Bookbinding and albums and files and special printed matter (B42)

B42            Bookbinding; albums; files; special printed matter(1552)
ultilayer protective element and method of its obtaining // 2642535
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: multilayer protective element contains an optically transparent film, on one side of which a layer with a regulated adhesion is applied, a thermoplastic polymer composition for forming micro - and nano-relief elements of the flat optics by the embossment, and an embossed rainbow hologram, a layer with a high refractive index. In the thermoplastic layer, the embossing method forms a relief of the diffraction structure organized by the type of a reflective phase diffraction grating. On top of the layer with a high refractive index, an information layer with obvious and hidden elements is applied, then a photopolymeric layer with a bulk record of the interference structure is applied, on top of which a layer of the paint composition and an adhesive layer are consistently applied.EFFECT: increasing not less than twice the degree of identifiability, security, reliability of visual inspection of the authenticity and integrity, the essential difficulty of forgery, the high durability and efficiency of protective properties.10 cl

Optically variable security threads and strips // 2641864
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: security threads or strips comprise: a) an optically variable layer; b) a layer of permanent colour having a colour which coincides with the colour perception of the optically variable layer at the viewing angle; c) a holographic metal layer; and d) a transparent substrate, wherein the optically variable layer, the layer of permanent colour and the holographic metal layer are at least partially co-visible on at least one side of the security thread or strip.EFFECT: increasing degree of product protection against counterfeiting and illegal reproduction.15 cl, 8 dwg

Protecting structure // 2641488
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention reveals a protecting structure for the protected document, containing a transparent carrier and metal elements held by the specified carrier that form the identifying pattern. Herewith the identifying pattern provides the ability to identify information by using the identifying pattern in conjunction with the revealed element, and the thickness of the metallic elements is small enough so that the metal elements are transparent, wherein the varnish is at least partly imposed on the metal elements.EFFECT: improved visibility of the protective element.27 cl, 12 dwg
Optionally transferable optical system with reduced thickness // 2641316
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: optical system includes a system of synthetic images, which consists of one or more structures of the structured image icons, which are largely in contact with one or more structures of focusing elements, but not fully included in them. Focusing elements are made in the form of a matrix of micro lenses or micromirrors. At the same time, one or more of the focusing element structures are focused on one or more image icon structures and form at least one synthetic image of at least a portion of the pictograms of the images. When this interstitial space between the focusing elements in one or more structures of the focusing elements not included in the formation referred at least one synthetic image, and the image icons intersect with a depth of focus of the focusing elements.EFFECT: reducing the overall thickness of the authentication system applied to the surface.34 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of producing polymer film with discrete luminescent dyeing for paper anti-falsification tools // 2641138
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method of producing a polymer film with discrete luminescent dyeing for paper anti-falsification tools includes the steps of dyeing the polymer film material with fluorescent dyes. Hydrophilized polypropylene microporous membranes obtained by dry stretching are used as a polymeric film material. The film material is discreetly dyed with ink jet printing with aqueous fluorescent ink and laminated on both sides with thermally activated films at a temperature of 135°C.EFFECT: improved method of producing polymer film materials for paper security, which eliminates the contact of paper pulp with a phosphor, provides high quality discrete dyeing and an increase in the life of protective tools.1 dwg, 1 ex

Protective device for projecting set of synthetic images // 2640716
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device includes a set of focused elements and, at least, one layer of the image, which together project a different image, wherein, at least, one image layer consists of many individual digitized areas, each region is identical to the subset of optical prints of each focusing element, and regions are separate, and each point in each subset is the nearest to the appropriate focus element, and each region is divided into a number of individual pixels, equal to the number of images, each image is exposed to digital processing, the number of pixels in each digitally transformed image is equal to the total number of focusing elements, pixels in each processed image are distributed to the same location within each digitized region.EFFECT: projecting the images defined by the viewpoint by creating a layer of another image.21 cl, 40 dwg
ethod of manufacture of paper with transparent sites and paper with transparent sites, manufactured by this method // 2639809
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacture of paper with transparent sites of the specified form includes grinding fibrous raw materials based on cotton, preparing a suspension for sheet formation, introduction of a filler, dye and other additives to the suspension, paper web formation, applying the composition to the local sites of the paper to increase transparency and its curing. As a filler, aluminium silicate is introduced into the suspension, characterized by an average particle size of not more than 7 mcm, whiteness of at least 95%. As a colorant, a dark dye is added in an amount of not more than 0.001 by wt % of the weight of absolutely dry fiber to the colour coordinate L* not less than 90.EFFECT: increased protection against falsification.2 cl, 10 ex

