Processes for the manufacture or reproduction of printing surfaces (B41C)

B41C              Processes for the manufacture or reproduction of printing surfaces (photomechanical processes for producing printing surfaces g03f; photoelectrical processes for producing printing surfaces g03g)(487)

odular processing device and fully automated system for production of etched gravure roller using such device // 2640270
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: modular processing device includes a pair of frame elements arranged vertically, so that they are opposite each other, the first processing module includes a first processing font module; the first beam module, located horizontally on the floor; and a first clamping module, and the second processing module includes a second processing font module; a second beam module, located horizontally on the floor, and a second clamping module. The modular processing device has a multi-stage design from at least one first processing module and a second processing module mounted on the frame elements.EFFECT: modular processing device can be standardized, is easy to customize and allows to increase production efficiency.7 cl, 8 dwg

Lithographic printing form containing multi-layer substrate // 2629518
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: multi-layer lithographic printing form containing an adhesive layer that is accessible and insoluble in (A) oleophilic inks and alkaline or acidic aqueous moisturizing solutions used during printing with a printing form, and (B) alkaline or acidic aqueous developer solutions used during the printed form development. The said adhesive layer is also (I) soluble in an alkaline aqueous treatment solution, if the said developing solutions and the said wetting solutions are acidic, (ii) soluble in an acidic aqueous treatment solution, if the said developing solutions and the said wetting solutions are alkaline, (iii) the fusible or (iv) dry adhesive layer with a Shore A hardness of 60 or less.EFFECT: said adhesive layer allows for the stratification of the printing form.20 cl, 6 dwg, 2 tbl
ethod of tool cliche producing // 2624717
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: method of lithographic printing plates producing including the manufacture of lithographic printing plate with the image subject to a tooling, and making of a form for tooling, characterized in that the form for tooling is formed directly on the printing cylinder of the printing machine, which is first run in a mode without sheets supply, the offset form is moisturized during the machine cylinder rotation with a wetting mechanism, during each revolution of the offset printing machine cylinders UV glue preloaded in the inking unit is layerwise applied onto the printing cylinder, during the subsequent rotation of the cylinder, each of microlayers applied on the printing cylinder in layers, is fixed with ultraviolet lamps, under the influence of which the matter polymerization is carried out and a thin form polymer layer is formed on the printing cylinder, in what connection the process is carried out till the polymerized matter haunched members at least 1 mm high are formed, then the inking and wetting mechanisms, ultraviolet lamp are switched off, after which the printing machine is set in sheet supply mode, and an impressed image is formed on a sheet passing between the printing and offset cylinders.EFFECT: improving the quality of the image subject to a tooling due to the preparation of a form with a greater detailing by forming it directly on the printing cylinder of the printing machine, reducing circulation production time.2 dwg

Self-adhesive tape and articles made therefrom // 2620384
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: group of inventions related to self-adhesive tapes for mounting flexographic printing plates, and to tools made using these tapes and the methods for mounting and demounting printing plates using these tapes. Self-adhesive tapes have a foamy substrate and two adhesive layers on each side of the substrate, where the adhesive material contains a polymer component. Polymer component is a product of free-radical polymerization reaction between the following monomers: a) linear or branched acrylic esters containing at least 2 aliphatic radical C atoms, 50% or higher mass fraction; b) linear, cyclic or branched acrylic esters containing 1 to 20 aliphatic radical C atoms, 22.5 to 46.5% mass fraction; and c) from 3.5 to 27.5% mass fraction of high polar vinyl-substituted monomers. Glass transition temperature of the polymer component between minus 22°C and minus 7°C according to the Fox method and based on measurement of the homopolymers of the monomers in (a), (b) and (c) by modulated DSC. The polymer component has a solubility parameter between 9.58 (cal/cm3)1/2 and 99.9 (cal/cm3)1/2 according to the Fedors method. In a preferred embodiment, the linear or branched acrylic esters in (a) are selected from at least one of isooctyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, n-butyl acrylate, ethyl acrylate, and combinations thereof; wherein the linear or branched acrylic esters in (b) are represented by isobornyl acrylate, and wherein the highly polar vinyl-substituted monomers in (c) are represented by acrylic acid. A tool comprises a printing plate, self-adhesive tape and tool base. A process for mounting printing plates comprises providing an adhesive tape, applying the second adhesive layer of the adhesive tape to a tool base, placing the mounted tool base on a printing press, and printing images.EFFECT: invention provides printing quality using double coated low strength foam backed tapes also on ink residue contaminated plates.17 cl, 2 dwg, 7 tbl, 14 ex

