Hand cutting tools and cutting and severing (B26)

B26            Hand cutting tools; cutting; severing(3492)

ethod of destructing confidential information stored in memory chips of memory of electronic devices // 2640725
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method of destructing confidential information stored in memory chips in electronic devices, in which a mechanical punch is used, by with which the mechanical destruction of not less than one memory chip is carries out, which is installed on a printed circuit board with a through-hole inside the electronic device. The external mechanical punch is used for the impact, which is installed in the seat made on the outer surface of the body. The axis of the seat is aligned with the axis of the center of the memory chip and the center of the hole of the printed circuit board, and the mechanical impact on the crystals of the memory chip is carried out through the wall of the device body.EFFECT: destruction of confidential information stored in memory chips of electronic devices in order to protect it from unauthorized access.3 dwg

Composition for skin care during shaving for shaving set with liquid dispensing // 2640510
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: shaving set with liquid dispensing includes a cartridge with a blade, a handle with a cavity, and a liquid composition dispenser. In the handle cavity, a container with a liquid composition for skin care during shaving is placed. The composition for skin care during shaving contains water and lipophilic, thickening, emulsifying and lubricating agents. The content of lipophilic substances for skin conditioning is from 13 wt % to 50 wt %. The composition viscosity value according to the power law is less than about 38 Pa⋅s and more than about 23 Pa⋅s.EFFECT: improving skin condition during shaving.16 cl, 3 tbl, 11 dwg, 18 ex

ethod of separating metallic parts from materials with anisotropic properties by electrode-wire and device for its use // 2639747
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: tension of the electrode-wire and the supply of current pulses to it are carried out. When rewinding and tensioning the electrode-wire, the separable metal part is fed to the electrode-wire and the current pulses are applied to it. While reducing the frequency of current pulses, the rewinding of the electrode-wire is stopped, and the feed of the part towards the electrode-wire is carried out until the occurrence of a short circuit current, wherein the pulse current supply is disabled, the tension of the electrode-wire is reduced from the rewinding node to obtain its length from the phase involved in the part separation, not less than the greatest thickness of the separable metal part. After the tension of the electrode-wire is increased to the original value. The rewinding is performed with increasing its speed until the initial frequency rate of the current pulses is reached, and the separation continues until the next reduction in the frequency rate of the current pulses. The device contains a generator, mechanisms of rewinding and tensioning the electrode-wire, adapted to adjust the magnitude of the force rewinding, a tension roller of the electrode-wire, installed after the mechanism of tensioning the electrode-wire, a differential sensor of the frequency rate of the current pulses, a controller of the electrode-wire moving with an end switch and a control device of tensioning and rewinding the electrode-wire. The differential sensor of the frequency rate of the current pulses is connected through the end switch of the controller of the electrode-wire moving with the control device of tensioning and rewinding and with the device of tensioning and rewinding the electrode-wire.EFFECT: increased productivity, process stability.2 cl, 4 dwg, 1 ex

Folding knife // 2639184
FIELD: human vital needs satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: folding knife contains a handle, a blade pivotally connected with it, an opening/closing and blade locking mechanism connected to the handle and the blade. The handle has at least one longitudinal guide. The opening/closing and blade fixing mechanism contains at least one rod, one end of which is pivotally connected with the blade and the other - with a movable element interacting with at least one longitudinal guide with the possibility of reciprocating motion and fixation of the blade in the open position with the tangent of the angle between the axis of the rod and a plane perpendicular to the direction of the movable element movement, smaller than the coefficient of the sliding friction between the surface of the movable element and the surface of at least one longitudinal guide.EFFECT: it is possible to protect the mechanism of opening, closing and fixing the blade, excluding the possibility of accidental opening, closing the blade, increasing the reliable fixation of the blade in the open position without backlashes.20 cl, 7 dwg

Haircutting device // 2638717
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: haircutting device comprises a housing, a cutting unit, an engine for actuating an eccentric gear element and a linking element. The cutting unit comprises fixed and movable blades with the first and the second recesses, respectively. The movable blade is elastically biased relative to the fixed blade. The fixed and movable blades define the cutting plane between each other. The first and second recesses are placed on top of each other and form a common recess in the blades. The linking element is located in the first and second recesses. The eccentric gear element is connected to the linking element at the junction point at a position which is located within the cutting level. The junction point is located in at least one operating position during the movement of the eccentric gear element within the cutting plane. The invention additionally comprises a cutting unit for haircutting device.EFFECT: improved quality of shaving.12 cl, 12 dwg

