceous feather material into fractions // 2424384
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: device has a housing with a hatch for loading material and an agitator, a ventilator for generating a sorting air stream, two chambers, walls and movable partitions which form a vertical labyrinth. The first chamber is equipped with a discharge chute with an outlet, a filter and an agitator, and the second chamber is equipped with a belt conveyor with a guide comb and a modifying roller with a toothed incision and a discharge chute with a socket piece, a filter and an agitator. In the second chamber, the guide comb and the modifying roller with a toothed incision are combined into a unit which is fitted with a displacement mechanism for measuring its position relative the belt conveyor, and there is a hatch for isolation for the discharge chute. The first chamber has an additional discharge chute with a filter and a socket piece and a modifying unit formed by two pairs of rollers, wherein one pair has a flat surface and the other has a toothed incision.EFFECT: broader functionalities of sorting equipment by combining in one device, processes for separating into fractions feather material of natatorial and land birds and modification of fractions in order to improve quality characteristics of the desired fraction.2 cl, 1 dwg

Fluff-and-feather material cleaner // 2417940
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluff-and-feather material cleaners and may be in production and restoration of articles made from fluff-and-feather. Proposed device consists of two chambers, inner and outer, aligned one inside the other. Tube to discharge cleaned material with inlet located at the center of air flow rotation is arranged so that rotation of broken feather and major waste occurs, primarily, between tube inlet and inner chamber base where through said tube passes. Cleaned material axis may pass both vertically and horizontally.EFFECT: simplified design, higher quality and efficiency due to extra cleaning stage.4 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of increasing filling capacity of chicken feather and device for realising said method // 2404914
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to material science of producing beddings with chicken feather filler. The disclosed device for increasing filling capacity of chicken feathers has a storage bin-batcher 2 with a loading hatch 1, an agitator 3, a transportation channel 4 with a guide grid 6, a chamber 5 with a modifying roll 7 with a straight-toothed incision and a press roll 8 with flexible coating, a transporting ventilator 9, a channel 10, a chamber 11 with connecting pipes 12 and 15 and filters 13 and 14. The transporting ventilator 9 which creates a vacuum, enables to successively fed feathers to rolls 7 and 8 with the concave side up on the transportation channel 4 through the guide grid 6 and the storage bin-batcher 2 and moving material to the chamber 11 after modification for unloading. The disclosed method involves loading material into the storage bin-batcher 2 through a hatch 1, where the material is loosened by the agitator 3. At the output of the transportation channel 4 the feather is aligned with concave side up through the guide grid 6 and enters chamber 5 where it is modified by rolls 7 and 8. The press roll 8 provides the required value of pressure on the shaft of the feather when rolling between rolls 7 and 8. Further, the feather is moved by the ventilator 9 along channel 10 into chamber 11, from which besides accumulation, it is unloaded through connecting pipe 12.EFFECT: higher filling capacity of small and large chicken feathers and reduced overall dimensions of the installation.4 cl, 2 dwg

Device for cleaning feather-and-underfur material // 2392222
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: device for cleaning feather-and-underfur material includes the cleaning chamber containing mixing chamber restricted from below with chamber of pre-collection of heavy fractions, dust and moisture, and from above - with distribution chamber of hot air, mixing blades with brushes installed on them, heater installed on one side of mixing chamber, fan and the second chamber for dust and moisture removal, steam generator and the second fan for discharge of clean feather-and-underfur material, which are arranged on the other side of mixing chamber.EFFECT: easy and compact device for cleaning feather-and-underfur material provides effective cleaning of feather-and-underfur raw material of any origin.6 cl, 4 dwg

Cellulose staple fibre, its application and filler // 2388855
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: cellulose staple fibres in cross section have three or more blades; also linear density of fibre is from 1.0 to 3.10 dtex, preferably more, than 3.10 dtex, preferably, over 5.10 dtex, and most preferably from 5.6 dtex up to 10 dtex, particularly over 6.10 dtex, and especially from 6.3 to 10 dtex. Module of fibre in wet condition corresponds to a formula: module of fibre in wet condition is (cN)≥0.5*√T, where T is linear density of fibre in dtex; rupture strength corresponds to formula: rupture strength of fibre (cN)≥1.3*√T+2*Tb, where T is linear density of fibre in dtex.EFFECT: multitude of said fibres as filler possesses high moisture absorption at low density and big volume.24 cl, 3 dwg, 5 ex

