Of differential gearing (B60K17/16)

Chain differential // 2640158
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: chain differential contains a driven sprocket having tides in whose holes the axes are mounted. On the axis of the satellite sprockets, the left satellite sprocket is rotatably mounted on one side of the driven sprocket, and the right satellite sprocket- on the other side. The left satellite sprocket through the first chain drive interacts through two auxiliary sprockets, the centers of which are located on the same horizontal line and at equal distance L from a vertical line passing through the center of the driven sprocket and the driving sprocket of the left semi-axis. Chain dampers are rigidly fixed opposite to each other, between the axes of the left satellite and auxiliary sprockets outside the first chain drive, on the driven sprocket. On the opposite side of the driven sprocket on the axis of satellite sprocket, with the possibility of rotation, the right satellite sprocket is installed, which interacts through the second chain drive with the driving sprocket of the right semi-axis, between which two chain dampers are rigidly fixed on the driven sprocket outside the second chain drive opposite to each other, while a counterbalance is rigidly fixed on a vertical axis on the right satellite and driving sprocket at a distance R from the center of the driven sprocket.EFFECT: simplifying the design of the differential and improving the manufacturing process.3 dwg
ethod and device for vehicle differential brake // 2614374
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to automotive industry, in particular, to vehicles transmissions. Method of vehicle transmission using for control over drive torque distribution on two drive wheels by means of differential gear. Coupling is supplied with preparatory hydraulic pressure, having value, providing coupling discs actuation in contact with each other. Preparatory hydraulic pressure is supplied in cases, in which coupling control effect fast prediction is possible. Vehicle transmission comprises differential drive for torque distribution on two drive wheels and differential brake with hydraulically controlled coupling with increased internal resistance. Additionally there is response system for control over said hydraulic pressure supply to coupling.EFFECT: enabling reduced differential brake response time to motion conditions change due to supply of small preparatory hydraulic pressure to coupling.2 cl, 3 dwg

Lead-through main gear // 2596638
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a lead-through main gear for use in multi-axle vehicles. Lead-through main gear comprises crankcase (1) of the reduction gear, interwheel differential gear (11), driving flange (2) connected with an interaxle differential, which is located coaxially with drive gear (3) of the main gear. One of differential gears (7) of the interaxle differential is engaged with drive gear (3) of the main gear. Other one - with driven gear (8) of lead-through shaft (9). Driving flange (2) is located coaxially with the interaxle differential.EFFECT: provided is higher operating life of the main gear.1 cl, 1 dwg

Drive axle reduction gear for motor vehicle // 2578519
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: reduction gear (I) of drive axle comprises case (10) of reducer, which holds drive gear (40) and driven gear (50) to transmit rotary motion to drive axles (Y1, Y2) of vehicle. For said purpose there are two bearing (62, 64), one on each side of idler (50) and central line (X) of drive gear, with differential arranged between said bearings (62, 64). Bearing (64) located beyond driven gear (50) and central line (X) of drive gear contains located around whole socket (30) of bearing containing section stretching in circumferential direction, which protrudes over drive gear (40) to central line (X) of last in configuration, which partially overlaps drive gear (40). Invention also relates to a vehicle.EFFECT: transmission of high torques.5 cl, 7 dwg

Drive of the gearbox // 2577754
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention is intended for use in vehicles, particularly in trucks and buses. Drive main gear comprises gearbox. Gearbox are primary and secondary shafts (1, 2) assembly with gears and synchronizers and drive gear (3) main gear, interwheel differential (4), engaged with drive gear (3) via final drive driven gear, primary and secondary shafts (1, 2) are aligned. Drive gear (3) main gear is installed on additional shaft (5) located in parallel to primary shaft (1). Gearbox is equipped with interaxle differential (6) connected with secondary shaft (2) through a pair of drive gears (9) and located coaxially to shaft (5).EFFECT: intention ensures compact arrangement drive main gears.9 cl, 2 dwg

Self-locking differential with magnetic liquid // 2555574
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport engineering and can be used in cross-country vehicles. Self-locking differential with magnetic liquid includes two cups of differential compensating case, two differential axles, two differential gears, four pinion gears. The differential gears consist of gear with friction pads and gears with magnetic liquid, where gear with friction pads is made with external and internal toothing, the external toothing has the same profile and teeth number as gear with magnetic liquid, herewith, gear with magnetic liquid has axial offset from axis of differential axles in unlocked state.EFFECT: perfected design.4 dwg

Freewheel self-locking differential // 2523721
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, specifically to differential gears of wheeled tractor front driving axles, as well as can be used as differential for wheeled vehicles and other transport means. Freewheel self-locking differential represents double-acting coupled ratchet free-wheel clutch installed on bearings in axle body. It contains differential housing with driven gear (3) of central gear group. In the borings of the housing, ratchets (5) and spring-loaded axes (7) with catches (8) installed on them are mounted. The axes have on their each butt end one main eccentric projection (A), interacting with stationary disc (10) installed in axle body, and one additional projection (B) located diametrically opposite to the main projection. In the axle body there is additional disc (12) installed being able to move in axial direction by means of guides (11) and to act on additional projections.EFFECT: invention has possibility of forced locking differential ratchet mechanisms and switching on front wheels during braking.5 dwg

