Shifting or shunting of rail vehicles (B61J)

B61   Railways(14459)
B61J              Shifting or shunting of rail vehicles (shifting vehicles in general b60s; marshalling systems b61b)(374)

Emergency truck for car body transportation // 2623368
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: emergency truck for car body transportation contains a frame, supports of height-adjustable bearers, pairs of flanged wheels connected to the frame, and a column base. The frame is made of interconnected longitudinal and transverse beams. Supports of height-adjustable bearers are installed at the ends of the transverse beams. The trolley is relocatable. The column base is located at the center of the transverse beams, and the upper end is equipped with a center plate. In the center plate and column base, coaxial holes are made for the center pivot, which connects the truck to the car body in the operating position. In the lateral surface of the column base, a guide is provided for locating the center pivot securement means in the operating position. The pairs of flanged wheels, longitudinal beams and transverse beams, bearers bearings and column base are mounted with the possibility of mounting and dismantling.EFFECT: improvement of operational properties.5 cl, 5 dwg
Device for rolling stock units moving with jammed wheel pair // 2607345
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device for rolling stock units moving with jammed wheel pair is intended for fast output from railway of different rolling stock traction units with jammed wheel pair. Four device carriages have two spaced apart radius shaped stops with configuration, mirror to profile of rolling stock wheel pair rim. Mechanisms of carriages mutual movement have quickly installed tie-rods with base openings aligned with fixing slots. Quick detachable lanyards are installed on carriages external sides. Slots and air intake canopies are made in rollers axles opposite to through openings.EFFECT: providing device mounting on wheel pairs of different diameter without adjustment of carriages, passage of small turn radius curved track sections, transportation on high speed, efficient cooling of rollers bearing assemblies.1 cl, 10 dwg

Railway station // 2585397
FIELD: transport; construction.SUBSTANCE: railway station includes arriving to the station main track, connected, by switching devices, to the station tracks. At least one switch is made in the form of a base and installed on it rotating platform equipped with a rotating platform drive. Rotating platform contains multiple rail sections located on it so that in different positions of the rotating platform relative to the base it is possible to ensure connection of at least one of the main tracks and at least one of the station tracks. Rotating platform additionally includes a fixation device of the rotating platform, a fixation device drive, a control unit, sensors for monitoring the position of the rotating platform and sensors of the rotating platform fixation device position, as well as an alarm unit.EFFECT: reduced dimensions of a railway station while ensuring high reliability of its operation.4 cl, 5 dwg

Operation of hump yard and control device for it // 2567785
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to operation of hump yard (10). Note here that in first working mode control over car lower decelerator (60) is executed so that descending cars (100, 101) as cars or groups of cars reach hump yard switch track (50) car decelerator (70) at speed not reaching the first threshold magnitude. First working mode is changed to second one if for one descending car (100) defined is motion target or ahead of switch track (50) car decelerator (70). In second working mode, lower car decelerator (60) is controlled so that decelerated car (100) reaches target of motion in or ahead of car decelerator (70) at switch track at sped not reaching second threshold magnitude. Besides, invention relates to control device (200) for hump yard (10) with such control device.EFFECT: perfected automation, higher efficiency.23 cl, 1 dwg

Control method and device for determination of length of rail track section // 2562477
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: method consists in determination of length of a rail track section, recording of messages on origin, which are caused by passage of the rail track section by a rail vehicle and created by rail contacts limiting the corresponding rail track section. The control device determines speed of the rail vehicle and length of the rail track section considering a time interval between recorded messages on passage and the obtained speed.EFFECT: improving accurate determination of length of the rail road section.23 cl, 1 dwg

Device for multiple-track branching of railway tracks // 2550601
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device for switching of rail transport from one track to another is made in the form of a base, a rotating platform located on it and a drive of the rotating platform, which is connected to the rotating platform. The rotating platform includes a lot of sections of railway tracks, which are located on it so that in different positions of the rotating platform relative to the base there can be provided the connection of input and output tracks. The switching device includes a fixation device of the rotating platform, as well as position sensors of the fixation device of the rotating platform, control devices of the position of the rotating platform and an alarm unit, which are connected to a control unit. The fixation device of the rotating platform is made in the form of a pin of a cone shape on the platform and cavities on the base or in the form of a set of balls located between the platform and the base and a set of cavities on the base.EFFECT: reducing overall dimensions of the section of branching of railway tracks at the high operating reliability of the device.6 dwg

