Apparatus or devices for manifolding, duplicating, or printing for office or other commercial purposes and addressing machines or like series-printing machines (B41L)

B41L              Apparatus or devices for manifolding, duplicating, or printing for office or other commercial purposes; addressing machines or like series-printing machines (printing presses or machines for industrial purposes b41f; stamps, stamping or numbering devices b41k)(140)

Imaging device // 2635038
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: imaging device includes a body; a fixing element installed in the body and fixed against the body; a shaft supported movably in the axial direction on the fixing element; a paper feeding roller installed and fixed to one end of the shaft. The device includes a locking device installed on the other end of the shaft so that the shaft is rotatable relative to the locking device, and the locking device moves in the axial direction as the shaft moves in the axial direction; a return spring wound around the shaft and configured to be compressed, when the locking device is moved in the axial direction so that the shaft returns to its original position, when the spring is returned to its original position.EFFECT: solution prevents contamination and damage to the paper feeding roller to ensure easy operation by the user, improves the image quality and reduces the paper jam frequency, and also reduces the paper feeding roller wear.9 cl, 11 dwg

Fixing device // 2580923
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: fixing device comprises: a first and second rotatable elements made for heat fixation in the clamp between them, of unfixed toner image formed on a sheet by using the toner containing a release agent; a housing made with the ability to place the first and the second rotatable elements, comprising the openings of the sheet entry and an opening of the sheet discharge; and a suppressing section made with the ability to suppress the propagation, towards the opening of the sheet discharge, particles having a predetermined diameter, obtained from the release agent surrounded by the opening of the sheet entry, at that the suppressing section is provided at a position of 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm the surface of the first rotatable element in the space in the said housing from the opening of the sheet entry to the opening of the sheet discharge.EFFECT: improvement of the design.54 cl, 21 dwg

Development device of image generation device // 2429137
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: development device of image generation device includes a development mechanism, designed to feed a developer to the development mechanism, a receiving chamber for the developer, where the developer is supplied, which should be fed to the feeding mechanism, and the first unit of delivery and the second unit of delivery, which are arranged one above the other in the position, in which the development device is installed in the image generation device. The developer received by the developer containing chamber is delivered to the second unit of delivery with the first delivery unit, afterwards it is delivered with the second unit of delivery to the feeding mechanism. The development device is inclined.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to improve developer configuration.13 cl, 10 dwg

achine of screen printing // 2413622
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the field of printing. Machine of screen printing comprises device for removal of printing forms intended to remove printing form from form cylinder and to assemble printing form after connection of printing form, exposed to operation of printing forms making, to form cylinder for printing on sheet. Device to remove printing forms comprises section for storage intended to store printing form, closing element intended to close section for storage with the possibility of free opening and closing, and facility intended to block closing element in closed condition, at the same time device for removal of printing forms is arranged so that it may be extracted from screen printing machine body.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to extract device for unloading of printing forms with simultaneous reliable preservation of secrecy.8 dwg

Developing cartridge, image formation device that comprises it, and method for disconnection of developing cartridge from device of image formation // 2382705
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: developing cartridge used with device for image formation comprises body of developing cartridge and handle arranged on one side of upper surface of cartridge body and comprising gripping part, arranged on it so that to form sharp angle with upper surface of cartridge body. Also handle comprises a pair of support parts, passing from surface of body and connected to both sides of gripping part in order to attach gripping part to body of developing cartridge.EFFECT: device for installation and disconnection of cartridge.7 cl, 9 dwg

Device for fixation of cartridge with toner, device of image formation, containing it, cartridge with toner and method of installation and removal of cartridge with toner // 2380236
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device of fixation of cartridge with toner, which includes rotary handle, located with possibility of its rotation on first butt end of toner reservoir and having fixing plate formed on its external circle surface, and unit for gearing, located on development unit, in which reservoir for toner is placed, when rotary handle is turned at given angle, fixing plate of rotary handle is inserted into unit for gearing.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify installation and removal of cartridge with toner.41 cl, 20 dwg

Newspaper scanning device and method // 2369487
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: newspaper scanning device consists of a supplying sub-system and a scanning device. The supplying sub-system includes a newspaper supplying device, and an automatic supply tray and module. Newspaper supplying device consists of a receiver and a cutter. Receiver is made with the possibility of loading a newspaper in its initial form, i.e. in the form of a set of two-folded sheets put one into the other, passing the loaded newspaper through the cutter made with the possibility of separating the edge of the sheets at the point of their folding, and supplying the final set of single sheets to the tray adjacent to automatic supply module. The latter, in its turn, is made with the possibility of supplying the sheets from the tray one by one to the scanning device.EFFECT: scanning in order of movement of newspaper sheets, reducing manual labour volume, and reducing the time required for scanning one page.17 cl, 3 dwg

Way of forming of symbols for microprinting // 2365510
FIELD: physics, computer technology.SUBSTANCE: invention concerns area of computer technology and can be applied in the user colour and black-and-white printers and multipurpose printers. The way of forming of symbols for microprinting includes definition of the suitable font size for each symbol of the image considering rules of forming of small fonts. Also symbol rasterisation in a bit card is performed, a bit card is skeletonised, a bit card is reformatted with preservation of symbol legibility, semitoning cells of the reformatted bit card are formed.EFFECT: dilation of a scope and improvement of convenience of using at the decreased volume of used memory.8 cl, 15 dwg

achine for printing securities with protection // 2214922
The invention relates to a device for printing securities with protection

ethod for automatic control by means of an optoelectronic device // 2146622
The invention relates to a method of control using optoelectronic devices print quality images on paper

The roller assembly unit reading the image of a fax machine // 2133674
The invention relates to a roller Assembly used for the unit to read the image of the facsimile apparatus, and more specifically, to a node of the read roller, made of a tube made by extrusion

Device for counting paper sheets in the foot // 2131358
The invention relates to printing machinery, and can be used for counting paper sheets in the foot

Topocratic for equipment imaging (options) // 2129491
The invention relates to equipment for maintenance of the supplied sheet is subject to the supply of equipment imaging
Chalkboard // 2071675

ethod of protection of the securities by applying holographic labels // 2035315
The invention relates to the issue of securities for various purposes, banking, primarily for the protection of securities and documents from possible counterfeits, as well as to give protected securities and documents of high consumer properties

A method of manufacturing a holographic labels // 2035314
The invention relates to advertising, printing, remedies securities, manufacturing labels, nameplates, stickers and labels