Apparatus for coating application on typographic plates for metallographic printing // 2618683
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: an apparatus for coating the printing plates for intaglio printing is provided; it comprises a vacuum chamber having an inner space provided to accommodate at least one printing plate for intaglio printing, which shall be coated, a vacuum system connected to the vacuum chamber provided to create a vacuum in the inner space of the vacuum chamber, and a system of physical vapor deposition (PVD) provided for implementation of wear resistant coating material in a vacuum on the surface of the engraved printing plate for intaglio printing. System physical vapor deposition comprises at least one target with coating material comprising a source of wear coating material to be deposited on the surface of the engraved printing plate for intaglio printing. The vacuum chamber is disposed so that the printing plates for intaglio printing, which shall be coated; it is disposed substantially vertically in the inner space of the vacuum chamber so that its etched surface is facing the at least one target with coating material. Apparatus for coating a printing plate for intaglio printing also comprises a movable supporting element disposed in the inner space of the vacuum chamber and provided for supporting and moving the cyclic printing plate for intaglio printing in front of and past the at least one target with coating material.EFFECT: coating apparatus enables reliable and effective coverage of the printing plates for intaglio printing layer of the wear coating material, and is easy to operate and maintain.20 cl, 8 dwg

ethod and device for contoured surface formation on steel embossing shaft // 2614502
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to field of laser processing and can be used for contoured surface formation on steel embossing shaft. Contoured surface formation represents making of macrorelief with elements dimensions of more than 20 mcm and depths of up to 150 mcm inclusively, by laser exposure with following parameters: energy density in single pulses generation mode is equal to 0.5–3.5 J/cm2, average density of energy in pulses packs generation mode is equal to 0.5–70 J/cm2 per pulse, wave length is 532–1,064 nm, pulse repetition frequency is from 1 kHz to 10 MHz, distance between pulses on part is 10–50 % of beam diameter for femtosecond laser and 10–25 % or 40–50 % of beam diameter for picosecond laser, laser beam focal plane is located on part surface, and beam travel speed is equal to or more than 100 m/s.EFFECT: use of invention enables to increase preset relief on embossing shaft production precision.9 cl, 3 dwg

System and method of manufacturing engraved plate // 2567359
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates generally to the field of intaglio printing for production of securities, in particular banknotes. The system for manufacturing an engraved plate for intaglio printing of securities comprises a computer and at least one engraving tool controlled by the said computer according to a programmed engraving process, and the said computer is programmed to control the said engraving tool in accordance with the three-dimensional control pixel data (X, Y, Z) of a reference depth map of one of the said sheet to be engraved of the non-engraved plate from pixel to pixel, and the reference depth map is formed on the computer based on at least one computer stored original depth-map consisting of a three-dimensional raster image of at least a portion of one of the said security.EFFECT: reduction of processing time and cost of manufacture of plates by intaglio printing method is achieved by eliminating tedious steps of engraving vignettes and portraits by hand, simultaneously maintaining a high level of quality of plates by intaglio printing method, produced conventionally, that is obtaining of very thin-cut gravures.18 cl, 9 dwg
ethod of improvement of efficiency of printing of flexographic printing elements // 2567189
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: in implementing the method, the selective ablation of the masking layer is carried out to create on the masking layer on the entire image which comprises a fragment of the image containing the cell structure. On the masking layer the oxygen barrier layer is applied. Then, the printing element is exposed by the actinic radiation through the barrier and the masking layers for selective crosslinking and cure of at least one light-cured layer to create the relief image and a textured surface on the printing element. The performs of the printing element are developed by removing the barrier layer and uncured parts of the light-cured layer to reveal a relief image.EFFECT: improvement of printing quality.16 cl, 1 tbl

ethod and device for screen printing // 2552902
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: method of screen printing of a high resolution image on a substrate is provided, in which a stencil sheet is used with a system of holes separated by partitions and points of intersection, having a flat surface on the scraper side. The stencil sheet on the printing side is provided with a three-dimensional structure comprising projections and recesses formed by the difference of the thickness between the partitions and the points of intersection, and the pattern facing the substrate and representing a mute negative of the image to be printed, and according to the method the ink is deposited on the substrate, thereby forming the image with a resolution of less than 100 mcm.EFFECT: method of screen printing of high resolution image on the substrate is proposed.18 cl, 3 dwg
ethod of making printing plates for offset printing // 2546477
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: properties of wettability of areas are changed, which are printed elements on the anodic-oxide surface of the substrate. Transforming of properties of wettability of areas of the anodic-oxide surface of the substrate is performed by applying the hydrophobic coating by jet printing device.EFFECT: method eliminates the use of templates and additional equipment, which simplifies the process of production of printing plates.4 cl

ethod and device for manufacturing moulds for engraved printing intended for production of security papers // 2505413
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and device for manufacturing moulds for engraved printing, intended for production of security papers, which uses a laser beam (2) for engraving pattern (3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) of engraved printing directly on the surface of the moulding material (1), in particular metal, made with the ability of laser engraving. Laser engraving of the moulding material (1) is carried out in layers in several separate stages of engraving. The stages are carried out one after another with the absolute register so that the pattern (3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) of engraved printing is gradually engraved on the surface of the moulding material (1) to the required depth of engraving. The surface of the engraved moulding material (1) is cleaned from wastes of a process of laser engraving after each separate stage of engraving, while the laser engraving unit is in the inoperative state.EFFECT: improvement of quality of engraving.24 cl, 10 dwg

