Typewriters or selective printing mechanisms characterised by the printing or marking process for which they are designed (B41J2)

B41J2              Typewriters or selective printing mechanisms characterised by the printing or marking process for which they are designed (mounting, arrangement, or disposition of types or dies b41j0001000000; marking methods b41m0005000000; structure or manufacture of heads, e.g. inductive, for recording by magnetisation or demagnetisation of a record carrier g11b0005127000; heads for reproducing capacitive information g11b0009070000)(651)
B41J2/01 - Ink jet(75)
B41J2/015 - For serial printing(4)
B41J2/03 - By pressure(4)
B41J2/055 - (3)
B41J2/11 - For ink spray(1)
B41J2/135 - (6)
B41J2/14 - Structure thereof(22)
B41J2/145 - (1)
B41J2/15 - For serial printing(5)
B41J2/155 - (1)
B41J2/16 - Production of nozzles(17)
B41J2/165 - (2)
B41J2/175 - (121)
B41J2/185 - (5)
B41J2/19 - For removing air bubbles(2)
B41J2/195 - (1)
B41J2/205 - (2)
B41J2/215 - (1)
B41J2/23 - Using print wires(4)
B41J2/235 - (4)
B41J2/25 - Print wires(4)
B41J2/29 - Of moving-coil type(2)
B41J2/295 - (1)
B41J2/315 - (4)
B41J2/32 - Using thermal heads(11)
B41J2/325 - (1)
B41J2/33 - From ink roller(2)
B41J2/335 - (2)
B41J2/355 - (1)
B41J2/385 - (1)
B41J2/415 - (1)
B41J2/43 - For magnetic printing(2)
B41J2/435 - (1)
B41J2/455 - (1)
B41J2/485 - (1)
B41J2/49 - By writing(1)
B41J2/495 - (1)
B41J2/505 - (1)
B41J2/525 - (1)

Application head in additive manufacturing // 2641578
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: application head in additive manufacturing may include a material feeding device, consisting of the first feeding device for applying the first parent material to the growth surface, of the second feeding device for applying the second parent material to the growth surface and an electromagnetic energy source for directing the electromagnetic energy to the growth surface. The electromagnetic energy is used to form a melt zone on the growth surface, and the melt zone can include at least one of such materials as a molten first parent material and a molten second parent material, while the first parent material and the second parent material have a different structure.EFFECT: possibility of layer-by-layer manufacturing of both high-quality or miniature and large structural features without sacrificing the performance of the application and reducing the subsequent machining of a three-dimensional product.19 cl, 9 dwg

Ink-jet printer and method for printing test gauge // 2641473
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: ink-jet printer comprises a receiving unit designed to receive a command to perform the verification process and a control element designed to make a printing unit spray the first ink with a colouring substance, the second ink with a colouring substance and transparent ink to print test gauge used for the verification process. The printing unit prints a test gauge in which transparent ink, the first ink with a colouring substance and the second ink with a colouring substance are applied on the area of test gauge formation of print media in that order, and in the test gauge transparent ink are coloured into the second colour and the first colour in the direction from the surface side of the print media to the rear side of the print media in that order.EFFECT: ink-jet printer capable of increasing the magnitude of colour or density change between the area where the ink with a colouring substance and transparent ink are overlaid on one another, and the area where the ink with a colouring substance and transparent ink are not overlaid on one another, when printing a test gauge using ink with a colouring substance and transparent ink.21 cl, 67 dwg

Identification system of ink refill // 2641451
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: identification system of solid ink refills is disclosed. It provides accurate and effective identification of solid ink refills in the imager using solid ink. The solid ink identification system comprises of an actuator configured to move a light source or an optical sensor between a plurality of predetermined positions. The light source emits light in the direction of the front side of the ink refill, and the optical sensor generates signals corresponding to the amount of perceived reflected light. The controller identifies the features of the solid ink refill based on the signals when the light source or the optical sensor moves between a plurality of predetermined positions.EFFECT: proposed identification system for ink refills provides detection of the distinctive features of various ink refills using a single detector.20 cl, 5 dwg

Transfer of consumer product classification // 2640649
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: cartridge memory contains an identifier for the print cartridge, which, when authenticated, triggers the transfer of the cartridge's classification for printing to the printer. The cartridge memory also contains a classification field and functional data of the master device to identify the print cartridge classification and supply data for provision, based on the print cartridge classification, advanced or additional printer function. At that, the classification field further comprises data for printer instruction whether to use the functional data of the master device.EFFECT: reduced likelihood of using of a non-genuine printer cartridge.19 cl, 7 dwg

