Portable hand-operated devices without means for supporting or locating the articles to be stamped, i.e. hand stamps and inking devices or other accessories therefor (B41K1)

Installation tool for stamp plate // 2640272
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: installation tool comprises a plate-like base with at least one installation element located on the base surface, defining the stamping plate installation area, the dimensions of the installation area approximately correspond to the same dimensions of the side from which a print is made, a stamp plate holder, and centering elements for the stamp plate located on the base next to the installation area. The height of the centering elements is less than the height of the installation elements.EFFECT: tool must have a simple design, be cheap to manufacture, and convenient to maintain.9 cl, 3 dwg
Self-stainable stamp // 2636557
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: stamp with a housing in which a stamping device connected to the drive element is movably mounted relative to the housing with axial elements, at least one of them is fixed in the receiving seat of the drive element, the receiving socket being formed in the mounting projection of the drive element closed by a safety frame surrounding the housing, located on the underside of the drive element and connected to the drive element for solidary movement.EFFECT: easy separation of the stamping device from the drive element.12 cl, 9 dwg

Automatically stainable stamp with stamp case // 2636554
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: rotary stamp assembly is provided as well as a receiving cell for a stamping pad cradle with a stamp mounted on the body with the ability to move from the upper non-working position to the lower position at which the impression is made, the actuation yoke on which the stamp assembly is pivotally mounted, and with a connector mounted on the actuation yoke with the help of a fixing connection of at least partially transparent window forming part, through which a card with a print is visible, located inside the window forming part, this part in the mounted on the actuation yoke with the walls placed opposite to each other with an actuation yoke located in the upper non-working position extends downwards above the receiving cell and closes it and is mounted on the actuation yoke with the possibility of moving up/down, and the actuation yoke in its upper non-working position releases the receiving cell for the container for the stamping pad.EFFECT: provides the creation of an automatically stainable stamp.13 cl, 7 dwg

Stamp pad holder and ram // 2595989
FIELD: mechanisms.SUBSTANCE: stamp pad holder (4) for arrangement in compartment (3) to extend automatically coloured stamp (1) with bottom part (17) and at distance therefrom walls (14, 18), which limit a recess for installation of stamp pad (5), wherein at least one wall (14, 18) of stamp pad holder (4) has at least one groove (15) and automatically coloured stamp (1) with such stamp pad holder (4).EFFECT: automatic colouring of stamp.7 cl, 6 dwg

Stamp and stamp pad for self-painting stamp // 2573341
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: stamp (1) is proposed with a rotary holder (4) of the printing plate, comprising a die plate (5) and a receiving device for the replaceable bearing mechanism (11) or, respectively, for a stamp pad (130), at that the holder (4) of the printing plate and the receiving device are located in the lower part (3) of the stamp (1), at that the holder (4) of the printing plate is made with the ability to move in the vertical direction from the initial position of abutment with the pressing pressure to the stamp pad (130) into the position for creating a stamp impression, and the receiving device is formed at least by means of a shaft section (12) extending transversely to the vertical direction. According to the invention, in the shaft section (12), at least along the part of the sidewall (147) a plane (148) is located extending at an angle, on which the means for fixing the retracted stamp pad (130) is located.EFFECT: improvement of the design.13 cl, 41 dwg

Stamp and stamp pad related to it // 2562044
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: self-dyeing stamp (1) consists of upper and lower parts (6, 7) slid into each other and a base (8) of the printing plate, located with the ability of rotation in the lower part (7) for placing the stamp plate (3). The base (8) of the printing plate is provided with a receiving device (21) for the stamp pad (4), and the base (8) of the printing plate is located in the initial position (2) in a range between 80° and 135°, in particular approximately 90° with respect to the support surface (22) and is designed for shifting from this initial position (2) into the operating position (5) using the guide means for creating a stamp impression. The receiving means (21) for the stamp pad (4) is made so that in the initial position (2) of the stamp (1) the free access to the base (8) of the printing plate is provided from the front side (34a) of the lower part (7).EFFECT: creation of a stamp, a stamp pad for the stamp, and also a method of replacement of the stamp pad and the method of mounting the stamp plate, which provides a simple, compact and inexpensive design, reduction of the structural size and weight and easy handling.41 cl, 59 dwg