Device to displace metro train after emergent stoppage to nearest metro station // 2544063
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device consists of steel ropes (5) enclosed relative to each pother along the track at drive pulley (1) and tensioner (2) with deflectors (3, 4), both flights of which are located on sleepers (6) between rails (7). Drive pulley represents a multipass friction pulley. Drive pulley and tensioner with deflectors are arranged in recesses (8, 9) between rails. Hitch is composed of round-link chain secured at head car (10) with gripper (12) at its end. Said gripper consists of interconnected swivel unit (13) of curved plates (14, 15) with bolt joint (16) of their opposite ends to allow a required pressure of thrusting them against pull rope at location of chain and swivel above pull rope.EFFECT: fast and reliable transfer of train to nearest station.4 dwg

Stub-switch turnout // 2527253
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: stub-switch turnout contains base on which rotary platform adapted to turns relative to vertical axis is installed on which platform two pairs of switch rails, drive rotating rotary platform, stoppers connected with base and limiting rotary platform rotation are installed, and is intended to be used in rail line branching structures. The base also contains the second rotary platform where rails are located. The first rotary platform is adapted to switch the first rail of main track to the third rail of main track or the fifth rail of adjoining track, and the second rotary platform is adapted to switch the second rail of main track to the fourth rail of main track or the sixth rail of adjoining track. The first and the second rotary platforms are connected with drive and mutually synchronised in their rotations.EFFECT: decreased dimensions and reliability of track switch.5 cl, 3 dwg

Freight or passenger car bogie turn assy // 2507098
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed assy comprises load bearing frame with radial guide for turn platform rollers and cylinder to engage and turn the latter relative to each other. Track is mounted at said turn platform while platform turn centre is aligned with intersection of operational tracks. Turn platform is equipped with retainers and rectangular frame. Every retainer is composed of bearing wedge, wedge and cylinder drive, both being arranged in pair and in symmetry about turn platform transverse axis to turn at the angle to its plane. Inclined surfaces of bearing wedges of paired retainers are opposed. Frame is mounted between platform rails on supports arranged its lengthwise axis in pairs and rigidly on the frame and slots made at turn table to allow paired supports to displace in vertical direction. Paired supports share common axle to allow horizontal position of the frame at turn platform. Frame larger sides abut on track so that in frame turn in vertical plane actuated by one of aforesaid cylinders the wheel flange of car mounted axle at turn table is grabbed.EFFECT: expanded operating performances, higher safety.3 dwg

Railway car mule (versions) and railway car mule platform // 2477694
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed railway car mule comprises railway platform with automatic couplings mounted on two-axle bogies and power drive arranged on said platform. Said rive comprises motor coupled with drive reduction gearbox coupled, in its turn, via gimbal joint with drive wheel axial reduction gearboxes and electrohydraulic brake fitted on high speed shaft. Platform has body and is longer than aforesaid bogie. Car mule is equipped with distribution control station.EFFECT: simplified design and operation.19 cl, 4 dwg

over for railway cars // 2442711
FIELD: maneuvering means of the rolling-stock.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to maneuvering means of the rolling-stock. The unit includes a dragging bogie made in the form of two brackets coupled with a springing element. The mechanism that controls advancement of the drag-out rollers is placed in each bracket and is made in the form of a double-step pinion drive coupled with a bayonet connection to the drag-our rollers shaft. The control mechanism is also equipped with a terminal unit connected to the second step of the drive and the frame of each bracket of the dragging bogie. This mechanism provides a hard contact of the drag-out rollers with positive stops installed on the side surfaces of each bracket. The hydraulic cylinder regulating the position of a two-arm lever is inserted into the mechanism.EFFECT: increase in operational reliability.3 cl, 7 dwg

Car shunting device // 2405697
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railroad transport, particularly to shunting equipment. Shunting device comprises fork truck with its front wheels placed on two pairs of drive rollers articulated by shafts and reduction gears with drive wheels which is arranged on self-propelled platform. Said platform incorporates a post mounted at its front to support coupling device to engage with car automatic coupling. Platform rear accommodates swing ladders for fork truck for come on/off said platform. Proposed device comprises also a retainer consisting of rotary lever. One of the latter has teeth while another end is jointed with pusher arranged on the frame to cone in contact with the thrust rigidly fixed on inner rear side of said swing ladders. Lever teeth are located under frame rear wheel axle to engage with wheel rim gear. Aforesaid frame consists of two crosswise girders wherein wheel axles are mounted, and two lengthwise girders between which RH and LH shafts are mounted articulated via reduction gear with driven rollers, each coupled with front and rear axles. Coupling device consists of case on one-way jaw opening pivoted on cantilever girder to turn in horizontal plane.EFFECT: higher hauling force and safety of operation.6 dwg