Automotive wheel or axle drive differential mechanism // 2520224
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: differential mechanism comprises crankcase (1), main gear, simple differential gear, planetary gearbox and friction control clutch. Main gear consists of drive gear (2) and driven gear (3). Driven gear (3) is composed by planet carrier (4) wherein fitted is said simple differential including planet gears (6, 7). Every planet gear (6, 7) is engaged via shaft (15) with planet gear (9) engaged with epicycle (16) and sun gear (8). Every friction control clutch (10, 11) is composed by the set of clutches. Inner drive drum (13) of friction clutch (10) is rigidly engaged with epicycle (16). Inner drive drum (12) of friction clutch (11) is engaged via hollow shaft (17) with sun gear (8). Every outer drum (14) is composed of a unit shared by gears of every planetary gearbox and fitted on fight or left output shaft of differential mechanism.EFFECT: redistribution of torques at output shafts ratio defined by vehicle running conditions.4 cl, 2 dwg

Automotive brake system and method of braking // 2500556
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Vehicle comprises set of wheels mounted at the frame. Every wheel is engaged with engine to drive the vehicle. Self-locking differential gear is supported by the frame. First and second half-axles are engaged with said self-locking differential gear. First half-axle supports first wheel of aforesaid set. Second half-axle supports second wheel of aforesaid set. Brake is engaged with self-locking differential gear. Said brake selectively applies braking force to said first and second wheels via one part of self-locking differential gear to reduce vehicle speed. When said brake is engaged, control unit selectively increases engagement of self-locking differential gear in response to difference in rpm of said first and second wheels exceeding the first preset rpm. Invention covers also the method of vehicle control.EFFECT: better braking, minimised and well-centered vehicle weight.15 cl, 18 dwg

Automotive union main gear // 2472646
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building and may be used in transport facilities. Proposed main gear comprises drive conical gear 1 running in conical bearings 2, 3 fitted in sleeve 4. Sleeve 4 is elongated radially and secured in reduction gear case 5 by bolts 6 via shims 7. Driven spur gear 8 is fitted on splined shank of gear 1. Master differential has solid cup 10 accommodating differential pinions 11 running on spider 12 splined onto drive shaft 13. Half-axle gears 14, 15 are engaged with differential pinions 11. Gear 14 is made integral with drive sour gear 16. Gear 15 runs in conical bearing 17 fitted in elongated part of sleeve 4.EFFECT: simplified assembly of main gear.1 dwg

Double-range final drive // 2432267
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wheeled vehicles. Proposed final drive comprises reduction gear case 1 and cover 2 with crown gear wheel 3 engaged via threaded elements 4. Case element axial zone has rolling bearing seats. Drive shaft runs in said bearings. Said drive shaft is made up of input shaft 5 and output shaft 6 whereon flange 9 is splined. Sun gear 12 is mounted at input shaft center while forward and underdrive gear throw-in clutch 13 with synchro unit 14 is fitted nearby output shaft end. Internal end of output shaft 6 supports three-pin pinion frame 18, its pins supporting pinions 18 running in bearings 17. Underdrive gear throw-in clutch 19 with synchro unit 20 is fitted at output shaft center.EFFECT: longer life of planetary reduction gear, higher traction on drive wheels.4 cl, 2 dwg

Differential // 2429143
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: differential consists of power elements, of devices for locking and unlocking kinematic link between power elements and of lock members. As power elements there are used worms and worm gears forming self-braking worm pairs. As devices for locking and unlocking kinematic link between power element there are used controlled gear drives of worms from output shafts. The gear drives have similar gear ratios with worm pairs.EFFECT: raised reliability of differential.2 dwg

Converter of gear ratio // 2385433
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: converter of gear ratio of transmission consists of planetary differential with driving carrier (2) and two central gears (5, 6) different in diametre. One of central gears (5) transfers rotation to output shaft (7). Second central gear (6) transfers rotation via reducer (8) shifting direction of rotation and friction clutch (9), driven disk of which is rigidly coupled with the output shaft, also to output shaft (7). Both central gears rotate the output shaft in one direction, but have different speed of rotation. Difference of rotation speed is compensated with the friction clutch also distributing load between arms of the differential.EFFECT: decreased losses and simplification of design.3 cl, 1 dwg