Stamp and stamp pad for self-dyeing stamp // 2561026
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: stamp (1) is proposed with a rotary holder (4) of the printing plate, comprising a die plate (5) and a receiving device for the exchangeable carrier mechanism (11) of the stamp pad (10, 130), and the carrier mechanism (11) is implemented directly using the stamp pad (10, 130). The receiving device is formed at least by the shaft section (12), having an approximately rectangular cross section, extending transversely of the vertical direction, and by the opening (17) referring to the shaft section (12) in the front wall (49) of the lower part (3), at that the upper part (2) covers the lower part (3) in the form of a cap. In the initial position, the lower edge (70, 71) of the upper part (2) passes under the opening (17) in the lower part (3), and the upper part (2) is provided with a window (72) corresponding to the opening (17). In the initial position, the window (72) relative to the opening (17) in the lower part (3) is in a position located above the opening (17) so that the opening (17) at least partially closed. The window (72) forms a free space (152) for access to the grippers (78) or the gripping elements (138) of the stamp pad (10, 130).EFFECT: invention improves comfort in replacement of the stamp pad, reduces the risk of contamination.9 cl, 39 dwg

Self-painting stamp // 2560869
FIELD: printing trade.SUBSTANCE: self-painting stamp with the bearing mechanism of a stamp pad is offered, which contains a rotary holder of the printing plate with the stamp plate and the taker for the replaceable bearing mechanism of the stamp pad, and in the bearing mechanism at least one pad for paint absorption is located. The bearing mechanism has a rectangular shape and is formed by a main plate and longitudinal planes and sidewalls moulded on to it, and on two parallel sides the gripping elements are located for holding of the bearing mechanism sideways. Preferably on the bearing mechanism the aids designed as flutes, clamps and/or cambers for fixation in the stamp are placed. Each sidewall of the bearing mechanism has the gripping element for holding and pulling sideways of the bearing mechanism from the stamp formed by several parts moved towards each other, and the gripping elements are implemented with a possibility of insert into a chamfer of the lower part of the stamp and they do not protrude out of the external surface of the lower part due to what the top part of the stamp can move along the chamfer with the gripping elements inserted into the lower part.EFFECT: development of self-painting stamp.6 cl, 39 dwg

Portable printing // 2557512
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: portable printing is proposed, comprising a case for printing and a printing module. The case for printing comprises a first housing, a second housing attached to the first housing with the ability of rotation, and a snap device made with the ability to be attached optionally of the first housing to the second housing. The printing module is located in the second housing with the ability of separation. The printing module and the second housing are made with the ability to interact with each other by means of respective interacting parts and elastic lips made with the ability to snap. The printing module has two gripping parts projecting from the second housing. Thus, in case of necessity of refilling the printing module with the ink, the user can easily remove it from the second housing, holding the gripping parts. Then the user can drip the ink on the retaining element for retaining ink of the printing module, avoid staining hands.EFFECT: enhanced usability.3 cl, 6 dwg

Portable printing with easily removable ink part // 2555952
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: portable printing is proposed, comprising a case for printing, an ink part, and a printing part. The case for printing a first housing and a second housing attached to the first housing with the ability of rotation. The ink part and the printing part are located in the first housing and the second housing, respectively. The first housing has a peripheral wall and an insertion hole formed through the peripheral wall. The ink part is located on the peripheral wall and has the mounting plate mounted in the insertion hole. The ink part is placed in the first housing through the mounting plate. In case of replacement of the dried ink part with the new ink part, the user applies pressure to the mounting plate to release the dried ink part from the first housing. Then, the user can easily remove the dried ink part and to mount a new ink part to the first housing.EFFECT: reduced likelihood of accidental opening of the case for printing.9 cl, 7 dwg