Device for towing cable cutting // 2637581
FIELD: aviation.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a housing with a through hole through which a towing cable is passed, a cutting unit configured as an annular cutter coaxially mounted on the motor shaft and a movement mechanism for the cutting unit. When the device is turned on in the cutting mode, the motor moves under the action of the spring until the ring cutter interacts with the cable. After cable cutting, the device automatically turns off.EFFECT: simplification of the process of vehicle preparation for towing and dropping of the towed object, probability of a fire is excluded.1 dwg

Shaving set handle // 2637457
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: hand held cosmetic device (versions) includes a head unit and a handle. The handle comprises an element connected to the head unit and a gripping part. The gripping part is made in the form of a base-fixing element with a receiving region and a base. The base includes an upper and a lower surface defining the first and second areas for gripping by user's fingers. The upper surface of the base contains a set of overlapping rings. The invention also includes a hand-held shaving device.EFFECT: better device convenience.20 cl, 13 dwg
Hand drill // 2636335
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: hand drill comprises a rod having a sharpened lower portion and provided with a handle in the upper portion, and a cutting unit positioned above the sharpened portion and made of two half-discs with sharpened rectilinear edges, and fixed on the rod in such a way that their planes form an angle therebetween. The rod has hollow tubular design with end incisions in the lower portion and a double hole in the upper portion for replaceable handle. The cutting unit is made of two half-disc half-ovals with sharpened rectilinear edges-larger half-axes of half-ovals.EFFECT: increase of labour productivity and convenience of use for hand drilling of wells, including holes deeper than the length of the rod.3 dwg

Hand drill // 2636071
FIELD: mining.SUBSTANCE: hand drill comprises a rod having a sharpened lower portion and provided with a handle in the upper portion, and a cutting unit which is above the sharpened portion and made of discs with sharpened rectilinear edges fixed on the rod in such a way that their planes form an angle them between. The rod has hollow tubular design with end incisions in the lower portion and a double hole in the upper portion for replaceable handle. The cutting unit is made in form of replaceable cone insert coaxial to sharpened portion of the rod, on cone part of which there are cutting units-disc formed to the outer side with equal pitch.EFFECT: increase of labour productivity and convenience of use for hand drilling of wells, including holes deeper than the length of the rod.1 dwg

ethod and device for assembly of self-assisting tires for vehicle wheels // 2635684
FIELD: transportation.SUBSTANCE: continuous sealing assembly is fed, cut to size, wound around the shaping drum, forming the components of the green tire, tire shaping, vulcanization and moulding. When cutting, a cutting blade is moved, heated to a predetermined temperature, at a predetermined speed along a cutting path transverse to the longitudinal direction of the assembly length. One of these parameters is changed along the cutting path. The device comprises a shaping drum, a conveyor, a cutting knife and a control unit.EFFECT: improved quality of manufactured tires.33 cl, 7 dwg

Haircut programmable system // 2635580
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: haircut programmable system is suitable for the programming for the haircut length regulation and is composed of the haircut device with the haircut length regulation mechanism, the electromagnetic system of the detecting the haircut device location towards the human head, and the computer system. The electromagnetic system comprises the electromagnetic field source and the human head location detecting device. The haircut system is configured to detect the haircut device location towards the human head and to regulate the haircut length automatically and dynamically in accordance with the preprogrammed values at any predetermined point in the haircut process.EFFECT: haircut performance with the preliminarily programmed and repeatable eventual result of the length gradual change.16 cl, 9 dwg

Device for cutting hair // 2635579
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: cutting head for a laser hair cutting device includes a laser instead of cutting blades. The laser beam is guided along the cutting zone in the cutting head parallel to the user's skin. The laser beam includes an effective cutting area with sufficient intensity to cut the hair in a given region. The cutting element comprises a protection next to the cutting zone for contacting the user's skin and separating the laser beam from it. The protection has a non-planar shape in the direction extending over the cutting area. The protection repeats the contours of the boundary of the effective cutting area of the laser beam to reduce any change in the distance between the effective cutting edge and the user's skin along the length of the cutting zone. The invention also includes a laser hair cutting device.EFFECT: improving the quality of shaving.15 cl, 6 dwg

Shaver with adaptable surface interacting with skin // 2635502
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: shaver comprises a skin-interacting portion and a cutting element. The skin-interacting portion has a force-generating element, the configuration and location of which provide generation of an attractive force to the consumer's skin. The shaver additionally comprises a control element which can be selectively activated when increasing or decreasing the attractive force to the consumer's skin. The force-generating elements can be electro-adhesive elements. In order to selectively bring these elements into operation, a controller is provided.EFFECT: providing a qualitative shave at any direction of the shave's motion.12 cl, 7 dwg