Car-on-track transport system // 2403201
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: transfer car (1) moves over guiding rails (7a, 7b) laid on floor surface (6) along transport path. In the transport path intersection segment (14) which intersects path at floor level, hollow (15) in floor surface is excavated and covered by floor element (18) laid on one level (6) with floor surface. Inside this hollow, lifting guiding rails (16a, 16b) are installed with possibility to move vertically in parallel between upper level when they connect guiding rails located before and after the hollow (15).EFFECT: facilitating transport path intersection, increasing safety.5 cl, 15 dwg

Unit to turn passanger or freight car bogies // 2399532
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed unit comprises bearing frame and turnable platform articulated by thrust bearing and cylinder. Track is fitted on said platform and its rotational center is aligned with axes of intersection of temporary tracks. Said unit incorporates rolling-down cylinders rigidly mounted along axes of temporary tracks. Said turnable platform incorporates retainers and rectangular frame. Each retainer made from thrust wedge, wedge and cylinder turn mechanism, both arranged in pair and in symmetry about turnable platform crosswise axis. Inclined surfaces of thrust wedges are arranged opposed. Aforesaid frame is arranged between turnable platform rails on supports located along its lengthwise axis in pairs, and slots made on turnable platform to allow the brackets to move in upper position. Frame incorporates supports to interact with rolling-down cylinders. Larger side of the frame adjoin the track so that, on turning said frame in vertical plane relative to one pair of supports by rolling-down cylinder, car mounted axles are captured by wheel flanges.EFFECT: automated turn of car bogie, higher traffic safety.2 cl, 7 dwg

Carrier-type vehicle // 2373089
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: truck-type vehicle comprises bearing support moving in vertical between up and down positions and arranged on the truck. It comprises also rollers driven by cams to move up and down and arranged at the truck lower part, rails fitted with cams to feed rollers up and working section whereon aforesaid support is kept in up-position. Note here that there are rotary tables to change direction of transport truck. There are also cargo retainers arranged on the truck.EFFECT: ease of operation.7 cl, 19 dwg

ethod to transfer tower crane from lengthwise to crosswise track and running gear of tower crane to this end // 2371373
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: crane running gear is transferred to track crossing and running carriage for it to be fixed by running carriage grips. One detachable rail section is fixed on the bracket. Detachable rail section is detached from lengthwise track and from craneway beams of lengthwise track. Jack is used to lift one frame bracket together with running carriage. Running carriage is turned in horizontal plate relative to frame support with the help of detachable rail section through preset angle equal to that of crossing of lengthwise and crosswise tracks. Running carriage if downed onto crosswise track beam for detachable rail section to be introduced into gap between crosswise track rails. Then detachable rail section is jointed to crosswise track rails and track beam. Now above described jobs are made for remaining running carriages of crane support frame. Thereafter, running carriage grips are released to move the crane along crosswise track. Running part comprises support running frame with frame brackets linked up therewith. Every running carriage comprises grips to grip railhead on its sides. Every frame support is furnished with appliance designed to couple jack therewith, mounted between track base and bracket. Appliance designed to couple jack with bracket is located at a distance exceeding radius of turn of the most distant point located on the crane running gear carriage.EFFECT: compact track an track intersection.2 cl, 9 dwg

Tower crane track // 2371339
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, particularly to tracks for transport or cargo handling facilities that incorporate rail trucks rotating horizontally and intended for turning out aforesaid facilities from first track to second track arranged at an angle to first one. Tower crane track comprises rails of first track and those of second track crossing first track at a certain angle. Every rail has equal-length opening arranged at the point of two crossing rails to accommodate detachable rail section.EFFECT: compact rail section at crane turning zone.4 dwg

Device to move railway vehicle from one track on another parallel track // 2369504
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises trench (1) arranged perpendicular to stationary tracks (2), and transfer platform (3) fitted in aforesaid trench in its lengthwise direction with transverse parallel sections (4) of track. Aforesaid platform is mounted on supports to move on their top parts (6) along the trench. The said supports represent posts (7) whereto the support top part is pivoted. Aforesaid posts are furnished with hydraulic jacks (9) designed to vary post height and to lift the platform inclined to whatever side of the trench. Platform drive is mounted behind it and in the trench and comprises reversing geared motor (12) articulated with shaft (13) arranged perpendicular to the platform lengthwise axis and running in bearings (15) on posts (14). Proposed device comprises also, toothed racks (16) attached onto the platform lower surface in parallel to its lengthwise axis, and gears (17) fitted on the shaft to come in mesh with appropriate toothed rack.EFFECT: simplified and intensified shunting operations in moving railway vehicles from one track onto another parallel track.7 cl, 5 dwg

