Of rectilinear seams (B23K26/26)

ethod of welding longitudinal pipes welds // 2640106
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: after joining the edges of pipe billet, the tack weld is made by arc welding. Main working weld is applied with the melting of the tack weld by laser or laser-arc welding. Then, inner and outer facing welds are performed by arc welding. Before the main working weld is made, the pipe billet is lifted to a fixed position by means of a drive mechanism connected to the control unit, on the input value of which the value of the angle of pipe billet inclination is entered. By means of driving support rollers, arranged to position and rotate the pipe billet by 360, the joint of the edges of pipe billet is set to the position for 12 hours. Main working seam is made on the rise. Then pipe billets are lowered and either external face weld on the descent, without changing the position of joints of the edges of pipe billet, or inner face weld on the downhill is made, tentatively setting the joints of edges of pipe billet at 6 o'clock position.EFFECT: increase of reliability of welded seam.2 dwg

ethod of pipe fabrication by welding // 2637039
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: edges of pipe billets are joined by laser or hybrid arc augmented laser welding in a single weld pool. Welding is performed when moving the pipe billet with respect to the stationary welding head in a horizontal plane with the introduction into the weld pool of ultrasonic vibrations throughout the welding cycle. The ultrasonic waveguide is installed behind the laser beam at a distance of no more than 50 mm from the weld pool, which is maintained during the welding process by means of a sliding contact. Between the waveguide and the surface of the pipe, a coupling fluid is applied in the form of water or glycerine.EFFECT: improving weld quality by reducing the rate of crystallization of metal in a steam-gas channel, excluding the formation of undesired hardening structures in the weld metal.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod of pipe laser welding // 2637038
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: tack welding and laser welding of edge butt are performed. In tack welding three points are specified. The points correspond to the points on the edges of the round billet. And two points are specified on the butt of the edges, which are on the corresponding tangent lines to the transverse plane of the round billet. The coordinates of the given points are measured by scanning the cross section with a laser sensor along the entire length of the round billet storing them in the data base. During laser welding, which is performed in the measured coordinates, stored in the database, virtual construction of the displacement vector of the laser welding head is done when it moves between adjacent edges, and when the laser sensor detects a deviation of at least one point of the edge of the round billet from the one, which is stored in the data base, the laser welding head is moved in the direction of the vector, constructed on the previous area of the seam.EFFECT: invention provides the accuracy of pointing the laser welding head at the edge butt during the laser welding of round billets in areas that have defects and deviations that prevent tack welding.1 dwg

ethod of pipe laser welding // 2637034
FIELD: electricity.SUBSTANCE: tack welding is performed on the outer side of the pipe, followed by the application of final weld by means of laser welding. Preliminarily line marking is done. The lines are marked using a laser marker on the outer surface of the pipe billet along the root face at a distance of 3-5 mm from the line to edge butt, that is scanned by the first laser sensor along the length of the pipe, recording in the data base. Then after tack welding, using at least one second laser sensor, scanning across the butt, the distance between the marked lines is determined. Based on the previously obtained data, the exact location of the edge butt is defined, pointing the laser beam at them when applying the final weld.EFFECT: invention allows to improve the quality of laser welding, to increase the accuracy of location of the edge butt.3 dwg

ethod for laser butt welding of one or several billets of hardened steel with application of filler wire // 2635050
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: billet (1) or billets (1, 2) are at least 1.8 mm thick and/or at the joint (3) there is a jump (d) at least 0.4 mm thick. Laser welding is carried out with an insertion of the filler wire (10) into the melt (8) created by laser beam (6). To ensure the welded seam can reliably solidify into the martensite structure during the solidification under the press, the filler wire (10) is used which contains at least one alloying element from the group consisting of manganese, chromium, molybdenum, silicon and/or nickel, which promotes formation of austenite in the melt (8) created with the laser beam (6). At least one alloying element is presented in the filler wire (10) with at least 0.1 wt % higher than in the press-hardened billet or billets (1, 2) steel.EFFECT: improved efficiency.11 cl, 2 dwg

Ribbed panels laser welding method // 2605032
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to tee and angular joints laser welding and can be used for ribbed integrated structures production from aluminium alloys. Performing prepared panel web installation and securing on support surface, stringer arrangement on it and fixation using retainer. Using retainer, made in form of rigid massive longitudinal beam with lower surface, repeating inner skin contour, with side surface for contact with stringer surface and set of cramps. Performing stringer rib tack weld attached by retainer. Then welding stringer rib to skin on same side. With removed retainer performing welding on rib other side. Welding is performed by welding head with shielding gas supply tubular nozzle arranged at angle to welding beam, made covering welding zone along length, with slices at end enabling abutment to joint angular structure, and equipped with hole for filler wire and focused laser beam supply into welding zone.EFFECT: laser welding with filler wire result is production of thin-walled ribbed panels from aluminium alloys without buckling, thus excluding rib straightening operation relative to panel.1 cl, 5 dwg, 1 ex

ethod and device to manufacture metal straps made according to individual requirements // 2569859
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: at least one metal strap (1) with substantially flat surface is connected with closure through material continuously along its longitudinal edge with at least one another metal strap blank (2). Blank (2) differs from strap (1) by at least one of its properties. Strap (1) and blank (2) are continuously delivered to at least one connection section (10). Blank (2) delivered to the connection (10) site is deformed in the treatment site (14) inside the production train to receive 3D structure (2.1), hollow profile and/or multiple located one after another along its longitudinal edge of grooves (2.2) and/or holes (2.3, 2.4).EFFECT: manufacturing of straps of required shape and quality.15 cl, 12 dwg

