Ships or other waterborne vessels and equipment for shipping (B63B)

B63B              Ships or other waterborne vessels; equipment for shipping (air-cushion vehicles b60v; arrangements of vessel ventilation, heating, cooling, or air-conditioning b63j0002000000)(9221)

System for processing stripping gas // 2642713
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: stripping gas processing system includes a compressor 100 compressing the stripping gas which is generated in tank T for storing liquefied natural gas of a ship or floating structure, a heat exchanger 200 that cools the stripping gas compressed by the compressor 100 by means of heat exchange with stripping gas supplied to the compressor 100, an expansion device 300 which performs adiabatic expansion of the stripping gas, a gas-liquid separator 400 which performs gas/liquid separation of the stripping gas and supplying liquefied natural gas to the tank T. The system also includes a bypass line, through which stripping gas subjected to adiabatic expansion is fed from downstream position from the device 300 to downstream position from the separator 400.EFFECT: providing efficient processing of the stripping gas.9 cl, 7 dwg

Underwater winch probe // 2642677
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: underwater winch probe comprises a body with complex of measuring devices, a system for reception-transmission of information with radio communication equipment, a control system, electric power supply system, surfacing-immersion system made with the winch, to which drum a carrying cable is attached by one end connected by its other end to fixed or movable support in water so, that when the carrier cable is unwound from the drum, the probe moves upwards from the support under the action of its positive buoyancy, and when the carrier cable is wound on the drum, the probe moves to the support. In this case, in the durable body made in the form of a streamlined shape, an electric drive of the winch is placed, which shaft is connected to the which shaft fixed by means of radial-thrust bearing in the cover of the durable body and leaving the durable body outwards. The drum is mounted on the outer part of the winch shaft for reciprocating motion along the winch shaft by means of a rotary slide block installed directly in the drum and engaged with closed screw groove made on the winch shaft surface. The drum is locked against rotation around the winch shaft by means of at least one guide mounted on the durable body cover and freely passing through the drum body parallel to the axis of the winch shaft, wherein the guide functions for supporting the outer end of the winch shaft by means of a bearing. A carrier on outer end of the winch shaft behind supporting bearing is provided with guide roller for carrying the cable, one end of which is fixed to the drum, and a channel for passing this cable. The carrier is mounted so that it rotates with winch shaft which provides winding of the carrier cable on the drum and its unwinding from the drum during reversing motion of the drum along the winch shaft.EFFECT: expansion of technical means, providing reliable functioning of underwater winch probe for a long period of time due to its compact and convenient structure which ensures uniform laying of the carrying cable during its winding on the winch drum.2 cl, 8 dwg

Automatic emergency device for stopping of laid underwater cable // 2642025
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device is proposed comprising a housing with a power electric drive installed therein for start-up, a manual screw drive and support rollers for the cable and a signal board, which is provided with a magnetic-tag generator, a magnetic-tagging device for the armoured wire of the cable installed at its input, and a magnetic-tag reading device installed at its output, wherein the magnetic-tagging device input is connected to the magnetic-tag generator output, the magnetic-tag reading device output is included into the power drive circuit, and the magnetic-tag reading device output is connected to the magnetic-tag generator output.EFFECT: improved performance of the emergency stop device for a laid underwater cable due the stopping process automation.3 dwg
Device for boarding to vessel or landing from it people and/or cargoes // 2642001
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for boarding people and/or cargoes on a vessel or landing from it comprises a movable platform configured to transport people and/or cargoes and connected to a displacement unit. The displacement unit is mounted on a support base connected to said vessel. The platform is supported in an inclined position substantially parallel to the waterline of said vessel by suitable means. The displacement unit is completely retractable from the working deployed position to the non-working retracted position.EFFECT: increased stability, safety and simplicity with versatility in the device operation.19 cl, 8 dwg

Detachable anchor gear comprising clamping pawls // 2641562
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inventions relate to a vessel comprising an anchor structure, to a buoy locking system, and to an anchor assembly comprising: an anchor buoy (6) with a central axis, an upper ring part (200) forming an upper thrust surface (202); an anchor structure (3) comprising a cavity (5) with a wall, and made with the possibility of accepting the anchor buoy (6) and a buoy locking system (7) located next to the cavity (5) to communicate with the upper ring part (200) for locking the anchor buoy (6) to a turret anchor structure (6) and comprising at least two locking devices (10) attached to the anchor structure (3). Each locking device (10) has a locking pawl (106) attached to an element (110) creating a force for the axial displacement and the application of a force directed upwards to the upper thrust surface (202). The anchor buoy (6) comprises a lower thrust surface (203) located at an axial distance from the upper thrust surface (202) beneath it. The locking system (7) comprises an interaction element (107, 208) located axially below the locking pawl (106) and designed to interact with the lower thrust surface (203) and applying thereto a force directed downward. The buoy in places (201) located axially above the upper hard surface (202) is with axial clearance (D) from the wall cavity, so that the axial forces acting on the buoy are transferred to the turret anchor structure (6) substantially only in the locations of the locking pawls (106) and the interaction element (107, 208).EFFECT: reducing the load on the locking device and the effectiveness of applying a waterproof seal between the buoy and the cavity wall of the anchor point.10 cl, 6 dwg