Three-dimensional addressing for erasable programmable read-only memory // 2640631
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: three-dimensional addressing for erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) may include a number of EPROM banks, a number of shift registers, an information signal of line selection, an information signal of column selection and an information signal of bank selection.EFFECT: expansion of the arsenal of technical means of the same purpose.15 cl, 4 dwg

Device for fluid emission with single-side temperature sensor // 2639102
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: device includes a fluid supply slot for supplying fluid to a plurality of droplet ejectors. The first rib located on the first side of the fluid supply slot and serving as a support for the droplet ejection circuit to control the fluid droplets ejection from the plurality of droplet ejectors. The second rib located on the second side opposite the first side of the fluid supply slot and serving as a support for the temperature sensor to assist in determination of the temperature of the first rib and the second rib.EFFECT: monitoring of the temperature of the printhead array.15 cl, 4 dwg

Device for image formation and block of issue detection // 2639064
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: block of detecting emission for detecting, whether a droplet is provided or not, includes a droplet dropping link having a droplet surface, on which the droplet falls, a wiper link configured to erase a droplet from the droplet dropping surface, onto which the droplet falls, and also a cleaning link configured to erase a droplet adhered to the wiper link, from the wiper link for cleaning. The wiper link is configured to be elastically deformed when pressed to the cleaning link. The cleaning link includes a contact part, with which the wiper link contacts after the droplet is erased from the droplet dropping surface. The contact portion of the cleaning link is in a form to make contact with the wiper link on the first lateral ends of the cleaning link and then gradually to the center of the cleaning link in the direction perpendicular to the direction of wiping carried out by the wiper link.EFFECT: reducing the accumulation of liquid waste on the cleaning link and preventing a decrease in the quality of wiping carried out by the wiper link.7 cl, 19 dwg

ethod for inkjet recording and device for inkjet recording // 2638758
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: inkjet recording method implemented by an inkjet recording device including a nozzle plate with a nozzle for ink droplets discharge; a recording head including a liquid chamber to which the nozzle is connected and a pressure generation unit configured to generate pressure in the liquid chamber; and a signal generation unit configured to generate a signal applied to the pressure generation assembly and making it possible to discharge the ink droplets under the pressure generated by the pressure generation unit in accordance with the, signal where ink has a static surface tension of 18.0 mN/m to 27.0 mN/m at 25°C, ink has a retracting contact angle on the nozzle plate of 50° or more, the signal has a two-stage traction pulse to draw the ink into the nozzle in a two-step manner within one single cycle and the method includes drawing of ink located near the nozzle outlet into the nozzle under the action of the two-step traction pulse to form a meniscus at a predetermined location.EFFECT: provision of an inkjet recording method that makes it possible to produce a stable output of ink having a low static surface tension and a large retracting contact angle, and which provides a high quality image.12 cl, 23 dwg, 17 tbl

Unit of terminal leads, ink supply unit and adapter // 2638627
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: following is proposed: a unit of terminal leads, connecting satisfactorily to the electrical connection part of the cartridge holder, transmitting the necessary information and enabling stable printing operation by means of an ink jet supply head; an ink supply unit designed for continuously supplying ink to the ink supplying unit communicated with the ink jet supply head and enabling stable printing operation; or an adapter endowed with the functions of both said units. The unit of terminal leads is mounted on a cartridge holder provided in the housing part configured to enclose an ink cartridge therein. The cartridge holder is equipped with an ink injection unit intended for injecting ink into the ink jet supply head, an electrical connection part, a through opening, and a limiting part configured to limit the ink cartridge movement in the extraction direction. The unit of terminal leads is equipped with: a contact terminal element coming into contact with the electrical connection part, when mounted on the cartridge holder; a coupling part engaged by means of the limiting part; and the positioning part of the unit side, located in the through opening.EFFECT: improving the printing stability.16 cl, 20 dwg

Printing method and printing device // 2637894
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: printing method includes applying the reagent to the intermediate transfer body. The reagent is intended for thickening on contact with paint; forming an intermediate image by applying a paint to an intermediate transfer body containing the reagent; applying an auxiliary liquid to the intermediate image to form an intermediate image layer. The auxiliary liquid contains a water soluble polymer. Then the intermediate image layer is transferred to the printed material. At least one material selected from the group consisting of a reagent, a paint and an auxiliary fluid contains a certain compound.EFFECT: proposed solution allows to print with high transfer efficiency.6 cl, 1 dwg