Gallotannic compounds in lithographic printing plate coating compositions // 2487882
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: novel gallotannic compounds include gallotannin, wherein at least one hydroxyl group is substituted with a substitute, said substitute including a molecule, an oligomer or polymer, used in lithographic printing plate coatings, gallotannin or another gallotannin compound, wherein the substitutes are attached to gallotannin directly or through a linking group.EFFECT: compounds can be used in a lithographic printing plate coating composition.15 cl, 33 dwg, 49 ex

Device and method for making dies of scratch-off printing with multiple identical patterns // 2487801
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of scratch-off printing dies. Proposed device comprises the following elements: cylindrical element for article to be processed to be secured thereat, at least, one drive module to make cylindrical element reciprocate about its rotational axis, and, at least, one processing module to remove material from the article at, at least, definite sections thereof. Note here that processing module is equipped with, at least, one processing tool including milling module for mechanical engraving, laser module for laser engraving and turning module.EFFECT: compact design, complex-shape patterns.29 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of making discrete shaped structure of functional layer of printing pattern at computer-aided etching hardware-software complex // 2470746
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises major displacement of tool and surface of printing pattern functional layer. For this used is XYZ tool displacement actuating system. Cutting toll is displaced in the field of vision of computer TV microscope to register its cutting part at stationary check position and to register, by software means, tool tip vertical coordinate Z relative to reference plane with coordinate Z0. Printing pattern functional layer is used as said reference plane. Note here that said coordinate Z0 simultaneously with coordinate Z1. Note here that constants ΔZconst=Z1-Z0 are loaded into control program bank for entire cycle of given process. Actuating system control program is configured to allow video control, in present time intervals, over tool cutting edge wear and current coordinate Rt of tool tip relative to coordinate Z0. For this, cutting tool is lifted from current operating position and displaced into filed of vision of TV computer microscope to position corresponding to aforesaid stationary initial position. Then, ΔZT=ZT-Z0 is registered by hardware means. ΔZT is compared to ΔZconst. Control program is subjected to time correlation in coordinate Z by ΔZT=ZT-Z0. Thereafter, tool is moved back into initial position. Note here tool cutting tool is cleaned of micro particles of machined material prior to feeding tool cutting edge into field of vision of said microscope. Besides, in case tool integrity or wear are revealed by hardware means, tool is automatically replaced. Here, ΔZ is defined by Z with respect to tip of new tool.EFFECT: higher precision and quality.4 cl

ethod of forming 3d microstructures of engraving patter in functional layer of intaglio printing die functional layer at computer-aided engraving hardware-software complex // 2467858
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method comprises two stages of machining, at least, one 3D microstructure by cutting to remove functional layer of said microstructure. At first stage, cutting is made by high-speed milling. Note here that conical milling cutter is used to remove main part of functional layer material with allowance for finishing retained. At second stage, machined surface is subjected to single or twofold indenting. Note that functional layer material is removed with the help of polyhedral, primarily, trihedral pyramidal cutting tool, every side of which making tool front surface, while tool replacement is carried pout automatically. Said finishing is made in one pass along the microstructure contour by planning at second stage. Note here that first and second stages are performed by aforesaid one tool.EFFECT: better milling performances.6 cl, 10 dwg

Novel materials for coating offset printing plates, offset printing plates and coatings containing said materials, production methods and use // 2443683
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: described is a polymerisable iodonium salt containing a positively charged iodine atom bonded with two aryl rings and a negatively charged counter-ion and at least one substitute containing a urethane and/or urea group, which is bonded with at least one of said aryl rings, wherein said substitute contains at least one functional group capable of cationic or radical polymerisation. Described also is a polyvinyl alcohol acetal copolymer containing at least one functional group, which is capable of cationic or radical polymerissation, preferably vinyl ether, alkoxy-methylacrylamide or alkoxy-methacrylamide. The invention also describes polymer binder for coating an offset printing plate from the polyvinyl alcohol acetal family, cellulose ether family and binder based on monomers, each containing at least one functional group capable of cationic or radical polymerisation. Described also is an offset printing plate coating solution containing said polymerisable iodonium salt, said polyvinyl alcohol acetal copolymer and said binder.EFFECT: high quality of high-resolution image when the offset printing plate is used repeatedly.17 cl, 25 dwg, 21 ex

