Cycles and cycle frames and cycle steering devices and rider-operated terminal controls specially adapted for cycles and cycle axle suspensions and cycle sidecars, forecars, or the like (B62K)

B62K              Cycles; cycle frames; cycle steering devices; rider-operated terminal controls specially adapted for cycles; cycle axle suspensions; cycle sidecars, forecars, or the like(532)
B62K1 - Unicycles(227)
B62K3 - Bicycles(73)

Device for movement along ice and snow surface // 2644743
FIELD: sport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to road engineering for various purposes, and specifically to ski, sleigh, bobsleigh, ski-skating, skating, bicycle sports and walking activities. On the axis inside device front fork for movement along icy and snowy surfaces a skid is hingedly mounted, and rear end wheel (propulsor) is elliptical in shape with a protector fixed, which has large coefficient of sliding friction when interacting with roadway when ellipse major axis coincides with Y axis of Cartesian system, when wheel is turned clockwise, forward motion is carried out using wheel and at least three skid, two behind and one in front, and inertial slip on skid, when ellipse small axis coincides with Y-axis, whereas device for moving along the ice and snow surfaces contains device, designed to lock the wheel when ellipse small axis coincides with Y axis.EFFECT: provides inertial slip on skid throughout desired part of roadway.1 cl, 4 dwg

Constructive unit and method of its assembly // 2644500
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: unit contains the first and the second node cardboard site elements, joint to each other using the joint device containing a set of the first elements of joint and second set of elements where the joint n each of the first elements of the joint has a first segment, still housed in the first element node, and the second segment, which protrudes from the first element node and placed in the second element of the site. The second segment of each of the first joint elements contains one or more grooves, each of whom performed with placing it second element joint and coupling with him in order to prevent the separation between the first element node, and the second element of the site, restricting the withdrawal of the first elements of the joint from the second element of the site. The second joint elements are completely located in the second node element.EFFECT: increased reliability of joint.20 cl, 7 dwg

Telescopic suspension device, equipped with prestressing pretension precautions system // 2641539
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: telescopic suspension device is made with the possibility of connection with the hub of the wheel, containing the first tube, second tube moving sliding on the first tube, and a spring located inside these tubes, and optionally contains the cap regulation prestressing of the main spring. The control plug of the prestressing pretension of the main spring contains the pre-stressing system of the main spring in accordance with the user's weight. The bicycle frame contains a suspension device.EFFECT: increase the accuracy of suspension adjustment by the user.9 cl, 20 dwg

otorized scooter // 2641401
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: scooter comprises a frame, a front wheel and a rear wheel, an engine, an engine control device. The engine control device comprises means for detecting the acceleration and deceleration phase of the scooter movement. The control device is made with the possibility of activating the engine when the movement speed deceleration phase with a duration equal to the specified first threshold value is detected by means for detecting the movement deceleration phase after the movement acceleration phase has been detected by movement acceleration detection means.EFFECT: improving the distribution of the vehicle user's efforts.10 cl, 5 dwg

Collapsible vehicle // 2641394
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: collapsible vehicle comprises a frame, a seat. The frame comprises four elements, a first crossbar extending between the first and second rotation points, and a second crossbar extending parallel to the first crossbar. Each of the four elements ends at the end rotation points. The end rotation points of the first element are aligned along the axis with the final rotation points of the third element, and the end rotation points of the second element are aligned along the axis with the end rotation points of the fourth element. The second crossbar extends between the end rotation points of the first element and the third element. The seat is located on the second crossbar.EFFECT: minimization of overall dimensions.19 cl, 50 dwg
Vehicle traction device and vehicle comprising it // 2641339
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle traction device comprises an engine, a transmission element. The transmission element comprises a drive shaft, engaging members, an output shaft, means for temporarily or permanently coupling with the rotation of the drive shaft and the output shaft, means for transferring the rotation of the output shaft (4) to the vehicle drive element. The vehicle comprises a traction device.EFFECT: possibility of installing a vehicle battery in front of the engine.7 cl, 7 dwg

Collapsible vehicle // 2640936
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: collapsible vehicle comprises a collapsible frame, a plurality of wheels, a battery. The frame comprises four elements, a first crossbar extending from a first rotation point to a second rotation point, and a second crossbar spaced from the first crossbar and extending parallel thereto and perpendicular to the four elements. The battery is located in the battery compartment attached to the seat located on the second crossbar. The collapsible vehicle includes a collapsible frame comprising a first crossbar, a second crossbar, a plurality of wheels, a seat, a battery compartment.EFFECT: device improvement.11 cl, 50 dwg