Formated printing head // 2637409
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: suggested formated printing head includes a printing head matrix in a moulded article having a channel therein through which the fluid can pass directly to the rear part of the matrix. The front of the matrix is exposed outside the moulded article surrounding the matrix, the front faces of the moulded article and the matrix forming one continuous flat surface. Between the terminals in the front of the matrix and the contacts, electrical connections are made to connect to circuits external to the printhead.EFFECT: proposed head, due to the low-profile protective coating, allows to simplify its maintenance.17 cl, 24 dwg

Recording device // 2635200
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: suggested recording device that can easily establish a state in which liquid storage units are filled with a recording liquid, while at the same time restraining an increase in the installation area. The recording device includes a liquid discharge head that performs recording by ejecting the ink onto sheets of paper, an unloading unit in which an unloading hole is formed that includes an unloading area into which sheets of paper are being unloaded onto which a recording has been made by means of a head for And liquid storage units configured to store liquid that is supplied to the liquid discharge head in the main body of the device in which the liquid storage units provide Injection holes through which ink can be introduced into fluid storage units that are provided at positions that are under the discharge unit in a perpendicular direction (-Z direction) and overlap with the discharge unit in a perpendicular direction.EFFECT: simplicity of replacement of the unit for liquid discharge.13 cl, 13 dwg

Device for emission of fluid environment with built-in ink level sensor // 2635080
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: in one embodiment, the fluid ejection device includes a slotted ink hole formed in the print head crystal. The fluid ejection device also includes an ink level sensor (PILS) built into the print head to measure the ink level of the camera in fluid communication with the slotted hole and a resistor cleaning circuit inside the chamber to clean this chamber of ink.EFFECT: increase the accuracy of determining the ink level.8 cl, 13 dwg

oulded hydrodynamic structure // 2633873
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: fluid flow-through structure of a print head comprising a monolithic moulded article, a micro device moulded in a moulded article, wherein the micro device comprises at least one electrical terminal. A conductor electrically connected to said at least one electrical terminal and embedded in the monolithic moulded article. Channel limited in the monolithic moulded article, through which the fluid flows directly to the micro device.EFFECT: cost reduction in ink-jet printers with a print head in full width of the substrate.14 cl, 31 dwg

Ink for jet recording, ink cartridge, method of jet recording and device for jet recording // 2633573
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: inks for inkjet recording include: water, water-soluble organic solvent, dye, surfactant, consisting of a compound containing the group C6F13-CH2CH2-, and defoamer. And the connection containing the group C6F13-CH2CH2-, is the connection C6F13-CH2CH2O(CH2CH2O)nH, where n is a natural number from 1 to 40. The amount of the compound containing the group C6F13-CH2CH2-, is from 0.1 wt % to 0.5 wt % of relative to the total amount of ink for ink-jet recording.EFFECT: invention provides an ink jet recording ink that does not create a large load on the environment, has high foam removal properties and can improve image quality.7 cl, 4 dwg, 2 tbl, 36 ex

Formated printing stands // 2633224
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: printing bar comprising a plurality of thin die print heads formed in an elongated, monolithic body, wherein the thin arrays are generally flush with each other along the length of the housing, and the housing has a channel therein through which the fluid can pass directly to thin matrices.EFFECT: ability to use smaller printhead dies and a more compact matrix layout to help reduce the cost of inkjet printers with a wide print head.16 cl, 31 dwg

Fluid supply and liquid spraying // 2630632
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: liquid supply device is provided with a liquid containing chamber, a transport tube for sending liquid inside the chamber to the liquid spraying device, first and second elements surrounding the tubular on both sides, and a cam that determines the position of the first element relative to the second element. The tube is equipped with a flexible part, which is elastically deformed and flattened. In the first angular position, the cam disposes the first element so that there is a gap that allows the fluid to flow within the part between the first and second elements. In the second angular position, the cam disposes the first element so that the flexible part is flattened by the first and second elements, and the liquid can not flow inside.EFFECT: reduces the likelihood of liquid escaping from the liquid spray device when the fluid supply device moves relative to the liquid spray device.6 cl, 12 dwg
System and method of optical imaging surface preparing in inkjet printer for printing with water based ink // 2630286
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: inkjet printer that prints on a water based ink and is equipped with a surface energy providing device that is arranged to process the surface of the web just before the print head that ejects the ink onto the web. The change in the surface energy of the web by means of the electric field and charged particles generated by the surface energy providing device, which affects the adhesion of the ink to the web. This adhesion changes due to the effect of ink on the web until the colorful image is transferred to the carrier. The surface energy providing device is controlled during each printing cycle to change the surface energy of the web for each ink image formed on the web.EFFECT: solution improves the quality of the printed image.2 cl, 3 dwg

