Writing or drawing implements and bureau accessories (B43)

B43            Writing or drawing implements; bureau accessories(2508)

Device for removing chalk from class board // 2629746
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: device for removing chalk from the chalkboard is able to move along the surface of the school board along the guide beam, while it consists of two rotating in opposite directions cylindrical brushes; For the rotation of the brushes a fixed rack is used; Collection of chalk dust is carried out in a container.EFFECT: refusal to service the actuator of the device; prevention of the shedding of chalk dust on the floor under the chalkboard; reduce the time to prepare the chalkboard for work by cleaning its surface in one pass.2 dwg

ethod for teaching drawing and light tablet for its implementation // 2616322
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention is an organically interconnected device - a light tablet of a small thickness with the clips to secure the sheet and a working surface evenly lit from the inside, and a method of teaching drawing by using this tablet in low light conditions, including a demonstration of the teaching aids and processes in real time by the projector and its accessories, which together make it possible to combine the presentation, the lecture with the practical exercises. The teaching process and the light tablet can be applied at the academic studies, for the commercial workshops, as well as for any other lecture and practical activities.EFFECT: providing the opportunities to develop techniques of tone realistic and academic drawing and to study black and white contrasts on a full-scale model in the comfort working conditions and observance of the ergonomic and health standards.8 cl, 12 dwg

Pencil // 2614630
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: in a pencil containing a graphite rod, set into a core with a tube fixed at one its end, gutters with optical fibers paved therein, LED and the battery mounted in the tube, gutters and the optic fibers are located near the core surface along a helix.EFFECT: increased strength against longitudinal cracking due to reinforcement of the surface with optical fibers.4 dwg

Writing, schematic drawing, drawing or cosmetic equipment, comprising cellular body, and method for manufacturing cellular body or equipment comprising cellular body // 2581979
FIELD: writing instruments.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to writing, drawing, drawing or cosmetic accessories comprising at least one honeycomb body, wherein at least one honeycomb body made of plastic and composite material, wherein at least one honeycomb body comprises a plurality of hollow longitudinal structures with parallel axes with respect to each other, wherein hollow longitudinal structures are made in form of tubular structures.EFFECT: reduction of sacrificial material is provided during manufacture, reduction in weight while maintaining high strength in perpendicular direction.13 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

Hatching device // 2578580
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to mechanization of drawing operations. Device for hatching has triangle with projection in form of pin arranged in cantilever relative to triangle and facing downwards free end, guide element and two limiters of motion of triangle in form of L-shaped plates, one of which is fixed, and other one is movable to control distance between bar lines. Guide element is made in form of rectangular plastic plate, on which there are fixed and moving stoppers of movement of triangle, at that movable limiter of motion of triangle is provided with locking mechanism, two scales to establish distance between lines of hatch, one scale has price one division of 1 mm and is fixed on plate, and other scale with ten points and scale one division of 1.9 mm is joined with movable stopper motion triangle and conversion table clearance between jaws both limiters of motion triangle depending on distance between two adjacent bar lines and angle of their inclination to horizontal line. Locking mechanism of movable limiter comprises two horizontal metal plate, locking screw, two screws with countersunk heads and two screws fitted on tubular props with cutouts in lower part, upper plate by means of screws and tubular posts articulates with guide plate, and lower plate has shaped cutouts made for tubular posts and is located in gap between top of movable limiter and top plate.EFFECT: device has simple design and can be made at home and used by high school and secondary education students, as well as elderly involved in recreational design, development of rationalisation of sentences and inventions, but not holding computer technology drawing.3 cl, 13 dwg

Drawing instrument // 2575997
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: drawing instrument comprises a drawing board, a ruler with two rollers mounted on it, two flexible elements covering crosswise these rollers. Two mechanisms of locking the ruler are mounted on the ruler ends. Guide rails with grooves are attached to the opposite ends of the drawing board. Along the two grooves the slides are moved, mounted in the locking mechanisms and ensuring the installation of the ruler at a distance of 0.5-1.5 mm from the upper surface of the drawing board. The handle for the movement of the ruler is mounted on its upper surface in the space between the rollers. Two tension adjusters of flexible elements are mounted in the upper corners of the drawing board. Two set squares with screws for fastening the flexible elements are mounted in the lower corners of the drawing board. The height of the tension adjusters and the set squares provides the position of the flexible elements parallel to the drawing board plane.EFFECT: increase in the usability of the drawing instrument.15 dwg

