Aircraft and aviation and cosmonautics (B64)

B64            Aircraft; aviation; cosmonautics(13655)

etallic fastener // 2642768
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: metal fastener contains an expanded head and a smooth barrel for engaging with the structure and located along the axis of rotation. The surface of the smooth barrel comprises, around the noted smooth barrel, at least one alternating conductive portion and at least one alternating lubricating portion. At least one conductive portion extends along the length of the smooth barrel, and at least one noted lubricating portion extends along the entire length of the smooth barrel, a lubricant is applied to the noted lubricating portion.EFFECT: increased possibility of conducting electricity in all layers of the structure.11 cl, 7 dwg

Rotary mechanical system with non-contact drive // 2642683
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: mechanical system (10) contains shaft (12), rotatable about its primary axis relative to the structural element (14), movable part (16), mounted on the shaft (12) rotatably with it about the primary axis (A) and moving at random relative to the shaft (12), the driving facility (18) to move the movable part (16) relative to the shaft (12). The driving facility comprises the first fastened section (20), which is mounted on the structural element (14) and the second movable section (22), which is mounted on the shaft (12) and is connected to the movable part (16). The driving facility (18) consists of the electromechanical drive with the air gap between the first section (20) and the second section (22).EFFECT: reduction of friction between the moving parts.9 cl, 5 dwg

Casing shell of aircraft // 2642471
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: for a shell with a long generatrix L and a smooth bearing wall of thickness δ of casing of cylindrical, conical or biconical form - in the wall of the shell from one or two ends axisymmetrically blind holes of diameter d and length l1, l2 are made in the way that δ=d+2(0.5-4.0) mm, L=(l1+l2)+(2-20) mm. A heat accumulating inserts or a balancing mass is installed in one or more cavities of a blind hole. The heat-accumulating insert is made of a material with a phase transition at the temperature not lower than +70°C. In open part of the blind hole, a groove with a diameter D and a depth h is made in a way that D=ƒ+(0.1-0.8) mm, h=S+(0.1-2.0) mm, where ƒ is diameter of the edge of heat-accumulating insert cork, S is thickness of the cork edge.EFFECT: improvement of the criterion of efficiency - cost - time of creation and development.4 cl, 5 dwg

Catapult // 2642221
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aircraft engineering, in particular to catapults for take-off of aircraft. In the catapult, which includes a frame with guides, starting carriage with attached traction elements, a hydraulic drive for their tension and a clamp, the hydraulic drive is made in the form of a multi-stage electrohydraulic pump representing a cylindrical hydraulic chamber, divided into compartments with check valves, connected at one end to the pipeline through which the working fluid is supplied, and the other one - with the receiver, connected to the guide pipe, functioning as a power cylinder for the starting carriage with the triggered object installed on it, working spark gaps are located in each of the compartments of a hemispherical, conical or parabolic shape. To ensure alternating discharges on the working spark gap of the compartments, there is an ignition device.EFFECT: technical result is increased efficiency of fire extinguishing.1 cl, 1 dwg

High-quality fire resistant decorative finishing coating for inner panels // 2642217
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: for finishing a panel, a filling material containing an agent for imparting fire resistance is applied to the panel surface to form a filled panel surface. Then the filled panel surface is smoothed. Thereinafter, a pattern or image is printed on one side of a polymer film containing a first polymeric material, and attach the other side of the polymer film to the smoothed filled panel surface by means of the binder. The polymer film is then coated with a coating material containing a second polymeric material.EFFECT: reducing labour intensity of manufacture, providing high-quality decorative fire-resistant finishing of inner panels.15 cl, 3 dwg