Control method of differentials of multi-driving wheeled machines // 2377142
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building field, particularly to control methods of differentials' blocking of multi-driving wheeled machines. Control method of differential' blocking of multi-driving wheeled machines consists in interlocking of interaxle differentials for particular intervals at achievement of threshold valuation of miscoordinations of kinematic parametres of connected by them driving wheels and deblocking of differentials. Additionally deblocking of interaxle differentials is implemented at achievement of miscoordinations of kinematic parametres of driving wheels lower the values, defined by formula.EFFECT: there is achieved effectiveness increase of running system and tractive properties of wheeled machine.6 dwg

Controllable interwheel (interaxial) differential // 2376515
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automobile production field, and also transportation equipment. Controllable interwheel (interaxial) differential contains casing (1), in which there are located input shaft (2) with toothed wheel (3), intermediate shaft (4), output shafts (7,8), controlling drive, shaft (5) of controlling drive with toothed wheel (6), lock-up clutch, shaft (9) of blocking mechanism with bevel gear (10), installed on inetrmidiate shaft (4) follower gear (11) of main drive and transmission toothed wheels (12, 13), connected to follower gear of main gear, two symmetric cycloidal reducer (CR), drive pinions (14, 15) of which are implemented at one with driving heliac wheels of these CR and are installed on controlling shafts. Intermediate bodies of revolution consists of duplex in pairs satellites (26, 27), which are installed on eccentrics (22, 23) controlling shafts and connected to each other by means of conical enveloping toothed wheels (24, 25), blocking toothed wheel and control drive (8). In the second version of implementation of controllable inter-wheel (inter-axial) differential it is used one control shaft, on which there are installed stages of front and back CR.EFFECT: invention provides improvement of passability and steerability of vehicle.3 cl, 2 dwg

Device for automatic hydraulic blocking of differential // 2376514
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to machine building, particularly to lock engines of differential. Mechanism of automatic blocking of differential consists of hydraulic pump with toothed wheels, two valves, isolated in open condition by springs and intermediate shafts with intermediate toothed wheels. Mechanism of hydraulic blocking of differential is in the space between differential pinion and axle shaft gear and is enclosed into case. Toothed wheels of hydraulic pump are blocked with two intermediate toothed wheels, which are engaged with other couple of intermediate toothed wheels. Intermediate toothed wheels are blocked to differential pinions. Casing is filled by working liquid for major part of its volume and by its journal bears on two bearings, compressed into semi-axial toothed wheels.EFFECT: increasing of mechanism durability and providing of blocking of differential at growing of difference between number of revolutions of wheels.3 dwg

ethod of controlling differentials of multi-drive wheeled vehicles // 2361752
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of controlling multi-drive vehicle differentials consists in locking differentials for preset time intervals, on reaching threshold values of mismatch in cinematic parametres of driving wheels, and in unlocking differentials at expiry of aforesaid time intervals, or on reaching threshold values of controllability ratio. Note here that, in locking differentials of the first drive axle and bogie, differentials of the second and next driving axles and bogie are locked at expiry of certain time intervals, not exceeding the ratio of distance from the first to second and subsequent driving axles and bogie to the speed of multi-drive wheeled vehicle.EFFECT: increased efficiency of multi-drive wheeled vehicle running gear in adverse weather and road holding conditions.6 dwg

Wheeled vehicle differential gear // 2347123
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicles, in particular to self-locking differential gears and can be used in both transfer box and wheel gears. The propose vehicle differential gear comprises the housing, final drive, differential gear housing with half shaft gears and cams fitted therein. The said half shaft gears are in mesh with differential pinions. The said cams are helically-cammed with half shaft gears to get in contact with the push rods furnished with rollers. The thrust bearing is fixed on the reduction gear housing, the bearing movable race features a cam-like surface to interact with push rod rollers. The bearing cage inner surface features helical grooves or a diametral bore with through holes. The coupling holds the cage down to the thrust bearing fixed race with the help of plate spring.EFFECT: mechanical control over differential gear capable of distinguishing between slipping and normal operating conditions.9 dwg

Through hypoid final drive // 2345910
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: through hypoid final drive contains crank case (1) of reduction gear, drive collar (2) installed on drive shaft (3) and connected with center differential via gearing. Driving gear (4) is installed on drive shaft (3) and it is connected with driven gear (18) made as one whole with center differential cup (11). One semi-axle pinion (22) of centre differential is connected with driving hypoid gear (7) installed on tapered bearings (5) and (6). Other semi-axle pinion (21) of centre differential is connected with through shaft (25) of rear final drive horizontal axis of which is located below inter-wheel differential gear (26) axis via gearing. Driving gear (15) of gearing is connected with semi-axle pinion (21) and it is installed on bearings (16) and (17). Driven gear (23) is connected with through shaft (25) of rear final drive.EFFECT: increase of service life of cardan shaft connecting through hypoid final drive with gear-box, increase of service life of hypoid drive.2 cl, 3 dwg

