Preparing for use or conserving printing surfaces (B41N3)

Concentrate of fountain solution for offset printing // 2478482
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: concentrate of fountain solution for offset printing contains citric acid and alkaline agent. The alkaline agent is used as 12-aqueous sodium phosphate at a ratio of components, wt %: citric acid 3.5 - 6.5; 12-aqueous sodium phosphate 10 - 14; water - the rest.EFFECT: reduction of toxicity of the solution while maintaining an acceptable quality of offset printing.

Use of polymers containing amino groups modified with acid groups to obtain fountain solutions or concentrates of fountain solutions, as well as in circulating fountain solutions for offset printing // 2388769
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to use of polymers as a wetting agent in offset printing. The wetting agent contains at least one polymer P, which is a product of reacting polyethyleneimine with a cross-linking agent obtained by reacting polyethylene glycol with molecular weight 1500 with epichlorohydrin, and acrylic acid and contains amino groups modified with a -CH2CH2COOH group and/or its salts. Described also is an offset printing method which uses the said wetting agent.EFFECT: wetting agent ensures formation on non-printing parts of the printing plate of a stable water film which prevents movement of printing ink to the said parts during printing.9 cl, 2 tbl, 1 ex

ethod and device for control and limitation of contamination with microorganisms in contours of moistening substances // 2377187
FIELD: ecology.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to technology of reduction of contamination of contours with water mediums by microorganisms. Method and device aimed at reduction of contamination of contours with water mediums by microorganisms includes stage of electrochemical processing of water medium, besides mentioned contour represents contour of moistening substance, moreover, specified electrochemical treatment is carried out by application of voltage to at least two electrodes, besides mentioned voltage is AC voltage with range from 5 to 50 Volt.EFFECT: makes it possible to reduce number of microorganisms with the available contamination, and also to prevent their growth.24 cl, 2 dwg
Gidrofilizatory the basis of printed forms for flat printing and receipt // 2161091
The invention relates to the field of flat printing and provides a method of producing a substrate of the printing form for flat printing, which includes casting base, for example, aluminum or plastics in contact with liquid having a pH of 9 or higher and containing a solution of a silicate such as sodium silicate, in which the dispersed material in the form of particles, such as aluminum oxide or titanium oxide