Printing plates or foils and materials therefor (B41N1)

Stencil master for solar cell and method for printing electrode of solar cell // 2597573
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to stencil master for use in printing conductive paste for simultaneous generation of bus electrode and a plurality of finger electrodes on solar element. Said stencil master includes an opening for bus electrode and multiple openings for finger electrodes, and the hole widths for finger electrodes is less than 80 mcm, and the stencil master has multiple blocked zones in the hole for bus electrode, formed only in positions aligned with holes for finger electrodes.EFFECT: use of this stencil master for stencil screen printing method allows to cut the cost of solar cells, to protect connection between the bus electrode and a finger electrode against damage causing no increase of loss because of solar cells shadowing or loss of its aesthetic quality, and to make high-reliable solar cells of high capacity.7 cl, 13 dwg, 1 tbl
ethod of improvement of efficiency of printing of flexographic printing elements // 2567189
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: in implementing the method, the selective ablation of the masking layer is carried out to create on the masking layer on the entire image which comprises a fragment of the image containing the cell structure. On the masking layer the oxygen barrier layer is applied. Then, the printing element is exposed by the actinic radiation through the barrier and the masking layers for selective crosslinking and cure of at least one light-cured layer to create the relief image and a textured surface on the printing element. The performs of the printing element are developed by removing the barrier layer and uncured parts of the light-cured layer to reveal a relief image.EFFECT: improvement of printing quality.16 cl, 1 tbl

Printing element with deepened parts and method of its manufacturing // 2559127
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: printing element with deepened parts comprises the print area on the surface of which a large number of deepened parts is formed, and the gap area, on the surface of which the deepened parts are not formed, and the surface is brought into contact with a viscous material such that the viscous material is accumulated in the deepened parts, the excess viscous material is scraped from the surface by the installation of the squeegee projecting horizontally from the surface, and relative movement of the squeegee. In addition the printing element with the deepened parts comprises the substrate element having the print area, on the surface of which a large number of the deepened parts is formed, and the gap area, on the surface of which the deepened parts are not formed, and the DLC coating, formed so as to cover the print area and the gap area. The surface has a plurality of grinding traces, which are formed by grinding the DLC coating and form an angle of inclination which is different from 0° and 90°, relative to an imaginary continuation of the squeegee projecting horizontally from the surface.EFFECT: printing element with the deepened parts is provided, which solves the problem of fogging, and the method of its manufacturing.23 cl, 6 dwg

Lithographic band for electrochemical graining, as well as method for its manufacture // 2537835
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: band for electrochemical graining consists of a rolled aluminium alloy. Band surface has a topography, the maximum peak height Rp or Sp of which is not more than 1.4 mcm, preferably not more than 1.2 mcm, in particular not more than 1.0 mcm. Besides, the invention relates to a manufacturing method of a lithographic band, as per which a lithographic band consisting of an aluminium alloy is subject to cold rolling and as per which, after the last run of the cold rolling, it is subject to degreasing treatment with an etching stage with a water etching medium, which contains at least 1.5-3 wt % of the mixture of 5-40% sodium tripolyphosphate, 3-10 wt % of sodium gluconate, 3-8 wt % non-ionic and anionic SAS, and when necessary, 0.5-70% of soda. Concentration of sodium hydroxide in the water etching medium is 0.1-5 wt %, and surface erosion as a result of degreasing treatment with simultaneous etching stage is at least 0.25 g/m2.EFFECT: improvement of properties.16 cl, 8 dwg, 3 tbl

ethod and device for manufacturing moulds for engraved printing intended for production of security papers // 2505413
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and device for manufacturing moulds for engraved printing, intended for production of security papers, which uses a laser beam (2) for engraving pattern (3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) of engraved printing directly on the surface of the moulding material (1), in particular metal, made with the ability of laser engraving. Laser engraving of the moulding material (1) is carried out in layers in several separate stages of engraving. The stages are carried out one after another with the absolute register so that the pattern (3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) of engraved printing is gradually engraved on the surface of the moulding material (1) to the required depth of engraving. The surface of the engraved moulding material (1) is cleaned from wastes of a process of laser engraving after each separate stage of engraving, while the laser engraving unit is in the inoperative state.EFFECT: improvement of quality of engraving.24 cl, 10 dwg

