Railways (B61)

B61            Railways(14459)
ethod of complex rail diagnostics // 2642687
FIELD: railroad facilities.SUBSTANCE: method of complex rail diagnostics relates to control and measuring devices for checking the condition of railway tracks and can be used for testing a railway track by a complex of non-destructive testing tools, including for detection of microcracks on the rail head running surface. Method comprises installing, in known relative positions, devices for: defectoscopy, measurement of unevenness and video surveillance of rails, moving the vehicle along the railway tracks, constant measuring the condition of the railway tracks by all devices and preserving the results obtained. When detecting sections of railway tracks with surface defects or irregularities, images of these sections of the railway track are fixed with illumination at different angles, most contrasting with respect to defects video frames are identified and the are used in a joint analysis to assess the degree of development of microcracks and other surface defects.EFFECT: as a result, the reliability of detecting microcracks on the rail head surface increases significantly while reducing the amount of recorded information.1 cl, 2 dwg

Hand brake with two-sided gear box // 2642675
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hand brake comprises a housing of a hand brake which has gear train components in it and a drive shaft, functionally connected with one or more gear train components. The intermediate pinion shaft is functionally connected to the drive shaft through one or more gears. The shaft alignment link is adapted to maintain the relative clearance between the drive shaft and the intermediate pinion shaft during the rotation of the drive shaft. The gearbox housing is intended for containing at least a portion of the drive shaft, an intermediate pinion shaft and a shaft alignment link therein. The shaft alignment link is movable relative to the gearbox housing due to any eccentric drive shaft movement, in order to maintain proper clearance between the drive shaft and the intermediate pinion shaft.EFFECT: eliminating possibility of gear jam.17 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of comparison of controlling signals and device for its realization // 2642347
FIELD: control systems.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to control systems for responsible technological processes, in particular to railway traffic control systems for railway transport. Method and device for its implementation can be used in any control devices, regardless of their purpose and application. Control devices can be built on the basis of computer hardware, microprocessors, digital or analog elements.EFFECT: invention provides detection of the constant states of the device of each of the duplicating channels by checking the dynamic nature of the control signals arriving at the comparison device, due to which the safety of the device operation is increased, the structure of its construction is simplified.5 cl, 3 dwg

Railway vehicle with snowplow // 2642205
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: locomotive contains a body and a snowplow (1). The body with amortization rests on the traverse gear. The snowplow (1) contains two C-shaped, converging on the nib point (2) in the form of a plow, metal sheets of the ploughshare (3) and located in the direction of the movement (4) behind the metal sheets of the ploughshare (3) dozer blade (5). The blade protrudes downwards over the lower edge (6) of the metal sheet of the ploughshare (3), the part (7) of which can be adjusted. The metal sheets of the ploughshare (3) with their lower edges (6) lie on the metal floor of the bottom (8), which forms the protruding cutting edge (9). The snowplow (1) is fixed to the wagon frame (16) of the vehicle body. The metal floor of the bottom (8) of the snowplow (1) retains a predetermined safety distance relative to the traverse rails (15). The protruding part (7) of the dozer blade (5) is adjustable depending on the safe distance and wear-out of the shroud of the traverse gear.EFFECT: improving the quality of the adjustment of the gap between the rails and the snowplow.7 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for rescuing passengers and crew of a high-speed train in case of a possibility of its collision with another train or obstacle // 2641992
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. It relates to a way of rescuing passengers and the crew of a high-speed railway train at a risk of a possible collision with another train or an obstacle and involves the following: when there is a threat of a collision, the control units send a command to roll out the capsules of all cars and driver’s cabs. Then, pull-out panels with passengers sitting on their seats are rolled out of the trains, and the driver’s cab with the crew members is rolled out as well. After the evacuation of passengers from withdrawable capsules, and the evacuation of the crew members from the driver's cab, the axle axles are extracted from all the tongs and the heads of the right and left rails are release from the former. Then they are inserted into the tongs, while the hinged panels are installed in their places in the driver's cab, after the arrival of trains without their withdrawable elements, draw-out elements are tightened by their winches.EFFECT: it is possible to increase the reliability of rescuing passengers in case of a possible train accident.1 cl

