otor vehicles and trailers (B62D)

B62D              otor vehicles; trailers (steering, or guiding on a desired track, of agricultural machines or implements a01b0069000000; wheels, castors, axles, increasing wheel adhesion b60b; vehicle tyres, tyre inflation or tyre changing b60c; connections between vehicles of a train or the like b60d; vehicles for use on rail and road, amphibious or convertible vehicles b60f; suspension arrangements b60g; heating, cooling, ventilating or other air treating devices b60h; windows, windscreens, non-fixed roofs, doors or similar devices, protective coverings for vehicles not in use b60j; propulsion plant arrangements, auxiliary drives, transmissions, controls, instrumentation or dashboards b60k; electric equipment or propulsion of electrically-propelled vehicles b60l; power supply for electrically-propelled vehicles b60m; passenger accommodation not otherwise provided for b60n; adaptations for load transportation or to carry special loads or objects b60p; arrangement of signalling or lighting devices, the mounting or supporting thereof or circuits therefor, for vehicles in general b60q; vehicles, vehicle fittings or vehicle parts, not otherwise provided for b60r; servicing, cleaning, repairing, supporting, lifting, or manoeuvring, not otherwise provided for b60s; brake arrangements, brake control systems or parts thereof b60t; air-cushion vehicles b60v; motorcycles, accessories therefor b62j, b62k; testing of vehicles g01m)(7236)

System of modular electric vehicle // 2642227
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: modular electric vehicle comprises a plurality of interchangeable assembly units of the vehicle. Each module comprises a connecting surface for attaching to a neighbouring adjacent module, a central power bus, an electrical power supply, a central network bus, an electrically powered axle, and a module controller. The powered assembly module is designed rotatable by means of the controller interaction with the powered axle. The vehicle controller is designed to recognize a vehicle configuration and to select the appropriate control software based on this configuration. The operator interface connected to the vehicle controller and enabling the operator to control the vehicle. A central control network for use in a modular electric vehicle and an interchangeable assembly module of a vehicle are also claimed.EFFECT: manufacturing a modular electric vehicle having the greatest configuration flexibility degree.43 cl, 17 dwg

Knee protection device for vehicles // 2642206
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: device has an upper bracket 23, creating a great force of reaction to the input load from the knees, and a lower bracket 24, creating a smaller reaction force than the upper bracket 23, which are directly or indirectly attached, when they are vertical, to the power element 21 of the vehicle body. At least the upper bracket 23 has an area 31 with a closed cross-section of at least its part. In addition, an inwardly projecting segment 32 is formed on at least one surface of the area 31 with a closed cross-section. The upper part of the inwardly projecting segment is arranged in such a way that it is separated by a separating area from the part located on the side of the opposite surface that is in the area with a closed cross-section. The separating area is a gap which is so large that during the absorption of the input load from the knees the upper part of the inwardly projecting segment and the mentioned part on the opposite surface side in the area with a closed cross-section come in contact with each other.EFFECT: prevention of the rapid fall of the counteracting force of reaction to the input load from the knees.4 cl, 7 dwg

Adjustment of torque for drive on front wheels // 2642204
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: power system of the front wheels can provide the possibility of independent power control on each wheel. Direct control is provided by the average and differential torque of the front wheels.EFFECT: increase of controllability.20 cl, 4 dwg
Pacing device // 2642020
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: pacing device contains a housing to which the rods are attached, a swing mechanism and a controlled drive. Rods are made in the form of legs and represent a mechanically connected upper arm, lower arm, and support. The upper arm is provided with a controlled drive with the function of the rotational movement of the upper arm in an axis parallel to the axis of the pitch of the housing and connects the upper arm to the housing. The other end of the upper arm is connected to the lower arm by a controlled actuator with a rotary movement function of the lower arm in an axis parallel to the roll axis of the housing orthogonally to the axis of rotation of the upper arm. The other end of the lower arm is connected to the support. The function of the swing mechanism is provided by the construction of the foot.EFFECT: simplification of the kinematic design of walking devices designed to move around the floor with the possibility of overcoming or circumventing obstacles, changing the static positions of the hull in a horizontal plane and with the ability to move along the stairs.6 dwg