Aeronautic craft // 2642210
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to flight vehicles. Aeronautical vehicle includes a multi-copter with four electromotors and two turbomotors, supporting frame, gas chambers, solar panel, surveillance, orientation, communication and automatic control systems. Vehicle is made in a rigid ellipsoidal aerodynamic body and consists of a supporting frame with consoles, at the ends of which four electromotors with a variable thrust vector are suspended. On the frame there are two gondolas, consisting of rigid bodies and gas chambers with a constant and variable volume. Under the supporting frame there is a gas cushion, and in the front part of the supporting frame there is a monocrys, below the frame two turboprop engines are suspended. In the rear part of the supporting frame there are stabilization devices consisting of rudders, ailerons and flaps, connected through an automated control system with elements of changing the volume of gas chambers, which increases the stability and controllability of the device as a whole.EFFECT: invention provides higher strength and stability of controllability of the vehicle.1 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and system of aero/hydrodynamic control of newtonian fluid flow in radial turbomachine // 2642203
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method and system for aero/hydrodynamic control of newtonian fluid flow in the radial turbomachine which use conformal vortex generators is described.EFFECT: improvement of energetic efficiency and possibility to control various points in turbo-compressor or processing device for aero/hydrodynamic treatment of newtonian fluid flow.32 cl, 21 dwg
Device for extinguishing forest fires // 2642029
FIELD: means of ensuring safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire fighting equipment, in particular to devices for extinguishing forest fires with water (extinguishing liquid) from air, mounted on amphibious aircraft. Essence of claimed invention lies in that the amphibian aircraft is equipped with a device consisting of two vertically arranged cases. Device is mounted inside the boat hull of seaplane. Containers are placed in the cases, said containers being filled with a fire extinguishing liquid (water). Containers are filled with water from natural reservoirs using two water intake devices built in the bottom of the seaplane, said containers also serve as a conduit for raising seawater. In the planning mode of the seaplane, water passes the water intake device/conduit and, under the pressure of its high-speed head, enters the tanks. After filling the containers with water, the water is mixed with solid chemical extinguishing agents in flight, and the containers are sealed. When the seaplane approaches the fire, both containers are exactly released onto the fire source. Entire volume is 100 % delivered to the burning surface.EFFECT: technical result of the invention is high efficiency of extinguishing forest fires using amphibian aircraft due to precise release of the extinguishing liquid (water) packed in sealed biodegradable containers.1 cl, 1 dwg

Airship hull // 2642021
FIELD: aeronautics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an aeronautics equipment. Airship body has a rigid frame, fastening elements, a soft shell containing a lighter than air gas. Frame is mounted above the shell. Frame is made in the form of a bar lattice with a bow, stern and middle parts. Shell consists of separate chambers containing incombustible and flammable lighter than air gases, in the order of their alternation. Chambers placed in the fore and aft parts of the frame are cone-shaped, in the remaining parts they are cylindrical.EFFECT: invention is aimed at higher safety.1 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of estimation of space materials stability to impact of cosmic space factors // 2642009
FIELD: testing equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of testing polymeric materials that are included into the structure of space crafts (SC). In the proposed method material specimens are exposed within a specified period of time on the surface of SC, then are placed in a container which, in turn, is placed in a transport container (zip lock in space) and they are return to Earth. In a vacuum chamber with a controlled inert atmosphere, the containers are opened and specimens are taken from them, each of which is placed in a separate sealed tank. Then, under laboratory conditions, changes in the properties of specimen materials are determined. The pressure of inert atmosphere in the vacuum chamber is maintained above the ambient pressure.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of test results by practical exclusion of the influence of the Earth's atmosphere on them.1 dwg

Aeronautic craft // 2641986
FIELD: aircraft.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aeronautic vehicles, moving within the boundaries of the troposphere. Aeronautic device contains a soft shell with a hole from below for the entry of the air heated by the burner, located in the cavity of the chamber shell, filled with a gas lighter than air suspended on the cables to the shell of the gondola. Chambers are in the form of a torus, they are arranged horizontally one above the other and are separated from each other by separating elements, which are made in the form of grates having the shape of a sphere.EFFECT: invention is aimed at widening range of equipment.1 cl, 5 dwg

Composite hat-shaped stiffening cross-section, composite stiffened hat-shaped cross-section of pressure bulkheads and methods of their manufacture // 2641959
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: composite hat-shaped stiffening cross-section comprises of a composite hat-shaped portion having the first side and the second side, a plurality of composite stiffening layers, a pair of noodle-shaped radius fillers connected to the composite hat-shaped portion and interposed between the plurality of composite stiffening layers and an outer layer connected to the second side of the composite hat-shaped portion. The plurality of layers includes a primary layer connected to the first side of the composite hat-shaped portion, a wrapping layer connected to the primary layer and a base layer connected to the primary layer and the wrapping layer.EFFECT: reduction of tearing load, increase of structural stability.15 cl, 14 dwg

Aircraft with turbojet engine with opposite rotation fans // 2641955
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft contains a turbojet engine (10) with the opposite rotation fans. The turbojet engine (10) is integrated into the rear of the fuselage (2), continuing it, and contains two gas generators (12a, 12b) supplying the working turbine (14). The turbine (14) has two rotors of the opposite rotation (14a, 14b) configured to rotate the two fans (20a, 20b) located behind the gas generators (12a, 12b). For each gas generator (12a, 12b), separate air intakes (18a, 18b) are connected to the fuselage (2) so that, at least, part of the boundary layer formed around the fuselage (2) enters the air intakes.EFFECT: invention reduces noise and fuel consumption.6 cl, 2 dwg

