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Brake chamber with spring brake // 2642229
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: brake chamber with a spring brake contains a section of service breaking and spring brake, separated by a diaphragm or piston to the delivery and spring cavities. The section of the spring brake is equipped with a by-pass valve, located in the pusher, which is a linking device, through which the spring cavity of the spring brake is connected through the delivery cavity of the service breaking section and a pneumatic system of a vehicle with the atmosphere. The blind central hole in the locking movable element is made two-staged with a lead-in cone in the first stage from the bottom of the valve body and is connected to the second stage of the hole. The flange of the cylindrical rod is located in the first stage of the central blind hole of the locking element and is provided with a cylindrical tail. At the bottom of the valve body, there is a conical protrusion, which is coaxial with a central hole at the bottom.EFFECT: improving device reliability.2 dwg

System of modular electric vehicle // 2642227
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: modular electric vehicle comprises a plurality of interchangeable assembly units of the vehicle. Each module comprises a connecting surface for attaching to a neighbouring adjacent module, a central power bus, an electrical power supply, a central network bus, an electrically powered axle, and a module controller. The powered assembly module is designed rotatable by means of the controller interaction with the powered axle. The vehicle controller is designed to recognize a vehicle configuration and to select the appropriate control software based on this configuration. The operator interface connected to the vehicle controller and enabling the operator to control the vehicle. A central control network for use in a modular electric vehicle and an interchangeable assembly module of a vehicle are also claimed.EFFECT: manufacturing a modular electric vehicle having the greatest configuration flexibility degree.43 cl, 17 dwg
obile complex for informing on the emergency situation in the areas under flooding // 2642209
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a complex of alerting the public about emergencies (ES) in hard-to-reach areas. Mobile complex consists of an amphibious vehicle on the air cushion with a built-in video screen and sound devices. Such mobile complex includes a passenger lounge with a metal stamped welded frame, equipped with soundproof insulation elements.EFFECT: it is achieved by improving the efficiency of alerting the population about emergencies in hard-to-reach areas through rapid delivery to the place of use and ensuring the multifunctional work of the mobile complex, improvement of the efficiency of noise reduction in the apparatus when performing emergency operations.1 cl, 6 dwg

Knee protection device for vehicles // 2642206
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: device has an upper bracket 23, creating a great force of reaction to the input load from the knees, and a lower bracket 24, creating a smaller reaction force than the upper bracket 23, which are directly or indirectly attached, when they are vertical, to the power element 21 of the vehicle body. At least the upper bracket 23 has an area 31 with a closed cross-section of at least its part. In addition, an inwardly projecting segment 32 is formed on at least one surface of the area 31 with a closed cross-section. The upper part of the inwardly projecting segment is arranged in such a way that it is separated by a separating area from the part located on the side of the opposite surface that is in the area with a closed cross-section. The separating area is a gap which is so large that during the absorption of the input load from the knees the upper part of the inwardly projecting segment and the mentioned part on the opposite surface side in the area with a closed cross-section come in contact with each other.EFFECT: prevention of the rapid fall of the counteracting force of reaction to the input load from the knees.4 cl, 7 dwg

Adjustment of torque for drive on front wheels // 2642204
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: power system of the front wheels can provide the possibility of independent power control on each wheel. Direct control is provided by the average and differential torque of the front wheels.EFFECT: increase of controllability.20 cl, 4 dwg

Unmanned vehicle and surveillance complex for it // 2642202
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: surveillance complex contains an unmanned apparatus and a mobile control and management panel. The unmanned vehicle is equipped with four hydraulic springs, located respectively in the fore and aft parts of the hull and at the extremities of each wing. At the same time, each hydraulic spring is made in the form of a gondola equipped with inlet and outlet valves. The hydro platforms, located respectively in the fore and aft parts of the vehicle hull, are equipped with vertical propellers, and the hydro places located at the extremities of each wing are equipped with horizontal propellers. In the surveillance complex a radio-doppler system for measuring the speed and altitude of an unmanned vehicle, an electronic navigation map system, a Doppler hydro acoustic log are additionally introduced, connected to a route-based computing device.EFFECT: expansion of the functionality of unmanned vehicle with simultaneous increase of reliability in the performance of video shooting and measurement of the radioactivity of gamma emitters.5 cl, 4 dwg
Rubber-based mixture and automotive tire // 2642072
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: rubber-based mixture differs in that it contains at least the following components: from 5 to 100 phr of at least one polymer A of the following formula I): I) F-(P-Y-P-Sx)z-P-Y-P-F, where S is a sulfur atom, P is an elastomeric polymer chain obtained by the anionic polymerization of at least one diene with the conjugated double bonds, and optionally at least one vinylaromatic compound in the presence of two-functional initiator, Y is a dicarbanionic group obtained from the two-functional initiator, x independently is an integer for each group of Sx equal to or greater than 1, provided that at least for one of the group of Sx, x is selected from the numbers 2, 3, and 4, z is an integer from 1 to 160, each F independently is an end group selected from the group consisting of -H, -SH, -SOH, -SCl, -SSCl, -SO2H and -SO3H, and at least one filler.EFFECT: improved rolling resistance, improved wear properties, elasticity.12 cl, 1 tbl

