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achine for production of cutting-drawing screen of sheet material // 2556262
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to forge-and-press equipment, particularly to machine for stamping grates from sheets. Moving knife beam with cut-out blade is articulated with machine eccentric shaft. Note here that said beam is provided with straps and jaws arranged on beam both sides to displace in contact. Note also that said jaws have lubricant feed holes to contact with straps. Besides, fixed beam with fixed knife includes position adjustment mechanisms arranged at edges. Kinematic linkage of moving knife beam is composed of the first main kinematic link. The latter makes said moving knife beam with cut-out blade to swing relative to swing axis. Second auxiliary kinematic link drives the moving knife beam with cut-out blade in crosswise direction. Third kinematic link is composed of sheet stepwise feed mechanism.EFFECT: enhanced performances, higher quality.5 dwg

ethod and device for cellular filler stretching // 2537614
FIELD: transport.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, ship building, aircraft and aerospace engineering, particularly, to cellular filler stretching. Proposed method allows the making of spatial structure of cellular filler geometrically similar in three mutually perpendicular directions. Note here that stretching is performed in steps at continuous measurement of stretching force at the rate varying inversely with cellular package web tension up to intermediate stops at forces approximating to critical value for given type of cellular filler. Motion is resumed after said force is decreased to permissible value after redistribution over the entire length of cellular web. Proposed device allows stretching of different-size cellular packages.EFFECT: higher quality, decreased quantity of rejects.2 cl, 2 dwg

eshy joint displacement section and method for its manufacturing // 2395653
FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention refers to construction industry, and namely to manufacturing and design of meshy joint displacement profile. Specified number of notch groups rows is arranged along the whole width to comply with number of sections simultaneously produced from single stock, avoiding areas of solid metal at its edges, between rows and groups of notches. In each row of notch group notches are equal to length, parallel to each other and are arranged at the angle opposite to each other. Further longitudinal chutes are shaped. In the subsequent stands of profile-bending mill notches are drawn due to serial formation of two walls coupled along radius to the specified height, from sections of solid metal symmetrically to longitudinal axis of each row of notch group. At the same time rows of notch groups are transformed into meshy sections with cells in the form of parallelogram. After section walls have been produced with specified height, chutes are rolled until horizontally flat. Further longitudinal cutting of stock is carried out. Then arched shape is imparted to flat bases of sections by rolls of profile-bending mill, and sections are cut with the necessary length. Sections have two side walls of specified height coupled along radius, and arched notched-drawn bases that outgo from them towards opposite directions with rows of cells in the form of parallelogram arranged at the angle to longitudinal axis towards each other.EFFECT: reduced consumption of metal.2 cl, 5 dwg

Perforated section for wall-partition carcass and method of its production // 2393041
FIELD: process engineering.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction and metal forming, particularly to design of perforated section with thickness below 1 mm used is structural element of wall-partition carcass, and to method of its production. Preset-length strip is fed from uncoiler into rotary unit rollers to produce lines of cutouts at strip central part along lengthwise axis, said cutouts being made at an angle to lengthwise axis and opposite each other. Then said strip is transferred to profile-iron banding mill to draw said cutouts in crosswise direction by mill rollers to produce perforated preset-value design. First, stiffness rib is formed along the strip axis of symmetry to clamp said strip, as well as corrugated locks to allow feeding and clamping workpiece on mill rollers in crosswise drawing. All pairs of mill rollers have equal crosswise configuration, but with increasing diametre, and are made so that ledges on one roller and mating recess on the other one comply with shape of corrugation in workpiece and are arranged in symmetry about the axis. Note here that every subsequent pair stays apart from the axis of symmetry by value higher compared with the pervious pair. Said value equals the ratio between perforated surface drawing and the number of mill stands used in its production. Perforated surface produced, horizontal smoothing of said strip is effected by rolling aforesaid stiffness rib and corrugation. Then successive continuous metal deformation is performed till preset cross section profile is produced by bending the strip by pair of roller of profile-iron banding mill. Said profile has wall whereon rows of rhomb-like cells are arranged in symmetry about lengthwise axis and directed at an angle to the latter opposite each other.EFFECT: expanded performances.2 cl, 2 dwg

ethod for thermoprofile production and transfer line of cold shaping to implement method // 2337783
FIELD: technological processes.SUBSTANCE: method for thermoprofile production involves strip feed to profile bending mill, sequential transit-wise element overcast by profile-bending mill rollers, perforation of slit row with deflanging in apron form, in checkered order on profile wall. Before feeding to profile-bending mill strip is unrolled from roll and shifted to form compensation loop. After perforation of slit row the profile surface is evened in leveling unit with further profile cutting at given length. Transfer line of cold shaping for thermoprofile production includes profile-bending mill with instrumental adjustments, device for perforation of checkered pattern of slits deflanged in apron form in wall of continuously moving profile. Unrolling and receiving units are positioned in series before profile-bending mill, and after slit perforation device a cutter is positioned. Slit perforation device features leveling unit.EFFECT: extended functional capacities.2 cl, 1 dwg

