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Newspaper scanning device and method // 2369487
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: newspaper scanning device consists of a supplying sub-system and a scanning device. The supplying sub-system includes a newspaper supplying device, and an automatic supply tray and module. Newspaper supplying device consists of a receiver and a cutter. Receiver is made with the possibility of loading a newspaper in its initial form, i.e. in the form of a set of two-folded sheets put one into the other, passing the loaded newspaper through the cutter made with the possibility of separating the edge of the sheets at the point of their folding, and supplying the final set of single sheets to the tray adjacent to automatic supply module. The latter, in its turn, is made with the possibility of supplying the sheets from the tray one by one to the scanning device.EFFECT: scanning in order of movement of newspaper sheets, reducing manual labour volume, and reducing the time required for scanning one page.17 cl, 3 dwg