Amphibian body // 2642023
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: amphibian comprises a body, a gap formed in the body, a retractable node of the wheel or the caterpillar partially located in one gap, wherein the wheel or the caterpillar of the retractable wheel node is retractable above the lowest body point or extendable below the lowest body point when operated. The body is a V-shaped planning body and has a front nose section, a gap is formed in the front nose section of the body. According to one embodiment, the part of the wheel or the caterpillar of the retractable node is located before the frontal nose surface/area, when it is put forward. In another embodiment, the front nose section is formed by the central nose, left and right sections.EFFECT: increasing the amphibian speed.27 cl, 11 dwg

ethod for stopping vehicle engine (versions) and vehicle // 2642012
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: when the engine (10) is stopped, the rotation speed of the drivetrain integrated starter/generator (DISG) (240) is adjusted to the desired rotation speed, which provides the required pressure in the transmission (208) clutch oil line in response to the request to stop the engine (10) rotation. Release drivetrain clutches (236) slide in the drivetrain between the DISG (240) and the engine (10) to stop the engine (10) in the desired position. A method for stopping a vehicle engine and a vehicle are also proposed.EFFECT: reduced engine-starting period and fuel economy, emission reduction.20 cl, 48 dwg
ethod for rescuing passengers and crew of a high-speed train in case of a possibility of its collision with another train or obstacle // 2641992
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to railway transport. It relates to a way of rescuing passengers and the crew of a high-speed railway train at a risk of a possible collision with another train or an obstacle and involves the following: when there is a threat of a collision, the control units send a command to roll out the capsules of all cars and driver’s cabs. Then, pull-out panels with passengers sitting on their seats are rolled out of the trains, and the driver’s cab with the crew members is rolled out as well. After the evacuation of passengers from withdrawable capsules, and the evacuation of the crew members from the driver's cab, the axle axles are extracted from all the tongs and the heads of the right and left rails are release from the former. Then they are inserted into the tongs, while the hinged panels are installed in their places in the driver's cab, after the arrival of trains without their withdrawable elements, draw-out elements are tightened by their winches.EFFECT: it is possible to increase the reliability of rescuing passengers in case of a possible train accident.1 cl

Spring device and method of producing spring device // 2641989
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to machine building. Device comprises spring (3) with coating (7). Spring support (4) is made of plastic. Spring (3) and its support (4) are glued together with adhesive layer (8). Hardness of adhesive layer (8) is less than the hardness of coating (7). Method includes the steps of manufacturing spring device (2).EFFECT: improved resistance to wear and improved service life is achieved.16 cl, 5 dwg
Anti-slip device of v.h. vokhmyanin for vehicles and self-propelled machines of a wheel type // 2641954
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: anti-slip device is made in the form of a canvas, the main threads of which are chains, and the weft yarn is a thread from a flexible material. As a weft yarn, a smaller chain can be used as compared to the main chain, or a rope is used, or a cord is used. The weft yarn can be impregnated with a water-repellent compound.EFFECT: increase in cross-country ability.5 cl, 1 dwg

Vehicle // 2641953
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle is proposed, in which a first recess 26 extending in the vehicle width direction is formed at the boundary portion between the hood 21 and the front bumper 22. A second recess 35 is formed in each of the headlights 32. A third recess 40 extending in the front and the rear direction is formed on each of the front wings 16, 17. The top of the first, second and third recesses 26, 35, 40 form a line 41 of the ridge, which projects to the outside of the vehicle body and extends from the center in the vehicle width direction to the rear side of the vehicle body outside the lower end of the body rack 15 through the side lights 34. The ridge line 41 is formed by the first projection 27 of the hood 21, the lantern hood 34b of each of the side lights 34 and the convex part 38 of each of the front wings 16, 17.EFFECT: improved aerodynamics and reduced pollution due to the fact that fog-like contaminated water floating in an air flow created by motion and sticking to the windscreen and the side windows is minimized.7 cl, 12 dwg