Transporting unit for moving element // 2369501
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: there is the object receiving appliance arranged on lower side of transporter moving element transportation travel line. Proposed unit comprises the object supporting appliance arranged on the bogie and elevated relative to moving element holder to receive the moving object from the holder with the help of object receiving appliance. At the end of transportation travel, the object return appliance is furnished to down the object support appliance relative to moving element holder In transportation of the bogie-type transporting unit, moving element is transferred into position whereat it is idle, while catch engages the holder to allow the bogie pull the moving element for it to move.EFFECT: holder does not interfere with worker operation with object.11 cl, 17 dwg
Emergency bogie // 2354572
FIELD: railway transport.SUBSTANCE: bogie designed to evacuate railway car with faulty axle box comprises a housing accommodating two support wheels arranged therein so that, when on rails, the said housing embraces the car track wheel from outside. Detachable load bearing crosspiece is attached on the housing on the inner side of aforesaid car track wheel. The housing one edge accommodates a jack. The bogie support wheel arranged nearby the jack represents a fast-release wheel.EFFECT: fast evacuation of faulty car.4 cl

Pithead building landing with exchange of cars // 2352515
FIELD: transport, mining.SUBSTANCE: pithead building landing with exchange of cars comprises tracks arranged on the building flooring and adjoining to the cage shaft and tippler, additional tracks oriented perpendicular to the former and car receiving apparatuses provided with rails. The latter represents a driven swinging circle. The first and second tracks arranged ahead of the said cage shaft and tippler, respectively, and every additional track are mounted on the frames each of which supports the swinging circle of appropriate receiving apparatus. All frames are hinged to the pithead building flooring to turn in vertical plane. The frame hinges are arranged along the car travel direction ahead of the swinging circle of the frame with the second track adjoining the tippler, ahead of the tippler, ahead of the swinging circle of the frame with the first track adjoining the cage shaft and ahead of the latter.EFFECT: simpler design, automation of car s exchange, higher reliability.3 dwg

Pit head landing with car interchange // 2336418
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to mechanisation of car interchange in the pit head during cage winding. The landing is provided with the first rail tracks laid on the pit head floor, adjoining to the shaft and inclined toward the car roll out side and the second inclined rail tracks adjacent the car dumper laid parallel to the first inclined rail tracks, car receiving platforms and additional rail tracks oriented perpendicular to the said rail tracks. According to the invention each additional rail track is secured on a frame, which is hinged to the pit head floor and can be turned in the vertical plane, one of the free ends of the frame being connected cinematically with the actuating cylinder. Both free ends of the frame with the rails secured are bent upwards and the length of each bent part of the frame is selected so as to accommodate the platform with the car. The frame hinge under the first additional rail track is located in the middle part of the frame and the frame hinge under the second rail track is shifted from the middle part of the frame toward the shaft. The car can roll by gravity over the additional rail tracks. The invention enables to simplify the design of the landing, automation of control of mechanisation aids used for car interchange and to increase reliability of operation.EFFECT: simplification of the design of the landing and automation of control of mechanical aids used for car interchange, increase of reliability of operation.3 dwg

Self-propelled shunting device // 2314951
FIELD: railway transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed self-propelled shunting device contains truck 1 with motor connected through reduction gear and chain drive with driven wheels 2 and supply cable 8 connected to power supply system of enterprise. Truck is furnished with drum to wind on supply cable and mechanical winding-on drive including driving and driven wheels. Driven wheel is connected with shaft of drum through safety clutch, and driving wheel is connected to truck motor. Lead screw is installed on truck parallel to shaft of drum and provided with nut mounted on lead screw with locking against turning. Guide rollers installed on nut are designed to form cable turns on drum.EFFECT: provision of uniform winding on and off of supply cable on drum, increased safety.2 cl, 3 dwg