Vertical take-off and landing aircraft // 2641952
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: vertical take-off and landing aircraft contains a body, a wing and an X-shaped empennage equipped with chassis supports. At the end of each empennage console, there is an air propeller driven by its own electric motor. The total number of propellers on the empennage should be more than three. The speed of rotation of each electric motor is controlled by an automatic stability improvement system.EFFECT: high efficiency of vertical take-off and landing modes while maintaining good flight performance in cruise flight.1 dwg

Freezing point-reducing coating from synthetic film for application of wind-generators on rotor blades // 2641790
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: application of coating containing from 15 to 75 at % of fluoride, a particular method of the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and from 25 to 85 at % of oxygen, hydrogen and/or carbon defined by the X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, or coating containing silicon, oxygen, and carbon, causing at least one surface of the rotor blades for lowering the freezing point. The coating is structured in the form of a dot or line image.EFFECT: long and constant protection against icing.5 cl, 9 dwg, 1 tbl

Construction of composite material // 2641733
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a construction of a composite material comprising: the first face plate and the second face plate arranged opposite each other, made of a composite material; and a corrugated core connected to the first and second face plates, wherein the corrugated core comprises at least one opening.EFFECT: creating construction of a composite material with a smaller number of components, but having sufficient rigidity.8 cl, 19 dwg
Ground unit for landing and evacuation of astronauts // 2641576
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: proposed device contains a tower (1), a lifting device (2), a gallery of evacuation (3), power supports (4), a protective structure (5), a crew boarding cabin (not shown), a rotating cabin (7), a stationary cover (8), and a hydraulic drive (9). In the initial position, the lifting device (2) is at the bottom, and the cabin (7) with the cover (8) is moved to the cabin of the space vehicle. The arrived crew is lifted to the landing level by the device (2) and through an elevator hall, a technical zone, a pre-purification zone and a purity zone passes into the space vehicle cabin. In the normal situation after the engines are started, upon the contact sensor, the rotary sections of the cover (8) close, and the cabin (7) is retracted to the extreme position. In the emergency situation, just before the start, the cabin (7) is moved by the hydraulic pneumatic drive (9) to the head part of the carrier, from which the crew from the gallery (3) is moved into the protective structure (5).EFFECT: providing protection of space vehicle cabin against unfavourable environmental factors, improved safety of astronauts' evacuation in emergency situations and improved quality of crew cleaning, calculation, portable equipment, and tooling before servicing of the space vehicle cabin.3 dwg

ethod of passenger transportation by air transport // 2641567
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method of passengers' transportation by air from an airport of departure to the destination point includes boarding passengers on the air transport in cars, rigid fastening of cars in a cargo compartment of the air transport, installation of a parachute and soft-landing platform to each vehicle, air transport flight to the landing area closest to the place of arrival, as well as unlocking rigid fastening of the car. Then airborne landing of passengers in cars is carried out to a safe landing site closest to the place of arrival. At the same time, the platform for a soft landing is disassembled, parachute is packed and rigged to the luggage compartment. Moving air passengers to the place of arrival is carried out in cars. Air transport is returned to the closest home airport after landing of all air passengers at the planned addresses.EFFECT: invention increases flights safety.2 dwg

Helicopter of combined scheme // 2641565
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: multiscrew helicopter with combined drive of propellers contains fuselage with powerplant hosted in it, upper placed air screw and air screw of reactive point compensation, located at the end of the tail boom. To the fuselage at four cruciform external consoles four propellers with reactive drive are attached. The reactive drive of propellers is carried out with the help of engines installed at the ends of their blades, with forced supply of fuel components in them.EFFECT: increase of flight performance of an aircraft with a reactive drive of propellers.3 cl, 2 dwg

Gear-cog step drive with mechanical excitation and zero reverse effort // 2641563
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: gearbox has a transmission link in the form of an internal gear engaged on the carrier in the form of a crank and an output link in the form of a female gear. The transmission link is made in the form of a connecting rod with cogs at the ends. One of the cogs is recessed into the calliper groove, the second is at the same end of the connecting rod from its back side, and the third is on the opposite end of the connecting rod. The connecting rod is connected to the carrier so that at least one of the connecting rod cogs is always engaged with the female gear. The drive cog is disengaged from the teeth of the driven gear of the actuator simultaneously with engagement of a locking cog at the opposite end of the connecting rod with the same gear.EFFECT: reliability increase.1 dwg