Bevel gear // 2341385
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: bevel gear contains casing (1) with opposite axle shaft gears (2, 3) axis of channel whereof forms acute angle with casing rotation axis of channel. On differential pinion axis (6) collets (10) are installed capable of shift along axis. Pinions (4, 5) engage with collets and penetrating into narrowed zone located between axle shaft gears are seized transmitting torque to stopped axle shaft gear and stopping slippage.EFFECT: increase of bevel gear slippage properties.5 dwg

Drive axle of all-wheel-drive vehicle // 2340820
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to transportation equipment. Drive axle (1) includes crankcase (2) where main bevel gearing (3) with input shaft (5), drive gear (4) and driven gear (6) are located. Driven gear may be installed on one of mounting seats (27) or on casing (7) of symmetrical planetary differential (9) connected by sun gear (17) and carrier (12) with respective shafts (18) and (19) of wheel drives. Drive axle (1) of all-wheel-drive vehicle is made with control device (20) for differential (9) connected with carrier (12) and casing (7) of differential (9). Axles (13) are fixed in carrier (12) to avoid rotation and axis shift by check plates (36) in slots (37) of axles (13) of planetary rollers (14), (15) and in grooves (38) of part (11) of carrier (12) made as a lid.EFFECT: simplification of construction design and enhancement of device reliability.8 cl, 9 dwg

otor vehicle engine rpm controller with converter of transmission gear ratio depending upon output shaft load // 2333405
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to motor industry. The rpm controller represents a device incorporating a planetary differential gear with driving spider (2) and two various-diameter gear wheels (5, 12). Central gear wheel (5) runs opposite to the running spider (2) to transmit engine power to output shaft (6) via the reduction gear that changes the direction of rotation. Central gear wheel (12) runs in the same direction with spider (2) to transmit rotary motion to output shaft (6) via friction clutch (13). Adjusting actuator with a controlled signal, a function of the engine shaft rpm, varies the rotary motion transmission ratio and allows accelerating or decelerating output shaft (6) along with changing the transmission ratio from its maximum to zero.EFFECT: automatic adjustment of the engine rpm with variation of transmission ratio in transient behavior.1 dwg

Wheel planetary gearbox // 2325287
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: wheel planetary gearbox consists of driving bevel gear (1), installed at semi-axis (2), driven bevel gear (3), installed at the axle splines (4), cone satellites (5), installed at cross pins (6). Pins (6) are installed in the mating holes of internal body (7) and external body (8). Bodies (7, 8) are mutually connected by bolts (9). A deepening for thin-wall sleeve (10) is provided at the bodies' mating location, at bodies' external surface. Sleeve (10) is installed flush to the external surface of bodies. Circular grooves are made in the deepenings of bodies (7, 8) from different side of cross pins (6). O-rings (11) are installed in the circular grooves. The internal surface of thin-wall sleeve (10) interacts with O-rings (11).EFFECT: simplification of sealing of mated surfaces of internal and external bodies; maintaining the overall dimensions of gearbox; ensuring sufficient strength the tho gearbox.1 dwg

Self-blocking differential of vehicle // 2324607
FIELD: mechanic.SUBSTANCE: the self-blocking differential contains a power-driven shell with lids, in which half shaft elements are placed coaxially and connected with the half shaft. The half shaft elements, on their external surface, have spiral grooves with a semi-circular cross-section, the direction of which is reverse to that of the spiral, rolling elements (balls) filling the closed channels in the power-driven shell, in chains. The closed channels contain working grooves open for inserting ball segments into the spiral grooves. The longitudinal bypass channels and the side return channels are formed by slots in the lids and cuts around the perimeter of the distribution washers installed on the half shaft elements. The distribution washers have a diameter equal to the working groove dimension.EFFECT: increases reliability of self-blocking differential.2 cl, 1 dwg

Self-blocking differential of vehicle // 2324606
FIELD: mechanic.SUBSTANCE: the self-blocking differential contains a power-driven shell with lids, in which half shaft elements are placed coaxially and connected with the half shaft. The half shaft elements, on their upper surface, have spiral channels running in a direction opposite the spiral, odd number of rolling elements (balls), one closed channel containing a working groove open for inserting ball segments into the spiral channels of the half shaft elements; a longitudinal return channel with dimensions equal to the ball diameter, connected by intermediate channels made in the lids of the power-driven shell. The outside surface of the intermediate channels in the longitudinal section has a radius equal to 1.25 diameters of the ball; and their wall, at the outlet to the zone of connection to the return channel, contains a straight section. In the lids, a slot with dimensions equal to those of the working groove is made for placement of spiral channels of the half shaft elements in the intermediate channels area.EFFECT: increased reliability of self-blocking differential.4 cl, 2 dwg