Portable printing with double snap unit // 2555616
FIELD: personal use articles.SUBSTANCE: portable printing with double snap is proposed, comprising a case for printing, made with the ability of opening, an ink module located in the first case housing for printing, and a printing module located in the second case housing for printing. Through the hook and the buckle, located respectively on the first housing and the second housing and made with the ability of interaction, and also a movable clamp located on the first housing and made with the ability to apply pressure to the buckle, the firm connection of the first housing and the second housing is provided by the double snap. The only way to open the case for printing is to click on the movable clamp to separate it from the buckle, and the subsequent removal of the buckle from the interaction with the hook.EFFECT: likelihood of accidental opening of the case for printing is reduced, and the possibility of contamination with the printing module and the ink module of user's clothing or items carried by the user is eliminated.10 cl, 8 dwg

Hand stamp with automatic dyeing // 2513678
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed stamp comprises metal frame with two sidewalls connected by top wall and metal actuator clamp to displace downward relative to frame against the spring force action. Actuator clamp has two legs to displace in the frame sidewalls and are engaged with type block displacing and turning inside said frame. Stop ledges at frame top area make the retainers of pas holder. Said stop ledges extend inside from the frame sidewall inner side. Said stop ledges are made on stop elements fitted from outside of the frame sidewalls to extend through sidewall holes.EFFECT: simple and reliable design, lower production costs.9 cl, 8 dwg

Stamp and dabber for self-colouring stamp // 2496650
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a stamp (1) and a dabber (130) for self-colouring stamp (1). In the housing, respectively, the receiving mechanism at least one pad for absorbing paint is placed. The bearing mechanism has a rectangular shape and is formed of a main plate and longitudinal planes and sides molded-on to it. On two parallel sides there are the gripping elements (138) for retaining the bearing mechanism laterally. Preferably on the bearing mechanism there are means in the form of grooves, clamps and/or convexities for fixation to the stamp (1). On each side of the bearing mechanism a gripping element (138) is placed for retaining and stretching laterally of the bearing mechanism from the stamp (1), formed of several parts pushed into each other. The gripping elements (138) are made with the ability to enter into the recess of the lower part of the stamp (1) and they do not protrude beyond the outer surface of the lower part (3), due to which the upper part (2) of the stamp (1) can be moved along the recess with the gripping elements (138) inserted into the lower part (3). The protrusion or respectively, convexities entering the grooves can simultaneously exert a force impact horizontally and vertically.EFFECT: providing the opportunity of more accurate setting of a dabber due to the impact on it both of vertical and horizontal force.7 cl, 41 dwg

Pocket stamp // 2469870
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: pocket stamp comprises an equipment in the form of a case with two cover-shaped components hingedly connected together, which from the closed position in which they are connected to each other by means of the locking elements located on the components of the equipment with the possibility of disconnecting, can be transmitted to the open position, in which the cliche located in one of the components of equipment and protruding over the edge is transmitted to its working position or impression position, while another component of equipment is shifted backward relative to the cliche. In the closed position of components of equipment the locking elements are located inside the components of equipment. In one component of equipment at least one locking element is fixedly located, which is made in the form of a hook, and in another component of equipment the locking element interacting with the hook is made in the form of a locking plate, and one of the locking elements is made elastically removable.EFFECT: stamp has a reliable locking mechanism which is easy to open and which eliminates accidental opening.25 cl, 25 dwg

Dyeing block for hand stamp // 2425756
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: dyeing block (1) for a hand stamp, comprises a trough-shaped reservoir (2) open on top, where there is a dyeing cushion (3), which in the working condition is designed to release stamp dye (13) to a stamp plate. Besides, the reservoir (2) is equipped with at least one attachment frame (5A) as an auxiliary accessory for filling, arranged with the possibility of detachable fixation or fixed on its open side.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to ensure impregnation of the dyeing cushion with the specified quantity of stamp dye and to avoid contamination in process of dyeing cushion withdrawal.10 cl, 7 dwg