Vehicle // 2641953
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle is proposed, in which a first recess 26 extending in the vehicle width direction is formed at the boundary portion between the hood 21 and the front bumper 22. A second recess 35 is formed in each of the headlights 32. A third recess 40 extending in the front and the rear direction is formed on each of the front wings 16, 17. The top of the first, second and third recesses 26, 35, 40 form a line 41 of the ridge, which projects to the outside of the vehicle body and extends from the center in the vehicle width direction to the rear side of the vehicle body outside the lower end of the body rack 15 through the side lights 34. The ridge line 41 is formed by the first projection 27 of the hood 21, the lantern hood 34b of each of the side lights 34 and the convex part 38 of each of the front wings 16, 17.EFFECT: improved aerodynamics and reduced pollution due to the fact that fog-like contaminated water floating in an air flow created by motion and sticking to the windscreen and the side windows is minimized.7 cl, 12 dwg
ultifunctional vehicle // 2641951
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: multifunctional vehicle consists of engine, cabin, crawler, cart, platform. The multifunction chassis trolley consists of two half-frames that are pivotally connected to each other. Rotation is carried out with the help of hydraulic cylinders. Fastening of hydraulic cylinders is carried out by bolt connection to brackets welded to the cart. The torque from the engine through the transmission is transmitted to the drive shaft, which drives the drive wheel, which is connected to the driven wheel through the track.EFFECT: increased patency.30 dwg

Rollover prevention device // 2641583
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device forms an adaptive device for steering range limiting, comprising a control unit and a pair of opposing unidirectional brake assemblies mounted on the steering column positioning disc. The rollover prevention device prevents the vehicle steering wheel rotation beyond the vehicle rollover threshold, but in other respects does not limit the rotation range of the vehicle steering wheel deflection angles. The vehicle has a first mode and a second mode and is made in such a way that when it is in the first mode, it is manually controlled within the non-rollover range of the vehicle steering deflection angles. When the vehicle is in the second mode, control beyond its rollover threshold is automatically prevented.EFFECT: safety improving.20 cl, 14 dwg

Suspension strut plate and suspension strut // 2641406
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: suspension strut comprises a strut body and a suspension strut plate. Inside the strut body there is a side of the upper part of the suspension. The suspension strut plate is attached to the upper end part of the strut body. The suspension strut plate comprises a plate body, a suspension attachment portion, a curved portion and a thickened portion. The body of the plate is made of sheet metal and is part of the upper wall portion of the suspension strut of the vehicle. The suspension attachment portion is located in the body of the plate and is attached to the upper end part of the suspension. The curved portion is located on the outer peripheral side of the suspension attachment portion in the body of the plate. The thickened portion is wholly or partly on at least one of the suspension attachment portions and the curved portion. The thickness of the thickened portion exceeds the thickness of the plate body. The body of the plate includes a pair of convex portions which extend from the side of the plate body center to the outer peripheral side. A pair of convex portions adjoins the suspension attachment portion. The convex portions of the mentioned pair are arranged opposite each other through the suspension attachment portion. The thickened portion is located between the pair of convex portions in the body of the plate.EFFECT: increased stability of the vehicle movement.6 cl, 9 dwg