Two-speed final drive of axle // 2321504
FIELD: transport engineering; mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: planetary gear driven in two-speed final drive of axle is installed in drive pinion case. Ring gear 23 is mounted on hub 24 made integral with clutch member 26 for rotation relate to hub 10 of carrier and is made for connection by clutch 27 with clutch member 32 belonging to case 14. Carrier hub 10 is constantly coupled by connecting clutch 8 with driven shaft and it is arranged coaxially to drive and driven shafts. Connecting clutch 8 has external teeth 9 engaging with teeth of clutch 27 connecting driven and drive shafts with ring gear hub. Drive shaft 15 is installed on additional bearing 17 fitted in bore 18 of driven shaft 3. Hub 24 ring gear with clutch member 26 is installed on bearing resting on carrier hub.EFFECT: slowed down speeds, increased cross-country capacity of vehicle.3 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle self-locking differential // 2321503
FIELD: transport engineering; vehicle transmissions.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in differential drives of vehicles with possibility of automatic wheel locking. Proposed self-locking differential of vehicle contains drive case accommodating axle-shaft members coupled with axle shafts and provided on outer surface semi-round in cross section screw grooves of opposite hand of helix, solids of revolution in form of balls filling, in chain, closed channels made in drive case and containing working grooves opened to dip ball segments into screws of axle-shaft members, longitudinal bypass channels and side return channels. Inner part of case consists of three parts. On extreme parts working grooves are made with opposite direction of helix relative to each other and to screw grooves of axle-shaft members. Middle part is made with width not exceeding diameter of balls and is furnished with through axial holes corresponding to size of diameter of balls. Angle of tilting of working and screw grooves to longitudinal axis is 74-76°. Side return channels in longitudinal section are made with sizes steplessly increasing from diameter of ball on ends of channels to 1.5 diameter of ball in central part of channels. Longitudinal bypass channels in cross section are made to size of diameter of ball, and inner side of channels is made at angle of 1-2° to center of bypass channel, with stepless transition in place of connection.EFFECT: improved reliability and efficiency of locking.4 cl, 3 dwg

Vehicle self-locking differential // 2319875
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used in differential drives of wheeled vehicles made for automatic locking of wheels. Proposed self-locking differential of vehicle contains drive case 1 accommodating axle shaft-members 4, 5 arranged coaxially to each other and coupled with axle-shafts 2, 3. Said axle-shaft members are provided with helical grooves 6, 7 on outer surface with opposite hand of helix, solids of revolution in form of balls 8 filling in line at least one closed channel 10 made in drive case. Part of said channel is opened to dip segments of balls into helical grooves. Closed channel 10 is made rectangular in longitudinal section, with rounded off outer angles 12. Cross section of legs of rectangular closed channel is equal to diameter of balls 8. Number of balls in channel is odd.EFFECT: simplified design of differential, reduced overall dimensions, increased manufacturability, strength and efficiency at self-locking.4 dwg

ethod to control slipping of vehicle driving wheels and device to lock vehicle differential // 2307035
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle transmission and brake system control mechanisms. According to proposed method of driving wheel slip control, center differential is locked by acting onto brakes of driving wheels and (or) changing engine torque at moment of beginning of decreasing of torque transmitted to slipping wheels accompanied by reduction of wheel rolling radius. For this purpose, differential locking device contains hydraulic lock clutch, brush unit 5, high voltage unit 6 and control system including control unit 7 and angular velocity pickup 8, torque pickup 9, linear speed pickup 10 and steering wheel turning angle pickup 11 interconnected by electric circuits. Electrorheologic liquid is used as working liquid. Clutch members are isolated from each other.EFFECT: improved efficiency of driving wheel slipping control and operation of differential locking control system.3 cl, 1 dwg

Driving axle reduction gear // 2304526
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed driving axle reduction gear without externally controlled lock mechanism includes complex final drive with under drive and differential. Drive installed between each output gear of differential and wheel is made as overdrive, i.e. increasing speed of rotation of driving axle transmitted from differential to wheel.EFFECT: increased cross-country capacity of vehicle.2 dwg

Vehicle positive locking differential // 2304243
FIELD: mechanical engineering; vehicle transmissions.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential contains case 1, side gears 2, and 3, planet pinions and locking device. Locking devices is made in form of ring shifter 7 connected with drive 8, pushers 10 arranged inside axles 9 of planet pinions, intermediate members and locking members. Differential includes also elastic stop, and spring inserts 17 and 18 placed between case 1 and rear surfaces 20 and 21 of side gears 2 and 3. Grooves are made on end face front surfaces of side gears 2 and 3. Said grooves have wavy profile corresponding to profile of locking members, and number of radial grooves is even.EFFECT: prevention of failure of differential lock caused by wedging of locking members between side gears, and falling out of locking members at unlocking, provision of stepless row of values of locking coefficient.5 cl, 6 dwg