Placing unit for stamp // 2423242
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention discloses a placing unit for a stamp with several gauge wheels installed side by side with the possibility of rotation on the axis of the placing body. The gauge wheels are formed to support character tapes. Character tapes at least in area of gauge wheels are closed with a protective element, which at its side has extreme areas spaced in direction of the axis from each other, and is also equipped with slots for passage of gauge wheels circumferences. To connect the protective element with the placing body, there is at least one engagement device, which comprises accordingly interacting engagement elements on the placing body and also on the protective element. The engagement elements are arranged so that their relative direction of the engagement movement is oriented towards each other, approximately in direction of the placing body axis. At the same time between the end part of the protective element and the side part of the placing body there is a guide device.EFFECT: placing unit ensures accurate positioning and reliable fixation of the protective element on the body.22 cl, 13 dwg

Hand stamp and paint-accumulating element // 2407647
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: hand stamp is arranged with a stamping plate drawn back into body from initial position, which is arranged as movable by means of control element towards spring force into stamping position and with partially open pores. Besides, stamping plate is arranged as adjacent to paint-accumulating element installed in partially bordering holder, to receive stamping paint from it. At the same time holder is arranged in the form of bath and is directly fixed with connection element attached to control element, having at least one feeding nozzle directed towards paint-feeding hole in holder base wall. Invention also relates to paint-accumulating element used in stamp.EFFECT: group of inventions provides for development of a simple stamp, which is devoid of contamination risk as accumulating element is withdrawn, and provides for simple repeated removal of accumulating element, stamping paint of which has been spent.20 cl, 14 dwg

Component to produce imprint // 2406614
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: component to produce imprint comprises the first and the second plate elements joined hingedly with the possibility to change from closed configuration, where they are positioned one onto the other, into open configuration and back. Convex graphical element is connected to the first plate element, besides this graphical element in closed configuration is laid onto the second plate element. Paint-filled cushion is connected to the second plate element, besides in closed configuration the cushion contacts with graphical element. Also the component for production of imprint comprises mask imposed onto paint-filled cushion, to determine borders of painting zone, besides in closed configuration of the first and second plate elements, graphical element preferably rests on painting zone.EFFECT: component for production of imprint has compact dimensions, simple design and is simple and inexpensive to manufacture.38 cl, 14 dwg

Self-coloring stamp // 2382704
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to self-coloring stamp, in body of which there is stamping lettering apparatus arranged, made with the possibility of motion and simultaneously with the possibility of rotation by 180°. Lettering apparatus is connected to control handle arranged with the possibility of adjustment relative to stamp body, and handle arranged as hollow body with cover and attached to control handle by means of stopping. Hollow body has internal element of pipe, which, whenever control handle is put in action against spring force, is arranged with the possibility to displacement along pipe element attached to stamp body. Hollow protruding nozzle is provided on control handle, which in assembled position enters hollow body of handle, and guides pipe element joined to stamp body, and which has at least one stop element, which in assembled position is engaged with according stop element on internal element of handle pipe.EFFECT: reliable joint of handle with control handle and its easy disconnection, when required.13 cl, 8 dwg

Device to lock rotary axle of type unit // 2379190
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: locking element, as-assembled, has its sleeve-like casing fitted on rotary axle extension and its radial ledge adjoining, on its outer side, control handle. Said sleeve-like casing comprises lug-like radially deflected spring-loaded locking element that features locking ledge directed radially inward. Said ledge, as-assembled, can come into engagement with locking recess arranged on the rotary axle extension.EFFECT: ease of locking, reliable halt of rotary axle in control handle.11 cl, 12 dwg