Front drive single-track vehicle // 2640267
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: front drive single-track vehicle comprises a frame, on which two wheels are mounted. The front wheel is the driving one. The engine, the clutch and the gearbox are located above the front driving driven wheel. The output shaft of the gearbox is connected to a bevel gear. The driven wheel of the bevel gear is connected to the cylindrical transmission by means of a shaft located on the fork pivot axis of the front wheel. It interacts by the cardan drive with the bevel gear speed reducer of the wheel drive.EFFECT: expanding the operational and layout capabilities of a front drive single-track vehicle.4 dwg
ono-wheel with anti-punch // 2637143
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: mono-wheel comprises a wheel propulsor or a motor-wheel propulsor, a housing, pedals for feet, a motor driving the wheel propulsor or the motor-wheel propulsor, a main power supply source of the electric motor or the electric motor-wheel propulsor, a main device of automatic motor control. The mono-wheel comprises an auxiliary or backup power supply source of the electric motor or an auxiliary non-electric power unit to drive said wheel propulsor of the electric motor-wheel propulsor and an auxiliary automatic control device of the auxiliary or backup power supply source or the auxiliary non-electric power unit to drive the wheel propulsor of the electric motor-wheel propulsor.EFFECT: improved control accuracy.15 cl

Universal kick scooter "unokat" // 2631761
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: universal kick scooter comprises a support platform and a steering fork, pivotally connected to the support platform by means of a power bracket, a wheel. The support platform and the steering fork are configured to change the number of wheels from one to two on each axis. The support platform and the power bracket with the steering fork are designed to mount wheels of different diametres. The steering fork is designed to mount a front wheel, configured to mount pedals. The steering fork and the end of the support platform are designed with the possibility of mounting and fixing an option jumper in them with an area for attaching the seat.EFFECT: increased functionality of the kick scooter.3 cl, 19 dwg

Device for forced tilt or tilt prevention of two-wheeled vehicle by means of flywheels // 2629764
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for the forced tilt or tilt prevention of a two-wheeled vehicle comprises a flywheel, a flywheel spinning device, a flywheel braking device, a flywheel spinning and braking control device. The flywheel axis is located in the vehicle motion direction, and the tilt or tilt prevention of the vehicle occurs due to the flywheel reaction forces arising when the flywheel is directly spun or braked.EFFECT: improving the vehicle handling.2 cl, 2 dwg
ethod and device for providing the stationary state of the balancing vehicle // 2628251
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the methods for providing the balancing vehicle stationary state, including: the distances between the balancing vehicle and the obstacles surrounding the balancing vehicle determination, the number of such distances determination, the stationary operation mode of the balancing vehicle activation. The device for provision of the balancing vehicle stationary state contains the distance determination module, the number determination module, the mode activation module. The device for provision of the balancing vehicle stationary state contains the processor and the memory for storing the instructions executable by the processor.EFFECT: improvement of the vehicle balance keeping in the narrow space.11 cl, 4 dwg

Electric balanced vehicle // 2619683
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to an electric balanced vehicle. Electric balanced vehicle comprises an upper jacket, a lower jacket, an inner jacket, a rotation mechanism, two wheels, two hub motors, several sensors, a power supply source and a controller. The upper jacket comprises first and second upper jackets. The lower jacket is attached to the upper jacket and comprises the first and second lower jackets. The inner jacket is fixed between the upper and lower jackets and comprises the first and second inner jackets. The rotation mechanism is fixed between the first and second inner jackets. Two wheels with hub motors capable of rotation are attached to two sides of the inner jacket. Several sensors are located between the lower and inner jackets. The power supply source is fixed between the first lower and first inner jackets. The controller is fixed between the second lower and second inner jackets, besides, the controller is electrically connected to several sensors, the power supply source and hub motors and controls hub motors to actuate the relevant wheels.EFFECT: invention provides for increased compactness of a vehicle.18 cl, 6 dwg

Push scooter // 2613651
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to push scooter. Push scooter comprises chassis, equipped with steering column for steering post, connected with front wheel, and support frame, which has seat and supports rotary deck with rear wheel. Support frame, connected to deck, is coupled with steering column with possibility of support frame turning around axis, which passes through rear wheel center.EFFECT: enabling possibility to use device as push scooter and bicycle without pedals.4 cl, 3 dwg