Vehicle differential lock mechanism // 2303537
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used to increase cross-country capacity and stability of vehicle at braking. Proposed differential lock mechanism contains locking device in form of friction mechanism including two members 1 and 2. Friction mechanism consists of pack of friction disk 3 and steel disks 4, two control pistons 7, air feed head 8 with union 9. Members 1, 2 of clocking device are connected by pairs of gears 10, 11, 12, 13 with axle-shafts 14, 15. Device is furnished additionally with air fed control system consisting of angular velocity pickups 16, 17, electronic control unit 18, electromagnetic control valve 19, relief valve 20, change-over switch 21, connecting air lines and electric wires.EFFECT: increased cross-country capacity and stability of vehicle.2 dwg

Automatically locking equalizing differential // 2299372
FIELD: automotive industry.SUBSTANCE: automatically locking equalizing differential comprises housing made of two members, speeder interposed between the members of the housing, and four satellites mounted on the pins of the speeder. The satellites are connected with two conical pinions mounted on the cylindrical bushings. The cylindrical bushings cooperates with the semiaxles by means of inner slots. The semiaxles are connected with the locking disk and centering springs by means of screw.EFFECT: enhanced off-road capability.2 dwg

Track vehicle transmission // 2297926
FIELD: transport engineering; mechanical and hydromechanical transmissions of track vehicles with reduction gear type steering gears.SUBSTANCE: proposed transmission of track vehicle has nonreversible gearbox 1 whose input shaft 2 is coupled with driving gear 3 of final drive 4. Driven gear 5 of final drive 4 is rigidly and coaxially installed on driving drum 6 of steering gear, being in constant meshing with driving gear 3. Four planetary three-member mechanisms are coaxially installed driving drum 6. Two similar internal planetary mechanisms with single-rim planet pinions include sun gears 7 and 8, carriers 9 and 10 and epicyclical gears 11 and 12. Carrier 9 and epicyclical gear 12 are interconnected and connected with driven shaft 13 of steering mechanism. Carrier 10 and epicyclical gear 11 are interconnected and are connected with driven shaft 14 of steering mechanism. Two similar external planetary mechanisms with two-rim planet pinions include sun gears 15 and 16, carriers 17 and 18 and epicyclical gears 19 and 20. sun gears 7 and 15 are rigidly interconnected and are connected with driving drum 6 by means of controlled friction clutch 21. Sun gears 8 and 16 are rigidly interconnected and are connected with driving drum 6 by means of controlled friction clutch 22. Sun gears 7 and 15 are furnished with controlled steering brake 23, and sun gears 8 and 16 are furnished with controlled steering brake 24. carriers 17 and 18 of external planetary mechanisms are provided with two support brakes 25 and 26. Epicyclical gears 19 and 20 of external planetary mechanisms are rigidly and coaxially secured on driving drum 6. Driven shafts 13 and 14 of steering gear are furnished with stop brakes 27 and 28 and are connected with driving wheels 31 and 32 of vehicle through track reduction units 29 and 30.EFFECT: possibility of turning in any direction at minimum radius, simplified design of gearbox, provision of complete reversing.1 dwg

Track vehicle transmission // 2297925
FIELD: transport engineering; mechanical and hydromechanical transmissions of track vehicles.SUBSTANCE: proposed transmission includes gearbox 1 connected by shaft 2 with final drive 3. Driving gear 4 of final drive 3 fitted on shaft 2 is in constant meshing with driven gear 5 of final drive and driving gear 6 of additional gear drive 7. Driving gear 6 installed for rotation on shaft 2 is in constant meshing with driven gear 8 of additional driven 7. Final drive 3 and additional drive 7 have gear ratios of equal value and sign. Driven gear 5 of final drive 3 is coaxially secured on differential carrier 9, and driven gear 8 is coaxially secured on central gear 10 of differential. Driving gears 4, 6, respectively, of final driven 3 and additional driven 7 are furnished with two two-position controlled clutches 11 and 12. Clutch 11 in right-hand position connected, and in left-hand position disconnects driving gear 4 and driven shaft 2. Clutch 12 in right-hand position disconnects and in left-hand position connects driving gear 6 with drive shaft 2. Transmission with steering gear depicted in Fig. 1 is provided with second central gear 13 in three-member differential and several groups of air planet pinions 14 installed on carrier 9. Gears 10 13 are provided with brakes 15, 16 and they connected by means of driven shafts 17 and 18 of steering gear with driving wheels 12, 22 of vehicle through track reduction units 19, 20. Transmission depicted on Fig. 2 is provided with second central gear 13 in five-member differential, brakes 15, 16 being stop and turn brakes, two central gears 23, 24 connected by means of driven shafts 17, 18 of track reduction units 19 20 with driving wheels 21, 22 of vehicle and several groups of two-rim planet pinions 14 installed on carrier 9.EFFECT: provision of turning in any direction at minimum radius and reliable parking braking.2 dwg