"saha" knife // 2635029
FIELD: food industry.SUBSTANCE: knife consists of a blade and a handle. The blade is made with a descent from one side, and has a flat shape and a fuller from the opposite side. The descent can have a roundly-convex surface, passing into the blade holomain, herewith the descent face is blurred. The blade width is convex. The blade is made with a profile gradually narrowing to the point. The blade tip has a narrow-pointed profile with a section in the form of a trapezoid or segment. In the butt section, the blade profile is made with a narrowing. The blade has a wide convex shoe. The blade fuller is made to its full width. The knife handle has an ovoid profile and is made of birch cap.EFFECT: increased versatility and functionality of the knife.10 cl, 4 dwg

Clasp-knife // 2634814
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: knife comprises a blade with the thrust support roller and the sample device, a breechblock with the crankshaft, fixed between the right side plate and the left side plate, with the axis and a coil spring. The thread is cut and the coil spring cavity is implemented on the breechblock crankshaft on the one side. The knife is bushed, one of the bushes is threaded for screwing on the thread of the breechblock crankshaft and is located at the left side plate, the other bush - at the right side plate. The coil spring is fixedly attached to the left side plate with one end, and with the second - to the breechblock with the radial part. Along with this, there are equal oblique cuts with the 3-15 degree angle in the sample device on the blade and on the breechblock radial part.EFFECT: blade fixation reliability growth.5 dwg
Device for fixing rotary stamping knife mould on stamping knife carrying cylinder of die-cutting machine // 2634241
FIELD: packaging industry.SUBSTANCE: device for fixing a rotary stamping knife mould on a stamping knife carrying cylinder of a die-cutting machine is proposed, represented by a pipe sector made of an aluminium alloy with nuts rigidly fixed in the sector body with a certain pitch, and equipped on the outer surface of the pipe sector with bevels for contacting with the grips of the stamping knife carrying cylinder. A distinctive feature of the proposed device is that a groove of the rectangular cross-section with a width corresponding to the nut size across flats and a depth exceeding the nut height is made on the inner surface of the pipe sector along its entire length. Symmetrically to the groove, on both sides of it on the internal surface of the pipe sector, two slots are made, separated from the groove by the wall. The nuts are placed in the groove coaxially with the openings made in the pipe sector and are fixed in the groove by plastic deformation of the walls separating the groove from the slots.EFFECT: increasing the reliability.6 cl, 5 dwg

Set of blades for hair cutting device and method of its manufacture // 2632339
FIELD: satisfaction of human life necessities.SUBSTANCE: permanent blade for the blades set of the electric hair cutting device contains the first and the second walls. Each wall includes the first, the second surfaces and the transversely extending front edge with the protuberances. The first wall surfaces form U-shaped teeth and the guide slot for the movable blade. The average thickness of the first wall protuberances is less than the average thickness of the second wall protuberances. The invention also includes the blades set for the hair cutting device, the hair cutting device and the method for making the permanent blade.EFFECT: creating of strong blades suitable for shaving and hair cutting.17 cl, 10 dwg

Holes punching device // 2631569
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: device contains a drive unit (18) and a driving force transmitting mechanism (20) to a rod (16). In a cam unit (34) of the mechanism (20), connected to a piston rod (68) there is a cam groove (102). A roller (104) is inserted into the groove and it is free to rotate on a moving element (100), connected to the rod (16). The cam groove (102) has a first section (112) and a second section (114), located at the predetermined angles of inclination to the cam unit (34) movement direction. When the rod (16) is lowered in the direction of the processing part (W), the roller (104) is moved from the second groove section (114) to the first section (112), having a smaller inclination angle. This increases the driving force, transmitted to the rod (16).EFFECT: increase of expansion of the output force range.8 cl, 6 dwg