Built-in mechanical decoupler // 2641560
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: groups of decouplers are designed to be placed on a mooring rope connecting a floating vessel with an anchor, has a pair of rotatably connected lever elements. In the first closed position the lever elements are held by a closed shear pin. The mating slots in each lever element grasp the component of the mooring rope, such as the pin of the rigging staple, when the lever elements are closed. The cylindrical centering device is placed in the mooring rope between the decoupler and the vessel and rests against the lever elements. The force applied to the centering device, either by pulling it into the surface fairlead sheave or a similar device, or by the underwater pull-out device, forces the lever elements apart, breaking the shear pin and disconnecting the device, thus disconnecting the mooring rope.EFFECT: speed of the vessel's displacement from the ground and the reliability of detaching the mooring ropes from the anchor.22 cl, 34 dwg

ethod of destructing ice cover by vessel in compressed air flow // 2641355
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for destructing the ice cover by a vessel in a compressed air flow is proposed and done by excitation of resonant bending-gravity waves in the ice when the vessel moves. Simultaneously with the translational movement of the vessel an additional load is applied to ice, which is directed downwards and forming a gas-dynamic jet from the high pressure impeller, the nozzle of which is located below the bottom of the hull at an angle in a vertical plane to the longitudinal axis of the vessel and perpendicular to the horizontal, from fastened movable horizontal partitions on the axis of rotation, located in the forebody and after body of the vessel through the simultaneous fore-and-aft balance of the vessel by the stern. The high-pressure jet is sufficient to create maximum fore-and-aft balance of the vessel by the stern, resulting from the pressure of the gas-dynamic jet at a given height of opening of movable horizontal partitions that create aerodynamic lift capacity on the forebody of the vessel.EFFECT: invention helps to increase the efficiency of ice cover destruction.3 cl, 3 dwg

Device for reduction of hydrodynamic resistance of ship hull bottom in compressed air flow // 2641345
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for reduction of the hydrodynamic resistance of a ship hull bottom in a compressed air stream, containing a body, a high-pressure air pump, a steering device, side skegs is proposed. The bottom of the streamlined hull is protected by a layer of material, complete with single elastic rods and/or fibers, freely protruding with their one end and made of elastic polyethylene materials in the form of a brush and fastened tightly with the protective coating material.EFFECT: reduction of resistance to movement of the ship in compressed air flow and increase of its heading stability.2 cl, 5 dwg

Airtight and isothermal tank containing metal membrane with corrugated orthogonal folds // 2641186
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: airtight and isothermal tank is integrated into the structure with a supporting wall (3), to which the wall of the tank adjoins. A heat-insulating barrier is mounted on the supporting wall (3) and is formed by insulating blocks (1) in the form of rectangular parallelepipeds arranged in parallel rows separated from each other by gaps (10). The sealed barrier is mounted on a heat-insulating barrier and comprises a metal membrane made of metal sheets (11) hermetically welded to each other. On surface of each insulating block of the heat-insulating barrier opposite the supporting wall (3) are at least two predominantly orthogonal connecting metal strips (5, 6). They extend parallel to the insulating block sides and are welded to the sheets (11) of the metal membrane installed on the insulating block. At that, the connecting strips are rigidly connected to the insulating block on which they are arranged. Each of the plurality of sheets (11) of the metal membrane comprises at least two orthogonal folds (12a, 12b) parallel to the sides of the heat insulating blocks (1) and placed in the gaps (10) between the insulation blocks. A ship for transportation of a cold liquid product having a double housing inside which the above-described container is mounted. Use of the ship for the purpose of loading or unloading a ship by supplying a cold liquid product through insulated pipes from a shore or a floating storage to the ship tank or to the shore or floating storage tank from the ship tank. System for transporting cold liquid product comprising above-described ship, insulated pipes connecting the tank mounted in the ship hull with shore or floating storage, and a pump to supply cold liquid product through isolated pipes from or to floating or shore storage to or from the ship tank.EFFECT: improved airtightness.25 cl, 28 dwg

Automatic device for deploying and wrapping of bottomed antenna under water and under ice cover // 2640896
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: claimed automatic device for deploying and wrapping bottomed antennas under water and under the ice cover, in which a body shape of the underwater device is proposed. It is in the form of a vertical disk that provides placement of coils with a long seismic streamer long and vertical stabilization of the underwater device. The device combines the functions of the power cable of the underwater device and the seismic streamers, which are coiled, where the coils are an element of the body of the underwater device. Also, systems of engines, propellers, valves, sensors, cable layer and electronics unit, providing automatic or controlled motion of the underwater device rounding the bottom profile at a given distance from it and deploying-wrapping of a seismic streamer to the seafloor in the underwater position. If there is an ice cover, the underwater device with a self-deploying seismic streamer can be submerged into water from the board of a carrying icebreaker into the ice hole it formed, after automatic or controlled deployment of the seismic streamer to the seafloor with subsequent registration and recording of seismic signals occurs. After registration and recording is complete, the seismic streamer is automatically wrapped and the device is lifted onto the board.EFFECT: ability for automatic deployment and wrapping of a long-bottomed antenna for seismic survey and seismo-acoustic monitoring of offshore hydrocarbon fields regardless of climatic conditions and ice conditions, and also effective obtaining of seismic survey data and seismo-acoustic monitoring in real-time.2 cl, 1 dwg