Printing unit for manual stamp and stamp drive wheel // 2378124
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: proposed printing unit has printing tape laid on over drive wheel and cap-like cover. Said drive wheel can rotate in two shelves of support part and is furnished with shaped casing and mounting wheel jointed thereto. The latter is integrated with the former. Mounting wheel outer perimetric zone incorporates softer synthetic material compared with wheel inner radial zone. Perimetric part of drive wheel mounting wheel enters the cover cutout. Two extending locking elements are arranged on every end face side of the cover. Both shelves of support part have two spaced apart locking adapters. Cover locking elements make attachments to locking adapters of support part. Printing unit, as-fixed, covers printing tape in the area of drive wheel.EFFECT: ease of cover attachment and removal and ease of printing tape replacement.18 cl, 18 dwg

Self-inking stamp // 2364516
FIELD: instrument engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for product labelling. A self-inking stamp contains a bottom, a sliding executive mechanism mounted on said bottom, and a stamp plate holder movable within the bottom. The stamp plate holder is attached to the executive mechanism and displaced to operative position when the executive mechanism moves. The stamp plate is mounted within the holder. The first disposal ink feeder is provided in the bottom in the first position and serves to ink the stamp plate. The second auxiliary disposal ink feeder is kept in the bottom being in the second position. The second ink feeder is taken to replace the first one when displaced to the first position.EFFECT: invention allows simplifying the ink feeder replacement process.14 cl, 12 dwg

Countermark and receiving device for ink pad // 2358881
FIELD: graphic art.SUBSTANCE: receiving device for carriage of ink pad, particularly for countermark with rotary holder of pressure plate, in which it is located channel, basically, rectangular cross-section, and in it was held carriage of ink pad with the ability if necessary extended from the channel, and also holding arrangement, which hold carriage as positioned relative to guide channel in it operating position. It is provided additional holding arrangement, by means of which carriage with ink pad can be held as positioned in remote from run position are changed or attendance or can be restricted in its motion of extending from the channel, herewith additional holding arrangement can be deactivated or its resistance can be, if necessary, is overcame ensured by application of increased force of displacement to carriage.EFFECT: invention provides changing of ink pad without apprehension of endorsig ink hitting on surround objects.37 cl, 16 dwg

Self-painting manual stamp // 2346824
FIELD: mechanics; polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: proposed self-painting manual stamp contains a casing, an operating clip arranged to move relative to the said casing and comprising a letter part with axial components passing through the casing bird-like holes. At least, one axial component is held separately by a safety element in the seat of one of lateral parts of the operating clip. The said safety element can be fitted axiparallel in the seat and locked therein, and comprises, at least, one locking element interacting with that of the operating clip lateral part. Note also that the proposed stamp contains a stamp plate turning mechanism to turn the said plate in its motion during the operating clip travel relative to the casing from the top painting position to the bottom stamp position. The aforesaid safety element represents at least one bearing part with a cylindrical bearing recess receiving the axial part that makes the stamp plate letter part. Note also that the safety element ensures travel of the operating clip axially and locking it at several positions.EFFECT: ease of use, simple assembly.25 cl, 19 dwg

Combined stamp // 2340460
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: combined stamp contains one heating printing plate installed in housing and on rod with handle so that holographic impression could be produced by pressing the above handle. It also comprises a foil transport mechanism with winding and under-winding units and heating element. Stamp is provided with foil transport mechanism controlled by optical mark sensor. Transport mechanism produces irregular spacing of discrete images. It includes motor and two interrelated rollers - one is rubber-coated and the other is metal roller. Heating element is made so that it can maintain preset temperature during impression production process. Rod is coupled with hinged-lever mechanism.EFFECT: maintaining preset temperature during operation cycle.2 dwg

