Blankets or like coverings and coverings for wipers for intaglio printing (B41N10)

B41N10                 Blankets or like coverings; coverings for wipers for intaglio printing (wipers for intaglio printing b41f0009080000)(13)
B41N10/02 - Blanket structure(2)
B41N10/04 - ulti-layer(5)

Deckle sheet // 2401206
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed sheet comprises at least one first area with first roughness and at least one second area. Second area has second roughness and/or recess preset minor with respect to first roughness and/or preset elasticity modulus, minor with respect to said first area. Second area is arranged in the printing field and formed as a receiving element for one second area of optically variable element of document protected against counterfeit. Said protected document comprises at least one optical variable element. The latter represents a film with optical effect or paint with optical effect. Second area comprises several receiving elements arranged in the form of raster. Invention covers also the method of printing of protected document. Aforesaid optically variable element arranged on protected document is brought, during printing, in contact with the second area of deckle sheet in at least separate areas.EFFECT: preventing damage of optically variable element, prevention of its structure and glossy properties.5 cl, 2 dwg

Thermosetting print blanket // 2395399
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: frame of print blanket includes substrate, compressible layer and upper textile bundle. Substrate of textile bundle comprises at least one textile layer. Each layer has multiple fibres or threads of warp and woof. Compressible layer includes moisture-hardened thermosetting polymer in the form of polyurethane, urea resin or their mixture. Compressible layer contains multiple evenly distributed closed cells and has uniform characteristics of compression. Compressible layer is applied over substrate. Upper textile bundle comprises at least one textile layer. Each layer has multiple fibres or threads of warp and woof. Textile bundle is applied over compressible layer. Method has also been proposed for manufacturing of compressible frame of print blanket.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce time for preparation and hardening of print blanket.13 cl, 1 dwg, 8 tbl, 4 ex

Printing deckle with bulging makeup layer // 2357867
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to offset printing industry. The printing deckle includes makeup bush layer (22) with at least one axially convex surface and another layer (26) being laid on top of the makeup bush layer. In addition, the outer layer surface for printing has bulging axial profile when deckle is on offset cylinder and pressure is missing. The offset printing machine contains cylinder for imaging, offset cylinder and printing deckle. In addition, the printing deckle is above the offset cylinder.EFFECT: compensation of low pressure and prevention of inwardly directed folding.19 cl, 13 dwg

Self-levelling gasket under deckel for printing machine // 2333106
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: gasket for offset cylinder of printing machines contains at least one inelastic polyester-based layer and at least one polyurethane elastomeric layer. The said layers are connected inseparably together. The polyurethane elastomeric component has certain chemical/physical characteristics.EFFECT: ecological compatibility; antipyrine properties; resistance to solvents and mechanical stress; good machinability by mechanical means; durability; significant degree of universality use; good modifiability of the cylinder and elastic flexibility; improved constructional configuration of the printing contact zone; significant degree of uniformity of the image elements spreading on the raster and improved printing stability.5 cl, 3 dwg

Gravure machine offset cylinder // 2326002
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to offset cylinder and method of its production, as well as to the gravure machine. The gravure machine comprises a plate cylinder with printing plates with deep-gravure printing elements corresponding to gravure printing structure to be printed on the base, the gravure cylinder interacting with the printing cylinder. The offset cylinder incorporates, at least, one offset blanket whereon multi-colour ink is rolled by means of selector cylinders. A preset colour ink is applied onto every selector cylinder, the ink being fed from the ink device coupled thereto. Note, that every selector cylinder has recesses corresponding to the gravure printing structure and that should be filled with ink of the said preset colour. Note here, that, at least one said offset blanket contains, at least, lipophilic surface layer with recesses or lipophobic surface layer with recesses, including sections with and without recesses corresponding to the gravure printing structure and that should be filled with ink of the said preset colour.EFFECT: higher accuracy of the ink application, optimised consumption of the ink.6 cl, 7 dwg

Tympan of vibrating roller, printing apparatuses of printing machine // 2289512
FIELD: tympan of vibrating roller, printing apparatuses of printing machine.SUBSTANCE: tympan on lateral surface of roller, for example roller of printing apparatus has elastic and(or) compressible layer whose contact stress P depends upon value of depression. Said layer is formed in such a way that to provide relationship of contact stress from depression value grown up to 700 N/cm2 at least in separate zones.EFFECT: possibility for providing by simple means high quality of printed products due to lowered response to vibration and to distortion of printing process.46 cl, 8 dwg

Printing canvas (options), compressible fabric, composite product, the method of manufacturing a compressible fabric, a method of manufacturing a printing blanket, a method of obtaining a composite material // 2110410
The invention relates to offset printing, and more particularly, to a compressible offset printing canvas, and to methods for their manufacture for use in offset printing machines

A method of obtaining a compressible printing material, a compressible layer, compressible printed canvas // 2106964
The invention relates to the manufacture of laminated printed (stamp) cloth with compressibility and elasticity