All-season arctic flat-bottom container ship (versions) // 2640080
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: semi-underwater Arctic container ship is proposed, in the first implementation version having a shape of an elongated half-cylinder with a flat underwater part facing down, performing the ice massive destruction from the bottom, while moving, in the second implementation version -the shape of a hemisphere or a part of a hemisphere with a flat underwater part facing down, performing the ice massive destruction from the bottom, while moving, and having a greater possibility while moving in a solid ice massive and in shallow water.EFFECT: improving the performance of the container ship in ice conditions.2 cl, 3 dwg

Carrier of measuring hydroacoustic complex equipment // 2639846
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: carrier of the equipment (CE) of the measuring hydro acoustic complex is designed in the form of a torpedo-shaped body with a tail stabiliser, in the center of mass of which there is a hydrophone. The HE also contains fodder and nasal volumes of positive buoyancy with bevelled edges and an arc holder hinged by the ends in the cross-section of the hydrophone position on the HE fairing. The hanging point of the HE is located in the middle of the arc holder. This embodiment of the HE allows to return it always in a horizontal position in any angular deviation in a vertical plane to reduce vibration and hydrodynamic noise, and to prevent spillage of the reflected signals of the surveyed noisy object on the hydrophone.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of measurement of the noise emission parameters.6 cl, 1 dwg

Vessel that includes drilling rig and method of well drilling using plant // 2639761
FIELD: oil and gas industry.SUBSTANCE: vessel includes the drilling rig for well drilling. The plant comprises a drill floor surrounding an axial line of the well bore, a first tower pylon located on the vessel deck and containing a rod structure with two elongated hollow bodies, which extend parallel to longitudinal axis of the rod structure and are rigidly connected to each other by connecting elements. The core structure is mounted on the side of the drill floor so that the longitudinal axis of the core structure runs parallel to the centerline of the well bore and so that the longitudinal axis and the centerline of the well bore are substantially centered with each other in the core structure width direction. The additional support of the tower pylon is located between the vessel deck and the position of the upper location on the first tower pylon. Two storage devices for storing the drill pipes in a vertical position, two pipe feeders and stackers, each pipe feeder and stacker are connected to one of the two storage devices, and each pipe feeder and stacker is configured to move the drill pipes between the associated storage device and the centerline of the well bore. Two storage devices are installed on opposite sides of the drill floor so, the storage devices and the drill floor are centered with each other in the direction of the rod structure thickness, each body of the rod structure of the first tower pylon carries one of two devices for the two pipe feeder and stacker devices.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of the drilling rig located on the vessel.14 cl, 4 dwg

Underwater drilling rig // 2638665
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: underwater drilling rig is made in the form of submarine with compartments and inter-side space. The submarine is provided with a hoisting device and load-carrying cables placed in the inter-side space, for instance, in nose part, a base with extensible supports, a mobile rotator, drilling and core pipes, core receivers, a pump for flushing fluid supply, a mechanism for core receivers extraction from the drill pipes, a hydraulic grip of drill and string pipes comprise the drilling rig which is located in inter-side space, for instance, in nose part, and connected to the hoisting device by the load-carrying cables which serve for placing the drilling rig on the ground, including an inclined ground, and also for providing the drilling rig with the necessary types of energy and transmission of control signals, the drilling rig is provided with a hydro-acoustic warning device arranged, for example, in its upper part and serves to control the position of the drilling rig relative to the submarine, the drilling rig is also provided with a manipulator located, for example, in the stern part of the drilling rig, and serve to transfer container with the core receivers to the submarine.EFFECT: increased efficiency of underwater drilling rig.4 dwg
Vessel design // 2638198
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: while constructing or modernizing a metal vessel, the structural frame is mounted on the outside of the skin, and the elements of the outer structural frame, extending beneath the metal hull dimensions, are covered by a layer of an artificial stone material based on binding substances, for example light concretes based on cement (aerated concrete, foam concrete, fibre concrete).EFFECT: said vessel design prevents direct contact of the metal hull skin with underwater obstacles, improves the feasibility and performance of the vessel compared to vessels with double bottom and boards.1 dwg

ultifunctional pipe-laying vessel // 2637257
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pipe-laying vessel is proposed, which has a fore part, an aft part, and an upper deck with a drilling shaft passing through the upper deck. The vessel comprises a device for accommodating a pipe in case of S-shaped laying of pipes, located below the upper deck, having a main mounting line passing along the center line of the vessel, and a production site of pipe assembly for assembling single pipe segments to form pipe assemblies and to feed them to a mounting line for accommodating from the vessel. The vessel additionally comprises a device for accommodating a pipe in case of J-shaped laying of pipes to accommodate the pipe through the drill shaft. The device for accommodating a pipe in case of J-shaped laying of pipes comprises a tower located above the drilling shaft and round-trip equipment for pipes for feeding pipe assemblies from the mounting line to the tower. The drilling shaft is located on one side of the mounting line.EFFECT: relatively compact design, minimum length and breadth of vessel.19 cl, 8 dwg

