Working or preserving wood or similar material and nailing or stapling machines in general (B27)

B27            Working or preserving wood or similar material; nailing or stapling machines in general(13154)

ethod of heat treatment of round logs // 2642705
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: method of heat treatment of round logs, mainly used as structural materials for the construction of walls of wooden buildings, is that before the beginning of heat treatment along the entire length of each log in the transverse direction, holes are uniformly drilled to penetrate the drying agent, not reaching the 2.5-3 cm to the center of the log, herewith each drilling is carried out with a displacement along a spiral trajectory, at the ends of the logs holes are drilled for a length of at least 0.5-1 meter diameter, commensurate with the core of the round log, and the heat treatment of the round log is carried out with the bark.EFFECT: reduction of rejects during a high-temperature treatment of round logs.2 dwg, 2 tbl

Cutting device for processing machine // 2641013
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: cutting device for a processing machine comprises a flexible cutting unit including a segment with a cutting element and another cutting element integrated with the cutting element of the flexible cutting unit segment. The flexible cutting unit has a varying geometrical pattern of the cutting-edge angles along its cutting direction. The cutting element has a back angle made different from the back angle of the other cutting element, or the cutting element has a face angle made different from the face angle of the other cutting element. The processing system includes at least one processing machine and a cutting device.EFFECT: increased productivity of cutting materials of various types.12 cl, 7 dwg
Fire retardant impregnating composition for wood // 2640959
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: fire retardant impregnating composition includes diammonium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, sodium fluoride, sulfonol, and water. The fire-retardant impregnating composition further contains para-phenylenediamine, which is an active water-soluble antiseptic for wood. Fire retardant impregnating composition has the following mixing ratio (wt %): diammonium phosphate - 20, ammonium sulfate - 5, sodium fluoride - 3, sulfanol - 1-1.5, pair-phenylendiamine - 0.5-2.0, water - the rest.EFFECT: fire resistance of wood is increased.1 tbl
Working tool with braking mechanism // 2640362
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: working tool has a working element and an internal combustion engine which drives the working tool, a starting mixture enrichment device for internal combustion engine and a brake mechanism for the working element. The working tool has a mode selector switch to control starting mixture enrichment device. The starting mixture enrichment device in at least one of its positions actuates brake mechanism. The brake mechanism is made in the form of differential band brake. The mode selector switch has two sections which are movable relative to each other. The first section of the mode selector switch affects the differential band brake. The second section of the mode selector switch has a control element affecting an air damper element of the internal combustion engine.EFFECT: simplification of the tool design.13 cl, 15 dwg

Composition for manufacturing pressed materials from straw of grain agricultural crops (versions) // 2639981
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: composition includes ground straw of grain agricultural crops and a binder. The composition according to the first implementation version comprises a modified biomass of residual yeast beer production waste as a binder. The component ratio, wt %: ground straw of grain agricultural crops - 58-60, modified biomass of residual yeast beer production waste - 40-42. The composition according to the second implementation version comprises a culture liquid containing the exopolysaccharide levan as a binder. The component ratio, wt %: ground straw of grain agricultural crops - 65-67, culture liquid containing the exopolysaccharide levan - 33-35.EFFECT: increased strength, reduced toxicity of pressed materials from straw.2 cl, 2 tbl
ethod for production of composite materials // 2637550
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for manufacture of articles of construction, finishing and other purposes in furniture and construction industries. The method for production of composite materials consists in treatment of vegetable raw material with overheated water steam, in which peat or mixture of peat with wood is used as vegetable raw at weight ratio = 1:1, and treatment of raw material with overheated water steam provided at 190-210C and pressure 1.42 -2.03 Mpa for 10 min followed by decompression, drying of press-mass to moisture content of 5% and further hot pressing of produced press-mass at temperature of 120C, 40 Mpa pressure for 5 min.EFFECT: extension of raw material base by using peat for production of composite materials, possibility to produce additional amount of binding humid substances from it, reduced cost of the process by eliminating the catalysts leading to additional expenses and corrosion of process equipment.2 tbl

ethod of adhesive-bonded material manufacture // 2637523
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: debarking of the log with subsequent sawing to obtain obapol is performed. After drying, the obapol is cut out into workpieces. Obtained from obafol workpieces are spliced along the processed edge in width with the selection of the size and receiving a rough workpiece for its subsequent planing and gluing with eacdh other.EFFECT: rational use of wood is increased.9 dwg