Polymer colouring agents, coating compositions and thermographic offset plates // 2442812
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: the invention relates to polymer colouring agents used in coating compositions to protect the image forming layer of the offset plates. Described are a new water-soluble polymer colouring agent with the absorption band ranging from about 300 nm to about 600 nm, and a coating composition for a thermographic offset plate which comprises: (a) the said polymer colouring agent with the absorption band ranging from about 300 nm to about 600 nm, and (b) organic microparticles which contain cross-linked copolymers of acrylate ot methylacrylate and styrole, 2-hydroxymethylacrylate, methacrylate, poly(oxyethylene)methacrylate or a linear or branched alkylmethacrylate; or inorganic nanoparticles containing silicone oxide or aluminium oxide. Described is the thermographic offset plate for reverse printing, containing (a) water receptive plate, (b) a layer positioned on the plate which forms the image in the near-infrared region, and (c) the coating layer which is positioned on the image-forming layer and contains the said coating composition. EFFECT: reduction or elimination of background filling of the offset plates in the conditions of white light, elimination of the need to use separating paper when packaging offset plates. 7 cl, 10 dwg, 13 ex

ethod of producing engraved plate // 2426652
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of producing plate for intaglio printing consists in programmed engraving of the plate made by computer-aided engraving tool. Said not engraved plate makes intermediate plate for plate with polymer layer for intaglio printing. Note here that said intermediate plate polymer layer is engraved by computer-aided engraving tool.EFFECT: high-resolution engraving, reduced production time and costs.10 cl, 15 dwg

ethod of producing engraved plate // 2421338
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: proposed method of producing plate for intaglio printing consists in programmed engraving of the plate made by computer-aided engraving tool. Artwork depth pattern is produced for, at least, a portion of bonds. Note here that said pattern comprises data on 3D elements with data on engraving depth in said plate. Artwork reference depth pattern is produced for plate to be engraved. Note here that said pattern consists of assemblage of repetitions on said artwork pattern complying with that of lines and columns and comprises data on position of said repetitions in the plate plane. Then, plate is engraved to comply with produced reference depth pattern.EFFECT: higher quality of plates, reduced production time and costs.9 cl, 15 dwg
Paper-based material for direct manufacturing of offset printing forms by means of laser printer // 2404063
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to printing consumable form materials and may be used to produce offset printing forms. Material represents a base paper, onto which at one side a hydrophilic layer (receiving layer) is applied, which receives laser printer toner well, at the other side - a hydrophobic layer (counterlayer). Counterlayer includes a hydrophobic film-forming polymer, in particular copolymer of vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride or its modified derivatives, or butyral resin, or cellulose acetobutyrate, or copolymer of butyl methacrylate, methyl methacrylate and methacrylic acid and trichloracetic acid.EFFECT: invention makes it possible to minimise shrinkage of linear dimensions of printing form, which takes place in process of toner heat fixing in process of printing at laser printer and to increase mechanical strength of paper form in moist condition.2 tbl, 10 ex

Data medium with halftone image // 2392125
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: data medium comprises printed fragments of section of a certain tone, besides at least three printed fragments of section have various tones. At the same time one or more of various tones is formed by printed fragments of section visible with naked eye as fully printed, but having a certain share of non-printed white sections.EFFECT: development of data medium having high extent of counterfeit protection.29 cl, 8 dwg
Thermosetting, infrared absorbing polymers and use thereof in heat-sensitive offset printing plate // 2387676
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a polymer which absorbs in the near infrared region, containing at least two different side infrared chromophoric groups which are covalently bonded to the main polymer chain which is soluble in resin bases, at least one of which is an indole cyanine dye and the other benz[e]indole cyanine dye. When using pre-printing coating of a photosensitive positive offset plate, stabilisation time required after production is considerably shorter and the additional process of conditioning before use is avoided. Pre-printing plates are preferably plates exposed to the image by a laser which emits in the near infrared region at wavelength between 780 nm and 850 nm.EFFECT: improvement of operational characteristics.11 cl, 2 tbl, 6 ex

ethod and device for manufacturing of substrate material for screen printing, and material of substrate of this type // 2384415
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: material (10) of base contains stencil mesh (12), resistive layer (30) of resistive material and protective film (22). According to invention, method provides for assembly of substrate material (10) from various components. In particular, method includes at least stages of the first resistive layer (30) application on one side of stencil mesh (12) and further application of protective film (22) onto the first resistive layer (30) on stencil mesh.EFFECT: improved quality of material.25 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing // 2371317
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to technology of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing. Method of manufacturing printing forms for offset printing is realised by changing properties wettability of areas of work surface of printing forms, transformation of properties being realised due to change of chemical composition of work surface influencing on chosen areas by flux of accelerated particles. As substance of work layer applied is two- or poly- atomic inorganic material based on carbon with addition of aluminium atoms 0.01-20-at.% with thickness 1-1000 nm, which is covered on bottom layer with applied on it layer of aluminium or alloys on its base or on bottom layer from aluminium or based on it alloys.EFFECT: invention allows to simplify and accelerate manufacturing process, increase of resolving capacity and endurance of providing multiple application of forms.6 cl, 4 dwg, 1 tbl, 5 ex
aterial for direct offset platemaking by using laser printer // 2365508
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to polygraphic consumable materials and can be used for production of film offset printing plates. Material has a polyethylene terephthalate film as a base on which an adhesive substrate and hydrophilous receiving layer are applied. The adhesive substrate includes polyvinylpyrrolidone, vinyl acetate copolymer with vinyl chloride and trichloracetic acid with the following ratio of the components, wt %: polyvinylpyrrolidone with 12600±2700 - 2.50÷66.66 of molecular weight, vinyl acetate copolymer with vinyl chloride - 5.00÷75.00, trichloracetic acid - 16.67÷75.00. Hydrophilous receiving layer includes polyvinyl alcohol, filler - kaolin, or iron oxide pigment, or their mixture and glutaric dialdehyde with the following ratio of the components, wt %: polyvinyl alcohol - 16.26÷33.11, kaolin - or iron oxide pigment, or their mixture - 63.49÷83.06, glutaric dialdehyde - 0.33÷4,76.EFFECT: adhesion enhancement of layers that leads to efficient increase of run length.1 tbl, 12 ex