Silicone rubber material for soft lithography // 2497850
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to silicon rubber-like materials suitable for use in soft lithography. Disclosed is method of making a patterned stamp layer containing a silicone rubber-like material having Young's modulus in the range of from 7 MPa to 80 MPa, said method involving preparing a composition containing at least one functional T-branched and/or Q-branched polysiloxane precursor; adding at least one functional linear polysiloxane to said composition; holding said composition on a standard matrix pattern at a temperature below 100°C until formation of a stamp layer having said pattern in said silicone rubber-like material; and removing the stamp layer from the standard pattern. The invention also discloses a patterned stamp layer made using the disclosed method and a printing device having said patterned stamp layer.EFFECT: stamp layer made using the disclosed method provides stable image elements, having dimensions in the nanometre range, obtained on a substrate, and also provides matching on uneven and curved surfaces of the substrate.10 cl, 2 dwg, 1 tbl

Novel materials for coating offset printing plates, offset printing plates and coatings containing said materials, production methods and use // 2443683
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: described is a polymerisable iodonium salt containing a positively charged iodine atom bonded with two aryl rings and a negatively charged counter-ion and at least one substitute containing a urethane and/or urea group, which is bonded with at least one of said aryl rings, wherein said substitute contains at least one functional group capable of cationic or radical polymerisation. Described also is a polyvinyl alcohol acetal copolymer containing at least one functional group, which is capable of cationic or radical polymerissation, preferably vinyl ether, alkoxy-methylacrylamide or alkoxy-methacrylamide. The invention also describes polymer binder for coating an offset printing plate from the polyvinyl alcohol acetal family, cellulose ether family and binder based on monomers, each containing at least one functional group capable of cationic or radical polymerisation. Described also is an offset printing plate coating solution containing said polymerisable iodonium salt, said polyvinyl alcohol acetal copolymer and said binder.EFFECT: high quality of high-resolution image when the offset printing plate is used repeatedly.17 cl, 25 dwg, 21 ex

Near-infrared radiation-absorbing reactive polymer particles, production method and use thereof // 2434024
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses polymer particles with size between 60 nm and 1000 nm and containing a polymer which contains a hydrophobic backbone chain formed by at least one segment which absorbs near-infrared radiation, bonded with chloroform which absorbs near-infrared radiation, having an absorption peak between 700 and 1100 nm; and at least one segment which is transparent for near-infrared radiation. The invention also discloses a method of producing said particles, a coating composition containing said polymer particles and a reactive iodonium oligomer, as well as a negative lithographic offset printing plate which contains a substrate, a hydrophilic bottom layer and a laser-developed top layer, where the laser-developed top layer contains said polymer particles.EFFECT: disclosed particles enable to obtain coatings which ensure sufficient runability and machine developability of negative lithographic offset printing plates.32 cl, 35 dwg, 4 tbl, 23 ex

agnetic plate for printing of optical effects // 2431570
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of printing industry. A magnetic plate comprises a sheet or a block from magnetised composite material, having multiple areas arranged along its surface. At the same time the first area on the specified surface is magnetised by exposure to magnetic field with the help of a magnetising matrix of certain shape, having an external surface in the form of an image, a logo or a symbol. Besides, the first area is magnetised so that it is shaped accordingly to the specified image, logo or symbol, and creates the first magnetic field with the specified direction, and the second area on the surface of the sheet or the block that surrounds the specified first area is either not magnetised or is magnetised differently compared to the first area, as a result there is contrast provided between the created or magnetic fields.EFFECT: group of inventions makes it possible to simplify manufacturing of a magnet and to increase extent of flexibility in respect of the magnetic field created by the magnet.16 cl, 33 dwg

ethod of producing engraved plate // 2426652
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of producing plate for intaglio printing consists in programmed engraving of the plate made by computer-aided engraving tool. Said not engraved plate makes intermediate plate for plate with polymer layer for intaglio printing. Note here that said intermediate plate polymer layer is engraved by computer-aided engraving tool.EFFECT: high-resolution engraving, reduced production time and costs.10 cl, 15 dwg

Deckle sheet // 2401206
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed sheet comprises at least one first area with first roughness and at least one second area. Second area has second roughness and/or recess preset minor with respect to first roughness and/or preset elasticity modulus, minor with respect to said first area. Second area is arranged in the printing field and formed as a receiving element for one second area of optically variable element of document protected against counterfeit. Said protected document comprises at least one optical variable element. The latter represents a film with optical effect or paint with optical effect. Second area comprises several receiving elements arranged in the form of raster. Invention covers also the method of printing of protected document. Aforesaid optically variable element arranged on protected document is brought, during printing, in contact with the second area of deckle sheet in at least separate areas.EFFECT: preventing damage of optically variable element, prevention of its structure and glossy properties.5 cl, 2 dwg