Supporting element for the memory device and supporting element // 2627087
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: circuit board holder that supports a printed circuit board, which is not fixed to the liquid container containing the ink, and stores information relating to the ink including a support assembly configured to have an inclined surface, which supports the circuit board. The printed circuit board, supported by the support unit, is inclined relative to the insertion direction of the container of liquid into the liquid consuming device.EFFECT: communication node has an availability to properly read the information stored in the storage medium, which is separate from the liquid container element.18 cl, 29 dwg

Authentication of delivery through response to time matching request // 2625711
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: in approximate implementation, the printable supplied cartridge includes a microcontroller for receiving time matching request and allowing cartridge to be authenticated when responding to request. Response to request is provided during the time of response to request, which falls into expected time window.EFFECT: solution ensures that the replaced delivered device is a genuine device from a legitimate manufacturer.14 cl, 5 dwg

Ink jet ink, ink jet method and ink recorded material // 2622312
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: ink contains water, a water-soluble organic solvent with a boiling point not exceeding 250°C, but above the boiling point of water, and pigment and polycarbonate-urethane polymer particles. These polymeric particles are a reaction product of a polycarbonate polyol and an aliphatic or alicyclic polyisocyanate. Said solvent contains 50% by weight or more of diol compounds. And 50% by weight or more of said solvent has a boiling point of 200°C or lower. Also an ink recording method using said inks and recorded material recorded with said ink is disclosed.EFFECT: ink has a higher capacity for wetting and spreading on non-porous base, and for drying, and provides an image with a higher resistance to scratching and ethanol with high density, gloss and adhesion.12 cl, 2 dwg, 4 tbl
Ink glazes for digital printing // 2620808
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ink glazes for digital printing, method of their manufacturing and the use of the noted glaze composition for the functional and/or decorative coating of ceramic and/or metallic material. Ink glazes for digital printing include a solid component obtained from organic and/or inorganic materials and dispersed in a polar and/or the aqueous liquid component. The solid component, where the particulates size is less than 40 microns, is from 10 to 70% of the total ink weight, and comprises: at least a charge material (flux), frit or ceramic raw material and the deposition preventing agent. The liquid component includes: water of at least 5% of the total ink weight, and at least 2% of one or more nonaqueous polar solvents of the total weight and additives.EFFECT: invention provides producing ink glazes for highly-productive digital printing.16 cl, 1 tbl

Receiver that holds liquid accommodating cases, liquid supply device, and liquid ejection device // 2619026
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: accommodating housings enclosing the liquid receiver, a liquid supply device and liquid ejecting apparatus which are capable of easy stretching the tube in place are provided. The housing includes a main receptacle body that accommodates the ink accommodating body that accommodates the ink. The first supporting pipe portion and the second through fourth portions of the support tubes that guide the connecting tubes which are connected with the surrounding ink housings, respectively, are provided on the inner surface of the main body of the receiver.EFFECT: solution provides a receiver device body with liquid ejection ability to easily stretch the tube in place.10 cl, 30 dwg

Printing head adjustment assembly // 2618438
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention the printing head adjustment assemby for an inkjet printer, comprising an adjusting adapter and a printing head with a printing side, which extends in the X-Y plane. The adjusting adapter comprises a placing means, which is arranged to adjust in the X-Y plane and where the printhead fixed end is placed. The printhead free end is mounted on the adjusting adapter to be displaced in X direction and pivotable about a pivot axis which is perpendicular to the X-Y plane.EFFECT: precise printing head positioning in relation to the printing head module.16 cl, 5 dwg
Jet ink and recording method using thereof // 2613941
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention related to water based jet ink. The ink contains water; water-soluble organic solvent; pigment and resin solids. Wherein 50 wt % or more of water-soluble organic solvent is a water-soluble organic solvent with boiling point below 200°C and containing 3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butanol. The ink contains 3 wt % or more of resin solids in relation to the total solids.EFFECT: invention provides rapid drying jet ink which may be used for printing on various non-porous materials, while providing advantages related to image permanence and storage stability.11 cl, 3 tbl, 18 ex

Container for fluid, fluid container unit and fluid jet device // 2612934
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: fluid ejection device comprises fluid container having: fluid inlet opening; fluid containing part, containing fluid, introduced from fluid inlet opening; and supply opening, supplying fluid; and fluid ejection head, ejecting fluid, supplied from supply opening. At that, fluid container has first part including fluid inlet opening, and second part, separated from first part and including fluid containing part.EFFECT: wherein first part is made with possibility of sliding or turning relative to second part.19 cl, 20 dwg

