Cycle saddles or seats and accessories peculiar to cycles and not otherwise provided for, e.g. article carriers or cycle protectors (B62J)

B62J              Cycle saddles or seats; accessories peculiar to cycles and not otherwise provided for, e.g. article carriers or cycle protectors (registration plates b60r0013100000; cyclometers, i.e. wheel-revolution counters, g01c0022000000)(158)
B62J39 - (4)
B62J7 - Article carriers(17)
B62J15 - ud-guards for wheels(3)
B62J39 - (4)
Device for adjusting height of bicycle saddle // 2637072
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for adjusting the height of a bicycle saddle comprises a bicycle saddle column, a bicycle saddle tube with a clamp. A screw or a bolt of the clamp under the nut is fitted with a release device connected by a flexible connection to the control mechanism located on the handle bar. The saddle tube with a saddle column is complemented with a lifting mechanism.EFFECT: providing the possibility of adjusting the height of the bicycle saddle when riding.3 dwg

Systems and methods for fixing accessories of vehicles // 2622585
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: fixture of anchor-type fastener includes the body, the opening for the fastener, the fastener cavity, and the fastening element opening. The anchor-type fastener fixture system for the vehicle accessories includes the fixation for the anchor-type fastener and the anchor-type fastener. The anchor-type fastener has a base and a lock of the anchor-type fastener. The base for an accessory comprises the frame structure, the foot and the anchor-type fastener. The accessory comprises a housing and base. The system for fixing the accessory to the vehicle surface contains the accessory and two fixtures. The vehicle comprises the frame, the seat, the propulsion system, the drive system, the outer vehicle surfaces, the anchor-type fastener fixture. The accessories installation method is that the fastener lock is introduced into the opening for the anchor-type fastener and rotated to the locked position.EFFECT: increasing the strength of accessories fixing system.23 cl, 40 dwg

Bicycle seat // 2592471
FIELD: sports; personal and household items. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycle seat. Seat comprises solid shell or body coated with gasket made from soft foamed elastomer polyurethane plastic. Seat has two identical parts symmetrical relative to seat longitudinal axis separated from each other in their rear part by dovetail-like opening and connected together in centre by bend passing from dovetail-like opening to open channel. Opening, bend and open channel are located on seat central longitudinal axis. Open channel gradually narrows from its rear part at bend to its front part and is limited by two passing forward parts located on each side of open channel. Bicycle seat additionally includes first sections located on said identical parts in rear part of seat, second sections passing from first sections, and third sections located on passing forward parts. EFFECT: higher comfort due to reduced pressure in design in the area of perineum and elimination of hip bone injury. 4 cl, 12 dwg

Device for contactless generation of electric current, in particular bicycle dynamo-machine, lighting system and bicycle // 2591004
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to device for generation of electric current by non-contact way, lighting system and bicycle equipped with above lighting system. Device contains responding element and rotary element. Rotary element comprises magnet and winding. Rotary element is configured to generate magnetic field in working position caused by eddy currents in electric-conductive reacting element forming continuous circular path to allow at continuous displacement of reacting element and rotor element relative to each other in reacting element inducing eddy currents is continuously against each other and opposite directed magnetic fields. Under action of formed this way magnetic eddy current interaction of rotary element is made with possibility of movement together with responding element. Lighting system comprises above described device for generation of electric current and one lighting facility, which is electrically connected to winding.EFFECT: simplified and cheaper design.22 cl, 10 dwg

Inductor generator // 2569502
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the inductor segment generators, and more exactly to the generators containing radial spoke-like rotor elements, i.e. to such generators in which the rotor elements are in form of spoke wheel, for example, generator bicycles, motorcycle, vehicles etc. The invention is focused on increasing of the production effectiveness, simple design, increased reliability. In the inductor generator containing the rotor elements with shaft, stator, fastening elements and bearings according to the invention the stator is made as hollow rectangular profile, its one side is secured on the carrying element, on the opposite side the core with work coil is installed, on two other sides permanent magnets with L-shape lugs are installed.EFFECT: technical and economic advantage is absence of specially manufactured rotor element, this results in reduced weight and size of the generator.2 dwg