Bicycle car // 2607692
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with muscle drive and can be used in amphibious bicycle cars, attractions, toys, etc. Closest to wheel pedals axes (10) by one side are rigidly fixed on wheels (14) with eccentricity equal to crank (12) radius, and by other is on pedal shaft crank (12). Each pair of pedals crankshafts (18) are installed in bearing supports (8) on amphibious bicycle car semi-frames concentrically to wheels axes. On front semi-frame (1) control handle (4) is installed connected to reducing gear worm (6), and on rear semi-frame (2) reducing gear worm gear (3) is rigidly fixed concentrically to semi-frames rotation axis. For motion and manoeuvres in water on front wheels (14) and rear wheels (15) blades (17) are installed.EFFECT: invention facilitates control, simplifies assembly and provides use of wheels without central hub and spokes.1 cl, 1 dwg

Folding tricycle for different levels of preparation with single movement disconnection mechanism, made with possibility of free steering wheel turn and free rotation of drive wheel // 2605133
FIELD: personal usage articles; transportation.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to versions of tricycle. Folding tricycle according to first version comprises front wheel assembly, frame, pair of rear wheels assemblies, pair of rings assemblies and said pair of rings assemblies simultaneous unlocking mechanism and said frame and said front wheel assembly disengagement. Tricycle according to second version comprises steering wheel, steering wheel rod, front support, yoke connected with front support and including locking mechanism. At that, locking mechanism comprises steering wheel rod tip, yoke rod tip, yoke locking rod and yoke locking lever. Tricycle according to third version, comprises front wheel, pedals locking assembly and pedals connecting axis. At that, pedals locking assembly includes gear bushing, guide projection, geared drum and pedals locking assembly sleeve.EFFECT: enabling tricycle better controllability and simplified folding.17 cl, 8 dwg

Bicycle // 2601792
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle. Bicycle comprises frame, seat, drive on the front wheel and steering wheel coupled with rotary fork of rear wheel. On the fork there is flywheel connected with rear wheel through gear changing direction of rotation to the opposite one.EFFECT: higher stability and reduced dimensions.1 cl, 1 dwg

Single-axle vehicle // 2601485
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small transport equipment and can be preferably used in production of individual use vehicles, in particular, of sport and entertaining nature. Single-axle vehicle comprises two wheels transversely connected by axis (3), load-carrying platform (4), hinged on that axle (3), engine and longitudinal stability provision mechanism. Mechanism is made in form of pressure roller (7), connected to load-carrying platform (4) and interacting with wheel tire (2) with formation of two independent sealed cavities on both sides of pressure roller (7).EFFECT: technical result is simplification of single-axis vehicle, as well as wider field of its possible application, particularly out of city and off-road.1 cl, 2 dwg

Belt drive system // 2597045
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to pulley and drive belt system, reinforced self-levelling system of pulley and drive belt, bicycle and pulley. System of pulley and drive belt comprises drive belt and, at least, one pulley is made with possibility of engagement with surface of drive belt. Bicycle comprises crank system, rear wheel hub and pulley and drive belt system. Pulley is used with drive belt. Drive belt comprises multiple projections spaced in longitudinal direction, each of which has groove for alignment, dividing each projection on first and second segments. Pulley includes housing, plurality of circumferential teeth, element to balance in form of wire.EFFECT: higher accuracy of pulleys alignment and preventing contamination of pulleys.23 cl, 10 dwg

Bicycle // 2592972
FIELD: transport. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle. Bicycle comprises frame, wheels, seat, steering wheel, fork steering wheel gearbox compound steering shaft front wheel fork shaft transmitting torque to steering wheel fork of steering wheel. Transmission of torque at steering wheel fork of steering wheel is made through system of gears. Shaft axis of plug and gears of steering wheel are not parallel to axis of rotation of steering wheel. Steering wheel fork shaft rests against part of discharge cavity of frame, which is made at an angle to axis of steering shaft. EFFECT: providing easier control and adjustment in wide range of height of steering wheel. 4 cl, 5 dwg

Superlight folding three-wheel motored scooter // 2591117
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed scooter comprises chassis provided with two front wheels and driving rear wheel, motor to drive said drive wheel and steering pole. The latter comprises handle bar for user to control the scooter speed and direction. Said scooter is configured to change over from unfolded position to folded position whereat the user can run the scooter on two front wheels at keeping the rear wheel detached from the ground. Scooter incorporates tachometer and deceleration/acceleration control unit connected with the former to activate motor conversion into generator of current to be fed to storage battery at motor speed of 20-30 km/h to decelerate the motor converted to generator to make it a brake.EFFECT: speed limitation and decreased scooter weight.10 cl, 7 dwg