Folding vehicle // 2641950
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: folding vehicle comprises a frame having four members, a first cross member extending between the first and second turning points, and a storage compartment. Folding vehicle contains a folding framework, three crossbars, remote from each other and going between several elements of the frame, seat, located on the frame and situated at the third cross, as well as cubby bin, located on the third crossbar.EFFECT: facilitation and simplification of the structure.19 cl, 50 dwg

ethod for adjusting passenger seat headrest position // 2641948
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for moving the headrest between the working and the retracted position in a vehicle having a front passenger seat and a rear seat, which includes the stages, at which a system is formed, comprising sensors to detect a person occupying the rear seat and a person occupying the front passenger seat and to move the front passenger seat headrest. Said system includes a programmable controller; the vehicle is started, the presence of a person occupying the front passenger seat, and the presence of the person occupying the rear seat are determined; it is determined whether the front passenger seat headrest is in the working position or in the retracted position, and the front passenger seat headrest is moved in the working position, if a person occupying the front passenger seat is detected, or in the retracted position, if a person occupying the front passenger seat is not detected, and a person occupying the rear seat is detected.EFFECT: automatic movement of a passenger seat headrest.8 cl, 8 dwg

Sound absorption material having excellent absorption characteristics and the method of its manufacture // 2641875
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: loss of viscosity of incoming sound energy is induced, and it becomes possible to manufacture a structure with a small mass, because it can show excellent sound absorption characteristics even when using reduced amount of fiber, and you can improve sound absorption characteristics through the use of a binder fiber having rebound, thus reserving sufficient strength between the fibers, as well as increased maximum viscosity loss of sound energy transmitted in the fibrous structure; as well as the material manufacture method.EFFECT: increased sound absorption coefficient and transmission loss factor by creating a large surface area and an air layer.18 cl, 2 tbl, 8 dwg
Sulfur-coated rubber mixture and automobile tires // 2641751
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: rubber mixture contains, at least, the following constituents: 40 to 100 parts of, at least, one natural and/or synthetic polyisoprene per 100 parts of rubber, 15 parts or more of, at least, one hydrocarbon resin per 100 parts of rubber formed from 50 to 100 wt % of the aliphatic monomers C5 and from 0 to 50 wt % of, at least, one additional monomer, wherein the hydrocarbon resin has a value of Q from 0.015 to 0.050[°C⋅mol/g], where Q=softening point [°C]/determined by centrifugation with an average Mc [g/mol], and wherein the hydrocarbon resin has a softening point in accordance with ASTM E 28 (ring and ball method) from 60 to 200°C, and 10-300 parts of, at least, one silicic acid per 100 parts of rubber.EFFECT: rubber mixture has a high level of performance in terms of rolling resistance and wet grip performance.9 cl, 1 tbl

Control and electrical supply system for helicopter gas turbine engines // 2641672
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: electrical control and power supply system for at least one helicopter motor-generator, wherein the system comprises the first DC/AC converter (30) for supplying AC electric power optionally to the mentioned at least one motor-generator, depending on respective positions of contactors (320, 322, 324, 326, 328, 330, 332) of the switching matrix (32) driven by the electronic control circuit (34). The first DC/AC converter is supplied with a direct current from a DC power supply source which is formed either by an AC voltage rectification circuit (36) outputted via the contactor (22) by an APU (16) starter-generator (18) or by a DC/DC buck converter (38) supplied by the battery (20) via a contactor (24), wherein the mentioned switching matrix additionally comprises a contactor (328) for connecting the mentioned first DC/AC converter in parallel with the mentioned second DC/AC converter, supplying additional power from the mentioned APU starter-generator to the mentioned at least one motor-generator from the mentioned motor-generators as soon as at least one of the mentioned motor-generators is started.EFFECT: provision of additional power supply to the motor-generator.4 cl, 1 dwg

Hybrid vehicle control system // 2641582
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hybrid vehicle control system contains the first and second electronic control units for the engine and electric rotary machine, respectively. The second control unit outputs the engine control signal to the first control unit by communicating with the first control unit. The first control unit manages the motor in accordance with the engine control signal received from the second control unit, in the absence of communication failure with the second control unit. The first unit controls the fixed operation, in which the engine is controlled such that one value of the rotation speed, output power, and output torque becomes equal to the fixed value when communication with the second control unit fails.EFFECT: vehicle is moved in the event of a fault between control units.4 cl, 9 dwg