Die plate block and self colouring stamp // 2337831
FIELD: typography.SUBSTANCE: block (4) of die plate consists of holder (2) from polymer material and die plate (1) meant for colouring, on the holder and made from another polymer material, which is soft compared to the first polymer material. The holder and the die plate are made as one unit through multi-component die-casting.EFFECT: fast and simple preparation of die plate block.19 cl, 5 dwg

Self-dying stamp with ink pad // 2334621
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: self-dying stamp with take-over function contains housing where stamp plate connected to actuator with proper letters is located. There is a compartment in stamp with at least one opening to push ink pad container inside. Together with compartment bottom side directed to stamp plate, it forms supporting surface for container with ink pad and is provided with opening to paint stamp letters in their upper upturned position due to their butting against ink pad in container. Guide-and-align projections for container with ink pad are located at both opposite sides of compartment in pushing-in direction. Besides, there are grooves in container with ink pad, which interact with guide-and-align projections. At upper side and in pushed-in position of container with ink pad, grooves are limited by slats projected at container sides.EFFECT: reliable holding of container with ink pad and free running when container is pushed in.19 cl, 8 dwg

Stamp self-dying on turning over and painting pad container // 2330761
FIELD: polygraphy.SUBSTANCE: stamp (1) contains casing (2) accommodating a movable stamping unit coupled with actuator (8) incorporating stamp letters and furnished with compartment (3) with a hole to receive container (4) with dying pad. The said compartment lower side facing the stamping unit has a hole to dye stamping letters in their top turned over position via contact with the dying pad. The compartment accommodates a spring-loaded retainer to ensure a proper contact with the container with dying pad. The said container is furnished with a groove receiving the said spring-loaded retainer, the said groove being directed along the container motion and limited by the end face wall on both sides.EFFECT: ease of the container coming in the compartment and its proper arrangement therein.17 cl, 8 dwg

Stamp and receiving device for stamp pad // 2311303
FIELD: stamps and stamp pads.SUBSTANCE: invention claims receiving device (23) for carrying device (5) of stamp pad (4), in particular, for stamp (1) with rotary holder (8) of press plate, wherein channel (20) of practically rectangular cross-section is positioned, wherein carrying device (5) of stamp pad (4) is held with possible extension from the channel (20) when necessary, and also with holding device (31), which holds carrying device (5) in positioned state relatively to guiding channel (20) in its working position. Additional holding device (32) is included, by means of which carrying device (5) together with stamp pad (4) may be held in positioned in replacement or maintenance position remote from working position or may be limited in its movement of extension from channel (20), where aforementioned additional holding device (32) may be deactivated and its resistance may be overcome when necessary due to application of increased shifting force to carrying device (5).EFFECT: eliminated or reduced probability of stamp paint dripping onto user or surrounding objects.4 cl, 16 dwg

ethod and apparatus for making stamp // 2294839
FIELD: method and apparatus for making stamp and other parts with surface having printed image and formed by layer-by-layer application of liquid and settable material onto substrate.SUBSTANCE: apparatus 4 for making stamp 1 having surface 3 with printed image 2 has at least one printing head 5. Said head may perform multiple motion over surface 3 of stamp 1. Apparatus also has at least one jet 6 for layer-by-layer formation of surface 3 by printing process from liquid and settable material 8 such as polymer.EFFECT: simplified low-cost method for making stamps, possibly small number of stamps.24 cl, 8 dwg