Protective element for polygraphic products and fraud-proof polygraphic product // 2639807
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: protective element is proposed comprising luminescent regions forming latent colour images visible when irradiated by exciting radiation of UV-band, made with inks containing nanocrystalline materials based on quantum dots. One part of the image is characterized by the spectral composition of the radiation consisting of one narrow-band line, and the other part of the image is characterized by the spectral composition of the radiation consisting of at least two narrow-band lines. The luminescent colours of the mentioned images are identical when viewed with the naked eye, but are different when viewed through the narrow band colour filters that ensure the selection of the spectral composition of the luminescent radiation. The stated task is also solved by the polygraphic product which comprises a protective element characterized above.EFFECT: creation of a reliable protective element, the authenticity of which can be verified visually with the help of simple technical means.5 cl, 2 dwg

Valuable document protected from forgery and method of determining its authenticity // 2638848
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: valuable document contains an identification mark based on the elements made of an amorphous ferromagnetic alloy. The elements are segments of microwires connected to each other, having the ability to emit electromagnetic pulses with a jump-like magnetization reversal under the influence of an external sinusoidal magnetic field. The intensity of the exciting magnetic field is chosen to be from 0.1 to 1000 A/m, and the frequency of this field is in the range of 0.1 to 100 KHz. The pulses emitted at the field magnetization have the options characteristic for the protective label of number: the number of pulses, the ratio of their intensities and phases measured relative to the zero-phase referred to the magnetic field, with the formation of a given code.EFFECT: invention provides a high degree of protection of documents and reliability of determining their authenticity.12 cl, 4 ex, 2 dwg

Security element with structural elements made in form of grooves or ribs // 2635776
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: in a security element for the manufacture of valuable documents such as banknotes, checks or the like that has an upper side, on which a microrelief structure is provided having, at least, two partial portions that have a plurality of grooves and/or ribs respectively located next to each other, extending along the longitudinal direction, reflecting or back scattering structural elements. Moreover, the longitudinal directions of the partial portions are different, it is provided that the structural elements are made accordingly with the absence of the possibility of the naked eye with respect to the width across the longitudinal direction, and the incident parallel light is achromatically dissipated into a fan that is located across the longitudinal direction and has an opening angle of, at least, 30°.EFFECT: proposed security element with a simplicity of manufacture has a heavily reproducible effect.17 cl, 9 dwg

Clamp // 2634892
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for releasably fastened sheets together without piercing the latter. The clamp is made in the form of an integral element with two mutually movable outwardly folded branches connected by a prestressed arch-shaped back, with levers for branching. There can be two backs in the assembly, the inner of which can have a circle or a square in the section, and the outer one - a circle, or an oval, or a square. The outer backs can have two openings on the parts distant from the parts that connect the branches for the alternative branch levers.EFFECT: increased retention capacity and expanded functionality of the clamps.2 dwg
ethod for creating original colour protective image inside sheet material // 2634571
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: image is created inside a sheet material containing a monolayer of a variety of glass microbeads, partially submerged in a phosphor layer and coated with a layer of metallized foil when laser radiation is pulsed through the foil layer. To create an original colour protective image inside the sheet material, each laser radiation pulse within the laser spot consistently evaporates the metal layer from the metallized foil, metal microlenses are partially bombarded with metal particles, partially immersed in the phosphor layer, microlenses are fused together with the phosphor and metal particles, the inlet of channel is melted and closed on surface of the foil, formed by the pulse of laser radiation, a bunch of fused microlenses, phosphor particles and metal is formed, colour point of the security image of crystal structures is created within the laser spot, after termination of the pulse laser light. This point from the side of the foil in reflected light will be coloured in a dark colour, and in transmitted light it will turn into the colour of foil metal. When the laser beam is scanned over a given area of the surface of the sheet material, laser pulses are repeatedly applied to specified points on foil surface and an image inside the sheet material is created that is visible as dark in reflected light, and in transmitted light consisting of many crystal-like structures either isolated from each other, or bounded by solidified fibers of glass melt with phosphor and metal particles.EFFECT: colour palette does not depend on the colour of phosphor with a sharp contrast between the mappings of this image in transmitted and reflected light.2 cl, 4 dwg
Single-page table calendar // 2633424
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: single-page table calendar is made from one piece folded several times to form at least twelve information sheets and a stand consisting of two sheets forming the foot of the stand, two support arms and a support base, so that the information sheets form a closed structure in the form of a star. The star has at least six beams, each of which is formed by two adjacent information sheets with the possibility of turning around the central axis of the star's structure. The stand is a ⊥-like element, made in one piece with information sheets. The calendar contains a removable rotating element holding at least five beams folded together at the bottom of the calendar so that one beam is held vertically above them at the top of the calendar.EFFECT: simplification of design with increased informativeness and ease of use by providing access to information printed on a separate sheet.11 cl, 7 dwg