Wood chopping device // 2637214
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: to prevent the wood chips spreading, the wood chopping device contains the frame (1) in the form of the basket for wood. The device includes the support (2), comprising the number of flexible studs (3). The studs hold the wood in the vertical position in the frame.EFFECT: wood chopping safety is increased.20 cl, 4 dwg

ethod of ripping timber and machine for its implementation // 2635577
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: machine includes the saw mechanism, the mechanism to remove the sawn-off boards, the supporting-rotary column, the receiving tables for timber loading. The receiving tables are installed with the possibility to move the support-rotary column between them and its displacement in the vertical plane for adjusting the thickness of the sawing boards. The saw mechanism and the mechanism to remove the sawn-off boards are permanently fixed on the supporting-rotary column in such a way, that when it is turned into the working position, one of the mechanisms is located above each receiving table. Timber materials are loaded onto the receiving table, the thickness of the sawn-off board is adjusted, the saw mechanism is moved along the timber with its simultaneous sawing, the saw mechanism is returned to its original position and the sawn-off board is removed. Simultaneously with the board separation from the timber and the board removal, sawn-off earlier from the timber, the thickness of the new board is adjusted.EFFECT: bandsaw machine efficiency increase.3 cl, 2 dwg
Protection for chain and system of chain saw // 2635492
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: protective case (3) is intended for various, replaceable cutting sets (2, 2') of a chain saw having different lengths (L, L'), Has a hole (4) for inserting the cutting headset (2, 2') and is made in the form of a closed box with two side walls (5, 6) opposing each other for closing the side surfaces (7, 8) of the cutting head with the front end relative to the longitudinal axis (9) opposite the indicated opening (4) by the end (10). At least one side wall (5, 6) in the region of the front end (10) is provided with a first fixing recess (11) and at least one second is provided at a distance from the first fixing recess (11) in the direction of said opening (4) A locking recess (12), the first fixing recess (11) and the second fixing recess (12) each having an arcuate fixing surface (14, 15) acting in the direction of the longitudinal axis (9) and directed to the front end (10) With a geometric closure with respect to cutting circuits (13, 13') of the cutting set (2, 2') Of different lengths (L, L').EFFECT: improved saw protection.14 cl, 8 dwg

Water-repellent polyorganosiloxane materials // 2634780
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: method includes treating the porous product with a water-repellent material comprising an aqueous suspension of microcapsules. The microcapsules comprise a core of a water-repellent polyorganosiloxane material and a shell of a silicone-based networked silicone-based polymer, wherein the microcapsules are produced by adding a water-reactive organosilicon compound to an aqueous emulsion of water-repellent polyorganosiloxane having a surfactant concentration of 0.01 to 5 wt %, whereby the water-reactive organosilicon compound condenses and polymerizes at the droplet interface emulsion to form the said microcapsules.EFFECT: providing a water-repellent material with a low surfactant content, resulting in an acceptable hydrophobicity and water-repellent coating properties immediately after application.8 cl, 3 tbl, 2 dwg 4 ex
Wood chipboards method of manufacture // 2633878
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: crushed wood is mixed with the synthetic binder with further cold pre-pressing and hot pressing. The furan agent is used as the binder, consisting of furfurol-aceton-monomer FA and the hardener-toluenesulfonic acid. The hot pressing of wood chipboards is carried out at the temperature of press boards 180-220C.EFFECT: strength increases, thickness swelling and water absorption of wood chipboards decreases.2 tbl