achine for making cut-through expanded net of sheet material // 2281180
FIELD: forging press equipment, namely machines for forging nets.SUBSTANCE: machine includes housing supporting drive unit, eccentric shaft, movable beam with cut-through cutter, table with stationary cutter and mechanism for feeding sheet material. Cut-through cutter is double-sided one and it may be readjusted. Cutter carrying beam is joined with eccentric shaft through first kinematic circuit for providing rocking motion of beam and through second additional kinematic circuit for providing cross motion of beam. First kinematic circuit includes crank joined with eccentric shaft, slides with stops and main adjusting connecting link. Second kinematic circuit includes cam mechanism, additional adjusting connecting link and rocker arm.EFFECT: enlarged manufacturing possibilities of machine, increased useful life period of machine.3 dwg

ethod for making grid or grid shape // 2275268
FIELD: plastic working of metals, possibly manufacture of metallic grids or grid shapes.SUBSTANCE: method comprises steps of forming in blank row of notches of the same length arranged in staggered fashion; further deformation of blank by tensioning it. Notches in rows are inclined relative to lengthwise symmetry axis of blank at remaining portions of solid metal. Blank is tensioned by applying to solid metal portions pair of forces directed vertically and simultaneously in said solid metal portions lengthwise grooves are formed. At forming grid solid metal portions are formed along edges of blank. At making grid shape, symmetrical groups of rows of notches are formed in pairs; solid metal portions are formed along edges of blank and between rows of notches. Lengthwise corrugations are formed at tensioning blank. Symmetry axes of corrugations and of lengthwise grooves are arranged along symmetry axis of each solid metal portion arranged between rows of notches.EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of method.5 cl, 13 dwg

Device for making slots on continuously moving section // 2261771
FIELD: mechanical engineering; plastic metal working.SUBSTANCE: proposed device contains lower drive shaft installed in two fixed housing on which punch with pack of cutting disks is installed, two movable housing in which two adjusting nuts with screws are mounted, and upper shaft with die in form of pack of disk. Movable housing are made for displacement in vertical plane along two columns installed in fixed housing. Disks of die differ in diameter, with alternation of larger diameter disk and smaller diameter disk. Outer surface of blades of punch cutting disk has cylindrical and conical sectional of corresponding width and tilting of generatrix of cylindrical section at angle to axis of symmetry of cutting disk. Disks with cylindrical outer surface are fitted between cutting disks. Diameter of said disks is less than diameter of cutting disks. Disks of die of smaller diameter are arranged over cutting disks, and disks of die of larger diameter are arranged over disks of punches with cylindrical outer surface.EFFECT: enlarged operating capabilities owing to changing of shape and size of slots.3 cl, 1 ex, 10 dwg

A method of manufacturing a curved grids // 2206423
The invention relates to the field of metal forming and can be used in the manufacture of nets sealing flange connections, improved reliability of gas and oil pipelines

achine for punching mesh sheet material // 2202428
The invention relates to the field of forging machinery

achine for making expanded metal mesh sheet material // 2198758
The invention relates to forging production, in particular for punching mesh sheet material

ethod of manufacturing metal mesh // 2187402
The invention relates to the production of wire products and can be used in the metallurgical, machine-building and construction industries

The stretching device of prefabricated one-piece metal mesh // 2187401
The invention relates to the production of wire products and can be used in the metallurgical, machine-building and construction industries

A method of manufacturing expanded metal mesh // 2146179
The invention relates to the processing of metals by pressure and can be used for mass production of expanded metal mesh of the blank-strip

Line for the production of expanded metal mesh // 2117543
The invention relates to the processing of metals by pressure and can be used for mass production of expanded metal mesh tape or sheet material

A method of manufacturing expanded metal mesh from a strip of material // 2078638
The invention relates to the processing of metals by pressure, cold sheet metal stamping and can be used for the manufacture of expanded metal mesh from a strip of material

Stamp for manufacturing expanded metal mesh from a strip of // 2078637
The invention relates to the processing of metals by pressure, refrigeration sheet metal stamping, particularly to dies for the manufacture of expanded metal mesh

Installation with movable matrix for the manufacture of expanded metal mesh // 2049584
The invention relates to the processing of metals by pressure, in particular to a device for processing sheet material, designed for the production of expanded metal mesh from a tape, such as grids for air filters car

A method of making gratings // 2038889
The invention relates to a method of metal forming, particularly to a method of producing arrays of strips of expanded metal steel, used mainly as an overlay slurry channels, fencing for animals, and for other purposes in agriculture

Device for the manufacture of expanded metal mesh sheet material // 2021062
The invention relates to the processing of metals by pressure