Alarm system for emergency situation of vehicle // 2641574
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: alarm system is installed on the vehicle (100) and configured to issue an alarm signal to notify the emergency service center outside the vehicle about the location of the vehicle in the event of a vehicle collision, and includes: a collision detection unit (11) that detects collision of the vehicle (100) to output a collision detection signal; an emergency notification unit (13) that provides an alarm signal in response to the collision detection signal and transmits a collision detection signal to the vehicle; and one or more modules (12), each of which performs a predetermined operation in response to the collision detection signal transmitted by the emergency notification unit (13).EFFECT: emergency alarm signal is provided without a crash in the event of a vehicle collision.5 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for regulating tire imprint area and tire for wheels of vehicles // 2641564
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for regulating the imprint area symmetry of a tire moving along a straight trajectory, with a camber angle of the wheels, different from zero, includes the following stages: reducing contact pressure acting on the tire (2) in the imprint area at an inner sidewall (in case of a negative camber angle of the wheels) or an outer sidewall (in case of a positive camber angle of the wheels); locating any midline (lm) of the tread band (9) of a tire, located with ensuring its conformity with the imprint area, essentially parallel to the ground. In accordance with the invention, a tire and a wheel for vehicles, in which the midline (lm) of the tread band (9) and the rotation axis (x-x) of the tire (2) form an angle (α) essentially equal to the absolute value of the camber angle (β) of the wheels, are developed as well. The invention also covers the method of manufacturing such tires, where an unvulcanised tire with a symmetrical profile is deformed during the vulcanization and shaping stage, until the specified angle (α), different from zero, is formed between any midline (lm) of the tread band (9) and the rotation axis (x-x) of the vulcanized tire (2).EFFECT: improved performance of tires.26 cl, 5 dwg

Draft force control system for several electrical sections // 2641558
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: draft force control system for several electrical sections contains a power supply module, inverter/four-quadrant modules, I/O module, a network module, and an error elimination module. The inverter / four-quad modules consist of a high-speed board, a signal sampling board and a pulse interface board. Two-way communication between boards, I/O module, host processor, between network module and error elimination module is implemented by high-speed differential bus LinkPort, through high speed bus, by CPCI bus and via CAN bus. The network module contains a network board and receives digital signals and analogue signals and sends data. The error elimination module contains an error elimination board and receives error elimination commands and error elimination signals. The power supply module provides power to the inverter/four-quadrant modules, the I/O module, the network module and the error-elimination module.EFFECT: ensuring stability and reliability in the transmission of information of the draft force control system for several electrical sections.7 cl, 18 dwg

ethod of determining energy indicators of train traffic and system of traction energy // 2641537
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: method of determining the energy indicators of the train traffic and the system of traction energy is that at each step of modelling based on traction calculation, taking into account the voltage at the current collector, the parameters of the electric motive power and the system of traction energy are calculated from the train schedule. Based on the parameters, the traction and braking forces of the train, the speed of travel and the distance travelled by the train are determined, as well as the current consumed by each train, taking into account the consumption for own needs. At the same time, the current of the electric motive power in the regenerative braking mode is determined on the basis of checking the regenerative conditions on the power balance of traction and the regeneration power and checking on the permissible voltage level on the current collecting device. Determine the energy indicators of the electric motive power and the system of traction energy, adjust the train schedule, and the calculation is repeated until the end of the considered time interval.EFFECT: increase the accuracy of determining the energy indicators of the train traffic and the system of traction energy.4 dwg

Hybrid vehicle // 2641405
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hybrid vehicle comprises an internal combustion engine, a motor, a transmission, a high-voltage battery supplying energy to the motor through the inverter. There is also a cooling mechanism with a pump circulating the cooling liquid, thereby cooling the inverter, a cooling liquid temperature measuring device and a low-voltage battery supplying energy to the pump. Under starting conditions with a high cooling liquid temperature, when the vehicle is switched on by means of the driver's key, the pump is started before energy is supplied from the high-voltage battery to the inverter.EFFECT: improved cooling of the inverter.15 cl, 11 dwg

