In a special atmosphere, e.g. in an enclosure (B23K26/12)

ethods and systems for application in laser treatment // 2647952
FIELD: optics; manufacturing technology.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method for forming openings in a wall of a hollow object (variants) and a surface protection system during laser processing. During the laser treatment, a fluid is injected into the cavity of the laser treatment object having no properties to absorb laser radiation, and the direction of the laser processing object to the wall of a plurality of laser pulses configured to form a hole in the wall. At least one laser pulse passes through the opening and enters the cavity while the fluid is being supplied to it, and simultaneously falls onto the fluid and the surface, thereby preventing damage to the rear wall.EFFECT: method for forming holes in the wall of a hollow object during laser processing is proposed.20 cl, 36 dwg

ethod of single-crystal growth and device for its implementation // 2638850
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method of single-crystal growth comprises supplying directed flow of gas-powder mixture from a device nozzle on a substrate with simultaneous melting of powder material of the gas-powder mixture on the substrate by a laser beam and moving the nozzle relative to the substrate, wherein in the process of welding the nozzle is moved relative to the substrate with a crystalliser with simultaneous lifting and the direction of its inclination angle or position in space is changed in such a way that infinitely continuous growth of single-crystal and predetermined change in its growth direction are carried out, wherein the process is carred out at the flow speed of the gas-powder mixture of 1-50 g/min, the linear speed of the laser beam movement of 0.1-50 mm/s, the laser radiation power of 0.5-10 kW and the nozzle displacement speed relative to the substrate of 0.001-30 m/s. The method is carried out in the device containing a laser unit, a nozzle 1 with an inlet branch pipe for supplying the gas-powder mixture 6 onto the substrate 4 and a fibre cable connected to the laser unit for transportation of the laser beam 7, a table 3 for positioning the substrate 4, a driving system for mutual displacement of the nozzle body relative to the table surface with the substrate 4. The device is provided with a crystalliser 2 located below the outlet of the nozzle 1 and representing a water-cooled branch pipe with at least one offset connected to the surface of the substrate.EFFECT: obtaining single-crystal products or products with directed crystals in the structure without size limitation, with a given orientation and form of a single-crystal.2 cl, 1 dwg

ethod and device for laser processing of moving substrate // 2496623
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser processing of moving substrate to obtain material separated from said substrate. In substrate processing, high pressure is maintained by the pump from substrate side whereto laser beam is irradiated rather than from opposite side. In substrate processing on both sides irradiated by laser beam guides are used.EFFECT: material separation by lower forces and without damages.29 cl, 7 dwg

ethod of preparing high-purity nanopowders and device to this end // 2382734
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: method involves heating a workpiece in a focal zone using combined laser-optical radiation. Heating is done using a polychromatic radiation source which activates the near-surface volume of the workpiece and a high-power concentrated pulsed radiation laser. After that the vaporous material is placed in a cooled coil for coagulation and nanopowder particles are precipitated. The device has a reactor, a gas pipe for feeding gas into the reactor, a radiation source, an expansion chamber with a cooled coil for coagulation of the evaporated material, and fitted with a cone-shaped dust collector. The radiation source is composite and consists of a light-beam type source of polychromatic radiation and high specific power concentrated coherent pulsed radiation laser.EFFECT: obtaining nanopowder with given range of dimensions, wide field of use of the powder.2 cl, 7 dwg

Device for layerwise manufacturing of three-dimentional object // 2368478
FIELD: mechanics.SUBSTANCE: device contains source (6) of electromagnetic radiation (7), upbuilding space for manufacturing of three-dimensional object (3) and connection window for passing of electromagnetic radiation (7) into upbuilding space. Additionally device is outfitted by heating element (16) for heating of connection window.EFFECT: prevention of contaminations agglomeration on connection window.21 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of removing radioactive film from the surface of the object and the device for its implementation // 2212067
The invention relates to the field of laser technology and can be used in the decontamination of metal structures and piping of nuclear power plants during decommissioning

The method of laser processing of large-sized products and a device for its implementation // 2113956
The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to equipment for processing of products by means of laser radiation

Cutting blade and method of manufacturing // 2072296
The invention relates to the manufacture of cutting tools, in particular cutting circles and can be used for cutting glass-fiber-reinforced plastics, for example, in the manufacture of reflectors, antennas, etc