System for storing collection materials in protective capsules // 2629093
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: system for storing collection materials in protective capsules contains capsule carriers made with the possibility to be arranged in a rigid case (3) by means of a fastening mechanism installed inside the case. The capsule carriers are made of a rigid material, detachable, consisting of a base and a lid, with through windows (2) for viewing the capsules from both sides, with retainers of the capsule position in the windows, with stiffeners ensuring the invariance of the geometric dimensions of the capsule carriers, and with a device for taking the capsule carriers out of the case. The mechanism of fastening the carriers in the case is made in the form of guides (4) with locks that engage with the capsule carrier retainers installed on the inner surface of the case.EFFECT: simplifying the system design and the ability to preserve the appearance of exhibits, and ease of use.5 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of adhesive high-strength bookbinding of books // 2628983
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to printing industry. It is achieved by new method assembly of units, determining new quality of adhesive joint. Method of assembly of units is characterized by compilation of one-bend sheets with fold to spine, each of which forms two sheets, leveled and compacted at specified distance from butt. Glue layer is applied on fluffed butt of unit, formed by spine folds, compressed with rollers. Glue flows between sheets only to specified depth due to elastic compression of oval bends of sheets with press. Wherein butt of each double sheet of entire brochures in one pass is coated with glue from three sides accurately at contact with other double sheets. Degree and removal of pressing zone from butt of folds determines depth of penetration of glue between sheets. It allows increasing area of butt gluing of each sheet in 3–5 times, creating lateral zones of adhesion and make them mobile. Operation method is characterized by high fixation strength, softness and mobility, wherein even at stirring ironing of turn no breaking of glueing area appears sheets do not break out from adhesive layer.EFFECT: invention aims at increasing strength and durability of adhesive bonding of inner blocks of books without increasing cost.1 cl, 12 dwg

Security document containing tangible mark and textured zone and method of its manufacture // 2628914
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing a security document made in the form of a sheet comprising, at least, one tangible protruding mark on, at least, one of it two sides opposite to each other, allowing the visually impaired people to sense a specific feature of the said document by means of feeling the said mark and to participate in determining its authenticity. Herewith the said mark is, at least, partially surrounded by, at least, one first textured zone, which is a surface that is different to the touch and is extracted from the rest of the said sheet. Herewith its second side also has the second textured zone. Simultaneously, these textured zones are formed. A printing embossed cliche is used, comprising engraved elements configured to form a textured zone on the sheet containing the regions. The first region is formed by a series of adjacent grooves and ribs forming on the other side of the sheet a complementary region provided with ribs and grooves, and the second region is formed by adjacent ribs and grooves forming on the other side of the sheet a complementary region provided with grooves and a rib. These pairs of regions form the said first and the second textured zones. The equation is applied: e+E=F, where e - the depth of the engraved line of the specified cliche; E - the interval between the two lines; F - the frequency of the lineature, at e≥100 microns and F≥500 microns.EFFECT: document simplifies its authentication.11 cl, 11 dwg, 2 tbl

Valuable document protected from forgery, and method of determining its authenticity // 2628378
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: document includes a substrate and contains two hidden markings visually indistinguishable, when observed in daylighting on its surface, or in its composition. The markings are made in the form of periodic code sequences. The code sequences contain predetermined information. The material of one of the markings has magnetic properties different from the magnetic properties of the substrate material, and the second marking material has spectral properties or luminescent properties in the infrared spectral range that are different from the corresponding spectral or luminescent properties of the substrate material.EFFECT: increasing the security level of a valuable document from partial forgery.18 cl, 7 ex, 4 dwg
Protective element or document with protective sign with, at least, one sign dynamic effect sign // 2626949
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: security element comprising a substrate and, at least, the first dynamic effect sign provided on a substrate that contains a dynamic effect component that responds to a light stimulus of a selected excitation wavelength or a wavelength range to create an optical spectral response, is provided. Optical spectral response dynamically changes during the observed period of time between several colour shades after and during exposure to a light stimulus. The first dynamic effect sign is provided in the region of the substrate that is near or near to, at least, one proximity sign provided on the substrate. Herewith, at least, one proximity sign has a colour shade that is selected to improve and/or complement, at least, several colour shades of the first dynamic effect sign. At the same time, at least, one proximity sign has a static colour shade that does not change in response to a light stimulus. A static colour shade is selected such that it is similar or closely related to, at least, one of several colour shades of the first dynamic effect sign.EFFECT: proposed security element can be easily identified and authenticated without the need for sophisticated authentication tools in addition to a simple light source.51 cl, 15 dwg