Collapsible snowmobile // 2641370
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: collapsible snowmobile comprises constructive elements: a steering pillar with a steering column, a steering wheel, a frame, a seat, a rear support - a caterpillar propulsor, an engine placed above it. The constructive elements are detachably connected to each other. The snowmobile comprises a front support in the form of a single trough-shaped sledge or one ski and a footrest connected to the frame. A shock absorber is located in the lower part of the steering column.EFFECT: snowmobile design simplification.3 cl, 3 dwg
Powered equipment for placing operator in rear part and providing zero radius of rotation // 2641019
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: drive assembly (140) connects engine (110) of the powered device to the mobility assembly (120). The drive assembly (140) includes a transmission shaft and a mechanical power reversal assembly (150). The transmission shaft selectively receives the first drive power or the second drive power from the engine (110) to propel a first driven component (122) and a second motion-driven component (124) of the mobility assembly (120). The first and second components (122, 124) are located on opposite sides of the powered device. The mechanical power reversal assembly (150) is confugured for selective switching on to convert the first drive power generated for the first component to the first component (122) driven into the second drive power transmitted to the second component (124) driven in motion and vice versa.EFFECT: increased maneuverability of the device.22 cl, 9 dwg
Caterpillar of vehicle // 2640675
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: caterpillar includes an outer surface for engaging with the ground and an inner surface for engaging the vehicle's driving wheel. On the outer side, there are a lot of ledge-grousers for gripping with the ground. Ledge-grousers make a single structure with the body of the caterpillar and are located along the width of the strip in the form of alternating first row and second row. The ledge-grousers of the first row are generally perpendicular to the outer surface of the belt. The ledge-grousers of the second row are located at an angle relative to the normal to the outer surface of the belt.EFFECT: improved vehicle possibility.4 cl, 4 dwg
Frame supporting structure with receiving container for less than one component of industrial motor vehicle // 2640674
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: frame supporting structure for an industrial motor vehicle comprises a receiving container for a hybrid component, two longitudinal supporting structures, a rear axle and a transverse beam located behind the rear axle. The frame supporting structure is equipped with a protective structure in case of an accident, which protects the receiving container from the shock. The receiving container is located behind the rear axle and extends along the entire longitudinal extent of the transverse beam. The transverse beam is equipped with two lateral cantilever structures connected to the two longitudinal supporting structures. The transverse beam, the lateral cantilever structures and the protective structure in case of accident form a single structural unit. The industrial motor vehicle comprises said frame supporting structure.EFFECT: increasing the structural volume of the frame supporting structure.19 cl, 9 dwg
Protective screen of technical means // 2640379
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: technical means includes an energy compartment formed by a partition and a hood, heat generating equipment arranged under the hood, a cooling system radiator equipped with an axial ventilation unit, and an upper and a lower shield. The upper screen is made in the form of a shaped shell comprising the front, back and side peripheral edges. The upper screen is made fixedly attached to the walls of the energy compartment partition, and is equipped with a service cutout. The upper screen has a first parapet and a second parapet, extending towards the lower screen. The first parapet protects the low-voltage storage of electrical energy from the infrared radiation of heat-generating equipment. The second parapet is made on the front peripheral edge and is arranged between the heat-generating equipment and the axial ventilation unit of the cooling system radiator.EFFECT: reducing the temperature in the energy compartment of the technical means.5 cl, 4 dwg
Robotized platform for special purpose // 2640264
FIELD: weapons and ammunition.SUBSTANCE: robotized platform (RP) consists of a housing, a drive, and a control device. The RP is a vehicle with a caterpillar drive driven by DC brushless electric motors. The RP is controlled by a radio channel in the following modes: manual remote, semi-automatic, automatic according to the programme. The RP also comprises a navigation and inertial on-board systems, a closed armoured engine-transmission compartment. Inside the housing, a support frame provides the attachment of internal RP assemblies and units. The RP drive comprises fastening elements and drive sprockets of the left and the right track. The RP chassis consists of two caterpillar drives. Each drive is equipped with three double support rollers made of rubber, two supporting rollers, and a tensioner unit with a sprocket and rubber tracks with grousers, arranged in front in the direction of travel, and all the drive elements are fixed to the caterpillar frame. The frame is attached to the support cantilevers of the housing by means of brackets.EFFECT: ability to move the target.4 dwg

Reducer with reduced play // 2639831
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: reducer (100, 150) comprises two axially spaced planetary gear trains. Each gear comprises a sun gear (18), the axially spaced planetary gears driven by a carrier (16) of the planetary gear, and a rim gear attached to the reducer. One of planetary gears is engaged with fixed the rim gear, and the other one of planetary gears (120) is engaged with output rim gear (122). The sun gears (18) of two gear trains are mounted on one shaft (20). The carrier (16) of the planetary gear of two gear trains is mounted on the shaft (110) so that they are free to rotate, but their axial movement along the shaft (110) is limited. Two output rim gears (122) are helical gears with opposite thread direction.EFFECT: compactness of the device is achieved.14 cl, 4 dwg

Construction element for motor vehicle body // 2639362
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: product formed by pressing extends in a given direction and comprises a top plate, a ridge, a vertical wall, and has a groove-shaped section. The structural element additionally comprises a groove formed in the upper plate and an outer flange formed in the ridge area. The groove has a depth set according to the groove width and the steel sheet thickness.EFFECT: effective absorption of impact energy and increased rigidity.24 cl, 47 dwg
Universal robotic platform // 2639009
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: platform additionally contains front-view TV cameras, a rear-view TV camera, drives on the left and right sides of the platform are made as independent electric drives based on brushless three-phase motors with a gear and separate power control units. The system of independent individual suspension consists of four rubber wheels for each board. Communication means consist of two channels. The platform software consists of a level of hardware interface and an application layer. The remote control station consists of the operator's workplaces of the universal robotic platform and the operator controlling the target load. The platform operator's workplace, equipped with a personal computer with display facilities, a platform communication means, a platform motion control panel provides platform delivery to the specified point, platform traffic control, monitoring of the state of devices and platform subsystems.EFFECT: increasing the controllability in real climatic conditions, autonomous orientation, determining the own position coordinates by signals of satellite navigation.4 dwg