Interlocking side milling cutter for gutter cutting // 2633812
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: cutter comprises a cylindrical body with a bore and holes for the passage of clamping elements, a clamping cylindrical ring with holes positioned coaxially with the holes for passage of clamping elements on the body, and knives. Between the cylindrical body and the clamping cylindrical ring, bearings are mounted, which are tightened by the said clamping elements. The knives have a thickness smaller than the width of bearings, and are fixed to them by their rear ends against the direction of rotation of the milling cutter, which can be pivoted 360 around the bearing axis. Knives are divided into sets by number depending on the cutter diameter, each of which contains three knives having different sharpening and intended for different types of processing when forming the gutter.EFFECT: reduction of cutter reaction to the drive of the tool used, which improves working conditions and improves the processing capacity.5 dwg

Drill for wood core recovery // 2633791
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: drill for wood core recovery contains the tool hollow cylindrical body with the cutting head and the handle for rotating the tool with the lock. The handle for rotating the tool is made in the form of the reducer. The reducer driven pinion is made with the open central part and the square hole for fixing the tool end opposite from the cutting head. The clamp for fixing the tool is fixed at the body of the driven pinion.EFFECT: tree-ring analysis accuracy increase.4 cl, 3 dwg

Device for separation of bildage along separation line // 2632734
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a saw head with a drive motor and a saw blade fixed to a pivotable pivot of a saw that is pivotable about the pivot axis and rotatable about a pivot axis, a feed device with a guide slide and a feed motor, the saw head being placed on the guide slide and with the possibility of moving along the guide rail, a sensor device with sensors for the angle of inclination of the saw stand and the movement of the saw head, the control device, the control panel, and indicator device.EFFECT: creating the device for separation, which simplifies the operator's control of the processing process.7 cl, 3 dwg
Adhesive composition based on polyacrylamide for producing wood materials // 2632693
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: it is proposed to add one of the following components for the production of partially cross-linked polyacrylamide: potassium permanganate, sodium permanganate, ammonium chromate, glyoxal, glycouryl, ammonium bichromate, or chromates and bichromate of alkali metals.EFFECT: production of non-toxic wood materials, which have increased strength, improved water resistance.9 cl, 1 tbl, 8 ex

Cellulose and lignocellulose structural materials and methods and systems for such materials manufacture // 2632092
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: methods for the wood and the wood products processing include the wood irradiating, having the first molecular weight with ionizing radiation to provide the increase in the molecular weight of the cellulosic wood component up to the second relatively higher molecular weight.EFFECT: wood mechanical properties improvement.29 cl, 16 dwg, 7 tbl, 4 ex
Operating tool with braking unit // 2629107
FIELD: engines and pumps.SUBSTANCE: operating tool with operating body is equipped with an internal combustion engine to drive the operating body, with an excess fuel starting device for the engine, a braking unit and a braking unit actuation device. The excess fuel starting device for the engine has at least one starting position and actuated by an operating mode switch (10). Being on, the braking unit locks the operating body, and, when it is off, it unlocks the operating body. The operating tool contains a blocking device (66), which is, being in its blocking position (80), stops the starting position. The braking unit is connected to the blocking device (66) in such a way that, when the braking unit is in the off-position, the blocking device (66) is in the blocking position (80).EFFECT: possibility of switching on the starting position only in case the braking unit is in the on-position.15 cl, 25 dwg

Panels on basis of wood fibres with wear-resistant surface // 2628514
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: building panel contains the surface layer and the inner layer. The inner layer contains the wood fibres. The surface layer contains the substantially homogeneous mixture of the wood fibres that contain the natural resins, the binder and the wear resistant particles. The surface layer additionally contains the imprint that extends into the surface layer. For the construction panel production, provide the mixing of the wood fibres, the wear-resistant particles and the binder to form the substantially homogeneous mixture. Make the imprint at the mixture with the help of the inkjet printer, and affect the mixture by the temperature and pressure to the form the construction panel.EFFECT: panel wear resistance is increased, the panel manufacturing process is simplified.26 cl, 17 dwg