Bicycle seat and its application // 2564262
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: seat is secured at seat rod and comprises the frame seat tube. Said seat rod has the nut to thrust on the spring and to displace along said seat rod. Said seat rod is fitted in mid tube and secured therein by washer to be rigidly fitted on its lower end. Washer is fitted on mid tube upper part with the spring resting thereon while said mid tube is fitted in the bicycle frame seat tube.EFFECT: seat stiffness adjustment in the wired range.3 cl, 1 dwg

Snowmobile // 2560205
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: set of inventions relates to versions of snowmobile design, to foot gripper unit for snow mobile and to snowmobile frame. In the first version, snowmobile includes frame, foot rest unit supported by frame and foot grip unit supported by frame and comprising toe clip, rear wall made capable to interact with rider's shoes, and casing with rear edge which casing is mainly surrounding toe clip and the rear wall. In the second version, the snowmobile includes frame and foot rest unit supported by frame and comprising footrest plate with multiple squeezed out holes and multiple intermediate holes. In the third version, snowmobile includes power train supported by frame and having exhaust system, and heat screen located near part of exhaust system. In the fourth version, snowmobile includes frame and power train supported by frame and having air intake system, where this air intake system includes at least one air intake having casing to reduce noise emitted by intake system. In the fifth version, the snowmobile includes frame having front end and rear end; and buffer unit supported by frame rear end. Snowmobile foot grip unit contains rear wall, toe clip located behind the rear wall, frame component attached to toe clip and passing around front surface of rear wall; and casing mainly surrounding the rear wall, frame component and toe clip. Snowmobile frame includes multiple frame components and connection to place multiple frame components; herewith, the connection comprises at least one open channel and at least one cylindrical component to place multiple frame components where the connecting component is functionally attached to lower part of steering column of steering unit.EFFECT: better performance.34 cl, 24 dwg

otorcycle front wheel drive // 2559857
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: front wheel drive includes driving sprocket connected with engine shaft, driven sprocket connected with front wheel. The driving sprocket is connected with driven sprocket using one roller chain located in flexible power guiding casing.EFFECT: higher reliability of front drive and motorcycle weight reduction.24 cl, 9 dwg

Push-cycle folding seat // 2559189
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed structure comprises long plate with one end articulated with the step. Said plate comprises bottom side and opposed top side. Long front load-bearing element is articulated by its one end with the plate bottom side. First moving connection element articulated with the plate bottom side to fold thereto and with front bearing element to unfold or fold the latter relative to said plate. Seat one end is articulated with the plate other end. Seat comprises bottom side and opposed top side. Long front load-bearing element is articulated by its one end with the plate bottom side. First moving connection element articulated with the plate bottom side to fold thereto and with front bearing element to unfold or fold the latter relative to said plate.EFFECT: rolling at upright or sitting position.16 cl, 5 dwg

Bicycle flashing annunciator // 2504497
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to info systems and converters of mechanical effects into optical signals. Proposed annunciator comprises interconnected converter of mechanical power into electric power and converter of electric power into optical power. Said converter of mechanical power into electric power is composed of encased piezoelectric element with damping gaskets. Elastic element (helve) has one end clamped to the case and includes hammer on its free end aligned with said piezoelectric element. Bicycle wheel rim is equipped with pusher (hook) to allow mechanical contact with elastic element free end in wheel rotation.EFFECT: higher efficiency and reliability, expanded performances, longer life.1 dwg

Bicycle and extra supports // 2503575
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in physical training, sporting activities, tourism etc related with the use of bicycles, motor bikes, exercise bicycles. Extra support appliance for shoulders and back comprises support element and fastener. Support element is composed of belt with head opening to interact with shoulders and back. Fasteners are secured to belt ends to interact with catches secured at bicycle frame. Said belt can by adjusted in length. Fasteners are composed of fast-acting fasteners, for example, latch hooks.EFFECT: simplified design.4 cl, 3 dwg