Vessel with flow-deflecting hydrodynamic arrangement of bow underwater wing // 2637064
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vessel with a hydrodynamic flow control channel at the bow of this vessel is proposed. The channel comprises a pair of sidewalls (2, 3) with a part of the wing profile on each side of the vessel bow, connected to a horizontally oriented or inclined wall section (1) with the part of the wing profile. The channel is made with the possibility of movement in the vertical direction between the position (a) and the position (b) due to differentiating the flow therein from the out-of-channel flow interacting with the vessel bow having horizontally extending rectilinear or convex sidewalls (102, 103). The side walls (2, 3) have their rear edges at a constant distance from the side walls (102, 103) of the vessel bow, while, due to aesthetic requirements, they may comprise coatings (2', 3') of the part of the wing profile or inner sheet laminates (20', 30') projecting outward while navigating the vessel and retracted inwards when the vessel is immobile in the port.EFFECT: reducing the wave formation and frictional resistances.12 cl, 11 dwg

Water skis // 2636442
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: water skis comprise two identical floats, each made in the form of a rubber inflatable cylindrical balloon. The float bow is vertically straight and streamlined in the horizontal plane, the poop is flat, its bottom edge is tilted towards the ski toe at an angle of 4515; moreover, the rear upper edge of the well wall is located a half-foot from the vertical axis passing through the pressure center of the ski with a person; a flooring with a foot-fastening device located a half-foot closer to the bow from the pressure center is fastened on the well bottom.EFFECT: minimizing the load on leg muscles and simplifying the design of skis.2 dwg

Water skis // 2636432
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: water skis comprise two identical floats, each made in the form of a rubber inflatable cylindrical balloon. The float bow is vertically straight and streamlined in the horizontal plane, the poop is flat and located in a vertical plane. In the middle of the float, a well is made on the top, the walls of which are widened to the bottom. The well bottom is connected to the float bottom. On the well bottom, a flooring with a foot-fastening device is fixed. The displacement of each float is greater than the weight of a person.EFFECT: minimizing loads on leg muscles and simplifying the design of water skis.2 dwg

Device to connect first and second extended elements // 2634604
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: connection device (1) for connecting a first and a second elongated elements (2, 4) comprises a first connecting element (3) configured to be fastened to the first elongated element (2), a second connecting element (7) configured to be fastened to the second elongated element (4), and a linking element (5) for connecting the first and second connecting elements (3, 7) to each other. The connecting elements are made with an outer surface having a slight curvature to maintain a layer of the elongated element above and adjacent to a drum. A method for connecting the first and second elongated elements (2, 4) using the connection device (1) is also disclosed.EFFECT: improvement of the elongated element winding on the drum, reduction of destructive force.13 cl, 8 dwg

Navigational radiooptical angle reflector of directional action with light-reflecting faces // 2634550
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: navigational radiooptical angle reflector of directional action is a trihedral angle reflector with triangular metallic or metallized faces with a radio-transparent light-reflecting coating with white, red, green or yellow emission colours. A light source is installed at the top of the angle reflector. The emission colour of the light source corresponds to the colour of the light-reflecting coating of the faces.EFFECT: providing the possibility of signal feeding in the passive mode when the reflector is illuminated by the light stream of the ship's searchlight.3 dwg

arine ice-strengthened platform // 2634143
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to marine mobile platforms. A marine ice-strengthened platform comprises a base plate made with the possibility to adjust its buoyancy, coaxially associated with a support shell on which an upper structure is mounted with the possibility of vertical movement along it. The base plate is equipped with vertical through channels adapted for entering piles and securing them therein. The plant is equipped with a mounting frame movable along the axis of the support shell and equipped with several pile driving means made movable along the mounting frame perimeter. For this purpose, the mounting frame is provided with at least two rail guides spaced vertically. Wherein the protective casings of the pile driving means are made longer than the water area depth at the platform location and are installed in the clamps of the carriages interacting with said rail guides, the carriage clamps being made with the possibility to turn off clamping the casing therein. The casing is mounted with its longitudinal axis preferably coaxially with the axis of the vertical through channels of the base plate. Pile extraction means made in the form of crane plants are arranged on the deck of the upper structure. The pile driving means are made in the form of a vibratory pile hammer and a protective casing with a diameter larger than the diameter of a vertical through channel of the base plate, made with the possibility of coaxial airtight docking with the base plate equipped with water and / or silt removing means.EFFECT: possibility of operating an ice-strengthened platform in shallow areas of the continental shelf with weak base soils.2 cl, 15 dwg

Quick-release lock connection // 2634063
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: quick-release lock connection consists of an upper and a lower locks which are installed in vertical grooves on the boards of the pontoons. Each lock is made in the form of a rectangular staple with a ratio of the sides of the bracket notch 1:2 and is installed at an angle of 45 to the surface of the pontoon board. A vertical connecting rod of square cross-section is used to connect the locks.EFFECT: reduced labour intensity of assembly work and possibility of assembling pontoons on the water.3 cl, 3 dwg