atrices for galvanoplastics of printing screens and galvanoplastic device // 2363587
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention is related to galvanoplastics. Matrix for galvanoplastics of printing screens includes matrix plate, on which metal is deposited for moulding of printing screen. Matrix plate includes the main surface of deposition, on which metal deposited to create the main body of printing screen, at least one pair of edge segments at the opposite borders of the main deposition surface, which include edge segments of deposition, which come out from plane produced by the main deposition surface, on which metal is deposited to create fastening elements of printing screen, and angular sections in appropriate angles of deposition surface. Matrix also includes non-conducting elements in the form of edge elements, which are located at edge sections so that they create length of these edge sections, and non-conducting elements in the form of angular elements, which are located near angle sections so that they protect them and create length of the main deposition surface near these angular sections.EFFECT: expansion of assortment of produced items.67 cl, 37 dwg

Actuating system incorporated with software-hardware complex designed to cut discrete shaped etched images in operating layer of printed circuit // 2360771
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: proposed complex comprises appliances designed to position the tool and allow it to make a form-building and relative motion. The said appliances include a coordinate mechanical structure to make the tool primary motion relative to operating layer surface and a digital control software system to allow the tool positioning and moving. Aforesaid appliances additionally comprise, at least, one first assembly intended for additional tool motion and allowing the tool holder lengthwise axis turn through a preset angle in, at least, one axis. Note here that the said first unit represents the first appliance of modulating the profile and shape parametres, restricted by the tool primary form-building motion. The said appliance ensures forming the tool integral form-building motion and is furnished with independent drives for every plane of tool turn and software to realised the first additional modulating motion that features various cycle intervals and amplitude of tool holder differential oscillating processes in co-located turn planes.EFFECT: expanded performances.12 cl, 14 dwg

ethod for formation of discrete profile structures of engraving picture in functional layer of type form on metal-cutting lathe // 2356704
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method includes realisation of the main shape-generating displacement of tool relative to surface of functional layer of type form with application of programmatically organised coordinate executive system of displacement. In process of the main shape-generating displacement of tool modulation is realised for geometric parametres of profile and/or shape regulated by this displacement in plan of discrete profile structures by means of generation of integral shape-generating displacement of tool. At that at least one additional modulating displacement is imparted to this tool by means of cyclic turn of its longitudinal axis within the limits of specified angle at least in one plane.EFFECT: expansion of functional resources.21 cl, 14 dwg

ethod of manufacturing offset plates // 2353528
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: method of manufacturing offset plates by changing the wetting properties of parts of the working surface of the plates, transformation of the properties is carried out by changing the chemical composition of the working surfaces, made from silicon nitride, aluminium nitride and silicon carbide by acting on the selected parts with a stream of accelerated particles.EFFECT: possibility to simplify and accelerate the process of manufacture, increase resolution and durability of the plates.7 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for manufacture of type forms for metallographer printing and type form manufactured by this method // 2348533
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: in process of type forms manufacture for metallographer printing in machine (1) blank is retained in process of processing with the help of smooth vacuum plate (7), and temperature of processing device components that affect accuracy of processing is continuously monitored and adjusted, if necessary. Blank processing is done by means of independent shifts of processing device components along at least three axes, every of which is done by means of individual drive.EFFECT: higher accuracy of processing.42 cl, 6 dwg
ethod for manufacture of template for application of pattern on item // 2345896
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method for manufacture of template for application of pattern on item includes manufacture of template on sticky transparent polymer film, which has been previously glued to glossy surface of base, for instance, glazed paper, hardness of the latter is higher than hardness of polymer film, and colours contrast with each other. Template is manufactured by cutting of windows along the circuit of applied pattern. Film pieces are removed from prepared cuts of windows to arrange template, which is fixed on top by the second polymer layer from sticky stripping film. Paper base is removed from the opposite side of template, and template is glued on item with open sticky side. Then stripping film is removed from external side of template, and pattern is applied through template windows.EFFECT: higher convenience and quality of inscriptions or patterns application on flat items.3 cl

ethod of production of flexographic plates by means of laser engraving // 2329149
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: in method of flexographic plates production by direct laser engraving, gaseous decomposition products or products made of separate particles (7) generated in the process of engraving are caught with the help of suction device (4) and exhausted gas flow saturated with decomposition products is purified with the help of combination of filter (5) with solid filtering material and filter (6) with buffer unit and oxidising stage.EFFECT: increases efficiency of gases purification.8 cl, 6 dwg