Device for measured cutting of carbon fiber // 2631037
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device for measured cutting of carbon fibre is proposed, comprising a carbon fibre cutting unit equipped with electric drive, a hopper-accumulator of measured carbon fibre provided with a filter and connected by transporting pipeline to the carbon fiber cutting unit, a cyclone-type industial vacuum cleaner in explosion-proof enclosure connected by air duct to the hopper-accumulator of the measured carbon fiber. The carbon fiber cutting unit is equipped with two guide rollers and pressure roller, and comprises a drive support shaft made of polyurethane with hardness of 80-85 units by Shore for moving the carbon fiber subjected to cutting and a pressure-exerting rotating combined cutting drum, which axis is perpendicular to movement direction of carbon fiber being cut. The pressure-exerting rotating combined cutting drum is made in the form of a double-layer cylinder arranged on rotation axis with bearings, which inner layer is made of metal with annular grooves on its outer surface 30-40 mm wide and 12-15 mm deep, and the outer annular layer is made of polyurethane with hardness of 80-85 units by Shore and 5-6 mm thick. The annular grooves of the inner metal layer are filled with polyurethane, longitudinal slots 0.2-0.5 mm wide are made in outer annular layer over its entire depth, in which metal plate knives are placed with tension. Depending on specified length of carbon fiber being cut, the number of metal plate knives is from 48 when the cut length is from 10 mm, and up to 240 when the cut length is 2 mm, and a cutter shaft is equipped with cylindrical covers to secure the outer annular layer of polyurethane with metal plate knives arranged therein. The carbon fiber cutting unit is provided with a slot located directly in the area of carbon fiber cutting for taking cut carbon fiber into hopper-accumulator via transporting pipeline under action of exhaust air flow of the cyclone-type industrial vacuum cleaner in explosion-proof enclosure. The outer diameter of the combined cutting shaft along cutting edges of the metal plate knives is 152, 8 mm.EFFECT: development of the device for cutting carbon fiber, which engineering result is increased service life due to reduced wear of utilised knives, enlarged range of carbon fiber lengths under cutting, elimination of process difficulties when replacing the cutting blades while changing the range of length of carbon fiber under cutting, and provision of air-tightness when working with carbon fiber under cutting and measuring.2 cl, 3 dwg

Shaving device components with new coating // 2630911
FIELD: items for personal use.SUBSTANCE: shaving device includes a skin-contacting component. A part of the skin-contacting component comprises a surface layer of a material with a liquid-filled "LISM" surface. The invention also includes a method for manufacture of a skin-contacting component of a shaving device. A porous solid matrix is formed on the shaving device component base surface. The liquid is introduced into the porous solid matrix to form a layer of material with a liquid-filled surface.EFFECT: decreased possibility of bacterial contamination of the surface of the skin-contacting material of the shaving device.20 cl, 10 dwg

Component for placing sliding element to be used in razor set // 2630739
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: razor set includes a cartridge and a handle, attached to it. The cartridge includes a body, razor blades and a removable carrier to secure the sliding elements. The detachable carrier is positioned between the handle of the razor set and the cartridge head. The handle includes a docking structure with an expulsive element for detaching the handle from the cartridge body and releasing the carrier. The sliding elements are rotatable about their pivot axis. The invention also includes a method for assembling the razor set.EFFECT: facilitation of the installation and removal of the carrier in the razor set.8 cl, 12 dwg

Razor for wet shaving // 2630738
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: razor for wet shaving includes a connecting element, a grip insert and a shaving cartridge. The connecting element comprises of an overhanging pad and a hook located at its rear end. The grip insert includes a groove which is in a detachable engagement with the hook. The front end of the grip insert is detachably engaged with the overhanging pad of the connecting element. The grip insert is made of an elastomeric material, for example, a plastic or rubber-like material. The invention also includes a wet shaving kit comprising of a shaving razor unit and a closing case for it.EFFECT: multi-function razor set.12 cl, 19 dwg

Self-opening scissors // 2630720
FIELD: human life necessities satisfaction.SUBSTANCE: self-opening scissors contain an upper movable handle with a lower movable knife and a lower movable handle with an upper movable knife connected by an axis. A motionless spring sleeve is put on the lower handle. The scissors are provided with a movable spring sleeve, which is put on the upper handle with the possibility of contact with the motionless spring sleeve when the scissor handles are pressed to open them.EFFECT: increasing the convenience of use.2 dwg

Shaving set razor unit // 2630116
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: shaving set razor unit includes a housing with a top surface and loops, located on the top surface. The loops have two end ends and two open edges opposite each other. The open edges are made long between the two ends. The loops cross the top surface at their two ends. The two ends are spatially separated from each other on the upper surface. A part of one of the two opposing edges has a cutting edge. The invention also includes a shaving set and a method for razor unit manufacture.EFFECT: improved quality of shaving due to improved fitting of the shaving set razor unit to the skin contours during shaving.19 cl, 7 dwg

Shaving blade, shaving cartridge and method for shaving blade manufacture // 2630092
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: solid rigid shaving blade includes a body with a part with a cutting edge, a main part and a curved part. A part of the body with a cutting edge passes in its plane and has a cutting edge at one end. The main part of the blade passes in its plane. The curved part is located between the part with the cutting edge and the main part. The internal angle between the plane of the part with the cutting edge and the plane of the main part lies in the range of 95-140°. The blade body is made of martensitic stainless steel. Martensitic stainless steel consists mainly of iron with a carbon mass content of 0.62-0.75%.EFFECT: achieving of optimum plasticity and shaving quality of the blade cutting edge.6 cl, 2 tbl, 11 dwg