Coaxial carrier system // 2641552
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: coaxial carrier system comprises a gearbox with two opposite rotation shafts on which rotor hubs are mounted, two swash plates connected to each other and movable in axial direction and kinematically connected with actuating pins of blades and summing lever system of common and differential pitch. The lower swash plate is mounted on a sliding bar and interacts with it and actuating pins of lower propeller through lever walking beams. The lower swash plate and the sliding bar are constantly connected with actuating elements of mechanical drives, which control inputs are connected to signals of trajectory control of helicopter flight from the automatic control system. They are also connected to detachable functionally connected system of rods and levers of hand-operated pilot control.EFFECT: increased rigidity of control wiring and reduced servicing costs.4 cl, 3 dwg
Solar radiation simulator // 2641514
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: simulator contains an arc light source around which the same channels are evenly set, each of which contains a condenser with an aperture diaphragm, a mirror set at an angle to the optical axis, a field diaphragm, and a collimating lens. The axis of the arc light source is located parallel to the optical axis of the collimating lens. The following relations are performed: Dc≤Dm.m.-Dcon.m.; Δycon.max.≥df.d., where Dc - the diameter of the collimating lens; Dm.m., Dcon.m. - the diameters of the main and secondary mirrors of the test mirror-lens objective; Nch - the number of channels in the simulator; Δycon.max - the value of the transverse spherical aberration of the condenser at the maximum value of the aperture diaphragm; df.d. - the diameter of the field diaphragm.EFFECT: reduction of the diameter of the collimating lens while maintaining a uniform brightness distribution over the field of the test lens, the possibility of measuring large-sized mirror-lens objectives.4 dwg, 1 tbl

Plant for washing fuel tank of aircraft with gas-saturated liquid (versions) // 2641408
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: plant for washing the fuel tank includes a washing unit arranged inside the fuel tank (2), a line (4) for injecting the gas-saturated washing liquid into the washing unit and line (5) for draining washing liquid with washed impurities from the fuel tank. An intake branch pipe (19) is mounted on the hatch cover of the fuel tank connected to the main injection line (4) and drain branch pipes (21) connected to the drain line (5). The washing unit is a washing head (1) formed by the housing and nozzles mounted thereon and communicating with the injection line (4). The nozzles are configured for swirling the flow of washing liquid coming therefrom.EFFECT: increased efficiency and performance of the fuel tank washing process, and the quality of washing.16 cl, 9 dwg

Fuel tank, main wings, aircraft body, flying vehicle and vehicle // 2641404
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: fuel tank comprises a structural element using carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) (15) including reinforcing material containing carbon fibre and matrix that contains plastic. The structural element is formed by rolling conducting sheets (17) between prepreg sheets from reinforced carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) (15) and formed with a fastening hole (22), in which the bolt is fixed.EFFECT: necessity for application of sealant is eliminated, reduced labour input and reduced costs associated with quality control, prevention of weight gain.6 cl, 8 dwg

Aircraft // 2641399
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft contains a fuselage with a control cabin, a tail unit, a chassis, a power unit, wings attached to the fuselage. In the fore and tail of the fuselage, air screws/turbines are installed to move the outside air vertically downwards. In the fore and tail of the fuselage, consoles with holes for screws/turbines are horizontally fixed. In the fore bossy of the fuselage, the consoles are attached to the outside of the side wall, and in the tail part of the fuselage to the base of the tail fin stabilizer. To the end of the end part of the wing a horizontally streamlined gondola is attached with a jet engine located in it with a vent of a flowing gas jet vertically downwards. From the side of the engine inlet there is a rotating cover.EFFECT: technical means arsenal expansion.3 dwg

Device for deployment and folding of flexible structure, flexible deployable structure and satellite, equipped with such device // 2641398
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: device contains elastically transformable tapes ("roulettes") (31a, 31b, 31c), bent U-shaped and fixed on a flexible film or bed (30). The roulette is removed and retracted using the rotor (33) installed in the stator (32). The first end (16) of the first roulette leg (31) is rigidly connected to the first fastener (36), which can be fixedly connected to the stator (32). The second end (17), passed through the clamping jaws, is wound on the rotor (33). When unwinding from the rotor, the roulette spontaneously (elastically) becomes operational.EFFECT: creation of a compact, easy-to-operate, optimally interfaced with the deployable structure of the device, providing the necessary rigidity and stability of the structure in the working position.20 cl, 16 dwg