Thermosetting print blanket // 2395399
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: frame of print blanket includes substrate, compressible layer and upper textile bundle. Substrate of textile bundle comprises at least one textile layer. Each layer has multiple fibres or threads of warp and woof. Compressible layer includes moisture-hardened thermosetting polymer in the form of polyurethane, urea resin or their mixture. Compressible layer contains multiple evenly distributed closed cells and has uniform characteristics of compression. Compressible layer is applied over substrate. Upper textile bundle comprises at least one textile layer. Each layer has multiple fibres or threads of warp and woof. Textile bundle is applied over compressible layer. Method has also been proposed for manufacturing of compressible frame of print blanket.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to reduce time for preparation and hardening of print blanket.13 cl, 1 dwg, 8 tbl, 4 ex

Device for paintless relief stamping // 2371321
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of printing production and concerns device for paintless relief stamping. Contains punch with relief work surface and counterpunch with flat work surface, made from porous polyurethane, placed on base from solid polyurethane and covered from bottom and from above with layers with low friction coefficient.EFFECT: invention allows to increase endurance of device and its efficiency.1 dwg

ethod of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing // 2371317
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing. Method of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing is realised by changing properties wettability of areas of work surface of printing forms, transformation of properties being realised due to change of chemical composition of work surface influencing on chosen areas by flux of accelerated particles. As substance of work layer applied is two- or poly- atomic inorganic material based on carbon with addition of aluminium atoms 0.01-20-at.% with thickness 1-1000 nm, which is covered on bottom layer with applied on it layer of aluminium or alloys on its base or on bottom layer from aluminium or based on it alloys.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify and accelerate manufacturing process, increase of resolving capacity and endurance of providing multiple application of forms.6 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl, 5 ex

atrices for galvanoplastics of printing screens and galvanoplastic device // 2363587
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to galvanoplastics. Matrix for galvanoplastics of printing screens includes matrix plate, on which metal is deposited for moulding of printing screen. Matrix plate includes the main surface of deposition, on which metal deposited to create the main body of printing screen, at least one pair of edge segments at the opposite borders of the main deposition surface, which include edge segments of deposition, which come out from plane produced by the main deposition surface, on which metal is deposited to create fastening elements of printing screen, and angular sections in appropriate angles of deposition surface. Matrix also includes non-conducting elements in the form of edge elements, which are located at edge sections so that they create length of these edge sections, and non-conducting elements in the form of angular elements, which are located near angle sections so that they protect them and create length of the main deposition surface near these angular sections.EFFECT: expansion of assortment of produced items.67 cl, 37 dwg

Printing deckle with bulging makeup layer // 2357867
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: invention is referred to offset printing industry. The printing deckle includes makeup bush layer (22) with at least one axially convex surface and another layer (26) being laid on top of the makeup bush layer. In addition, the outer layer surface for printing has bulging axial profile when deckle is on offset cylinder and pressure is missing. The offset printing machine contains cylinder for imaging, offset cylinder and printing deckle. In addition, the printing deckle is above the offset cylinder.EFFECT: compensation of low pressure and prevention of inwardly directed folding.19 cl, 13 dwg

ethod of manufacturing offset plates // 2353528
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing offset plates by changing the wetting properties of parts of the working surface of the plates, transformation of the properties is carried out by changing the chemical composition of the working surfaces, made from silicon nitride, aluminium nitride and silicon carbide by acting on the selected parts with a stream of accelerated particles.EFFECT: possibility to simplify and accelerate the process of manufacture, increase resolution and durability of the plates.7 cl, 1 dwg

Foil for hot stamping // 2340461
FIELD: printing industry, chemistry.SUBSTANCE: foil for hot stamping includes polyethylene terephthalate film of hot stamping and coating on the basis of thermoplastic bounding agent and pigment. Co-polymer of vinyl chloride with vinyl acetate in 86:14 ratio and molecular weight 27000 is used as bounding agent under the following proportions of components, wt %: Co-polymer of vinyl chloride with vinyl acetate 5-55; pigment is the rest of content.EFFECT: improved quality of paint layer transfer from film to convex surface of vehicle registration sign.2 tbl