Friction draft gear // 2641958
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: friction draft gear comprises a housing having a bottom and a side wall, jointly defining the inner housing space open from one end, where a friction spacer block is located, consisting of a pressure cone, friction wedges, stationary friction plates, movable friction plates equipped with ribs, a base plate with projections, resting on a supporting and return device, which, in turn, rests on the housing bottom. The movable plates are equipped on one of their ribs with a support flange of a width h to support the corresponding projection of the support plate. The support plate is equipped with at least one such projection with a width H, wherein the ratio H>h, where H is not less than 1.1*h, is to be carried out.EFFECT: increasing the efficiency of the friction draft gear.2 dwg

ethod of increasing locomotive traction effort // 2641957
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method of increasing the locomotive traction effort includes feeding sand under the driving wheels of the locomotive directly in the contact place of the driving wheel with a rail at the moment of slippage start and removing sand from the surface of the rails after the slippage termination by means of compressed air fed through a system of additional pipelines. The sand remaining on the rail surface is loosened by multi-directional air jets immediately after the passing of the last wheelset of the first locomotive bogie in the movement direction, under which it was fed. The sand is removed from the surface of the rails by means of sucking through exhaust tubes, transported through a pipeline system, and collected into a waste sand container.EFFECT: increased traction effort of the locomotive.1 dwg

Friction draft gear for railway vehicle and housing of such gear // 2641956
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: friction draft gear for railway transport has a bottom and a side wall that define the inner housing space open from one end. In the side wall of the housing, receiving windows are provided for receiving the bent end of the corresponding fixed friction plate. On the side wall of the body, support flanges are formed for supporting the fixed plates in the longitudinal direction of the housing. The housing is provided with a recess of a depth h not less than 1 mm, the recess width H is not less than the width of the support surface of the fixed plate. The recesses are filled with a material, the hardness and wear resistance of which are higher than the housing material.EFFECT: increasing the wear resistance of the friction draft gear.5 cl, 3 dwg

Device for increasing locomotive traction effort // 2641611
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for increasing the locomotive traction effort includes a system for supplying sand under the locomotive wheels, a system of additional air ducts arranged in pairs on both sides of the extreme wheelsets of bogies, and butterfly throttles for switching the compressed air flow direction. The system of additional air ducts is equipped with one or several compressed air distribution chambers, in which high pressure is always maintained. The additional air ducts are equipped at the ends with diffusers dividing the air flow into several differently directed jets. The locomotive is equipped with a suction plant connected to a waste sand collecting chamber, in which a reduced pressure is constantly maintained, which in turn is connected by means of pipelines with exhaust pipes installed in pairs on both sides of the wheelsets. The exhaust pipes are equipped with branch pipes covering the upper part of the rail with a clearance.EFFECT: increased traction effort of the locomotive.3 cl, 5 dwg

Protective device against squeezing for rail vehicle // 2641579
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: protective device against squeezing for a rail vehicle with a buffer, the support for which is an energy absorption element connected to the rail vehicle frame. On the energy absorption element, on its end facing away from the vehicle frame, a carrier element is fixed, which on its end projecting in the vertical direction from the buffer supports the protective device against squeezing. A horizontally oriented stop is arranged in such a way that from it the element protecting against squeezing of the protective device in the event of a collision while interacting with the front part of the rail vehicle is installed in the squeezing-protection position extending outwards over the buffer.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of the protective device.14 cl, 20 dwg

Friction draft gear // 2641573
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: friction draft gear comprises a housing, in which a friction spacer block is located. The spacer unit consists of a pressure cone, friction wedges, a base plate resting on supporting and return device that rests on the housing bottom, movable friction plates and stationary friction plates with an L-shaped profile, on the longer shoulder of which metal elements made of various powder mixtures are welded. The frictional stationary plate has guide supports symmetrical with respect to its median plane of the longitudinal section. The hardness of the guide supports is higher than the hardness of the cermet elements. Between the guide supports and the cermet elements, there is a clearance h of not more than 15 mm.EFFECT: increased reliability of the friction absorbing apparatus.4 dwg

Electromagnetic track brake // 2641559
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic track brake comprises an electromagnet attached to the bogie frame and a switching device. A third rail with rail poles on it is laid on the railway track. Rail pole position sensors connected by their outputs to the inputs of the control device are located near the electromagnet pole. The control device output is connected to the input of the switching device connecting the electromagnet coil to the power supply source. A brake force control device output is connected to the other input of the control device. A retainer comprising a pin is attached to the bogie frame near the electromagnet.EFFECT: increasing the reliability and wear resistance of an electromagnetic track brake.12 dwg