Turn unit, transformer bicycle with said unit, bicycle frame (krasnov bicycle) - versions // 2588291
FIELD: personal use and household items.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to bicycle turning assembly, bicycle-transformer with turning assembly and bicycle-transformer frame. Bicycle turning assembly comprises left and right bicycle turning handles, which are fixed on both sides on bicycle frame. Handles can turn about their axis, stationary relative to frame. Assembly also comprises turning handles force transfer mechanism to supports of turning front, rear or both wheels. Transformable bicycle comprises frame. Frame and/or its assemblies are composed of attached load bearing elements, brace, front wheel support together with front wheel and rear wheel support together with rear wheel, post, wing or fork of front and/or rear wheel turning assembly with mechanism of rotation of front and/or rear wheel plane of bicycle, seat assembly, front or rear wheel drive assembly and brake assembly. Bicycle-transformer frame, in which structure top main bearing element and/or turning assembly bearing elements are made in form of one or more sections of pipe.EFFECT: higher safety, possibility of folding and transformation of bicycle.21 cl, 13 dwg

Wheel-vehicle // 2584292
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheeled vehicles and is intended for use in conditions of limited freedom of maneuver and on roads without hard coating. Wheel - vehicle consists of two identical hollow hemispheres to spin about element arranged between them and fixed on axis. Element performing function of user's cabin, is made in form of symmetrical ball wedge or short axially cylinder, on which flat surfaces are mounted hollow hemispheres onboard drives motor-reducers, has two equidistant support wheels mounted on pendulum circuit on axis of element in plane of longitudinal symmetry. Hollow semi-spheres are made with molded area, parallel to flat surface of element, grouser serving as external part and internal part of running track for internal contact wheel. In wheel - vehicle torque transmission to hollow hemispheres can be made through axis that provides for rigid half-axle coupling with hollow hemisphere, or directly to hollow hemisphere, which provides for axis articulation with hollow semi-sphere.EFFECT: broader functional capabilities of wheeled vehicle.1 cl, 1 dwg

Foldable vehicle // 2582318
FIELD: vehicles.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to variants of the warehouse vehicle. Vehicle according to the first variant includes a frame having a first member, a second member which intersects the first member at a first pivot point, the third element put at a distance from the first and second members, and a fourth element, put at a distance from the first and second members. Fourth element intersects with the third element of the second turning point. Frame also comprises first, second and third cross-member, and a locking mechanism located on the frame between the second cross member and the third cross member and adapted to prevent the frame folding when it is in engagement with the frame. Locking mechanism includes a cable extending from the third cross member to the second cross member. Vehicle of the second variant comprises an arm adapted to pivot about said second cross member and having a first groove for engaging third crossbar when the frame is in a first position and a second groove for engaging third crossbar when the frame is in the second position.EFFECT: achieved simplification, reduction and lightweight design of the vehicle.19 cl, 50 dwg

ethod for dismantling bicycle // 2578954
FIELD: personal hygiene items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of disassembly of bicycle. Method of disassembly of bicycle containing wheels, fork, and frame, consists in that wheel is removed together with forks.EFFECT: simplified disassembly and reduced dimensions of packing in case for storage.1 cl, 3 dwg

Recumbent bicycle // 2577813
FIELD: sport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to recumbent bicycle. Recumbent bicycle comprises frame consisting of front and rear parts connected by joint and shock absorber. Rear part is provided with seat and is installed on rear drive wheel with a bushing with a unit of sprockets and ratchet and switch speeds. Front part of frame is equipped with rotary fork with handle bar top, in which front wheel axle with a through hole. To front part of frame by means of offsets on sides of front wheel, bearings, shaft is attached to con-rods and pedals. Shaft passes through hole axis of front wheel. Rotation of shaft is linked by sprocket and chain with rotation of one of sprockets block rear wheel sprockets. Branch circuit middle part rest on deflecting chain rollers attached to front part of frame. Tube is worn on upper part of the chain. Chain line on top view engaged by central sprocket unit sprockets is inclined at an angle of 1-1.5 sideways from front wheel relative to longitudinal axis of bicycle, passing through points of contact with road. Rear wheel axle and carriage shaft axis perpendicular to line circuit.EFFECT: easy operation.2 cl, 5 dwg