ethod of vehicle parking and system for its implementation // 2638587
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles auxiliary electronic systems, namely to automatic parking systems. Method of vehicle parking consists in that, calibration values of vehicle wheel speed is performed based on outside of vehicle measured length and vehicle parking based on wheel speed calibrated value.EFFECT: enabling automatic parking with additional information on wheels.14 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of increasing height of locating equilibrium-controlled gravity center of two-wheeled single-track vehicle above support surface // 2638201
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of increasing the height of locating an equilibrium-controlled gravity center of a two-wheeled single-track vehicle above the support surface is characterized by the movement of the vehicle frame relative to the rear wheel fork, carried out by means of a sliding support between the vehicle frame and the upper part of the rear wheel fork. The sliding support in the upper part of the rear wheel fork is made in the form of a structure of increased stiffness with a planar surface coupling of elements, namely a carriage sliding along the cone guides of the slide or made in the form of a coupling of the shaft-bushing type with the dimensions and number of movable elements necessary to ensure the structure strength.EFFECT: increasing the height of the vehicle driver's seat.3 cl, 2 dwg
Gyrostabilizer for two-wheeled single-track vehicle // 2637713
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: gyrostabilizer is made in the form of a gyroscope in a cardan suspension. The gyrostabilizer has a means for blocking the rotation of the outer ring of the cardan suspension around the axis of its hinged connection with the vehicle frame. The gyrostabilizer is placed on the pendulum of the rear wheel and has a means of locking the rotation of the inner ring of the cardan suspension around the axis of its hinged connection to the outer ring. Each locking means is made in the form of a servomotor allowing to forcibly rotate the corresponding ring by the command of the microcontroller. The microcontroller monitors the vehicle speed and allowable inclination angles. On the inner ring, an additional load is attached to the axis of the hinged connection with the rotor shaft.EFFECT: expanding the operational properties of the vehicle gyrostabilizer.5 dwg

Off-road vehicles with side by side seating // 2637139
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle contains a frame, four wheels, a wheel suspension that connects the wheels to the frame, the seat, the engine, the air intake system and the fuel tank. The seat is connected to the frame and contains the seat base. The seat in the longitudinal direction is located behind the front suspension. The engine is connected to one of the wheels. The air intake system communicates fluidly with the engine and includes an air box. The fuel tank is in fluid communication with the engine. The engine, air box and fuel tank in the longitudinal direction are located in front of the rear suspension and rear of the seat base.EFFECT: increasing the capacity of the vehicle without increasing its dimensions.31 cl, 61 dwg
ethod for scheme forming of road transport accident // 2637067
FIELD: radio engineering, communication.SUBSTANCE: data processing for the chart of accident, photographic surveying are made in an automatic mode to the place of an accident according to a given route at the given coordinates by an unmanned aerial vehicle from a height of 10-50 m, equipped with a module GLONASS/GPS, transmitting the data of photography to the central processing point, where the software processes incoming data, while the data of the unmanned aerial vehicle route and its start are formed and loaded immediately after receiving data on a traffic accident by any available communication channels, which are simultaneously uploaded to the database, where further data of photography is received at the central point of information processing from the place of the road accident on which the scheme of the road traffic accident is formed.EFFECT: reduction of time of inspection and fixation of the place of committing the factors of the road accident on the basis of objective parameters and the accuracy of size and distance.2 cl

Steering system with amplifier and mobile control device // 2637065
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: system contains a central control unit, an electric power steering motor and first and second hydraulic pumps, a directional distributor and a first drive motor. The first hydraulic pump is connected to the engine on the chassis. The first drive motor is connected to a second hydraulic pump. The directional distributor is connected to the first and second hydraulic pumps and the electric power steering motor. The central control unit issues a command to start the first drive motor. The drive motor drives the second hydraulic pump. The mobile monitoring device comprises a vehicle, a radiation source and a detection device. The vehicle comprises said steering system.EFFECT: usage of the steering system when the engine is not running.8 cl, 2 dwg