Shaving head for hair shaving device // 2629123
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: shaving head for hair shaving device contains an optical system with the possibility of directing the laser beam through the shaving zone in the shaving head. The laser beam includes a fast and slow axes. The optical system contains a focusing lens. It forms the first focus of the laser beam in the shaving zone. The focusing element refocuses the laser beam to form the second focus of the laser beam in the shaving zone. In another embodiment, the focusing lens forms the focal length of the laser beam in the shaving zone along its fast axis, which is greater than the focal length of the laser beam in the shaving zone along its slow axis.EFFECT: increased effective laser shaving area in the shaving zone.18 cl, 14 dwg

ethod of smoothing flakes of flexible material shaped fabric // 2628789
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method for smoothing the flakes of a shaped fabric to be cut from a flexible material from which the preforms are cut. The method includes the steps of scanning at least a portion of the contour (Hc) of said fabric of flexible material (H), determining a specific direction (Di, Dj) of the smoothing and a specific distance (Vi, Vj) of the smoothing for each of the points (Pi, Pj) of the scanned section of the fabric contour and smoothing the flakes of the fabric at each selected point of the scanned section of the fabric contour by means of the presser foot of the cutting tool in the specific smoothing direction and the specific smoothing distance that was determined for the indicated point, and in the direction of smoothing from the inside of the fabric to its flakes.EFFECT: method is adapted to a specific contour of flattened fabric.8 cl, 9 dwg

Cutting unit for hair clipping device // 2628589
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: cutting unit for the hair clipping device includes the fixed and movable cutting blade. The movable cutting blade is configured to be elastically displaced towards the stationary blade. One of the cutting blades contains two slots to compensate the curvature in the cutting blade. Two groins are aligned against each other. It goes parallel to the cutting edges of the cutting blades. The invention also includes the cutting blade for the hair clipping device cutting unit and the hair clipping device.EFFECT: prevent from the hair being drawn into the device, when cutting.13 cl, 5 dwg

Dry shaving device for men // 2627834
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: shaving set comprises a case, at least one electric motor driven hair cutting off element, and microcontroller. The microcontroller provides electrical control of the electric engine and skin cooling element. The "on-off" switching unit is electrically linked to the microcontroller. The skin cooling element is placed close to the hair cutting off element. The microcontroller provides the electric engine work deactivation and thermoelectric skin cooling element work deactivation at the moment after the mentioned electric engine work deactivation when "on-off" switch transferred in "off" position.EFFECT: dermal irritation is excluded.14 cl, 2 dwg

Shear disk for cutting sheet materials // 2627528
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: shear disc for cutting sheet materials contains a body of structural steel and a working ring of high-speed or semi-heat-resistant steel. The structural steel body is made with hardness of 43-47 HRC. The operating ring of high-speed or semi-heat-resistant steel with hardness of 60-62 HRC, which is replaceable, is pressed onto the body and fixed to it by means of evenly spaced weld points in the amount of 12-48. The end of operating ring is displaced axially relative to the body by 1-3 mm. The knife is thermally processed after assembly to relieve internal stresses.EFFECT: increasing the durability of shear disc and eliminating the pitting and chipping of cutting edges.3 dwg

Electric razor with rotary blade // 2627525
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: electric razor with a rotary blade contains a rotary blade with an electric motor, cutting elements with cutting edges, a mesh blade and a device for collecting cut hair. The rotary blade is made in the form of a conical piece of a screw tube of rectangular cross-section. There are grooves made on the smaller sides of the wall of the helical tube along the screw line. Spring-loaded flat cutting elements with a cutting edge are inserted into the grooves. The cutting edge is located in the immediate proximity of the inner surface of the mesh blade with round and rectangular holes on the side surface. The cutting element is in contact with the mesh blade at the point of the spring-loaded ball.EFFECT: simplification of the design of the rotary blade of the electric razor.10 cl, 7 dwg

Hand cutting tool // 2626668
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: manual cutting tool comprises a tool holder with a handle and a number of statically mounted with a certain step of the cutting flat plates of a constant thickness. It is provided with additional toolholders, each of which has one of mentioned plates wherein each plate is formed as a comb with a number of blades acute forms and in each pair of top plates of mentioned blades are offset by a half pitch. Holders are made of plastics and welded together with mentioned cutting inserts mounted in the groove of the holder. In the holder, two through holes are provided, separating them visually by overlapped surface of the cutting insert. Toolholders are fixed to each other for adjusting the plane-parallel distance between the blades of adjacent plates by means of threaded rods, and secured by bolt heads bearing surface and abutment surfaces wing-nut resting on the surface of holders.EFFECT: expansion of the technological capabilities of manual cutting tools, improving the quality of meat or fish product based on statically certain depth of recess lived and hard fibers.6 dwg

ethod of obtaining metallic bargains in shape of polygon from thin band // 2626252
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: cutting is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, preliminary incisions are made on the moving strip. In the second stage, by deforming the shear at the notches, the workpiece is separated from the strip. Two interlocking two-roll stands are used, the first of which carries out preliminary notches on the strip, and in the second one - a shift in the places of the notch.EFFECT: expanded technological capabilities.3 cl, 9 dwg, 2 ex