Locomotive system of early detection and firefighting // 2641402
FIELD: fire safety.SUBSTANCE: system includes a control and data collection unit, uninterrupted power supply, fire-fighting equipment control device, audio signal device, remote control devices, a magnetically controlled sensor, fire-warning device, radio station, device of switching from automatic control mode to manual control mode, mobile communication unit, linear heat detector. Moreover, the system is equipped with a control and data collection unit or two CAN-interfaces, integrated into this unit, one of which is intended for communication with the mobile communication unit and/or on-board recording systems, and the second one is to communicate with similar systems in other sections of multiple-unit locomotives.EFFECT: expanded functionality.5 cl, 1 dwg

Landing gear with torsional dampers // 2641397
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: aircraft landing gear contains elastic elements, fixed on the body, in the form of torsions, levers of the right and left wheels, mounted thereon, dampers, bushings. And the elastic elements in the form of torsions are hinged in the aircraft symmetry plane area and limited in the rotation of the arm which is connected with a single power drive of the landing gear extension-retraction. At the reverse end of the torsions there is a gear that engages with the gear of the landing gear beam and rotates it under the action of the power drive for extension or for retraction.EFFECT: simplicity and reliability of structure, weight reduction.2 cl, 5 dwg

Device for reconstruction of lost forms of the wagon body // 2641383
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for recovering lost forms of the wagon body contains a u-shaped girder frame (1), with the possibility of hanging to the shop bridge faucet and placing front and back vertical beams (3) on both sides of the body element being straightened, and a hydraulic pressure cylinder (5). The rear vertical beam has transverse paws. In the guide cavity of the front vertical beam, the body of the hydraulic cylinder is mounted, mounted in a closed chain transmission (7), equipped with an asterisk, the shaft of which is connected to the handle for selecting the contact position of the plunger of the hydraulic cylinder with the body element being straightened.EFFECT: invention improves manufacturability and improves the quality of repairs.3 dwg

Running-board for maintenance for helicopter // 2641367
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: running-board (4 c) for maintenance of the helicopter contains a casing (6), which is made with the ability to be embedded in the side covering of the body of the helicopter, and an element (7), of the running-board which is installed with the rotation of the casing (6). The straddle unit (15) is pivotally mounted on the element (7) of the running-board and comprises at least first and second sections (15a, 15c). The second section (15c) is telescopically mounted on the first section (15a).EFFECT: possibility of placing the running-board on the side covering of the body.15 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of pressure evaluation in vacuum tank of servobrake // 2641364
FIELD: measuring equipment.SUBSTANCE: object of the invention is a method of evaluating the pressure (Pass) in vacuum tank (28) of vacuum servobrake (26) of motor vehicle (10), wherein the vehicle (10) comprises: a brake device (16); a servobrake (26); a pressure sensor (23). In carrying out the method, in the first step (E1), the braking pressure (Pmc) is cyclically calculated. In the second step (E2), the amplitude (ΔPmc) of pressure reduction is calculated. During the second step, the maximum (Pmc_max), and then the minimum (Pmc_min), obtained successively by the braking pressure, are stored in memory. Amplitude (ΔPmc) of the braking pressure reduction is calculated by determining the difference between the maximum (Pmc_max) and the minimum (Pmc_min). During the third step (E3), which begins after the completion of the second step (E2), the increase (Conso) of pressure in the vacuum tank (28) is evaluated as a function of amplitude (ΔPmc) calculated in the second step (E2).EFFECT: rapid and accurate evaluation of pressure in the vacuum tank.10 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of destructing ice cover by vessel in compressed air flow // 2641355
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: method for destructing the ice cover by a vessel in a compressed air flow is proposed and done by excitation of resonant bending-gravity waves in the ice when the vessel moves. Simultaneously with the translational movement of the vessel an additional load is applied to ice, which is directed downwards and forming a gas-dynamic jet from the high pressure impeller, the nozzle of which is located below the bottom of the hull at an angle in a vertical plane to the longitudinal axis of the vessel and perpendicular to the horizontal, from fastened movable horizontal partitions on the axis of rotation, located in the forebody and after body of the vessel through the simultaneous fore-and-aft balance of the vessel by the stern. The high-pressure jet is sufficient to create maximum fore-and-aft balance of the vessel by the stern, resulting from the pressure of the gas-dynamic jet at a given height of opening of movable horizontal partitions that create aerodynamic lift capacity on the forebody of the vessel.EFFECT: invention helps to increase the efficiency of ice cover destruction.3 cl, 3 dwg