Landing gear with torsional dampers // 2641397
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft landing gear contains elastic elements, fixed on the body, in the form of torsions, levers of the right and left wheels, mounted thereon, dampers, bushings. And the elastic elements in the form of torsions are hinged in the aircraft symmetry plane area and limited in the rotation of the arm which is connected with a single power drive of the landing gear extension-retraction. At the reverse end of the torsions there is a gear that engages with the gear of the landing gear beam and rotates it under the action of the power drive for extension or for retraction.EFFECT: simplicity and reliability of structure, weight reduction.2 cl, 5 dwg
Driving system of rotors // 2641396
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: driving system of rotors contains the first three executive mechanisms, with the ability to ensure the tilt of nonrotating swashplate lower rotor. While the rotating swashplate of the lower rotor, the lower pull rods of angled lever and the angled clamp levers of the lower rotor blade are in motion, allowing the twist of first blade clamping members relative to the lower main rotor hub. Three second executive mechanisms are made with an opportunity to ensure the tilt of nonrotating swashplate of the upper rotor so that the rotating swashplate, L-shaped steering link members, lower steering links, pull rods, upper steering links, upper pull rods of angled lever and angled clamp levers of the upper rotor blade are in motion, allowing the twist of second clamping members of upper rotor blade.EFFECT: simplifying the design, which allows to solve the problems associated with low process efficiency and inconvenience in testing and maintenance.8 cl, 7 dwg

Vertical take-off and landing aircraft (vtol) // 2641393
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL) has a wing, a fuselage, a lift-cruise engine equipped with rotary nozzles. The fuselage is made in form of two-beam structure in which the two lifting-cruise engines are mounted. Two additional engines of lesser thrust are arranged in the nose part of the fuselage coaxially relative to each other and provided with rotary nozzles, which can create both vertical and horizontal thrust during rotation. The nozzles of the additional engines are maximally spaced along the width of the fuselage.EFFECT: turning of nozzles for controlling vertical take-off and landing of aircraft relative to all three axes of coordinates in vertical takeoff and landing modes, and in the horizontal flight as a reserve control channel in roll is provided.2 cl, 4 dwg

ethod for rotating main rotor and corresponding device // 2641382
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method for rotating the main rotor includes receiving a flight control command, receiving actual rotational states of first engines corresponding to the first actuating mechanisms, and actual rotational states of the second engines corresponding to the second actuating mechanisms. Then the required first rotational states of the first engines are determined in compliance with the flight control command and actual rotational states of the first engines. The required second rotational states of the second engines are determined in compliance with the flight control command and the actual rotational states of the second engines. The first engine is controlled to provide its rotation in the corresponding first rotational state for turning the clamping elements of the first blade relative to the bushing of the lower rotor propeller. The second engine is controlled to provide its rotation in the corresponding second rotational state for turning the clamping elements of the second blade relative to the bushing of the upper rotor propeller.EFFECT: on course control of coaxial helicopter is provided.7 cl, 11 dwg

Cargo aeronautic apparatus // 2641381
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: cargo aeronautic apparatus contains spherical/pear-shaped shell, cavity which is fully/partially filled with hot air/gas lighter than air, attached to the shell bottom gondola which has the shape of a cylinder/barrel with the convex side wall. The apparatus is equipped with elements of rotation around the vertical axis. Elements of rotation are fixed along the circumference on the shell / between the shell and the gondola / on the gondola. Elements of rotation are made in the form of gutters / hemispheres / curved blades. The elements of rotation established on the shell are made in the form of fixed troughs vertically fixed to its wall. The elements of rotation established between the shell and the gondola are made in the form of hemispheres horizontally fixed on the hemispheres holder. The elements of rotation established on the gondola are made in the form of curved blades horizontally fixed on its wall. Curved blades are fixed on the wall of the gondola with the possibility of folding them.EFFECT: increasing the safety of cargo.6 cl, 7 dwg

Aircraft - 3 // 2641375
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft includes the fuselage, hung with a few steel cables to garland, consisting of a multitude of aerodynamic wings, evenly dispersed vertically, and impelled by convertoplane attached to the upper wing of garland. In the fuselage there is a tank with fuel and a pump designed for transferring this fuel to the convertoplane. On the convertorplave and in the fuselage, there are winches connected by a common cable attached to all the wings of the garland and designed to synchronously change the angle of their attack.EFFECT: increasing the carrying capacity without complicating the design.2 cl, 2 dwg

Running-board for maintenance for helicopter // 2641367
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: running-board (4 c) for maintenance of the helicopter contains a casing (6), which is made with the ability to be embedded in the side covering of the body of the helicopter, and an element (7), of the running-board which is installed with the rotation of the casing (6). The straddle unit (15) is pivotally mounted on the element (7) of the running-board and comprises at least first and second sections (15a, 15c). The second section (15c) is telescopically mounted on the first section (15a).EFFECT: possibility of placing the running-board on the side covering of the body.15 cl, 4 dwg