Pitch-roll buoy with inertial measuring unit based on micromechanical sensors // 2631965
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: pitch-roll buoy comprises of a body providing the necessary buoyancy, a sealed compartment, at the bottom of which there is a rechargeable battery pack. The rechargeable battery pack is connected to an inertial measuring unit, a processing unit and an antenna located on the lid of the hermetic compartment. The inertial measuring unit is connected to the processing unit, which in turn is connected to an antenna. In the inertial measuring unit there are three micromechanical silicon vibration gyroscope, three micromechanical silicon accelerometers and a three-component magnetometer. The sensor sensitivity axes are directed orthogonally.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the pitch-roll buoy, increasing its autonomy, expanding the range of measured wavelengths, reducing the mass-dimensional characteristics of the buoy, increasing its vibration and shock resistance.1 dwg

Hermeticizing thermal insulating wall of the tank for storage of the fluid medium // 2631746
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: sealing and heat-insulating wall of a fluid reservoir is proposed, comprising: a heat insulating panel (1) having an inner side and sides, and a sealing plate (7), the inner side of which is designed to contact the fluid contained in the tank, and its outer side is rigidly attached to the inner side of said panel (1) at the locations of the attachment zones (14), the sealing plate (7) being provided with at least one rib (8; 9) falling from its inner side and elongated in the direction d1 (X; y). The inner side of the heat-insulating panel (1) is provided with a slit (15; 16) for loosening the stresses located between two adjacent attachment zones (14) located on each side of said rib (8; 9), and mentioned slot has a longitudinal axis oriented in the direction d1 (X, y) to allow the deformation of the rib in a direction transverse to the direction d1 (X, y). The length of the slit (15; 16) for stress relaxation is less than the size of the heat-insulating panel (1) along the axis of this slot.EFFECT: improving the performance of a cryogenic storage tank.17 cl, 12 dwg

Floating offshore platform with extension plates attached to pontoons to reduce its heaving // 2631724
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: floating offshore platform comprises a floating hull that consists of at least three vertically extending columns and at least one pontoon. One pontoon is made with the possibility to be positioned at least partially below the surface of the water in which the offshore platform is located. The upper part of the platform is connected to at least one of the columns and is located vertically at a distance from at least one pontoon. Each extension plate is located at a height below the surface of the water in which the offshore platform is located during operation, forming an underwater water separation zone between the extension plates. Each extension plate has a first side fixedly attached to the pontoon, and at least one free peripheral side. The extension plates are designed to reduce the platform heaving by at least providing horizontal water separation, vertical water separation, or a combination thereof around the extension plates connected to the pontoon, while the platform is moving in water.EFFECT: improved performance and reduced horizontal or vertical movement of a floating offshore platform.14 cl, 25 dwg
ethod of operational controlling vessel stability in emergency situations // 2631127
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: to implement the method, versions for the functional and organizational structure of the control system (CS) of the on-board intelligence system (BIS) are generated, the operation modes of the CS BIS are simulated, based on the services repository, the information processing principles in the multiprocessor computing environment and the theory of catastrophes, the CS BIS composition and structure parametres compliance to the said criteria and the input characteristics is checked, wherein in case of discrepancy, the input characteristics of the CS BIS are adjusted and the design process is repeated, and in case of compliance, technical documentation is developed and an overall assessment of information decision efficiency is performed, the assessment of the vessel stability in emergency situations is implemented, based on fuzzy formal system based on a dynamic theory of catastrophes, the generation of alternative solutions and practical recommendations is carried out, the risk assessment of decisions is carried out.EFFECT: increasing the reliability and effectiveness of the vessel stability assessment during operational parametre control.7 dwg

Ship hull // 2631089
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: ship hull, which has underwater hull and underwater hull with curved sides below the structural waterline, converging to the nose is proposed. The underwater hull has a bottom with a longitudinal tunnel made with an upper horseshoe arch and vertical walls extending along the entire ship hullbelow the structural waterline and with generators parallel to the ship's DP. Underwater hull cross-section profile along design waterline features maximum width at aft area. On the vertical walls of the longitudinal tunnel, at least one longitudinal step is installed symmetrically to the ship's DP, each of which is made hollow, and slot-like holes are made along the thereof entire length. There is mean in the vessel hull for supplying air or gas to each step.EFFECT: improved vessel performance due to reduced frictional drag during vessel movement.3 dwg

ethod of drag reduction of vehicles on static air cushion // 2630875
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with a small length-to-breadth ratio. To reduce the speed and to change the incoming air direction, air jets of excess pressure are released from the openings in the vehicle hull bow. The flexible bow fencing is made of cylindrical or conical shape, semicircular in the plan, which is supported by the semicircular contour of the hull bow and the air cushion pressure. Wherein the openings are made in the form of vertical slots, which are oriented aside from the diametrical vehicle plane. The air jets of excess pressure are formed by the air cushion air and directed tangentially to the surface of the flexible bow fencing aside from the diametrical vehicle plane.EFFECT: increasing the speed of vehicles on a static air cushion.4 dwg