Fuelling system and method // 2571658
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: portable recharged cartridge with marking fluid, containing marker chamber, applicator of marking fluid projecting from the cartridge, at that the said applicator of the marking fluid is connected by fluid with the marker chamber, filling gear adopted to open the pressed to it supply tube, thus ensure flow of the marking fluid to the marker chamber, and at least one O-ring to minimize leaks of the marking fluid from the marker chamber. Air release device suitable for air removal from the marker chamber during its filling with the marking fluid, and preventing release of the marking fluid from the marker chamber.EFFECT: improved design.14 cl, 14 dwg

Antimicrobic pencil // 2568987
FIELD: biotechnologies.SUBSTANCE: pencil contains emulsion or white wax, vegetable oil and the substance preventing growth and development of microorganisms. The named substance of the pencil is amber, propolis, pine thus or their mix. Amber is used in the form of solution of particles with the size 0.6-5 mcm in vegetable oil at the mass ratio 1:3. Ratio of components is as follows, in wt %: the named amber 30-50, propolis up to 6, pine thus up to 20, while or emulsion wax - the rest. At preparation of composition the solution is homogenised in ultrasonic field with the power density 1-10 W/cm3 and with the frequency 22 kHz within 10 min.EFFECT: pencil has no the pronounced flavour, it does not contain volatile or aromatic substances and provides protection of various surfaces against the biocorrosion caused by bacteria and mould mushrooms including in sealed premises.1 tbl, 11 ex

Pencil // 2566932
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a pencil (2) comprising a handle (4) having a rear portion (10) and a front portion (8), carrying at its front end an element (12) for application, and a cap (6) having at its rear end (14), facing the handle (4), the opening (16) which in the unused state of the pencil (2) it is fitted to the front portion (8), characterized in that inside the cap (6) with the ability of axial movement between the first and the second end positions (E1, E2) there is a receiving sleeve (18) to place the element (12) for application, having on its rear end (20) facing the handle (4) the opening (22) for insertion of the element (12) for application, and in the first end position (E1) the receiving sleeve (18) is located entirely inside the cap (6), and in the second end position (E2) its rear end (20) is protruded with extension (A2) from the opening (16) of the cap (6).EFFECT: enhanced usability.11 cl, 6 dwg

Device and method for control over material conversion and envelope filling // 2540059
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: envelope filling device comprises multiple primary drives, multiple pickups arranged over the device and central controller. Note here that multiple primary drives, multiple pickups and central controller are interconnected to operate so that central controller receives signals from said multiple pickups and drives for control in real time at least one primary drive of said multiple drives proceeding from revealed displacement of at least one separate sheet or filled envelope through at least the device section.EFFECT: improved control.17 cl, 18 dwg

Reciprocal-rotary pencil sharpener // 2537123
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: reciprocal-rotary pencil sharpener is proposed, which comprises a fixed element, a cutting device, and a ratchet mechanism. The cutting device comprises a blade attached to the holder. The ratchet mechanism is mounted between the stationary element and the cutting device and provides the ability of rotation of the cutting device relative to the stationary element only in one direction. And the ratchet mechanism comprises a rotary element mounted on the cutting device and a stopper mounted on the stationary element and located around the rotary element.EFFECT: user convenience is achieved by applying the rotational force and high performance of sharpening operation.22 cl, 20 dwg

Writing pen // 2531891
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to office supplies, particularly to writing pens. Case and stem with paste are made in the form of connected vessels, and paste moves through an orifice in the stem near writing unit. Gap between vessels is determined so that writing paste does not leak when the pen is overturned.EFFECT: increased volume of writing paste.3 dwg

Cartridge for fountain pen // 2512855
FIELD: articles of personal use.SUBSTANCE: container features an opening with inner thread, and valve with thread on side surface. Valve features a threaded pin at the inner container side and recess at the external side A threaded ring connected with container by at least one fastening is placed inside the container. The container has a cover with thread at bottom on the side surface. At the bottom, the container is connected to an adapter with a cavity for pen feeder. A rise is on the top, with a ledge of non-round cross-section under the valve recess, and at least one adapter orifice, and threaded rim is on the top.EFFECT: reusable, refillable cartridge for a fountain pen where ink application orifice can be closed when the cartridge is removed from pen.4 cl, 5 dwg