Laser welding of large-diameter tubes // 2564504
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: prior to welding of lengthwise weld, tack weld is made. Laser pickup arranged ahead of welding zone is used to register during making of said tack weld the three points over to tube entire length located on virtual crosswise plane of dressing: the points of butt of edges and two points of their ends located on tangent to tube crosswise plane. Data base on spacings between said points over the tube length is created. During the next root weld laser welding step used is the created data base for determination of edges ends with the help of scanning laser pickup. The latter is located at every time moment at preset position over the tube length. Now, position of third point is defined, that is, the point of butt of edges and laser beam is directed thereto by displacement of welding head.EFFECT: higher quality of laser welding of tubes.1 dwg

Laser welding device and its application for welding of cover composed by metal sheet or thrust element for glass cover at car passenger cabin side // 2559012
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to welding device for welding of metal sheet first part to its second part. This device comprises frame (5), support head (6) irradiating the laser beam (7) and nozzle (8) feeding the welding wire (9) configured for making of beaded weld along the joint between said first and second parts of metal sheet. Frame (5) supports clamping roller (10) configured to press one part to another one. Said clamping roller (10) is located upstream of laser beam (7) in direction (F) wherein it displaces along the joint. Frame (5) supports the second clamping roller (12) shifted relative to the position of said first clamping roller (10) in said direction (F) of laser beam (7).EFFECT: higher quality of the weld.9 cl, 7 dwg

Production of steel pipe by laser welding // 2552826
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to production of pipes by laser welding. Laser welding comprises emitting of two laser beams along edges at open pipe upper surface. Said laser beams are transmitted via different optical fibre glass and have focused spots of diameters making over 0.3 mm. Said laser beams are emitted so that front laser beam and rear laser beam are inclined to welding direction. Note here that incidence angles are defined relative to direction perpendicular to open pipe top surface. Front laser beam falls on open pipe top surface in welding direction before rear laser beam while the letter falls on open pipe top surface in welding direction after front laser beam. Front laser beam incidence angle is set larger than that of rear laser beam. Gap between front laser beam centre and that of rear laser beam is set at open pipe rear surface equal to 1 mm and more.EFFECT: higher quality of weld, higher yield.17 cl, 4 dwg, 3 tbl, 1 ex

Welding of large-diameter pipes by laser beam // 2523406
FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: laser beam effects point is tracked from inside by laser transducer. Said laser transducer is used to scan the butt across the weld and at the front of welding zone. Said laser transducer is fitted at the rod inside the pipe. Laser transducer position relative to welding head in horizontal is defined by gyro at said rod or by means of extra laser radiator secured with transducer at said rod, extra radiator beam being directed to fixed TV camera.EFFECT: higher quality of welding.

ethod of making bands of steel sheets // 2492014
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to metallurgy, particularly to the method of making bands of steel sheets whereat, at least, two strips of different-grade and/or different-depth steel sheet are welded together by their lengthwise sides. At least, two strips of different-grade and/or different-depth steel sheet are welded together by their lengthwise sides in one pass. Initial strips have no coating. Then, coat is applied on strips welded together. Note here that band is subjected to short-term heating over its entire width to normalise its structure.EFFECT: higher strength.12 cl, 3 dwg

Device of joint attachment of rolled sheet strips by welding // 2436662
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to a method and a device of joint attachment of rolled sheet strips (B) by laser welding. The device (0) comprises the main stand (1), a laser welding unit, a unit (3) of jaw details installed on the specified stand (1) to retain strips (B) of rolled sheet, a unit (C) of cutting designed for cutting head ends and tail ends of rolled sheet strips (B). The laser welding unit comprises a laser beam generator for welding of butt-joined strips (B) of rolled sheet and a welding head. The cutting unit (C) comprises upper knives, installed on the upper holder of the knives, and the lower knives arranged with the possibility of displacement relative to the upper knives and with the possibility of rolled sheet strip (B) cutting. The cutting unit (C) comprises a structure (6) for connection of the specified knives fixed on the specified stand (1). The welding head is installed with the possibility of displacement between the upper holder of knives and lower knives. The tail end of the butt-joined strip is clamped with the help of the first jaw detail, and the head end of the strip is pressed with the help of the second jaw detail. Heat and tail ends of strips are cut with the help of the cutting unit. Cut strips are approached and positioned, and they are connected by laser welding. Cutting, approaching, positioning and welding operations are done without jaws opening.EFFECT: as a result of increased accuracy of strips attachment, evenness of the welding seam is provided.14 cl, 6 dwg