Cabin of shunting locomotive // 2641540
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: cabin of a shunting locomotive comprises interconnected transversally and longitudinally arranged walls, a bottom, frame elements, and a roof, having outer and inner lining with a heat insulating layer, door and frontal window units of lateral transverse walls, window units of lateral longitudinal walls, interior elements, panel equipment, a driver's seat, electric and pneumatic equipment. The cabin is made of a block-modular design, with the use of autonomous unified stockpile assembly with the ability to transform for the installation of necessary equipment, forming unobstructed circular view of the over-cowling space area. Devices of electrical and pneumatic connections of functional plug-in cabin equipment to the shunting locomotive systems are located outside the cabin. The panel equipment is made in the form of sections interconnected by fastening means, forming a unit with the control panel, with accommodating the functional groups of control and monitoring systems therein.EFFECT: increasing the cabin manufacturability.12 cl, 4 dwg
ethod for detecting defective car axle boxes // 2641536
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: operability of cars is determined by mechanical condition of axle boxes of car wheel sets. The operability of the car axle boxes during their movement is determined using an intelligent measuring system consisting of acceleration sensors, wheel markers connected to a personal computer equipped with a program based on the relation between the acceleration of rail oscillations and the acceleration of individual parts of the bearing, which depends on the presence of defects.EFFECT: it becomes possible to constantly monitor the state of the axle boxes of car wheel sets during the movement of the railway vehicle, and to identify their defects in time.7 dwg

Device for emergency exit from metro car // 2641407
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for emergency exit from a metro car comprises a door installed on the front of the car, a removable ladder (16), and a mechanism for fastening the ladder to the front of the car in its working position. A mechanism for locking and fixing the door is mounted in the door frame. Under the floor of the operator's cab, there is a subframe (17) made flap in the working position and hingedly connected with one end to the body frame (18). The mechanism for fixing the subframe with the ladder comprises a housing fixed to the body frame (18), a handle arranged in the operator's cab floor and connected by a system of links and shafts with a spring-loaded latch, and safety hooks for engaging with the subframe (17). The spring-loaded latch with the possibility of interaction with the subframe (17) and a stopper preventing bringing the subframe (17) in the transport position without the ladder (16) are mounted in the housing.EFFECT: invention improves the device reliability and ensures fast and safe evacuation of passengers in the event of an emergency.5 cl, 8 dwg

Electromagnetic rail brake with pole fastening // 2641400
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: electromagnetic rail brake with pole fastenings comprises of an electromagnet attached to the bogie frame and a switching device. Pole fastenings of rails are made in the form of poles, which are similar to the poles of the electromagnet. Position encoders of the pole fastening are located next to the electromagnet pole and connected to the inputs of the control device through their outputs. The control device output is connected to the input of the switching device connecting the electromagnet coil to the power supply source. A brake force control device output is connected to the other input of the control device. A retainer comprising a pin is attached to the bogie frame near the electromagnet.EFFECT: increasing the reliability and wear resistance of an electromagnetic rail brake.9 dwg

System of safe monitoring and diagnostics of railway automatic control systems // 2641384
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: system of safe monitoring and diagnostics of railway automatic control systems, containing interconnected through Ethernet internal local area network, automated workstations, servers based on industrial electronic computers, is equipped with converters of the automated control system of the MPC and a safe monitoring device, interconnected by a serial data transmission line using diode communication boards.EFFECT: increased reliability and security of the system.4 cl, 2 dwg
Device for range estimation between locomotive and object located on locomotive route // 2641377
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: device includes a locomotive on-board transmitter and an on-site receiver of messages from the locomotive transmitter, an absolute time reading device is placed on the object and on the locomotive. The locomotive on-board transmitter linked with the locomotive absolute time reading device is configured to transmit in each message the absolute sending time values of each message, and the receiver linked with the absolute time reading device at the object is configured to record the absolute receipt time values of each message. Moreover, a computing device linked with the object receiver is installed on the object, the distance between the locomotive and the object is determined in it according to the time of propagation of the radio signal.EFFECT: simplification of range estimation with the exception of the calculation stage of the current train coordinates.1 cl

ethod for improvement of operation stability of registration sensor of wheel passage to ambient temperature effect and traction current rushes and corresponding registration sensor of wheel passage // 2641366
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: sensor of wheel passage uses a circuit for registering the parameters of inductance coil, a temperature sensor and a table, the data from which change the parameters of registration circuit depending on the temperature sensor data so that changing the coil parameters from the temperature effect would not affect the result of registering the wheel pass. The registration circuit uses an autonomous master oscillator and an oscillating circuit, which includes an inductance coil. The values of frequency and amplitude of the curcuit drive current are controlled using said table, which contains current frequency and amplitude control codes that are individual for each sensor instance and which are selected in accordance with the value supplied from the temperature sensor. Wherein as the sensitive element of the temperature sensor, the resistance of the inductance coil to the direct current is used.EFFECT: increase the stability of sensor operation when exposed to thrust current and when exposed to ambient temperature over the entire operating temperature range.6 cl, 1 dwg