Printing material cartridge and printing material supply system // 2612851
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: printing device has part for attachment of cartridges, including outputs unit, having device terminals arranged on its inclined surface, and printing material supply tube. Among device terminals one device earthing terminal, arranged in their center in Y direction, projects on higher height compared to other multiple device terminals. Printing material cartridge has printed-circuit board, printing material supply port and part for board mounting, which is inclined at acute angle relative to plane, extending from printing material supply port opening surface. Printed circuit board is arranged so, that cartridge one output on printed-circuit board comes in contact with device earthing terminal before other cartridge terminals in process of printing material cartridge attachment to cartridges attachment part. This design provides possibility to attach printing material cartridge, which is in proper correct orientation or aligned position, to printing device.EFFECT: this design also reduces possibility of damage caused by high-voltage supply to printing material cartridge circuits.10 cl, 30 dwg

Printers, printing methods, optical fiber and fiber-optic cable // 2612629
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: printer for printing on the optical fiber comprises: a tray for storing ink; a gripping cylinder designed for gripping ink from the ink tray; a printing cylinder having a printing pattern which can be filled with ink, which is transferred from the gripping cylinder, and is intended for transferring ink, which fills the printing pattern, on the surface of the moving optical fiber. The printing pattern is a meshy pattern having the mesh size of 75-150 mesh; and a scraper intended for pressing ink into the printing pattern and removal of excess ink deposited on the surface of the printing cylinder.EFFECT: solution provides marking the optical fiber with high speed and good visibility.6 cl, 11 dwg

Printing cartridges cleaning and closing device and closing element to close such cartridges // 2612125
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: cleaning position in which the cleaning elements are in contact with the prining cartridges, and the inoperative position. A base plate with closing elements which can move along the base by moving the printing head between the position of printing cartridges and the inoperative position in which the closing elements are in contact with the cartridge.EFFECT: constant print quality with reduced maintenance cost of the device.14 cl, 5 dwg

Piezoelectric element, multilayered piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, liquid discharge apparatus, ultrasonic motor, optical apparatus, and electronic apparatus // 2607947
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to multilayer piezoelectric element comprising layers of piezoelectric material and electrodes, including an internal electrode, wherein layers of piezoelectric material and electrodes are placed alternately; each layer of piezoelectric material contains as a basic component a metal oxide of perovskite type represented by general formula (1), and manganese, included in composition of metal oxide of perovskite type (Ba1-xCax)a(Ti1-yZry)O3, where 1.00≤a≤1.01, 0.02≤x≤0.30, 0.020≤y≤0.095 and y≤x (1); and content of manganese on metal base with respect to 100 weight parts of metal oxide of perovskite type is 0.02 weight parts or more and 0.40 weight parts or less. Invention also relates to a piezoelectric element, liquid discharge head, liquid discharge device, ultrasonic motor, optical device, electronic device.EFFECT: invention provides a lead-free piezoelectric element, having stable operation in a wide temperature range.11 cl, 6 tbl, 10 dwg, 55 ex

ethod for manufacturing pattern, apparatus for manufacturing pattern, method for manufacturing structural body and apparatus therefor // 2607744
FIELD: image forming devices.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method of making a pattern, apparatus for making a pattern, method of making structural body and apparatus therefor. Method of making a pattern includes a step for providing a pattern from a first liquid on a support, applying powder material on pattern and applying of coloured paint on powder material to form a coloured pattern of powder material. Powder material is applied onto provided pattern by means of feeding powder materials into area of support, including a pattern from a first liquid, and removing powder materials outside pattern from first liquid. First liquid is a reaction liquid, which reacts with coloured paint to provide an effect of fixing a colouring compound of coloured paint.EFFECT: method enables to make a pattern with high resolution and enables to form a pattern in a wide range of different media.9 cl, 2 dwg, 2 ex

Leads connection design (versions) // 2606078
FIELD: manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: cartridge includes a concave part. Concave part has a hole, the first and the second side walls and a bottom wall, and the bottom wall has an inclined surface. In the inclined surface there is a group of the cartridge leads. In the first side wall there is the first limiting part, which limits displacements in the direction of axis +Z and in the direction of axis +X of the device leads unit, and in the second side wall there is the second limiting part, which limits displacements in the direction of axis +Z and in the direction of axis -X of the device leads unit.EFFECT: proposed are versions of leads connection design.20 cl, 46 dwg

