Of curved planar seams (B23K26/28)

Device connecting steel pipe ends by orbital welding // 2627066
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: device consists of guide supports installed on both sides of respective pipe ends in the welding zone and rigidly clamped. The guide supports have an annular recess in the center with a radial bore for passing through and aligning weld pipes. Clamp members for clamping the guide supports with the pipe ends are solidly connected to the respective outer sides of the guide supports diverted from the weld groove. A frame for accommodating welding and test tools adapted for orbital movement around the weld groove is installed to pivot on the weld groove facing inner sides of the guide supports and to rotate at least 360° around the pipe ends.EFFECT: improved quality of welded connection.10 cl, 3 dwg

Production of steel pipes with help of laser welding // 2563067
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of steel pipe with the help of laser welding. Welding is executed with the help of multiple laser beams, each having spot diameter of 0.3 mm or more on open pipe upper surface. Multiple laser beams are arranged to make the sum of lengths of spots of multiple beams. Spot lengths extend perpendicular to welding line on steel strip surface to make 0.5 mm or more. Multiple laser beams are arranged so that the spacing between centres of spots in direction of welding line makes up to 5 mm.EFFECT: production of high-quality steel pipe with high yield owing to prevention of undercutting or insufficient weld filing.14 cl, 6 dwg, 2 tbl

ethod of laser arc orbital welding // 2539256
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method means simultaneous action on the external surface of the welded pipe samples of the laser beam and arc in shielded gases. Arc is generated by consumable electrode with creation if the common welding pool. Preliminary depth of embedding of the laser beam focal plane relatively to the external surface of the welded samples is set equal to (5±0.5 mm), and distance between axes of the laser beam and electrode is set equal to (3±0.5 mm). Fusion penetration is performed with beam power ≥10 kW. Inclination angle of the welding torch relatively to the laser beam is adjusted within range from 30° to 60° with change speed of the inclination angle of the welding torch relatively to the laser beam determined depending on welding speed and radius of the welded pipe samples. As the shielding medium the gas mixture containing active and inert gases is used.EFFECT: quality improvement of the welded joint, welding efficiency and possibility of pipe samples welding with higher thickness.

ethod of laser welding precision products // 2240906
The invention relates to the field of metallurgy and can be used in instrument and mechanical engineering