Frame support structure with support appliance in form of tank // 2636987
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: frame support structure (1) comprises the first and second longitudinally extending support structures (10, 20) which are spaced apart from each other in the transverse direction of the frame support structure (1), and at least one device in the form of a tank for receiving a fluid which is made, for example, in the form of a fuel tank and/or an air cylinder. The device in the form of a tank is made as a support part of the frame support structure (1). The vehicle comprises the frame support structure mentioned above.EFFECT: reduced loads on the frame support structure.29 cl, 13 dwg

Stability control device // 2636636
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: stability control device comprises a steering unit, a rotatable part for rotating the pivot wheel, a steering rotation value calculation device, a yaw angle detection device, a rotation value calculation device for suppressing the yaw angle, a rotation value calculation device for returning to the traffic lane center, a rotation control device, a steering reaction force control device. The rotation control device is configured to control the rotation value of the rotatable part based on the steering rotation value, the rotation value to suppress the yaw angle and the rotation value to return to the traffic line center. The steering reaction force control device is configured to control the steering reaction force based on the steering value without reflecting the rotation value to suppress the yaw angle and the rotation value to return to the traffic line center in the reaction force during steering, transmitted to the steering unit.EFFECT: higher safety of vehicle control.6 cl, 20 dwg

Replaceable half-track chassis // 2636239
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: replaceable half-track chassis comprises one or two pairs of track propulsors, each including a driving sprocket, a frame with support rollers mounted thereon, guide wheels with a tension mechanism, covered by an endless, mainly rubber-reinforced, track chain, an external crossarm, an internal crossarm with rollers, an elastic element in the form of a spring installed between the bases of the external and internal crossarms and the frame, a bracket with a copier and a stopper for the rollers of the internal crossarm. The external and internal crossarms are connected together by studs installed on both sides of the ends of the driving sprocket teeth and are fixed with nuts from both sides. The stopper of the internal crossarm rollers is welded in the middle part of the copier from below and has a through opening in the form of a groove. In the sidewalls of the internal crossarm, in its middle part, two coaxial openings are made, which are combined with the through opening in the form of a groove, formed in the stopper of the internal crossarm rollers, and the finger is inserted therein with the possibility of fixation.EFFECT: increasing the chassis passability in areas with increased soil moisture.6 cl, 8 dwg

ethod for determining road traffic accident factors using video recording // 2636237
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: to calculate a car speed before the accident, a video recording from the monitor is used, performed at the RTA place, the car movement recorded on video for a time equal to t=1 s is taken into account. The formula is used for determining the speed of the car V=S*Lp.o/Lo.m*t, where V - the car speed in real time, S - the car way fixed on the monitor at the car movement for 1 s, Lp.o - the actual overall car length fixed on the monitor, or the actual distance between the light posts fixed on the monitor, Lo.m - the overall length of the same car measured on the monitor, or the distance between the same light posts on the monitor, respectively, t - the time interval of the car way fixed on the monitor equal to 1 s.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of determining the RTA factors.2 dwg

Idler wheel with additional flanges of harvesting machine crawler truck // 2635814
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: wheel consists of a structure including an idler metal wheel itself and two additional flange stops also made of metal wheels and attached to the idler wheel body by the method of electrocontact welding.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the running gear.2 dwg

Steering mechanism of wheeled vehicle // 2635017
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: drive mechanism of a wheeled vehicle has a steering wheel, a steering column, a steering shaft with a gear arranged on it. The gear of the steering shaft is engaged with a gear rack. The gear of the steering shaft is spring-loaded by a lever to the gear rack. The gear rack is made in the form of a serrated sector.EFFECT: simplifying the design and increasing the reliability of the steering mechanism.2 cl, 3 dwg

ethod and device for detecting contact between hands and steering wheel of motor vehicle // 2634739
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for detecting the contact between the driver's hands and the steering wheel is that the electric motor reproduces the test impulse sequence. The sensor measures the reaction of the steering wheel movement. The reaction of the steering wheel movement is used by the electronic control unit to make a decision. The device for detecting the contact between the driver's hands and the vehicle's steering wheel comprises an electric motor and a sensor for measuring the current force on the steering wheel and / or the rotation angle of the steering wheel, associated with the steering wheel. The device has an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit controls the electric motor and said sensor.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of determining the contact of the driver's hands with the steering wheel.7 cl, 2 dwg