Printing material container and board mounted on printing material container // 2605892
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: proposed printing material container is detachably attached to a printing apparatus having multiple side terminals of the printing apparatus. Printing material container contains a first device, second device and group of terminals, which includes a plurality of first terminals, at least one second terminal and at least one third terminal. Multiple first terminals are connected to the first device and include a first contact portion to contact with the corresponding terminal from the multiple side terminals of the printing apparatus. Said at least one second terminal is connected to the second device and includes a second contact portion to contact with the corresponding terminal from the multiple side terminals of the printing apparatus. Said at least one third terminale is intended for detection of short circuit between the above at least one second terminal and said at least one third terminal and includes the third contact portion to contact with the corresponding terminal from the multiple side terminals of the printing apparatus. At least one second terminal portion, multiple first contact portions and at least one third contact portion are arranged to form one or several rows.EFFECT: said at least one second contact portion is located at the end of one row of the said one or several rows.6 cl, 24 dwg

Cartridge and system for supply of printing material // 2604791
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: cartridge comprises a structure for feeding ink, a bearing structure for electrical leads and a first limiting section. Bearing structure for electrical leads has electrical leads, placed in plane of electrical leads, which is neither parallel nor perpendicular to plane defined by leading edge of installation direction of structure for feeding ink, so that contact parts of electrical leads receive a force in direction (RD) opposite to direction of installation. Section of engagement of first limiting section is provided in a position adjacent to bearing structure for electrical leads.EFFECT: cartridge device is disclosed.16 cl, 45 dwg

Developer supply container // 2604597
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to container for supplying developer into a developer receiving device. Developer supply container comprises a substantially cylindrical container designed to hold toner, wherein said cylindrical container has an opening provided on peripheral part of said cylindrical container and configured to allow discharge of toner. Toner supply device provided in said cylindrical container and designed to supply toner in direction of said opening by means of its rotation relative to said cylindrical container. Drive system provided on end surface of said cylindrical container and designed to transmit rotary driving force to said toner supply device.EFFECT: switching mechanism arranged on longitudinal end surface of said cylindrical container and configured to switch between a first state, wherein relative rotation of said drive system relative to said cylindrical container is essentially limited, and second state in which relative rotation of said drive system relative to said cylindrical container is essentially not limited.12 cl, 31 dwg

Fluid ejection head // 2604445
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: fluid ejection head includes a plurality of ejection elements, each of which has an ejection port for fluid ejection, energy generation element for generating energy to be used for fluid ejection from ejection port, liquid chamber for storing liquid to be supplied to ejection port, and a heater, and a main substrate supporting multiple ejection elements located thereon and having a common flow channel for liquid supply into multiple chambers for liquid.EFFECT: common flow channel communicates with chambers for liquid by corresponding branch ports, each of branch ports is provided with a recessed part on its side upstream, when viewed in direction of fluid flow flowing through common flow channel.8 cl, 13 dwg

Light-emitting element array module and method of controlling light-emitting element array chips // 2603564
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: light-emitting element array module includes a control driver configured to receive print data and operate according to received print data, and light-emitting element array chips configured to receive a signal from control driver and operate according to received signal, control driver applies a start signal to a transfer element array by using a signal applied to a light-emitting element array of light-emitting element array chips.EFFECT: light-emitting element array module, image forming apparatus and method are provided.15 cl, 13 dwg

Cartridge and system for supply of printing material // 2600904
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ink cartridge for installation in jet printing device, wherein ink cartridge comprises: cartridge body, including multiple external surfaces, and ink chamber intended for storage of ink. Design of ink supply adapted to feed ink from ink chamber to jet printing device, design of ink supply therein determines front edge of installation direction, and front edge of installation direction determines plane of front edge of ink cartridge. First limiting section, including first engagement portion configured and positioned to engage with engagement section arranged in lever of printing device. Second limiting section, arranged on opposite side of ink cartridge relative to first limiting section, and including second engagement portion configured and positioned to engage with appropriate locking surface of device, provided in printing device, wherein second engagement portion is located further from plane of front edge than first engagement portion, when distances are measured in direction orthogonal to plane of front edge.EFFECT: supply of ink for printing.16 cl, 42 dwg

Control system, control system control method and recording device // 2598820
FIELD: information technology.SUBSTANCE: control system for controlling POS system input devices (point of sale system), containing input device, configured to read and output of input information, recording device, connected to input device, configured to determine input device, which outputs input data, at introduction of input information, and outputting data relating to input data. Information processing device, connected to recording device and configured to receive data derived by recording device; wherein recording device adds identification information which identifies input device, data and outputs in information processing device.EFFECT: wherein information processing device determines input device based on identification information contained in data with added identification information derived recording device, and executes process corresponding to input device, with respect to said data.9 cl, 7 dwg