Snaffle with ledges // 2386581
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to equestrian equipment and is intended to control horses and train them on how to perform dressage elements. Snaffle with ledges comprises rings and champ. Champ is arranged with at least one movable connection and two figured ledges. Figured ledges of round shape are arranged with the possibility of interaction with buccal nerve, which is a branch of maxillary nerve.EFFECT: design of snaffle eliminates its perception as point of support, which makes it possible to accelerate and to simplify process of horse training.1 dwg

Thin mattress with springs in cover and method, and device for its manufacturing // 2372009
FIELD: personal articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to spring mattress and is intended for simplification of thin mattress producing process. Spring mattress contains a lot of garlands, connected with each other by connecting lines, which pass parallel to longitudinal direction of garland. Each garland contains continuous cover material with a lot of pockets. Pockets are formed by means of at least one longitudinal connecting line and a lot of transverse connecting lines, which pass across longitudinal garland direction. Connecting lines are located from side of each spring and, between adjacent springs. In pockets of garlands cylindrical springs are placed. At least for one of spring areas of cover material, located on spring ends, are displaced to each other through spring and are connected with each other.EFFECT: simplification of thin mattress producing process.19 cl, 4 dwg

Device for chicken feather grading // 2366767
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: device for chicken feather grading includes chamber with chicken feather loading port holding loosening shaft, two chambers with agitators for feather separation into fractions, equipped with unloading chutes, vertical labyrinth formed by ascending and descending chamber channels with mobile partitions for air flow rate adjustment. Second chamber of graded feather transportation to unloading chute includes belt conveyor with guide rake and indented modifying roller forming depressions at concave surface of feather stem to create additional flexion.EFFECT: enhanced filling capacity of chicken feather, allowing for application in garment packages of medium price range.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of manufacturing padding material from churned polythene // 2353571
FIELD: packing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of padding materials and can be used for manufacturing padding material from churned polythene. In the proposed method of manufacturing padding material from a churned polythene sheet, the initial churned polythene is cut with the help of a flat-bed plotter on separate strips, which are then crushed in a crusher, and then crushed once again till fractions with the transverse size in the range of 1.0-30 mm are obtained.EFFECT: invention ensures padding material, which is light, hygienic, elastic and waterproof, is obtained.2 cl, 1 dwg

Device for mechanical modification of chicken feather // 2346885
FIELD: food industry, equipment.SUBSTANCE: proposed invention deals with equipment for mechanical processing of animal fibres such as feather and down raw materials for the needs of bedding products manufacture. The device for mechanical modification of chicken feather is composed of a raw material loading unit, a storage hopper with a free drop chamber, a conveyor belt and a working roll with toothed notches enabling pickup of feather and application of indentations on the stem inside surface to provide for additional incurvation of the feather. The working roller is equipped with a mechanism enabling adjustment of the intensity of pressure applied to the feather stem. Raw material load and processed feather discharge may be performed by the same valve-equipped structural unit. The proposed device for mechanical modification of chicken feather provides for improved filling properties of the feather raw material which enables its application in the capacity of a relatively inexpensive filler for manufacture of high grade bedding textiles.EFFECT: improved filling properties of the feather raw material which enables its application in the capacity of a relatively inexpensive filler for manufacture of high grade bedding textiles.4 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl

Feather-based packing material, method and apparatus for producing the same // 2311506
FIELD: feather-based packing material, process and equipment for producing of packing material.SUBSTANCE: feather-based packing material is made in the form of cloth consisting of homogeneous mixture of feathers and thermoplastic structured two-component fibers comprising core of polymer material with high softening point and enclosure of polymer material having softening temperature lower than that of core. Enclosure allows, after necessary processing, structured fibers to fuse with one another at the level of each contact point to form flexible and bound structure with three-dimensional lattice which encloses and retains feathers therein. Also, method and apparatus for producing of feather-based packing material are cited in Specification.EFFECT: improved heat-insulating properties and high bulking power allowing said packing material to be used in manufacture of furniture or bedding as fillers and/or heat-insulating material.15 cl, 8 dwg, 6 ex