Device for transfer and positioning of envelopes and method to this end // 2496652
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: device 110 transfers separate paper or film article 131 in lengthwise direction 15 for it to be fitted in envelope 132. Assy of guides 120 comprises opposed first and second channels 125, 129 to direct article 131 in lengthwise direction 15. Note here that channels 125, 129 extends upward to make upward path 130 for article 131. Drive 300 comprises hooking elements 310 for transfer article 131 along said first and second channels 125, 129. At least one bearing element 144, 1484 retains article 131 in guide assy 130 to extend, in fact, along the entire length thereof. Note also that said bearing element comprises multiple deflecting elements to be engaged with hooking elements.EFFECT: higher accuracy of control, accurate positioning of sheets in envelopes.22 cl, 7 dwg

Stationery tool // 2493970
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: stationery tool comprising a housing and a holding device for a rubber. The housing comprises a holding end and a holding recess formed in the holding end. The holding device for the rubber is placed in the holding recess with the ability of fixation or detachment to hold the rubber in order to regulate the length of pulling out the rubber relative to the housing and comprises a clamping segment and a guiding segment. The clamping segment comprises a plurality of clamping ledges to press to the rubber. The guiding segment protrudes outwards in order to make the hole of the holding device for the rubber be located at a certain distance from the clamping segment.EFFECT: stationery tool has the abilities of regulation of the length of pulling out the rubber and easy replacement of the used rubber.33 cl, 20 dwg
ethod of making slat // 2484976
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to woodworking industry and may be used for making slat. Proposed method comprises making sliced veneer from wood billets, veneer cutting and sorting. Made slice features thickness of 1.0-3.0 mm. Sorted veneer is refined by thermal treatment and impregnation for 0.5-60 min. Then, veneer is treated by glue composition, preset thickness pack is made to be glued and cut into slats. Note here that thermal treatment and impregnation are performed in industrial oil at 130-170°C.EFFECT: higher quality and yield.1 tbl

Device for fitting separate items into envelopes and methods to this end // 2479437
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed device comprises drive to feed items toward envelope, vacuum drum with surface to engage with and transfer envelope to item, and inclined element. Said element is connected with drum and has flat surface tangential to said drum. Said surfaces serves to support envelope front. In compliance with second version, device comprises vacuum source to continuously generate negative pressure at said surface. Envelope filling device comprises first end engaged with paper reel feed and device to make sheets thereof. Besides, proposed device comprises component to fit separate sheets into envelope. Automatic device comprises aforesaid sheets fitter, vacuum drum, inclined element connected with said drum and provided with flat surface tangential to said drum. Method of inserting comprises feeding the item to inserting section, applying negative pressure to envelope, displacing revolving surface, and supporting envelope front by relatively stationary surface. Envelope processing device comprises frame structure and support plate arranged at said frame. Said support plate has flat surface to support pile of envelopes in vertical direction and pressure-sensitive lever. Said lever is mounted on aforesaid frame and has sensitive surface directed across support plate. Pressure-sensitive lever may turn in response to pressure applied by envelope and is located relative to support plate so as to allow first envelope front to extend beyond said sensitive surface. Envelope processing device comprises device to feed items to envelope from envelope pile, vacuum drum and inclined element connected therewith. Proposed method of processing envelopes comprise feeding item to inserting section, applying negative pressure to envelope, displacing revolving surface, applying first force to envelope pile, engaging first envelope with moving surface, turning said moving surface in response to first force and applying second force to said envelope pile. In compliance with second version, envelope pile is displaced to envelope feed position, detecting pressure at front envelope at feed position, and control over displacement in response to said detection.EFFECT: higher efficiency and quality.29 cl, 13 dwg

Roller ruler // 2479436
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention is a portable drawing tool of roller type for drawing parallel lines of different orientations and circles on the basis of a number of holes. The roller ruler comprises a housing bearing a plate and a roller support. The plate is made of a transparent material, has a straight front edge and at least two scales - linear and arc. For making circles of various radii the plate is equipped with a means comprising the center of rotation with a working element in the form of pressure axis of rotation for contact with a sheet of paper. Parallel to the front edge of the plate there is a linear series with a constant pitch of through holes for the writing tip. The housing has a cavity open from below. The roller support is placed in the housing cavity and is designed in the form of a cylindrical shaft stepped by diameter. The geometrical axis of the shaft is oriented parallel to the front edge of the plate. The shaft is connected to the side walls of the housing with the ability to rotate and has two equal roller stages with the friction surface, located at its ends, which partly pass beyond the lower surface of the plate. The ruler has a mechanism of exclusion the working contact with paper of roller stages of the shaft, and its center of rotation is made with the ability of fixed movement in a direction of a linear series of holes within at least their step.EFFECT: expanding the range of circles drawn.21 cl, 26 dwg