Steering system and heavy wheel-type vehicle with independent suspension // 2634738
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: steering system comprises a steering gear and a hydraulic assistance system of steering. The steering gear and the hydraulic assistance system of steering are used for transferring the steering effort and the effort generated by the hydraulic assistance system of steering to front axle wheels. The steering system additionally comprises a rear axle steering device. The steering gear and the hydraulic assistance system of steering used for the front axle and the rear axle steering device used for the rear axle are units independent of each other. A heavy wheel-type vehicle with an independent suspension comprises said steering system.EFFECT: improving the vehicle handling.19 cl, 10 dwg

Structural part for trackless vehicle trasport // 2633668
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: vehicle structural part (1) comprises of a pressure storage (2) for the pneumatic suspension system located in the front frame (3) of the vehicle body. The pressure storage (2) is in the form of an impact absorbing member with transverse spacers disposed in a panel-like housing and formed as a honeycomb structure that is disposed between the cross arms (7, 8) of the vehicle body in a horizontal plane in the front part of the front frame (3) and faces the flow of force (P).EFFECT: increased efficiency of energy absorption when the front of the vehicle is struck.6 cl, 3 dwg

Agricultural vehicle, in particular, tractor // 2633441
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: agricultural vehicle comprises an endine connected to a driving axle and to a control device, which, in case of exceeding the predetermined engine speed, is capable of connecting a load to a power unit, which has a braking effect on the power unit. In the agricultural vehicle, it is possible to connect the load to a resistor connected to the power unit and/or to an engine-driven unit. The control device is made with the possibility to connect several loads to the power unit.EFFECT: increasing the braking power of the agricultural vehicle power unit.9 cl, 2 dwg

Connection device of vehicle subframe // 2633420
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: connection device of a subframe and a vehicle body structural element comprises a monoblock bracket. The bracket has a base for connection to the subframe and an upper part for connection to the structural element of the body. The bracket comprises a side portion having a curved U shape for mounting the support element. The support element guides the skew warning bar. The vehicle comprises a body on which the subframe is mounted. The subframe is connected to the body structural element by means of the mentioned device.EFFECT: reduced weight of the connection device by limiting the number of fasteners.7 cl, 3 dwg

Structure for glueing vehicle elements and structure for glueing rear door elements // 2633104
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: structure comprises the first and the second elements, an outer and an inner gluing parts. The first element is made in the form of a panel made of polymer. The second element is made in the form of a panel made of polymer or metal having a smaller coefficient of thermal expansion. The outer gluing part is located on the outer edge of the first element surface. The inner gluing part is located within the outer gluing portion in the direction of the first element plane. One of the plurality of vertices in close proximity to the outer gluing part overlaps the rib line when viewed from the outside of the vehicle. The structure for glueing the rear door elements comprises the outer and inner panels, the outer and inner glueing parts.EFFECT: reduced thermal stress on the vehicle elements.13 cl, 11 dwg

ethod for manufacturing plastic parts/constructive parts of vehicle // 2633094
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacturing plastic parts of a vehicle consists in the fact that the parts are positioned during manufacture and/or positioned during assembly with other vehicle parts and/or positioned in a motor vehicle. The parts have a system of reference points. The system of reference points is formed by a plurality of reference points in the form of depressions, notches, elevations, edges, flat areas. A part made of plastic or a structural part of a vehicle is manufactured by the mentioned method. The method for manufacturing a vehicle consists in the fact that the mentioned vehicle part is positioned at the time of manufacture relative to other vehicle parts by using the reference points.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of positioning parts during the assembly process.13 cl, 6 dwg

Vehicle unit controlled position lock pin // 2633066
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle unit controlled position lock pin contains the pneumatic cylinder with the casing, the pneumatic cylinder axis, the bush, the piston with the bore hole, the balls, the spring and the opening in the air cylinder lid for the air supply. The pneumatic cylinder consists of the body, the sleeve, the bottom and the lid with the central holes. The pneumatic cylinder axis is installed rigidly in the unit side frames with controlled position and ability to move in the bracket slots. The bush is installed on the air cylinder axis and is divided into two parts. The discs are installed at the bush ends. The balls are placed between the cone surfaces of the discs. The spring is installed between the bottom of the air cylinder casing and the piston. The air cylinder casing is installed in the bracket, rigidly fixed at the vehicle body frame. The inner surface of the piston has the cone section with the slope angle less than 30.EFFECT: improved reliability of the vehicle units fixation.3 cl, 5 dwg