Transfer of forces for control over bicycle turn, bicycle turn assembly (versions) // 2575786
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed process consists in that the turn is performed by turning the planes of front or rear wheel or both wheels of bicycle simultaneously. Bicycle turn assembly implements the abode described process.EFFECT: higher safety, decreased load, higher comfort.8 cl, 10 dwg

Transport module // 2570513
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed module comprises sliding handle and caterpillar drive. Housing accommodates weight transducer, accelerometer, gyro and microcontroller. The latter comprises processor to read and to analyze the data from said transducers and to compute the user departure from vertical axis. Motor receives the instruction of microcontroller to be started in response to said instruction. Besides, it incorporates the storage battery, instrument module with transducers to measure mass distribution over feet support, housing position transducers, acceleration transducers for the data thereof to be transmitted to computer provided with appropriate software. Caterpillar drive can be connected with motor fitted inside the vehicle housing.EFFECT: possibility of motion over irregular surfaces.6 cl, 4 dwg

Transport facility // 2566581
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: claimed transport facility comprises the wheel composed by the rim with tire made up of the ball bearing with rim drive. Said wheel makes the assembly of two mirror-like wheels doubled by stator parts atop said assembly by hinge joint. The latter guarantees the vehicle wheels asst negative camber.EFFECT: higher stability of one-wheel vehicle.1 dwg

Vehicle like, for example, push-cycle with folding system // 2562085
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: this vehicle comprises frame making a direct or indirect support for user and steering control assembly including at least one steering column to get to working configuration whereat it makes with steering column first angle other than zero and to folded configuration whereat it makes therewith the angle smaller than the first one. Said frame is coupled with steering control assembly to turn about at least one pivot axis. This frame comprises load-bearing part to support the user directly or indirectly and front part extending towards the steering control assembly and beyond said pivot shaft and steering column so that depression on said front part allows changeover from working configuration to folded configuration by turn about pivot axis. This vehicle comprises locking device to prohibit frame turn relative to steering control assembly about pivot axis in working configuration. This locking device comprises releasing device to interact with steering control assembly for locking of unlocking purposes. Said releasing device is fitted at load-bearing part front.EFFECT: ease of folding.14 cl, 4 dwg

otored car // 2562009
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering. This motored car comprises load-bearing frame to support body with rear side, floor with site nearby the steering wheel to locate the invalid chair, rear door located behind the body for car to enter the passenger compartment, rear suspension, transmission and control components. This motored car is a two-seater design. This body has side doors and low location of the floor above ground level. Body compartment inside floor is flat. Recesses and thrusts are arranged nearby steering wheel to accommodate car wheels as well as stops to rule out car shifts in motion. Body rear side and floor between rear wheels are composed of reclining ramp for entry of invalid car. Said body houses the folding reclining seat for attendant or seat that makes an integral two-seater sofa for driver and said attendant. Driver control components are arranged in the area of steering wheel. Rear suspension is provided with lengthwise levers and arranged along body sidebars. Dampers and rear suspension springs are secured at load-bearing frame and do not contract the space between car rear wheels.EFFECT: simplified design, friendly use.4 cl, 7 dwg

Bicycle frame // 2557650
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bicycle frame includes carriage bushing with which lower front tube connected with steering tube and lower rear wing connected with brackets of rear wheel bushing mounting are connected. The lower front tube and the lower rear wing are oriented in opposite directions. Under-saddle tube is located at an angle towards brackets of rear wheel bushing mounting, and to the under-saddle tube in its top part the upper front tube connected with steering tube and upper rear wing connected with the mentioned brackets are attached. The upper front tube and the upper rear wing are oriented in opposite directions. The under-saddle tube is made bended and consisting of two sections the first one of which is made straight and its longitudinal axis is located on line crossing lower rear wing in the section between the carriage bushing and brackets of rear wheel bushing mounting at an angle of 64 to 71, and the second section is located at obtuse angle to the first one and its longitudinal axis is located on line crossing carriage bushing. The angle between longitudinal axis of lower front tube in the section of its connection with carriage bushing and longitudinal axis of the second section of the under-saddle tube is selected in the range of 119 to 125.EFFECT: ease of bicycle use and improved rigidity.3 dwg