Two-wheeler // 2478515
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to motorcycle fuel tanks. Two fuel tanks 272, 274 are arranged on motorcycle side. Tube 310 communicated air chambers above fuel in tanks 272, 274. For fueling, cover 322 is removed from RH tank 272. Note here that motorcycle is tilted to the left, hence, LH tank 274 is located below RH tank 272. Then, fuel flow from RH tank via pipeline 312 to LH tank 274. On the contrary, in running, fuel flows from LH tank to RH tank provided with fuel pump 316 communicated via fuel line 314 with engine and, via breather line 324, with vessel filled with activated carbon. In compliance with another version, air channel to force air into engine may be located inside frame front element. Said front element supports aforesaid tanks 272, 274 and doubles as an air chamber with said tanks arranged on its sides. In compliance with one more version, front parts of said fuels tanks are located ahead of handlebar assembly medium part.EFFECT: centre of gravity shifter forward.15 cl, 36 dwg

Three-wheel bike with rear controlled wheels // 2470820
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to scooter combined with skateboard. Step plate 26 can swing relative to lengthwise axis A extending from front to rear. Step plate 26 and front wheel are jointed together with respect to vertical axis with no articulation. Set step plate 26 has left and right parts located on left and right of front wheel to support user in upright position so that front wheel is located between user left and right feet. Steering 32 is arranged at front to extend upward. Pair of rear wheels is secured coaxially at rear to hunt relative to lengthwise axis between neutral position and hunting position 70. Scooter is controlled by hunting of rear wheels at asymmetric load of step plate left and right parts.EFFECT: decreased distance between front and rear wheels.19 cl, 10 dwg

''mishutka'' child's self-propelled game device for independent motion on flat snow surface, climbing and descending on hills // 2452645
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: steering bar 12 turns front ski 26 and fairing with head light and front side lights together with controlled turning nosed 35 of lateral skis 36.EFFECT: higher safety.5 cl, 4 dwg

Bicycle seat // 2448860
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ergonomic seats comprising two identical sections (1, 1') with lengthwise symmetry. Central channel (20) separating said sections (1, 1') has its bottom closed by thin wall (24). Note here that said central channel (20) has the depth of approximately 1 cm with respect to case surface whereon rests set pad.EFFECT: convenience in adverse weather.11 cl, 19 dwg

Convertible bicycle // 2436702
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tricycle that may be converted into baby buggy. Two front wheels 12 and one rear wheel 14 in tricycle configuration are transformed into two rear wheels and one front wheel in baby buggy configuration. Note here that rear wheel 14 turns about frame pivot 102 in transformation from tricycle into baby buggy configuration.EFFECT: simple and fast conversion.4 cl, 31 dwg

Pedal car // 2434777
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with back support and foot drive with reciprocating levers jointed with cranks by con rods. Flexible plate 21 prevents the end of crank 18 equipped with horizontal roller from reaching "dead point" position. Removable seat 10 is fitted with the help of seat stay 24, split fastener, inclined regulator slide 25 and shock absorber 26 of variable-rigidity ensured by varying shock absorber inclination on fastening its lower end in different openings of bracket 27. Releasable luggage frame 43 may be arranged on detachable stays 39 of support wheels 13.EFFECT: higher efficiency of drive and easier use.10 cl, 8 dwg

Bicycle manual drive // 2429154
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: drive lever comprises handles 23 to rotate rear wheel via chain. Foot thrusts 15 are mounted at front of steering yoke by means of telescoping parts 12. Other telescoping parts 11 are to be secured to handlebar. Thrusts 15 are adjusted along steering yoke by easing clips 18 jointing telescoping parts 12 with said yoke and pulling parts 11, 12 apart.EFFECT: separate use of crank pedal drive and lever hand drive for uniform load on muscles.5 dwg

Transport facility with muscle drive // 2421365
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with reciprocating foot levers that make pedals move as in walking or running. Proposed drive comprises swinging supports 16 and levers 7 fitted via ratchets 6 on crosswise drive shaft 3, gear with drive sprocket coupled via chain with driven sprocket fitted on drive wheel axle. Swinging levers 7 incorporates top and bottom hinges 15, 24. Bottom hinges 15 allow bicyclist to bend and straighten knees in pedaling supports 16. Top hinges 24 reduce air drag by allowing crosswise drive shaft 3 to go down, as well as transparent cabin 1 that features minimum air drag.EFFECT: reduced air drag, higher comfort.1 dwg