Connecting element // 2625900
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a connecting element that is provided with a spine intended to insert the edge of a bundle of sheets, sheets of a cover on a spine to protect a stack of documents. The connecting element for the sheet bundle includes a spine for inserting the edge of the pack and two plastic cover sheets attached to the spine. In this case, the first of the cover sheets is transparent, and the second of the cover sheets is translucent, but not transparent.EFFECT: proposed solution has better scratch resistance with a simultaneous attractive appearance.10 cl, 3 dwg

ethod of intaglio process attribute printing with a lot of characteristics // 2623259
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: composition contains the first component A) and the second component B). Component A) is selected from the group consisting of: i) 0.1 to 40 wt % of the first particles plurality having a modal particle diameter of 1 to 3 mcm, ii) 1 to 20 wt % of one or more colorants which can be a material having machine-readable properties, preferably selected from the following group: IR absorption properties, luminescent properties and combinations, and iii) their combinations. Component A) can be a material having computer-readable properties, preferably selected from the group: magnetic properties, UV or IR absorption properties, optically variable properties, light polarization properties, electrically conductive, luminescent and their combinations. Component B) consists of: 0.1 to 40 wt % of a plurality of the second particles having a modal particle diameter of 6 to 25 mcm. Moreover, B) can be a material with machine-readable properties, preferably selected from the group: magnetic properties, UV or IR absorption properties, optically variable properties, light polarization properties, electrically conductive properties, luminescent properties, and their combinations. The first component A) and the second component B) have at least one differing characteristic, which is selected from the group: CIE (1976) colour index parameters, machine-readable properties, and their combinations. Wt% is based on the total weight of the paint composition for metallography.EFFECT: invention provides metallography elements having a number of characteristics that are improved, predictable and controllable, as well as metallographic elements with a complex pattern and precise register with different physical properties, such as machine-readable ones.21 cl, 10 dwg, 3 tbl

Security document with security features // 2622834
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: security element for the security document comprises the first, the second, the third and the fourth linear grid, which contrast with the substrate surface, wherein each said grid is associated with a pattern comprising an embossed substrate structure. The first, the second, the third and the fourth pattern corners differ from each other. The first security information element is encoded in the form of the first localized distribution of the first and the second patterns, the second security information element is encoded in the form of the localized distribution of the third and the fourth patterns. The first and the second security information elements are superimposed on each other. Certain intensity distributions appear in different directions of viewing the security document, by arranging the first and the second patterns in the first grid cells, and the third and the fourth patterns in the second grid cells, and by locating the cells of the first and the second grids alternately, wherein the intensity distribution is used for checking the document authentication.EFFECT: increasing the information content.19 cl, 15 dwg