Photosensitive resin for printing matrix engraved by laser // 2327195
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: invention pertains to a printing matrix engraved by a laser, used for obtaining a relief image using known methods. Description is given of the printing matrix engraved by a laser, obtained through photocuring a compound on a photosensitive resin base (a), consisting of a polymerised unsaturated group and which has an average molecular mass between 1000 to 20 x 104, an organic compound (b), with a polymerised unsaturated group and average molecular mass less than 1000 and an organic silicon compound (c), with at least, one Si-O bond and not containing a polymerised unsaturated group. Content of the organic silicon compound (c), lies in the range from 0.1 to 10 % of the mass of the compound on the photosensitive resin base. Description is given of obtaining the printing matrix engraved by a laser, through formation of the given compound on a canvas or cylinder with subsequent linking and solidification under exposure to light.EFFECT: increased resistance of the printing matrix to abrasion and to adhesion on its surface.19 cl, 2 tbl, 12 ex

ethod for production of offset printing plate // 2321497
FIELD: printing arts, in particular, method for production of offset printing plate.SUBSTANCE: the method consists in the fact that for formation of the spacing materials of the printing plate the surface of an aluminum plate is subjected to action of laser radiation of the ultraviolet range with an exposion providing for appearance of additional water molecules and groups C=0 on the surface as a result of chemosorption.EFFECT: reduced number of production operations and reduced power consumption at production of the plate.

ethod for deep printing from steel plates for manufacturing a forgery-protected document, and also steel printing form for deep printing and intermediate parts for its manufacture and method for making these // 2314209
FIELD: printing technologies.SUBSTANCE: steel printing form for deep printing contains on its surface at least one first section with printing structures, meant for producing an imprint by deep printing method, and at least one second section with structures intended for stamping, size of which is less than 100 micrometers. Parts of structures which are closest to the surface of printing form are positioned at a distance from 20 to 100 micrometers below level of printing form surface.EFFECT: ensured stamping of securities and their simultaneous printing with usage of a single steel printing form for deep printing, and also high protection of securities from forgery is ensured.9 cl, 15 dwg

Relief forming method in functional layer of article by planing (variants) // 2312743
FIELD: working materials by cutting, engraving relief structures.SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of removing allowance at least for one pass of planning cutter having stem and cutting part in the form of trihedral pyramid; before starting working and at changing direction of cutting path for opposite one in zone of broken portions of cutting path and in portions of cutting path joined with small curvature radius, rotating cutter around lengthwise symmetry axis of stem by angle normalized by direction of cutting path; in order to improve working efficiency, using cutter with cutting portion in the form of regular truncated pyramid whose lengthwise symmetry axis is matched with lengthwise symmetry axis of stem and whose small base is apex of cutter; using each lateral face of said pyramid depending upon cutting sign as front surface of cutter; at changing cutting direction for opposite and in zone of broken portions of cutting path and also in portions of cutting path with small joining radius, using as front surface of cutter face of cutting part to be turned by minimum angle due to rotation of cutter for optimizing its spatial position relative to cutting surface.EFFECT: enhanced working efficiency of method.6 cl, 12 dwg

Planing cutter // 2311271
FIELD: working materials by cutting, engraving relief structures.SUBSTANCE: cutter includes stem and cutting part in the form of trihedral truncated pyramid having lateral faces inclined by acute angle relative to lengthwise symmetry axis of stem; small base of said pyramid is apex of cutter. In order to improve efficiency, said truncated pyramid is regular one. Each lateral face of such pyramid is designed for using as front surface depending upon its spatial position relative to cutting direction. Symmetry axis of cutting portion may be matched with lengthwise symmetry axis of stem.EFFECT: improved design of cutter.2 cl, 12 dwg

Engraved plate making method // 2308379
FIELD: manufacture of plates used for intaglio printing.SUBSTANCE: method for making engraved plate with use of tool such as laser beam comprises steps of using engraving tool operating with use of data of depth card formed on base of three-dimensional raster image of printed document; similarly making intermediate engraved plates.EFFECT: shortened time period for engraving high-quality plates, prevention of warping of plates at printing process.21 cl, 15 dwg