ethod of manufacturing double-layer sheet microporous material for ink-pads // 2283324
FIELD: polymer materials.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for manufacturing equal-thickness elastic microporous polyvinylchloride material constituted by metering and storage layers attached to attached to each other by a system of through holes. Metering layer composition is prepared from, wt %: polyvinylchloride 25-40, dibutyl or butylbenzyl phthalate 15-25, T-92 oxal as flotation reagent 15-25, and triethylene glycol 20-35. Measured quantity of composition is uniformly distributed at a rate 0.07-0.16 ml/cm2 in lower portion of metallic or glass mold restricted from three sides by flat barriers with suitable height, thermally treated in strictly horizontal position at 80-110°C to transform liquid state into solid state, and cooled to temperature not higher than 35°C, after which mold is closed with flat upper portion, the twp portions are clamped, mold is installed in upright position, and composition contained in storage layer is poured in slot-like space at following proportions of components, wt %: polyvinylchloride 12-20, dibutyl or butylbenzyl phthalate 16-26, oxal T-92 11-13, triethylene glycol 12-17, and sucrose 30-45. Thereafter, contents are thermally treated in vertical and inclined positions at 150-180°C for 15-50 min until composition is completely gelled. When cooled to ambient temperature, sheet is removed, washed out in water from sucrose and triethylene glycol, and dried. Thus prepared material is characterized by thickness of metering layer about 0.7 to 1.6 μm, pore size if metering layer not larger than 1 μm, the same in storage layer 20 to 800 μm, and total porosity 40-55%. The sheet is cut into green products for ink-pads with required shape and dimensions and glued to a bottom of small box to be latter soaked with required amount of suitable ink.EFFECT: enabled manufacturing high-quality ink-pad (especially exchangeable ones for automated equipment), which are able of metering ink, which allows printing of several thousands of clear nonspreading prints.4 dwg, 1 tbl, 4 ex

Device for selecting printable characters of endless printing bands in printer and printer with endless printing bands // 2279984
FIELD: printing machines.SUBSTANCE: device for selecting printable characters in section of printer stage contains at least one printer stage section and printer frame. Printer stage section contains selector wheel installed on frame for rotation and at least one endless printing band with inner periphery surface and great number of spaced printable characters. Endless band engages with selector wheel to choose one of printable characters of printing band by rotation. Device contains also stop guide formed on frame and provided with at least one beveled surface, movable stop member with elongated guide window for sliding engagement with stop guide,. Flexible section and adjusting boss parts. Movable stop member is made for shifting into engagement position and is provided with at least one beveled surface corresponding to beveled surface of stop guide. If movable stop member is misaligned, beveled surfaces of movable member and stop guide are not aligned which prevents engagement of movable stop member and stop guide and incorrect assembling. Stop support member shifts movable stop member into engagement position, and drive projections formed on inner peripheral surface of endless printing band are arranged to provide selection of one of printable characters on printing band by means of selector wheel at its rotation. Adjusting unit is installed for rotation on frame, either clockwise or counterclockwise at movement of endless printing band to set printable characters in printing position.EFFECT: prevention of contamination owing to idle rotation of selector wheels and incorrect assembling, improved reliability and high manufacturability.14 cl, 11 dwg

Self-dyed stamp // 2260514
FIELD: stamping.SUBSTANCE: self-dyed stamp comprises bottom member (1) set on the surfaces to be stamped and rotatable mechanism (W) for the holder of the stamping plate set in the bottom member and interposed between stamping pad (4) and bearing frame (A). The holder can reciprocate and rotate simultaneously. The stamp additionally has actuating top member (2) whose sides (2'') are connected with the bottom member through the rotatable axle of the holder of stamping plate which passes through the narrow sides of the bottom member and moves with respect to the bottom member under the action of a spring. The actuating top member is connected with the bottom member through side flexible clamps (7,8). The bottom end of the actuating top member is provided with side locking hollows (9) which can engage the projections of the rotatable axle of the holder of stamping plate that enters the guides in the slot in the bottom member.EFFECT: simplified structure.2 cl, 3 dwg

Elongated stamping device // 2259278
FIELD: light industry, applicable for stamping.SUBSTANCE: it is made preferably in the form of a rod handle for turning and with supporting bracket adjoining the handle for the stamping cliche. The punch plate with the stamping cliche is put on the stamping cushion in the position of ink application. The width of the punch plate of the respective carrier of the stamping cushion exceeds the summary thickness of the supporting bracket, punch plate with the stamping cliche and carrier with the stamping cushier in the position of ink application. For the position of ink fitting a bushing, which envelops the supporting bracket, punch plate and the carrier of the stamping cushier, and whose open end adjoins the handle.EFFECT: simplified design, provided manual use of the device.19 cl, 15 dwg