Device for loading, transporting and installing heavy and bulky marine underwater object on seabed // 2630513
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for loading, transporting and installing a heavy and bulky marine underwater object on the seabed, including a catamaran-type vessel having two hulls and load-lifting mechanisms, rigidly interconnected by means of a bridge, as well as a transfer floating dock with a ballast system, a dock floor with keel blocks located thereon, a docking device of the transfer dock with a transfer slip, a means of putting the floating transfer dock with the vessel and the underwater object fastened between its hulls into a deep-water ditch. The load-lifting mechanisms are placed on the deck with the arrangement along the ship in a row on each side of the vessel diametrical plane and are represented by functioning load-lifting mechanisms of group action with the total load capacity up to 16,000 tons, equipped with load-bearing ties up to 1,000 m.EFFECT: improving the performance indices and increasing the safety level of the device for loading, transporting and installing a heavy and bulky object on the seabed.2 dwg

Inflatable boat with bottom ceiling and method of boat disassembly // 2630264
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inflatable boat includes a hull made of an elastic material with inflatable boards, and a dismountable bottom ceiling, which consists of a bow, central and stern sections, equipped with connecting profiles for detachable connection. The central section is made of segments of the trapezoidal shape in plan. For disassembling the inflatable boat, the structure of which includes a hull made of an elastic material with inflatable boards and a dismountable bottom ceiling from a bow, central and stern sections, the central section is made of segments of the trapezoidal shape. With the bottom ceiling, air is released from the inflatable boards, the bottom ceiling is disassembled, and the elastic material of the boat is folded. First, the bottom ceiling is disassembled, wherein the stern sections are removed from the bottom, then the segments of the central section and, lastly, the bow section are taken out from the wedging state and removed, then air is released from the boards and the elastic material of the boat is folded.EFFECT: possibility of removing the bottom ceiling without blowing off the boards of the inflatable boat and increasing the convenience of servicing the boat.5 cl, 2 dwg

Icebreaking vessel propulsor // 2630262
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: icebreaking vessel propulsor comprises a winch with a drive motor and a rope connected to an anchor installed in front of the vessel, as it moves. The anchor is made under the ice and comprises ballast water tanks with a pump, propellers and a top-mounted plate with a serrated outer surface. The plate with a serrated outer surface interacts with the bottom surface of ice. The rope is in combination with two blocks of pulleys, one of which is attached to the anchor under the ice, and the other - to the fore part of the vessel and is an element of a pulley tackle.EFFECT: increasing the icebreaking vessel operation efficiency by increasing the propulsor efficiency factor.3 cl, 3 dwg
Promotional watercraft // 2629728
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: promotional watercraft comprises a vessel with at least one deck, at least one supporting structure disposed along the vessel, and at least an information carrier mounted on the at least one supporting structure, wherein it is provided with a canopy located above the open deck and fixed to at least one supporting structure.EFFECT: ensuring the possibility of protecting the exposed sections of the deck of watercraft from negative atmospheric and other influences, improving the comfort of staying on the decks of watercraft while at the same time providing the possibility of informing an indefinite set of people both on the watercraft and outside of it.12 cl, 8 dwg
Asymmetric vessel // 2629637
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: body of a displacement vessel of asymmetric shape with a curved asymmetric bottom having an elongated bended drop-shaped form with perpendicular or partially inclined sides to the main plane is proposed, and also with a round bow and pointed aft part, the tip of the aft is movable relative to the vertical axis.EFFECT: expansion of the arsenal of technical means in relation to bodies of the vessels.2 dwg

System and method for evaporating gas processing on the ship // 2628556
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: ship includes the liquefied gas storage tank and the medium pressure gas engine, that uses the liquefied gas stored in the storage tank as the fuel. In addition, the ship also includes a system and method for processing the evaporating gas (BOG), in which the BOG leaves the storage tank and it is compressed. Most part of the BOG is used as the fuel for the ship engines, and the part of the other BOG is liquefied by the BOG cold energy, that has just left the storage tank and returns to the storage tank.EFFECT: effective use of the evaporating gas on the ship.20 cl, 6 dwg

Vessel with trimaran type outriggers // 2628550
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: trimaran type ship with outriggers-energy modules, consisting of the main body, two lateral buoyancy - outriggers and underwater bridges connecting them with the body is proposed. The whole energy plant of the ship is taken out of the hull into outriggers and bridges. This provides the formation of an extended tunnel in the hull, adapted for entering a floating craft into it through a cutout in the hull transom.EFFECT: basing of relatively large floating crafts on a relatively small vessel without lifting them on the ship and without a bulky lifting device.4 cl; 3 dwg

Delivery and recovery device, method and application // 2628418
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention application describes the mechanisms and methods by which freely movable remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) can reliably capture and take on board easily controlled seismic sensors (cargo) while they are in the process of moving, using a underwater ship in the water depth. The ROV cargo can be replenished without the need to return the ROV to the underwater ship for additional cargo and without the need for heavy lifting and recovery equipment. Also, a reverse process for returning cargo from ROV to the underwater ship vessel is disclosed.EFFECT: installation, control and removal of cargo from unstable environment are performed more efficiently and reliably.16 cl, 26 dwg