Drain device of railway tank // 2641365
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: drain device of a railway tank comprises a cylindrical housing of two connected parts (1, 2), between which a safety ring (4) is mounted. A main shutter (4) with a drive mechanism is installed in the upper housing part, and an additional shutter in the form of a cover with a gasket and a clamping screw is installed in the lower housing part on a rotary bracket (5). The main shutter is mounted on an abutment rod (10) of the drive mechanism with the possibility of free rotation in an open clutch and consists of two valves mounted in series one below the other, the upper of which is a spring poppet valve for closing the upper face of the drain hole, and the valve located under it is a shut-off valve in the form of a truncated cone for closing the flow housing section.EFFECT: invention increases the reliability of the drain device due to preserving its tightness under conditions of external forces acting on it in the event of emergency situations.2 dwg

Wheel train support for wheel train of rail vehicle having bogie supported from inside // 2640935
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: wheel train support for wheel train (2, 3) of a rail vehicle having a bogie supported from the inside comprises the following elements for each side of the wheel train (2, 3): one bearing body (7) which surrounds the wheel train bearing (11) for the wheel train, the wheel train bearing (11) and the bearing body (7) in the assembled state are located between the wheels (3), a torsion spring (1, 12) which serves as an antiroll bar, connected to the bearing bodies (7). The torsion spring (1) is connected to one bearing housing (7) with each of its two ends rigidly, without the help of pulling and pushing rods. In another embodiment, one or more brake discs (9) are attached to the wheel train axle (2). In another embodiment, the bearing housing (7) is pivotally connected to the frame (8) of the bogie through the guide bushing (4) of the wheel train. In another embodiment, the middle portion of the torsion spring (1, 12) is a part of the torque support for the wheel train drive.EFFECT: increased stabilization of the wheel trains during lateral rolling.13 cl, 5 dwg

ethod and system for optimisation of energy consumption in vehicle // 2640919
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle energy consumption optimisation system includes a route calculation device and a speed profile generator. The route calculation device combines the path sections into one route from the initial point to the destination. The speed profile generator, located partly outside the vehicle, uses the vehicle energy consumption model together with the road gradient data corresponding to the specified route to calculate the optimum speed profile. The generator is configured to determine the values of the speed at which the passage of the corresponding sections of the route will occur with the optimum level of energy consumption. To determine the optimum speed profile, the speed profile generator is configured to compare the energy consumption for a plurality of possible speed profile trajectories between the maximum and minimum trajectories. Also, the system comprises a device for adjusting the speed based on the current position of the vehicle and the optimum speed profile.EFFECT: increase energy consumption efficiency.39 cl, 14 dwg

Compressor system and method of compressor system functioning depending on actual state of rail vehicle // 2640681
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: compressor system includes a compressor driven by the electric motor through a drive shaft, a compressed air tank. The electric motor is configured to be adjusted by means of an adjusting device with at least one speed, ranging from a maximum rotation speed to a minimum rotation speed. In the compressed air pipeline, which is upstream of the compressor, a pressure sensor is installed to determine the pressure for the adjusting device. The executive body for continuous control of the rotation speed of the electric motor is located between the power supply device and the electric motor. The adjustment of the executive body is carried out in accordance with the sensor device, which includes a sensor for recording the external boundary condition of the rail vehicle, through the adjusting device.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of the compressor system and reduction of noise in its operation.9 cl, 2 dwg

odule of sliding door/swing-sliding door with console mounting of gear rack actuator // 2640665
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: (1) sliding door/swing-sliding door module for railway vehicle includes the door leaf (21, 22) and longitudinally oriented in the direction of sliding door leaf (21, 22), beam (3) that is installed with the ability to move in a horizontal direction, particularly across its longitudinal extent. The sliding door/swing-sliding door module (1) comprises a linear guide for supporting the door flaps (21, 22), which is fixed to or integrated into the beam (3). Door leaves (21, 22) are moved by a rack actuator. The rack actuator contains a rack (71, 72), only its first end connected to the door leaf (21, 22). The cantilevered end of the rack actuator is meshed with the gear wheel (9) installed in the beam (3).EFFECT: decreasing the weight of the module.15 cl, 7 dwg, 2 tbl

ethod for controlling mechanical stresses of rail bars in presence of magnetic and temperature fields by barkhausen noise method and device for its implementation // 2640492
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: according to the method for controlling mechanical stresses of rail bars in the presence of magnetic and temperature fields by the Barkhausen noise method (BN), the obtained data is visualised in the form of an amplitude graph of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum. By the presence of deviations of the repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum, the presence of the material magnetization in the application area of an attachable sensor for BN recording is determined. The detected magnetization of the material is compensated by creating magnetic field of opposite direction in the measurement area, for which a direct bias current is applied to the excitation coil, reaching the predetermined repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum. The evaluation of the level of mechanical stresses is carried out when a predetermined repetition interval of the harmonic envelopes of the BN spectrum is reached, taking into account the temperature of the control object. A device for implementing the mentioned method is also disclosed.EFFECT: increased reliability of control results, which allows to improve the safety of railway traffic.2 cl, 4 dwg