Combined storage and joining unit for portable electronic device // 2641348
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: motor vehicle comprises a dashboard to which a combined storage and joining unit for a portable electronic device is attached. The storage and joining unit comprises a storage box, a lid hingedly connected to the storage box by a pair of dependent levers located near the rear edge of the lid, an electrical connector, a lid opening spring connected to the lid to move the lid to an open position, and a locking mechanism actuated by a user for holding the lid in the desired position against the action of the lid opening spring.EFFECT: possibility to arrange and hold the portable electronic devices of various sizes and shapes in the storage and joining unit is achieved.8 cl, 9 dwg

Device for reduction of hydrodynamic resistance of ship hull bottom in compressed air flow // 2641345
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: device for reduction of the hydrodynamic resistance of a ship hull bottom in a compressed air stream, containing a body, a high-pressure air pump, a steering device, side skegs is proposed. The bottom of the streamlined hull is protected by a layer of material, complete with single elastic rods and/or fibers, freely protruding with their one end and made of elastic polyethylene materials in the form of a brush and fastened tightly with the protective coating material.EFFECT: reduction of resistance to movement of the ship in compressed air flow and increase of its heading stability.2 cl, 5 dwg
Vehicle traction device and vehicle comprising it // 2641339
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle traction device comprises an engine, a transmission element. The transmission element comprises a drive shaft, engaging members, an output shaft, means for temporarily or permanently coupling with the rotation of the drive shaft and the output shaft, means for transferring the rotation of the output shaft (4) to the vehicle drive element. The vehicle comprises a traction device.EFFECT: possibility of installing a vehicle battery in front of the engine.7 cl, 7 dwg

Working vehicle (versions) // 2641324
FIELD: heating system.SUBSTANCE: working vehicle has a base, a support hinged to the base for rotation relative to the base about the first rotation axis between the first reference position and the second reference position, and a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is hinged to the support for rotation relative to the support about the second rotation axis between the first position of the heat exchanger and the second position of the heat exchanger.EFFECT: increased efficiency of the heat exchanger.20 cl, 15 dwg

Hollow axis of wheel pair for freight wagons // 2641199
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: hollow axle of a wheel pair for freight wagons is complete with necks, pre-wheel seats, wheel seats and a middle part located between them. Necks and wheel seats are made with a cylindrical opening of different diameters. The middle part has an internal surface of a convex parabolic shape and a length variable of the wall thickness, smaller in the middle of the middle part. The outer surface of the middle part is also made in a convex parabolic shape.EFFECT: increase in the strength characteristics of the axis.2 dwg
Silicate acid-containing rubber mixtures containing ether of ώ-mercaptocarbonic acid with polyhydric alcohols // 2641128
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: rubber mixture contains, in each case, at least, one rubber, one sulfur-containing alkoxysilane, one silicic acid-based filler, and one ether ω-mercapto-C2-C6-carboxylic acid with polyhydric alcohols. In addition, the rubber mixture contains, at least, one crosslinking agent, additional fillers, antioxidants, heat stabilizers, light stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, plasticizers, and other auxiliaries. Rubber mixtures are produced by multi-stage mixing. The rubber mixture is preferably cured at a temperature of 100 to 200 °C. Vulcanizates are especially tires and tire parts.EFFECT: increasing the composition efficiency.15 cl, 2 tbl

Protective device for vehicle chassis // 2641027
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: protective device includes the first flange plate 211, inclined to the rear side of the beam 10, the second flange plate 221, with front end surface that rests against the rear end face of the first flange plate 211, and connected with the first flange plate 211 with a bolt, the left side plate 222 and right side plate 223 which are perpendicular to the surface of the second flange plate 221, a junction plate 224, having the left end, coupled with the left side plate 222 and right end, connected to the right side plate 223, and placed close to the front ends of the left side plate 222 and right side plate 223, and a support element, secured on the rear end surface of the second flange plate 221 and located between the left side plate 222 and right side plate 223.EFFECT: safety improving.10 cl, 8 dwg

Driving assistance system // 2641023
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: system comprises a module for receiving driving operation information, a module for switching the driving mode, a notification module. The module for switching the driving mode switches the driving mode of vehicle between the first driving mode and the second driving mode based on relationship between the first driving mode and the first threshold value. The first driving mode includes at least one of the self-driving mode and combined driving mode. The second driving mode makes it possible to reflect the driving operation of the driver when the vehicle is moving. The notification module informs the driver on relationship between the first threshold value and the mode of said operating value.EFFECT: increase of vehicle control safety.6 cl, 33 dwg