Display stand and method of shaving set work demonstration // 2623980
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: stand to demonstrate the operation of the shaving set includes a support surface driven into rotation, the drive unit, the clamp, the first shaving set and the first block of the blade cartridge. The clamp is dimensionally spaced with the support surface. The first shaving set includes the first handle installed in the clamp. The first block of the blade cartridge is mounted on the first end of the handle. It is in contact with the support surface. The invention also discloses the work demonstration method of the shaving set.EFFECT: improved demonstration of the differences in the work effectiveness of the shaving sets different types.20 cl, 11 dwg

Hair clipping system with variable length of clipping // 2623961
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: system for hair clipping contains a device for clipping and comb-shaped header. The device for hair clipping contains a housing, at one end of which the cutting unit is located, containing the fixed blade with the front edge of the movable blade with toothed edge, disposed parallel to the front edge of the fixed blade. The movable blade has the ability to move on the surface of the fixed blade and to displace elastically to the indicated surface. The drive unit for driving the movable blade to oscillate in the transverse direction is provided. The adjustment unit is used to adjust the movable blade position relatively to the fixed blade. The comb-shaped header provided with a plurality of teeth and has the ability to be fixed detachably to the hair clipping device. When fixing the header to the hair clipping device the adjustment unit provides the header position adjustment relatively to the clipping unit in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the fixed blade.EFFECT: provision of hair clipping length adjustment in a wide range and haircut quality increase.15 cl, 14 dwg

Clipping device with clipping guide // 2623933
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: device comprises a housing with a handle, cutting blade assembly and an adjustable clipping guide. The guide has the ability to be installed at a selected angle relative to the cutting blade assembly for hair cutting at a specified angle relative to the reference line. The guide comprises a light source adapted to light beam direction on the user's skin as the reference line.EFFECT: ability to cut hair with the accuracy required to obtain the desired hairstyle.13 cl, 14 dwg

Protective element for protecting the skin in the hair clipper // 2623532
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: hair cutting device is comprised of a fixed and a movable cutting elements and the fixed safety element. All the elements have teeth arranged in one direction. The movable cutting element moves relative to the stationary cutting element cutting the hairs that fall into the space between the teeth. At this time, the movable cutting member is located between the stationary cutting element and the safety element. The teeth of the stationary cutting element extend farther from the base frame than the teeth of the fixed safety element and/or the teeth of the movable cutting element. The teeth of the movable cutting element extend farther from the base frame than the teeth of the fixed safety element. The said device for cutting hair can be used in a shaver with a grid and a cutting blade.EFFECT: cutting hair of desired length without damaging the hair and irritating the skin of the user.18 cl, 6 dwg

Electric knife for opening bees honeycombs // 2621943
FIELD: agriculture.SUBSTANCE: electric knife comprises the rectangular frame with one side in the form of a blade adapted to heating, with a cutting edge, and the copier, and also the heating element. The frame is made of a metal strip with high thermal conductivity. The ends of the frame on the side opposite the blade, are interconnected to form a rod disposed perpendicularly to the frame. The copier is made in the form of a roll of non-metallic material with low thermal conductivity, reinforced with rubber and mounted on the lateral frame sides on the rotation axis parallel to the blade. The rod is made with the possibility to be installed in an electric soldering iron.EFFECT: provision of heating the blade without contact with a source of electric current, eliminating the copiers friction on the honeycomb surface.2 cl, 2 dwg

Device for roll paper slitting cut // 2621494
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device is designed for longitudinal cutting of roll paper by means of a knife disk and contains a mechanism of pressing the knife disc and a winding roller with a drive. It is provided with a bracket with a thrust bearing, a strut and a handle for turning the bracket by at least 90° degrees around the vertical axis passing through the thrust bearing. In this case, the mechanism of pressing the knife disc is made in the form of tubes of square cross-section, and a knife disc - in the form of a slitting knife with the possibility of supporting the cut roll of paper at its upper point and is mounted with the possibility of an angular permutation on the shaft, cantilevered at a pipe of square section having an external telescopic guide in the form of a square tubing, mounted at the top point of the above bracket. The swivel is made fixed in the plane of the thrust bearing. Large longitudinal sections of tubes are oriented along the longitudinal and cross sections of the roll. The outer guide tube is provided in two cross sections with centering rollers for the inner tube provided with a pad with a load to allow the knife to be pressed to the roll.EFFECT: simplified technology of the roll paper slitting cut and functional extension of the device.1 dwg

