Brakes specially adapted for cycles (B62L)

B62L              Brakes specially adapted for cycles(89)

Brake system with coupler // 2567716
FIELD: motor car construction.SUBSTANCE: brake system comprises front and rear wheel brakes. Rear wheel brake comprises the first swing link, first changeover element located at said first swing link and the first tensioner extending through said first changeover element. Front wheel brake comprises the second swing link, second changeover element located at said second swing link and the second tensioner extending through said second changeover element. First and second changeover elements are configured to align in the area of sliding contact between said first and second changeover elements to allow the first element to develop tension of the front wheel brake for braking purposes.EFFECT: safe control over bicycle.10 cl, 5 dwg

Fast-acting electric switch mechanism // 2516844
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to electric switch mechanisms. In a common metal housing an electric switch mechanism contains an electric motor with an electromagnetic clutch and a brake mounted at the rotor unload side, at the output end of the motor armature at the load side there is a gear wheel of a single-stage speed reducer, which ensures transmission of the running torque to the ball-and-screw unit, which converts rotational motion of the motor armature to translation movement of a pusher of the stopper control locking mechanism. At that the electric switch mechanism is made as per the design containing both the electric motor and the electromagnetic brake in the same housing.EFFECT: simplification of the electric switch mechanism design, expansion of its scope of application, increase in its reliability, service life, provision of safe train traffic.4 cl, 1 dwg

Bicycle disc brake // 2508219
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with first version, disc brake comprises brake caliper 1 and caliper mounting adapter 3. Disc brake caliper 1 is rigidly fixed at adapter 3. One anchorage point of the latter is articulated by two hinges is fitted at bicycle rear fork top blade 11 while another anchorage point is arranged on rear wheel axle 5 to turn thereabout. In compliance with another version, one anchorage point of the latter is articulated by two hinges is fitted at bicycle rear fork top blade 11 while another anchorage point is arranged on bicycle rear fork dropout 7.EFFECT: simplified design, ruled out damper locking, decreased weight.2 cl, 3 dwg

Transport facility // 2506191
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering. Transport facility comprises frame with seat, front controlled wheel engaged with steering columns and hinged to the frame, rear wheel with overrunning coupling and axle, small gear, two tie-rods with pedals fitted on axle running in the frame bearing and made integral with large gear, and disc brakes. Large gear engaged via chain gearing with rear wheel small gear. Disc brakes are connected by cables with steering wheel brake handles. Inertial mechanism is secured at the frame and composed of a glow rectangular- or round-cross-section ring. Said ring is secured inside the frame vertical in one plane therewith. One half of said ring is expanded on both ends so that inner section of expanded semi-ring directed towards rear wheel is several times larger than cross-section of unexpanded semi-rungs directed towards front wheel. Inner space of the ring is filled with mercury of fluid with high specific weight. Pump is arranged on the ring expanded part and having gear wheel fitted on axle to engage with that on motor shaft. Said motor is fitted on pump housing. Trunk behind the seat supports storage battery connected via control unit to aforesaid motor. Movable element of control unit rheostat is cable-connected with return spring and motor shaft rpm variator handle.EFFECT: higher efficiency of vehicle.7 dwg

otorcycle brake disc rotor // 2454577
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: rotor represents ring-shaped body having opposite lying friction ring-shaped surfaces, radially external and internal side surfaces and ring-shaped body. Ring-shaped body consists of two parts pre-made separately from each other and layers rigidly attached to each other. Rotor has inner through cooling channels of ring-shaped body. Inner through cooling channels pass from radially external side surface to radially internal side surface. Inner through cooling channels are intended to cool ring-shaped body from inside.EFFECT: improvement of cooling of motorcycle brake disc rotor, reduction of its weight and moment of inertia, and increase in cooling speed of brake disc rotor.13 cl, 5 dwg

Transport facility // 2412852
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with magnetic appliances generating additional torque. Rim of each wheel is secured by spokes 15 to metal nonmagnetic disk arranged between drums 20. Permanent magnets are secured with their analogous poles turned to each other on said disk and drums 20.EFFECT: obtaining additional torque, reducing force applied to pedals, reducing fatigability of bicyclist during long-distance cycling.17 dwg

Vehicle braking system drive // 2397909
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to cable drives of motorcycle wheels brakes. Foot work member 3 is connected with front wheel brake 1 via cable 5 and with rear wheel brake 2 via link 6. Hand brake 4 is coupled with front wheel brake 1 via cable 7. Arbitrary-shape movable base 8 is arranged between cable 5 and 7 to support two split bushes 9 and 10. Bush 9 makes the thrust for sheath of cable 5. Tip of cable 7 is pivoted in bush 10. Both said bushes 9 and 10 are arranged on base 8 so that, with drive assembled, ends of cable 5 and 7 extending from the sheathes on the side of front wheel brake 1 are located on one line.EFFECT: simplified drive design.1 dwg

