ounting boards and make-ready devices, e.g. underlays, overlays and attaching by chemical means, e.g. vulcanising (B41N6)

B41N6                 ounting boards; make-ready devices, e.g. underlays, overlays; attaching by chemical means, e.g. vulcanising(5)

Grooved adhesive tape // 2644858
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions relates to the design of an adhesive tape which improves adhesion by eliminating air bubbles between the adhesive tape and the substrate, to an anti-adhesion liner and to a method for creating a groove on the surface of the adhesive film. Adhesive tape comprises at least one adhesive layer, wherein the adhesive layer has at least one groove, and not one grooves reaches one of lateral edges of the adhesive layer. Anti-adhesion liner is provided with a surface having at least one rib, and not one rib reaches one of the lateral edges of the anti-adhesion liner. Method of creating a groove on the surface of the adhesive film involves an operation of contacting the surface of the material with one rib with the surface of the adhesive layer to create a groove.EFFECT: technical result achieved with the use of the group of inventions is to counteract the displacement of air bubbles within the adhesive tape when pressure is applied.13 cl, 5 dwg

Structured adhesive contact layer // 2611501
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to adhesive tapes, particularly to adhesive tapes with adhesive layer specific surface topography and use thereof for printing plates adhesion. Adhesive tape contains, at least, one contact adhesive layer. Contact adhesive layer has, at least, one recess, which does not reach any one of contact adhesive layer edges. Total volume fraction of all recesses in contact adhesive layer containing such recesses, is more than 50 %.EFFECT: enabling higher adhesive surface and adhesion force regardless of pressing pressure and preventing air and fluids ingress in adhesion edge zones.13 cl, 5 dwg, 2 tbl, 3 ex

ultilayer extensible sleeve for cylinder of printing machine, particularly for flexographic printing // 2560321
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a multilayer sleeve designed for use on a cylinder of the printing machine, in particular for flexographic printing. The sleeve comprises an inner layer with the inner casing having a hard surface and determining a longitudinal axis and a cavity for mounting on the cylinder, and an outer layer with a cylindrical outer casing, designed in particular to support the outer casing, a printing plate or a separate outer sleeve. The intermediate layer made in the form of lightweight combs with comb cells oriented radially relative to the longitudinal axis, is arranged between the inner casing and the outer casing. The intermediate layer comprises at least one comb layer consisting of cells of the fibre composite cured prior to formation, which is a fibrous material inserted into the matrix from the resin. This intermediate layer itself contributes significantly to the ability of expansion of the inner casing in a radial direction from the longitudinal axis in order to mount the sleeve on the cylinder.EFFECT: increased efficiency of printing.16 cl, 6 dwg