Rotary shaving unit // 2621087
FIELD: personal care items.SUBSTANCE: shaving unit consists of a rotary cutting mechanism and the capping. The cutting mechanism includes blades with cutting edges, which revolve around the axis in the direction of movement. The capping forms the outer cutter block element and has a ring-shaped guide containing shaving blades. The blades are located around the axis to allow for interaction with cutting edges of blades in the cutting mechanism. The guide of the capping has a slot for the hair with front and back edges. The front edge of each slot and the cutting edge of each cutter knife have V-shaped portions with the central part of the body connecting together the two lateral portions. The central part of the V-shaped portion of each front edge in the direction of the movement is located in front of its lateral portions so that the V-shaped portion's tip faces the direction of movement. Each central portion of the main V-shaped portion of the cutting edge of each blade of the cutting mechanism in the direction of the movement is situated behind its respective lateral parts, so that V-shaped portions of the cutting edge tip face the direction opposite to the direction of movement.EFFECT: reduces skin damage during shaving.19 cl, 12 dwg

Combined knife shaft of the device for measuring cutting of carbon and glass fiber // 2620525
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: combination knife shaft contains a cylinder located on the axis of rotation with bearings and plate blades. It is made of two-layered with an inner metal layer with an annular groove on its outer surface with a width of 30-40 mm and a depth of 12-15 mm and an outer annular layer of polyurethane with a hardness of 80-85 units by shore and 5-6 mm, with the polyurethane filled with an annular groove of the inner metal layer, in the outer annular polyurethane layer the longitudinal depths of 0.2-0.5 mm, in which the detachable metal plate knives are placed with interference. In this case, depending on the predetermined cut length of the carbon or glass fibers, the number of metal blade knives is selected from 48 at the cut length of the fiber 10 mm and up to 240 with the length of the cut fiber 2 mm, the knife shaft being provided with cylindrical lids for fixing the outer annular layer of polyurethane with metal blade knives arranged therein. The outer diameter of the knife shaft along the cutting edges of the metal blade knives can be made 152.8 mm.EFFECT: increased service life due to reduced wear of the cutting edges of the knife, improved quality of the fiber cut, ensuring the production of cut fibers of a given length range.2 cl, 1 dwg

icrotome and method for controlling protective device of microtome // 2620393
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: microtome contains an object-holder knife for the object, a protective device for the knife. The object-holder is movable against the said knife. The protective device is movable between, at least, partly the knife closing protective position and the knife opening position. The protective device is connected to the drive device, by which it is adapted to move, at least, from the knife opening position into its protecting position. The microtome state parameters may be recorded by, at least, one sensor and processed in the control device. The drive device is adapted to control the control device according to, at least, one parameter of the microtome state. The sensor is dapted to register the relative motion between the object-holder and the knife and/or the object-holder position. The method for controlling the microtome protective device is that the microtome state parameters are registered by means of the sensor and processed in the control unit. Moreover it is controlled, whether there occurs a relative movement at the specified period of time between the knife and the object-holder and/or whether the object-holder is located at the predetermined position for the object replacement. The protective device is moved depending on the state parameters by the drive unit in, at least, partially knife closing protective position.EFFECT: reduction of the user injury.14 cl, 4 dwg

Electric razor // 2620317
FIELD: personal demand items.SUBSTANCE: razor includes a handle (12) and the shaving head (13) adapted to move relative to each other about a pivot axis (16) and/or linear motion along the axis (17). This facilitates movement following the contour of the skin during shaving in order to achieve a close shave. The handle (12) is a laser source emitting a laser beam, and the shaver has an optical system comprising optical elements (23, 25, 26, 37, 40, 42) for directing the laser beam so that it coincides with the axis of rotation (16) and/or parallel to the linear axis of motion (17).EFFECT: use of the invention can improve the quality of shaving.19 cl, 8 dwg