Distribution, pixel arrangement and image formation relative to microlens matrix with round or square bases to achieve three-dimensionality and multi-directional movement in full // 2621173
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: assembly of visual indication adapted to be used as the protection means against counterfeiting, includes a film of the transparent material comprising the first surface comprising a matrix of lenses, and the second surface opposite the first surface. In addition, the assembly includes printed imaging close to the second surface. Printed imaging includes frame pixels of one or more images alternating at two orthogonal axes. The matrix lenses are placed in the plurality of the parallel lines, and adjacent lenses of the lenses in the matrix columns are aligned to be located in a single line of the lines without the lens offset in the adjacent columns/lines.EFFECT: improving the properties of the security element by creating an image that is free to move above or below the focal plane of the security element lenses.9 cl, 26 dwg
Diverse-ligand complex compounds of terbium with phenanthroline, the luminescence intensity of which depends on temperature // 2620117
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: diverse-ligand complex terbium and phenanthroline compounds of the formula Tb (L)3(Phen) and solvates thereof, with the exception of tris-salicylate Tb(sal)3(Phen), where Tb (L)3 is terbium complex with an anionic organic ligand L, exhibiting ionic visually recorded terbium luminescence at room temperature, (phen) is phenanthroline. These compounds have a high temperature sensitivity at integrated luminescence intensities ratio of I77/I300≥10, where I77 and I300 are integrated luminescence intensities at 77 K and 300 K, respectively.EFFECT: possibility of compounds application as fluorescent labels for paper and additional degree of security protection.5 cl, 1 tbl, 12 ex
Polymer-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, containing nitrogen-containing alternates // 2618748
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: described by formula (R-O)x-Q-(Y)w (1), where F - balance polymeric compound containing at least three repeating units containing a phenolic rings substituted groups C1-C10 alkyl or C1-C4 alkoxy; Q - perylene, quaterrylene, terrylene or fragment thereof; Y - (i) halogen or (ii) optionally N-substituted heterocycloaliphatic having 3-8 ring members associated with the Q atom through N, with the proviso that at least one Y is (ii); x, w - integers from 1 to 4. It describes a process for preparing the compound (1) and its application to an ink composition that can be used for marking or protection elements.EFFECT: polycyclic polymer-bound dyes with high solubility or dispersibility in liquids, particularly in liquid media used in printing inks.28 cl, 1 tbl, 3 ex
Paper sheet of high wear resistance for producing banknotes // 2617485
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a counterfeit-proof paper and concerns a paper sheet of high wear resistance for producing banknotes. Sheet comprises a fibrous base and a protective coating fully covering at least one side of the fibrous base. Said coating contains at least one basic layer on the side of the fibrous base and an outer suitable for printing layer based on polyurethane covering the basic layer. Basic layer contains polyolefin or polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC).EFFECT: invention provides creation of a paper for producing banknotes having high wear resistance.28 cl, 12 tbl, 5 ex
ethod for producing valuable document protected from partial forgery, and received document // 2616643
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method for producing a valuable document is described, that is protected from the partial forgery by composing from fragments of other documents. The method comprises applying, at least, one serial number to the document pictorial field, and applying a marking to the extended portion of the document pictorial field, made in the form of blocks of the graphic elements forming a personalized security document code. The linear size of each graphic element is from 0.1 to 1.0 mm, the technical gaps between the blocks of the graphic elements are not more than 25% of the linear dimension of these blocks, but not less than the size of one graphic element.EFFECT: producing a valuable document with an increase in the reliability of the instrument to determine its authenticity.7 cl, 3 dwg, 3 ex

ethod for producing valuable document, valuabl document and method for determining its authenticity // 2616448
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method comprises applying, at least, one serial number to the pictorial document field, and applying a marking to the extended portion of the pictorial document field formed as a set of graphical elements forming a custom code randomly located relative to the pictorial document field, performing a document surface scanning, forming a digital image of the finished document, defining a correspondence between the form and the spatial location of the graphic marking elements and the pictorial document field, encoding the received information, and transmitting it to the remote database together with the serial number of the document. A valuable document, made by this method, and the method for determining its authenticity are proposed.EFFECT: invention allows to perform an automated control of the valuable document authenticity by using available electronic devices through the modern technology of transferring, processing data and storing information about each document in a remote database, available to accomplices.9 cl, 3 dwg, 3 ex

Banknote base from multilayer film // 2615627
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to base for banknote from multilayer film in form of rectangular sheet with longitudinal direction and perpendicular to it transverse direction, which has, at least, one stripe-shaped perforated path, which extends in base longitudinal direction or lateral direction, which in first partial areas includes base thinning, and in base thinning has hole passing through base, and in second partial areas has base thickening.EFFECT: proposed solution enables to obtain high quality openings, with opening sharp edges and minimized air inclusions.27 cl, 9 dwg

ethod of sheets cahier coupling, a sheets cahier created this way, method and device for forming such a sheets cahier // 2615624
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a process of sheet cahier coupling, for example, to form a book or something equal, in particular to get a book or folder, sheets of which can create an open flat surface and are printed continuously without a seam at the two open pages. Method of sheet cahier coupling at the connecting spine, according to which the cahier is located at the connecting spine with the margin of paper and is fixed there. For coupling sheets cahier is used, the strip of every sheet was previously separately doubly bent at the same line to form a fold line which extends in parallel and at a distance from the above mentioned edge.EFFECT: smooth, precise and easy fastening of sheets.28 cl, 26 dwg