Device to shift load trucks from one rail track to the other // 2314950
FIELD: mechanical engineering; mechanization facilities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanization equipment designed for delivery of different loads to work sites. Device to shift load trucks from one rail track to the other contains platform body with relatively perpendicular rail tracks, main rail track along which platform body can move, and, at least, one auxiliary track perpendicular to main track arranged at level of rail tracks of platform body with possibility of butt-joint swivel table with section of track secured on platform body which, in its turn, can butt-joint with tracks of platform body at turning. Platform body is installed on carrying truck. Load truck is mounted on swivel table. False platform consisting of separate parts rigidly connected by posts with platform body and swivel table is arranged under load truck parallel to platform body. Mounting of said parts is made so that through slots are formed opposite to rail tracks of said parts to accommodate chassis of load truck. Wheels of load truck are fitted on tracks at preset clearance relative to false platform.EFFECT: possibility of shifting load trucks from one track to the other in special technological lines at confined space and area, improved safety at shifting operations.5 cl, 2 dwg

Slewing circle // 2263597
FIELD: transport engineering; railway vehicles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices used for shifting vehicle bogies from one track to the other. Proposed slewing circle has platform with section of rail track resting through bearing on base, and platform turning drive including pneumatic motor, reduction gear and control unit. Slewing circle has turnable lever with roller installed in slot of housing secured on base and hinge-coupled with rod of pneumatic cylinder, two pneumatic restrictors controlled by turnable lever and placed in compressed air supply line to pneumatic motor in parallel with check valves, extreme position limiting stops of turnable lever, two spring-loaded locks in turnable lever, one of which arranged coaxially with rod of pneumatic cylinder interacts with flat on its end face, and second one arranged in perpendicular plane interacts with inclined slots arranged in housing. Turnable lever and stops installed in turning platform and corresponding to number of working position are provided with teeth getting into mechanical engagement.EFFECT: improved operating characteristics, reduced cyclic dynamic loads at rotation of platform, improved reliability of slewing circle in operation.4 dwg

Rotary parking device monorail // 2238205
The invention relates to monorail roads, namely, devices for Parking vehicles - trains, monorail spare branches monorail

Pusher for supply of railway wagons in the wagon // 2232095
The invention relates to the field of industrial transport, and specifically to means for supply of railway wagons in the wagon

Rail pusher rail cars // 2226163
The invention relates to railway transport

The way of sorting cars // 2216468
The invention relates to the field of railway transport and can be used on humps in the formation of freight trains

Rack for maintenance and current repair of motor-car rolling stock // 2207963
The invention relates to equipment for maintenance and repair of motor-car rolling stock and is designed for positioning wagons

The device for replacement trucks vehicles, primarily for railway car // 2153995
The invention relates to railway equipment and can be used to replace trucks in case of change of railway gauge, as well as repair of cars

Device for moving cars and trucks // 2130398
The invention relates to maneuver wheeled vehicles, in particular to devices reciprocating movement of rail cars, trucks and wheelsets

The device for replacement aircrew trucks cars // 2130394
The invention relates to railway engineering and is used when translating a train from one gauge to another

Device for guiding a mobile object relative to the stationary // 2121934
The invention relates to the field of transport and can be used in any sector of the national economy to dock rail track on a movable object with the rail by a stationary object

Groovitude conveyor // 2120906
The invention relates to a device for moving objects on rails and can be used, for example, companies, repairers rail movable part

Car accelerator // 2100234
The invention relates to railway transport, namely, to the equipment marshalling yards

Undercar emphasis // 2096219

Railway turntable to transfer mobile units // 2092350
The invention relates to railway transport and is designed to move the moving units from one railway track to another, located in a plane at an angle to the first

The device for shifting the wheel pairs on parallel track // 2090415
The invention relates to railway transport, in particular, to devices for shifting the wheel pairs on parallel paths

Undercar emphasis // 2076819
The invention relates to rail transport and touches the car stops vehicles

The mine car pusher // 2059491
The invention relates to mining transport and is designed for mechanization of exchange trolleys on the horizontal sections of the mine workings with a complex profile path and inclined races in places mates horizontal and inclined workings

Device for guiding the wheels of the rolling path on the fixed // 2048341
The invention relates to the field of building materials industry and can be used in other industries for guiding the wheels of the rolling path on the fixed

Device for the movement of railway cars // 2046046
The invention relates to maneuver rolling stock and is designed to move rail cars short distances, in particular tartovsky gondolas at the unloading points

Undercar emphasis // 2028959
The invention relates to rail transport and touches the car stops vehicles

Installation for moving railway cars // 2017641
The invention relates to railway transport and related devices move cars from one track to another, and one or more cars along the way

The device for replacement trucks rail vehicles // 2011585
The invention relates to railway equipment and can be used to replace the trucks under a train - when replacing a defective truck or when switching structure with narrow to broad gauge and back