Stencilling apparatus for office or other commercial use (B41L13)

B41L13                 Stencilling apparatus for office or other commercial use (screen printing b41f0015000000; stencils, stencil materials, carriers therefor b41n0001240000)(10)

achine of screen printing // 2413622
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of printing. Machine of screen printing comprises device for removal of printing forms intended to remove printing form from form cylinder and to assemble printing form after connection of printing form, exposed to operation of printing forms making, to form cylinder for printing on sheet. Device to remove printing forms comprises section for storage intended to store printing form, closing element intended to close section for storage with the possibility of free opening and closing, and facility intended to block closing element in closed condition, at the same time device for removal of printing forms is arranged so that it may be extracted from screen printing machine body.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to extract device for unloading of printing forms with simultaneous reliable preservation of secrecy.8 dwg

achine for printing securities with protection // 2214922
The invention relates to a device for printing securities with protection

ethod of protection of the securities by applying holographic labels // 2035315
The invention relates to the issue of securities for various purposes, banking, primarily for the protection of securities and documents from possible counterfeits, as well as to give protected securities and documents of high consumer properties

A method of manufacturing a holographic labels // 2035314
The invention relates to advertising, printing, remedies securities, manufacturing labels, nameplates, stickers and labels