Jet-propelled amphibious aircraft (hydroaeroplane) // 2641359
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: jet-propelled hydroaeroplane contains a fuselage-boat, a wing, a tail unit and a power unit. And one engine is installed on a boat and contains a nozzle unit, withdrawn into its tail part. The nozzle unit is equipped with a deviation device of the thrust vector for controlling the course.EFFECT: increase of safety in case of failure of one of engines at operation of the amphibious aircraft on water.4 dwg

Output device aircraft engine and group of aircraft engines of power unit (versions) // 2641341
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: aircraft engine output device contains an outlet nozzle (1), a main engine outlet nozzle (2), at least one rotary damper (3), a control gear drive and a noise silencer (4). The device is provided with additional outlet nozzle (5) and a distributing branch pipe (6) coaxially connected to outlet branch pipe (1) of the engine and divided in the zone of rotary damper installation into two branch pipes connected to each other from the side of outlet branch pipe, each of which is provided with outlet nozzle, the main one (2) is in the form of the main outlet nozzle of the engine, and the other one is additional (5). The noise silencer (4) is located in one of the branches before the additional outlet nozzle (5). Actuator of the control mechanism is connected to the damper (3). The rotary damper (3) is installed for alternate closure of each of the branches.EFFECT: invention improves efficiency of noise suppression during take-off and landing, reduces pressure losses of the outlet jet and fuel consumption during cruising operation.12 cl, 6 dwg

Power stress boxes and methods to obtain them // 2641026
FIELD: airpower.SUBSTANCE: power stress box contains upper and lower composite complex sandwich panels. Panels include sheet casings forming a sandwich structure with one or more aggregates and adjacent dense packages oriented in the axial direction. The stress box additionally contains plenty spars. Each spar has a wall and wall fastening elements and the long side of the spar is located in the axial direction. Plenty spars are connected to the panels with wall fastening elements located near the dense packages. Sheet casings are made with the ability to withstand the main torsional and compressive loads under shear and inessential axial loading. Dense packages are designed to withstand the entire substantial bend of box under axial tensile and compressive loading. The air vehicle comprises a power stress box. The method is for producing bonded stress box for an air vehicle.EFFECT: improved composite bonded stress boxes for an air vehicle.25 cl, 13 dwg
Telemetering measurements from space vehicle time reference determination method // 2641024
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method includes the time marks generation on board of the space vehicle (SV) and the marks along with the telemetering data transfer to the ground receiving point. Upon that, one measures the SV orbit parameters and determines the intensity () of terrestrial magnetism (IOTM) from the orbit parameters. The IOTM present intensity ( ) is measured on board of the SV. By the fixed time point t0 one alleviates the SV rotation in reference to the center of mass (for the reduction in vortex currents). One determines the time reference error (Δt0) of the telemetering measurements at the moment t0, the time error accumulation ratio (k) and the error ( ) in the IOTM measurement by reason of the influence of the SV self-magnetic field from the minimum condition of the sum of squares of the differences between the modules and (dependent upon Δt0, k and ) by the consecutive samplings instants.EFFECT: providing the precise telemetering measurements from the space vehicle time reference upon the existence of the time-dependent errors in the on-board time marks generation.1 cl

issile upper stage // 2641022
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: missile upper stage comprises a cryogenic oxidant tank with main longitudinal partitions, additional near-bottom partitions and a sampling device, a propulsion engine and an additional autonomous propulsion plant for the orientation and starting system. The cryogenic oxidant tank is equipped with a damping horizontal annular partition placed with a clearance in relation to the shell of the cryogenic oxidant tank. The damping horizontal annular partition is made in the form of sectors, each of which is fixed to the corresponding main longitudinal partitions. Each sector has a flange towards the lower bottom of the cryogenic oxidant tank. The cryogenic oxidant tank is equipped with a near-bottom mesh partition placed between additional near-bottom partitions and the sampling device.EFFECT: reliable launch of the propulsion engine of the upper stage.4 dwg

ethod of determining ring wave source coordinates on water surface from spacecraft // 2640944
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method involves recording ring waves on the image, simultaneously with which a part of the land is recorded, selecting and identifying, at least, four characteristic objects on it, not lying on one straight line. Then orthorectification of a snapshot is performed (image transformation from the central to the orthogonal projection). At least, three points are fixed on the resulting snapshot (orthophoto) lying on the ring wave image, and the coordinates of these points are determined from this snapshot. The ring wave source coordinates are determined by the finite formulas obtained using the geometric properties of the orthophotomap.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of determining the ring wave source coordinates on the water surface with an unknown orientation of the survey system in advance.3 dwg