Distributing device for thin film // 2479435
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: present invention relates to a clerical tool and, in particular, to the distributing device having a button to control the distribution head with the aim of pulling it out of the distributing device housing or fitting-in in the distributing device housing. The distributing device housing comprises a housing having an opening made at one end of the housing, a guide groove made in one lateral side of the housing, extending along and having two side walls, and many groups of positioning notches made correspondingly and separately in the side walls of the guide groove. The device also comprises a movable unit mounted in the housing, an elastic positioning element connected to the movable unit and comprising the positioning segment. The positioning segment extends in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the guide groove and selectively engages with one of the groups of positioning notches. The distribution unit mounted in the housing is connected to the movable unit and has a distribution head corresponding to the opening of the housing, and a button mounted with the ability to slide in the guide groove of the housing. The button is connected to the movable unit and selectively pushes to the positioning segment of the elastic positioning element for disengagement with a corresponding group of positioning notches to provide the ability the move the movable unit relative the housing.EFFECT: exception of separation of the eraser from the housing when erasing the marks is provided, adjustment of pulling out of the eraser relative to the housing, as well as its easy removal from the housing and replacement by a new eraser.31 dwg, 39 cl

Wood substitute material and use thereof // 2476462
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a wood substitute material for wood-encased pencils. The wood substitute material for wood-encased pencils contains the following, wt %: 15-30% of at least one polymeric binder from a group of polyolefins, 50-80% of at least one organic filler from wood and/or cellulose with maximum particle size of 100 mcm and 0-20% by weight of at least one inorganic filler, 0.5-5% of at least one adhesion promoter, 1-30% of at least one wax, 0-10% of at least one colouring pigment and 0-10% of at least one additive. Total amount of the organic and inorganic filler is at most 80 wt %. The adhesion promoter is formed from polyethylene or polypropylene with grafted maleic anhydride, or from a copolymer of ethylene and maleic anhydride and forms a chemical bond between the polymeric binder and the organic filler. The ratio of the adhesion promoter to the wax ranges from 1:2.5 to 1:6.EFFECT: wood substitute material for wood-encased pencils has high bending strength, wear resistance and is easy to sharpen.16 cl, 3 dwg, 2 ex

Accessory for making records // 2468926
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: accessory comprises an erasable board or boards, the writing surface of which is a plastic, wax or wax-like coating applied onto the substrate. Symbols applied onto boards, for instance, with a sharpened rod-like stylus, are areas of open exposed surface of the substrate that differ in colour and/or brightness on the background of its remaining surface hidden under the layer of the plastic substance.EFFECT: plastic coating and surface of substrates, onto which it is applied, have mutually contrast light-reflecting or light-radiating characteristic.32 cl, 4 dwg

Device to plot curves // 2421339
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to curve plotters. Proposed device represents a crosspiece with intersecting guide grooves rigidly fitted on two posts with one pair of opposed arms resting thereon with guide grooves directed downward. Note here that each arm of said crosspiece is scaled, common zero point of the arms being located at their intersection. Proposed device comprises also axial foot set on semi frame ledge to reset and lock it on over crosspiece arms, slave plate fitted on semi frame ledge to turn thereon. It comprises also horizontal bar with similar crosspiece rigidly fixed on horizontal bar with guide groove directed upward to get in contact with free ends of axial foot and slave plate.EFFECT: higher accuracy of plotting cardioids and Pascal scroll, ellipse in whatever axonometries, conchoids of straight line, strophoids and cissoids.10 dwg

Writing accessory // 2417901
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small office equipment, namely, to writing accessories. A writing accessory, comprising a body with a head and a tail. At least two rings are connected to the body, besides, the first ring, which is closer to the head, is less than the second ring, at that the second ring is connected to the body in a non-rigid manner, and all rings are equipped with radius variation mechanism.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase convenience of the writing accessory use, at the same time fingers do not get tired when writing.5 cl, 5 dwg