Anti-vandal lock for rail shoe // 2640385
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: anti-vandal lock for a rail shoe comprises a body in the form of a pipe equipped with an end hole for a key at one side and a shackle in the form of a bracket. The body is equipped with a smaller bracket permanently fastened perpendicularly to the body axis with its vertical part and a larger bracket detachably fastened by a threaded tightening bolt, inserted into the body from an end along the axis. The body at one end is equipped with a head with a shaped head of the tightening bolt arranged therein, and at the opposite end - with a guide slot for the guide key of the larger bracket inserted into the body, in the horizontal part of which an axial threaded blind opening for the tightening bolt is arranged. The tightened brackets fit tightly to both cheeks of the shoe, the fixing flanges of the brackets are located at the edges of the rail head.EFFECT: increasing the reliability of fastening the brake shoe on the rail with preventing the shoe removal.4 dwg

ethod of railway vehicle velocity estimation // 2640313
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention object is a method for estimating the angular velocity of a railway vehicle moving along a track comprising an inertial unit (14) comprising at least one angular velocity sensor, the method comprising the stage of measuring the instantaneous angular velocity issued by the sensor. The method comprises: the stage of determining the angular velocity deviation measured around at least one axis. The velocity deviation is assumed to be equal to the angular velocity measured around this axis when said measured angular velocity is substantially constant for a predetermined time (T); and the stage of calculating the estimated angular velocity by subtracting a previously determined velocity deviation from the measured angular velocity.EFFECT: increasing the accuracy of the angular velocity signal without the use of additional sensors.10 cl, 6 dwg

Protective device for tank-filling fittings of tank wagon // 2640266
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: protective device for tank-filling fittings contains a casing (1) mounted on wheel-rollers which roll along rectilinear guides (4) with inclined sections (4,1). In order to fix the movable box-like casing (1) in the closed position a locking mechanism is provided, to fix in the open position - a stopper is provided. The combination of horizontal and vertical movements of the casing (1) due to the presence of inclined lead-in sections (4,1) on the on the guides (4) ensures firm adherence of the casing (1) to the rectilinear guides (4) when it is positioned above the tank-filling fittings and free casing (1) movement with a clearance to the open position.EFFECT: imprived efficiency of the device usage.8 cl, 11 dwg

odules of the swing-sliding door for the rail vehicle // 2640160
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: swing-sliding door module for railway vehicle contains at least one swing-sliding door and linear guide (3, 4) with the direction of travel swing-sliding door profile rail (3) and installed on it with the ability to move the carriage (4). Swing/sliding door module contains at least one console (6) with a means of attachment for fixing a tilt-and-sliding door, connected with at least one carriage (4) or covered by it, and at least one swivel, allowing the rotation of the tilt-and-sliding door relatively profile rail (3) around aimed horizontally and crosswise to the direction of movement of the axis of rotation and/or vertically directed axis of rotation. At least one articulation is formed by two rolling surfaces, one of which is the surface of the console. The rail vehicle contains a module of a swing-sliding door.EFFECT: invention simplifies the design and improves reliability.13 cl, 11 dwg

Lifting system for installing rolling stock unit on rails // 2639850
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lifting system (20) for installing on rails a rolling stock unit, in particular, a locomotive (1). It comprises a profile beam (15) of the rolling stock unit frame structure, passing at the front end (8) of the rolling stock unit across its longitudinal axis, as a lifting point (16) for the lifting device. In addition, it comprises a gripper (21) lifted and lowered by the lifting device, with two hook-like gripping arms (22), the hook-like profile of which corresponds to the profile beam (15). Wherein the gripping arms (22) are engaged symmetrically with the longitudinal median plane of the rolling stock unit for lifting and lowering the rolling stock unit due to picking up the profile beam (15) from below.EFFECT: as a result, a lifting system has been created to install a rolling stock unit on rails, in which a lifting device positioned frontally in front of the rolling stock unit is attached.7 cl, 3 dwg
Vertical device of spring support for coupling // 2639849
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vertical device of a spring support for coupling comprises a support platform, a bracket, a support rod, a support spring, a wearing replaceable bushing, and a lock nut. The support spring is put on the support rod. The support platform comprises a vertical plate of the support platform and a horizontal plate of the support platform. In the other version for implementing a vertical device of a spring support for coupling, the support platform, the support rod, the support spring and the lock nut are assembled together, forming element II in assembly, and there are two sets of elements II in assembly. Two support rods relating to the two sets of elements II in assembly individually pass through the bracket and are individually arranged on the two bracket ends. Two vertical plates of the support platform relating to the two sets of elements II in assembly are provided on the inner sides of the two horizontal plates of the support platform, respectively.EFFECT: operative adjustment of the coupling height.11 cl, 7 dwg