Valuable document, verification method if any and system of valuable documents // 2615262
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the valuable document with luminescent, distinct agglomerates, which include respectively, at least, two different emitting luminescent, solid homogeneous phase, from the first or the second length of the emitted waves, wherein there is a statistical correlation between the first luminescence intensity and the second luminescence intensity, in the analysis of the measured values, which are obtained by the valuable document held in various locations, depending on the measurement location of the first luminescence intensity at the first length of the emitted waves and the second luminescence intensity in the second length of the emitted waves.EFFECT: improved method.15 cl, 12 dwg
Security marking and product containing this marking // 2614980
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: security marking is made using inorganic luminescent compounds based on rare earth and alkali metals containing substituent elements. The protective marking, based on these compounds, has a Stokes and / or anti-Stokes luminescence in the wavelength range of 400-2500 nm, which arises under the influence of the exciting radiation lying in the spectral range of 700-1000 nm. Marking luminescence has the property to change its intensity without changing its spectral composition under the influence of the stimulating radiation in the spectral range of 300-700 nm. The protective marking is entered into the basis of the value document, or applied to its surface by printing.EFFECT: high level of the product protection against counterfeit.9 cl, 11 ex, 1 tbl
Protective strip and containing it document // 2614683
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protective strip intended for partial inclusion into valuable document structure, at least, partially consisting of fibres. Protective strip protrudes on said document surface in form of set of openings. Strip has transparent or translucent substrate, on one of its sides containing visible at reflection coating. Strip also includes lengthwise strip, at least, partially not having said coating and separating first and second filamentary zones, coated with said coating. Each of said filamentary zones has two different appearances and/or optical effects visible at reflection. At that, they contain negative patterns. Negative patterns are interconnected so, that, at least, one pair of interconnected patterns always has same pitch spacing, when it is repeated along said zones.EFFECT: when valuable document viewing creating impression of presence of two different threads, which optical effects make valuable document forgery extremely difficult.10 cl, 12 dwg
Laser marked device // 2614643
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: optical device is disclosed, which projects one or more artificially magnified images, marked by one or more laser static two-dimensional (2D) images. Static two-dimensional image(s), marked by laser on/to this device, and artificially magnified image(s), projected by said device, help to determine document authenticity (for example, page with ID data) or product, where they are used.EFFECT: some versions of device according to invention also provide high resistance to forgeries or changes and wear.15 cl, 6 dwg
Album for images // 2614605
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is album for images with flat spine, containing cover, having front side, rear side and flat spine, through which said front side and rear side connection is performed, and plurality of sheets, which are connected together along their first side and form main unit.EFFECT: sheet, which is last from said plurality of sheets, has first two-dimensional section, in solid way connected to rear side inner surface and adjacent to said last sheet second side, which is opposite to its first side.10 cl, 9 dwg

Protective device and method of producing and using said device // 2608926
FIELD: optics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to optical devices, as well as to methods of their production and application. Protective device forms part of the protected document and contains at least one fluid medium capable of reversible redistribution within the range of the device under the action of an external stimulus causing a change of the position of at least part of it by at least 1 mm as the result of at least flowing the fluid medium and/or its expansion, and/or its compression changing optical properties of the device.EFFECT: technical result of the declared invention is creation of a protective device with variable optical properties and a method of authenticating (legitimating) of the protected document.27 cl, 10 dwg
Security feature having several components // 2607816
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a security feature having a luminescent component and a component camouflaging luminescent component for valuable documents. Security feature comprises at least one luminophore consisting of a doped host lattice, and a component camouflaging luminescent component. Properties of luminescent component, its element structure of host lattice, dopants are masked by camouflaged by camouflaging component in at least two significant properties of luminescent component. X-ray diffraction patterns of luminescent component and camouflaging component are characterised by partial superposition on each other in significant peaks. Superposition of peaks is at least 20 % of height of main peak.EFFECT: invention provides difficult or prevention of identification of luminescent component.18 cl, 9 ex

Protective thread // 2607811
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protective thread intended for embedding into protected document. Thread has at least two zones located on each side of separation line, passing in longitudinal direction along thread, first optically variable protective element in first zone and second optically variable protective element in second zone. First and second elements are distant from separation line. For first observation direction two elements have appearance different to each other. For second observation direction said two elements, first, have appearance, changed compared to their appearance when viewed in first observation direction, and, second, have appearance different to each other.EFFECT: enabling easier thread making process.33 cl, 31 dwg

ethod for producing composite web and security devices made from composite web // 2605372
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: disclosed is a composite security device which is made up of a first polymer film that constitutes or embodies a security feature in form of at least one high value material, and a second polymer film that constitutes, embodies, or is coated with one or more additional security features. First polymer film is positioned on and adhered to a surface of second polymer film, which has a width or diameter greater than width or diameter of first polymer film.EFFECT: by way of present invention, high value material is applied to only a part of security device, leaving remaining parts of device available for one or more additional materials that do not impact upon effect of high value material.16 cl, 4 dwg