Device for manufacture of tubular shell with set of independently deforming coil springs // 2302992
FIELD: mechanical engineering; furniture.SUBSTANCE: device for manufacture of tubular shell with set of independently deforming coil springs relates to manufacture of mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. It contains forming member with rectangular base and longitudinal side walls arranged orthogonally to base and made of trapezoidal shape with like bends pointed to each other. Bends are arranged from side of smaller bases of trapeziums and in corresponding parallel to each other planes. Device contains feeders of textile material webs to inlet end face of forming member, devices for periodical feeding of coil springs into tubular shell made of textile material, devices to form cross thermal welds in tubular shell and devices for discrete displacement of shell.EFFECT: improved reliability of device in operation.3 dwg

ethod for imparting ornamental effect to leather article parts // 2301267
FIELD: light industry, in particular, manufacture of clothing, shoes and fancy goods from leather for imparting ornamental effect.SUBSTANCE: method involves performing hot pressing of leather part on rigid surface of predetermined shape preliminarily wetted to moisture content of 35-40% at temperature of 35-40 C; forming creases oriented in various directions and pressing at temperature of 90-100 C during 90-120 s; punching portions between creases in the form of various geometric figures; Leather parts may be made in the form of cut parts such as sleeves, strips, collars, etc, and also inserts or faceplates adapted for application onto article design parts.EFFECT: wider range of leathers used for finishing of articles and simplified method for imparting ornamental effect to flat surfaces.2 cl, 2 dwg
Phytotherapy product // 2286163
FIELD: medical engineering.SUBSTANCE: device has air-tight envelope with filler comprising birch bark crushed into particles not larger than 2.0 cm in size in the amount of 130-320 g/l. Another version of the product has air-tight envelope with filler comprising birch bark crushed into particles not larger than 2.0 cm in size in the amount of 130-320 g/l with herbal additives and/or heat carrier. The product is manufactured as cushions, mattress, blanket, applicator, mat or bandage and is optionally quilted. Flax-seed, quartz sand, pebbles crashed to granule size are taken as heat carrier.EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness in treating people and animals for respiratory, nervous and locomotor system diseases as well as skin diseases.2 cl, 4 dwg
Helically-conjugated balls made out of the polyester fibers // 2284961
FIELD: textile industry; production of the polyester fibers helically-conjugated balls.SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of textile industry, in particular, to production of the polyester fibers helically-conjugated balls, which may be used as the filler in such products, as the blankets, cushions, mattresses, cushions for the seats, backrests for the seats, coverlets, sleeping bags, the soft furniture and the soft toys, and also as the heat insulation for clothing and as the protective filler for the working clothes of different designation, including the heat-resistant clothes, moisture protective clothes, anti-gas protective clothes and cold protective clothes. The protective filler made out of the polyester fiber balls represents the helically-conjugated balls with the nominal linear density of 0.7- 0.9 tex, the nominal length of straightening of 25-39 mm, the twisted degree of 23.0-27.0 %,the twist stability of 50-95 %, the volume mass of 2.0-7.0 kg/m3, an elongation at the break of 40-50 %, the relaxation properties of the fibers at their compression in the mass of 75-80 %, the normalized humidity of 1.0-2.0 % and the specific breaking loading of 38-40 sn/tex. The technical result of the invention is the helically-conjugated balls reduced friction between the individual coils {balls} with the possibility of more free and independent movement and recovery of all their properties.EFFECT: the invention ensures the helically-conjugated balls reduced friction between the individual coils and balls with the possibility of more free and independent movement with recovery of all their properties.