Housing device for magnetic circuit for electromagnetic or permanent magnet track brake for rail vehicle and electromagnetic or permanent electromagnet rail brake for rail vehicle // 2639830
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: housing device for magnetic circuit for electromagnetic track brake for rail vehicle has the first hole for cable input for the first electrical connecting wire in magnetic circuit. The first axial extension axis of the first hole for cable input is disposed at an acute angle of inclination relative to the main surface of the housing device adjacent to the first hole for cable input. The first cable hole for the cable input is located within the tolerance in the middle of the rail brake.EFFECT: improving the technical characteristics of the device.9 cl, 4 dwg

Device for energy consumption forecasting and method of energy consumption forecasting // 2639713
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: energy consumption forecasting device is provided, comprising: a receiving unit (110), an air resistance calculation unit (140, 150), and an energy consumption forecasting unit (130). The receiving unit (110) is designed to receive road information including the traffic speed information specified for each route. The air resistance calculation unit (140, 150) is designed to calculate the air resistance as the computed air resistance value by the air resistance calculation formula based on the traffic speed information of the planned traffic route and to correct the computed air resistance value so that the air resistance increases, as the traffic speed of the planned traffic route decreases. Air resistance occurs when the vehicle moves along the planned traffic route. The energy consumption forecasting unit (130) is designed to predict the energy consumption of the planned traffic route based on the corrected air resistance value.EFFECT: increase the efficiency of energy consumption forecasting.11 cl, 26 dwg
Drive device for chassis // 2639536
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: drive device comprises a wheel unit (103) defining the axial direction and the radial direction, a first torque transmission device (111) and a second torque transmission device (112). The first torque transmission device is torsionally rigidly connected to the wheel unit and the second torque transmission device is torsionally rigidly connected to the first torque transmission device using the connecting device (114), so that the device becomes coaxial to the axial direction. The wheel unit comprises an end portion (103.1) of the wheel unit, projecting along the wheel axis into the opening (112.1) in the second torque transmission device. The protective unit (115) is located between the end portion of the wheel unit and the second torque transmission device, the protective unit being configured to protect the end portion of the wheel unit from damage by the second torque transmission device in the event of a failure of the connecting device.EFFECT: reducing the volume of repair works in the event of the connecting device failure.15 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle and overpass for it // 2639380
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle is a train made up of ordinary railway freight cars mounted on trolleys with hydrostatic supports. The overpass is a long-length pipe, laid in a ferro concrete tray and filled with water with considerable hydrostatic pressure. To drive and to provide transverse stability of the train a single-lane rail track is used, laid on piles parallel to the carrier pipe.EFFECT: vehicle and an overpass for it have been created, which ensure high bandwidth and efficient operation.4 cl, 2 dwg

Rail vehicle // 2639366
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle comprises a connecting rail car (3) mounted between two cars (1, 2, 11, 12, 13), supporting these cars and installed resting on its own truck (6) with the ability to freely rotate around one rotation axis (T) in the horizontal plane. Between the connecting car and the cars attached to it, a device is unconnected with their trucks is arranged to support horizontal rotation angles (α, β) between them almost equal in value, which comprises a lever mechanism (7) comprising a first rod (8) hingedly connected to one car (1, 11, 12), a second rod (9) hingedly connected to the other car (2, 11, 13), and an idle shaft (10) rotatably mounted on the connecting car (3). The first rod (8) and the second rod (9) are hingedly connected to opposite sides of the rotation axis (A) of the idle shaft at selected distances from the rotation axis (A). The first rod (8) and the second rod (9), as well as the idle shaft (10), are located on one side of the rail vehicle with respect to its longitudinal vertical central plane (B).EFFECT: reducing the car and truck weight, increasing their service life.7 cl, 5 dwg
ethod of thermal processing of moulded parts from low-carbon alloyed steels // 2639082
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the thermal treatment of moulded parts of railway rolling stock in the form of side frames of freight wagon carriages made of 20GL, 20GFL, 20GTL steels. To increase the fatigue strength of the part, reduce the formation of cracks and increase the durability, the cast piece is heated in the temperature range from Ac3 before Ac3+100°C, hold for 60-90 minutes, then move the part in the thermos into the quenching device, in which cooling is carried out in two stages. First, the surface of the part is intensively cooled from the temperature Ac3 for 0.5 s at a speed of 890-1180°C/s to the temperature of the martensitic transformation (Mk) end by volumetric strangulation with a dispersed water-air mixture, and then with jets of water to a temperature of not more than 200°C for 8-10 minutes.EFFECT: reduction of the cooling rate of the most loaded portions of the parts in operation 8-10 times compared with other parts of the product.1 ex