Recumbent bicycle // 2555074
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to recumbent bicycle. This bicycle comprises frame with seat provided with backrest at rear wheel and front pivot drive wheel, drive wheel fork being fitted in the frame bearings and provided with handle bar. Said frame is provided with extensions on sides of front pivot wheel, shaft running in bearings of the latter and provided with con rods, pedals and drive sprocket. This shaft extends through bore in drive wheel hub. Horizontal countershaft with sprockets on ends is fitted on the frame, nearby said handle bar. Drive sprocket is engaged by the chain with one of countershaft sprockets while countershaft other sprocket is engaged via chain with front wheel hub sprocket. Countershaft is composed of planetary bush with flange for sprocket to be secured thereto to turn about axle parallel with handle bar pivot axis. Turn of planetary bush on axle parallel with the fork pivot pin is engaged with handle bar lever with pin and with lever with fork surrounding said pin. Planetary bush turn angle equals half the turn angle of front wheel fork turn.EFFECT: lower handle bar control force.3 dwg

Suspension system and pneumatic system for vehicle // 2549226
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to vehicle suspension system and pneumatic system implementation versions. Vehicle contains frame, front and rear suspension assemblies where one of suspension assemblies includes pneumatic spring, seat, steering assembly, engine., air compressor connected with the frame and communicating with pneumatic spring via fluid, control module electrically connected with air compressor, and auxiliary air outlet. During operation, the air compressor draws air from atmosphere and the same time feeds air to pneumatic spring. Auxiliary air outlet is located under seat and communicates via fluid with air compressor for selective air feeding from air compressor to device other than pneumatic spring. The seat is made removable or swivelling to provide access to auxiliary air outlet. According to the second version, vehicle contains the third suspension assembly, and the first wheel of the first suspension assembly/ the second wheel of the second suspension assembly are located on one end of frame, And the third wheel of the third suspension assembly is located on opposite end of frame. The first and the second valve connect air compressor with the first and the second pneumatic spring via fluid. In the third version, the air compressor is located higher than the centre of front and rear wheels.EFFECT: possibility to use vehicle air compressor with auxiliary air outlet.29 cl, 16 dwg

otorcycle with sidecar // 2549046
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: motorcycle with sidecar is formed by two-wheeled motorcycle and a side trailer resting by its right side on one wheel, and a mechanism of their connection including collet clamps and ball brackets. Motorcycle is articulated with sidecar. To the frame of motorcycle and the frame of sidecar, electrically powered screw mechanism is attached which mechanism tilts the motorcycle relative to the sidecar and road surface. Control panel of motorcycle tilting mechanism is located on motorcycle handle bar.EFFECT: possibility to tilt motorcycle during cornering and lower probability of turnover.3 dwg

Pedal-driven carrier drive, primarily, for kids // 2546044
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed carrier comprises drive axle (7) with two drive wheels and pedal crank (1). Crank gear (4) is engaged by chain (5) with gear (6) fitted on said drive axle. Drive wheel is engaged via two-way free-running mechanism (8) with drive axle. Another drive wheel runs free on drive axle and is driven by motor (10). Said motor is engaged via two-way free-running mechanism (12) with motor gear (13) engaged with another gear (14) running on drive axle engaged with another drive wheel.EFFECT: decreased driving forces.9 cl, 3 dwg

Transport facility // 2542840
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport facility. The transport facility contains frame, two motorized wheels installed in it on bearings, saddle, joystick and stabilizer. Three axles are mounted on frame in horizontal plane in parallel to each other on each utmost of which motorized wheel is installed. On the central axle located midway between mentioned utmost axles, double-armed lever is installed which lever together with two cranks and connection rod forms parallel link mechanism. On an arm of double-armed lever, gear wheels are hinged forming gear mechanism with positive gear ratio in engagement with gear wheel fixed on specified central axle coaxially with central articulated joint of double-armed lever. Utmost gear wheel in specified gear mechanism is rigidly connected with crank provided the saddle is fixed in connection rod midpoint.EFFECT: simplified design and decreased weight.7 dwg

Drive and trailed bicycles for bicycle-train // 2540890
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: drive and trailed bicycle gangs are three-seat drive bicycle gang with three bicycles integrated in signal gang and integrated by common steering control. Six-seat towed gangs are coupled by ball joint therewith to allow following in one track. Said gang consists of six monocycle of unique design, three of which are arranged in the front triplet and rear triplet. Every bicycle and very monocycle are equipped with friendly soft seats, three-speed con-rod-chain gearings with pedals to integrate biological energy of all cyclist for common drive power. All wheels of said gangs are reinforced and equipped with spring-oil 100 mm stroke shock-absorbers to damp shock caused by road irregularities. Besides they are equipped with spacious luggage racks. Brakes, flash lamps and brake lights allow for safe motion on motor roads.EFFECT: simplified design, reduced force at negotiating of slopes.8 dwg