Clamp // 2284770
FIELD: medical equipment; surgical instruments.SUBSTANCE: clamp can be used for pinching tubular members and for connection of tubular members. Clamp has ring-shaped dismountable case with external casing. Screw for adjusting outer gap is placed inside casing. Working gap is provided with set locks. Set locks are made in form of protrusions and/or hollows. Protrusion and/or hollows are disposed along arc onto internal surface of ring-shaped dismountable case. Arc has length of 1/8-5/8 of length of case's circle. Casing is mounted at one side of joint and it is connected with internal surface of ring-shaped dismountable case by means of symmetrical or asymmetrical support flanges. Thickness of any support flange equals at least to 1/3 of thickness of ring-shaped dismountable case. Screw for adjusting working gap is mounted for interaction with engagements which are disposed onto other side of joint at external surface of ring-shaped case.EFFECT: better contact with members to be fixed; widened functional abilities; improved reliability of joint.5 cl, 2 dwg

Springy mattress with spring separating pockets and method for manufacturing the same // 2281678
FIELD: manufacture of mattresses wherein springs are enclosed within pockets for separating said springs.SUBSTANCE: mattress has plurality of mutually connected spiral springs located within enclosures, said mattress being known as springy mattress with spring separating pockets. At least two springs arranged one near the other are separated by gap exceeding diameter of maximum coil of spiral springs by about 10%. Method involves the stage of mutual connection of springs including locating plurality of springs in strips manufactured from covering material, with number of such strips being connected together. Enclosure is made from weldable material, preferably from textile material. Connection is provided by welding process.EFFECT: increased efficiency and improved quality of springy mattress.22 cl, 3 dwg
Packing material for manufacture of support means // 2279399
FIELD: light industry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in production of bedding or support means. Proposed packing material is dry mix of peel of protective film convering cedar nut kernel being waste of cedar nut processing, and dried and ground drug plants. Peel consists of great number of disintegrated elements-film-like particles of different configuration. In pillows for sleep and rest drug plants with sedative effect are used such as valerian, origanum, hop, lavender. In rollers for joints of arms, legs and spine drug plants with antiphlogistic and pain-relieving effect are used, such as pine tree, inula, oak, daphne willow, birch, spirea.EFFECT: enlarged assortment of packing raw materials, simplified technology of manufacture, improved ecological and ergonomic characteristics.4 cl, 5 ex
ethod of forming of volumetric and curvilinear components for an article // 2266863
FIELD: light industry; methods of forming of volumetric and curvilinear details for an article.SUBSTANCE: the invention is pertaining to the field of light industry, in particular, to the methods of forming of volumetric and curvilinear details for an article is intended for usage in light industry at forming volumetric and curvilinear details for articles made out of a leather, predominantly - clothing. The method consists that on the surface of the flesh side of hide of the flat component of the article made out of leather deposit the polymeric composition containing the following elements (in mass %): - polyvinyl acetate homopolymeric coarse-dispersed plasticized dispersion - 20-35; - dibutyl phthalate (DPHT) - 1.5-15; - water - the rest. The composition may be deposited in the form of a net on in advance prepared templates. After that the component of the article is dried at an indoor temperature. Then the component of the article is formed, for example, by hot pressing at 70-90°C during 1.5-2.0 minutes. And fix the gained form by chilling. The invention ensures improvement of quality of the articles made out of leather due to increased the form stability of components of the article.EFFECT: the invention ensures improvement of quality of the articles made out of leather due to increased the form stability of components of the article.4 cl
ultilayer cushion for supporting of human body parts // 2264776
FIELD: upholstered pieces of furniture, in particular, cushions for armchairs, sofas, beds, and also for bedding used as traditional cushion to be put under head, loins, or as roll put under feet.SUBSTANCE: cushion has casing incorporating forming core and at least one additional layer of natural materials. Forming core is manufactured from resilient material, for example, foamed polyurethane or latex, which assumes the shape of human body part and reduces its shape after release of loading. Additional layer comprises enclosure provided between core and casing and including filler consisting of bird fluff or buckwheat shell or combination thereof. Core surface may have wavy relief. Enclosure case for additional layer is composed of two layers of woven or non-woven material; inner surface of casing may be used as outer layer of enclosure case.EFFECT: simplified construction, provision for keeping of shape under loading and after release of loading, improved ecological purity, enhanced ventilation and hygroscopicity, and improved bioenergetics effect.4 cl