Device for checking wheels of railway rolling stock // 2638891
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in claimed device, a rolling wheel pair of railway rolling stock passes through a space-limited magnetic field, which is formed by means of railway rails by which a corresponding railway vehicle is guided. Between the railway rails (2; 3), there is an electromagnet (4; 5), on which in this case a measuring winding for record magnetic flux changes is arranged. Wherein the railway rails (2; 3) are connected by means of an electromagnet-shaped cross member (6), on which the measuring winding (5) for recording the magnetic flux changes is arranged.EFFECT: possibility to check railway rolling stock wheels in various embodiment versions in a short time, in particular, checking railway rolling stock wheels can be carried out in the motion mode.6 cl, 2 dwg

ethod and system for ensuring railway vehicle movement safety, controller installed on railway vehicle and railway vehicle // 2638356
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in a method for ensuring the movement safety of a railway vehicle with a wheel speed sensor and an acceleration sensor, whose sensitivity axis is parallel to the track, an output value from one or more wheel sensors is received; an output value from one of the acceleration sensors is received; the value of the measured acceleration is determined based on the output value or the output values of one of the acceleration sensors. One or more received output values of a wheel sensor or wheel sensors for controlling a railway vehicle are used, depending on the comparison of one or more of the measured acceleration values with the reference acceleration value.EFFECT: wheel slip is prevented.16 cl, 8 dwg

Determination of rail vehicles location // 2638052
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: in the method, a busy signal is generated by the track idling control device, which indicates that the rail vehicle occupies a rail section controlled by the track idling monitor, as soon as the rail vehicle occupies the rail portion. The busy signal is supplied by the time stamping device with the time stamping means to form a time-referenced busy signal which indicates the time of rail portion occupation, the time-referenced busy signal is transmitted to the guiding device controlling the idle track monitor, the time-referenced busy signal is transmitted by the guiding device further into the rail vehicle, and in the rail vehicle, based on the time-referenced signal, the actual location of the rail vehicle is determined and a location indication is created.EFFECT: simplified location of the rail vehicle.10 cl, 5 dwg

Rail vehicle equipped with equipment for collision protection // 2637846
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: rail vehicle includes a lower frame (2) and an operator cab. An operator console (1) is detachably connected to the lower frame (2) and includes a reinforced frame for sensing and transmitting the longitudinal pressure forces (F1, F2) arising from collision to the lower frame (2).EFFECT: possibility of building rail vehicles protected from collision, without frontal body racks and reinforced sills and possibility of performing work on manufacturing, equipping and preliminary control of the operator console outside the rail vehicle.8 cl, 4 dwg

Rail vehicle with completely submersible coupling device // 2637833
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: rail vehicle comprises a running gear and a vehicle structure supported thereon with a rigid support structure located on the front side of the rail vehicle, and a holder. The support structure has an opening for the coupling device located on the front side. The coupling device for the connection of other rail vehicles passes through the opening. The holder is designed to hold the coupling device on a rail vehicle. The coupling device holder has reversible retaining elements, which are designed to move reciprocally against the direction of travel until the coupling device is completely immersed in the support structure.EFFECT: reduced impact of the coupling device on the vehicle in a collision.12 cl, 2 dwg

Brake assembly for chassis of telpher railway // 2637142
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: brake assembly comprises brake pads, rocking levers, a connecting means, a socket for the connecting means in frame of the brake assembly. The rocking levers affect the brake pads with their upper ends, and are in active contact with the brake spring with their lower ends. The connecting means with the possibility of rotating two rocking levers is made in the form of a cross bar which runs between the two rocking levers, or in the form of connecting brackets of two rocking levers which are connected with each other with the possibility of rotation in one common swivel pad. The rotatable connecting means is displaceable in the socket for connecting means across the running direction of the chassis.EFFECT: compactness of the brake, possibility of compensating the tolerances between parts of the brake pair.12 cl, 9 dwg