Bicycle with pedaling and boat racing motion // 2420422
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bicycle relates to bicycles with backrests. Frame 1 gas guide 2 accommodating carriage 3 of seat 6. Bicycle carriage 22 with drive sprocket 23 is secured to carriage 3 by adapter 21. Chain 28 is passed via pulley 29 coupled with the frame by flexible link and roller 30 secured on the frame nearby front wheel 14. Carriage 3 is provided with retainer 34 to interact with one of the holes of guide 2. With seat unlocked, boat racing motion is possible with additional loading of muscles of arms, back and prelum.EFFECT: possibility to provide streamlined position in pedaling.5 dwg

Bicycle with boat racing motion // 2417919
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles with drive incorporating reciprocating foot levers. Carriage 1 with seat 4 are arranged on frame 1. Shaft 15 is arranged above handlebar 12 on frame bracket 13 to support pedal levers 16, 17 coupled by chain 24 with cable with drive wheel 8. Levers 16, 17 envelop front wheel 9 to be located at medium part of wheel 9. Each lever 16, 17 is articulated to shaft 15 to decline sideways. Plates 33, 34 are attached to front wheel fork to thrust against levers 16, 17 on turning front wheel 9. Roller 7 is attached to the frame whereon backrest 6 rests articulated to seat 4.EFFECT: comfortable low fit reducing air drag and increasing front wheel diametre to facilitate cross country capacity.4 dwg

Linear-drive bicycle with pedalling and boat-racing motion // 2413649
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to bicycles comprising reciprocating foot pedals. Frame 1 comprises guides 2, 3 accommodating carriages 4, 5 with pedals 6, 7 that may be locked, and carriage 22 with seat 23. Rear drive wheels 8, 9 are provided with tapered blocks 14, 18 that have helical flutes with variable radius for cables 20, 21 coupled with carriages 4, 5. Backrest 25 thrusting on roller 26 secured to frame 1 is articulated with seat 24. To shift gears, seat 23 is moved along guides 2, 3. Note here that cables 20, 21, winding or unwinding, move to helical flute sections with required radius and appropriate gear ratio. To allow boat-racing motion to load hand, back and belly muscles, retainer 32 of seat 23 is disengaged from guides 2, 3.EFFECT: increased gear ratio in streamlined horizontal position and reduced gear ratio for uphill climbing and heavy road.5 dwg

Bicycle // 2391244
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bicycle relates to backrest bicycles, so-called, recumbent. Proposed bicycle consists of two frames jointed via pivot joint and shock absorber. Seat is attached to frame rear part, while fork (12) seats in bearings (10) with two wings (14, 15) and steer, located at bottom and top parts, respectively. One wing (14) is secured by split joint (16) to nut (17) screwed on axle (18) with hole. Another wing (15) is secured by split joint (19) to eye (2) with hole fitted on axle (18) with hole and has flange (21) on its end. Hub (23) of front wheel (3) is fitted on axle (18) with hole in bearing (22) mounted between nut (17) and eye (18). Two tubes (26, 27) with bearings (28, 29) on its ends are secured to front part of frame (5) of the sides of front wheel (3). Said tubes receive shaft (3) with con rods (31, 32) and pedals 33 on ends. Shaft (30) passes through axle (18) with hole. Shaft (3) is coupled with rear wheel via chain gear (40).EFFECT: higher reliability of front wheel bearing, simple dismantling of front wheel.4 cl, 4 dwg

Side luggage bag // 2382712
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: bag (3) comprises rigid shell, which protects its content against damage in process of travel, and angle (5) from easily wrinkled soft elastic material, which does not prevent installation of child's seat with supports for child's feet onto luggage compartment (1). On the bag (3) side it is possible to fix the second bag (8), for instance for location of notebook.EFFECT: if child's seat is not available, bag with straightened upper angle has quite a large volume, and with deformed angle and slightly reduced volume it may be used, when child's seat is available on luggage compartment.10 cl, 2 dwg

Bearing crossarm for bicycle seat frame // 2381130
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: proposed crossarm features two completely symmetric parts (1', 1") with their front sections (5', 6', 7' 5", 6", 7") make mainly S-like structure and rear sections (8', 9', 8", 9") form mainly L-like structure. Front straight sections (5', 5") are inserted into frame front surface pocket. Rear sections (9', 10', 9", 10") are turned inward to fit in frame rear surface prism structure slots. Rear short straight sections (10', 10") are integrated by separate semi-circular structure (11) with its lower apex located accurately on lengthwise axis of proposed bearing crossarm.EFFECT: ruling out seat frame separation from locking elements.6 cl, 10 dwg