ethod for monitoring present state of solar battery panel of spacecraft // 2640943
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method for monitoring the present state of the solar battery (SB) of the spacecraft (SC) comprises turning the SB relative to the direction to the Sun, measuring the current values from the SB, comparing the measured current values with the set values, and monitoring the present state of the SB panel based on the comparison results. In addition, for each structural group of photocells, the SB panels rotate the SB relative to the SC to the given initial position, the given initial orientation of the SC is constructed, and it is rotated about the given rotation vector until it passes the positions, in one of which all the photocells of the group are illuminated by She sun, and in the other - shaded from the Sun by the SC body. In the process of the SC turning, the current from the SB is continuously measured and the parameters of the SC orientation are determined. The SB is rotated relative to the SC to another given initial position and the above-mentioned operations are repeated. After performing the operations for all the structural groups of the SB panel photocells, the measured values of the currents from the SB are compared with their calculated values. Based on the results of the comparison, the working capacity of the photocell groups is determined.EFFECT: ensuring the determination of the working capacity of specific structural groups of the solar battery panel photocells.2 dwg

issile upper stage // 2640941
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: missile upper stage comprises a cryogenic oxidant tank with additional near-bottom partitions, a sampling device, a rod of a cryogenic fuel level sensor, a propulsion engine. The cryogenic oxidant tank is provided with a drip reflector consisting of an inner truncated cone with a bottom in a small base. Its larger base is facing towards the upper bottom of the cryogenic oxidant tank, and an outer truncated cone, the larger base of which is facing towards the lower bottom of the cryogenic oxidant tank. The outer truncated cone is faired with the larger base of the inner truncated cone with a smaller base, holes uniformly distributed along the conjugation circumference are made in the conjugation of the inner truncated cone with the outer truncated cone. In the bottom of the inner truncated cone of the drip reflector, a central hole is made, through which the rod of the cryogenic fuel level sensor passes. The drip reflector is fixed to the rod of the cryogenic fuel level sensor above the additional near-bottom partitions.EFFECT: ensuring a reliable launch of the propulsion engine of the upper stage and its subsequent operation.2 dwg
ethod of monitoring present state of solar battery panels of spacecrafts // 2640937
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: method of monitoring the present status of the solar battery panel (SB) of the spacecraft (SC) includes the orientation of the SB working surface to the Sun, the measurement of the current values from the SB, the monitoring of the present state of the SB based on the comparison of the present measured current values and current values measured in the previous flight stages. In addition, the orbital orientation of the SC is maintained, in which the axis of rotation of the SB is perpendicular to the plane of the orbit and the normal to the working surface of the SB in the given discrete position is directed to the zenith. Sequentially unfold the SB in discrete positions in which the angle value between the normal to the working surface of the SB and the direction to the Sun is less than a fixed value, the values of the angle between the direction to the Sun and the plane of the spacecraft orbit at the moments of passage of the subsolar point of the orbit passes are measured. Measure the current from the SB at the moment of passage of the subsolar point of the orbit pass, where the measured value of the angle reaches a local minimum, determine the present value of the distance from the Earth to the Sun.EFFECT: improving the efficiency of monitoring the state of the solar battery of the spacecraft.1 cl
ethod of controling present status of solar battery of a spacecraft with inertiative end organs // 2640905
FIELD: airpower.SUBSTANCE: method of controlling present status of solar battery panel (SB) of the spacecraft (SC) includes the orientation of the SB working surface to the Sun, the measurement of the current values from the SB, the monitoring of the present state of SB based on the comparison of the present measured current values and current values measured in the previous flight stages. Control of SB panel status is performed by comparing the obtained current values from SB, each of which is multiplied by the ratio of squares of the current value of the distance from the Earth to the Sun and the average distance from the Earth to the Sun determined at the time of corresponding current measurement.EFFECT: increase the accuracy of assessing the current efficiency of solar battery, providing the same conditions for measuring the current from the solar battery against the background of space flight of spacecraft in an orientation in which the total external disturbance moment for the turn reaches a minimum value.1 cl

Target marking device and target processing system containing such target marking device // 2640680
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: target marking system contains a compact flying unit containing sensors that measure environmental parameters, a data transfer unit, and an emitter. The target processing system comprises a target marking device, an autonomous flying device, a means for locating position information, an aircraft guidance means, and a means for processing the target.EFFECT: reliability of locating, identifying, and assigning a target, increasing the reliability of targeting.15 cl, 7 dwg