Protective element for sheet printing product // 2605074
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protection from forgery of printing products, including plastic and paper: banknotes, securities, documents, passport pages, identification cards, bank cards. Disclosed is a protective element for sheet printing product, comprising a multilayer transparent structure with rasterised images, creating an optically variable effect. According to invention, multilayer transparent structure comprises two different rasterised images, located in one layer, and in another layer there is linear raster, wherein said layers are located at a distance from each other, determined by resolution of rasterised images, wherein upon viewing protective element on transmission or reflection at different angles various images are alternately visible.EFFECT: technical result is higher degree of protection of printing products and valuable documents.9 cl, 2 dwg

Folder with adjustable binding // 2604853
FIELD: office supplies.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to office supplies, is intended for operation with documents, storage and transportation, can be used at enterprises, in institutions, archives and for personal use. Invention can also be used as a folder for portfolio, course and thesis work. Furthermore, invention can be used for binding files and replace lever arch binders. Folder comprises a cover and fastening element. Cover comprises bottom, top sheets and binding. Sheets and binding comprise holes for fastening element. Binding is a strip of flexible or plastic material, which is connected with bottom and top cover sheets. Binding is attached to one of sheets detachably, and to other - detachably by means of fastening element via holes in sheet and binding. Sheet connected detachably with binding is made with possibility of fixation in binding at different distances from other sheet.EFFECT: simplified design of folders, possibility of adjusting binding (root) of folder, which enables to easily use folder during storage of any volume of paper or documents.6 cl, 3 dwg

Optical system having higher resistance to external influence affecting optical properties // 2602487
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: system for projecting one or more synthetic optical images includes one or several structures of images pictograms; and one or more completely included structures of images pictograms focusing elements. Herewith one or several structures of images pictogram focusing elements are arranged relative to one or several structures of images pictograms in such a way, that at least part of images pictogram focusing elements forms at least one synthetic image of at least part of images pictograms. Focal distance(s) of the focusing elements in the system is(are) inevitable due to complete including - encapsulation - of a section surfaces ensuring the focusing into the system. Herewith the images pictograms are coated and/or filled with voids or cavities formed on the lining or inside it.EFFECT: technical result is elimination of defocusing of the focusing elements, which project the protective synthetic image caused by a contact of any other transparent materials or layers with the said elements.63 cl, 3 dwg

icro-optical security and image display system // 2602486
FIELD: photography.SUBSTANCE: film material includes micro-images and periodic two-dimensional matrix of non-cylindric lenses. Herewith the film material uses the periodic two-dimensional matrix of non-cylindric lenses for microimages magnification and creation of artificially magnified images by means of combined multiple separate lenses/systems of pictograms images. Wherein micro-images are made of hollows in microstructure. Lenses have a diameter less than 50 µm, and the film material is merged with relief conducting layer.EFFECT: technical result is producing magnified image of protective elements with effect of motion or three-dimensional image.19 cl, 33 dwg

icro-optical safety and image display system // 2602397
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: film material includes micro-images and periodic two-dimensional matrix of non-cylindric lenses. At that, film material uses periodic two-dimensional matrix of non-cylindric lenses for increase of micro-images and creation of artificially magnified image by means of combined multiple separate lenses/systems of pictogram images. Wherein micro-images are made of blow holes in microstructure. Blow holes in microstructure are filled or coated with either sprayed metal material, or coloured or pigmented material.EFFECT: technical result consists in producing magnified image of protective elements with effect of motion or three-dimensional image.16 cl, 33 dwg

Plate holder to electric equipment modules // 2601935
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: plate holder comprises at least two strips hinged to each other at one of their longitudinal edges so that to enable transition between closed position, where bands are laid upon each other and define cavity between them to accommodate there at least one plate, and open position to allow access into this cavity. Each of bands includes retaining plate element.EFFECT: plate retaining elements are made capable to fix plate in plate holder in any position of holder in such configuration where in each strip plate holder is arranged at least part of plate.12 cl, 28 dwg