Writing tool-massager "nadyusha" // 2416527
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to small office equipment, namely, to writing accessories. The writing tool-massager comprises a body with a head, a tail and a unit of an ink tube fixation. At the same time the body is joined to a spiral so that each spiral turn is connected to the body, at the same time the diametre of turns and the distance between turns from the head to the tail increases. The spiral material is made of plastic or metal, and the second half, which is located closer to the tail, is made of flexible material. And a part of the tail is made in the form of a massager and has a shape of a rotary wheel with sharp-ended ledges or in the form of a massager and has shape of point-like sharp-ended ledges or a ball.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to increase efficiency of use during long-term writing work.3 cl, 3 dwg

Sliding writing tool incorporating anti-drying-out device // 2401210
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: proposed writing tool incorporates anti-drying-out device. It comprises also hollow rod with hole for pen made at its front end. Lock axle seats extend from rod inner wall. Cylinder is jointed to said rod. Impact part is fitted into rod bore, while a pair of pressure parts is arranged on pen elongated rod. Cylinder end is embraced by rear O-ring. Said rear O-ring accommodates spherical lock to isolate pen from outer space. Spring first end stays in contact with cylinder step lower end and second stays in contact with rear O-ring step.EFFECT: efficient seal of pen.9 cl, 26 dwg

Body and traffic control system for cosmetic containers // 2391033
FIELD: medicine.SUBSTANCE: device for placing a cosmetic product comprises a body having at least one groove formed within it; at least one container, made with the option to install inside the body; and at least one protrusion formed on the outer surface of at least one container where at least one protrusion enters to the corresponding groove on the body when installing at least one container inside the body. At that the protrusion and the groove align the container towards the body so that the protrusion of at least one container enters to the groove of the body when the container is installed inside the body to provide directional movement of at least one container towards the body. The lower part of the body has at least one opening configured in such a way as to accommodate at least one container, and the upper part of the body on the opposite side from the bottom includes at least one opening configured so that at least part of at least one container could splay out of it. The stopper is provided in the body to prevent loss of at least one said container of the body through the hole formed on the upper part of the body. Another version of the device is also proposed.EFFECT: claimed inventions provide convenience for the consumer.47 cl, 5 dwg

Colouring device // 2381909
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: colouring device has a first soft-tip pen which has a casing with an absorbing tip containing liquid or dye of a first colour, a second soft-tip pen which has a casing with an absorbing tip containing liquid or dye of a second colour. The casings of the soft-tip pens have size and shape which enables joining with opposite ends of a tubular mating element such that, their absorbing tips are at a distance from each other. There is a device which enables relative movement between the soft-tip pens when there are in position inside the mating element, that way forcing the absorbing tips to selectively come into contact with each other inside the mating element and freeing up from such contact.EFFECT: use of the given invention makes it possible to successively draw lines or sequence of lines, uniform or successive change in colour from one colour to another.15 cl, 6 dwg

Trisector // 2378126
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to office equipment intended for graphic works in geodesy, mathematics and geometry, and can be used, primarily, at home, in educational centers, construction and the like, where graphic works are required. Angle trisector intended for accurate division of flat angles of 0° to 180° into three equal parts comprises two equal parallel half-circles connected by six equal lateral sides hinged to said half-circles. Three pairs of lateral sides form lateral sides of isosceles triangles with their apices belonging to upper half-circle and represent ball joint sliding on over upper half-circle. Apices of angles at the base of adjacent isosceles triangles located on lower half-circle are interconnected by ball joins. Lower half-circle center is connected with attachment points of outer lateral sides. Proposed trisector incorporates a device designed to move upper half-circle in parallel to lower half-circle.EFFECT: accurate division of flat angles with no additional tools or graphing.2 cl, 1 dwg

Head of liquid drop discharge, writing tool, comprising such head, and method for discharge of liquid drops from it // 2375201
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: head of liquid drop discharge comprises actuating chambers with inlet holes, which are intended for connection to chambers of liquid supply and outlet hole connected to discharge nozzle. Actuating chambers also comprise actuator facility intended for generation of pulse wave in liquid hosted in it by putting it in operation by supply of energy received by control device. Outlet holes of actuating chambers are connected to one common nozzle of discharge, through which drop is discharged.EFFECT: use of this invention makes it possible to discharge liquid drops at larger distance.20 cl, 7 dwg

Ball for pen point // 2372207
FIELD: personal articles.SUBSTANCE: ball (1), applied for pen point, with diametre D from 700×10-6 to 2500×10-6 m, includes at least one sign, which is engraved on its surface. Sign is comprised by system of engraved separate slots, which are placed on part of spherical surface of ball, limited by circle with length from 10×10-6 m to 0.5 πD m, value of slot diametre (3) being in range from 10×10-6 m to 1/7 D m, and value of slot depth (3) is in range from 5×10-6 m to 2×Dc m.EFFECT: application of said invention allows to increase quality of sign writing.16 cl, 16 dwg