Cartridge and printing material feed system // 2594874
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: printing material supply system includes a printing device and a cartridge. Printing device has a cartridge mounting structure. Cartridge is removably attached to cartridge mounting structure. Cartridge mounting structure has a device-side terminal, a lever, a first device-side locking element and a second device-side locking element. Device-side terminal is configured to contact with a cartridge-side terminal. First device-side locking element is configured as part of lever. Second device-side locking element is configured to engage with a second locking surface of a second cartridge-side locking element. Cartridge-side terminal has a cartridge-side contact portion configured to be in contact with device-side terminal. Cartridge-side contact portion is provided on negative Z-axis side of second locking surface.EFFECT: cartridge installation structure is disclosed.25 cl, 46 dwg

Recording device // 2594869
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: printer comprises recording unit and scanner unit, which has possibility to open/close upper section of recording unit. Recording unit includes flexible ink tube which directs ink sent from ink reservoir to the head unit, and control section which performs recording on recording medium by means of head unit control in case of registering pressed state of switch and does not perform recording in case of registering unpressed state of switch, which is provided in upper section of recording unit. Switch is pressed if between recording unit and scanner unit there is formed gap with size which does not block, at least, ink flow channel in inner part of ink tube and through which also passes ink tube.EFFECT: disclosed recording device, which is equipped with ink tube and includes as integral part recording unit and scanner unit, and at the same time provides height reducing and supports function of recording device.15 cl, 11 dwg

Photopolymerisable composition, photopolymerisable ink for jet printing and ink cartridges // 2593373
FIELD: printing. SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a photopolymerisable composition, inks for jet printing, containing photopolymerisable composition, ink cartridge, ejection device, ink ejection method. Photopolymerisable composition contains: derivative ester of (meth)acrylic acid, containing at least diethylene glycol dimethacrylate, photoradical polymerisation initiator, which is at least one compound selected from a group consisting of: 1-hydroxycyclohexylphenylketone,2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-phenylpropan-1-one and 2-hydroxy-1-{4-[4-(2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionyl)benzyl]phenyl}-2-methyl-1-propan-1-one, composition also contains a triazine compound, wherein amount of photoradical polymerisation initiator ranges from 10 parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of an ester derivative of (meth)acrylic acid. EFFECT: technical result is providing a photopolymerisable composition which does not have problems with respect to skin sensitisation, provides low viscosity, improved strength and light-cured coating film. 15 cl, 2 dwg, 12 tbl, 48 ex

Fluid ejection device // 2590885
FIELD: instrument making.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fluid ejection apparatus which ejects fluid on recording material from installed on carriage liquid ejection head. Fluid ejection device includes main part of liquid ejection device, ejection fluid on recording material from liquid ejector head mounted on carriage. Liquid supply tube, which delivers, supplied from containing liquid part, which contains this fluid liquid ejector head with transformable movable unit which is transformed in accordance with movement of liquid ejector head, in which inner space has hole, which feeds recording material. At that, ink installation table having flat plate section is located above by transportation of recording material in inner space, wherein containing liquid part is mounted on flat plate-like section.EFFECT: besides, said ink installation table is located across output area of sheet from area different from output area of sheet feed.12 cl, 12 dwg

Fluid ejection device // 2590884
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: disclosed liquid ejection device capable of supplying liquid stably and continuously through feeding liquid tube, which is subjected to consecutive deformation in accordance with movement of carriages with liquid-ejecting head, with simultaneous achievement of compactness of main housing of device. Fluid ejection device includes ejection fluid head to eject liquid in target; carriage to perform reciprocating movement in shell of main housing with liquid-ejecting head, and transitional device capable of supplying ink in ejection fluid head; and fluid feeding tube, which is subjected to consecutive deformation in shell of main housing in accordance with reciprocating movement of carriage in drawing back and forth for ink supply from tank for ink on upper side, located outside zone of movement carriage adapter on downstream side. At that, adapter is installed so that connecting part with supply liquid tube is separated from end part of carriage, which is side, opposite to side, on which there is fluid tank, in direction of movement of the carriage.EFFECT: feed of fluid stably and continuously.7 cl, 7 dwg

Printing medium // 2589661
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: medium for printing, which has a base and a layer for reception of paint; at that, the layer for paint reception contains colloidal silica, zirconium compound, ammonium salt and hydroxycarboxylic acid, and 90% or more of colloidal silica, contained in the layer for paint reception, varies from 0 nm or more to 300 nm or less in the direction to the depth from the outer surface of the medium for printing.EFFECT: invention provides a medium for printing, having excellent glossiness and resistance to scratching.8 cl, 1 dwg, 5 tbl