Tricycle with rocking body composed of cargo platform for highland farming // 2532002
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: tricycle features symmetrical rear wheels and front controlled wheel. Tricycle body is composed of cargo platform while frame with controlled wheel can incline as a single whole relative to rear axle in crosswise direction. On one side, said frame is articulated by two links with the rear axle housing. The latter is coupled with cargo platform. Platform tilting drive is composed of electric winch connected with cargo platform. Winch rope ends are secured at rear axle housing LH and RH parts.EFFECT: higher tricycle stability.8 cl, 3 dwg

Push cycle with pedal drive // 2529587
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to push cycle with pedal drive. Push cycle comprises cam clutch to run engaged with drive gear and fitted between drive and driven gears to drive rear wheels by transfer of can rotation to drive gear and drive gear. Cam clutch can be engaged with either low gear wheel or second gear. First and second connecting gear run in engagement with low gear wheel or second gear and are fitted on extensions of countershaft. Transfer gear is fitted on both extensions of countershaft to receive rotation from first and second idlers via countershaft and engaged with driven gear for rotation. Low and second gears are fitted on axle with cam clutch. Cam clutch cams are fitted on said clutch, low and second gears so that transfer gear can engage with spinning cam clutch. Cam clutch end has gearshift lever to engage cam clutch with low or second gears.EFFECT: lower control force, speed change by gearing.8 dwg

Fire-rescue motorcycle // 2526715
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fire engineering, namely to fire-rescue motorcycle design. Fire-rescue motorcycle includes two-wheeler base chassis developed into special operative vehicle, is provided with removable set of all-purpose fire extinguishing equipment for surface, surface-spatial and spatial extinguishing seats of fire. Fire-rescue equipment is arranged and mounted on pannier, coffers and safety rails with minimum possible total height of centre of gravity according to motorcycle floatation conditions.EFFECT: increase in quantity of carried fire extinguishing agents and rescue equipment.2 dwg

Transformable child bicycle // 2518917
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: child bicycle comprises frame with seat, front wheel attached to the frame using swivelling support yoke with handle bar, two rear wheels attached at rear to transversal part of frame, and pedal drive. Bicycle frame is formed of two interchangeable and interlinked segments one of which is flat-topped and the second is arc-shaped. Arched frame member contains at the bottom mounting elements in the form of bosses with holes for mounting bolts and two holes in sides at lower part to attach lateral axle (or shaft) to rear wheel part. The arched frame member in its upper part contains moulding with workhole at the centre for attachment of handle bar or pedal drive. The bicycle contains set of uniform and interchangeable mounting assemblies which in various combinations of assembling permit to transform the bicycle from two-wheeled type into three-wheeled or into snowmobile with two-wheeled or single-wheeled drive.EFFECT: simplified design and possibility of bicycle transformation.3 cl, 9 dwg

Veloelectromobile // 2518790
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: velomobile includes a chassis frame, at least one wheel, the driver's seat, control pedals, a motor, a gear box, a circuit transmitting motion to the generator, the generator, the first diode bridge coupled to the generator, a generating system switch coupled to the first diode bridge which supplies power to the electric motor through a current controller and the electric motor transmitting power to at least one wheel. By means of a socket the generator is connected to a charger, which by means of the first accumulator switch is connected to a package of accumulators. The package of accumulators is connected through the first accumulator switch to a current converter, which is coupled through the second diode bridge to the second accumulator switch, the latter is also connected through the current controller to the electric motor, besides the electric motor is coupled to the switch ensuring forward and reverse motion of the velomobile.EFFECT: saving energy of the accumulator.3 cl, 1 dwg

Snow mobile // 2517918
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to vehicles, particularly to various systems for snow mobile. Frame includes tunnel and front portion of frame consisting of cast halves. Suspension system consists of upper and lower rocking levers connected with the front portion of frame. Some of frame assemblies are connected to each other using glue. Method of snow mobile frame assembling contains steps of positioning one frame element relative to another. Oil tank for two-stroke engine consists of two parts of sump and main vessel. Power transmission is held by frame and consists of engine and variator. The variator includes variator enclosure holding oil tank. The engine has exhaust system which passes through front portion of frame. The snow mobile also has rear snow deflector.EFFECT: higher reliability of suspension, vehicle structure rigidity and lower oil consumption.79 cl, 62 dwg