Wood plate and method of its manufacture // 2627644
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: pieces of wood are prepared. Then, carbohydrate binding composition is applied to the pieces of wood. The obtained pieces of wood are formed to make the sheet. Heat and press the resulted sheet to produce the cured wood plate, with further post-curing of the wood plate.EFFECT: swelling of the wood plate is reduced.19 cl, 7 dwg

ethod for gluing plates in multilayer panel (versions) // 2627396
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: method for gluing veneer sheets in a multilayer panel consists in applying a layer of a glue, or adhesive, or binding composition. Then, at least two thin veneer sheets of wood with the thickness of 0.1 to 10 mm each are connected through said layer by means of applying the pressing force over the entire outer surface area of one of the thin veneer sheets of wood to the polymerisation of this layer. To form a layer of a glue, or adhesive, or binding composition, a mesh is used, which is moistened with this composition, the excess of this composition is drained, and the mesh is laid on a dry surface over the entire area of one of the thin veneer sheets of wood. Then another thin veneer sheet of wood is laid on the mesh, followed by applying said pressing force to the superficially arranged thin veneer sheet of wood.EFFECT: simplifying the method of gluing and reducing the adhesive composition consumption.2 cl, 2 dwg

Single layer pouring of powder surfaces // 2626948
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: form the first, the second and the third layers. The first layer contains the fibers, the second layer - the wear-resistant particles, the third layer - the particles of the thermoactive binder. In the second embodiment, the first layer of the first material is formed, the second layer of the second material is applied to the first layer, the first and the second layers are mixed into the mixture and applied to the substrate. The pouring equipment contains the first delivery device, the second delivery device, the movable transporting device, and the mixing device. The first delivery device is configured to apply the first material to the transporting device. The second device made with the ability to apply the second material to the first material. The mixing device is configured to mix the first and the second materials and removing of the first and the second materials from the transporting device.EFFECT: panel surface layer formation process is simplified.34 cl, 11 dwg

Adhesive for manufacturing bonfire // 2626861
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: adhesive contains the following components, parts by weight: urea formaldehyde resin (100); acid hardener - ammonium chloride (0.55-0.6); modifier - oleic acid (1.0-1.75).EFFECT: uniform flaking of linen flax particles in the manufacture of flinders and increasing the physical and mechanical characteristics of the finished product, ensuring the safety of preparation and use of adhesive composition, is ensured.2 dwg

Chipping machine // 2626172
FIELD: wood processing industry.SUBSTANCE: chipping machine contains a frame (1) where the drive (2), the casing (3) with the loading cartridge (4) and the tapping spout are mounted on. A chipper disk (6) with knives (7) and blades (8) is installed on the drive shaft. A quill cylinder with knife holes and knives (11) facing blades inside the cylinder is rigidly attached to the chipper disk. A counter knife (12) is installed in the inner cavity of the cylinder.EFFECT: increase of chipper machine productivity and chip quality.6 cl, 3 dwg

Circular saw // 2624924
FIELD: woodworking industry.SUBSTANCE: circular saw comprises a cutting disk with teeth. Plates are placed in the saw teeth. Two high-frequency slots with three half waves with the same amplitude are formed on the disk surface. High-frequency slots are rotated at lead angle and positioned on the horizontal axis. In the axils of the circular saw teeth, thermal regulation dampers are symmetrically mounted. The saw blade has holes for torque transfer and saw fixing on the flange. Symmetrically from high-frequecny slots at an angle of 10 to 45, four low-frequency slot with two half-waves are made associated with an adjacent half-wave of a large amplitude. Low-frequency slots are rotated at a delay angle equal to from 1 to 8. Arrangement of high and low-frequency slots forms on the saw web alternating sections of compression, stretching and constrained equilibrium. The lead angle of advancing high-frequency slots is equal to from 1 to 15. Thermal regulation dampers are offset relative to the vertical axis by an angle of from 1 to 5 and turned at a delay angle of from 2 to 10.EFFECT: increased saw stability, accuracy and operation quality, reduced aerodynamic noise and vibration.10 cl, 1 dwg
ethod of producing sliced veneer from scant waste wainscots // 2624285
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wood processing, in particular to the production of veneer lumber from wainscots waste. The wainscot is made, its hydrothermal treatment is performed, veneer therefrom is addiced. Production of wainscot is carried out by splicing lumber waste in length, followed by exposure to a moisture-resistant glue polymerization. Hydrothermal treatment of glued wainscot and drying the veneer is carried out taking into account minimization of thermal deformations in the adhesive seams.EFFECT: increased useful yield.