Inflatable seadoo with stationary transom piece for outboard engine // 2628278
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: inflatable SeaDoo with stationary transom piece includes the central carrying balloon and the U-shaped board balloon. One end of the central carring balloon is located from the SeaDoo bow, pointed and gone out beyond the perimeter of the board balloon, and the other end, from the stern side, is ogival, and thereto the motor transom piece is attached at the stringers. Along the SeaDoo, between the central carring balloon and the board balloon, two bottom ceiling sections with internal walls are mounted, positioned at the angle to the carrying balloon. The carrying and board cylinders, and also the bottom ceiling sections may be interconnected by the air channels, which are made with simultaneous inflating ability of the whole SeaDoo body.EFFECT: improved usability in service and comfort, increase of the vessel body stiffness and seagoing performance.3 cl, 3 dwg

arine cleaning system // 2628021
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: cleaning head for the immersed surface cleaning is disclosed as a part of the system, which includes the body part and the skirt part along the body part contour, that performs the sealing function between the body part and the immersed surface to be cleaned. The cleaning head also contains at least one cleaning element for separating the material on the immersed surface from the immersed surface, when the cleaning head is located on the immersed surface during use, and at least one suction hole, which is connected to the cavity along the fluid, formed between the body part and the immersed surface. When the cleaning head is located on the immersed surface and at least one suction hole is connected along the fluid to the device, for creation the negative pressure, the material separated from the immersed surface with at least one cleaning element is pumped out from the cleaning head through the suction hole. At least one mentioned cleaning element contains at least one cleaning component, intended to create the fluid flow, adjacent to the immersed surface, when the cleaning component moves relatively, but practically does not touch the immersed surface during the use, at that the liquid stream separates the material from the immersed surface.EFFECT: invention will improve the cleaning quality without pollution of the marine environment.58 cl, 13 dwg
Rescue vessel on air cushion for mobile delivery of injured persons and cargoes from places under emergency situations to temporary accommodation points // 2627916
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: rescue vessel comprises a cabin with a metal stamped welded frame consisting of load-bearing profile structures, inside which packages of sound-vibration-heat insulation elements are installed. The cabin frame is connected to the ship load-bearing structures by means of a vibration insulation system, which comprises rubber vibration insulators of the upper and lower suspensions of the cabin. The vibration insulators of the lower suspension of the cabin are made in the form of cylindrical helical springs with an integrated damper, each of which comprises a cylindrical helical spring consisting of two parts with oppositely directed ends, one part of which has turns of rectangular cross-section, and the other part of the spring is made hollow. Wherein the counter-directed end of the first part is located in the cavity of the second one. The clearances of the segment profile of contacting spring parts are filled by antifriction grease.EFFECT: noise level reduction.7 dwg

Ship hull bending control method at its docking // 2626781
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of the ship hull bending control, when it is placed at the dock, including the calculation of the required ship hull curvature and the stresses therein, and the ship installation on the blocking of the dock slip board. At least one sensor is installed in the controlled area of the hull to measure the stresses and/or deformations, in the intervals between the blocking symmetrically to the ship deck on the slip board lay the inflatable tanks with the possibility to supply the compressed air therein with the facilities to measure the pressure in them, preliminary calculate the pressure in the inflatable tanks, which will provide its required bending, taking into account the weight load of the ship and the flexural rigidity of its hull. The ship hull bending is corrected by changing the pressure in the inflatable tanks and changing of the blocking height to obtain the predetermined hull bending.EFFECT: simplification of the ship hull bending control method, providing high accuracy and efficiency.2 cl, 1 dwg

Universal unit for cleaning water from blue-green algae with possibility of their further application // 2626606
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: design of the universal unit includes a boat represented by a pontoon, on the body of which buckets with a concave fine-mesh surface are pivotally attached with an individual drive of each of them. This makes it possible to create the unit width depending on the protective zone of the protected water reservoir areas. A conveyor is installed along the buckets for feeding algae in a container for transporting algae to the place of their utilisation. The algae-feeding conveyor is made with the possibility to change its direction to the opposite. The unit also contains an annular elevator and algae dryer using solar cells. In the composition with the boat, the unit operates in the autonomous mode. The boat acts as a tug to ensure linear movement of the unit. The unit design provides for its operation in stationary conditions on rivers with the water flow, in places where algae accumulate, as a means for protecting beach places and water intakes against algae, and also with the possibility of using it in the composition with a boat on closed water bodies - on lakes. Structural features of the unit extend the range of its application, make it universal.EFFECT: noted positive aspects of the claimed subject will allow to obtain high economic effect and wide practical application.2 dwg

Flexible extended trailed antenna setup and selection device // 2626452
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the creation of flexible extended trailed antennas (FETA) setup and selection devices (SSD) on the submarines and surface ships. The proposed SSD FETA contains the hoist, on the drum of which the part of FETA is wound, the cable laying device, the tubular storage for placing of another FETA part and its terminal stabiliser, as well as the device for creating the excess hydraulic pressure. The hoist and cable laying device are enclosed in the sealed casing, made in the form of the detachable shell made of waterproof material, stretched over the openwork frame and hermetically connected to the tubular storage initial section. The device for creating the excess hydraulic pressure is hermetically connected to the shell from waterproof material.EFFECT: proposed design of setup and selection devices provides the safe setup and selection of flexible extended trailed antennas, the access for the maintenance and repair of flexible extended trailed antennas setup and selection devices and allows you to allocate the setup and selection devices mechanisms most effectively.2 cl, 1 dwg

