Signalling devices actuated by tyre pressure (B60C23/02)

Improved method with usage of the pressure monitoring system in the passenger car tires // 2646779
FIELD: automotive industry; means of ensuring security.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vehicle safety systems. Method of the tire pressure monitoring system usage contains tire pressure monitoring, in which the database of tire pressure reference values is created and the tire pressure reference values are determined at the current time as the real-time load data. When creating the database, the reference tire pressures are used, which are in the permissible load range, and data corresponding to the inflation pressure of cold tires. Based on the data, the mathematical relationship is derived between the load on the tire and the pressure in the inflated tire. Magnitude of the load on the tire is the independent variable. Reference values are determined in accordance with the tire load data in real time, the tire pressures are determined in the database of reference values corresponding to the tire load at the given time, which determines the current reference pressure value in order to determine the dynamic configuration, which is associated with the load. Dynamic configuration contains the mathematical dependence of the tire load and of the pressure.EFFECT: higher safety of vehicle control is reached.8 cl, 4 dwg

Vehicle wheel backlight unit // 2644053
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: system for indicating the tire pressure of the vehicle comprises a light source and a tire pressure sensor mounted on the wheel assembly of the vehicle. The light source is located on the vehicle's body and is designed to illuminate the vehicle wheel assembly with the first colour light to indicate the tire pressure state. The light source illuminates the wheel and tire of the wheel assembly and the ground near the tire with the light of a different colour for maintenance of the tire.EFFECT: possibility of indicating the air pressure in the tire when the vehicle is not working.20 cl, 8 dwg

Tire monitoring system and tire monitoring device // 2629480
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: system is equipped with a tire status data collector that is mounted on a pneumatic tire and collects data on the tire status parameter and a monitoring device that receives radio signals from a plurality of tire status data collecting devices and performs the predetermined processing. The monitoring device sequentially determines the tire marks of the tire status data collecting devices and requests the input of tire positions of the tire status data collecting devices (ST1 and ST5 stages). The monitoring device generates registration information in which the sensor IDs and the tire positions are related to one another based on the results of bus position input (ST11 stage).EFFECT: simplification of the tire status monitoring system by simplifying the update of registration information.20 cl, 13 dwg

Transmitting device, tyre condition monitoring system and tyre assembly // 2597330
FIELD: motor vehicle industry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to motor vehicle industry, in particular, to a transmitting device arranged in the area of a tyre cavity. Transmitting device, which transmits information relating to the tyre condition, comprises a sensor, a transmitter, a housing and a projection from the housing external wall surface. Sensor has a detecting surface. Transmitter sends information upon the tyre. Projection includes an inner space defined, among others, by the sensor detecting surface, and a ventilation hole. Angle between the direction of passage of the ventilation hole and the direction of the normal to the sensor detecting surface is not less than 10 and not more than 120 degrees. Tyre condition monitoring system comprises a transmitting device, a receiving device and a monitoring unit. Monitoring unit defines presence or absence of faults in the tyre. Tyre assembly includes a tyre, a disk with the tyre adjustment and a transmitting device.EFFECT: provided is the possibility of recording information on the tyre when punctured and repaired using a fluid for puncture holes sealing.14 cl, 2 tbl, 19 dwg

Assembly of device for monitoring tyre and device for installation thereof inside tyre // 2593738
FIELD: machine building. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Unit of control device for tyre control comprises a rubber layer, having a first side to be attached to tyre inner surface. Support extends from second side of rubber, wherein said support has upper surface and at least one side wall. Support has a groove made in at least one side wall, which extends along perimeter of support, wherein said support has a cavity made in upper surface and extending in direction to rubber layer. Unit additionally comprises controller for controlling tyre and fasteners connected with said control device and additionally connected with support so that fastener is located in cavity and/or groove. EFFECT: technical result is increased reliability of device for monitoring tyre. 20 cl, 11 dwg