Inner layer from lamellas and its manufacturing method // 2624212
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: construction panel contains the inner layer made from the wooden lamellas, the decorative surface layer on the top of the inner layer and the leveling coat under the inner layer. The inner layer contains several wooden lamellas, arranged substantially parallel to each other. The long edge of the first wooden lamella is located at the distance from the long edge of the adjacent second wooden lamella. The long edge of the first wooden lamella is attached by the separating element to the long edge of the adjacent second wooden lamella and on the first edge of the construction panel. The construction panel contains the first mechanical locking device at the first edge of the construction panel and at least partially in the separation elements.EFFECT: increased yield.12 cl, 11 dwg

Chain petrol saw with supply pump // 2623620
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: lubrication oil circuit is supplied to the saw chain by the supply pump. Pump drive comprises a first driving wheel associated with a supply pump and a second driving wheel associated with the sprocket. A second drive wheel is made to the actuator element which has a connecting portion, carrying drive connection with a form fit between the element and the drive sprocket. The connecting portion has grippers that match made in the chain sprocket gripping surfaces. The saw is adapted to replace the first sprocket to the first geometric characteristics of the second sprocket to the second geometric characteristics. At the connecting portion of the drive element, the first few grippers that correspond to the first chain sprocket, and a plurality of second jaws, which correspond to a second chain sprocket, are formed. The connecting portion of the first or second gripper adjacent to a respective first or second gripping surfaces of the first or second sprocket.EFFECT: simplified blade design.16 cl, 13 dwg

Procedure for wood heat treatment and plant for its implementation // 2623043
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: perform the wood heating up to 160-260C in the inert medium in the chamber, holding at high temperatures, removal of moisture from the wood, cooling, conditioning. The wood heating upto 160-260C is carried out by the energy of the alternating electric field, created inside the wood at the pressure in chamber, exceeding the saturated water vapor, corresponding to the maximum heating temperature of the wood. The plant for the wood heat treatment contains a chamber, a heater, means for temperature, pressure monitoring and its adjustment, a loading trolley, and a tank for collecting condensate. The chamber is designed in the form of the autoclave press with operating pressure, exceeding the saturated steam pressure corresponding to temperature 260C. Heater, which provides heating of wood up to 160-260C, is made in the form of an electrical device that creates an alternating electric field inside the wood that is in the autoclave.EFFECT: reduction of duration and power consumption of the wood heat treatment process.2 cl, 2 dwg

Device for arbolith obtaining // 2622736
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: device contains a body, a stirring mechanism with blades and a drive. The device body is made in the form of a horizontally located hollow cylinder. A central drive shaft with blades that is engaged with planetary shafts with blades using a gear, is mounted on the supports in the bearing nodes. One of the shafts engages with a gear ring mounted on the cover of the bearing assembly of the central drive shaft by means of a gear wheel.EFFECT: quality of mixing is improved, as well as mixture discharge from the device body.4 dwg
Fibreboard production method // 2622706
FIELD: woodworking industry.SUBSTANCE: wood chips are ground. Processing aids are introduced into the wood fibre pulp. Mat moulding, dehydration and hot pressing are performed. During the grinding process, in the wood chips, plasticizing additive is introduced in the amount of 0.3-4.5% by weight of dry fiber. In the process of the mat dehydration, in the wood fibre pulp with concentration of 5-9% processing aids are introduced. During mat moulding, the face finishing layer is formed, into which the processing aids are introduced.EFFECT: increased strength and water resistance of the board.1 tbl