Harvesting vehicle converted for half-track // 2633044
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: harvesting vehicle comprises a leading bridge and a controlled bridge, on which a half-track on rubber-reinforced tracks and controlled wheels, and shielding panels, respectively, are mounted. Each controlled wheel is equipped with a support, the base of which is made in the form of a ski and is closed at the top in the front part, in the motion direction, with a streamlined casing with sidewalls forming in the rear support part a gate into which the controlled wheel enters until the stop welded to the support base and to the sidewalls of the streamlined casing. The vertical projection of the controlled wheel axis divides the support base into two unequal parts, the front part of which is longer.EFFECT: improved passability of the harvesting vehicle.7 cl, 8 dwg

Steering control device and steering control method // 2633023
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle includes the function of reducing the number of revolutions at idle of terminating the operation of an idling engine and restarting the engine, when the vehicle starts moving. Then, the steering control processing by wires is performed, in order to disengage the clutch 19 and control the actuation of the rotary electric motors M1, M2. When the operation of the idling engine is terminated by the function of reducing the idling speed, the disengaged condition of the clutch 19 is maintained, and the actuation of the rotary electric motors M1, M2 is limited.EFFECT: suppressing the battery voltage drop in the idling speed reduction mode.12 cl, 10 dwg

Towing-loading device for trailer // 2632560
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: towing-loading device to a trailer includes a swing car frame, to the bottom part of which, in the longitudinal direction, a thrust is fixed rigidly in the center, and a towbar is articulated to the front one. To the opposite end of the towbar a coupling is rigidly fixed, where, with the possibility of longitudinal displacement, a bracket is placed, the front end of which is rigidly connected to a pull ring. To the coupling, a beam placed under the swing car frame of the trailer, is articulated. The rear beam end by means of a connection link is hingedly connected to the middle of the rear part of the trailer swing car frame. A pendulum is articulated to the beam in its middle part with the possibility of longitudinal movement. The pendulum has the shape of an isosceles triangle, the vertex of which is hingedly connected to the beam, and the base has two rollers at its ends, which contact the thrust.EFFECT: increasing the load carrying capacity of a vehicle, reducing the slippage of driving tractor wheels, increasing the efficiency of a transport unit.1 dwg

Vehicle basic structure component and front pillar bottom comprising this component // 2632556
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: vehicle basic structure component is curved into an L-shape and has a trough-shaped cross section. The basic structure component comprises a curved part including arcuate parts on the inner and outer sides of the curve, and the first and the second zones extending from the opposite ends of the curved part. The basic structure component takes up the load during collision in the first zone extent direction. The basic structure component is formed via fastening the first and the second elements located on the side of the first and the second zones respectively. The fastening line of the first and the second elements is located in the defined zone between the first and the second boundary on the side of the first and the second zone. The front pillar bottom comprises the above mentioned vehicle basic structure component.EFFECT: increased front pillar strength in case of collision.6 cl, 19 dwg
Connection structure of frame elements // 2632549
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: connection structure of the frame elements comprises a first element, a second element, and a connection of the first and second elements. The end of the second element abuts against the surface of the first element. The connection includes a connection assembly and an end flange which is formed continuously along the end of the second element. One part of the end flange overlaps the surface of the first element. The connection assembly connects the end flange and the first element. The end flange is formed continuously on one end portion of the second element by a portion of a ascending curved surface. The portion of the ascending curved surface includes a portion with thickened wall, which sheet thickness is larger than the thickness of the second element sheet. One part of the connection assembly is at a distance of 3 mm or less from the boundary between the end flange and the portion with thickened wall.EFFECT: increase rigidity of the frame elements.14 cl, 29 dwg, 1 tbl

Steering unit and steering method // 2632543
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention group refers to a vehicle steering device and method including a function to eliminate idling for stopping idling of engine 91 and restarting engine 91 when the vehicle starts to move. When the motor 91 is in operation, the coupling disengages and control of pivoting actuator activation is performed, and when the motor 91 is in stopped state, the coupling is engaged and control of pivoting actuator activation stopes. The disconnected state of the coupling is maintained when idle operation the engine 91 stops by the idle speed reduction function.EFFECT: enabling greater silence in the vehicle interior when idling.9 cl, 10 dwg

Air-conducting device for wheel housing ventilation // 2632245
FIELD: ventilation.SUBSTANCE: device contains the air-conducting plates, fixed in the carrier frame. The air-conducting device has the outer hole in the wing, into which the air-conducting plates protrude. The air mass, entering the wheel housing or wing is removed outside by means of the air-conducting plates. The air guide (5) is disposed between the two parts of the wheel housing shell (7, 7a) and by means of the carrier frame (8) forms the air-conducting channel with the internal hole (17) for the air inlet and the external hole (18) for the air outlet. The hole (17) for the air inlet is blocked by the plastic grating.EFFECT: reduction of the resistance to movement due to the removal of the incoming air flow from the wheel housing.6 cl, 7 dwg