Ink for jet printing and device for jet printing // 2588216
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to inks and device for jet printing. Ink for jet printing contains a water-dispersible colouring agent, a surfactant, a wetting agent, a water-dispersible resin, a wetting agent, containing at least polyatomic alcohol with equilibrium moisture content equal to 30 wt% or higher at 23 °C and relative humidity of 80 %; compound of formula (1), and water and at least one compound from a group of compounds of formulae (2)-(4), specified in description. Water-dispersible colouring agent is selected from a group consisting of self-dispersed pigment, pigment dispersed with a pigment dispersing agent and particles of resin, containing pigment. Total amount of water-dispersible colouring substance and water-dispersible resin ranges from 8 to 35 % by weight. Weight ratio of water-dispersible resin to water-dispersible colouring substance ranges from 2 to 8. Described also is a device for jet printing, containing said ink.EFFECT: disclosed ink provides an image with high glossiness and resistance to offsetting with prevention of shrinkage and foaming.7 cl, 2 dwg, 2 tbl, 20 ex

Non-aqueous photopolymerisable ink for jet printing and ink cartridge // 2588203
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to non-aqueous photopolymerisable ink for jet printing. Ink includes a photopolymerisable monomer: (a) ethylene glycol dimethacrylate and (b) caprolactam-modified dipentaerythritol hexaacrylate, or ethylene oxide-modified trimethylol propane trimethacrylate, or both of them. Ink includes component (a) in an amount of 10 to 95 wt% in terms of total weight of photopolymerisable monomer component, component (b) from 5 to 90 wt% in terms of total weight of photopolymerisable monomer and does not include a diluting solvent. Described also is a cartridge containing said ink.EFFECT: disclosed inks do not cause skin sensitisation, have low viscosity and high strength in a hardened film.9 cl, 2 dwg, 3 tbl, 10 ex

Ink composition // 2587090
FIELD: printing.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to ink for jet printing. Ink includes a coloring agent, a solvent, an acid, selected from oleic-, linoleic-, hendecanoic-, dodecanoic-, tridecanoic acid and their combinations, as well as lithium cation in the form of its hydroxide or an acid salt and water. Amount of the specified acid ranges from 0.1 to 1.0 mass percents, of lithium cation - from 50 ppm to 400 ppm. Ink pH ranges from approximately 7 to approximately 11. Invention also describes a method of improving an open state of the ink for jet printing and a printing cartridge containing the specified ink.EFFECT: proposed ink forms an anti-evaporative layer during non-use in open state at the boundary between air and ink composition in the hole of the nozzle, thus reducing evaporation of water from composition of ink; invention ensures failure-free jet printing with improved quality of printing due to an increase in efficiency of the nozzle in open state.14 cl, 9 dwg, 4 tbl, 4 ex

Printing medium // 2586980
FIELD: printing industry.SUBSTANCE: printing medium includes a base and a layer for receiving ink. Ink receiving layer comprises alumina particles, silica particles and a binder. A composition analysis of the recording medium performed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy while etching is performed from a surface side to a support side provides a ratio of the amount of Si element to the total amount of Al element and Si element at an etching time of 0 minutes of 10 atomic percent or more and 90 atomic percent or less and a ratio of the amount of Si element to the total amount of Al element and Si element at an etching time of 5 minutes of 50 atomic percent or more.EFFECT: present invention provides a printing medium having a high scratch resistance and a high capacity for absorption of ink and has good color development images.10 cl, 2 dwg, 5 tbl

Device and method for reproduction of images or generally graphic structures on surfaces // 2586199
FIELD: communication equipment.SUBSTANCE: device to reproduce images or graphical patterns in general on large surfaces, comprising: a support frame provided with at least a first guide along a first direction and at least a second guide along a second direction. At least one printing system movable with respect to said support frame. At least one first motor means designed to move said at least one printing system along said first direction and at least one second motor means designed to move said printing system along said second direction. Optical viewing system associated with said support frame and able to recognise position of portion of image already executed, and to recognise possible reference signs affixed in step when said portion of image was executed, in order to allow correct positioning of device so as to execute adjacent portion of image that has to be executed next. Control unit able to divide into a plurality of sub-portions an image or graphical pattern to be reproduced, to command said printing system to execute, in a first reproduction step, a first of said sub-portions and one of said reference signs so as to allow the positioning of said support frame using said reference signs for execution of a second of said sub-portions.EFFECT: improved quality of reproduction.8 cl, 7 dwg