Writing unit // 2371323
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to writing devices. Writing unit contains writing head, container with filler. On internal surface of container layer of aromatic substance is applied.EFFECT: development of writing unit, installed in writing device, which, besides its main function, works as aromatiser.2 dwg

Automatic pencil with retractable lead guide // 2365512
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: automatic pencil has a frame which is placed longitudinally along axis X between writing end and tail piece, tip which is placed on the level of the front end, lead guide which is retracted in the tip and has a channel for lead passing and directing its forward movement along axis X and lead brake which is made of elastic collapsible elastomer or resin elastic and attached with the lead guide. The lead brake contains at least one friction zone (F') ''lead-lead brake'' which limits movement of the lead in the lead guide and at least one friction zone (F) ''tip-lead brake'' which limits movement of the lead guide in the tip. Each friction zone (F) ''lead-lead brake'' is shifted in angular direction around longitudinal axis X towards each friction zone (F') ''tip-lead brake''.EFFECT: simplification of automatic pencil production.10 cl, 9 dwg

Colouring unit // 2354559
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: unit used for transferring the liquid or dye from a liquid dye source contains liquid-absorbing filler and a tip, to a marker handle tip. The unit contains a tubular interface element with a closed end accommodating a source, and a hole at the other end shaped and sized to ensure positioning of a tip section of the marker handle which includes a tip, and interaction to ensure positioning of a handle tip in contact to a source tip, thus, making liquid or dye running from the source to the marker handle tip.EFFECT: possibility for the marker handle to ensure continuous uniformity and consecutive change of colour within a line or line sequence.14 cl, 7 dwg

Combined typewriter // 2350475
FIELD: printing production.SUBSTANCE: typewriter with distal and proximal ends includes external case with open distal end close to distal end of writing tool and proximal end close to proximal end of writing tool; internal point with first stylus and first print medium tank; and external point with second stylus and second print medium tank. Internal and external points are positioned in internal axial passageway running through second stylus and second printing medium tank. Internal point is mounted in internal axial passageway running through second stylus and second printing medium tank, first stylus is in direct work contact with first printing medium tank, second stylus is in direct work contact with second printing medium tank, and external point can shift against external case.EFFECT: possible use of two different typewriters.35 cl, 17 dwg

echanism for writing appliance and writing appliance // 2345901
FIELD: mechanics, polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: proposed mechanism for writing appliance comprises the first element for writing appliance incorporating a guide arranged between the first and second parallel shoulders. The second element comprises a ledge made in the guide to move along it. The said ledge features a length measured across the guide. The locking device incorporates a recess arranged in the first shoulder between two ends and a flexible member fitted opposite the said recess starting at least from the smaller base which is connected to the recess first end till the apex made in the guide at a distance from the second shoulder smaller than the ledge width. Note that the aforesaid flexible member is arranged to be pushed towards the recess by the said ledge.EFFECT: ease of locking and releasing without increasing production costs.11 cl, 3 dwg

Liquid supply unit for liquid-jet instrument and instrument including same // 2344052
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: liquid supply unit is intended to be installed inside a liquid-jet instrument. The liquid supply unit contains a cartridge for liquid and liquid-jet head which is attached to the cartridge for liquid. The liquid supply unit additionally contains a power supply source which is attached to the cartridge for liquid so as to form a pre-assembled supply unit installed directly inside the liquid-jet instrument.EFFECT: ruling out several stages of the instrument assembly / disassembly.11 cl, 12 dwg

Bottle for glue // 2339521
FIELD: household goods and personal effects.SUBSTANCE: bottle is molded from low-adhesive material in rectangular shape with rounded side ribs. Upper part near orifice is implemented with shoulders, which are beveled at narrow side. Lower part of bottle is corrugated, and its bottom has constricted, truncated and directed upward smoothing sections. Bottom base has legs which are prominent outwards and situated in the centre and at corners. Besides two legs are situated near side ribs of bottle above corrugated part. Hollow element is located in bottom centre inside bottle. Spoke is thrust installed in the hollow element. Spoke does not reach crosscut end of outlet plug nozzle. Plug is put on bottle orifice by means of thrust rims being on plug and orifice or threaded. The said plug is provided with borders having tapered deflector directed to bottle with two legs. Cross cut end of outlet nozzle contains cap placed on the end of tape molded continuously from nozzle. Besides tape is molded with inverse cross concavity and with longitudinal convexity with regard to bottle closing position. Tape may be also molded as separate detail to be installed on nozzle by stub ring in thrust arrangement through bulge section in nozzle.EFFECT: easy-to-use glue in bottle and comfort and saving of labour hours.1 dwg