Folding accumulator vehicle // 2342279
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to folding three-wheeler with electric motor. Folding accumulator vehicle contains two frames capable of movement one in another during folding and unfolding. Rear wheel contains electric motor attached to it. Seat is located over wheel. Fixing devices secure rigidity of vehicle in folded and unfolded condition. Front frame is supported by two wheels of bigger diameter and rear wheel is twice less in diameter than front wheels, but rear wheel is wider than front wheels. Front frame covered by net serves as a carrier, it contains shelf for basket with drop-side or for child's seat. Handlebars' post is inclinable to secure pull of brake cable and simultaneous switch-off of electric motor.EFFECT: strengthening of protection from front side and acceleration of braking response.4 dwg

Brake for two wheels of vehicle // 2271947
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in road vehicles, such as car, motorcycles and bicycles. Proposed brake contains two brake drums, each accommodating two brake shoes, two pairs of expander levers, cables with outer spring sheathing, equalizer and control lever. Brake includes also screw-nut train, assembly housing and additional train between screw and control lever. Screw-nut train is made in form of shaft with right hand and left-hand thread on ends and nuts with right-hand and left-hand threads fitted of shaft. Equalizer is made in form of translational pair between shaft and assembly housing fixed relative to vehicle frame. Ends of each pair of expander levers are connected by tip of cable and tip of its outer spring sheathing. Second tip of each of two cables is secured on one of two nuts of screw-nut train, and second tip of outer spring sheathing of said cable is installed stationary relative to vehicle frame.EFFECT: possibility of keeping brake torque on wheels at standstill of vehicle without additional fixing of brake.2 dwg

Bicycle with foot-operated lever drive // 2258625
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to brake control drive with reciprocating levers. Levers 1, 2 are provided with two overrunning clutches mounted o one axle with sprocket 4 coupled by first flexible transmission 5 with drive sprocket 6. Levers 2, 2 are interconnected by second flexible transmission with disk 9 on axle 10. Said levers, being bell cranks, are additionally interconnected by third flexible transmission 14 with disk 15 fitted on axle 10 to provide transmission of forces applied to toe-clips from pedal to pedal. Axle 10 can be made either fixed or provided with joint 11 and coupling with brake 13 set into operation when forces are applied to both levers 1, 2.EFFECT: accelerated transfer of force from pedal to pedal.3 cl, 1 dwg

Front car for bicycle // 2247052
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for converting standard bicycle into tricycle by fastening car instead of front fork. Connecting device 3 of car 1 has upper and lower parts with axle tilter relative to bicycle frame 8 to provide tilting of bicycle frame 8 to side of cornering. Connecting device 3 consists of upper and lower brackets on car 1. Plate fastened to frame 8 through hole for passing front fork of bicycle is hinge-connected with upper bracket of connecting device 3. Tube consisting of two parts connected by two cover plates enclosing tilted tube of bicycle frame 8 is hinge-connected with lower bracket. Tube is secured in its rear part by two cover plates in unit of under-saddle intersection of tubes of bicycle frame 8. Wheels of car are mounted on cantilever axle. Synchronous operation of caliper brakes of car wheels is provided by tensioning of cable, common for two brakes, and passing along steering tube of car skeleton. When brakes are used as parking brakes, cable is tensioned and put on hooks on said tube. Sides of car are made of gauze. Hinged front board can be fixed in horizontal position. Car is provided with seat for passengers, which can be used as tent for covering loads, or as sail.EFFECT: increased load carrying capacity of car, possibility of use with any bicycle without its modification.4 cl, 17 dwg

Brake device of a bicycle // 2223194
The invention relates to the brake levers rotatable about different axes

Device for guiding a cable // 2222457
The invention relates to a guide rope and can be used in switch gear, the brake levers on different axes, arms control

A bicycle control device with cable actuator (options) // 2222456
The invention relates to a guide rope and can be used in switch gear, the brake levers on different axes, arms control

Remote control bike // 2222455
The invention relates to control devices for bicycles, in particular to control the bike

Node handle brake (options) // 2218287
The invention relates to manual brakes bike

Tick brake // 2140373
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in a variety of brake systems, devices and mechanisms, in particular rental

The method of fastening the end of a cable to the lever predominantly brakes, switch gear or clutch // 2109652
The invention relates to means of transportation, namely, motorcycles, mopeds, etc

The brake device of the vehicle // 2104897
The invention relates to a device providing braking of vehicles, such as bicycles, mopeds, etc

Brake for a bicycle // 2025387
The invention relates to velotron, namely to the brake devices rental

Brake sleeve bike // 2020105

Brake wheel device // 2013277

Brake sleeve bike wheel // 2009940
The invention relates to a muscular vehicles, in particular to nodes in the power transmission rental