Transmitting device for transmitting tyre information and control system for tyre information // 2588350
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. Transmitting device used in said system for controlling tyre information includes: a sensor which detects state of gas filling tyre cavity as tyre information; a transmitter transmitting detected tyre information; and a wall covering sensor and transmitter. Wall forms an internal space divided from tyre cavity and a communicating hole penetrating wall and providing communication between internal space and tyre cavity. Inside opening part of communicating hole in a surface of a housing facing internal space is formed with a greater opening area than an outside opening part of communicating hole in a surface of housing facing tyre cavity. In a surface of wall facing communicating hole, a recessed part which is recessed toward surface of housing including outside opening part is formed.EFFECT: technical result is improved control of tyre information.8 cl, 16 dwg

Device for tire air pressure monitoring // 2554164
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed device is configured to define the angular position of tire air pressure transfer device on the basis of centrifugal acceleration gravity acceleration component during transmission of tire air pressure data. Besides, it transmits, in wireless signal and predefined cycle, the air pressure data and that on angular position of tire pressure transfer device.EFFECT: decreased power consumption by air pressure transfer device.3 cl, 12 dwg

Device to control air pressure in tyres // 2550107
FIELD: measurement equipment.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a device to control air pressure in tyres of vehicles. The device comprises: a unit (4a) to calculate angular position, which detects angular position for each wheel, when a wireless signal, including a specific sensor ID, is transmitted; a unit (4c) to detect position of the wheel, which receives angular position of each wheel many times and accumulates it as data of angular position for each wheel and detects position of the wheel, corresponding to data of angular position with least degree of dispersion among all data of angular position, when the position of the transmitter wheel (2d), corresponding to the sensor ID; and a unit (4e) to prohibit detection of angular position, which prohibits detection of the angular position of each wheel by the unit (4a) to calculate angular position, when braking control is performed, which controls pressure of the working braking cylinder of the wheel.EFFECT: increased speed of wheel position detection.6 cl, 8 dwg

Tire air pressure monitoring device // 2549577
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device includes the following: transmitter installed on each wheel to transmit detected air pressure data in wireless signal; angular position detection mechanism (wheel speed sensor) located on the side of vehicle body which corresponds to each wheel and detects angular position (wheel speed impulse) of each wheel and outputs angular position data (wheel speed impulse counter value) to communication line at preset time intervals (20 ms cycle); and angular position evaluation mechanism at the side of vehicle body (angular position calculation unit) which evaluates angular position (number of teeth) during transmission (time (t2) of data transfer command) by transmitters based on information about reception (time (t4) of reception completion) for wireless signal from transmitters and information about angular position (input times (t1, t5), number of teeth for wheels) entered via communication line.EFFECT: higher accuracy of each wheel transmitter angular position detection for monitoring air pressure in vehicle tires.12 cl, 12 dwg

Device for tire air pressure monitoring // 2543131
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device comprises pressure gage (2a) arranged in tire of every wheel (1) to define pressure therein; transmitter (2d) arranged at every wheel (1) for wireless transmission of air pressure data signals along with gage identifier at preset angular position; receiver (3) arranged at carrier body to receiver said signals; wheel rpm transducer (8) arranged at said body to comply with every wheel (1) to define angular position of said wheel (1); and TPMSCU (4) for reception of the wheel angular position ten and more times when wireless signal is transmitted with the definite gage identifier its accumulation and determination of the wheel position corresponding to angular position data with the least degree of dispersion of every data on angular position as wheel position for transmitter (2d) corresponding to gage identifier.EFFECT: higher accuracy of wheel position determination.29 cl, 20 dwg

Tire air pressure control device // 2542854
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive industry. When difference between the first rotation period Tp determined on the basis of detection by means of G sensor 2b and the second rotation period Ta determined on the basis of detected value of wheel rotation speed sensor 8 is equal to or less than preset value α an angular position of each wheel corresponding to wireless signal transmitted in preset angular position is adjusted when wheel position is determined. When difference exceeds preset value α an angular position of each wheel corresponding to wireless signal transmitted in angular position other than angular position is not used when wheel position is determined.EFFECT: higher accuracy of each wheel position determination.3 cl, 10 dwg