Surfboard // 2626212
FIELD: sports.SUBSTANCE: foldable body is composed of a fore and aft section which are pivotally connected to each other in the unfolded position for surfing and in the folded transport position with bottom parts contact. The length of the fore section is 1/3 of the body length. On the aft section along the body sides, there are two floats, made in the form of extended hollow compartments. Each of the floats has a stabilizing keel on the bottom side in the vertical plane along the body, the keel made in the form of a fin with two wheels of different diameters mounted thereon with a possibility of rotation on one axis. Between the fin on the aft section on the side located above the water, a container is installed for user's things storage with a sealed lid and two handles placed on the sides of the casing, which can be used as a seat.EFFECT: simultaneous increase in safety and convenience of the surfboard in use both during surfing and during storage and transportation, including by disabled people.2 cl, 7 dwg

Combined panel with supporting core of cellular glass // 2625881
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: combined panel, first of all for floating equipment, comprises the support core of cellular glass, at least one coating layer that substantially completely covers the support core on the corresponding side, an elastic adhesive that attaches the coating layer to the support core, wherein the elastic adhesive has a Shore hardness index of 30 to 80 by scale A, and the thickness of the adhesive layer exceeds several times the thickness of the coating layer.EFFECT: invention provides creating a panel for interior finishing of vehicles that meets the requirements of noise protection and fire safety, has sufficient load capacity and at that has a low weight.14 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Plug for welded-in socket of vessel deck // 2625396
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: plug for the welded-in socket of the deck contains a plate with a guide and a sealing gasket, a screw with a locking bar, mounted in the plate, a restrictive washer designed to limit the movement of the locking bar, and a presser plate. Wherein a plate with a guide is used, which interacts with the locking bar, limiting its rotation in the horizontal plane, but allows to move only vertically. To remove the plug from the welded-in socket, it is necessary to move the locking bar down by at least "H" distance, rotating the screw, and to turn the plug by 90.EFFECT: increasing the operating characteristics of the plug for the welded-in socket of the deck due to excluding its possible falling out of the welded-in socket of the deck when the locking bar is loosened and, as a consequence, improving the safety of the runway deck operation for its intended purpose.4 dwg

ethod for forming vessel hull from sheet composite material // 2625389
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing the vessel hull includes manufacturing a matrix, sheathing the matrix with tapes, removing the matrix with the subsequent formation of a longitudinal-transverse set, filling the vessel hull with a heat-insulating layer, and laying fiberglass strips. The matrix is made in accordance with the size and shape of the projected boat and is sheathed with tapes of the composite material, connected along the tape grooves. Laying fiberglass strips forming the vessel floor is made from the inside of the hull.EFFECT: expanding the range of fiberglass application in shipbuilding to build small vessels, as well as reducing the material consumption.5 dwg

Underwater surface treatment device and method // 2625373
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: underwater surface treatment device comprises a housing which is equipped with two brush elements, rotating in opposite directions to each other and provided with bristles, a skirt portion which surrounds the brush elements at an underwater surface, and an outlet opening formed in the casing to release the casing from the material, removed from the underwater surface. The brush bristles are in at least partial contact with each other in a contact area on the said level of underwater treated surface. For the treatment of underwater surface, an outlet device is located in combination with a skirt portion at the underwater surface level. The device brush elements with bristles are rotated along the underwater surface level. The brush bristles are in at least partial contact with each other in a contact area at the treated underwater surface level and are rotating in the direction to the outlet, and are generating vacuum for holding the device housing with a tight fit on the treated underwater surface by rotating the brush elements in opposite directions, together with the skirt portion.EFFECT: design simplicity and operation efficiency of the device.14 cl, 10 dwg

Shallow vessel with paddle wheels // 2624375
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: shallow vessel with paddle wheels is proposed, consisting of a hull, engines, power transmissions, paddle wheels fixed to propeller shafts installed perpendicular to the direction of the vessel motion, water flow channels and a steering device. The vessel stern is made in the form of two through water flow channels dividing the bottom into three displacement sections on which the supports of two propeller shafts are mounted with paddle wheels fixed to them, consisting of two parallel solid disks with curved blades mounted therebetween, arranged by several diameters unequally distant from the shaft, so that when the wheels rotate, they follow one another, pouring water on the paddles more distant from the shaft, and enter the water at a right angle in the shock-free mode.EFFECT: improving the performance characteristics of the vessel.12 cl, 3 dwg

The fluid medium conveying system to the floating ship // 2624283
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed the system for conveying the fluid medium to the floating ship, containing the submerged buoy, connected to the flexible piping for the fluid medium, conveying from the underwater equipment and installed with the ability to withhold the submerged at the specified depth when its not in operation, the lifting and docking device located on the ship deck, made with the ability to connect with the flexible transmitting piping, the hoisting device includes the device carrier, equipped with the propulsion/steering unit and television-optical equipment, the underwater equipment is made in the form of the terminal with hydroacoustic and light beacons. The ring is fixed at the end of the flexible transmitting piping, used for lifting the flexible transmitting piping to the floating ship, and equipped with hydroacoustic and light beacons, the submerged buoy is equipped with the winch with the control system for the winch fixation and lock release in accordance with the hydroacoustic signal and the flexible transmitting piping return to the submerged buoy.EFFECT: simplification of the fluid medium conveying system to the floating ship.4 dwg