Structure for mounting battery on vehicle // 2641020
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: structure for mounting a battery on a vehicle that uses a sling, which is installed to move the battery, and is removed after the battery is moved into the position for mounting on the vehicle body, wherein the battery comprises a pipe element as an attachable component mounted on the vehicle body after the battery has been mounted on the vehicle. The sling is equipped with a pipe retaining segment for retaining the pipe element. The pipe retaining segment defines the pipe opening in the direction, in which the pipe element is removed from the pipe retaining segment to remove the retained pipe element.EFFECT: preventing the unsuccessful mounting of the pipe element on the body during the battery mounting.6 cl, 6 dwg

Vehicle drive system, vehicle drive system control device and method for controlling vehicle drive system // 2640940
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: control device of a vehicle drive system comprising a continuously variable transmission mechanism, a transmission mechanism, and a clutch gear, wherein the clutch gear carries out selective change between the first power transmission path and the second power transmission path. The first transmission path transmits the torque to the output shaft via the transmission mechanism. The second transmission path transmits the torque to the output shaft via the continuously variable transmission mechanism. The electronic control unit selectively changes the transmission path during the movement to one of the first path and the second path by means of controlling the clutch. When the transmission path is changed, the control unit controls the operating point of the internal combustion engine so that the operating point crosses the line of the optimum fuel consumption of the engine.EFFECT: fuel consumption is optimized.14 cl, 7 dwg

ethod and system for optimisation of energy consumption in vehicle // 2640919
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: vehicle energy consumption optimisation system includes a route calculation device and a speed profile generator. The route calculation device combines the path sections into one route from the initial point to the destination. The speed profile generator, located partly outside the vehicle, uses the vehicle energy consumption model together with the road gradient data corresponding to the specified route to calculate the optimum speed profile. The generator is configured to determine the values of the speed at which the passage of the corresponding sections of the route will occur with the optimum level of energy consumption. To determine the optimum speed profile, the speed profile generator is configured to compare the energy consumption for a plurality of possible speed profile trajectories between the maximum and minimum trajectories. Also, the system comprises a device for adjusting the speed based on the current position of the vehicle and the optimum speed profile.EFFECT: increase energy consumption efficiency.39 cl, 14 dwg

Pneumatic tire // 2640917
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: pneumatic tire (1) includes transverse connecting grooves (3, 3a, 3b) and circumferential grooves (4). In the shoulder area of the protector part, a transverse connecting groove (3A) is located between the two V-shaped cross grooves (2A, 2b), neighbouring in the direction along the tire circumference, and runs from the tire edge in the direction of the equatorial plane (CL) of tire. In the central area of the protector part, the transverse connecting groove (3a) communicates with the V-shaped cross groove (2b) from the protruding side of the V-shaped profile of the pair of V-shaped cross grooves (2a, 2b) and does not communicate with the other V-shaped cross groove (2a) from this pair. The circumferential grooves (4) are located in the shoulder area of the protector portion and extend in the circumferential direction of the tire, and communicate with the V-shaped cross grooves (2) and the transverse connecting grooves (3).EFFECT: improved braking performance when driving on snow and performance when driving on wet roads.30 cl, 6 dwg

Wheel with combined electromechanical tool generating electric energy and containing several auxiliary drive mechanisms // 2640916
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: wheel contains a tool for generation and transmission of energy, a rotating ring, a fixed plate, the first and the second auxiliary drive mechanisms and wheel caps. The rotating ring is mounted on the inner circumference of the wheel rim. The ring comprises a body of magnets including several magnets located in compartments formed within a ring with a constant gap. The fixed plate is attached to the shaft and comprises a winding body including a plurality of windings disposed in compartments corresponding to magnets of the magnet body. The auxiliary drive mechanisms are arranged to provide an increase in the driving force by reducing the rotational force of the wheel. The wheel caps are rotatably mounted on the shaft using bearings on both sides of the rim. The caps are designed to transmit the driving force generated by the auxiliary drive mechanisms to the wheel.EFFECT: ensuring wide range of regulation of torque and speed of rotation of the wheel.5 cl, 6 dwg