Bicycle seat // 2377154
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to ergonomic saddles. Saddle has two identical longitudinally symmetrical sections (1, 1') and long central channel (20) on front side of its middle zone. Sections (1, 1') comprise the following composite parts: two back parts (2, 2'), which are connected to each other by means of concave part (21), besides sections of mentioned parts are inclined upwards; parts (2'', 2"'), which are in close proximity to central concave part (21), are substantially flat, then inclined on sides (2IV, 2V) relative to vertical axis; moreover, two back parts (2, 2') in their back intermediate zone have configuration similar to slot (3), which is created, starting from back side of concave part (21), which serves as connecting element between two back parts (2, 2'); two front parts (7", 7"'), which are connected to back parts (2, 2') with minor inclination and on which saddle narrows, besides front parts (7", 7'") are inclined upwards and are directed so that they approach each other, besides in these areas on lateral sides saddle is inclined down at the right angle; two sections (9, 9') of front end of saddle are inclined downwards in the shape of inclined beak, and on front end of saddle specified sections are combined, creating mainly semicircular shape; at the same time central channel (20), which starts from the most internal part of concave part (21), comprises zone, which has expansion of semicircular shape in its internal part, and also narrower part, which passes in direction of points (8, 8') to front end of saddle top.EFFECT: prevention of jamming of vascular structure of perineum and provision of pedaling without friction of hip muscles.10 cl, 19 dwg

Device to input data on bike wheel size into bike computer // 2375235
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bike computer (3) incorporates at least two data input devices (4, 5) to input data on at least two wheel sizes. Every of at least two bikes with different wheel sizes has receptacle (8, 9) for bike computer (3) to be fixed therein. Every receptacle (8, 9) comprises device (6, 7) to transmit data on wheel size. Aforesaid device communicates solely with data input device (4, 5) that operates with the data on adequate wheel size.EFFECT: simple, reliable and practically automatic tuning of bike computer to correct wheel size.14 cl, 2 dwg

Safety belt // 2375216
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: safety belt consists (1) of two belts (5, 6) fastened to seat top to pass towards its bottom. First belt (5) is fastened by lock (7, 8) to seat bottom and is furnished with seat (9) of another lock (9, 12) with its position varied to match the length of first belt (5). Plate (12) of lock (9, 12) arranged on the end of second belt (6). In connecting second belt (6) with first belt (5), safety belt (1) assumes Y shape with upper V-like run for kid head to pass through.EFFECT: ease of fastening/releasing kid, especially, with protective helmet on head.3 cl, 1 dwg

Wheel device for entertainment or athletics, driven by legs // 2348562
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed device is brought into motion by pushing from the surface of the earth. Wheel (1) is located between two lateral plates (7, 8), fixed securely with axis (3) of third wheel (1). Plates for legs (9, 10) curve outside below the level of axis (3) of side plates (7, 8), which are formed such that, when the device is in use, they are above the knees of user (21), standing on one or both plates (9, 10) for the feet, providing grip and support for the lower leg. During training the device can have post (13) for balance.EFFECT: improvement of riding qualities.6 cl, 16 dwg

Folding accumulator vehicle // 2342279
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to folding three-wheeler with electric motor. Folding accumulator vehicle contains two frames capable of movement one in another during folding and unfolding. Rear wheel contains electric motor attached to it. Seat is located over wheel. Fixing devices secure rigidity of vehicle in folded and unfolded condition. Front frame is supported by two wheels of bigger diameter and rear wheel is twice less in diameter than front wheels, but rear wheel is wider than front wheels. Front frame covered by net serves as a carrier, it contains shelf for basket with drop-side or for child's seat. Handlebars' post is inclinable to secure pull of brake cable and simultaneous switch-off of electric motor.EFFECT: strengthening of protection from front side and acceleration of braking response.4 dwg