Writing instrument with damping element // 2337834
FIELD: typography.SUBSTANCE: writing instrument has case, which has proximal end with proximal opening and distal end, which has opening for the writing end, opposite the proximal end. The instrument also has cartridge with writing substance, which is in the case and has writing tip which comes out of the above mentioned opening of the writing end, and proximal butt end, end plug in the proximal opening and damping element, which is made into a single unit with the end plug. The damping element rests on the proximal butt end of the cartridge with writing substance, and the end plug is fixed to the proximal opening of the case through an adjustable threaded joint.EFFECT: simple structure and fast assembling of writing instrument.19 cl, 15 dwg

Autopencil // 2331526
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: autopencil contains a tapered nose piece made integral with the hollow cylindrical tail part furnished with diametrically arranged through cut and a flange on its end, with outer diameter equal the nose piece taper base diameter. The tail part houses a lead holder with radial ledges that enter the tail part cylinder cuts and a lead. The tail part outer surface accommodates a helical cylinder spring fitted thereon having a closed coils and extending over the entire length from the nose piece taper base to the flange. The spring inner diameter allows a sliding contact with the tail part cylinder surface, while the lead holder radial ledges represent screw blades to engage with the spring coils.EFFECT: simpler design, reliability and ease of use.2 cl, 1 dwg

Pull-out core pencil // 2330762
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: pull-out core pencil has a casing with an inner channel furnished with diametrically arranged grooves along the said channel accommodating a writing rod with its end provided with a sleeve with radial ledges for sliding contact with the said channel grooves and a tip for extended end of the writing rod. The said rod can rotate inside the casing inner channel. The said channel accommodates a cylinder spring with closed coils all along its length and with an outer diameter allowing a sliding contact with the casing inner channel. The writing rod tail sleeve is arranged inside the said spring, the radial ledges being made as helical blades and arranged between the spring coils. The casing incorporates also with a plug that can turn around on the casing end. The plug and the tip are furnished with stops on inner end faces to rest upon the spring ends.EFFECT: expanded application range.1 dwg

Writing appliance // 2326767
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: writing appliance contains a writing head, a cylinder with a filler, the writing head being arranged on both end faces of the said cylinder while the filler is separated with an air layer and a hole is made in the said cylinder at the point of the filler separation.EFFECT: simpler design and a wider series of functions.1 dwg

Keeper for sticky tape with extending section // 2324601
FIELD: mechanic.SUBSTANCE: keeper for sticky tape with an extending section contains shell, which has an upper surface, where a pit for spool tape is made, and, as a minimum, one empty space, made in the lower part, so that the mentioned space is limited by two side longitudinal walls. The side walls are made with the first installed element; the space has the bottom, as a minimum, with one first sliding guiding element; the first guiding element has the first support on the outside end. The side wall limiting the mentioned pit for the tape, made with a hole for the axle as a ring section in profile with an angle of more than 180°, and the other side wall limiting the mentioned pit for the tape, is made with a hollow chamfer for the axle and a mounting protrusion made on the lower surface of the chamfer for the axle. The round axle has two ends, according installed in the hole for the axle and in the chamfer for the axle and made with the possibility to go through the central hole of the spool tape. The round axle also has a tube end installed in the chamfer for the axle, and a groove where the mounting protrusion is placed. The end of the groove formed by with the mounting channel and the mounting protrusion is placed in the mounting channel for stopping the round axle and for limiting its position during rotation of the round axle in the prescribed direction. Also, the keeper contains, as a minimum, one open extending section at the top, which consists of two longitudinal side walls and two transversal side walls; the longitudinal side walls made with the second installation element, and, with one first sliding guiding element, made on its bottom. The mentioned second mounting element is installed to the first mounting element with the possibility of moving, sliding over it under the pressing of the extending section to the empty space. The extending section has, as a minimum, the second support on the back end, for preventing it from falling out, which interacts with the first supporter.EFFECT: expands functionality of keeper.9 cl, 7 dwg