Log cutting method // 2622668
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: perform logs debarking, longitudinal cutting, drying. The longitudinal logs cutting of is carried out according to the specified runout, so that the transverse dimensions of the produced lumber are varied in proportion to the log diameter.EFFECT: increased timber yield, while cutting the log.7 dwg

ethod and installation for manufacture of material plates and device for sealing narrow sides of package of pressed material // 2621917
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: pressed product package is poured on circulating forming belt conveyor by means of the dispersing device. Package of pressed material during transportation to the press by means of the sealing device is compacted to its narrow sides transversely to the production direction. The narrow sides in the direction of production are cut along the edges using for trimming device before the sealing device. Installation for manufacturing panels comprises a press device and dispersing device. Between the press and dispersing device, there is a sealing device for sealing the package material to be pressed. The device for trimming is arranged in the production direction before the sealing device. A device for sealing the narrow sides of the pressed material package comprises means for sealing the package material to be pressed.EFFECT: increased strength plates.16 cl, 7 dwg
Composition comprising water-repellent agents and stabilizing agents and methods for their manufacturing and application // 2621116
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition may comprise from 40 to approx. 60 wt % of lignosulfonic acid or its salt, 1 to 20 wt % of water-repellent agent and 20 to 59 wt % of liquid medium.EFFECT: reduced water absorption and swelling along pressed wood thickness.16 cl, 1 tbl, 2 ex
ethod for wood acetylation and acetylated wood // 2621044
FIELD: woodworking industry.SUBSTANCE: wood with a moisture content of less than 5% by weight is placed in a vessel and immersed in the acetylating liquid at a temperature from 10 to 120 C. The acetylating fluid contains acetic anhydride and/or acetic acid. The pressure in the vessel is increased to 2-20 bar for a period from 1 to 300 minutes. The acetylating liquid excess is removed from the vessel. An inert fluid is introduced into the vessel. The fluid circulation and heating are carried out till exothermic temperature rise starts inside the lumber. The heat supply to the wood is regulated until the exothermic process is complete. The temperature inside the lumber is maintained below 180C. The circulating fluid is heated to a temperature from 85 to 160C within from 10 to 120 min in order to initiate the second exothermic process. The heat supply to the wood is regulated until the exothermic process is complete. The temperature inside the lumber is maintained below 180C. The circulating fluid is removed by evaporation in vacuo.EFFECT: increasing the wood strength.15 cl, 1 tbl
Petroleum antiseptic for wood preservation treatment (versions) // 2620650
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: antiseptic contains a fraction of the catalytic cracking of vacuum gas oil with the onset of boiling 195-240C and the end of boiling 380-460C in an amount of 98-99% and 2-ethylhexanoate of zinc or 2-ethylhexanoate of iron or 2-ethylhexanoate of nickel or 2-ethylhexanoate of molybdenum in an amount of 1-2 wt %.EFFECT: quality of the antiseptic is improved.4 ex

Device for edge-surface lumber production from unedged pumped ones // 2619297
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: device contains two cutting machines for the serial cutting of each edge, the feeder mechanism and vertical guides (10) to move the timber parallel to the cutting edges (11, 15). The cutting machines are made with two saws with the possibility to adjust the distance between saws (2, 4) and the vertical guides.EFFECT: increase the volume yield of the lumber.3 dwg