Angle gear drive // 2281862
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used at designing of angle gear drives of drive axles with rigid suspension of wheels, for instance, buses or trolleybuses. Proposed angle gear drive has case 1 with oil reservoir. Driving wheel 7 is installed bearings inside cup 10 rigidly coupled with body. Cover 18 with sealing member 19 is secured on flange of cup 10. Oil deflector 11 is installed between bearings of driving wheel 7 oil collector is made in form of space 14 on inner surface of body 2 and is coupled with through holes in cup 10. Oil holes 21 are symmetrical relative to horizontal plane passing through axle of driving wheel 7 at distance not exceeding inner radius of outer race of front bearing 9 of driving wheel 7.EFFECT: increased service life of bearing units of drive axle angle drive driving wheel and enlarged operating capabilities.3 dwg

Vehicle driving axle // 2280568
FIELD: transport and agricultural engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed driving axle has housing, drive shaft, final drive in form of drive pinion and driven gear, differential case central hole fitted on bearings in housing and rigidly connected with driven gear, two driven shafts with screw thread, member movably connecting driven shafts by meshing with screw thread through solids of revolution and passing through central hole of differential case coaxially with case for axial displacement in said hole, and springs. Cavities, for instance, semi-spherical ones, are made in central cylindrical hole of differential case. Connecting member is made in form of cylindrical bushing on outer surface of which longitudinal grooves are made, for instance, with semispherical bottom, parallel to its axis, and on ends of inner surface cavities are made, for instance, semispherical ones. Ends of driven shafts from side of differential case are provided with outer thread and are installed in bushing for rotation. Bushing can be displacement both relative to differential case by means of solids of revolution, for instance, balls installed by one half in cavities of inner cylindrical surface of differential case and by other half, in longitudinal outer grooves of bushing and relative to driven shafts, by means of solids of revolution, for instance, balls installed in cavities of bushing and contacting with thread of driven shafts. Driven shafts are provided with stops to limit travel of bushing along driven shaft made, for instance, in form of beads on shafts and coil springs placed between beads and end faces of bushing. Cavities are made on end faces of driven shafts arranged inside differential case in which solids of revolution, for instance, balls are fitted.EFFECT: simplified design, operation and repair of driving axle improved efficiency of its operation.3 cl, 3 dwg

Self-controlled automatic clutch // 2276294
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed self-controlled automatic clutch has two outer clutch members and one inner clutch member with two rows of sprockets, locking disk with projections and cups for springs arranged between sprockets and installed for displacement through definite angle relative to inner clutch member, springs and rollers arranged in pairs in wedge-like slots formed between outer clutch member and sprockets. Rollers of one row are installed for engagement with rollers of other row through locking disk to change functions of driving and driven clutch members depending on direction of load. Invention provides distribution of torque between driving axles and driving wheels allowing different rpms of wheels at cornering and when running along rough roads and instantaneous locking and releasing of axles and wheels without assistance of driver.EFFECT: increased cross country capacity of automobile and stability against skidding.2 dwg

Cam-conical differential // 2274788
FIELD: transport mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: cam-conical differential comprises housing (1), pinion (2) of the differential, carrier (3) with conical satellites (4), two conical differential gears (5), and two braking mechanisms (6). Braking mechanisms (6) are composed of two cylinders (7) and (8). One face of cylinders (7) and (8) has three expansion cams (9), and the other face is flat. Three stop projections (10) are made over periphery of the cylinders of braking mechanisms (6). The cylinders arrest angular rotation and are arranged at an angle of 120° over the periphery of the cylinder. Cylinder (7) of each braking mechanism (6) is rigidly connected with housing (1) of the differential. The smooth face of second cylinder (8) is provided with friction coating (11) that slides over the rim of the differential gear. The expansion cams of the cylinders face each other.EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.2 dwg

Road vehicle antilock system // 2271284
FIELD: mechanical engineering; road vehicles.SUBSTANCE: propose antilock system contains control device, remote controlled engine, transmission with driving wheels including clutch, gearbox, propeller shaft, final and differential drives, and vehicle wheels furnished with tachometers. Transmission contains at least two pairs of driving wheels. Gearbox is remote controlled by control device. Interaxle differential is connected to gearbox. Final and differential drives of all driving pairs of wheels remote controlled by control device are connected to interaxle differential, and steerable pairs of wheels are furnished with wheel angular position pickup connected to control device. Control device is made for setting additional pairs of wheels into active state in case of slipping or locking of one of wheels belonging to active pair.EFFECT: possibility of regeneration of braking energy, increased cross-country capacity of vehicle, possibility of changing over of driving pairs of wheels of vehicle.1 dwg

Wheel with "canting" center of rotation // 2268165
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed wheel has rim of regular shape and center of rotation. To drive the wheel, planetary reduction gear is fitted in wheel rim whose drive gear is planet pinion installed on driving "floating shaft whose axis, taking weight of vehicle applied to wheel, executes complex movement relative to axis of wheel rotation making it possible to: 1) spread projections of axis of rotation (being simultaneously point/line of support) of wheel and point of application of vehicle weight P to wheel on horizontal surface by some distance L; 2) change position of projection of point P on vertical; plane by some height h and provide constantly acting "canting" torque PL on wheel creating effect of eccentric wheel at wheel circumference remaining unchanged and eliminating cyclic loads.EFFECT: improved cross-country capacity of vehicle, its steerability, efficiency of wheeled propulsor, simplified design.1 dwg