Self-levelling gasket under deckel for printing machine // 2333106
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: gasket for offset cylinder of printing machines contains at least one inelastic polyester-based layer and at least one polyurethane elastomeric layer. The said layers are connected inseparably together. The polyurethane elastomeric component has certain chemical/physical characteristics.EFFECT: ecological compatibility; antipyrine properties; resistance to solvents and mechanical stress; good machinability by mechanical means; durability; significant degree of universality use; good modifiability of the cylinder and elastic flexibility; improved constructional configuration of the printing contact zone; significant degree of uniformity of the image elements spreading on the raster and improved printing stability.5 cl, 3 dwg

Photosensitive resin for printing matrix engraved by laser // 2327195
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to a printing matrix engraved by a laser, used for obtaining a relief image using known methods. Description is given of the printing matrix engraved by a laser, obtained through photocuring a compound on a photosensitive resin base (a), consisting of a polymerised unsaturated group and which has an average molecular mass between 1000 to 20 x 104, an organic compound (b), with a polymerised unsaturated group and average molecular mass less than 1000 and an organic silicon compound (c), with at least, one Si-O bond and not containing a polymerised unsaturated group. Content of the organic silicon compound (c), lies in the range from 0.1 to 10 % of the mass of the compound on the photosensitive resin base. Description is given of obtaining the printing matrix engraved by a laser, through formation of the given compound on a canvas or cylinder with subsequent linking and solidification under exposure to light.EFFECT: increased resistance of the printing matrix to abrasion and to adhesion on its surface.19 cl, 2 tbl, 12 ex

Gravure machine offset cylinder // 2326002
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to offset cylinder and method of its production, as well as to the gravure machine. The gravure machine comprises a plate cylinder with printing plates with deep-gravure printing elements corresponding to gravure printing structure to be printed on the base, the gravure cylinder interacting with the printing cylinder. The offset cylinder incorporates, at least, one offset blanket whereon multi-colour ink is rolled by means of selector cylinders. A preset colour ink is applied onto every selector cylinder, the ink being fed from the ink device coupled thereto. Note, that every selector cylinder has recesses corresponding to the gravure printing structure and that should be filled with ink of the said preset colour. Note here, that, at least one said offset blanket contains, at least, lipophilic surface layer with recesses or lipophobic surface layer with recesses, including sections with and without recesses corresponding to the gravure printing structure and that should be filled with ink of the said preset colour.EFFECT: higher accuracy of the ink application, optimised consumption of the ink.6 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for manufacturing a printing form // 2323096
FIELD: method for manufacturing "intaglio" deep printing forms.SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the method, a laser is used to manufacture the form on basis of brass alloy and/or with external layer of brass alloy, with recesses and/or lines, where Vickers rigidity of the brass alloy exceeds 140.EFFECT: form manufacture stages are shortened.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for deep printing from steel plates for manufacturing a forgery-protected document, and also steel printing form for deep printing and intermediate parts for its manufacture and method for making these // 2314209
FIELD: printing technologies.SUBSTANCE: steel printing form for deep printing contains on its surface at least one first section with printing structures, meant for producing an imprint by deep printing method, and at least one second section with structures intended for stamping, size of which is less than 100 micrometers. Parts of structures which are closest to the surface of printing form are positioned at a distance from 20 to 100 micrometers below level of printing form surface.EFFECT: ensured stamping of securities and their simultaneous printing with usage of a single steel printing form for deep printing, and also high protection of securities from forgery is ensured.9 cl, 15 dwg

Printing form (variants) and printing method // 2303532
FIELD: printing form for printing of, in particular, securities and documents, and a printing method.SUBSTANCE: printing form contains, at least, two functional layers 1 and 2, first one of which is made with through printing elements 3 and 4 for transferring painted image directly onto carrier material 5. Printing form has means 8 for tearing paint layer and redistributing paint in printing elements between layers, which means may be made in form of a mesh or honeycombed structure between layers 1 and 2. In accordance to invention, printing method includes transferring form pattern onto carrier material by means of described printing form, while during printing pressure is created in printing zone, value of which exceeds the yield point value of the carrier material.EFFECT: possible creation of imprints, analogical to metallographic printing imprints, with more complicated structure and increased degree of protection from forgery; improved quality of imprints due to decreased probability of spraying of paint across space sections of form during printing, and also due to fine-grain structure of imprint surface with high productivity and possible use of broad assortment of painting materials.4 cl, 12 dwg
ethod of manufacturing printing plate // 2296060
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: method comprises exposing photosensitive layer applied on magnesium plate to ultraviolet radiation, etching in nitrogen acid, removing photosensitive layer, washing in fresh water, and drying.EFFECT: enhanced quality of printing plate.3 cl