Device for cleaning filing material // 2244677
FIELD: treating upholstery fillings.SUBSTANCE: device has chamber provided with charging and discharging ports, cleaning chamber provided with the inlet and outlet ports, block for evacuation, and disinfection device. The outlet port of the charging chamber is connected to the inlet port of the cleaning chamber. The outlet port of the cleaning chamber is connected with the inlet port of the chamber for collecting cleaned material. The chamber is provided with the branch pipe, and all chambers can be hermetically sealed. The inlet of the block for evacuation is connected with the outlet port of the chamber for collecting cleaned material. At least one of the pipes for air supply is made for permitting to change the direction of air outflow from the nozzles and movement of the nozzles in space. The cleaning chamber is made of a vertical labyrinth and provided with a lid from bellow. The lid is made for permitting opening the cleaning chamber.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.18 cl, 4 dwg

Device for the manufacture of helical coil springs enclosed in pockets // 2235056
The invention relates to a device for the manufacture of helical coil springs enclosed in pockets, and provides synchronization of all operations and increase productivity with simultaneous expansion of the range of products

Compressed nested pocket spring mattress, a method of manufacturing a nesting box spring mattress and a device for pre-compression installed in socket coil springs // 2234456
The invention relates to furniture, and in particular to a spring mattress that contains a spring enclosed in the pockets of the so-called nesting spring mattress, as well as to a method and device for manufacturing such a mattress

attress with double spring and method of its manufacture // 2217370
The invention relates to a spring mattress with two combined layers of springs enclosed in covers, and method of manufacturing such a mattress

Apparatus for processing fibrous material, including secondary raw cotton and stuffing them namatrasnikov // 2210528
The invention relates to textile machinery and can be used for regeneration of fibrous material and stuffing them namatrasnikov

Sadovaja machine // 2205150
The invention relates to the manufacture of upholstered furniture, bedding (pillows, blankets, soft toys, and sports equipment

outhpiece // 2201890

Elastic block for upholstered furniture // 2194429
The invention relates to light industry and can be used in the manufacture of seats and mattresses for home and office upholstered furniture, for transport, as well as in the medical industry

Cushioning material for upholstered furniture elements // 2165387
The invention relates to the production of seat backs household furniture and furniture for offices, and also used in the automotive, automotive industry

The method of formation of a number of spiral springs // 2144490
The invention relates to the manufacture of sets of springs for mattresses, cushions and similar articles, and more particularly to an improved method for the formation of rows of springs enclosed in pockets having flat side seams, overlap, and allows you to save bunching the material with the efficiency and reliability of products

Fastening by gluing upholstery on a molded base, for example, of polyurethane foam // 2143996
The invention relates to a method of attaching a bonding upholstery on a molded base, for example of polyurethane foam, in particular for the manufacture of seat cushions, characterized in that it consists essentially in the fact that the upholstery 1 is placed in a forming cold forming unit 2 and fixed to the latter with a support frame 3, and then applied on the inner wall upholstery 1 the adhesive layer 4, is next heated to a high temperature surface of the substrate 5, which must interact with the inner wall upholstery 1, interrupt heating at the desired temperature and immediately after that put the heated foam base 5 is covered with the adhesive 4 to the inner wall upholstery 1
Bioenergiser, cushioning material and product thereof // 2137459
The invention relates to the field of preventive medicine and can be used for making all kinds of preventive products, in which the cushioning material used vegetable filler

The headrest of the vehicle seat // 2134642
The invention relates to the automotive industry, in particular for the fastening of an upholstery of the seat headrest

A method of obtaining a waterproof tarpaulin with decorative cover (options) // 2127674
The invention relates to a technology of manufacturing a waterproof tarpaulin containing fabric covered with a plastic material with reflective decoration

Was odilo // 2124472
The invention relates to fittings functional purpose, namely to the bit, and can be used in equestrian sport and agriculture
ethod of manufacturing upholstered furniture // 2109677
The invention relates to furniture industry, and in particular to methods of manufacturing upholstered furniture designed to equip homes and offices

The method of repair of leather goods (options) // 2078736
The invention relates to light industry, in particular to the technology of restoration and repair of leather goods, mostly of large surfaces outerwear