Compasses // 2315699
FIELD: drafting instruments, in particular, instruments for drafting arcs of circles, may be used for cutting of metal sheets.SUBSTANCE: compasses have guide, supporting and drawing legs. Guide is made from steel rod with bent end formed as supporting leg. Drawing leg is defined by free end of rod portion protruding from the side adjoining to supporting leg in parallel with the latter and oriented in the same direction. Said rod portion is coiled onto guide.EFFECT: simplified construction and prolonged service life of compasses.1 dwg

Device for positioning of drawing pin // 2312022
FIELD: stationery.SUBSTANCE: device for positioning of drawing pin has rod with magnetic member at its end, handle, and pin receiving cavity. Magnetic member is equipped with detachable head having concave surface. Pin receiving cavity is provided within handle.EFFECT: wider operational capabilities of device for positioning of drawing pin.2 dwg

echanism for reproduction of spatial curves // 2309051
FIELD: engineering of mechanisms for reproducing curves, described by analytical connections.SUBSTANCE: mechanism for reproducing a spatial curve includes a crank, a connecting rod, made in form of a screw and interacting with a nut. The nut forms a rotary kinematic couple with a rocking arm. The curve-reproducing element is combined with the nut as a whole.EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.1 dwg

Ball-point pen // 2294842
FIELD: instruments for writing.SUBSTANCE: ball-point pen comprises rod with writing unit at its one end and paste inside the rod , sleeves with face openings for projecting the tip with ball out of the housing and connecting the rod end with the atmosphere. The outer surface of one of the sleeves is convex, and the outer surface of the other sleeve is concave.EFFECT: improved design.2 cl, 3 dwg

Liquid stream writing tool // 2291786
FIELD: writing tools.SUBSTANCE: writing tool contains vessel for liquid, liquid discharge head, while liquid discharge head is meant for discharging liquid onto substrate at distance, and processing block, meant for activating discharging head. Tool additionally contains measuring means, meant for measuring distance between discharge head and substrate, and means for determining movement of discharge head respectively to substrate, while processing block is made with possible control over activation of liquid discharge head, when, on one side, it is determined by measurement means that distance between discharge head and substrate is equal to value, lesser than predetermined maximal value, and on other side, movement detection means detect movement of discharge head relatively to substrate.EFFECT: prevented contact of stylus with wet liquid and its blotting across substrate during normal usage of writing tool.13 cl, 3 dwg

Finger instrument (variants) // 2290317
FIELD: engineering of finger instruments for writing and drawing.SUBSTANCE: device contains rolling or soft-tip writing unit, reservoir for writing material, plastic element in form of thimble for holding the tool on finger, cross connections, holders, reservoir for writing material is made in form of cylinder, ball or drop, beginning at upper frontal section of thimble and being its extension, or in form of spiral, or hollow inside the element in form of thimble or reservoir, consisting of several links connected by cross connections, holders are made in form of yokes, freely supporting the device, while vertical axis of writing unit is positioned perpendicularly to when hand is in writing position, and internal hollow of thimble repeats shape of lower phalanx of hand finger and has apertures and recesses, while element in form of thimble has hollow for feeding writing material to writing unit.EFFECT: increased control over device during writing, drawing and erasing.4 cl, 4 dwg

Device for correcting text // 2283779
FIELD: bureau accessories.SUBSTANCE: device comprises vessel with cylindrical neck and plug. The cylindrical neck is smooth from both sides. The top section of the neck is cut into rings down to a depth of 2/3 of the thickness. The neck receives tubular member with round nip having two symmetrical projections on the sides. The outer section of the tubular member is cylindrical. The cross-section of the inner passage is rectangular. The bottom of the tubular member is flat, perpendicular to the walls, and provided with slot. The tubular member receives the rod with round head and two symmetrical projections on the sides. The rod has rectangular cross-section and its bottom end has the triangle blade made of a flexible material. The blade has parallel semi-round grooves.EFFECT: enhanced quality of correcting.7 dwg

Pen // 2283778
FIELD: instruments for writing.SUBSTANCE: pen comprises reservoir for ink, writing member, capillary that connects the writing member with the reservoir for ink, and source of magnetic field. The reservoir for ink is filled with ferromagnetic ink. The source of magnetic field is mounted at the level of the capillary for permitting movement with respect to the capillary or dismounting. The capillary is made of a dielectric material.EFFECT: improved design.10 cl, 4 dwg