Stamp substrate for self-setting round or rectangular seals or stamps // 2243901
FIELD: printing house equipment, in particular, office facilities, may be used in clerical business.SUBSTANCE: stamp substrate for self-setting round or rectangular seals and stamps is made from elastic material and equipped with restricting frames and receptacles for typing characters of "dovetail" type. Restricting frames and receptacles are made on substrate to form groups of parallel or concentric round fastening rolls. Receptacles are made in the form of single rectilinear and/or round fastening rolls with different combination of arrangement and configuration. Receptacles are defined at both sides of base of fastening rolls with side slopes of 10-30 deg relative to vertical plane. Upper edge of sides is arranged higher than upper cut of fastening rolls. Restricting frames are made thickening toward base.EFFECT: fast mounting of typing characters and symbols, precise and dense setting of characters and symbols onto designated places.6 dwg

Ink pad samarasimha stamp // 2239563
The invention relates to ink the pad samarasimha stamp, comprising a housing with applied frame and movable in the housing from the initial position to the rotation position of die stamping and woodblock stamp bearing plate, which is connected with movable relative to the housing against the force of the return spring of the Executive arm, and ink pillow is made with the possibility of inserting into socket case is made essentially in the form of baths of podostemales

Tools for manual for seals and stamps // 2238852
The invention relates to office equipment, namely, office equipment, and can be used in office as a media cliché to obtain prints

Cliche for mastic stamp // 2231449
The invention relates to the performance of structural elements of the stamps to run prints at wetting stamp ink, namely, to the production of a cliché for specified stamps

Device for protecting the seal and/or stamp from unauthorized use // 2228271
The invention relates to light industry, namely to protect the seal and/or stamp from unauthorized use, as well as to a device for protection of the seal and/or stamp from unauthorized use

The way to protect the seal and/or stamp from unauthorized use // 2228270
The invention relates to light industry, namely to protect the seal and/or stamp from unauthorized use, as well as to methods for the protection of the seal and/or stamp from unauthorized use

Stamp device // 2186690
The invention relates to stationery supplies, namely, stamp devices, and can be used to make a seal impressions on documents

Stamp cushion and method of its manufacture // 2172260
The invention relates to office equipment, and more specifically to utilities in the manufacture of printed works, and can be used for applying the paint to the stamp when labeling different kinds of products

Stamp pillow for multicolor printing and method of its manufacture // 2172259
The invention relates to office equipment, and more specifically to utilities in the manufacture of printed works, and can be used to paint on the stamp marking, various objects

Printing device // 2169083
The invention relates to the printer, in particular to a device for the prevention of pollution excretory font in a printing device, placed in a portable device for printing and labeling (manual labeling machine and so on

Hand stamp // 2164208
The invention relates to a hand stamp comprising a housing and covers the body moved against the force of the spring action lettered bracket having a shoulder directed through the side walls of the housing and the at least one located with the possibility of displacement in the horizontal direction in one of the shoulders of the locking element, which is in communication with at least one fixing groove for fixing the bracket in predetermined positions on the path of its movement relative to the housing, made on the adjacent side wall of the housing

Accessories for hand stamps // 2160672
The invention relates to office equipment and can be used to mount and storage marking stamp is used to perform the seal impressions on documents, securities, forms of legal entities, etc

A set of printing laptop for office work // 2153420
The invention relates to office equipment, and more specifically to equipment for die stamping and woodblock, and can be used in office work

The stamp substrate for mounting a replaceable printing characters // 2152313
The invention relates to office equipment, and more specifically to equipment for stamps, and can be used in office work

Cliche for die stamping and woodblock // 2152312
The invention relates to office equipment, and more specifically to equipment for stamps, and can be used in office work