Door design of motor vehicle equipped with reinforecement, reinforecemnt, door designed with door structure and respective vehicle // 2632234
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: door structure of the motor vehicle contains a structural door frame and a belt reinforcement profile. The structural box and the waist reinforcement profile are made and interconnected so as to limit the first hollow body and the second hollow body. Hollow bodies have a tubular shape and are elongated along the length of the waist reinforcement profile. The profile contour of the reinforced profile is uniform along the entire length of the reinforcement profile. The door of the motor vehicle comprises said door structure. The vehicle contains the said door. The belt reinforcement profile is used in said door structure. The section of the belt reinforcement profile in the plane of the section transverse to the length of the waist reinforcing profile has an open contour, limiting the first side part and the central part. The open contour limits the mating part connecting the central part to the second side part.EFFECT: controlled deformation of the door structure upon impact.15 cl, 6 dwg
Caterpillar track // 2631964
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: caterpillar track for the truck contains tracks connected in series and made in the form of flat support plates with longitudinal stiffeners. Along the side faces of the support plates there are side connectors made in the form of U-shaped parts with two pairs of holes. Side limiters made in the form of plates are attached to the side connectors and to the support plates. There are jumpers bolted to one pair of holes in side connectors and which on the other side are bolted to another pairs of holes in the side connectors of adjacent tracks.EFFECT: increased reliability of caterpillar track elements connection and prevention of tracks to ride off tyres.6 cl, 4 dwg

Universal kick scooter "unokat" // 2631761
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: universal kick scooter comprises a support platform and a steering fork, pivotally connected to the support platform by means of a power bracket, a wheel. The support platform and the steering fork are configured to change the number of wheels from one to two on each axis. The support platform and the power bracket with the steering fork are designed to mount wheels of different diametres. The steering fork is designed to mount a front wheel, configured to mount pedals. The steering fork and the end of the support platform are designed with the possibility of mounting and fixing an option jumper in them with an area for attaching the seat.EFFECT: increased functionality of the kick scooter.3 cl, 19 dwg

Frame support structure with third longitudinal support structure // 2631755
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: frame support structure comprises the first longitudinal support structure (10) and the second longitudinal support structure (20), which in the transverse direction (QR) of the frame support structure (1) are spaced apart, suspensions (RA) of the front wheels (Rv) of vehicle for industrial purpose, and/or a tank(T) for receiving a fluid, and the third longitudinal support structure (30). The third longitudinal support structure (30) extends between the front wheels (Rv) of the vehicle for industrial purpose, protrudes forward beyond their centres (Rmv), serves as a support for the tank (T) and/or propulsion unit (M) for vehicle drive and is connected to the control elements of the wheel suspensions (RA).EFFECT: creation of a frame support structure allowing to take the forces exerted on the spars, in particular the heavy bending stress, is achieved.14 cl, 7 dwg
Vehicle body design and the corresponding motor vehicle // 2631748
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle body design contains the outer wheel well, the body sidewall, the rear light bracket and the lower rear side window reinforcement, positioned relative to each other to form the part of the vehicle rear ring. The lower reinforcement of the rear side window contains the foot rigidly connected to the rear light bracket, forming the first hollow body. The outer wheel well contains the elongated board, rigidly connected to the rear light bracket, forming the second hollow body. The body design contains the connecting part, rigidly connected to the lower reinforcement of the rear side window, with the outer wheel well and to the rear light bracket and located in the center of the mentioned second hollow body. The vehicle contains the above mentioned body design.EFFECT: reinforcement and improvement of the vehicle body design acoustic comfort.9 cl, 3 dwg

Frame support structure with appliance in form of tank // 2631737
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: frame structure comprises the first and the second longitudinally extending support structures spaced apart from each other in the transverse direction of the frame support structure and one appliance in the form of a fluid receiving tank and/or an appliance in the form of air cylinder for receiving air. The appliance in the form of the tank is located at least in some sections between the first and second support structure. The appliance in the form of the tank is located in some sections between the front wheels of the vehicle and protrudes forward beyond the middle points of these wheels. The vehicle comprises the frame support structure.EFFECT: simplification of fuel tank design and installation.19 cl, 10 dwg