Auxiliary device of vehicle fuel system // 2640904
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: auxiliary device of a fuel system comprises a housing made with an enclosed space, at least one inlet fluid pipe passing into the enclosed space, at least one outlet fluid pipe passing from the enclosed space, and at least one liquid drain pipe passing from the enclosed space. The inlet flow path formed by the inlet pipe passes tangentially to a part of the wall in the enclosed space.EFFECT: improvement of the fuel system.49 cl, 16 dwg

ethod of producing polydienes and polydiene copolymers with reduced cold flow // 2640800
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method comprises (i) polymerization of monomers with the formation of the reactive polymer, wherein the monomer includes a conjugated diene monomer, at a specified stage of polymerization using a coordination catalyst, and the said reactive polymer has a reactive end of the chain, and (ii) carrying out reactions of this reactive polymer with glycidyl ether. Also, a bound polymer and a tire component derived from a bound polymer are described.EFFECT: improved resistance of the bound polymer to cold flow.13 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl, 3 ex

On-board device // 2640683
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: on-board device comprises an accumulation detection module, a selection module, and a deletion determination module. The accumulation detection module detects the accumulation that settles on the photographic lens from the photographic image output from the on-board camera. The selection module selects an accumulation deletion module using the first method. The deletion determination module performs the determination based on the photographic image as to whether or not the photographic lens is removed from the photographic lens by a deletion operation performed by the accumulation removal unit using the first method. If the removal definition module specifies that the accumulation is not removed from the photographic lens, the selection module selects the accumulation deletion module, applying the second method that is different from the accumulation deletion module using the first method, based on the number of times when the delete operation is performed by activating the accumulation deletion module, applying the first method.EFFECT: optimum washing of the photographic lens of the on-board camera.6 cl, 15 dwg

Layout of air brake system of railway vehicle // 2640682
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: layout of the air brake system of a railway vehicle comprises a brake cylinder, a distributing valve forming an appropriate brake cylinder pressure depending on the pressure in the main, which is fed into the brake cylinder by the main. The distributing valve interacts with an air sensor. A spare air reservoir for accumulating spare air for the brake cylinder is configured to control the distributing valve. The air sensor is installed on the distributing valve and, on one side, is connected to an energy source for supplying energy, and on the other side, to a mass storage unit including an interface for data recording. The data recorded in the mass storage unit contain information about the pressure level in the brake cylinder.EFFECT: increasing the device reliability, as well as reducing costs for the preventive measures and maintenance of the device in good condition.10 cl, 2 dwg

Compressor system and method of compressor system functioning depending on actual state of rail vehicle // 2640681
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: compressor system includes a compressor driven by the electric motor through a drive shaft, a compressed air tank. The electric motor is configured to be adjusted by means of an adjusting device with at least one speed, ranging from a maximum rotation speed to a minimum rotation speed. In the compressed air pipeline, which is upstream of the compressor, a pressure sensor is installed to determine the pressure for the adjusting device. The executive body for continuous control of the rotation speed of the electric motor is located between the power supply device and the electric motor. The adjustment of the executive body is carried out in accordance with the sensor device, which includes a sensor for recording the external boundary condition of the rail vehicle, through the adjusting device.EFFECT: increase in the efficiency of the compressor system and reduction of noise in its operation.9 cl, 2 dwg

Wheel electromechanical brake of motor vehicle // 2640679
FIELD: automotive engineering.SUBSTANCE: wheel electromechanical brake of motor vehicle includes poles made of magnetic material on the motor vehicle wheel and oriented radially with minimum air gap parallel to the poles of the electromagnet fixed on the steering knuckle of the vehicle front wheel or on the rear beam of the motor vehicle. On the circumference near the pole of the electromagnet there are sensors of the vehicle wheel pole position that are connected by their outputs to the inputs of the control device connected by its output to the input of the switching device which connects electromagnet winding to the power supply. The output of the braking force control device is connected to the other input of the control device. The lock of the wheel pole containing a lock pin of the wheeled pole is fixed on the steering knuckle of the vehicle front wheel near the electromagnet pole and the movement path of the wheel poles.EFFECT: improved device reliability.4 dwg

Visual alarm device for motor vehicle // 2640678
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: visual alarm device (1) for motor vehicle comprises a light source (5), a light guide (3), and a diffusive lens (4). The light source is configured to emit light signals. The light guide is arranged to direct the light signals through a plurality of apertures (31) of the light guide (3) so as to project a plurality of light images (6) onto the vehicle surface (7). The diffusive lens is arranged to scatter light signals coming from the light guide (3).EFFECT: possibility to send visual messages to the driver on the windshield of the car, without interfering the driver to drive the vehicle.9 cl, 1 dwg