ethod of wood-cutting saws preparation // 2619250
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: perform the sawtoothed cutting edge, the cutting elements sharpening and grinding operation of intertoothed hollows of the saw by abrasive tool. The saw blade toothed edge intertoothed hollow zone is preheated upto the temperature above 300C. The plasticised material layer is removed with the abrasive tool without the formation of microcracks at the depth, determined by the grain size of the abrasive wheel and the required class of the surface finish grade.EFFECT: increase of the saw blades service life.1 dwg
Agglutinating using various glutinous materials // 2618827
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: agglutinated sides of the moulded article are machined and reactive one-component or two-component polyurethane glutinous material is applied on the middle portion of this treated side in the method. Aqueous glutinous material based on ethylene vinylacetate (EVA), polyvinyl acetate (PVAc), polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) is further applied on at least outer portion of this side and this side is glued to the flexible substrate as an edged coating. Moulded article is made of timber-based materials and flexible film substrates using the invention's method.EFFECT: high-quality agglutination of articles made of timber-based materials on the narrow lateral side to stabilise the surface and firm agglutination with cross-linked glutinous material.10 cl, 1 ex
Compound of glue for wood // 2618224
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a compound for manufacturing an adhesive, a composition for adhesive preparation and a method for its producing, as well as to the lignocellulosic material obtained using said compound or composition. Said compound comprises two components. The first component is derived from at least one isocyanate and at least one amino resin. Said amino resin is a condensation product of an aldehyde with a compound selected from urea, melamine, and mixtures thereof. The second component comprises at least one polyether containing at least one ethylene oxide unit and at least one hydroxyl group capable of reacting with isocyanate.EFFECT: improving the miscibility of mixtures consisting of amino resins and isocyanate, improving the time for adhesives gelation.16 cl, 5 ex
ultilayer edge bonding // 2618049
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: composite contains a molded wooden article and a flexible film base, wherein the molded article surface consists of the first layer of cross-linked hot melt adhesive, curable by exposure to radiation, coated by the second layer of hot melt adhesive, which, in turn, is bonded to the film base.EFFECT: durable and weather-resistant laminated composites, rapid in-line production, exclusion of hazardous substances application.12 cl, 2 ex
Glue composition for wood // 2617847
FIELD: chemistry.SUBSTANCE: composition is obtained by simultaneous mixing of at least one isocyanate, at least one polyether and at least one amine resin. The said polyether contains at least one functional group of ethylene oxide and at least one hydroxyl group capable of reacting with isocyanate, and the said amine resin is a condensation product of aldehyde with a compound selected from urea, melamine, and mixtures thereof.EFFECT: preparation of compositions containing these components; this method leads to improved miscibility of amine resin and hybrid isocyanate mixtures, which provides better adhesive gel formation time.13 cl, 3 ex

Drive mechanism of saw frame (variants) // 2617785
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: drive mechanism of the saw frame comprises a frame with fixed on it a crank mechanism with a crank, connecting rod, the saw frame and its guide. According to the first embodiment, the mechanism comprises an additional connecting rod and the rocker. Drawstring is disposed in the plane of movement of the saw frame and is connected with a crank rod of a crank mechanism. One end of the wing is pivotally connected to the swing axis mounted on the frame. The second end of the wing is pivotally connected with the additional rod of the saw frame. The distance from the axis of swing wings to mount additional connecting rod on the rocker axis is equal to or greater than the distance from the axis of reciprocating movement of the second end of the additional connecting rod in the dead points scenes rocking. According to the second embodiment, the mechanism further comprises a slider which is attached to the guide frame, and the connecting link. Drawstring is disposed in the plane of movement of the saw frame and is connected with a crank rod of a crank mechanism. One end of the wings is pivotally connected to the rocking axis, which is fixed to the frame. The second end of the wings interacts with the slider of the saw frame.EFFECT: improved quality of cut.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod of preparation tree-cutting saws // 2617602
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: forming of toothed cutting edge is operated, the cutting blade sharpening elements and grinding operation interdental depressions of the saw by abrasive tool. The treatment zone of interdental cavities of toothed edge of the saw blade is operated by rotating disk. The disc is made of wear resistant metal or ceramic. Disc material is harder than the material, from which the saw blade is manufactured. The heating of the contact zone of the depression is operated to the state of plasticizing the metal layer on the surface of inter-toothed depression due to the contact friction drive surfaces and depressions.EFFECT: improved durability and serviceability of saws.1 dwg