Improved braking for railway vehicle // 2637083
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: control device for the braking system comprising the first and second braking devices and is arranged to actuate the second braking device and the device for creating additional force. The control device includes a unit for dispersing particles with increased traction force to convert the increased control force into the braking force. The braking system for the railway vehicle with a first and second traction-dependent brake device and the control device. The first and second braking devices are configured to actuate the control device by means of increased control force. Railway vehicle. Method for controlling the railway vehicle braking system.EFFECT: improved braking due to improved contact between vehicle wheels and the rails.9 cl, 2 dwg

Device for protection against creeping // 2637081
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device (1) for preventing rail vehicles (5) from creeping on each other comprises an energy absorbing element (2) extending in the longitudinal direction, hollow inside, which has a fastening side (3) for fastening on a rail vehicle (5), and a shock side (6) facing away from this fastening side (3), and also a flange (7) with a bump surface (11) fixed to the shock side (6) of the energy absorbing element (2). The flange (7) extends beyond the contour of the energy-absorbing element (2) on its shock side (6) in the vertical direction to form a crossarm (8, 9) projecting beyond the energy-absorbing element (2), which at its free end has a vertical stop (10) projecting from the bump surface (11), wherein means are provided for moving the vertical stop (10) under the action of a shock load in the longitudinal direction.EFFECT: improving the effectiveness of protection against creeping on each other in case of collision of similarly executed, as well as differently executed, rail vehicles.22 cl, 9 dwg

Thermally optimized brake system of railway vehicle // 2637073
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: brake system comprises switching valves in electrical communication with each other and in fluid communication with brake line, blocks of frictional brake in fluid communication with each switching valve and at least one block of electrical brake in electrical communication with each switching valve. If one of the electrical brake blocks is defective, the switching valve in communication with the defective electrical brake block sends a signal to another switching valve to ensure fluid medium under the pressure to the blocks of frictional brake in fluid communication with another switching valve. The switching valves may contain built-in electrical switching valves. The blocks of frictional brake may include blocks of disc brake. Each switching valve may be located between and in fluid communication with the brake line and with main tank line.EFFECT: reduced weight of the brake system.20 cl, 3 dwg

Energy saving mode for railroad alarm system // 2636993
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for railroad alarm system operation, in which the alarm system comprises the first computer and at least one second computer, the first computer causes the security-relevant data of at least one second computer to be stored. And the first computer causes at least one second computer going into an energy-saving mode.EFFECT: possibility of power saving mode of centralization station operation of without reducing the safety of railroad operation.16 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of monitoring technical rail track state // 2636827
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: according to the method for monitoring the rail track, an acoustic signal is transmitted to the rails, the reflected signal is received by acoustic sensors, and the signal is processed by the signal processing system. The track state is judged based on the analysis of the obtained data. A deformation wave is used as the acoustic signal source, occuring in the rail as the rolling stock moves. Reception of reflected signals is carried out continuously in the movement of the composition. Electromagnetic-acoustic transducers are used as acoustic sensors.EFFECT: functionality is extended and the reliability of the rail track monitoring method is increased.3 dwg

Swinging platform, shock absorber and truck // 2636633
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: shock absorber contains the swinging platform and the vibration absorber. The swinging platform has the body (10), in which the mounting cavity (11) for mounting the friction vibration absorber (20) is formed. The first vertical hole (12) is communicated with the mounting cavity. The vibration absorber contains the friction vibration absorber, the horizontal elastic element (30) and the vertical elastic elements (40). The central cam (23) is located in the mounting cavity of the swinging platform. The number of vertical elastic elements are located under the swinging platform. The truck has the side frame (80) and the shock absorber.EFFECT: wear reduction of the friction vibration absorber and the swinging platform, the reduction of truck vibration in the unloaded condition.8 cl, 3 dwg

Device for controlling electric point mechanism // 2636433
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: technical solution includes a switching device, line wires, an auto switch, an electric motor, a monitoring device and a motor control module. The first, second, third and fourth inputs of the device are the first, second, third and fourth inputs of the motor control module, the fifth input of the device is the first input of the switching device, the first, second and third outputs of the motor control module connected to the second, third and fourth inputs of the switching device, the first, second and third outputs of the switching device through the line wires are connected to the first, second and third inputs of the auto switch, the fourth, fifth and sixth outputs of the switching device are connected to the first, second and third inputs of the monitoring device, the first and second outputs of the device are the first and second outputs of the monitoring device.EFFECT: increase reliability of the electric point mechanism.1 dwg