Infrared-sensitive printing forms developed in printing machine with usage of bonding resins with polyethylene-epoxide segments // 2300792
FIELD: negative printing forms developed in printing machine, which may be exposed by ultraviolet, visible or infrared radiation.SUBSTANCE: cover-forming composition is described, which includes (i) polymerization-capable compound and (ii) polymer binding agent, containing polyethylene-epoxide segments, where polymer binding agent is selected from group which consists of at least one added copolymer, containing polymer of the main chain and polyethylene-epoxide side chains, block copolymer, containing at least one polyethylene-epoxide block and least one non polyethylene-epoxide block, and combinations of these. Also described is an element, in which image may be formed, including base and polymerization-capable covering composition.EFFECT: differentiation between image sections exposed and non-exposed by electromagnetic radiation, facilitating development of non-exposed sections in water developing agents, increased resistance to development of exposed sections, ensured coloration capacity of the latter when not heated before development.5 cl, 3 dwg, 11 ex

ethod for making relief in functional layer of printing form // 2299813
FIELD: metallography, possible use for making sub-micron (nanometer) relief structures in functional layers of metallographic forms.SUBSTANCE: in accordance to invention, method is realized by means of multi-pass processing of functional layer of product by cutting. In places of connection of contour parts of projection being formed with different (relatively to base system of coordinates) angular orientation, bisector grooves are cut in direction towards strippable stock. Then side faces of pattern fragment projection are formed. During that on one of technological transitions contouring of aforementioned projection along perimeter is performed (at least one the side of one of faces being formed) by forming a groove along appropriate projection rib with depth lesser than given height of projection. After that stock remaining between projection elements is removed with creation of its given profile without violation of integrity of section of face formed during contouring. Removal of stock remaining after contouring is performed in two stages. During first stage (equidistantly to the groove made during contouring process) a groove is cut with depth equal to given height of projection. During creation of this groove, cutting edge of tool (defining the projection face) is moved towards strippable stock for value limited by technological processing tolerance, to prevent contact of this cutting edge with section of projection face formed during contouring process. During second stage remaining stock is removed by means of successive passes of tool in zone which is limited by the groove formed during first stage.EFFECT: increased efficiency.13 cl, 3 dwg

Impression pattern forming method in functional layer of article by multi-pass planing in nc machine tools and planing cutter for performing the same // 2296036
FIELD: micro- and(or) nano-technology.SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of removing allowance in central zone of working during rough pass and then finishing surfaces of lateral faces of shaped fragments of pattern along the whole depth of rough working pass. It is realized at using only one lateral edge of cutter to be rotated around its lengthwise axis in curvilinear and broken portions of its cutting path while providing optimal three-dimension position of front surface of cutter relative to cutting surface. Rough passes are performed by means of cutter while using in first pass simultaneously two lateral cutting edges and then using only one of said cutting edges turned to formed lateral face of shaped fragment of pattern. In order to enhance accuracy and quality of working by providing possibility of removing allowance in zones of pattern with broken cutting path during process of removing allowance remained after rough working at finishing, in zones of internal angles of broken portion of cutting path and in zone of portions with small joining radius cutter is lifted for providing outlet of its working part onto upper plane of functional layer of article. Then cutter is turned by angle normalized by cutting path going-on line and it is again fed-in to allowance portion remained after lifting cutter by initial depth. Cutter is lifted and descended while simultaneously imparting to it main cutting motion into zone of removed allowance. Planing cutter includes stem and working part restricted by flat front surface with lateral cutting edges and profiled back surface with lead angle equal to zero for forming end portion of working part. Cross section of working portion is in the form of axially symmetrical figure. Generatrices of back surface are inclined by the same angles relative to axis of cutter stem. End portion of working part is flat one and it is the form of oval-half whose plane is spatially inclined by acute angle relative to front surface. Rib formed by crossing of end portion and front surface serves functionally as third cutting edge; it is oriented by angle 90° relative to lengthwise axis of cutter.EFFECT: improved accuracy and quality of planing by such cutter.7 cl, 20 dwg

Printing form production method, apparatus for producing printing forms for screen printing and apparatus for screen printing // 2289511
FIELD: processes and equipment for making printing forms for screen printing, apparatuses for screen printing.SUBSTANCE: method for making printing forms comprises steps of melting heat sensitive material of printing forms for screen printing having film of thermosetting resin of predetermined thickness by heating thermal head for perforating holes permeable for printing ink; forming large number of shallow recesses in one side of said film. Heaters of thermal head 10 have such size that next inequalities HM > 0.6PM, HS > 0.7 PS are satisfied. Heaters are arranged at pitch PM in side of main scanning direction. Length of heaters along side of main scanning direction is equal to HM. Feed stroke at side along secondary direction of scanning is equal to PS. Length of heaters at side along secondary direction of scanning is equal to HS. Side of film opposite to its side having shallow recesses is heated due to heating thermal head 10 with output 35 mJ/mm2 or less for melting heated zone until its communication with said recesses in order to form holes permeable for printing ink.EFFECT: possibility for thermally perforating in film individual holes permeable for typographic ink at the same output of thermal head, realization of screen printing process at using material of printing forms for screen printing containing only film of thermoplastic resin.18 cl, 9 dwg