Baggage hold // 2328401
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the front baggage hold of bicycles. The baggage hold consists of a platform (1) and a rack (2). The platform (1) leans on the cross-beam of the handlebars (3) from the top it is situated on both sides from the cross-beam. The rack (2) is mounted at the place of convergence of handlebars and the frame (4) of the front wheel with the capability of feeling the load during the beginning of tensional strain. In this case the quick setting up of the fixation of the baggage hold is provided by a means of clamping elastic bands (5). The platform (1) can be made on two horizontal levels, whereby the lower level can be located above the frame of the bicycle and can be in the form of a child's seat.EFFECT: providing the possibility to centre the load relative to the handlebars and thanks to this increase the size and weight of the load without reducing controllability.4 cl, 5 dwg

Plunger couple for surgical instruments, apparatuses, devices and method of assembling plunger couple for surgical instruments, apparatuses, devices // 2314762
FIELD: plunger couple and method of assembling of plunger couple can be used in liquid jet surgical instruments or for weighers of medicinal preparations.SUBSTANCE: plunger couple has at least single external part in form of case and at least one internal part. Hollow insertion is encapsulated into external part. Internal part is provided with aids for kinematics connection with drive. Case is made in form of metal shock-proof sleeve. At least one edge of case and at least one edge of hollow insertion are disposed at the same plane or put apart one from other for distance which doesn't exceed one minimal external diameter of hollow insertion. Wall of hollow insertion has minimal thickness which exceeds minimal thickness of wall of case 1,7 times minimum. Hollow insertion and internal part are made of leuco-sapphire. When assembling plunger couple, first and second items are subject to deep cooling. First item is made of leuco-sapphire in form of hollow insertion of external part of plunger couple. Second item is made in form of case of external part of plunger couple. Case is made in form of metal shock-proof sleeve. Temperatures of first and second parts are increased after first item was installed inside second one. When assembling, at least one edge of case and at least one edge of hollow insertion are positioned in same plane or put apart for distance which doesn't exceed one minimal internal diameter of hollow insertion. Hollow insertion has minimal thickness of wall which at least 1,7 times exceeds minimal thickness of wall of case. Internal part of plunger couple is lapped against first item for at least 16 minutes by using abrasive material. Working surfaces of plunger couple interact with matters being put inside it in such a way that elements, forming as a result of wear of components of couple or as result of collection of content of coupe in pints of its connection, can not practically find themselves in mentioned preparations.EFFECT: simplicity of assembling; convenient at use.8 cl, 6 dwg

Velomobile // 2299826
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to velomobiles ergonomic parameters of which can be adjusted to suit height of rider. Proposed velomobile contains frame 1, front driving wheel 2 and rear steering wheel 3, handlebar 4, seat 5 and backrest 6. Mudguard 8 is fitted on fork 7 of front wheel on which carriage 9 with drive sprocket and pedals is installed with possibility of changing its position over arc of circumference. Wheel 3 is installed on frame 1 by means of fork 13 and vertical hinge joint 14 whose bushing is rigidly secured on frame and shaft, in top of fork. Handlebar 4 is coupled with wheel 3 by means of steering mechanism with tie-rod 15 and front steering arm 16 and rear steering arm hinge-coupled with tie-rod 15. Handlebar is coupled with vertical part of steering arm 16, and second end of rear steering arm is rigidly coupled with lower end of shaft of hinge joint 14. Vertical part of steering arm 16 is installed on frame by means of rigidly secured steering column (bushing) 18. Handlebar can be tilted forward by friction mechanism 19 by means of which it is coupled with vertical part of steering arm. Telescopic post 20 is provided to change height of handlebar. Seat and backrest are secured on frame by adjuster 25 with setting holes for detachable fastening of lower ends of seat beam 21 and backrest post 24 to change ergonomic parameters. End of rear part of beam 21 is hinge coupled with middle part of post 24 which can be tilted forward at folding. Trough-like beam of adjuster 25 is secured on frame in the rear by means of horizontal hinge joint 26 and at front by means of spring 27. Seat is secured in seat beam by means of runners 29 with longitudinal horizontal slots for additional re-placing of seat along axis of velomobile, and runners are secured inn front by hinge joints, and runners are secured in front by hinge joints, and in the rear by means of springs. Supporting wheels 30 are installed at sides of front wheel with clearance relative to rolling surface. Velomobile is provided with foldable luggage carrier 35, headrest 37, buffer 38 with fairing 40 turnable for folding, and tent 42 stowed in bag.EFFECT: improved comfort in service.14 cl, 6 dwg

