Positioning or observing the workpiece, e.g. with respect to the point of impact and aligning, aiming or focusing the laser beam (B23K26/02)

Device for laser processing and method for laser processing, containing singlet lens for focusing // 2607500
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser processing method and devices and can be used for material melting, evaporation or cutting under action of laser radiation. In device unfocused light (A) from light output point (B) is emitted on singlet lens (8). Lens (8) focuses laser light (A) and directs it to part (7) processing point. Distance (ma, mb) between lens (8) and light output point (B) and distance (la, lb) between lens (8) and part (7) processing point and distance between light output point (B) and said processing point may vary.EFFECT: wherein, achieved are expanded operating performances of device and method, consisting in processing of parts with various thickness, and higher accuracy of laser processing.40 cl, 6 dwg

ethod of laser-plasma welding of metals and device to this end // 2555701
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to laser plasma welding of metals and device to this end. Invention can be used for welding of such materials as steel and aluminium by combined laser plasma effects. Welding parts are preheated in the weld area by plasma flux. Laser beam is directed to but of welding parts. Produced weld is additionally heated by plasma flux. Plasma flux is shaped to circle while laser radiation is fed via geometrical centre of circular plasma flux to said butt. Device for laser plasma butt welding of metals comprises plasma flux and laser radiation sources. Plasma flux source comprises outer and inner ring electrodes to produce plasma flux located in one plane with their geometrical centres aligned at one point. Laser radiation source can feed laser radiation via said geometrical centre.EFFECT: intensified welding, lower rate of weld cooling, higher strength of the weld.2 cl, 1 dwg

Arc-laser module for orbital welding of fixed ring pipe joints // 2548842
FIELD: machine building.SUBSTANCE: module comprises a guide belt, a movable orbital carriage mounted on the guide belt and able of travelling along it. The carriage includes a longitudinal movement drive and a moving device consisting of a carrying roller system and a gear wheel. A joint monitoring sensor, a welding wire reeling device and a handler are installed on the carriage. The handler consists of two mutually perpendicular linear guides with motors, which can move in respect to each other. The transverse linear guide is equipped by a laser welding head, a wire feeding unit, an arc welding torch, a video camera and a controller.EFFECT: invention allows for the increase of productivity and efficiency of welding process for fixed ring pipe joints and for the improvement of welded joint quality.3 cl, 3 dwg

ethod for laser neutralisation of explosive objects // 2489677
FIELD: blasting.SUBSTANCE: method includes detection of an explosive object in visible or infrared range, making a through hole in the object casing by means of continuous laser radiation of higher capacity and deflagration of an explosive via a hole in the body at the lower capacity of laser radiation in continuous mode. In process of making the through hole in the object casing and in process of explosive deflagration they accordingly measure distance to the object and distance to the hole for appropriate focusing of laser radiation at the object of neutralisation.EFFECT: higher reliability of detonation-free neutralisation of explosive objects.3 cl, 2 dwg

Device for monitoring laser engineering processes // 2371704
FIELD: physics.SUBSTANCE: device for monitoring laser engineering processes has a laser with a scanning and a focusing system, narrow-band diode laser, double-channel optical pyrometre, operating in the range from 1.1 to 2.5 mcm, and two video cameras. One video camera records the image of the processing area in the wavelength range from 400 to 950 nm. The other video camera records the image of the processing area either at the wavelength of the laser, or at the wavelength of the narrow-band diode laser.EFFECT: wider functional capabilities.1 dwg

ethod and apparatus for inspecting welding zone, system and method for controlling welding process // 2312745
FIELD: welding manufacturing processes, namely system for inspecting state of welding zone, possibly used in all branches of machine engineering.SUBSTANCE: welding control system includes welding apparatus and apparatus for monitoring welding zone state. The last is provided with device for displaying image of welding zone, at least one filter arranged in front of display device or inside it, device for illuminating welding zone by means of UV irradiation. Said filter is band type filter for passing irradiation in vicinity of predetermined wavelength of UV irradiation.EFFECT: enhanced reliability of welding process.34 cl, 6 dwg

Contact laser working apparatus // 2266802
FIELD: machine engineering, possibly laser cutting of different materials.SUBSTANCE: apparatus includes optical laser head, probe, displacement pickup. The last is in the form of digital signal source having two spring-loaded one relative to other separate plates. Probe includes regulated along height rod joined with one of said plates. One plate is spring-loaded by means of reverse-action springs mounted in rod; other plate is spring-loaded by means of lead screw mounted in head. Apparatus provides continuous conversion of analog signals to digital ones.EFFECT: enhanced accuracy and efficiency of working blanks due to continuous measurement of distance between focal point of optical laser head and worked surface.1 cl, 1 dwg

Device for determining cutting parameters of objects by focused laser beam // 2261784
FIELD: testing engineering.SUBSTANCE: device comprises optical quantum generator, system for focusing the laser beam with the unmovable lens, and movable base for securing the object to be cut. The movable base is made of rotating platform mounted on the driving shaft of the mechanism for discrete control of the speed of rotation. The mechanism is made of an assembly of driven and driving pulleys connected by means of the driving belt. The rotating platform is provided with the model of the object to be cut. The driving belt that connects the driven and driving pulleys is made of a vibration insulation material. The driven shaft of the rotating platform is set in bearings, is provided with a mechanism for control of tension of the driving belt, and is mounted on the traverse gear.EFFECT: decreased time and reduced power consumption of testing.1 cl, 2 dwg

The control method of the weld // 2194601
The invention relates to a method and device for controlling the weld seam of welded joints made butt through deep welding laser beam, in accordance with the restrictive part of paragraph 1 of the claims

A device for focusing the laser beam // 2140836
The invention relates to a device for cutting, drilling, surface treatment, and more specifically for surface hardening, powder coating and polishing using a laser beam

The tracking method of the edges before welding and control edges (variants) and a device for its implementation (options) // 2138374
The invention relates to a method for tracking edges before welding and control edges, as well as to the apparatus for implementing the method

Device for laser processing of materials // 2135338
The invention relates to the field of laser light treatment, in particular to a device for welding, brazing and cutting light and laser beams

The method of laser processing of materials // 2118925
The invention relates to laser technology and can be used for cutting, shaping of the dielectrics and semiconductors in various branches of engineering

The method of laser surface treatment of materials // 2086376
The invention relates to laser technology and can be used for processing of various materials (metal, wood, bone, leather, plastics and products from them in the industry, as well as to modify the surface structure of optical materials

Device for laser processing // 2062196
The invention relates to welding, in particular to a device for laser processing, in particular cutting materials, coaxially to the laser beam process gas stream