Bicycle trainer // 2513178
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: training bicycle comprises front wheel with chain gear driven by con-rods with pedals. Front wheel axle is secured in damping triangular frame. Triangular frame connected by screws and sliding blocks consists of the yoke, yoke with damper, rear wheel steering column pipe and carriage. Carriage case makes an axle of moving joint between yoke and pipe. Rear steering wheel is pinned to steering column yoke.EFFECT: facilitated training of musculoskeletal system.6 dwg

uscle-powered carrier // 2509024
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to muscle-driven carries. Muscle-powered carrier comprises two running wheel sarranged in V-shape relative position with minimum base there between. Running wheel consists of a stiff tire with sunning surface and tread with circular guide. Buffers are arranged between tire and tread. Buffers are made of porous rubber. Frame with handrails, seat, foot drive, steps and mud flaps is arranged at support rollers of circular guide rim. Said frame allows accommodation of driver inside muscle-powered carrier. Muscle-powered carrier is driven by push-type foot drive. The latter consists of pedals and pushers and push tolls fitted on pins at pusher ends. Pushers driven by pedals act in turns at running wheel rim guides by reciprocation of driver feet. Running wheels take up rectangular motion push force to transform it in running wheel rotation. At free backstroke, pedals with usher and push roll are returned to initial position by clip arranged at pedal by foot. At running at wind pressure, detachable soft plate is placed on running wheel.EFFECT: possibility to be used as a sporting craft.2 cl, 5 dwg

Bicycle disc brake // 2508219
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: in compliance with first version, disc brake comprises brake caliper 1 and caliper mounting adapter 3. Disc brake caliper 1 is rigidly fixed at adapter 3. One anchorage point of the latter is articulated by two hinges is fitted at bicycle rear fork top blade 11 while another anchorage point is arranged on rear wheel axle 5 to turn thereabout. In compliance with another version, one anchorage point of the latter is articulated by two hinges is fitted at bicycle rear fork top blade 11 while another anchorage point is arranged on bicycle rear fork dropout 7.EFFECT: simplified design, ruled out damper locking, decreased weight.2 cl, 3 dwg

Belt transmission system // 2505448
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: self-aligning system of pulley and drive belt comprises drive belt, pulley, frame and aligning flange. Belt comprises multiple ledges, each having aligning groove separating the ledge in first and second segments. Pulley can engage with the belt inner surface. Aforesaid frame outer round ring and can revolve. This system comprises multiple ring teeth extending radially and axially from said ring. Said teeth are located between adjacent ledges of the belt. Aligning flange extends radially between adjacent ring teeth and can be fitted in aligning groove and extends radially not further from rotational axis than ring teeth.EFFECT: ruled out fouling of pulleys.35 cl, 9 dwg

Folding bicycle with linear pedaling // 2494910
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: folding bicycle with linear pedaling relates to transport facilities with muscle drive. Bicycle consists of U-like frame 1. Fork 2 of front drive wheel 3 with handlebar 4 is secured to one end of frame 1 while seat 4 and outer shaped tube hinge 7 is secured to the opposite end. Inner shaped tube 8 with rear wheel 10 is fitted in said outer shaped wheel 7. Axle with strip 13 with spring 13 and holes made over strip length is fitted on outer shaped tube. Strip is fitted by one of said holes on pin 17 at lower end of frame 1. Two swing levers 18, 19 with pedals 26, 31 arranged behind said fork 2 are secured thereon with hinges 20, 21 spaced ahead at brackets 22, 23. Swinging of levers is coupled via cables 41, 47 with revolution of sprockets 37 and via ratchets with revolution of front wheel 3. Bicycle of folded by displacing inner tube 8 upward and turning outer tune 7 on hinge 6 with locking by strip 13.EFFECT: fast folding, possibility to vary bicycle wheelbase.4 cl, 6 dwg

Recumbent bicycle with linear drive // 2485000
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles with muscle drive. Proposed recumbent bicycle comprises frame with seat mounted at front rotary wheel and rear wheel, fork with handle-bar fitted in frame bearings. Shaft with drive sprocket runs in frame bearings and is engaged with one of driven wheel sprockets. Driven wheel has set of sprockets, free running coupling and shifting lever. Shaft with drive sprocket is equipped with two crank-and-rocker mechanisms arranged on opposite sides of said shaft cranks of which are opposed while pedal is secured to every con-rod. Rockers are articulated by one end with con-rod and, by opposite end, with yoke with eccentric or screw. Yoke is squeezed at guide tube coupled by bracket with bicycle frame. Shaft with drive sprocket arrange between front and rear wheels, nearby front wheel.EFFECT: simplified design, fast adjustments.3 dwg