Automatic system for air pressure regulation in tire // 2457118
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to transport machine building, in particular it can be used in running rear of vehicles. The system contains stub axle, inner sealing on stub axle, air receiver, pipeline connecting pneumatic tire with inner sealing on stub axle where inner sealing on stub axle is connected with air receiver via stud-bolt and main line into which solenoid valve connected with control unit is built. Additionally piston pump-damper is introduced which is provided with upper and lower relief valves made in housing and relief valves made in piston which divides interior space into two chambers. Via upper relief valve and additional inflation line, piston pump-damper communicates with air receiver, and via lower relief valve, additional deflation line, additional air receiver with safety valve, and piston pump-damper communicates with the main line. Control unit receives signals from pressure sensor located in the main line and from bouncing sensor located on piston pump-damper housing.EFFECT: higher travelling comfort of vehicle.1 dwg

Automotive tire control system // 2425760
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: proposed system incorporates integrated pressure and temperature gages and bidirectional communication channel. Algorithm of pressure and temperature microprocessor control system allows measuring controlled parameters both automatically and in response to driver request and transmitting said data to indication unit.EFFECT: expanded operating performances, lower breakdown susceptibility, longer life.15 dwg

Tire state control system // 2398680
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to automotive active protection hardware, particularly to tire pressure and temperature control devices and those of braking control. Tire state control system comprises the unit intended for remote measurement of tire state parametres fitted in tire, central controller, voice message unit and braking system. The unit intended for remote measurement of tire state parametres fitted in tire measures pressure and temperature inside tire at 5 to 20 Hz and generates signals comprising measures parametre values to be transferred via radio channel into central controller. Central controller receives signals via radio channel comprising data on tire state and processes these data. Said central processor generates instructions to generate data messages and to brake the vehicle. Thereafter, instructions are transferred to voice message unit and braking system. Voice message unit serves to receive the instructions from central controller and output voice data messages. Braking system receives appropriate instructions from central controller and to brake the vehicle by its brakes.EFFECT: higher safety at emergent tire breakage or abrupt pressure drop therein.9 cl, 3 dwg

Device for signalling air pressure drop in vehicle tyres // 2357873
FIELD: physics; motor car construction.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to motor car construction and can be used in other engineering fields, where there is need to control air pressure in tyres. The device contains a threshold pressure sensor, made in a separate housing and fitted on the boss or rim of a wheel. A radio transmitter is also fitted, together with an accumulator battery inside a case, connected to a power supply circuit, with provision for launching when pressure in the tyre drops. There is also a radio receiver, fitted inside the vehicle. The sensor is joined to the nipple through a hose, and is made in form of a tube spring, the rounded radius of which, if pressure inside the tyre falls, and thus inside the spring itself, will become smaller, and the free end of which will come into contact with a contact, including the radio transmitter, signalling pressure fall.EFFECT: simple design and provision for accessible and reliable operation of the device, as well as prevention of accidents and provision for integrity of the vehicle tyre.1 dwg

Pneumatic tire pressure checking device (versions) // 2266207
FIELD: transport engineering; pneumatic tires.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for inflating vehicle tires to required pressure by external compressed air source. Proposed device has housing with space with inlet hole for connection with compressed air source, and outlet hole for connection with space of pneumatic tire. Housing space is divided into working and discharge chambers by diaphragm with ring sealing member. Diaphragm is flexibly thrusted between end face walls of housing space so that working chamber is separated from discharge chamber until pressure difference in said chambers exceeds preset threshold value at which compressed air at inflating the tire starts escaping into atmosphere with specific hissing. There is no necessity to constantly check value of required pressure at inflating the tire.EFFECT: improved convenience, simplified control at tire inflating.25 cl, 2 dwg

The signaling device reducing the pressure in the tire of the car // 2149105
The invention relates to instrumentation automotive equipment and is intended for the implementation of the issuance of the warning signals for reducing the pressure in the tire of the vehicle below the permissible level

Device for dynamic control of the air pressure in the pneumatic tire of the vehicle // 2143345
The invention relates to the automotive industry and can be used in other fields that require dynamic control of air pressure in the pneumatic tire