Optically variable protective threads and strips // 2601471
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protection of valuable documents and valuable commercial products from forgery and illegal reproduction and concerns optically variable protective threads and strips. Protective threads or strips contain a substrate and I) first optically variable layer providing the first special colour impression at different angles of vision, II) second optically variable layer providing the second special colour impression at different angles of vision, III) first colour permanent layer, colour of which corresponds to the colour impression from the first optically variable layer or the second optically variable layer at the first angle of vision, IV) second colour permanent layer, colour of which corresponds to the colour impression from the first optically variable layer or the second optically variable layer at the second angle of vision, and v) one or more material-free sections, where the first optically variable layer, second optically variable layer, the first colour permanent layer, second colour permanent layer and one or more material-free sections are visible together on one side of a protective thread or strip.EFFECT: invention provides higher resistance against forgery or illegal reproduction of protected documents containing optically variable threads or strips.25 cl, 25 dwg

Film and manufacturing method thereof // 2600431
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a film and a method for production thereof. Film comprises a light-permeable replication lacquer layer with a diffractive relief structure formed in a first side of replication lacquer layer, a light-permeable colour lacquer layer, formed only in areas, arranged on relief structure, and a reflective layer, formed at least in areas, arranged on first side of replication lacquer layer. In areas of film in which colour lacquer layer and reflective layer overlap, colour lacquer layer is arranged between replication lacquer layer and reflective layer.EFFECT: disclosed are a film and a method for production thereof.20 cl, 8 dwg

Protective element with effect of color change and method of its production and use // 2600088
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to color changing protective element equipped with additionally recognisable in passing light recesses, method of its production and use. Protective element coated with color changing material having optically variable effect and recognisable in passing light recesses, protective element comprises a carrier substrate and partial layer with recesses, partial layer is made from opaque coating which has light absorbing properties on the side facing to the color changing coating, and on the side opposite to color changing coating this material has metal colour, partial opaque coating consists of a light-absorbing metal layer and reflecting metal layer.EFFECT: technical effect consists in creation of protective element with optically variable effect, preferably effect of color change; protective element allows optimally recognise optical effect which is hidden on rear side when viewed in reflected light through a sheet of paper.16 cl, 5 dwg

Image element with optical elements upon substrate for creating image consisting of light spots and suspended above or below substrate // 2599361
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to image element having substrate with section of surface, upon which plurality of optical elements is arranged. Image element is configured to generate, when illuminated by parallel light from light source, images including plurality of light spots, which are perceived by viewer as suspended above or below said surface section, are located in form of preset motive, and represent actual or virtual images of light source, which illuminates image element.EFFECT: optical elements therein are formed by refractive and/or reflective optical elements, at least one refractive and/or reflective optical element is associated with each light spot in image consisting of light spots, which contributes to creation of corresponding light spot, when image element is illuminated; wherein for each light spot and optical element associated with it, condition is valid: f/d < 5, where f is height of light spot hanging above or below surface section, and d is diameter of optical element contributing to creation of said light spot.30 cl, 13 dwg

Protective element for identification of document, identification document and method for its personalizing // 2599000
FIELD: safety devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protection against counterfeit identification documents, bank cards, including multilayer polymer structures with protective features. Proposed is a protective element for an identification document containing a multilayer polymer structure with a screened image having an optically variable effect. Multilayer polymer structure comprises two laser-sensitive layers, herewith in the upper laser-sensitive layer there are two or more different screened personalization images, and in the lower laser-sensitive layer there is a linear raster with a specified spatial period equal to the spatial period of the personalization images in the upper layer. Upper and lower laser-sensitive layers are located at a distance from each other determined by resolution of the images, herewith when viewing the protective element at different angles various personalization images are visible. Method of personalizing an identification document includes formation of various personalization images in the laser-sensitive layers by local carbonization.EFFECT: formation of several personalization images in multilayer transparent polymer structures and providing the possibility of recording the images in the process of personalizing documents.5 cl, 1 dwg

Optically variable protective thread and tape // 2598279
FIELD: safety.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to protection of valuable documents and items against forgery and illegal reproduction. Proposed protective thread or strip include: I) first optically variable layer, colour impression of which depends on the viewing angle; II) second optically variable layer, colour impression from which otherwise depends on the viewing angle; III) first chromatically permanent layer, the colour of which coincides with colour impression from the first or second optically variable layer at a certain first angle of view; IV) second chromatically permanent layer, the colour of which coincides with colour impression from the first or second optically variable layer at the second angle of view; and v) substrate, wherein both optically variable and both chromatically permanent layers are visible together with one side of the protective thread or strip.EFFECT: in particular this invention relates to protective threads or tapes arranged in or on valuable documents and to valuable documents containing mentioned protective thread or strip.29 cl, 10 dwg