Tympan of vibrating roller, printing apparatuses of printing machine // 2289512
FIELD: tympan of vibrating roller, printing apparatuses of printing machine.SUBSTANCE: tympan on lateral surface of roller, for example roller of printing apparatus has elastic and(or) compressible layer whose contact stress P depends upon value of depression. Said layer is formed in such a way that to provide relationship of contact stress from depression value grown up to 700 N/cm2 at least in separate zones.EFFECT: possibility for providing by simple means high quality of printed products due to lowered response to vibration and to distortion of printing process.46 cl, 8 dwg

Thermo-sensitive material for stencil printing forms for stencil printing, metod and device for production of this material and stencil printing machine // 2283773
FIELD: technology for producing thermo-sensitive material for stencil printing forms, engineering of device for producing said material, engineering of stencil printing machines.SUBSTANCE: material for printing forms is made only from film of thermo-plastic resin by usage of polyether film in such a way, that aperture, through which paint may permeate, can be thermally perforated without increasing power of thermo-printing head. Film is a thermo-sensitive material for stencil printing forms 12, having given thickness, and consists of stretched mylar film or stretched film with low melting point, produced by copolymerization of polyethylene therephthalate and polybutylene therephthalate. A set of smallest raster cells 14 is formed on one side of film by transfer of template. Transfer of template may be performed under working pressure 104·102(m-t)/(m-g) Pascals or higher, when working temperature is t°C, melting point temperature of film is m(°C), and temperature of film vitrifying is g(°C).EFFECT: decreased power of thermo-printing head, facilitated operations with film.7 cl, 13 dwg, 1 tbl

Printing form for metallographic printing and valuable document manufactured using said form // 2258613
FIELD: metallographic printing.SUBSTANCE: form is meant for producing printed image or imprint and has at lest one engraved portion on surface with one or more structural elements. Edge portion of structural elements is engraved for greater depth compared to depth, at which their inner portion is engraved, edge portion and inner portions are directly adjacent, directly merge into one another and inner portion is made in form of area, positioned below surface of printed form.EFFECT: higher efficiency, lower costs.4 cl, 4 dwg

Printing form and method of changing the wettability properties // 2241600
The invention relates to a method of changing the wettability properties of the printing form with the surface of the semiconductor, as well as printed form with the surface of the semiconductor, which has different characteristics, wettability, and its application in the process of offset printing

Printed form for rotary screen printing, made of frp tanks // 2240924
The invention relates to a printed form for rotary screen printing, made of fiber, and to a device for printing that uses such a printing form

The form of the printing element for offset printing // 2236950
The invention relates to the form of the printing element of the set separated from each other along the perimeter jumpers printing elements of the printing unit for offset printing, in particular a rotary offset printing, and the corresponding printing element has a geometric polygonal shape

Printing plate and method of manufacture of this form // 2207959
The invention relates to a printed form, used as a cliché for direct imprint image

A method of manufacturing bronze hot stamping foil // 2113355
The invention relates to the printing industry and the development of a method of manufacturing bronze hot stamping foil, which can find application in the printing industry for stamping different binding material, as well as for marking of the details of the shoes

Printing canvas (options), compressible fabric, composite product, the method of manufacturing a compressible fabric, a method of manufacturing a printing blanket, a method of obtaining a composite material // 2110410
The invention relates to offset printing, and more particularly, to a compressible offset printing canvas, and to methods for their manufacture for use in offset printing machines

A method of obtaining a compressible printing material, a compressible layer, compressible printed canvas // 2106964
The invention relates to the manufacture of laminated printed (stamp) cloth with compressibility and elasticity

The hot stamping foil, method of its manufacture and a device for implementing the method // 2103178
The invention relates to the production of hot stamping foil of different colors, which can find application in printing, as well as for branding details of goods received from different materials, such as genuine leather, polymethylmethacrylat, polystyrene and copolymers of polystyrene
The method of producing monoblastic on steel base // 2088408
The invention relates to the printing industry, namely, the method of obtaining monometallic plates on the basis of carbon steel for offset printing
The method of manufacture of offset printing plates on triacetylcellulose film // 2080998
The invention relates to the printing industry and can be used for the production of offset printing plates

Device for applying a pattern on the product // 2031804
The invention relates to a device for applying a pattern on a flat or three-dimensional products and can be widely used in sandblasting drawing a pattern on glass, mirrors and products

Device for applying a pattern on the sheet product // 2031803
The invention relates to a device for applying a pattern on the flat products is a large area for example glass