Air conditioning method and system for aircraft // 2640670
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: air conditioning system for the sealed cabin of the aircraft comprises the air bleeding unit (3), configured to extract the ambient air from outside the aircraft, the air compression module (5), configured to compress the bleed air flow (F1), and the air cooling module (10), which is capable to cool the flow (F2, F3) of the compressed air by means of the cryogenic fluid medium. The cooling module (10) comprises the condenser (12) for condensing the water from the air stream, the water extractor (13) for extracting the mentioned water, the cooler (14) for cooling the dry air stream from the water extractor (13) and the cryogenic fluid tank (15) by which the air stream water is condensed in the condenser (12) and the dry air, coming from the water extractor, is cooled in the cooler (14).EFFECT: improvement of the air conditioning system.7 cl, 3 dwg

Aircraft configuration having spin resistance // 2640669
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft comprising of a fuselage, configuration with a T-tail assembly and a high wing, having a leading edge connected to the upper part of the fuselage, where the high wing comprises of the first region adjacent to the fuselage and the second region adjacent to the wing tip, with the first region being adjacent to the second region, and where, at large angles of attack, the stall element and a separate air flow, associated with it, are isolated by discontinuity at the leading edge of the wing within the first region and the air flow below the T-tail assembly in such a way as to stay away from the flight controls located within the second region and controls relating to the T-tail assembly. The wing of the aircraft contains the first region near the root of the wing and the second region near the wing tip. The first region and the second region adjoin each other along a continuous boundary. Discontinuity of the leading edge is done to form at high angles of attack aerodynamic partitions along the continuous boundary, isolating the stall element and separate air flow, associated with it, within the first region and air flow below T-tail assembly. The aircraft is characterized by the use of a wing.EFFECT: increase of spin resistance by isolating the stall element.22 cl, 6 dwg

Dosage system for liquid additive in fuel flow // 2640664
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: dosage system of the liquid additive to the fuel of a given density and a predetermined quantity pumped through the pipeline contains a consumable tank (5) with an additive. At the outlet of the supply tank (5), a filter (10) and a metering pump (11) are installed. The system also contains a stepper motor (12), connected to the pump-dispenser (11), (13) a flow sensor of liquid additives and a sensor (6) the density of the liquid additives, and a control unit (14) sequence of operations of dosing. A fuel density sensor (3), the fuel additive (6), the fuel consumption sensor (4) and the liquid additive consumption sensor (13), and the outputs to the control input of the stepper motor (12) and the actuator (2) fuel through the pipeline, connected to the inputs of the control unit (14).EFFECT: invention improves the quality of the fuel mixture.1 dwg

ethod of detachment of disposable loads with account of spring pusher energy // 2640498
FIELD: airpower.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to free up large-size power units that are detachable during operation and reusable, for example head shields, vehicle stages and compartments, external tanks of aircrafts, space vehicles and other disposable loads (DL). In the method of detaching disposable payload, the selection of spring pushers with different energies is used. Spring pushers with maximum and minimum energy are diametrically opposed to each other, determine the displacement of energy of pusher springs and the radius of displacement of pushers spring energy relative to the geometric center of mass. In order to avoid twisting of the DL relative to the longitudinal axis, the longitudinal pushers are alternately arranged with the right and left guiding.EFFECT: securing the detaching of useful payloads with a given linear speed and eliminating the twisting of useful payloads relative to the longitudinal axis.2 cl, 4 dwg
ethod of increasing active and passive safety of civilian aircrafts // 2640496
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: flying vehicle body is made without windows, flying vehicle is controlled acoustically by sound from acoustic radiators and visually on monitors located inside the vehicle, according to the data received from cameras installed outside and external microphones. The system is controlled by remote control.EFFECT: increased passive and active safety of aircrafts.19 cl
Aircraft // 2640380
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft includes a body, landing supports, a control unit, and induction-ion engines. The body is made of upper and lower parts, which are truncated cones coaxially interconnected by large bases. Induction-ion engines are placed in two groups in circles. In one group, the induction-ion engines are arranged vertically and directed by the light reflectors downward, and in the other group, the induction-ion engines are arranged obliquely and directed by the light reflectors outward from the side surface of the body. All induction-ion engines are connected to the control unit with the possibility of their simultaneous or alternate activation. The upper part of the body is provided with a hub in the form of a truncated cone, mounted coaxially and rotatable around the body. To the outer lateral conical surface of the hub, the upper and lower discs are fixed concentrically to each other.EFFECT: possibility of moving in a gaseous medium at high speed without heating the hull.8 cl, 6 dwg