Differential for vehicle // 2266448
FIELD: transport mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: differential comprises housing (1) with spider (2) and satellites (3), differential gears (4) and (5), locking hydraulic clutch, planet gear, and control system. The locking hydraulic clutch has housing (6) provided with driving friction disks (7) and driven friction disks (8) connected with housing (1). The control system comprises control unit (14), electric motor (15), pickups (16) of angular velocity, pickups (17) of torque, pickups (18) of linear velocity, and pickups (19) of angle of rotation of the steering wheel. The planet gear has carrier (12) provided with two rows of satellites (10) and (11), solar gear (13), and epicycloid gear (9). Solar gear (13) is connected with one of the differential gears (9), carrier (12) is connected with electric motor (15), and epicycloid gear (9) is connected with housing (6).EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.1 dwg

Latching differential of a wheel transport carrier // 2265766
FIELD: the invention refers to transport machinery.SUBSTANCE: latching differential has a differential gear 4, a blocker and a control device. The control device has a scheme of measuring and comparison and sensors of a wheels angular speed in the shape of tachometers 11 and 12, kinematically connected with half-axles 9 and 10. The scheme of measuring and comparison includes differential links 13 and 14 and summing units 15 and 16 of angular accelerations, and an electro-chain of connection to a servo-motor 22 has intensifiers 19 and 20 and a relay of time 21. Differential links 13 and 14 are electrically connected with the sensors of wheels angular speeds. The differential realizes automatic blocking only at skidding of any driving wheel and does not react to other exterior disturbing influences. The control device works on the principle of comparison of an angular speeding up of a skidding wheel with given critical meaning equal to maximum possible speeding up at which skidding is still impossible.EFFECT: decreasing of dynamic loads on transmission and drive and increasing reliability and longevity of a vehicle.1 dwg

Vehicle stepless transmission // 2259283
FIELD: transport engineering; automobiles, tractors, diesel locomotives.SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle stepless transmission contains final drive, differential 4 and step-up drive, brake device 13, overrunning clutch 21, damper 22 and regulator 14. Driven gear 3 of final drive is rigidly engaged with case of differential 4. Differential gears 6, 8 are engaged with driven shafts 7, 9. Shaft 7 transmits torque to drive wheels (tracks, screw, etc). Shaft 9 sets brake device 13 into motion through step-up drive. Overrunning clutch 21 and damper 22 are fitted on shaft of brake device 13.EFFECT: reduced losses of torque, prevention of shock loads.2 cl, 1 dwg

Final drive // 2247038
FIELD: transport engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed final drive contains housing with oil reservoir, driven bevel gear and driving bevel gear with front and rear taper bearings whose outer races are press-fitted in bearing cup, and oil collecting pocket. Holes to let oil in and out are made in housing and bearing cup. Plate-type oil slinger with hole in central part is installed in cup between bearings. Diameter of slinger hole is less than inner diameter of front bearing outer race.EFFECT: improved efficiency of lubrication of bearing of final drive driving gear.

Differential lock control system of wheeled vehicle drive axle // 2246060
FIELD: transport engineering; transmissions of wheeled vehicles.SUBSTANCE: proposed differential lock control system contains fluid medium supply source with reducing 7, three-position distributor 11, two-chamber cylinder consisting of control space A of lock-up clutch 4 formed by its housing and movable partition 34, and additional diaphragm chamber 6 having its control space Б arranged coaxially and in series relative to control space of lock-up clutch 4. Movable partition 34 is connected with pressure disk 29 by means of rod 30 rigidly connected by one end with pressure disk 29. Rod 30 interacts with diaphragm 32 of additional diaphragm chamber 6, and it passes in its middle part through central part of movable partition 34, being rigidly connected with support plate 33 interacting with partition 34. Space Б of additional diaphragm chamber 6 communicates with three-position distributor 11 selectively communicating said spaces with drain main line 14 and reducing regulated valve 7.EFFECT: increased capacity owing to automatic reduction of locking at cornering of vehicle and decreased skidding of leading wheel.2 dwg

Differential transport machines // 2240457
The invention relates to transport machinery, can be used in transmissions, vehicles, and is intended to improve lubrication

A limited-slip differential // 2238459
The invention relates to the field of engineering, in particular to driving axles for cars and motorcycles supplied by the differential mechanisms to ensure non-rigid kinematic connection between the two wheels of the axle

The differential of the vehicle // 2238458
The invention relates to transport machinery and can be used in a four-wheel drive

Universal differential transmission with a constant mutual locking // 2236620
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to a differential transmission with a constant mutual locking