Pneumatically controlled saw // 2617354
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: pneumatically controlled saw comprises inserted onto the support disc saw blade with teeth and lateral guide duct. The back of the teeth is formed as a concave surface in the direction of the air jets issuing from the nozzles of the duct and providing movement of the saw blade. The back of the teeth is formed as a biconcave surfaces mutually cross forming a concave arrangement of elements.EFFECT: increased efficiency factor of the saw drive.4 dwg
ethod of sound insulation of kochetov's equipment and sound-insulating fencing // 2616856
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: method of soundproofing equipment, consisting in the fact that a soundproof enclosure is installed on the floor of a building by means of vibration-proof supports made of elastic material. Sound-insulating fencing is made in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped with a cut-out in its lower face under the base of the technological equipment. The base of the process equipment is installed on the vibration isolating supports, which are based on the ceiling of the building. Between the base of the process equipment and the cutout in the lower face of the rectangular parallelepiped, a gap is made to prevent the transfer of vibrations from the process equipment to the soundproof enclosure in which ventilation channels are performed to eliminate equipment overheating. The internal walls of the ventilation ducts are treated with a sound-absorbing material and an acoustically transparent material. The sound-absorbing element is fixed to the inner surface of the sound-insulating fence and is made in the form of a smooth and perforated surface between which a multi-layered sound-absorbing structure is placed. To implement the claimed method, a soundproof enclosure is used.EFFECT: increased efficiency of sound suppression.2 cl, 2 dwg

Cutter // 2616404
FIELD: woodworking industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the wood-processing industry, in particular to tools for wood machining. The cutter comprises a housing and tool holders with cutter bits mounted with the use of fasteners. The housing is made composite from a base and a movable tool holder, connected by a cylindrical base in which damping elements in the form of steel springs are mounted. The base is limited in its axial displacement with the disc.EFFECT: due to the invention the wear resistance of cutter bits is increased.2 dwg

Longitudinal milling woodprocessing machine // 2616395
FIELD: wood industry.SUBSTANCE: machine comprises a transverse support with two guides arranged between the two workpieces, and a carriage adapted for longitudinal movement. The milling head, driven by an internal combustion engine, is mounted on the carriage base. At the ends of the shaft of the milling head, extending from the base of the carriage, milling cutters are arranged. One cutter has a groove profile, the other - the profile of the corresponding ridge. On jacks, arranged on the transverse supports on both sides of the guide, based elements are mounted. Two basing elements are prism-shaped and have a common axis of symmetry with a milling cutter for cutting the groove. Two other elements have basing cutter to form cutting groove and located on the same axis as the cutter, which serves for cutting ofridge.EFFECT: simplified design of the machine.2 dwg

Single-head drilling machine // 2615369
FIELD: wood-working industry.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to wood-working industry, in particular, to drilling machines. Machine comprises supporting structure, working surface, working head with multiple spindles, spindle drive means, supporting means for working head, means of controlling rotation of supporting means, means of moving working head and multiple clamps to lock workpiece. Spindle drive means comprises a motor, arranged in centre on rear side of working head. Means of supporting working head comprises a plate, on which there is a carriage, which supports said motor and working head. Means of rotating supporting means comprise a linear electric drive, connected on one side to structure, and on other side with supporting means. Drive means of working head comprises a linear electric drive, connected on one side with means of supporting working head, and on other side with carriage.EFFECT: machine comprises programmable electronic unit which controls said motor, linear electric drives and electric clamps.5 cl, 9 dwg

Bandsaw machine // 2615000
FIELD: woodworking industry.SUBSTANCE: bandsaw machine comprises a base frame with aerostatic bearings, a band saw, a saw drive in the form of a linear electric motor consisting of the rotor and the stator in the form of an arc inductor covering a portion of the drive pulley with the bandsaw. The drive pulley is the rotor of the linear electric motor. The drive pulley is made as a hollow cylinder of conductive material. The drive pulley is coaxially mounted with a clearance on a fixed support in the form of a solid cylinder of a dielectric material. The surface of the fixed support acts as a circular aerostatic support.EFFECT: increased efficiency factor of the drive.1 dwg