Tricycle // 2259300
FIELD: transport engineering; freight tricycles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to folding freight cycles designed for riding at reclining and with drive to front wheel. Transmission of proposed cycle consists of two strands of chain and/or belt drives interconnected by propeller shaft 16 or flexible shaft. Center 17 of cross of propeller shaft 16 is located on turning axle of front wheel fork 3 which is made in form of turned-over Y letter. Carrying frame consists of beam 1 and container interconnected by detachable joint. Cover of container is made in form of folding chair. Chain of first strand of drive is placed inside box beam 1. Second strand of drive is installed on fork 3 and it engages drive sprocket 12 in aperture 24 of vertical section of fork 3.EFFECT: reduced overall dimensions of transmission and load on fork.9 cl, 11 dwg

Generator // 2256580
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to generator mounted in wheel hub of bicycle and containing fixed armature and magnets and rotating magnetic flux distributor. Coil 14 is fixed on wheel axle 1 coaxially with axle. Magnets 15 are fixed concentrically to coil 14. First group of alternating north and south poles of magnets 15 is pointed to first plane. Second group of alternating north and south magnetic poles of magnets 15 is pointed to opposite second plane. First and second change-over switches 12, 13 of magnetic poles pass at rotation near first and second groups of poles, respectively.EFFECT: provision of effective operation of bicycle generator.6 cl, 3 dwg

Bicycle front easily removable luggage carrier // 2248904
FIELD: transport engineering; bicycles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to luggage carriers mounted over front wheel of bicycle. Proposed front easily removable luggage carrier of bicycle contains two parts (A,Б) of detachable fastening. Trapezoidal part (Б) is secured on steering column of bicycle frame. Detachable part (A) fitted on trapezoidal part (Б) can be made in form of platform for fastening load or basket.EFFECT: facilitated removal of luggage carrier of heavy load capacity.1 dwg

Transporting device (version) // 2245267
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to balancing single-axle vehicles. Support, for instance, seal 34 is installed for movement on platform 12 with coaxial wheels 32 for supporting the User in standing position. User supporting by seat 34 can tilt the seal relative to platform 12 to change position of vehicle center of gravity at movements of seat 34. Movement of seat 34 provides additionally control over wheels drive depending on position of center of gravity.EFFECT: provision of vehicle control by tilting User's seat and stabilization of single-axle vehicle which is unstable when drive is disengaged.10 cl, 8 dwg

The generator of the electric current for vehicles with pedal drive // 2234437
The invention relates to a power supply signal devices in Bicycle pedals

Bike-tandem // 2233225
The invention relates to a frame two-wheeled tandem

Remote control bike // 2222455
The invention relates to control devices for bicycles, in particular to control the bike

The method of connecting a flat cable and a device for its implementation (options), the bracket of the above-mentioned device on the handlebars of the bike // 2216475
The invention relates to the arrangement of the flat electrical cable on the bike and pin this cable

The way to ensure the safety of the driver opened the vehicle and device for its implementation // 2166444
The invention relates to systems for ensuring the safety of the driver in open vehicles: motorcycle, bike, car racing type or a type convertible and can be used when teaching the elements of driving, working out complex shapes movement, including obstacles along a complicated route, and fitness centers, sporting events and attractions

The way lighting for vehicles, not blinding oncoming traffic // 2149308
The invention relates to lighting, in particular for safe illumination of the road ahead of the vehicle

ounting saddle motorcycles and scooters // 2097247
The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used in the design of the mounting seat mototransportation (motorcycles, monikov, mopeds and other)

Electromechanical device for wheels of vehicles // 2089993
The invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to the generators of electrical energy to convert the kinetic energy of the rotating wheels of the vehicle into electrical energy for its consumers that are installed on these wheels, in particular source of light energy that are installed on the wheels of vehicles

Electromechanical device for wheels of vehicles // 2089992
The invention relates to electrical engineering, in particular to generators of electric energy of the rotating wheels of the vehicle into electrical energy for its consumers that are installed on these wheels, in particular, sources of light energy

Device for securing and adjusting the tilt of the saddle // 2088458
The invention relates to transport machinery, namely, Bicycle production industry

The saddle // 2066650
The invention relates to velotron, namely, to designs of saddles for bicycles, and can be used in the manufacture of Bicycle saddle cover made of polymeric materials