ethod for production of relief in functional layer of print form // 2288844
FIELD: metallography, possible use for forming submicron relief structures in functional layers of metallographic forms.SUBSTANCE: in accordance to method, by means of at least one technological transition sides 4,5,6,7 of profiled linear groove 8 of pattern fragment 3 are formed by means of shaping of functional layer of product 2. After full profile of groove 8 is formed, in internal corners of mating sections, at least parts of sections of curvilinear contour of groove 8 with different, relatively to base coordinates system, angular orientation, cold-hardening is removed which appeared during plastic deformation of material of functional layer during forming of profiled contour of groove 8. For that purpose in bisector area of aforementioned mating sections cuts 10 are made, directed towards area of groove 8 adjacent to bottom with exit of cutting part of tool onto upper plane of functional layer of product 2. Cuts 10 are made by shaping with length not exceeding size of side 4 or 5 of profile of groove 8 in direction of cut 10 in place where aforementioned cut 10 is made. Cut 10 is, as a rule, made during one pass of tool.EFFECT: increased efficiency of process, increased precision and quality of processing due to elimination of cold-work strengthening.3 cl, 4 dwg

Template printing form // 2285615
FIELD: polygraphy, in particular, template printing forms.SUBSTANCE: template printing form has meshed base and photo-resistive parts, limiting printing elements. Meshed base consists of cells in form of scalene n-angled shapes of even areas, where n≥3, positioned irregularly. Lengths of links, forming sides of n-angled shapes, are selected from condition of evenness of areas of these.EFFECT: increased printing quality due to prevented appearance of moire pattern, appearing because of interference between regular polygraphic dot matrix and meshed base.2 dwg

Storage medium with print obtained by intaglio printing method and method of transforming initial images into linear structure and into printing areas of printing plate for intaglio printing // 2279982
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: proposed storage medium with half-tone image in engraving style produced by method of intaglio printing, i.e. presented by irregular linear structures, consists of repeated printable structural elements. Fine structure present within the limits of structural elements in from of spaces are partially applied to structural elements.EFFECT: provision of complex design, high protection from counterfeit.36 cl, 16 dwg

ulticolor seal and stamp // 2269422
FIELD: multicolor printing methods.SUBSTANCE: method involves transferring positive image formed on film onto carbon-treated microporous rubber; dividing portion of microporous rubber of, for example, round shape, which had not been subjected to pulsed light treatment, into n number of sectors of different shapes; creating boundaries between sectors by exposing microporous rubber to thermal action of maximal depth. With 1.5 mm thick rubber, depth of boundary shall be at least 1.1 mm and shall not exceed 1.4 mm, said depth preferably approximating to thickness of rubber. Upon subjecting rubber to thermal action, pores are caked to define boundary, which protects sectors from mixing of inks of different colors. Resultant sectors are further charged with inks of different colors.EFFECT: provision for creating of high-quality multicolor print.4 dwg

Cutter to number program controlled machine // 2262420
FIELD: metal working in number program controlled machines. SUBSTANCE: cutter includes active portion and stem. Cutter apex is arranged in its axis belonging to front surface. Main and trailing back faces are equally inclined relative to cutter axis and they cross front surface by positive back angles relative to main and trailing cutting edges having their own angles in plan view. Trailing back surfaces form second pair of surfaces inclined by the same angles relative to cutter axis. Inclination angles of main and trailing back surfaces relative to cutter axis is determined by value of back angle of main cutting edge. Trailing back surfaces are inclined by less angles relative to cutter axis. Active portion of cutter has at least with two chamfers equally inclined relative to cutter axis.EFFECT: enhanced strength of cutter, improved stability of manufacturing process.5 cl, 19 dwg

Data carrier with printed protective element and method for its manufacturing by metallographic printing method // 2258612
FIELD: data carriers.SUBSTANCE: data carrier 14 with forgery-protecting imprint 1 made by metallographic printing method consists of several contrasting structural elements 2,3,4,5,7,22, positioned with precise alignment to each other, while one portion of these structural elements 3,4,5,7 is made relief-type and can be sensed by touch, and other portion of structural element 2, 22 is made flat and undetectable by touch.EFFECT: exceptionally high level of protection.4 cl, 9 dwg

The method of applying the print on the plates // 2241601
The invention relates to a method for applying the print to the outer plate, which take the plate plate 01 Krasnopolyanskaya layer 03 and lying on it Krasnoufimsk layer 04

Printing form and method of changing the wettability properties // 2241600
The invention relates to a method of changing the wettability properties of the printing form with the surface of the semiconductor, as well as printed form with the surface of the semiconductor, which has different characteristics, wettability, and its application in the process of offset printing