Device for roll paper slitting cut // 2619532
FIELD: textile, paper.SUBSTANCE: device contains a stand, the mechanism of pressing the knife disc to a paper roll mounted on the axis, and a winding roller with a drive. The mechanism of pressing the knife disc is made in the form of a hinge-levered mechanism with a short and long levers, and a knife disc - in the form of a slitting knife with the possibility of supporting the cut roll of paper at its upper point and is mounted with the possibility of an angular permutation on the shaft, cantilevered at the upper point of the mentioned hinge-lever pressing mechanism. The axis is made with a smooth and threaded parts, and the mentioned short arm is provided with holes, one of which is intended to fit on the smooth part of the axis, and the other is pivotally connected to the middle part of mentioned long arm with a pulley in a horizontal guide, which is connected with a counterweight. On the axis there are two cones for setting up a roll with cut paper, one of which is made with a smooth mounting hole for fixing by means of an adjusting screw located inside on the hole, made in a smooth part of the axis, and the second - with a threaded mounting hole for fixing with the lock nut on the threaded part axis. The above mentioned arms and the horizontal guide are made of a rectangular and/or square tube and are assembled according to the pipe in a pipe scheme, and mentioned horizontal guide is mounted in the roll axis plane on a vertical column, which has movable channel supports which can be fixed to the channel bases on the stand.EFFECT: simplified technology of the roll paper slitting cut and functional extension of the device.1 dwg

Tensioning device for rotating cutting mechanism // 2619380
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: rotating cutting mechanism includes a frame, a work roller rotatably secured to the frame and containing a cutting unit. The cutting unit includes, at least, one tensioning device comprising of a body and an edge area adjacent to the body and having an asymmetrical profile.EFFECT: improved quality of the final cut product.18 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of metal structures explosive cutting // 2618676
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: method includes the cutting in two stages. The first stage is the implementation of the weak cross-section cut structure in the form of the notch, the depth of which is not less than 1/6 of the cut structure thickness, by the single-point initiation of the elongated cumulative charge (ECC), which is mounted on its surface at the certain focal distance, which together with the cross-section area of ECC is selected depending on the cut structure. The second stage includes placing of elastic charge BB over the notch, which is closed by the strut, which is the shell with the bulk substance and density 1.7-1.8 g/cm3, the cross-section of which exceeds the elastic charge BB cross-section at least in 10 times. Provide the elastic charge BB blasting at simultaneous initiating from one of the end faces with counter-directed impulses perpendicular to the notch.EFFECT: increased cutting efficiency of the thick metal structures, including those from alloy steels.2 dwg

Device for sharpening blade and cutting device containing it // 2618298
FIELD: machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: device includes a honing grindstone having the grinding surfaces that come into contact with the blade and frame, operably coupled to the grindstone and is rotatably fixed on the rotary element of the site. The weight element is attached to the frame and is located movably grindstone to the edge of the blade. With grindstone frame and associated connecting piece, and a weight element movable grindstone to the blade edge by mentioned connecting piece.EFFECT: in the process of cutting the material provided by the periodic sharpening of the blade edges, which increases the service life.22 cl, 5 dwg
Cartridges with lubrication component for shaving set // 2618290
FIELD: personal appliance.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to the area of devices for individual care, particularly, to the area of shaving products. A razor block of the shaving set contains a casing, a razor, and a solid polymer lubrication component. The casing includes two prolonged and dimensionally remoted from each other holes. A razor edge is located in parallel to the pair of holes. The lubrication component has top surface for skin contact and base located against it. Projections have the enlarged tip containing a water-soluble polymer. The tip of the projections has larger size than the size of the holes. Introducing of a projection into a hole tilts the front wall of the casing. The enlarged tip comes into engagement with bottom surface of the casing. The solid polymer lubrication component and enlarged tips are performed by molding from a water-soluble polymer.EFFECT: invention provides improved quality of shaving.20 cl, 3 dwg

Power source device // 2617831
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: power supply device is an adapter including an input circuit (21) for receiving input electrical power, a power switch device (25), a power inductance coil (24) and an output circuit (22) connected to the power inductance coil for providing power supply to the portable device, and a controller (26) for the power switch unit control according to the power supply demand for the portable device. The adapter has a measuring inductance coil (27) magnetically connected to the power inductance coil, and the controller includes a measurement input (28) for detecting the measurement signal indicating the power inductance coil magnetic state. The controller detects the power supply demand based on the magnetic state in response to the said power switch device control. Portable devices can be successfully provided with suitable power supply.EFFECT: providing power supply for various portable devices.14 cl, 4 dwg

Cutting tool with adjustable rotation system // 2617583
FIELD: mechanical engineering.SUBSTANCE: tool comprises a first cutting element and a first lever comprising a second cutting element coupled to the first cutting element and having a first set of protuberances, a second handle connected to the first cutting element. The second lever handle comprises a second set of projections, and a guide element coupled to the second cutting element. When the first and second handles are made movable between fully open and fully closed positions. In the first section, closest to the fully open position, the first and second sets of projections are disengaged, and a second section proximal to the fully closed position, the kits of projections are partially hooked. Method of actuation is performed by means of mentioned device.EFFECT: improved operational properties of a device.19 cl, 32 dwg